Do you repulsive fucks ever shut down your pc?

Do you repulsive fucks ever shut down your pc?
I always use hibernate

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Every night before bed

This is the only correct option. If you have a new SSD it's also optional to do it any time you leave it alone for 5-10+ minutes, but that's your own discretion.

The following is a random keyword the nsa monitors via HK-MP5

I used to shut it down. But now never.

hibernate mode, saves your current desktop to your hard drive, then shuts down the computer. when you push the power button it restores your desktop and goes to your OS faster than restarting your entire os.

Whoever came up with this idea is about 20 years behind the times in terms of how sentiment analysis works.



You mean suspend, Windowsfag?

Can I ask why you want to be purposefully targeted by the NSA?

I put it to sleep at night, and due to an occasional annoying glitch* have to reset it every once in a while.

*- I successfully patched the GTK file chooser and didn't like it. Despite removing it, its effects seem to linger around because the file chooser will occasionally take much longer to load or sometimes never load.

As expected of Mintfags.

Unless it has decided it needs to, for updates or other botnet activity, windows 10 actually closes all applications then hibernates when you tell it to shut down so that it can appear to start up faster next time. I learned this when I tried to access a windows partition from my not terrible operating system.

Yet another example of Microsoft Knows Bestâ„¢

My toaster's hard drive is too slow to use hibernation. The time it takes to wake up is equivalent to a fresh boot, which kinda defeats the purpose of using it in the first place.

$ uptime | perl -ne "/(\d+) d/;print 8,q(=)x\$1,\"D\n\"" 8=============================================D

funnily enough the keyword list is also ~20 years out of date see >>561223

YotLD when?

You should have spent more time on choosing quieter components.

You should have spent more time on choosing quieter components.

You should have spent more time on choosing quieter components.


What the hell is your Tor proxy doing? Showing some error about CURLOPT_SAFE_UPLOAD in alacrity2.php and posting the message at the same time?

What the hell is alacrity2.php anyway? No mention of it on the whole Github.

What the hell is alacrity2.php anyway? No mention of it on the whole Github.

What the hell is alacrity2.php anyway? No mention of it on the whole Github.

My server is a laptop, stays up 24/7, and only gets rebooted like once or twice a year. My primary computing device is a laptop and it gets shut down and carried with me when I'm not using it.

There is no room in a technomad's life for giant tower PCs, and furthermore there's really no benefit for having one anyways unless you're a gamer. Let's be honest -- modern vidya that actually might require powerful hardware is shit.

So it doesn't rebuild the thread without someone else's post.

The error is still SCARY.

A bit of overreacting and a problem was solved! All hail Holla Forums!

printf mem >| /sys/power/state

That's because Holla Forums is not Free Software.

Its this:

Fred just didnt update his repo yet:

I used to keep it up for months on end, but I started shutting it off after my shift and turning it on before my shift to lower my electricity bill.

damn it perl

Here's a version for Emacs:
(defun measure-uptime () (interactive) (princ (concat "8" (make-string (string-to-number (emacs-uptime)) ?=) "D")))

Turning off your computer and saving electricity is botnet user

Let me guess, NEET?

Kill yourself.

u wot m8

It's a big deal in cucked countries where energy suppliers' pricing rises while their infrastructure stays the same, which let me guess, is where you live.

Quote with single quotes to cut down on those backslashesuptime | perl -ne '/(\d+) d/;print 8,"="x$1,"D\n"'
$ uptime | perl -ne '/(\d+) d/;print 8,"="x$1,"D\n"' 8==========================================================================D
74 days so far.

this. this is the thing that is holding me back from building a gaming computer, that and i'm a unilad

Not the same guy but have fun in your polluted world.

oh and i'm on my first SSD, I love shutting it down because it starts up so fast.

I'm going to poop and when I'm done, it's gonna start up in less time than it takes me to wipe!

My computer starts last time I checked, from power to desktop in 27 seconds, down from about 47 with HDD
HP G62-435DX
ADATA 480GB, $120-ish.newegg :)

Why do post those keywords, is there a point?

You do know that desktops dont run at 500 watts or so all the time though ? A cpu and gpu at idle consume very little power . Some of us like to have a fast pc , that can be upgraded , that can be extended with an extra hdd etc...

I used to be like you , all pro laptop thinking saving a euro a month was all mighty , until i got a desktop. Sold my laptop too soon afterwards , my mobile phone does the portable computing these days.

Best answer is first answer.


I think this says more about your fibre intake than your SSD. Well done, by the way.


this isn't 1985 gents, modern PCs are designed to stay and remain on, there's lift reason to shut it off when you have to start it up from a cold start again, just leave it on, it's not like they waste much power on idle anyhow

All my uptime intensive software is running on a SBC (OdroidC1+) which runs Debian, is on all the time and uses little power. It's also the central point of my LAN, providing a WiFi AP. There is usually no reason for me to keep other computers running. I have a C720P Chromebook running ArchLinux. It's my main computer, it sleeps when not in use. However, I do like playing muh gaymes sometimes or may need to use shitty software. For that, I have an mITX, i7-2600, R9 380 desktop computer running Windows 7 but it also has a Debian partition. I tend to turn this one off when sleeping because of energy use and fan noise.

So pure. :3

only for kernel updates