Why do 90% of web developers have:

Why do 90% of web developers have:
-a beard
-are bald
-are super trendy, follow every new shiny framework
-think they are super important

I don't wanna become a nu-male! Also, most of them will be replaced in a few years by software which will pretty much make knowing html/css/javascript obsolete.

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Seriously, the pretentiousness, it hurts...

I doubt javascript knowledge will be obsolete since malware creation is moving towards browser botnets and such things.

Why does OP always:
- make shit threads
- enjoy the fragrance of pubes and dick railing around and into his mouth and throat
- refuse to make threads about actual technology

Forgot about the malware, sure javascript could be useful there. But I mean for average web devs jquerry makes thinks super easy, the next step is a program where you just drag around fancy blocks just like in Scratch using jquerry shit.

jesus fucking christ....

Excluding the nu-males (which you are) you are free to talk about the dead future of web development, would you post this on Holla Forums?


apparently men grow facial hair
apparently staring at a monitor all day causes your eyes to adjust to the environment
got me there
i dunno
dunning-kruger effect

But software engineers don't look ripped, bald etc. they look like pale freaks, are fat, and don't care about how they dress.

Alright, way to paint with a broad brush. I'm not ripped, but I put effort into maintaining a good appearance, including dressing well.

I wish you faggots would go back to /g/
But go ahead, entertain me by explaining how this thread is actually about technology instead of about people who use technology.

Sure, let's discuss about how near the obsolence of front end web development is, my guess is pretty soon. Because someone must invent a good WYSIWYG program already.

How about you actually make a thread dedicated to it instead of posting this garbage in the first place, you fucking faggot.

Fuck you bald bearded nu-male web developer!

I have thick hair and only manage the abominations. Thanks for admitting that you're just a shitposter who doesn't post about technology.

Web developers are pieces of shit.

you start typing
the dialog
out of view

>no one just uses the keybaord, the user needs to learn to use the mouse!!!!!!!!

you scroll up with the mouse wheel

the content BEHIND the dialog

you hit ESC
the bottom of the dialog is stuck at the top of the page

you try the arrows keys
nothing happens

you just reload the fucking page
confirm form resubmission?
click okay

open shitty dialog again
try to tab into the field

notto disu shitto agen

at least form is still visible
start type in
scrolling down works
go to click on button to submit, but it's greyed out


Don't the project leaders or the company in general decide on such things? I mean, are the web devs actually free to design shit the way they want too or they follow a design lead or some shit?

Selection bias.

But seriously... I hate web development. Because the barriers of entry are low, the competition is high, and I'm generally doing something very boring. I wish I could make desktop apps but maybe I'm not good enough at that, yet.

How does one learn and stick to something he hates? I remember when I made my shitty game I spend 20 hours coding straight thinking about shit to solve for when I wake up. Now I am looking through html, css, bootstrap, javascript and it's frameworks like jquerry and more, it's the most boring things. I keep thinking if I am screwing my future up or if it's a smart choice because I can get a job in this field much faster. I hate it so much, all the responsive crap, the need to socialize and have a blog, the fact that in 5 years I'll be competing with indians for pennies.


I really like that now we can categorize people as nu-males, it's like the dyke of males.

Learn mathematics so you can program AI in the future. Then you won't be competing with Pajeets and the pretentious faggots who think they are Turing 2.0 because they figured out that the Cascading term in CSS means they can nest styles.

Nice trips, the only thing keeping me from going full time learning advanced shit and mathematics is the fact that it will probably take 10 times longer to get a job, that's the single thing. I'd love to do that, but I don't know how often software companies hire somebody who made a few programs in comparison to some shitty fancy web site.

I know that maybe with web developing I could get a job in like 2 or 4 months, maybe. Wouldn't getting a software dev job take much longer?

Facial hair is the fucking worst, I don't even know the words to describe it but mine is really strong, it grows fast and it doesn't even look like I shave unless I use a straight razor which takes anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes a day on that alone. It's a giant waste of time but if I don't do it I look like a bum, if I let it grow out people tell me it looks fine but I don't like having it, it makes eating an inconvenience since I have to clean my face/hair all the time.

What a fucking annoyance, there are people that can't grow these that actually want them, they don't know.

Holy fuck, the twisting around and pacing towards the camera like he's something hot.

I bet this is another "rockstar" developer that cannot invert a binary tree.

There's still plenty of work developing mobile apps, that's certainly better than web dev crap. Maybe you could try that?

You sound like a bad programmer. I'd be suspicious if you came in groomed and prissy to an interview.

Ignore this. If I'm hiring a programmer and he hasn't made an effort to at least put on a shirt, I regard him as a fucking slob.

Business casual should be what you aim for, unless you're planning to work in the financial industry, then go all out.

*dress shirt.

I've never met an excellent programmer in business casual. They don't tend to have pants that aren't jeans.

This seems like "le hollywood" depiction of a programmer. You just don't wear jeans to an interview, unless perhaps you want to work for a denim company.

Smartest programmer I ever hired was a mormon. Even in the sweltering summer heat, he's show up in full suit and tie.

Stop arguing with anecdotes. A good interviewer should hire based on merit of the skill they need to apply while taking into consideration how they would work with others as well, so long as their fashion isn't disruptive to the workplace and they can do their job well then you should hire them. It's not hard.

Most adults have glasses or contacts these days. Especially if they do computer work. What look are you supposed to take on if you are balding? Cutting your hair super short is the only alternative to looking absolutely ridiculous. Nobody is wearing a wig these days.
And if you are bald you better have at least a slight beard because if you have not and aren't super ripped chances are high you'll look straight outta Auschwitz.
What wonders me much more is how men who aren't bald are all rocking that SS Youth "Undercut".

You've clearly never placed an ad for a programmer other than maybe for a Java dev or webdev. Put one on stack overflow looking for a C++ developer.

The better programmers let their hair go long and scraggly as they bald and grey. They look like a crazy professor instead of a nu-male.

Mobile apps for android I assume. If that's less saturated than web dev, and requires some actual brain power which many pajeets won't replace consider me happier. But can I get a job if I make some apps in the time span of 2 to 4 months? Is that a decent thing on my portofolio that would get me hired?

I'm not really starting from 0, I have some basic programming language but I just jumped around never mastering anything. I'm just curios of my alternatives to web dev, I wish I could just program games since it's what I like to do, I like to solve problems but everyone expects a 4 year degree, X years of experience and really good math. I feel like it's out of reach.

Well, what do you think about android app development, is it too out of reach for me in comparison to web dev? I was frustrated about web dev for days thinking if I am making the wrong choice, even if I don't have a degree.

A lot of mobile apps today are written with frameworks that let you make them in HTML/Javascript so it is full of Pajeets.

Allow me to say something brutal. You're not good enough as a programmer for me to overlook the fact that you're dressed like a slob. Especially if you're being hired fresh out of university.

I went with the "Stallman"-look for quite a while and got through with it since I'm working at a university and naturally nobody cares about your look in these progressive circles.
Stopped that though since you are 100% guaranteed to never ever get single date looking like a hobo. So I switched to this "nu male" look and well.....it works.

Regardless of political opinion, most people agree that the National Socialists of Germany had great style across the board.

Well fuck, then what is a good field to specialize in? Obviously from what I wrote so far I like programming games but I only used shit like Unity, I don't know if specializing in that would get me a job considering I only programmed as a hobby.

What can I pick that is not html/css pretentious web dev shit or pajeet java programming? Something that gets me a job but doesn't require me to be stallman in coding.

You honestly sound like you're not fit for your position, your ability to evaluate necessary skills is lacking, you're adding a personal bias which is completely irrelevant to the job.

I don't care one way or the other but you should probably reflect on yourself.

The other alternative is server-side development, but unfortunately that tends to be Ruby and Node .

Another area a lot of people over look is for lowlevel developers. Do you like Assembly?

What is so hard about dressing
Because you were told not to be a slob? Hahha

Being able to conduct yourself in a professional environment is part of the job. I don't really care if you don't like it.

Finish highschool before dispensing any more advise, it's nauseating.

Not really, I like C# very much, I know it's from microshit but it's the only thing I could learn a bit, considering python is not good for getting hired. I'm also interested in c++. As I said I mostly worked with game engines and I want to pick something that would get me a job, so I started with web dev, learned the basics of javascript, html and css.

Now I have to look at the advanced parts and learn frameworks and build a few sites for my portfolio, also learn about databases, it feels so shit compared in comparison to making a great AI.

So server side development, does that require knowing all those frameworks and and shit web devs regularly know or do I program my own things and use libraries specifically for server side only?

Just do a hacker look but make it look like you made an effort.

A picture please. I can't imagine what you mean. With a receding hairline and glasses you are pretty much forced into that "nu male" look imho.

Well as far as machine learning goes, you really need a lot of background to do something exciting. Keep it in the back of your mind for now, but read up on mathematics in your spare time.

Probably, but the shittiest part of web dev is the ever changing set of javascript frameworks which go in and out of vogue. You'll also hear a lot of 22 year olds feeling proud about "optimizing their flow". Shit like this: yeoman.io

Traditionally, but now there are a lot of tards who want javascript on the serverside so that everything is more homogenous. In theory that is nice, in practise that is rarely ever the case, and you don't get to reuse much code.

Why do you keep conflating my character with my point? I don't have to be a slob to recognize that it holds no bearing on the position, you really think it matters what someone looks like when they'll be in their own workspace all day, dealing with their co-workers over slack. Make sure you bring your best suit to our audio only conference call, shower too I don't want to smell you over our new smell-o-graph.

What does conduct have to do with fashion? You can be respectful to your co-workers and superiors in footie pajamas, I'm not saying you should wear whatever but you act like casual wear is some egregious fault, or that head maintenance is necessary. This isn't a school, this is work, you're here to do your job not go to detention for not following the dress code. Employees have more important things they should be worried about, I don't want them wasting time researching the latest hair trends or talking about where they got their new tie.

The irony. Seriously do you work for one? Because that's the only way I would understand why you feel this way.

I think you quoted the wrong post.

Look we get it, you're 300lbs, have blue-hair and you self identify as an otherkin. Society triggers you so you work remotely. I'm glad you've found some employment, you probably wouldn't be a good fit for my office. There is nothing else to discuss with you.

Pertaining to the original point user made, you should make an effort to look presentable at an interview. During which, the accepted office attire will be discussed.

Do you get free coffee for managing Starbucks?

I hear they don't even give out free food to their staff anymore, so you'll need to find another way to feed yourself with that modern-literature "degree".

The field will be flooded with 10x the people we have jobs for within a couple years so if you can't code well you're screwed. Rather than fret about what type of code to work on, focus on getting really good and also get your name out there. Visibility will be the first huge problem you'll face.

At least you have the bantz to go with your fancy pants. I still don't like you though.


meant to be this one:

I'll post both anyway.

Because you're a cunt


I'll win you over some day.

Wait that was the wrong one.


But what's the "hacker" look that he mentions? Bother others are clear to me.

Go with this style user, you'll never be as great a hacker as this based faggot.

looks like shit though when your hair is already thinning out and you have receding hairline.

Lack of Testosterone because they're very beta. Probably from jerking off 20 times a day because they're so beta.

Trying to make up for the fact that they are bald.

At the rate they're going, they'll effectively cause 80% of the Software Engineering Sector in North America to dry up. Were fucked basically thanks to them.

You are stupid as fuck. Baldness is caused by a reaction of the hair follicles to testosteron. The only medication that works against baldness severely lowers your testosterone levels (with the expected side effects) in order to accomplish its goal.

Stroustrup bought us some time:

you forgot

- always posting about "progressive stuff"
- dismiss and mock any allegation SJWs are cancer
- they flock for support everytime a damsel is "harassed"

Makes perfect sense, but won't it be bad to specialize in web dev to get my name out there?

Holla Forums is literally the only place on the internet that whines about LE BETA MALE WEBDEVS XDDD

no one else fucking cares and youre an insecure faggot if you dont want to do something you enjoy because internet strangers think its dumb
unless it's java :^)

I am an insecure faggot because I actually don't enjoy web dev at all but I really need the money faster

Why does bootstrap even exist, why not just write the shitty css code to do what you want?

Why is it that we don't have efficient, small programs where we need them most: the internet? There are still people with bandwidth caps in the world. Also, a toaster should be able to download and display text/images. Why is everything the opposite of what it needs to be?

Because of stupidity, but it's too late to change everything now. People apparently like trendy shitty libraries of pajeet poo regardless if they are not so effective and waste bandwidth.

I just simply don't wanna waste my time learning 10 different libraries, I want to specialize in something, be great at it so that companies would actually need me instead of me needing them. But I don't know what to specialize in, in web dev there are at least 6 things you need to get decent at to be entry level, that is just fucking shit.

I'm politically right wing (economically I'm mainstream right, but on immigration, feminism, Jewish hypocrisy etc. I'm Holla Forums) but I would be considered a hipster developer by most of Holla Forums.

Don't know, I'm part Asian so only clean shaven works for me

Not something most people have control over.

here's where I'm going to get hipster on you: shiny new frameworks (at least the popular ones) tend to be good. It's easy to be a contrarian, and favor Haskell and Lisp or C (this kind of contrarianism could also be called hipsterism). What's hard is creating actual products in the real world that people use. Once you start doing this, you start to understand why frameworks like React exist. Most people who hate the "new shiny" stuff are people who don't actually create products. Either they work in some specialized niche, or, like you probably are, they are blowhards who don't create anything.

everyone does

Wishful thinking. I work in machine learning, there is no progress on automating software development. You can probably dig up some academic papers. But no real practical progress has been made.

Basically, the web is popular because you can create a single website that will work on all OS's and on mobile, and there is a lot of tooling for the backend (Python, Ruby, Go) and frontend (various JS frameworks).

The only better system for creating simple ways for end users to interface with some backend, is the Java ecosystem. But Java requires installing an app locally, while JS requires no local installation. So JS is more flexible for creating apps.

Once you accept that web apps are a necessity, the necessity of web app frameworks naturally follows.

spending 3 months writing css that's compatible with All versions of Safari, IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and their mobile versions, as well as different screen sizes of androids and phones is really fucking time consuming and difficult.

you don't even know why it exists and you're criticizing why it exists, neo-Holla Forums as fuck please choke yourself on a black cock you faggot.

No shit I don't know, I'm just a fucking beginner you idiot. I was learning css and thought why would I need shit like text-center from boostrap when I can write text-align: center from css. Are you telling me I can't ask questions when I'm learning something?

Apex kek

If you're complaining about web devs, why post an image of a YouTuber?

wow thanks for the life story, do you wipe upwards or downwards?

Because people recognize him and they will look at the thread and reply to it.

Come to think about it, one of those copypastas Holla Forums throws around talks about how infiltrators often volunteer to do the boring but necessary work in an organization like doing secretary shit when there's a meeting, etc.
And lets face it, frontend/webdev shit is boring. Dunno if I'm paranoid for thinking these nus are largely progressives that think they have some kind of mission.
Maybe they're just betas that don't think they can really hack it "yet" so they go for the stuff no one else wants to do?

What can done to stop them infiltrating further?


They're doing whatever is fashionable no matter what. The real reason is they're simply casual normalfags in tech. It's almost impossible for a real techfag to end up like this because they're pretty much born as outcasts isolated from society. There is no environment or a good reason to be trendy and hip. You probably can't escape those physical features but you can easily escape from making them look like that.
unix neckbeard or no beard lel
not problem glasses lel
mad scientist or nazi hair lel

Redpill them. Pill them all. They are vulnerable types.

But that's wrong you fucking idiot. It's the exact opposite; too much testosterone makes you bald.

I'm sure web devs are full of testosterone and masculinity



Vsauce is awesome channel.

I hated it first because I thought it was some meme channel but it actually does deserve it's 10 gorillion subscribers.

I don't follow web trends, what is this you're talking about?

I mean, html and css is just a bunch of tags, and people have actual jobs where all they do is write html and css. Those take like two weeks to remember, or maybe one if you really put a lot of time into it. How is it a job for front end positions?

Why didn't a software where you just drag and drop shit replace all the front end devs who demand at least $60k/year? Even if we are to say that hey web devs use jquerry and bootstrap and other shit, in the end it's just memorization.

I want to keep studying this front end field just to get a damn job and make money but because of how easy it looks I'm afraid I'm gonna be quickly replaced by something that doesn't require tens of thousands of dollars per year.

And also, just how many business need yet another front end dev when services that allow you to fully integrate all fancy widgets and make your own page, like wix do that thing for $20.

How long will this front end position last, for money, even if you know javascript, and how many devs are actually needed for this? It's trivial. I don't get it.

I was about to say, there's already services and products that do a lot of front-end stuff.

I seriously don't know where you are finding a 60K job knowing only HTML/CSS. Bay Area?

It was just an estimation

i'm lazy.

i don't wear glasses.

buzzed actually. see beard for reason why.

because clients are super trendy and want the shiniest pile of shit available. usually with lots of wasted space too.

i wish i felt like this. ;_;

This. Web designers are hip, trendy normalfags who live and breathe by their public image. They use the hip, trendy technologies of today so they can wow you with their cutting-edge currentness, and they shave their hair, grow a beard and wear glasses instead of contact lenses because "it's the image that best matches my self" (i.e. it's the hip, trendy image of the modern web designer). They're also currently part of the ragtag band of web artists and ersatz developers who adhere to SJWism because SJWism is the hip, trendy political belief of today.

Given the deplorable state of today's Web where you literally need a high performance workstation just to load an ordinary website, I really believe web developers should be fucking redpilled.

it's because of people like you that we have shit like the lambdaconf ruckus happening all more often. The betas are the SJW paws and ignoring the issue will just make them roam free to infect and destroy tech

forget it dude. Holla Forums has made tech its residence in the fallow post-josh period where nothing fucking worked and hotwheels decided to make the dumbest fucking conversational language in the history of man.

we're going to get more of this bullshit, as well as "how do I install linux mint?", "how do I fix X in palemoon?", "how come I'm less qualified than the average cat lady?", "how come I'm less qualified that people that literally drop trou and shit on the ground?", and perennial favorite: "what hardware and software is more obscure than thinkpads and gentoo: it's vitally important I never marry or reproduce".

maybe the Holla Forums diaspora will reconstitute the community if Daddy Jim comes in and saves Holla Forums again.

tech was and is nerds moron. you don't need gains to write software. 10 years ago people could be secure in their sexuality without having to beat on the math dorks.

in any case, you autistic fuckwits doling out attention and rising to any speck of bait put in front of you crystalised the "SJW" type into a movement on twitter, dumbler, and reddit. way to go, you gave them a name and a banner and they're rolling you, and all you do in return is shit up my board, whine, and posture.


If you hate Holla Forums so much, why not just get out?

because before mootler holocausted all the Holla Forumsish peasants it was a fucking amazing website.

I don't visit pol because pol hates my guts to death, but I still don't complain so much about a site that I visit. After all why would you keep complaining and still be on the site? I know I stopped visiting 4chan when it became shit, you can do the same thing here.

Don't like Holla Forums and pol? Stop visiting.

take your bullshit back to facebook


How bout you stop visiting? I make one post about how you're either a pack of self-hating nerds or poseur culture warriors and you jump down my throat about leaving.

fuck you.

I'm sick of listening to this pretentious crap about how everyone here's a perfect 10 salt of the earth everyman. You don't know these people, you guys started this thread hanging shit on a stereotypical web designer who wasn't even a web designer.

Tech has lost sight of what matters: code, architecture, and performance in order to make a bunch of faggot comments about the relative merits of dennis ritchies beard vs. a hitler haircut as if any of that shit matters, or shittalk about alpha-beta pickup autist theory like any of that shit is real outside of staged viral videos.

If we're going to reclaim the mantle of old anonymous we gotta stop acting like dumbfuck redditors and crybabies.

Now take this criticism like a man, and make better posts.

Hilarious, just copy paste another example that doesn't make sense and you win.

So basically, what you are saying is that you are a bearded nu-male with glasses that is bald and you are a self hating person, am I right?

Look at all these hipsters getting triggered.

Explain to me then why Schwarzenegger and every other body builder who is high test has hair? Oh right, you can't.

no, I'm 90 kilos of lean muscle with a bushranger beard, a buzzcut, and 20/20 vision, I'm also cartoonishly broad. but I know plenty of guys that fit the look while being a fuckload better at math/soldering/building/reversing than me.

anonymity and the chans were great because none of that shit mattered at all. It wasn't assumed I was a meathead because I could lift my bodyweight and had to do farmwork after school and on weekends.

Why would you take the stereotype used to deride all of us and single out the guys it fits for abuse? that's not looking after your fellow brogrammer. that loses friends and alienates people. that's the essense of self hatred.

because anabolics shrink their balls and prevent their body from producing AHT the byproduct of natural high T that causes male pattern baldness.

Arnie is hardly an example of high test, officially six foot two, in the real world he stands at around five foot ten and anecdotally that's with risers in his shoes.

I wonder how I will become employed being hard-line conservative all my life and being full on 14/88 recently. Maybe I will give up this nerd shit and do some other trade.


Because the people who make shit threads like these don't have the knowledge necessary to contribute to topics about software, programming, etc. and have that newfag mentality that they don't need to lurk before posting. That's why Holla Forums is so fucking awful now.
Rather than sit back and absorb information, they come in here to post browser threads and complain about SJWs. Want to fight those faggots? Want to use a quality browser? Learn to program and kick the faggots out of your projects. It's not hard if you're willing to put in the time to learn but you'd rather spend 12 hours a day shitposting instead.

And the sad thing is that Holla Forums is still heaven on earth compared to /g/.

Nice generalization, not any better than the first post of this thread. I never created shitty sjw browser threads, I don't remember the last time I tried to make a tech sjw thread.

For someone who has a board with MOZILA SJW WARS PART 3 you sure have a lot of guts to accuse me of making irrelevant posts. The nu-male look is perfectly real though, I think it hit close to home.

That thread is garbage as well.

Oh sorry, should it be yet another thread about linux and emacs?

top wew. You are a faggot.

Leave that shit on reddit nigger.

Skills that get employment > skills that go towards something you find fun. If you can mix the two, great. If not, taking the "fun" route will net you the same result as all the fags out there that think they can make a living drawing fetish art for the internet.

This is why nobody in America can get jobs and they all go to Pajeet and Carlos. You are the cancer that is killing employment.
The guy is there to do a job, not to be eyecandy for your faggot ass.

Did you remember to take your estrogen pills?

Top lel, don't you know you're supposed to either know things yourself or parrot the popular memes?

Spotted the triggered leftyfag.
Extra right on that "fag" part I see. Consider suicide.

Nice try.

Oh sorry, should it be yet another thread about linux and emacs or "Stallman said this lol"?

1. Lern some PUA skillz
2. get chicks with hobo-style
3. Write book about step 2.
4. Profit!!!!
(As an added bonus there is no ???? step)

You chose the "nu male" look!?
Nu male is much more than receding hairline. Some men look badass with bald hair. Please rethink your decision.

How fat are you?

Come dev with me.

What kind of tech guy posts pictures of himself on imageboards?

Compensate for low masculinity. Shave them and you'll laugh real hard.

bad genetics, beta fucks stay at home masturbating to Yaoi anime all day and so their eyesight goes.

low T

Muh progress

Narcissism as a product of never being beaten as children.

Typesetters have always looked like this.

baldness stems from high T, as has already been pointed out in this thread. in fact, the only drugs that help treat baldness reduce T levels.

if you came to this thread to post about how you're not a nu-male webdev faggot, you're probably a nu-male webdev faggot


Get the fuck out of here, proprietary browser shill. We're not going to add 2MB CSS files to work around the fact you still can't implement standards correctly 15 years later.