When the new 20's roll out in 2020...

When the new 20's roll out in 2020, are you going to write NIGGER on tubman's portrait before sending it back into circulation?

Probs not



What is wrong with you America ?

Africa is the only place where one can find a black woman on a banknote
Is Obama homesick ?
Is there that much nigs in America ?
Is this white guilt x1000 ?

Explain please….

please tell me you are not this stupid

literally who?

Well, why not? I've been writing "MADMAN" on Jackson all this time.

I'll probably do it a little bit.

Even thought Jackson is a repulsive president, isn't it funny the guy who killed the bank get his face plastered on Fed notes? Is it an insult to be on currency?

Yes, OP. I will ruin my cash and look like an edgy trying-too-hard asshole, and I will help energize the left by giving it tangible proof that RACISM IS ALIVE AND SYSTEMIC or whatever they'll claim while holding the bill I wrote "NIGGER" on for no good fucking reason.

OP, you are a mongoloid and AIDS is too good for you. Please shove glass up your dick.

Let's be honest, though, Andrew Jackson was probably the most based president of all time.
Seriously, if you think Trump destroying Jeb was based, read up on Jackson.


My point exactly, Mongo the Special Boy: when they have no proof they make claims anyway. We know they sometimes even manufacture their own threats.
So you wanna actually help them now? You are a retard.
And all for what? A juvenile joke. I'll personally rape your kids, mate. I'll fucking do it. I'll stalk you and I'll wait and when they're born I'll wait some more, and then I'll do it. I'll also slash their faces with a hot knife. I swear to fucking GOD I will do it.
Yes this is a threat.

Poor America. Not 300yrs old and already cucked by the very niggers they imported as slaves.

by 2020, I'll be done with my degree, and will probably move out of country to east Asia. The European race is dead. The sooner you accept that, the better. We don't have the same racial comradery that every other race does. There are no "America towns" or large groups of Americans in other countries. We don't stick together. we will not make a stand. We will eventually fade away. The White race has already been poisoned. Even Trump is a cuck in this regard, naming Rosa Parks as the woman he'd like to see on the $10 dollar bill. Fucking appeasement, it's disgusting.

Run off, hide, and don't have children.

they are literally in every continent

As we've already established, it doesn't make a difference if we "help" them or not.

*tips fedora*

Calm down

Not that are all congregated like places such as China Towns in America. Of course there are many Americans in every continent, but they're spread out, and like to actually assimilate.

How's Sharia law and the rapefugee gangs coming along, Nigel? ;^)

The word "sharia" ''means" "law", bud.


You mean that thing exclusively in South England? Oh yeah, that shithole.
Nobody outside of there cares for it.
Quite frankly London can burn with the rest of the multi-cultural PC fuckers there.

Khan is going to fucking destroy London if he gets elected. Dudes friends with people that promoted ISIS and hate-filled Islamic shit in general.

Meanwhile in the rest of the UK, mostly people of worth. (besides Glasgow)

Sweet dubs but most people today would consider the indian thing and the slavery thing to be a bad thing, and mixed feelings on the duels.

But I'm sure you know what already.

So, you, you who are of the same origins as Newton, Brunel and Hawkins; of Nelson, Wellington and Churchill: you are afraid of a handful of sandniggers in flipflops, carrying home-made bombs and 30yr old AKs?

I was talking about Jackson and how he went after the bankers who were trying to establish a private central bank. Then you bring Trump and modern politics into the mix. Just no. Trump is a hype man, don't get it twisted with history.

Really tho, Andrew Jackson is doing barrel rolls in his grave over his face being printed on fiat centralized private national currency.

The fuck are you even on about?

Who said I was afraid?

I simply don't give a shit about South Lond-sorry England.

You basically summed up Holla Forums as a crazy uncle with downs while using a Bill O' Riley™ enema.


I'll endeavor to no longer deal in $20 denominations when they start appearing. Beside, me and my friend Ben go way back.

Nah, I'm glad they took Andrew "Paper money is fraud" Jackson's visage off the NEETbux, it was disrespectful.

kick it old skool and lioncash that shit

i'll just throw nicki over them

Cool. So instead of getting cash from an ATM you can get tubgirls from a nigger dispenser. All 20s shall henceforth be referred to as "silverbacks" "$12 bills" "tubgirls" or "niggers"

God damn shit's changed in a year.

Fuck off you weak defeatist faggot, if Germany could turn 180 degrees around from Weimar Conditions (hell on earth), then a few sjws and kikes and their shenanigans are not going to be the death of us it will just make things very shitty until the overton window swings drastically to the right and k-selected nationalists and RWDs take over. Europe survived countless invasions and conquests by mudslimes and communists over the millenia and the european race persisted despite Rome collapsing so the fact that America is currently going down the shitter is not a death sentence for whites. That said globalists are a unique and terrifying threat and all people, European or otherwise need to focus on destroying supranational organizations such as EUSSR, UN, Trilateral Commission, IMF, WTO, etc.

This would make America happier.

I'm casting a vote for "silverbacks". That sounds like it might be innocuous enough on a surface level that it could catch on.

you're autistic

Franklin check'em

Why are you telling me things that I already know?


Good points user.


This really rustles my jimmies to be quite honest shaking my head.

This really rustles my jimmies to be quite honest shaking my head.

Rotherham's not in South England, lad

That's your capital. The capital of your country is mostly non-white and full of SJWs

I made an allusion to modern politics to add perspective. I never said they're the same person.


Trump is history in the making

Not on fullchan they don't, libcuck

Probably the best argument former his removal that I've heard so far.

This. Plain and simple.

nigga that's a 12

Anybody else planning on vandalizing these, they had better not release these to banks down south.

You will need:

splice numerals and tex from other currency and tape it onto the corners and over the letters "nty" in twenty color her face with black crayon and her lips red, and you got sambo 3/5ths.

I say they should have given her the 3 dollar bill if they cared so damn much.

You don't have to write a thing. You already won by making people picture exchanging a black woman for a blowjob or a crack rock.

Tubman was kind of a badass if you pay any attention to history. I can think of quite a few people worse than her who can end up on a bill..

I highly doubt this.

Don't change the 20 bill



Too bad you don't have guns to fend off the invaders



Just put Kong on the money and be done with it.

Fuck yes, we should make it a concentrated effort, think about it, even if just 10 people wrote "NIGGER" on every 20 they receive it'll put possibly thousands of 20 "NIGGER" bills into circulation a week, now imagine a concentrated effort of 50, or 100, or 500 people doing this, can you fucking imagine?!

Or hell, we could start taking Jackson 20s and writing "Fuck the Bank!" on them or "I Killed the bank!"

I would draw shrek ears on her.

Cause it's pretty damn close


I think I'll put a picture of Andrew Jackson over it when I use it; it's still technically right, so it should be fine.

No. I am going to write ==GET TO THE BACK OF THE BUS YOU UPPITY NIGGER!!!== on it.

Andrew motherfucking Jackson

I have nothing against her but she's clearly a diversity pick who had no bearing on the course of history


do you arithmetic at all over there in the third world?
10 people, thousands of nigger notes
1 person, hundreds of nigger notes
x20, thousands of dollars cash a week in 20's, per person.

This image is so stupid
this isn't an image of the ku klux klan but of penitents
Fucking americunts destroying true European culture

fuck you USA

I be transfering all me monies to Kimmy dollars and KimCoin.






nigg nogg


#OPTubman or #OPniggercash?