Effective ghetto cctv/home security

I may have moved into a bad area, and i think it may well be wise to roll some sort of cctv system, howeverhaving just moved I'm a tad short on cash. My first thought was a couple of webcams pointing at entry points and an old laptop running motion, with a crown job upping it to the net just in case, however USB kinda limits my range, and I'd like the CCTV matching stashed out of sight.

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Meant machine
Fuck you, phone

Have you thought about trapping your house like the Vietnamese during the war ? Because i have the feeling i'd be more efficient than having a hd movie of people robbing you.

That would land you in jail in most parts of the world

My main concern is oppertunist thieves, some cunt across the street seeing me leave then potting the back window and running off with my shit

Nevermind then, i operate on a "Play stupid games, win stupid prices" mentality.
Well, consider getting some 1Tb hard drive if you don't already have a few 500Gigs around in order to be able to record everything without interruption, then i don't know for the cams but you can most likely get some old wireless webcams from ebay and conceal them around your house. I suggest you get normal webcams and buy cord extensions for them it's going to work better and you won't have to worry about batteries.

Most of us would agree with you, but unfortunately courts don't see it that way.

Even with excellent CCTV recordings of a perp, you have to convince the Cops to bother.

12 gauge

Got a 500gb drive and a USB sata adapter board, I'll put them to use

Any other advice you could give?

Or pick him out from my neighbours

I think this is the best option. It doesn't cost a ton to keep 24 hours of still frames at 1-5 FPS, does it?

This is true. I know of people who had huge CCTV setups in extremely low-crime suburbs who caught thieves red handed but the cops didn't do shit. If you really don't want to be victimized, your best bet is either a dog or insurance with theft coverage.

im protecting from local opportunist thieves, and if necessary im sure i can convince them to hand my shit back without the police assuming i have their faces on cam.

Wut? I thought America has ubercops ready to go after felonies at the slightest hints.

If you're concerned about USB range (25FT max if I remember correctly) cut the usb cable in half and wire in as much ethernet cable as you need.

Remember to match colours on both sides.

u wot

Guess there's more money to be made in handing out traffic citations to rich fuckers than actually stopping crime. Plus you consider that they may choose to bury crimes to preserve property values in a "crime-free" neighborhood; maybe the cops chose to deal with the criminals under the table. Then again this is technically hearsay so I can't really confirm.

You can bypass the limit of usb cables by using cat5 cables.

This way OP can buy some webcams and bulk cat5 cable, cut the usb cable in two exposing the aluminum, and put the required length of cat5. On the other end he'll have a regular usb end and plug that into the computer.

I work in security tech like cameras and access control. I use cat5 for most of my jobs. This is as ghetto and functional as it gets.

what makes the cat5 so special?

It's cheap in bulk. Also the length limit is in the neighborhood of 350ft.

It shouldn't matter which USB pin you wire to which ethernet wire as long as you wire it the same on the other end, right?

yeah that's not how it works...
You're still limited by the distance that USB can go over no matter what cabling you use

it's convention

arent there timing issues with usb 1& 2 that prevent this?

No, won't matter. Just use the same colours on both ends.

Behold this ~50ft cable.


But what's the point if it doesn't even work
I've done this before, it would only ever work up to about 5m, at which point it was extremely flaky

i use this and it works mint


HA, no they don't give a rats ass if you lose some of your property. If its not convenient for them to recover your property they will not do so.

Best options are to make it physically hard to get in, as they will always pick an easier target.

Some stories about police and interactions with victims of crimes currently not in progress.

Cops are not legally obligated to help you, nor do many care.

It doesn't work like that. USB cables are already "twisted pair", at least the data lines are, the other 2 wires are power and it doesn't matter if they are twisted pair. You could use Cat 5 to send a couple of USB connections over one cable, ghetto style, if you wanted, just remember to use an actual pair for each data and power run. (color / same color + white is one pair) You won't get any more distance doing this, tho. That is dependent on the USB physical layer design, which is different from the ethernet physical layer design. The only way to super extend USB using Cat 5 is to use a special product designed to do just this, it converts the USB signals to a different type, similar to ethernet physical layer, by using a bit of electronics crammed into a little box, sends it down the Cat 5, and converts it back using another box. This, however, costs money.

Source: I've been designing and building electronic crap for a living for a number of years.

used android phones monitored by zoneminder

just get a cheap dvr on ebay

thats retarded

why? ive already got a dirt cheap laptop im not doing shit with

whats the cheapest solution you would recommend, user?

I'm sure you would be completely absolved of all crime if you just posted a "Warning this house is booby trapped. Enter at your own peril." sign on the door.

Doesn't even have to be lethal or anything. Just some high powered taser guns set to go off on anybody who walks in the door. Or maybe a paintball gun that shoots those balls full of riot control pepper.

Maybe both. Taser goes off and immobilizes the intruder, sets off an alarm that calls your phone, you hop into your web connected camera to see who it is and manually aim the remote control pepper-ball shooter so it hits them in the fucking face.

That kind of thing is explicitly illegal where I live

Do the Americans have to pay taxes for the cops? This is fucking outrageous, what the fuck are the cops even here for when they don't protect the citizen?

now the police are Law Enforcement Officers, they enforce the law, after the crime was committed.

It's illegal because there are valid reasons for emergency services to forcibly enter be it a medical emergency or fire. A sign on the door won't magically make the traps turn off when they go in.

Yeah you want your security to be like an onion, many thin visible layers of security to ward off opportunistic thieves looking for a simple B&E. But if it's too much it'll attract unwarranted attention.

In the US they went all the way to court to argue that their duty wasn't to serve and defend the public from criminals.


It's like this in most of the western world, just take a look at what's happening in Europe.

Figures it, ye Europe is fucking pozzed with all this shit going on, not to mention the fucking European Union which is for nothing good.

sage for OT



Go to the QTDDTOT and ask for the approved poorfag gun list.

i live in britain, even if i apply for a license and keep a shotgun it would need to be locked up at all times. otherwise on the regular inspections that the police are legally allowed to carry out on my property if i own a firearm, if its not properly secured ill have the license revoked, the item confiscated, and be thrown in jail.

i do have an interest in collecting antique swords though, ive been meaning to grab myself a pattern 1796 light cavalry sabre for a while, purely for ornamental purposes of course.

What a shame.

For security cameras, you could try to pull together something with ispy and some home built programs. You can set it to record on motion and with timers, and you could whip up an email script that sends a text to your phone interface when triggered.

i was thinking motion running on debian, with some sort of network based CCTV backup, and if i can get it running possibly a message from wire or tox or something telling me theres someone in the house

I actually get that. I live in the US, but the wife and I are foster parents so they come every month and take pictures of our house as well was the guns. We have to keep them locked up and taken apart. Completely useless. Given the neighborhood we live in, you'd think they would at least keep the pistol out.

I've been wanting to do this for several months now. I think you can stream a USB webcam from ffmpeg. Combined with Motion for alerting you to a presence outside, you could probably have a decent setup for security.

well thats some bullshit right there, has the law always been like that?

seen this video on it?
it looks pretty straight forward

I don't know. We have only been in this state for about a year now, so I don't know how long they've been like this. It's not like this for everyone, just foster parents.

I wasn't able to use the Internet when that came out, so I must have missed that video. It seems easy enough, but I want something to be able to ping my phone when it picks up motion and, if I authorize, play a prerecorded message on command.

If Motion can be set to output single frames to a specific folder (I just found out about it in this thread, so I haven't read the docs yet), I could just kick off a script that sends me an email on my phone when something new arrives in that folder. From there, I have assetts to log into a web portal, look at the video stream and play the audio.

I need it to be simple, though, because my wife may also need to use it.

read the man page, it can be configured in a fuckton of ways, and can call scripts on motion detection

Amazing. Thank you.


I used old Android phones running "ip webcam pro" at my inlaws house. It worked well for monitoring entrances.

Add a few security strike plates to the doors, security film to the vulnerable windows plus a shotgun and you're better off than 95% of people.

I spent

I saw this exact same thead on here 6 months ago. Same wording. Is it my imagination? I keep seeing the exact same threads.

youre probably insane man, i definitely did not make this thread 6 months ago

Got it up and running with a playstation3 webcam. Shit's super easy. I'm going to start adding more cameras and writing my scripts later today.

Here's a good guide to making a somewhat effective ghetto night vision setup from cheap webcams:


me neither

You're also going to want to cage them, of course. Use one with a strong alloy, as well as pexiglass to shield the camera itself.

I'm just using a recessed camera with a peephole for the lens.

Wouldn't you need an infrared light bulb for that?

I have CCTVs on my house, and my house is on it's own road that parallels a highway. My cameras have led the police to catch three breakins in my neighborhood.

I'll greentext:

I have an analog CCTV system, but if I were to get a new one I would see about getting an ethernet one with PoE. It would be an offline system though.

I have CCTVs on my house, and my house is on it's own road that parallels a highway. My cameras have led the police to catch three breakins in my neighborhood.

I'll greentext:

I have an analog CCTV system, but if I were to get a new one I would see about getting an ethernet one with PoE. It would be an offline system though.

How do you store it all? I'm just imagining an "American Beauty"-esque wall of VHS tapes lining rooms of your house.

Wouldn't something like this work better?


you're doing God's work son, bravo

I've got an onion, now what?

Is it a French or Spanish onion?

you dont need a boost, you need a hub, because from what i can tell the limitations are based on polling complications

1-buy a gun
2-buy a used roomba
3-buy some actuators

Now you have your own vigilante drone

I'm very sorry.

me too fam, me too

From what I can tell, this thing acts as a sort of hub built into the cable.

The setup is BNC coaxial for video data which makes it analog if I understand correctly. The storage is a 500gb hdd which gives me about 2 month's worth of storage. I have it set to only record on movement though.

That makes sense.

I'm still trying to decide how I should carry over the signal from my second camera. Does composite video degrade over long cables?