Qutebrowser thread

Share your tips and tricks to make qutebrowser comfy. I've been using it for just a day, and really like it. However, there are some things that I miss from Firefox.

Are there ways to remedy to these gripes?

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Is it better than Chrome?

You faggots really need to have a general thread.

You decide.

I do not consider it botnet, it is more like symbiotic relationship. They give me high quality software and good search results and I give them anonymised data that they need to make great things.

Think of it however you like.
It does not change the reality.

At least qutebrowser has potential to become a really good replacement for firefox/chrom* browsers that get talked about on here constantly. Out of all the up and coming browsers right now I like qutebrowser the best. It's actively maintained, comes with good vim bindings by default, lightweight. Just needs some good addons


We really need to confine all these browser threads to a general. This is getting ridiculous.

Well, with something like this you would edit CSS yourself. Fuck knows how one does that, I don't need it. Why would you need to sync tabs and history? It's this lazy faggot stuff that allowed botnet to step in. If you use two computers, you'll be visiting the same sites anyway, so why sync? Remember the URL or jewgle search terms and stave off dementia by using your memory.

qutebrowser comes with its own adblocker, so no need for umatrix.

Okay, so you have an easy to use muscle memory browser, no botnet, actually really good web browsing engine, it doesn't crash, is relatively quick at loading webpages, has no gripes beyond your faggot complaints.

Let me put it like this, you can't moan about qb for not being google-chrome, both have different purposes, one exists to let you browse the web, the other exists to take ALL the data it possibly can about you, sell it to advertisers and store it in a government database. One is a browser, the other is a datamining program.

Ok, but what about vertical tabs? Is that a faggot complaint too?

Well no, the more exposure better browsers get, the less botnet, so it is good, people like talking about this stuff, it's tech-related, so whats the issue?

If theres something specific you want to look at or discuss, click the search button - type in your search term - et voila!

Yes, yes it is. about 0.1% of the global population would want such a thing, and they're all getting spoonfed baby food by their parents. You can't expect some guy coding a fucking web browser in his basement to put every fucking feature under the sun into a lightweight web browser in order to cater to your every whim,

If you want vertical tabs, go to your terminal, pull in the git folder, enter the source code, and do it yourself.

Greasemonkey is for custom JS.
No idea of qutebrowser supports anything like that, though.

umatrix isn't for adblocking.

Holy shit, kill yourself.

Do you not know how to use filters?

It seems my trolling has been effective


Fair enough, guess I'm a faggot then. I wish I had time to contribute to qutebrowser, it's really nice. Maybe I should donate to the project leader, he's running an indiegogo campaign.


That wouldn't filter half of the threads up, at least ~20 browser threads without "browser."

Get some self control and contain your shit in a general thread. There is no fucking need for 30+ threads about different browsers clogging up the catalog, you fucking faggot.

2/3 of browser threads have "browser" in the OP.
The remaining 1/3 shouldn't be too hard to filter manually or just ignore.

Or better yet, make a board. If there's so much to discuss about browsers, and obviously there is with 30 fucking threads up, why don't you go make a board there and actually have some "quality" discussion about them since they're basically the modern runtime environment instead of shitting up a board about general technology.

How about you get some self control instead. You don't need 30 fucking browser threads. Explain why you need a thread for the same fucking "technology discussion"?
It's not really a technology discussion either, all you faggots do is recite features and ask "which one should I use?"
They're software recommendation and ricing threads, at best.

For example if you weren't new as fuck: back when this board first started you actually tried to have self control and contain your shit to a general.
The general thread died from cancer, as is inherent in your typical browser threads, and we didn't have nearly as many browser threads after that.
All of a sudden it's kicked up for some reason because you aspies can't contain your fucking mental illness anymore.
Go make a general thread. Or better yet go make a board.

Holy shit, vertical tabs are actually implemented. Guess I can kiss SJWfox goodbye.

You keep telling me to get self control as if I'm the one making these threads.
I'm not.
Looking at all of the browser threads in the catalog
Many of these threads wouldn't fit into a general, because they are about specific browsers or news regarding them.

Discussing specific browsers would certainly fit into a general thread. You faggots did it for months.
If you can't handle not fagging up the catalog, then go make your own board. Surely there is a userbase that wants to dsicuss browsers specifically without shitting on a general technology board?
Why don't you do it?
It's probably because you won't have the retards who somehow found Holla Forums bump your fucking garbage and clog up the index.

If they don't belong in a general, then go make your own board.

See, I told you!

Do you also recommend making specific boards for different genres of video games?
Browsers are a subset of technology, therefore, it's fine to post them on the technology board.

Discussion about qutebrowser specifically is different from discussion about Brave browser, which is different from Mozilla making a Chromium browser. Hence why there are different threads for it. Do you recommend we have an "operating system general" instead of threads about Linux and BSD, too?

Holla Forums's userbase isn't large enough for many small boards to exist anyway. /browsers/ would be as dead as /rice/ or /emacs/

No, because Holla Forums can handle not fagging up their fucking catalog with fifty threads dedicated to the same exact game. They have self control.
You don't have self control. You shit the same fucking thread 30 times, repeating yourself constantly, about the same fucking technology, only differentiated by slite features, and which there are only two or three different major technologies backing them.
No, it's not. It's the same fucking thing. It's a browser with different features. It's the same fucking technology. TECHNOLOGY.

You're more cancerous than fucking Loonix distro flamewar shitposters. That's how fucking autistic you are.

That's not an argument for the fact that you're shitting up a general technology board. Go make a general BROWSER board and suffocate in that fact. No one frequents rice because that shit is cancerous. No one frequents emacs because it's not even a discussion we have here frequently, even text editor autists have some sembalence of self control and know where the line is drawn, and don't post threads dedicated to their text editors religiously.

Reflect on that for a moment. Worse than fucking text editors and loonix flamewars. You have more threads up about browsers than all of them combined.

General thread, board or bust, faggot. Get some self control.

Do you have any reading comprehension at all?
I am not the one making these threads.

Is that not what differentiates one software from another?
Its features?
Should we just have a general "software" thread, then, since everything created is the exact same except with different features?

I see no issue with having threads about different kinds of technology on a technology board.

Why do you expect me to care what you think about the quality of browser threads?

All of the browser threads I've seen contain discussion specific to those browsers. They're not even "slightly different features", there are major differences that are being discussed.

If you truly think a general thread or a board is that great of an idea, why are you placing it on someone else to make it?
Make the general yourself and tell people to stop posting browser threads. I'm not going to do it for you.

And yet they can handle not posting 30 threads about the same fucking video game on a general video game board.
That doesn't matter, you're bumping one, and probably have bumped others.
What differentiates software from another is the task it ultimately carries out.
The rest is just details. With browser specs, it's not like there's a chasm of difference between qutebrowser, firefox, or chrome except in additional features or lack thereof which basically boils down to ricing or how fast the underlying technology can render it, security, etc.
We have general software recommendation threads, i.e. the sticky, because faggots couldn't stop asking for software recommendations and made thirty threads because they thought they were a special snowflake who deserved an answer.
No one asked you to, in which case why are you replying?
I'm not the one bumping these shit threads.
Again, I am not the one bumping these shit threads or dicussing the same fucking thing 40 times, having more threads than text editors and loonix flamewars combined.

The only reason you don't want your shit contained in a general or a board, on its own, is because you will lose all of the fucking retards like yourself who have the same fucking "botnet" or "SJWzilla" flamewars day in and day out, because they won't get enough retards replying to them and their autismo brain will short circuit.

Does qutebrowser have any features equivalent to umatrix, requestpolicy, refcontrol, or even ublock?

qutebrowser has a command to download hosts files to block ads. But there doesn't seem to be anything like umatrix for now.

That's the problem with any new browser. They don't have these essential privacy features. I either need these plugins, or I will just use a CLI browser because that way javascript is disabled.

We have stickies for tech support and consumer advice to prevent threads that are only useful for a single person. Browser threads are not like that.

This is the first thread of the sort I've posted in.

How the software carries out the task and the amount of tasks it carries out is also important. See systemd vs openrc for example.

There's a decent amount of discussion to be had about some of these differences. With Brave browser, for example, the developers want to implement their own adblocking and replace any blocked ads with their own. That's something you could talk about for a while.

Same with Mozilla making a Chromium based browser.

Yes, but software recommendation is very limited in how you can respond, hence why a general might be good.
It's generally just something along the lines of:
And that's about it. There's not much discussion to be had, and very rarely is anything said in a thread like that applicable in a larger sense.

With browsers it isn't the same (or at least, with a lot of them. The differences between some browsers obviously aren't as large as the differences between others). There are more specifics you can go into, like the Brave browser example.

What was the point in telling me your opinion on the quality of browser threads, then?

If you're not the cause a problem should you also never be the solution?

As I said, this is the first time I've posted in one of these threads. If every browser thread is literally just autists shouting about botnets and SJWs then obviously they shouldn't exist.
There definitely are threads like that, but not nearly as many as you're trying to imply.

Yeah, horse shit.
By your measure there's also no problems with threads dedicated to every model of cell phone, discussing it. The problem is the breadth of browsers, especailly since you autistic faggots post about everyone because you're obsessed about them.

And yet there's 30+ browser threads clogging up the catalog. How is it useful to have the same fucking discussions and flamewars day in and day out?
It's also useful for other people to have threads on desktop ricing, there's plenty of discussion to be had in that. Wonder why we don't have that garbage here. Why don't we have 30 threads dedicated to specific distros?

Since you faggots aren't going to take care of the 30 threads and not institute the general thread quarantine we had a year or so again, there's no point to even browsing it especially on my phone. When the vast majority of threads available to me to reply to are just fucking browser threads via the API, it's just depressing.
And sadly I'm not autistic enough to just shitpost all over this board like the browser thread faggots with 30 threads dedicated to text editors, in spite, so no point in even being here anymore if you faggots aren't going to clean it up.

Not to mention several threads dedicated to discussion of the same fucking browser strewn throughout the catalog, on the same page in the index, even. Three threads on vivaldi garbage for example.

Either way since it's not going to be cleaned up, enjoy /browserthreads/.

Guys, I promise you I'm not retarded, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to type in a URL to load in Qutebrowser. I just installed it maybe 10 minutes ago and I love it, but this one things is killing me.

I'm using qutebrowser.org/img/cheatsheet-big.png for reference btw. Is there some command that will allow me to type in a URL to go to, or is that nonexistent?

Am I wrong that there's generally not much discussion in recommendation threads?

This isn't an accurate comparison at all.
The difference between phone models is almost always just the specifications.
The difference between different browsers is features, as you've said yourself.

So one might say that "x phone is better because it has 3gb of ram", which is essentially all one could say.

With browsers it's not the same. There are different features for different use cases; very rarely does anyone compare loading speeds, between it's close enough to practically be irrelevant.

People do discuss, however, the different features, because there can be discussion about these things.

You know damn well there's fewer than 30 browser threads in the catalog. Why not use the actual measurement (~6-8) instead of your retarded exaggeration all the time?

It's not. The reason these threads still exist is because they are not the same discussions and they are not flamewars.

The difference between distros might as well not exist. It pretty much just comes down to what package manager you want. In this case, then, we might have package manager threads, but there's no point in distro threads.

If you refuse to use the filter system then it's your own damn fault.

I agree on this. I have no idea why there are multiple threads on this shit.

Press o.
Alternative type :open

Wow, you're a life saver. Thank you so much.

And the features that come with the hardware and software.
It's almost a PERFECT analogy. There is no fucking reason to have 100+ threads dedicated to every cell phone model. Cell phones are technology too. Why don't we dozens upon dozens of cell phone threads dedicated to technology which is only differentiated by its features, and the applications available to the operating system? Because this board isn't interested in them, really, but it's also not worth discussing. Just like fucking browser threads aren't really worth discussing, it's ricer shit, but everyone is fucking obsessed with them here because everyone here has a workstation.
If it were a normalfag board it would be phones.
I could say "X phone is better because it has NFC, increased resolution, integration with Smart Watch(tm)" etc and you could still have 40+ threads dedicated to discussing these differences, because they are all different just like browsers.
There's literally 20 threads when I search for "browser." There's also at least 5 more that don't mention "browser" specifically."
Different browsers might as well not exist, either.
That was one of the stupidest fucking comments I've ever read on Holla Forums. There's also distro guidelines that are beyond packaging.

The discussion always fucking comes down to "what browser should I use?!" "botnet" "SJWs" and rarely is it actually about features, or further actual technology.
Then when a thread about actual browser technology comes along no one fucking knows anything, it's just shitposts. Because you just reiterate feature lists in the best case and don't actually discuss the technology backing it.
You niggers are fucking retarded, and you pretend you're any better than normalfags.

Either way, enjoy /browserthreads&recommendations/

Using the filtering system with the API would just leave people with 5 threads instead of 15 if you filtered all the browser threads because hotdud can't fix the site so the json API is limited write at the moment.

I'll take "SJW" fox over that any day my friend.

Qutebrowser can block ads.

Besides: github.com/StevenBlack/hosts

this may have been a while ago but to help struggling quties. caps means use shift and letter.

o -open url
O - open url in new tab
d - close active tab
H - back
L - forward
m - make quickmark

use the cheatsheet or search engine for the rest

Yes goyim, you are absolutely correct!

7000 000 is quite a lot tho.
Last I checked sjwfox addons with most users is adblock with 22 million

anything is possible with Qt design.

Is nesting them possible natively?
Either way I think I may switch.

To think something this great popped out of no where

How's memory usage for those trying out qb?

I don't even have more than one tab open and it's eating 700MB
Firefox is using 350MB right now with 10 tabs open.

I just started using it again. It feels better than a year ago. If I'm still using it a week for now I'll donate.

No that doesn't seem possible, or if it is, I haven't found out how yet.

It's around 400mb with 4 tabs open.

Pick one

Posting from qutebrowser, but it looks like all of the JavaScript has been disabled even though the configuration says that it is indeed enabled. Any ideas?


Apparently he has a crowdfunding campaign to work on development.

In response to my own post, I found out what was wrong.

It was an error that had to do with musl's restriction of making new thread's stack sizes only 80k until the program requests it. As a result, JavaScriptCore would start and immediately crash as it couldn't grab 128k of stack space.

Glad he hit his base goal. Hopefully he can make enough to put a good amount of full time work in. The work he is doing sounds promising for the future. I would contribute if I wasn't a broke NEET.

QuteBrowser has support for User CSS for webpages.

By the way. You just need to have python cssutils installed.

I'm an absolute CSS illiterate. What should I do to make YouTube have a dark background?

the software is not high quality and the data is not anonymized, just sayin'

I've just contributed 5€ to qb's indiegogo. Wish I could contribute more, this browser is great.

But Chrome is the best browser. Can you name any software released by Google that is not high quality?


Chrome is a high quality botnet.

Google+ is great software, it failed because it's marketing failed to get people to use it instead of more popular sites like Facebook.


It's been more than a week, and I'm still using it, so I donated.

Vivaldi has that too m8


Does it have vim-style keybindings? Or a way to make the tabs as small as the screenshot shows?


Try this one

It has a closed source botnet built in if you are into getting anally violated

I think all of the botnet parts are open source, actually. They released the C++ source code (which is basically just Chromium, so not very interesting).

It has proprietary software, and it has botnet, but the botnet is not proprietary.

Just a few more hours to donate some of your hard earned autism bux to the development of Qutebrowser via indiegogo:


It's NEVER will be comfy NEVER

I think there are plans for this, at least.
I don't think that fits in qutebrowser's workflow anyway, if it is what I think it is.
qute://settings has plenty.

How about other stuff in my post?

You do know they switch to QTWebengine, so it will be a Chromium based browser, as QTWebengine is a fork of Chromium.

So twice the Botnet, both of QT and Google. Enjoy being raped twice :)

Also, Otter Browser and Qupzilla will use QTWebengine or are already using it (Qupzilla)

There will be only Chrome look-a-likes and work-a-likes (Firefox) and real Chrome clones and Edge and Safari.

Either way, you are all fucked.

They're valid. But I've heard some talk of supporting Chromium extensions on QtWebEngine, or extensions written in Python for qutebrowser, so who knows.

It will use Chromium rendering parts, not anything botnettish.

If it is Google or Chrome/Chromium, it is bad. There is no excuse and no valid reason to use anything Google based.

Okay. I trust you don't view any webm files, or use the Linux kernel, or run node.js?

Chrom* are botnet because they contact Google not because of the open source code they are based on

You can sync settings, history, tabs, and cookies using FTP. Just copy the respective files to the other computer. They're pretty easy to find in your dotfiles. Syncing settings is even easier by using git, so long as you don't include your browsing history in your repository.
Tabs are also unnecessary if you're using a proper window manager, as you should be. You can set "tabs_as_window" to "true" in the config file.
Qutebrowser has a built-in adblock. I don't really know how good it is. I don't ever see any ads myself.
I've compiled my Qutebrowser without support for gstreamer. Qutebrowser can be extended with scripts and key bindings. I have ';p' set to play videos in mpv with url-hinting. I also have 'p' set to play videos at the current URL, but I'm thinking of unbinding that one, since I only ever press it accidentally.

I'd like a way to modify HTML, CSS, and JavaScript live. Can this be done in Qutebrowser?

There's a "jseval" command for evaluating javascript.

Oh, it's actually Uzbl Browser fork, isn't it?

It isn't.

4chan x support when?


Funny fact, Chrome and Firefox are so poorly created, I need to use Ubuntu's ((( UNFINISHED ))) browser to watch 720p60fps videos on my laptop.

Google always creates shit.

holy shit thank you!

The developer raised 6600€ via Indiegogo, so he'll be able to work full-time on qutebrowser for 2 months in the summer!

Jew bastard could work for at least 3 months with that

Jesus, the level of fanatism.

uMatrix isn't just for blocking ads you retard.

The Linux kernel wasn't invented by Google and isn't Google based

It's trash. Graphical shells for Webkit won't fix the problem that special snowflake rendering engines disrespecting the standard are.

He lives in Switzerland, that would make 2000€/month, it's really not that high for the country.

But it contains a lot of Google code.

And what about node.js and webm? Those are Google-invented or Google-based.

Which is why he's doing an indiegogo to have QTWebEngine as the backend you illiterate sperg.

QTWebEngine is based on Chromium, that doesn't solve the problem I mentioned. In fact, it's even worse now.

What's your suggested solution? Using a particular other rendering engine, or writing your own?

Writing your own, or supporting a project that does so.

Writing a new one was not an option for this project. Can you name one of those projects that does so?

Dillo and Netsurf come to mind.

Neither of those is complete enough to build a browser that's suitable for full-time use for most people. They're good projects, but they aren't useful for this project's goal.

Which browser are you using to post?

How to make qutebrowser better:

I'm saying that its goal doesn't warrant yet another browser. If you are making your own, make it count instead of getting hung up on GUI stuff which is barely worth switching over.

I am currently using Firefox, which I started using after the death of Opera.

I just want a minimal browser with vim hotkeys. Qutebrowser does it all, and not much more. I wish it didn't have the tabs, but at least I can dissable them in the configurations. Tabs only introduce binary bloat for me.

This campaigns goal is to enable a more decoupled renderer while porting to QTWebEngine so he can more easily integrate renderers like NetSurf and Servo in the future.