Windows 10 privacy and shit

For those of you who need windows for work/school related shit (or vidya), and somehow got stuck with a laptop with windows 10 on it, here's a batch file to disable windows 10's illegal spying """"""""""telemetry""""""""""

Also, why windows 7 is the only good windows general

I'll post it in the first reply since this board won't take more than 40 lines for some reason

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fuck it, it's too long for this board as is

Here's a pastebin


Can't play vidya on linux
Run a windows VM, and you carry over all the problems



meant for

Windows still has batch scripts?
What happened to PowerShell?

It still has CMD. Is that a problem?

It's being actively developed. Windows 10 includes PowerShell 5.

Not for me, anyway. I was just wondering since PS seemed to be well
on its way to becoming the "standard" shell last time I used Windows (a few years ago).

One of those faggots

>not having linux,or as I've started calling, GNU+Linux on a separate self encrypted drive or separate pc
How many people here are technically inept retards spouting reddit-tier memes they've internalized from shitposts while knowing nothing about the subject matter?

It feels like baby's first command prompt to me

Like, you have to type 3 times the characters to back something up in powershell than CMD

I missed CMD. I could do neat things with it. Then I discovered Bash.


Aliases exist.

Show me the source code for cmd.exe or else this script is literally just as bad as proprietary software.

Use this, it removes all (or almost all) the spyware and shit.

It's in the second post faggot

Same applies to CMD


Most secure way to play vidya with full compatibility is to just have a Windows PC without an Internet connection. Most vidya doesn't need Internet access and online gaming is shit. You could have the mother of all botnet on your system and it would mean nothing, because it wouldn't be able to send your data anywhere.
Alternatively there's always SuperTuxKart and a lot of other open source vidya, and they tend to be pretty good

this thread


true but most of these faggots are on the steam botnet and it requires a DRM internet connection for launching (the most shitty forked chromium browser in history) and some games + a internet connection for saving and reinstalling games is mandatory
they don't know what GOG is.

I hear the sarcasm coming from that but you will be surprised that I play that shit just like freeciv, 0ad, hedgewars and minetest

Stop sucking on Microshaft's cock you disgusting shill.

I was referring to Windows 7 when I said old and insecure champ

sorry for the double-post
what Microsoft does isn't illegal either, if they truly do mine sensitive data from you (and I seriously doubt they do) a judge will tell you that you absolutely do not have what is in legal terms; Expectation or Privacy while using the internet to begin with, stop being an armchair revolutionary melodramatic

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Autistic tinfoils think that using Linux makes them NSA proof haha. Only 100% proof is off grid using cash only communicating by paypphone or changing burner phones a lot.

Where the fuck have you seen a payphone?

u might as well give up on freedumbs am i right 😂

companies couldn't do this shit 10 years ago purely because of backlash. 2007+9 and there's a herd of facebook cows to drown out dissent. eat a shotgun.

You can't "block" the spying features, that idea is fundamentally flawed, the OS controls all your operations, if it wants to spy, it will spy.

Or just pirate the Enterprise version.

In Mexico there's a lot of them :^)

Wow, that's sad. I didn't realize how fast our society had gone to shit. Every brainless normie sheep is constantly on Facebook, and honestly believes privacy is unnecessary.

And (not that I know much, but) has a point. Linux may be open source, but that only stops spying at the OS level. As soon as you request a webpage, or install & execute a proprietary program, you're open to being spied on.
And this is going to be impossible very soon once the globalists start phasing out cash, first 100's then 20's etc etc. Enjoy cash while you can. They'll take it away if we don't stand up & say no.

There's also this:

because you kid spent your precious teenage years on it so you are blinded by nostalgia

maybe w7 doesn't have the same default surveillance that w10 does, it still definitely has backdoors, and that's enough for self-censorship to emerge.

remember, 1984 was a caricature, an exaggeration, things don't have to reach that level of tyranny to still be concerning

This is literally Holla Forums's version of "Just wait for Hitler!"

Linux only plays literally 1/5th of the games I want. The majority of games on Linux are stupid Valve crap like CS:GO or dumb indie shit. You can say games are for children but the only games that you can actually play on Linux are literally for children. The only reason I, and I'm sure a lot of people here and a lot of people in the world, are even interested in computers is because video games were our door to the computing world.

Now I love Linux but I don't even think about running games on it, so I dual-boot with Wangblows. I don't like it but it's a neccessary evil. I'm all for muh freedums but I'll willingly put on the Microsoft Dick Cage™ and hand them the key to do the only thing that gives me a noticable dose of dopamine and seratonin in my pathetic life anymore. I have the freedom to muzzle-sweep my hard drive with a scary black rifle named NT if I want to.

Fuck Wine, fuck a virtual machines, they suck dick, running a real Windows is the only way to play PC games. Computers were invented for these two fucking reasons, work, and play. Linux does work just fine but the play is lacking. Your shitty MIT hacker idols made Spacewar because punching tape was too fucking monotonous.

Tell me when I can run every game I want just fine in Linux or shut the fuck up. You might as well tell people to gouge their eyes out because their ability to see is infringing on your freedom not to be seen.

Stallman is a Jew, Torvalds is autistic, and the more you follow either of their doctrines the less farther you'll go in this world.

Note that Stallman says in his biography that he's probably autistic by today's standards, and that Torvalds dedicates some time in his biography to discussing how large his nose is

here you go, most of these run on ganoo/linux

i'd say the drivers are more of an issue than the games. most new games are shit and modern game design rarely produces anything worth playing so most of the games that actually matter can be played natively or via an emulator

fuck off shill

Microsoft is part of NSA's mass surveillance program "PRISM"

Microsoft informs the NSA about bugs before fixing them:

Microsoft openly offeres cloud data to support PRISM:

Microsoft has backdoored its disk encryption: ·

Windows snoops on the users' files, text input, voice input, location, contacts, calendar records and web browsing history, even after related settings are turned off: · ·

A Traffic Analysis of Windows 10:

Keypoints: Windows 10 has a keylogger and uploads all your keystrokes every 5 minutes. Everything you type in Edge or Cortana is sent to Microsoft, along with any media files it finds. When webcam is enabled, 35MB of data goes to Microsoft.
Even with Cortana disabled/uninstalled, Windows 10 sends all microphone audio to Microsoft, when the computer is idle. ·

Windows 10 sends desktop screenshots straight to Microsoft:

Windows 10 scans for illegal/pirated software:

Microsoft proudly presents surveillance statistics:

Microsoft owns Pando Networks, famous for the malware/botnet Pando Media Booster.
Windows Update in Windows 10 utilizes P2P by default, most likely the same P2P technology used by Pando Media Booster.
Essentially it turns your PC into a zombie host server, wasting your bandwidth serving updates to other computers.
This also means Windows Update might be utilized later to spread malware through the P2P system via 0days. · ·

You cannot turn off "Telemetry" unless you own Windows 10 Enterprise Edition, this means your computer will continuously leak unspecified information to Microsoft and there's no way of turning this off.
You cannot turn off "Real-time Protection", aka Windows Defender. Even if you do it will turn itself on again after a while.
This means you cannot prevent your PC from sending random files and information to Microsoft for "analysis".
Cortana has zero local storage functionality and does not function unless you have a Microsoft Account connected.
It will even inform you about this if you try using it on a local account, and then shut itself down.
Windows 10 start menu will have "Content suggestions" which are on by default, which means you'll be seeing ads.
Windows 10 "Wifi Sense" will be begging for your Facebook account details so it can get to know you better.
It will also be sharing your Wifi password with all your Facebook/Skype/Outlook friends, their friends, as well as Microsoft. ·

You expect people to fall for this bad shilling?

No Mr. Bond, I expect to get paid.

No Mr. Bond, I expect to get paid.

re: telemetry, updated thru 2016-APR-08

my update to windows telemetry management, internal development for the companies i service. meant to keep you from calling me to fix your shit, hotwheels not withstanding.

jpg with embedded rar, two bat exec files, meant for sysadmin unattended deploy/install. exec uninstall, then hide.

reposted, since op's includes a much wider base of not-strictly wuauc and telemetry targets. this design adds only bing bar and skype to the wuauc and telemetry removal and hide scripts.

OP, Why not dualboot? There is no reason to be raped by windows except when you want to play with your toys.

Hypothetical Setup:

- Windows 10 as a VM within KVM, GPU passed through.

- pfSense firewall as gateway, all traffic blocked apart from steam ports for updates, downloads and multi-play

- samba share with Linux host for any other files

- everything else other than gaming done on Linux host (web browsing, music etc...)

Please criticize.

5 rupees is not called payment, user

I'm a paranoid retard so is the InstallGentoo wiki guide good for getting Windows 7 installed? Or is it outdated and shitty?

Kek. Even the FBI is in burners.

Use a ps4

Are you retarded motherfucker? Where do you think we are?


Windows 10 is the best software that was ever created. You faggots just don't know how to use it.


Nobody needs windows. I did without it and I stil do.

This. When I was at school, I used System 7, then later Mac OS 8 at home. At school I used Acorns or Windows PCs. All you need is compatibility.

What did you major in? Is it possible to get through engineering school using solely linux?

Dont even need to read the thread. Win10 has shit privacy.

Is that fucking site back up?!?!?! Holy shit I miss that fucking site. Used to be a daily visit. I remember wanting to contribute some of my epic shits so bad but they stopped accepting submissions after a time.


it's incredible that people on this board don't realize that entertainment, shockingly, is something that people value. i believe the cries of "videogames are for children, windows is braindead, dissent is paid for" etc are reflexive defenses of things that linux generally does lag behind on: enduser friendliness and entertainment. to the surprise of nobody, people do tend to value those points when considering a system they will interact with on a day to day basis.

whatever. i'll go grab my .01 cents from microsoft, apple, and google for making this post.

You're not wrong my friend
The problem is video games and other such entertainment tends to be proprietary, while GNU is an OS marketed specifically to freetards, so there are conflicts of interest and a mismatch in demographics, hence why there is so little of such on GNU

I'm getting rerouted when trying to access 8chn on W10
The fuck

So what exactly do you *do* on GNU\Linux™?
Is it just for shitposting on Holla Forums or can it do other stuff as well? If so, what? I've never seen it.

You can play pretend computer literacy when all you do is read wiki tutorials and insult people for using Windows to give yourself a false sense of superiority?


>He bought a Vita Mortem

I admit, not the greatest console this gen, but I'm satisfied with the underage panty quests it's given me so far. 3DS on the other hand is an absolute powerhouse, especially now that it's been cracked wide open with permanent CFW.

I just got a setup like this going the other day, it's pretty comfy to be honest. The passthrough even werks through egpus (I'm using one on a x220t). Can confirm Samba folders work as well.

Mind explaining how to go about that firewall though? I'm sort of a noob at linux.

For noobs, get guwf or pgl with gui. It's pretty much self explanatory once you get it.

sorry typo, it's gufw