I run

I run chiru.no

It's a:
- mpd server
- FLAC Internet radio
- 12TB of music with many file types (chiptune & SACD files)
- Requests / song browsing
- Javascript FLAC decoder
- https-only, http/2, brotli, no embedded files, cookies, cross-site stuff, or registration
- Music streaming at chiru.no/play/
- Direct download at chiru.no/dl/

It's basically my music player that I run publically

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ok kid

how do you make those dank webms OP?

ffmpeg -loop 1 -i image.jpg -i audio.flac -r 1 -shortest output.webm

I will check it out

Cool, thanks for sharing.

Nice man but sadly there are no /fit/unes.

upload/Single files/Squat it to the moon.ogg


Holy shit OP, this is amazing.


this is pretty good
it reminds me of my fav japanese animes

what about the boards though?

I thought it'd be cool, "hold up. get this, what if this were also a chan?" so I put it there

I know its not proper of me to ask but can you make an alternate site that looks "retro" like this [tpb.run/] because the site in principle belongs to the old (pre-corporate) Internet.

It'd be easy for me to do so. Got any specific font in mind?


Nice user, definitely bookmarking this.

Do you have a second stream which specifically excludes any and all vocalshit? If not, then this shit's worthless.

you could just request what you want and ctrl+click to queue a bunch of songs

What's wrong with chiptunes?


They've become synonymous with hipstershit and "indie" posers

By chiptune, it's video game music files



That site uses VT323 (1001freefonts.com/vt323.font). Another old terminal like font is meriyn (github.com/optional-is/Meyrin) while /cyber/ uses Lucida Console.
What I really liked was how it seemed I was viewing the site on a CTR.

shit taste in music

shit site

Bump for OP is a pretty cool guy.

I'd prefer something more like a 2002-2005 site like stepmaniaonline.com. Something that reminds me of the true golden age of the internet, already with most of our modern technologies like XHTML/CSS and server-side languages like Python, Java Enterprise Edition or PHP, but before the internet became an ultracapitalist shithole of attention whoring on social media where Google, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Youtube, Netflix and Spotify control 75% of the entire internet.

I like Touhou and I like your site, OP.

Is it possible to download over sshfs/scp/rsync like lolicore.ch?

Thank you, OP.

What's bundled in the PNG?

You should put the music first so ffmpeg copies over the tags, the Title tag specifically. Starting with ffmpeg 2.8 the new defaults for webm are VP9 and Opus. Using -shortest doesn't work with VP9 correctly the last time I tried. Because it's just an image using crf VP8 is way faster anyways and has the same image quality. You should use the least possible amount of key frames too.
ffmpeg -i "music.flac" -r 1 -loop 1 -i "image.jpg" -c:v libvpx -crf 20 -b:v 0 -g 9999 -c:a libopus -b:a 192k -ac 2 -shortest "output.webm"
I'm finally working on updating my webm guide.

What gives you the impression that something's in it?

wow this is really fucking comfy

Could you share the source code please?

kek, nice bandwidth waster.
Even better, a fucking weeb Holla Forums hipster shitposting service.


Warning, I don't know how to program.

I think I have cancer now.

The sega vgms aren't playing. The GET request is sent but nothing comes of it.

Post a link here, I just requested a vgm fine

someone please xss this.

do you have any music that isn't ching-chong-pop or jap-cartoon-ost?

Holy shit


good taste
thank you OP

good taste
thank you OP

Unless you've got like fucking $200 headphones there's no point to use anything beyond a 320kbps mp3.

I can't see it, I don't want to. I need to keep believing in mankind.

There is literally no reason to use mp3 in current year pleb.

OP, fucking thank you so much for that huge chansphere link list. I spent hours the other day lurking all these sites and basking at such a huge collection of pre-attention whoring media internet sites.

I wanted to share you some sexy Chiruno for that but my computer is fucking shitting itself at the moment, so have instead some sexy beautiful Alice.


Why. Doesn't it make the job easier, shit more readable and is far more practical? That's fucking retarded. What's the advantage to include everything in one .html file?


This would be great if the music weren't all weebshit. Can you get some demoscene/tracked music on there?

~ $ curl -s raw.githubusercontent.com/chiru-no/chiru.no/master/index.php | works_on_my_vt100


do you have something against having more than one file OP?

Nice project user. You must have put quite a lot of time into this. The only weird thing is that one huge php file?


I don't care what anyone says, it actually works.

concise file measures are a thing of the past and triggers autists

I enjoy it, harkens back to the bink days

$1600 headphones stax.co.jp/Export/SR007e.html

Np, it's actually from a thing I'm working on: It's similar to a webring.

It kind of made my job easier, back when I was changing everything on a regular basis, didn't know what the result was going to be, and just wanted to get it working. It looked like this at first: web.archive.org/web/20141201141411/http://chiru.no/

They're there in vgm-rip/


I'm gonna look past it and just point out you should probably be using exit() instead of fastcgi_finish_request() in most places. There's kind of a big difference.

I want the entire script to be ran so that api.txt and index.html gets generated

In these modern times where almost the entirety of the internet is Google, Facebook, Netflix and Spotify, these webrings are the way to stray away from so much commercialism. This old art should be revived more than ever.

That's probably better done with register_shutdown_function why am I encouraging php

Cool, fave'd

So how did you make this?
Enlighten us OP

ffmpeg -i music.flac -i image.jpg -b:a 128K out.webm
This works for mpv and 8ch, and it's bit faster than even minimal looped VP8 encoding.
real 0m7.132s
real 0m9.285s
VLC doesn't read the static video track, but nobody should be using that anyway. If you need a fully portable webm, then your way is better. The difference in size is about 105KB in this case.

As an aside, -shortest worked just fine for me with VP9, using your settings. Encoding was many times longer, though:
real 2m40.184s

Apologies in advance for low bitrate, but the song is 8.5 minutes. Just picked something convenient to demonstrate.


Your webm doesn't seek.

Try encoding something with "-option reserve_index_space 32k". ffmpeg dumps the seek table at the end of the file by default, which is useless for streaming.

Your webm doesn't play in MPC-HC either.
Your video automatically used VP9 Profile 1, which is unsupported by older versions of libvpx (which means older video players and browsers) because it's yuv4:4:4p. That's one of the reasons why it's better to use VP8, which defaults to universally decodable yuv4:2:0p. The other reason is speed, as you pointed out.

I tested using -shortest with VP9 again and it's still broken. The video will encode and play fine, but the length of the video will be longer then the length of the song. There will be around 20 seconds or so of silence at the end. You need to use -shortest and VP8 for the video to be muxed correctly.

In previous threads we've tested and discussed the best command to use for webms that are songs with album art. We determined that my command is the overall best in terms of maximizing compatibility, file size, quality, and encoding time.
Copy and pasting it or making a small script with it is dead simple.

Still glad that this is up; figured it would have died well before this time last year. Better than Lainchan and Kommando Radio for casual listening despite the godawful mutated rock that Japan's created.

What's the curl command to scrape all this.

So how is Dovrack coming, OP?

chiru.no found in Firefox source code

cd ~/Downloads/firefox-46.0$ grep -ri chiru.no ../security/manager/ssl/nsSTSPreloadList.inc: { "chiru.no", true },

wget -R
get a fresh hard drive

Okay if you're going to do actual Jpop

I want

Morning Musume
Magnolia Factory
Country Girls

Then I would be listening to your music.


ok kid

I have some news for you. Stop projecting yourself.

Reimu Radio

Added css color array