How do I actually get anything done? I have a ton of work to do but I always put it off and procrastinate

How do I actually get anything done? I have a ton of work to do but I always put it off and procrastinate.

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stop being a lazy bitch.

I want to but I have no self-discipline at all.

by doing it

Have you tried not procrastinating and just doing it?

I'm the exact same.
It's really not as easy as "stop being a lazy bitch", sadly.
I've got terrible willpower and no self-discipline.
It doesn't really matter how important what I need to do is, I can't get myself to do anything productive.

adopt whatever childhood routine you once had, but add in the aspects from being an adult

slowly, over a period of about a month, add a few routines

I'd recommend, obviously, doing something that orients you toward what you need to do

I'd also recommend some simple stretching or other enfocusing task. You don't have to spend a lot of time doing it (like 5-10 minutes).

Finally, write down what you need to do. You can use any of the many time management systems.

The "quadraint system" (pic related) helps you determine WHEN things need to be done. But make sure you have spent an adequate amount of time practicing your daily routine.

Then use another type of time management system, like pomodoro that helps you focus segments of time on what to do.

E.g. focus 20 minute segments on completing a task (even if you don't finish, award yourself internally for spending a long period of time doing something)

also, if you're hypersexual, you should work on masturbating without visual stimulation and instead use your thoughts
segment masturbation to a specific time of the day and don't let your masturbation time exceed a set time


this and modafinil

self discipline is like a muscle. it's weak at first because you've never trained it. so don't try and change all at once or it'll be too much for you. start with simple habits and build your way up. if you try and build a wall all at once you'll get tired and stop and won't go back to it. better is to lay one brick every day no matter what. even if you don't feel like it, just do that one little thing and over time it builds up

this site is really good

this is actually true. the cure for inaction is action. but it's not actually that simple. this is like telling a depressed person to just cheer up

that's cheating but it sort of works. that said, noots aren't enough if you don't have discipline. if you take modafinil and then procrastinate you just hyper focus on your proctastination

this probably depends on the person but i say try cut out wanking altogether for like a week and see how much changes. i know it sounds like bullshit but when you're not constantly tired you have a lot more energy to actually do other stuff

You need a daily schedule. All the bad shit you did today will be repeated tomorrow out of habit

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Quality link.

1. Identify the physical thing enabling you to procrastinate.
2. Destroy it. Get a hammer and fuck it up.

what if that's the whole internet?

Not OP, but thanks for sharing the link, that series of blogs about procrastination really hit home with me. The panic monster is really the one that drives me.

This. The internet is a major issue for me but I work at home on the computer so I still need it.

Assign priorities to each task and then do each one at a time with a maximum of one or two tasks to do in parallel.

I'm still working on killing the beast, but since I know I procrastinate, I try to at least be as productive with it as I can.

I'll clean, do laundry, cook, etc. and listen to a podcast while I do it. So if I don't get my work done, at least I'm not living in filth. Stuff like that really builds momentum. I'll start by doing something quick like taking out my recycling. Once I'm in the action it gets much easier--the hardest part is the initial push, so I try to make it as easy as possible.

Something that doesn't motivate me long term but can help get my heart racing is to think about my own funeral. Imagine who will be there, how many people, and what they say about you. What do you want written on your tombstone? What would be written on it if you died right now?
Thinking like that really starts to make me panic. None of us are immortal. I use that energy to get things done.

Also, this is just my amateur opinion, but I think procrastination comes from neglect in childhood. If your parents were as catatonic as mine were, you never saw being productive as being positive. I was never encouraged to stay with a task once it got difficult. Will power is a muscle, if you don't actively work it, it atrophies.

I floated through school as a child doing as little as I could to get by. I never studied, joined clubs, sports or anything. I maintained as high a grade as I could basically only doing tests, midterms, and finals. I started community college with that same ethic and failed two semesters straight.

The overarching theme is that I never had a higher purpose to my life. You need a reason to want to do something. Busy work for its own sake is a waste of your time if it's not apart of your big picture.

The first reply really got it right in fewer words. You have to realize that your days are finite. No one is going to hold your hand. Your parents should have taught you how and why, but you have to take responsibility moving forward. So, to the answer to your question is simple. Figure out what you want to do with your life, then do it. Is what you're procrastinating on now apart of your bigger picture? If yes, you now have a motivation to do it. If no, stop doing it, you're wasting your time.

The hardest part is figuring out what you want to do with your life. It's like pulling teeth. I still don't know what I want to do. But once you figure the direction you need to go in, run. Don't walk, run.

Thanks for the link, the Dark Carnival metaphor hit home hard enough to get me to do more work in an hour than I've done the rest of the day.

any problem is tomorrow's problem.

420 blaze it


how can one man be so on point?


that sounds like it could work. i've gotta try that at some point


no, it's a Holla Forums question. this is the answer:


Work first, party later. If you party first, work later your party is going to be shit.

for me this strategy translates to
at least if i ignore it i'm not as anxious

There's a lot of innernet out there. Routers, switches, entire ISPs need to be hammered, ad-hoc connections kind of count as innernet, so you'd better get to smashing not only everyone's network gear, but the individual client devices as well. Better fuck up the cables as well, just in case some fucks try to cobble something back together while you're busy fucking up other shit. I'm not entirely sure how you're going to take down satellites communicating with each other, but there's probably at least one solution that involves driving hammers into space and letting Kessler syndrome take care of the rest.

If you want to hammer the entire internet and stop procrastinating, you really should stop procrastinating and get to hammering.

I have another mindset that I turn on when I need to get things done.
Ironically this is the whimsical mindset that doesn't think but simply does.
It represents the unification of poetic knowledge with scientific knowledge.
I never have to force myself to do anything because the whimsical mind just doesn't care about anything, not happiness and not even death.
So I'm free to direct it as I see fit and there will be no mental friction because to the whimsical mind it is neither here nor there; doing it is the same as not doing it so why not do it.

underrated post

Develop discipline. Lacking discipline, block your Internet access.

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As long as you can start doing something even for a short while. You have enough willpower.

What helped me to do (non-essential) stuff was learning how to start a habit and not how to get that particular project done.

Main problem with forming a habit was complexity of starting. You may have read about splitting complex tasks into multiple smaller ones, but in practice it looks like: small tasks which won't give you sense of accomplishment (read tutorial, watch tutorial, write something simple based of these tutorials), and tasks which were stooping you from starting project anyway (figure out the rest)

Since doing programming projects was too hard I switched to drawing, but the problem was the same. I had to figure out what to draw, so each time I wanted to practice I ended up playing vidia because I was thinking what to draw and eventually I got distracted.

Then I started jogging. It took me almost a year to reach a point where I managed to jog at least 3 times a week. With jogging there was no problem with thinking how to do it, but the main reason for procrastinating was: I didn't know how much time will it take to: change clothes, stretch, run and then take shower. So I did not run when I think it might me too late. (I had to go to sleep at some point or not be late to school) I solved it by recalling I did not jog to jog properly, but to form a habit. So often I didn't stretch or change clothes, I was just getting my ass up go out and run (even for less than a 5 min.)

Recently I learned how to knit. The best thing ever in terms of forming a habit. As soon as you learn the basics (It took me two evenings) you can start a project in one sitting and then just do it. If you have a started project it's really easy to pick up where you left it. It's not that boring because you'll always find new ways to fuckup and figure out how to continue I most cases it's just finding a way how to ignore it.

After some time you may realise that when you stop kitting you are left with quite pleasant feeling of “I did some thing productive. I wonder what next productive thing I can do”. Then you can do some more demanding tasks and if you feel like you want to do something else just get back to knitting. It won't make you super productive, but at least you'll have some useful tool to start working on yourself.

If you are a true procrastinator you will invent things to do in order to avoid the real tasks.

This would cause numerous "necessary" knitting projects. Or what ever other thing that may be.

I still haven't found out how to trick myself out of this.

Also, it seems that the tasks that I avoid the most are the ones I don't know how to do, since this requires extra effort.

The only way I can successfully conquer a large and overwhelming task is to do the obvious and break it down into pieces. Even breaking it down into pieces takes some diligence.

Another thing that helps is headphones over my ears playing instrumental music. That is the best way to eliminate the stimulus of sounds that take me on horrible tangents.

same boat at times

try earplugs, also try just deleting your projects. i do it all the time, notice myself trailing off, after awhile ive made 3 sub folders, 3 bash scripts, running 2 terminals scraping shit... then im like... what the fuck am i doing? and i just delete the whole thing and get back to what matters.

remove distractions until you're not distracted anymore
pomodoro (25 minutes [+/- 5 to account for your attention span] on/5 minutes off, every four sections you get a 15-30 minute break)
if something comes up, make a note and ignore it until you're done with the task at hand
and most importantly:

does pomodoro work for anyone else? i just put off starting the timer

Too real

I also have this problem where instead of doing tasks at the last minute, I simply dont do them at all

A bit late, but

I use something called portable kanban - it helps organize the task. Pretty flexible... but after that you're on your own - tasks don't get themselves done.

Is there a non-burrito option?

Yeah, I use it in English. There probably is a language setting or something.

kanban is a pretty well known system. you can do it with trello (or wekan for freetards)


The user data is the only thing in burrito here. Notice how everything is a rigurous, sober, minimalistic, Apple-like icon and nothing else.