Internet Security

So I just received an email from my ISP
They said that copyright holders were filing suit against me for illegally downloading files via Peer to Peer networking
I immediately lost my shit and started trying to find out who in the FUCK was monitoring my internet traffic and then i came upon this FUCKING SHIT:

So the point of this thread:
Im fucking spooked
How long have they been snooping on me, what do they know, and what do i need to do to make sure they cant spy on me anymore?
VNC? Proxy? Tor?

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cablevision employee here, your pretty much safe if its your first time getting caught. try to not be a dumbass and hide ur shit faggot.

My ISP throttles my traffic for hours if it detects any P2P action, illicit or otherwise.

Anyway OP, a VPN would help you.

If you didn't realize by now user ISPs track your shit. The only way to get around it with piracy at least is using a VPN

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Thread reported.


You do realize that anyone can see you in a swarm in *public* trackers right??? If anything get i2p and or a vpn.
Next time. Sticky

Feels good man.



Only traffic encryption helps against DPI

Do you know the Retroshare networks?

Do you know the DC++ networks?

Proxy is Okay but you need more of a combo:

encryption on both local and network
e.g. dmcrypt for your files and https/sftp/strong tls and ssl of a browser

Got VPN? good. What about DNS requests?
Never use the ISP default DHCP DNS or they get to see plain DNS requests.
Bonus for metadata on URL :^)
If you always browse and and a lot others at the same time it can be traced to you through metadata analysis.

Most important part. If you already have VPN and still use Facebook or input your personal identifiable info then you're still fucked by metadata trace.
When using non-DHCP or static IP VPN never input identifiable information. Always stay anonymous and fuck social internet.
Also stop using tracking search engines and services like Google/Youtube.
An average person searches for a specific unique identifiable info on a specific search engine at a specific time.
Searching for "e.g. a specific weebshit music" at night on youtube even with a VPN can rebuild your previous metadata and associate "user who does the same" as the "user on VPN who does the same" listening or watching the same stuff can track your shit.
Also delete bookmarks with obvious metadata like < if you search using that URL your metadata is updated or associated :^)
Stay away from Duckduckgo

WebRTC, fingerprint, cookie destroy, and a privacy respecting browser. Palemoon is suggested as it has anything anti-privacy from firefox turned off by default. No more about:config headache and "a firefox update broke VPN users just bc new WebRTC feature added"
Also stay paranoid on javascript. It can literally do ping itself in a browser and leak your real IP despite using the best of VPN. Tor disable js for many other reason!

non-intrusive "vanilla" VPN. Stay away from VPN services who can't drop an openVPN config and begs of proprietary headache binary installers.

Related question: what about Kodi streaming? Do they see the luxurious and convenient piracy and do they care or is this just direct p2p biz?

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you've got it backwards. giving money to monopolists funds terrorism

Just proves you are living in a legal system, NOT a justice system. They should have to prove YOU intentionally downloaded it. And not some neighbor leeching your bandwidth or some crackers who integrated your computer into a botnet. IP should never be proof of guilt by itself.
Consider getting a new non-botnet router, install libreCMC on it or a VPN multiplexer like this:
Surf with Adblock edge origins, NoScript etc. This should stop n00b level infiltration attempts by MAFIAA into your computer.

Relevant article mentioning 5 ways to protect yourself:

Resurrecting this would cause the MPAA to tremble:

Good luck with not getting caught next time. ;-)

It would be helpful to know what you're using to browse/p2p to possibly shed light on how they caught you.

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Don't be like this guy

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That reminds me of those Mexicans who see nothing wrong in the least bit with uploading CP to MEGA and posting it on Facebook.

One part of me says they're probably the po-po trying to inflate their statistics by nailing random people the easy way, another part of me says they're indeed pants-on-head retarded brayans with zero morale who are unable to think about anything other than sex, drugs and crime.

i'm dying

First I've switched to Linux because of this board, then now I want to use Palemoon. So tell me, is Holla Forums broken in Palemoon by default, or I fucked up something somehow? I can't see the replies to a post, and nothing happens if I hover over a post number in a post, so following a thread is a nightmare.

Your thing about metadata while using a VPN doesn't matter. The only metadata things they could feasibly attribute to you are things they already know you're doing, since the VPN is used by multiple people they can't pick up on new things.

JS may be disabled.
Try Seamonkey.

Received my 2nd letter 2 Weeks ago from Uverse ( Force Awakens). Both times was because I was to lazy to turn on my vpn. Just search 'torrentfreak 2015 VPN privacy' to get the list of reputable ones.

You'll be fine.

Sounds about right

They can't do that, report them to the FCC if you are in the United States

They can't do that, report them to the FCC if you are in the United States

wow what a doublepost thanks kikewheels

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No, you kill yourself. He's right. Corporations are evil.


Also this

Palemoon has JS enabled by default. Don't you confuse it with Icecat?

Actually, I use NoScript and GreaseMonkey among other things. I've enabled Holla Forums with NoScript, but I didn't use GreaseMonkey before, and the site worked will. Took me some time to figure out that I need an older version. So, do I need a script to use with GreaeMonkey, or just fiddle around with the options?

Then don't consume their crap you retard

I'd just RSS-download through IRC, but having multiple feeds for multiples groups irritates my efficiency autism.

Do you not get how a monopoly works? (technically a cartel) They own all the distribution channels (the Internet is changing this, which is why they're so desperate to destroy it). There's 5 or 6 companies that have a stranglehold on mass media in the US, effectively making them the gatekeepers of popular culture. How is anything else supposed to get support without using their infrastructure?

Say I'm a fan of Rage Against the Machine. You're telling me that I should only listen to recordings of them from before they signed to a major label (which is the only reason anyone outside of a squat even heard of them). That's obviously bullshit. Of all boards, Holla Forums should understand how difficult it would be to maintain Stallman-like ideological purity when so much of our culture is owned and controlled by the Borg.

Get the fuck out, Holla Forums.
Some corporations are certainly evil. Others are neutral. Some are even benign.

What the fuck made you think it was worth the risk?

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Greasemonkey has telemetry. Use GuerillaJS instead.

You only had to listen, we could have stopped this.

Damn, really OP? Fuck this shit, I don't torrent that often but I just got myself a VPN right now just in case this shit happens.

As some one who works for literally hitler, what is the most effective way to mitigate attention/evidence when pirating? I just downloaded 120GB of music in one night, how fucked am I?

What's a decent VPN for pirating for ~10 or less a month?

I am hooked on Coca-Cola so hard, there is no escape. I am thinking of moving up to heroine, as the desired affects are becoming underwhelming.

How is ? They are $3 a month so I can afford them.

How is ? They are $3 a month so I can afford them.

How is ? They are $3 a month so I can afford them.
Hot wheels, fucking please.

I just got Private Internet Access. From what I can tell, they keep no logs. Anybody use it and can confirm that they are legit?

I just czech'ed Privacy tools and FrootVPN is looking to be pretty good, $3 a month, out of country, claims no logs, privacy tools shills them.

I use rtorrent on linux with encryption always set to required. I use https everywhere with http disabled, along with dnscrypt. I only use a handful of private trackers and never use public trackers.

I've never received any copyright infringement letters. If I did, I'd just switch to usenet and use ssl to connect to my usenet server.

only big budget garbage has copyright patrol

it's free to get better taste

Well, Holla Forums doesn't work with GuerillaJS. It also doesn't work if I get rid of all add ons.

vpn comparison chart

link to the google doc

They've been known to set up entire sites to distribute them and after some time just get everyone that ever visited it, although I think that only those that actually downloaded anything, got a ticket straight to the next free jial cell.

Back when XKCD didn't suck 100% of the time.

Sounds like a phishing scam, better download some more RAM and install mac cleaner to block those emails.

Lawyers don't send official documents via email. Mail fraud is a felony, email spoofing is not even illegal, any alarming unsolicited email should be ignored.

palemoon is old as fuck, runs like shit, and is insecure as hell.
There are ABSOLUTELY NO REASONS WHY ANYONE should EVER run palemoon on linux.

palemoon was ONCE the best firefox fork on windows and was amazing, but the furfaggot dev decided to not keep it up to date at all and now palemoon is way behind. I would use the shitty windows builds of icecat or waterfox on windows.
but linux there is NO excuse to not use ICECAT


yeah actually
that wouldn't come as an email from your isp

Well, does Icecat work? Is it regularly updated?

Probably, but this being Mexico, as far as I've heard you'll only get in trouble if you download like multiple gigabytes of cheese pizza. The police is way too busy processing narcos and dumb brayans to care about someone who just downloaded one single pack of 3D loli.

I torrent because I'm too poor to afford legal entertainment. My computer is a 6 years old netbook. I live paycheck to paycheck and can barely afford rent, food, transportation and the slowest internet in the country. There's no way in the world I can afford a VPN. How fucked am I?

you're fine. everyone does this. you get a bunch of notices before anything real happens to you

Stop buying it and replace it with water. Unless you want diabetes. Seriously if it's not in the house you'll lose the temptation pretty quick.

V8 and fruit drinks, while expensive, are delicious and a better replacement. Make your own and it's even better while being relatively cheap.

No, I won't be fine. This means I am indeed fucked, that all I can do is putting up with the ISPs strong-arming me into either consuming officially approved entertainment and not being allowed to use any software because I can't afford it. I will have to keep pirating until I somehow manage to scrounge up enough money to buy a Netflix subscription and that will only last me for a single month.


You could always stream instead of using torrents. Try using projectfreetv so, geektv is, and alluc org. No torrent, no public trackers. Quality isn't as good, but you probably won't notice on a netbook.

Has anyone actually strong armed you yet or are you complaining about nothing?

I hope you're still lurking because I'm and was in your position
Theres 3 -free- services that offer the vpns
Ordered by best to worst entry
1. (easiest vpn to use and get into *ever* if your lazy as fuck, use it.)
2. (med-tier entry, ethical)
3. (frenchies, hardest entry, recently switched to LetsEncrypt, a lot of services, personally use my email on it)


The MAFIAA is downright satanic though.

You sound like the kind of person who clicks on ads that say you won a contest.

That poor arguement can applied to pretty much anything

And to top it off all the vpns I listed respect all 4 freedoms you dumbfuck. An advertisement or your shitty religious meme wont show you their tax records, but guess what? All of them have superb transparency.
I would be more concerned by buying a vpn and never knowing where the moneys going. Half of paid vpns don't give a fuck about free software. Therefore Id *gladly* donate to a free service that does everything openly than a blackbox vpn that shows snowden memes every once in a while.

Ps, 2/10 made me reply. Fuck you



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Torrenting with your real IP is just asking for copyright sharks.. smh.. especially if you live in USA/germany

Use a goddamn VPN and your problem is solved. I recommend PIA for torrents. Good speed and features

Is it Mexico? Here the one single ISP that gives a fuck about what you do is Izzi and that's because they have a transfer cap that can be busted with just a little too much Netflix.

Mullvad looks average as fuck.

Request whatever movie/tv show you want to see @

Fuck, why is Mullvad yellow on logging?

Tell me more about the competition in internet service and web services like search.

What part of that is about servers or pipes?

Obviously corporate ownership and control of the tubes falls under that bit about wanting to break the internet

How I solved that (I'm a 3rd worlder though)
I called a service provider that comes to your place with a ton of mobile routers, figures out which one has the best connectivity and sells it to you. For extra $30 he entered fake data while registering my account and didn't ask for an ID.



you seem confused about multiple things, so I'm not sure what to tell you. Infrastructure is the key issue with monopolies. This is axiomatic, but that other post was talking about media content companies.

Well I am now. Why are you arguing as if I disagree?

Causation error. What you're doing now is like a guy about to be murdered by the government who's complaining that it's going to be death by drone.

Previous to that,>>572286 , you're claiming the internet is fixing monopolies rather than causing them. This was simply wrong. So I called you on it. If you're still confused, then I admit teaching you is beyond my capacity.

Is clear communication really so difficult? Just so I understand you, who's the government and who's the drone in this analogy?

I disagree on this point. Feel free to insist my opinion is wrong though. Insinuating that opposing points of view are irrational is a fairly effective rhetorical technique even if it does make you sound like an asshole.

Saying that the Internet is the cause of monopolies implies that monopolies didn't exist before the Internet (I'm pretty sure that's not what you're trying to argue but your poor communication skills make it hard to be sure). We might disagree over whether the root cause is capitalism or neoliberalism or jews or whatever, but either way monopolies exist irrespective of TCP/IP.

The Internet makes it easier for an individual to share their work with a large number of people without the need for corporate backing. In my opinion this is better than the previous situation (admittedly not perfect). That's the point I was making originally before you came in with the non sequitur complaining I'm not mad enough about other things I didn't comment on. The issue of physical infrastructure is a regional one and my area doesn't have that problem. The separate issue of web services forming new control structures is a legitimate issue but these are new distribution channels so my original point still stands. Furthermore, as long as net neutrality allows anyone to make a website and communicate their message to a broad audience cheaply I don't think the problem is quite as bad as the pre-Internet situation.

If abstract troll then top marks for making me reply.

I dont know why you seem offended. some people enjoy argument. I'm not one of them. I like a joke, but I'll be serious for clarity. I can't tell if you are a hobbiest arguer, but I choose to believe that before calling anyone stupid. My points are here for consideration. If you're genuinely seeking more insight I recommend reading Jaron Lanier. Maybe you don't know there are alternatives to the standard libre ideology. I just hoped to expand the discussion. Your response is confusing. You read things I didn't write or intend. If you just like debate then you win. I'm tired. All the best.

This was my reaction. I'd put it down to miscommunication

Thank you. I'll try and take that in the spirit it was intended.