Endless Browser Thread - LGBTQ edition

Is there any sane browser out there?

Someone explain that pony/furry shit on my icecat.

Fucking bloat moves all the time even when the fucking hamburger menu is hidden.

This fucking CPU probably from a furfag-unicornkin-SJW-LGBTQ omnigender.


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CPU *hog

It's leftover code from Firefox proper.



Thats a fucking unicorn.

MY advice is to install brave. None of that shit on here. Although - no xtenshuns.

Pale Moon

Let Me Post Hotwheels You Fuck

Palemoon is so far the only browser that works properly.
Also I'm having few problems now with my icecat, I can't see my saved passwords anymore but still appears on login forms and my bookmarks become shit (some get deleted or idk).

wtf, I don't have any of that shit.


Pale moon is shit

Try removing all icons from the hamburger menu and restart the browser.

Firecuck is shit

We SHOULD be conserving all those cycles. Performance is important, regardless of what those faggots at San Francisco say.



Fuck off Eich. Presto or Gecko, and that's it.

I tried this shit out, and it doesn't fucking work. There's some kind of javascript black-screen error that they haven't patched. Great fucking browser. I'll sitck to GNU Icecat, which isn't a botnet.


[citation needed]

Who gives a shit if scripts/third party cookies are blocked by default? These can be disabled in any modern browser anyway.

Native adblocking has the potential to be quicker than adblocking with an addon, sure, but you can accomplish the same in Firefox with a hosts file adblock + ublock

Heard of Gecko, webkit, but Presto I know not.

Yeah you're probably on some faggot SJW distro like Ubuntu or Debian.

the unicorn isn't specific to icecat. it was introduced to firefox at with the australis release. that is, the unicorn has been there for some time

Well it's called phishing and malware, but malware is scripts/programs executed in user/root environment unless my knowledge of such things is incorrect

It's the old, mostly proprietary engine of Opera. They have now moved on to Blink bullshit, to copy Chrome.

You have no idea what the fuck you're talking about, do you? First, I use Linux Mint. Second, Holla Forums has a problem with Ubuntu because it has Amazon spyware and "phones-home" to canonical. You sound like a faggot.

lurk moar

No. Fucking no. Phishing is when a fake link is used to cajole a user into giving out personal information.

Script blocking implies halting hackers from tacking advantage of JavaScript vulnerabilities.

"Anti-XSS protection:
Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities are usually programming errors made by web developers, which allow an attacker to inject his own malicious code from a certain site into a different site. They can be used, for instance, to steal your authentication credentials and, more in general, to impersonate you on the victim site (e.g. your online banking or your web mail)."

>> noscript.net/features#xss

kill yourself

There's more wrong with Ubuntu than just the spyware (which has been disabled recently).

You say you use Mint like it makes a difference. Mint is near enough Ubuntu for most intents and purposes

Wait which linux are you supposed to use on your desktop if those two are botnets?

Use Fedora, or Mint; It doesn't matter. Even Ubuntu is okay if you wipe out the Amazon spyware. If I remember correctly, it was like:

sudo apt-get purge unity-lens

Also, so you don't sound like a faggot, ask "which distro should I use?" They are all a Linux kernel.

thanks oniifam

Why do you incompetent fucking retards keep making browser recommendation threads. There's already three up.

Get off my Holla Forums

I'd seriously recommend lurking, if you have an interest in coding, or GNU/Linux. Also, check out link related. It's a great resource.




How do you know it's anime related you fucking weeb?




I am here to talk to you about our lord and savior Pale Moon. Pale Moon is our loving new testimony resurrected after the old Firefox was hung upon the cross of development hell and whom died for our cis privilege.

The father of Pale Moon is a furry homosexual who, by the very nature of his coding skills has angered many oppressed peoples such as Hermione and the prophet Mohammed.

Pale Moon unlike other jewry does not use underhanded trickery in order to make you join the communion. You simply download the 64 bit binary and browse a network of other soon to be Pale Moon users. Here's hoping you will spread the love and download Pale Moon today

When I said "there's more wrong with Ubuntu", I didn't mean that it's a botnet. I meant there are certain design and management decisions that Holla Forums would disagree with.

Ubuntu is no more a botnet than any other distro as of the latest version, which removed the Amazon spyware.

fuck off, shill

The point is that icecat inherits shit from the kiked firefox mainline.
all the embedded bloat

Palemoon and Chromium with patches are even far way better at this point. I'd fucking switch to vivaldi or brave right now if it's open sourced but everyone's waiting for that 'browser from scratch' made with rust lang + c or that kde fiber.

hi christoff

this is the final endless version

You post that while having unmht, downthemall, two tab addons, and greasemonkey all in the toolbar..

Another thing is firefox's decision on removing 'tab groups' out of nowhere is caused by their dying and metahomorphosis SJW demeritocratic kikecommunity.

I wish firefox would just fuck off and scram.

It's a non-issue, you dumb nigger. Also, if you're not already using tree-style tabs then you should hang yourself right now

I'm using a toaster with a pretty old GPU.
Can tell that bloat is consuming my GPU unnecessarily.

I started having lags while playing videos and it only started when I removed all the icons in that hamburger menu and that fucking pony appeared.

Several users with hundreds of tabs got btfo by their update. I don't know if they implemented a proper migration with that addon for such users.

methinks you've been listening to the alternative browser shills on Holla Forums too much

Disable it then, fuckwit.

...says the SJW

...says the cuck

...says the brain-dead Holla Forums shitposter

Christ, this place has gone downhill...

>open 90 porn tabs mind your business, I do what I want
Thanks firefucks

You should go back >>>Holla Forums >>>/trash/ >>>Holla Forums

Perfect implementation


inferior complex?

love linking to other boards?

Go back to Holla Forums


Anyone know how to make Holla Forums actually work with Firefox?

that was announced last year.

palemoon removed tab groups too.

the brave installer crashed on me when i tried to get it. not a good sign. im still using fucking firefox and palemoon cuz i havent gotten a new browser since 20010ish. someone help. idk what to do.


Brave, the browser made by a guy kicked from Mozilla for being "homophobic" and now he's hell bent on destroying the web 2.0 faggotry industry and paying you for the privilege.


Good if you are fine with Ausfailis and want you're freedum

Literally just FireFox before it went downhill. Most of my old FF extensions work, those that didn't have alternatives.

Would probably use if it wasn't so dated. None of my extensions work. But, I like the e-mail integrated inside.

Still too early to judge. Technically safe. Wait on it, or just try it out. I think it's pretty snappy but there's no extensions.

Technically safe but they are children of the beast so why would you even suggest such a thing.

Then there's other shit like Otter or Midori or QupZilla which are all good. If you don't use super-specific extensions that only exist on one browser, anything will work if it shows you the internet.

TL;DR use what you want.

Also, is Waterfox any good?

I'm going to give a word to keep an eye on net surf. Its a browser that can run on a frame buffer front end.

Not 'it-just-works' ready, in my opinion. HTML4 support, limited javascript, built in ad block. But it is being actively developed. Its a mess, and the project could use any help.

It could be the basis for the ultimate light browser.

I am using Brave browser. Brave is a Christian browser. The lion represents the tribe of David, of which I am a descendant. Brave hates LGBTBBQ.

All the browsers are bad.

Firefox is outdated, still doesn't have mutliprocess, Mozilla fucking everything up and addons being it's only saving grace.

Pale Moon and all the other forks are pointless.

Chrome should be the best but it's hampered by botnet and a lack of features combined with an amazingly shitty addon community that doesn't come close to that on Firefox. If you're a grandma that just checks your gmail this browser is fine.

Opera is a chinese botnet now and was never that impressive, they still don't have a 64bit version.

Vivalid has the best UI and features but it's just a webapp on top of chromium.

Edge is crippled and MS are far too slow to give it any updates.

All the other hipster browsers don't rate a mention.


Multiprocess is the single worst thing Chrome has ever done.

What's the difference between multiprocess and multithreading?

Firefox has been compromised for a long time now; so many of the about:config spy/botnet features are opt-out rather than opt-in

spying with metadata maybe
Firefox is in no way a botnet you dumb shit
You can literally change the settings anyway
Stop being a lazy prick and change them

I tired waterfox for some time. Its whole purpose is being a 64 bit almost official version of FF. However, only two updates ago they managed to match performance of the main FF release.
Still bloated and will make you ram disappear.



thread is contained within a process
process is a ,well uh, process

if you open chrome and look at your taskmanager it creates like one process per tab or some shit.
in contrast firefox only has one process which has many threads but they dont show up in taskmanager.

That's it, you faggots convinced me to install Brave.
Posting on it right now, actually, and this is kind of comfy.

Multiprocess as in seperate processes for each tab. If one process crashes, the crash is contained within that tab because it's a separate process. Context switching between processes can be more expensive because it requires a TLB flush whereas threads will often share the same virtual memory map.

Kill yourself.


hes going to disrupt the web 2.0 social data mining kikery, i can feel it fam. its happening.

Posting spoiled image to trigger OP.

Go back.

Stop using faggot garbage from 10 years ago jesus christ, no non-meme/ARM processor made since 2009 has any problem with this.

Get a job, get money, and buy a computer that isn't a piece of shit. Problem solved.

I see no logic in this concept you are pushing.


Truth is bloat on better hardware just makes the bloat even better.
It's like telling me that a worm infecting all binaries and files will not spread faster in a SATA3.2 SSD on DDR4 RAM despite the SSD having 'random writes' faster than a conventional SATA1 HDD on DDR2 RAM bottle-neckware

Problem isn't solved fucking faggot.
Did you know by using "totally working and fine" hardware you are reducing e-waste?
What a big faggot. Fags like you will cause the ocean and air toxic in 10 years because of your "a new iPhone and dildo a year"(tm) mindset.
Why don't you go pre-order another bad dragon and intel chipset you consumer sheep human product and watch the world burn while you prolapse and collapse?

Recommended for you: Microsoft’s Signature Edition laptops

pretty much your own fault for using asperger tier browsers instead of chrome/chromium

chrome's a shit. have 16GB RAM, not uncommon for chrome to eat over half that. wouldn't be using it if not for the devtools.

blame bloated websites

who /surf/ here

inb4 Chromium isn't a botnet

you don't use icecat or you have putted bullshit add-on on your web browser
nice try op but you have just confirmed yourself a faggot once again

he's going to disrupt nothing
the same thing applies to is own project
it applies to brave
it applies to brave
it applies to brave

Stop being a gullible idiot it's going to be another botnet

Vivaldi 1.1 is out.

Isn't that a jew thing?

Multithreading allows one crash to take down your entire browser.
Multiprocess exposes the shittiness inherent in OSes without an optimized fork().

Bloated websites wouldn't exist without bloated browsers in the first place.


Prove it.
Point a webcam at your keyboard/screen and stream it 24/7.

xubuntu crome master race reporting in
What is with all these fedora browsers?

I'm using IE6
-No ads show up because IE6 can't display them to begin with (Don't need Adblock)
-Scripts can be blocked in Advanced Options (Don't need NoScript)
-No add ons to begin with
-Only takes ~20 MB of ram
-Developed during the browser war
-Doesn't hog the CPU
-Isn't bloated with bullshit nobody cares about or uses
-Tabs are for pussies anyways
-Customizeable UI that donesn't take up too much space
-Runs on any toaster
-Doesn't cuck your PC into a botnet
-Fucking DESTRYOED Netscape Navigator

How is Iridium?

It is not at all like that. 4GB RAM usage is nothing on a system with 16+GB installed.
Stop making excuses for using shitty inferior outdated hardware because you're poor and autistic. Try suicide.

Feels good man.

Iridium is fantastic as long as you don't use more than 6 tabs or require any features or addons. Just chrome with minimal botnet.

Can I get this in Chrome?