"Race Studies" being taught in Public Schools

I thought I would post a reminder about how fucked public education is today.

Pic related is a slide from my "English" class in high school, which is a curriculum completely devoted to spreading the "truth about race". What that means is telling everyone fairy tales about how race doesn't exist, how there is no genetic basis for the classification of humans into races, and how books like The Bell Curve are "Pseudo-Science".

Is using your position as a teacher to push an agenda even allowed in education? Where does the DOE draw the line, or at least provide rules about what you can and cannot do? From what ive seen there is absolutely no moderation or enforcement of any kind of rules against it.

How did education get like this?

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I hope you asked your teacher to explain which genes are responsible for pigment, which is obviously hereditary.

Also, if race doesn't exist, I guess there's no more racists, and we no longer need "diversity quotas".

The allies won the war.

Also, can you provide a source for that text?

Ah, the classic

The long march through the institutions by Jews and Boomers that thought it was the obligation of teachers to "eliminate racism"


Why is this even being shown in your class?

The very least you can do is try to redpill as many peers as possible.

This is DOE sponsored curriculum. The DOE would only take issue with it if you didn't teach this.

No point in talking about it, other students brought that kind of thing up but there's an insane amount of doublethink when talking to the teachers about it. I didn't bother.

The text is from a powerpoint, I dont have a photo from the classroom since it could identify me. Here is the full presentation: a.uguu.se/gwradd.pptx


Reminder that the genetic difference between breeds of dogs is smaller than the genetic differences between the human races.

Say no more.

Say no more.

And I won't be clicking your link, for all I know, you are harvesting IPs.

Found your problem.

One of my english teachers from high school was a feminist SJW who preached and injected her delusions into classwork. What you can do is feign innocence and challenge that bullshit by saying that your biology classes have taught you otherwise.
Feign Innocence
It takes a smart person to play dumb and you can do it to expose your teacher as a lying cunt.

If she plays along keep citing biology and other race stats. Attribute this to school textbooks and if she expresses doubts, insist it's in the school textbooks. She will not go searching in there to prove you wrong. She is not counting on being disproven.

I know when I was in forensic science in high school, they did talk about how different races have different skull shapes.

Actually I have been thinking about this more, and I see how they can make their argument.

There is no such thing as race, yes Holla Forums, I said it. There is no such physically measurable concept of race, it actually is an "artificial concept". Bear with me though…

Race is based on an amalgamation of various characteristics which when taken together, allow us to classify humans into sub categories. Because each of these characteristics offers a degree of variance racial categorization is more of a clustering algorithm which can be observed looking at the human population at large rather than an individual.

There is no one particular white/black/asian/indian etc. switch that has a genetic toggle.


Rev up those refutation infographs, Holla Forums, it's time to go on a trip
And common fucking sense

Race differences come down to allele frequency. Essentially zero normies know this, or know to ask about it, so they fall prey to irrelevant, dishonest arguments like the one in this slide.

Its not Sweden, or else it would be in Swedish. It looks more like Sweden every day though.

Uguu is a file hosting site, but its fair if you don't trust it. Maybe use tor if you dont want your IP shown? uguu.se/?info

Not very interested in debating, its a waste of energy with those people.
I'm more interested in the lack of rules or enforcement about making these kinds of courses.

fun fact.

there's some controversy whether or not creative writing belongs in academia

time to tell your science teachers and principal and parents.

Why even live?


Be sure to look at the brainwash website I gave you!
Our brave OP will have to provide us with the secret link

Op said "English" class though, either way, it is subtle propaganda that misleads without being technically wrong.

Education major here.

Are you teaching the communist manifesto or something farther to the left?
You clearly have no agenda, you're just furthering the pursuit of knowledge and expanding their horizons.

Are you teaching anything contrary to said manifesto?
Well, we clearly can't let you expose our kids to that, it's working as a waiter for the rest of your life for you.

Is this just from your teacher or are they doing this for every English class?

Anyone got any redpill infographs on race?

I am OP, look at my ID.

Forgot about that, here you go: pbs.org/race/004_HumanDiversity/004_00-home.htm

The statement is technically true but not the whole truth.

There is no one gene or trait that is either 100% exclusive to a single "race" or that 100% of members of a "race" do in-fact have.

Similar to how, yes, the average IQ of blacks compared to whites is about half the difference of the average IQ of white people to being legally retarded (70). That doesn't mean that blacks with a genius-level IQ don't exist.

However certain ethnicity have clearly higher or lower propensities to certain traits that are genetically passed.

For example: lactose intolerance. Which is why 'urban schools' have to buy a lot more alternatives to those half-pints of milk than the schools that are more white.

Not surprised in the least bit.

Gonna copy & paste what's in there before I die of a heart attack…

2. Which characteristic did the ancient Greeks believe most distinguished them from “barbarians?”

C. Language. The word barbarian comes from the Greek word “bar-bar,” meaning stutterer, or unintelligible, or one who does not speak Greek. The Greeks, like most ancient peoples, did not attribute much meaning to physical appearance nor sort people into races. Ideas of ‘race’ did not exist during antiquity.

3. Members of a race can be identified by their:

E. None of the above. There are no traits, no characteristics, not even one gene that is present in all members of one so called race and absent in another. The A, B, and O blood groups can be found in all the world’s peoples (the percentage of Estonians and Papua New Guineans with A, B, and O blood are almost exactly identical). Skin color tends to correlate with the earth’s geographic latitude not race;

4. The rise of the idea of white supremacy was tied most directly to:

C. The Declaration of Independence. Ironically, it was freedom not slavery that gave rise to modern theories of race. Until the Age of Revolution slavery was an unquestioned “fact of life.” It was only when Americans proclaimed the radical new idea that “all men are created equal” that slavery was first challenged as immoral. As historian Barbara Fields notes, the new idea of race helped explain why some people could be denied the rights and freedoms that others took for granted.

5. Most human genetic variation can be found:

A. Within a local population. 85 percent, or almost all human variation, can be found within any single local population, whether they be Malay, Irish, Zulu or Korean. There is FAR more variation within groups than between groups. This means that there may be as many - or more - genetic differences between two random Koreans as between a random Korean and a Zulu. On average, approximately 94 percent of all genetic variation can be found within any continental area.

6. Which continent has the greatest human genetic diversity?

C. Africa. We are all Africans. Modern humans (Homo sapien sapiens) originated in Africa, and we spent most of our evolution as a species together there. Some modern humans first left Africa 50,000 – 70,000 years ago and spread out around the world. All the other populations of the world can be seen as a subset of Africans. Every human genetic trait found elsewhere can also be found in Africa, with the exception of relatively few recent variations favored by the environment, genetic drift, or sexual selection - such as light skin.

7. Who was the first American public figure to suggest, albeit “as a suspicion only,” that black people might be inherently inferior to whites?

Answer: A. Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson was the first prominent American to speculate that black people might be innately inferior to Europeans. Until then, most Enlightenment figures believed that differences between groups were not inborn but due to environmental factors. It wasn’t until Jefferson introduced the radical new ideas of liberty and equality that slavery had to be justified and prejudices against the enslaved began to crystallize into a doctrine of white supremacy.

8. Which of the following was NOT an important reason why African slavery first took root in North America:

D. They were deemed innately inferior. Throughout much of history societies have enslaved people, often as a result of conquest, war or even debt. People were not enslaved because they were first deemed inferior. African slaves were well suited to labor in North America. Unlike the Indians, they were resistant to European diseases; they couldn’t easily run away; they were not Christians (and hence unprotected by English law); and they were skilled semi-tropical farmers.

One can see that race isn't biological and has changed over time, then how did we get to the racial tensions we have today? Is race just a myth?

The Myth of Race Debunked

To what extent has society gone to justify race as something real?

Literally not a single factual statement in any of these. Absolutely amazing.
And if skin color correlates only to latitude then surely the native north americans are paler than their central american cousins ;^)



The new dark ages, deny science, reality.

OP… you need to tell me this is not America…
I need to retain some hope…

Did the other students even buy into this bullshit or did they just go along with it and nodded their heads?

Dont worry, its actually from New York

To be fair slide 8 is correct about slavery not originally being about race. But other than that it's pure unadulterated bullshit

That and cali are slightly less bad, but it terrifies me still it is here.

Why do I feel like we're living in the beginnings of the second coming of the Soviet Union? Let's hope Trump can do something!

lol sucks for you.

Im a freshman in college, and my highschool education was actually pretty based.

Let me guess, you have all female teachers?

Wut do?

If this is public school, you dont have much to lose (because you arent paying for it). You should be provocative in class.

You can get away with a lot if you feign ignorance about what youre asking. Like "huh I heard online that x… it looked pretty solid".

It is worse that the soviet union.
It is legitimately 1984.

If there is any educational course that says, "Revealing the Truth" or the truth about anything. It is probably the opposite of the truth. Nobody refers to their math class as "The hidden truth behind numbers!" No the Truth in math is self evident. Just as noticing people are different.

This is literal double think.


The claim that races do not exist is based on the technicality that you can't define a race as they slowly change from one to another as you move from one geographic location to another. There's no hard line where arabs end and asians begin, instead the -stan region has people who are a little bit of both.

That would however be like claiming that colors don't exist because you can't draw a line where red ends and orange begins, yet everyone can see that red and orange are different colors. It's politically motivated grasping of straws, but if you repeat if enough it becomes the truth.

Quit being such a pussy.

I told my Italian teacher "Italy is nice, except that its full of Italians".


That is what I was getting at here . It technically is correct that race is not one particular gene expression. Of course they are being highly disingenuous in their presentation of the information, with the conclusion being of course that there is no difference between a white and a dindu.

What does what you said have to do with what I posted?



Teaching you how to not be a puss.

Where have you been? That noose has been sliding down our necks since 1946.

Some believe it, others don't, most don't say anything.

That's a waste of time. People will believe what they want to believe in.

I have three books about race. Enough to write the essays I guess.

Rayce doesn't exist yet whites…

Gonna need a source on that pic, OP.

Rage levels high. Complete sentences harder to type. Need to punch something.

I think you linked to the wrong post.

Cherrypicking trash science horseshit. Native Americans, for example, had no type B blood group before European admixture.

Earlier in the thread, its the powerpoint for the lesson.

No, youre being super melodramatic about all of this but arent willing to do jack shit or have even have some fun with it.

Taxa are not distinguished by a single gene. What kind of "argument" is that?

Tell me stories of Euroland: Pasta edition

I am just not following you.
I brought up the connection that things that are taught do not need to be proclaimed to be the truth because they are self evident, like with math.

And you call me a pussy?
I don't understand I didn't describe any self action or advocate for any particular action.
Are you just jidf trying to cause confusion?

This is disgusting. They can't justify their reasoning so they make shit up

That doesn't matter. A novel gene wouldn't necessarily be the distinction, it would be the differences in allele frequencies across the genome between populations. One allele that whites have and africans don't have? Lactase persistence. Oh wait, no there is a small sub-population of Africans that has raised cattle for a few thousand years and they also have lactase persistence, but it's a different mutation. This isn't a unique thing that happens once, it happens many times over history. When groups are separated for literally thousands of years, of course they'll be different. Look at the variety in this picture. It's all corn, but it's not anywhere close to being the same. Look at animal breeds.

When comparing human genomes, of course you'll get nearly all matches because the genome is fucking huge, but that doesn't mean that there aren't a large number of differences. DNA testing works because there are LOTS of differences among individuals, just not as a percentage of total genomic DNA. By their logic, continual inbreeding is fine because WE'RE ALL THE SAME.

Aren't there shitloads of haplogroups that are exclusive to certain races?

FFS there are ethnicity-exclusive haplogroups!

Are you actually an aspy? Do you really need it explained in such plain terms?

Im advocating to be provocative in class to try and open minds.

If people will just believe whatever they want, they wouldn't be forcing this shit on kids. They believe what they are conditioned to believe.

Shitlord it up.

This was in America, but she was from Italy

Make sure your response isn't aligned with the batshit retarded view of "race realist 3 races" if you are going to open your mouth.

Just buy a copy of The Bell Curve off Amazon and bring it in. There is no conclusion to debunk, it's just pages and pages of data and study results, draw your own conclusions.


Okay, what did that have to do with my post?

Tell that to all of those Tay-Sachs babies.

Oh god. Is that why Microsoft named her "Tay" and killed her after 18 hours?

According to that I'm Atlantic, whatever that is. French? Spanish?

A strawman by the same idiots that will also argue that the existence of blacks more intelligent than the white average disproves race forever

A lot of what passes as "common knowledge" on race by the Left is due to them setting up strawman arguments and knocking them down

Where the Hell do you live?
Please tell me they aren't teaching shit like this to Europeans.

I guess Spanish

I mean, trying to change the teachers mind.

Classmates either already have been conditioned to believe in that point of view or already know how insane the teacher is.

That's a good idea. I already have a copy of the Bell Curve. I also have a copy of The g-Factor and a copy of Race, Evolution, and Behavior. Although its probably a bad idea to reveal your power level like that.

The Bell Curve was in their readings as "pseudo-science", but they didn't offer any actual attempts to refute it.

New York City

How reliable is this?


The basics seem alright. Also, where can I find the percentage of genetic differences between races?

The kikery is real, can't seem to find anything at all on google.

There's no races, goyim, that is why everyone should open the flood gates for 3rd world immigration, race mix to create diversity and destroy all the races, that don't exist.

Try looking into Rushtons "Race, Evolution, and Behavior"

Not sure if it has exactly what you're looking for, but its related material.

should have expected this

Honestly couldn't tell you since I don't browse stormfront - but to normies, you would lose all credibility with it.

Here's a better source:

"Which characteristic did the ancient Greeks believe most distinguished them from "barbarians"?

Factually inaccurate.
"Barbarian" comes from the roman "barbus", which means beard. (Barbarians were bearded, whereas the Romans were clean-shaven. A Barber is someone who deals in beards)

I bet you're one of those faggots who thinks South Park is super red-pilled.

Not really reliable but you can save the pictures about hair and IQ.

Here's some better info for you:



Thanks I'll look into it.

Doesn't the picture not even pass the smell test?

"What causes someone to have a different skin color? Is that genetic? Therefore, there MUST exist some genes that separate races.

and yet every day the cucks make more and more of a deal out of which "race" one is…

Do not use the Daily Stormer. They have an obvious agenda and everything that they touch is tainted with it. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/ has a huge database with many thousands of papers on human genetics.

According to dailystormer, these two are of same race.
There's a lot more to race than pigment.

Sweet. Thanks ya all.

Using the dailystormer for reliable information on race is like using tumblr for reliable information on gender.



But this ain't America friend


Hey Khan

I'm just sick of all the easily disproven lies.

I'm just sick of all the easily disproven lies.


This. So much this. Id rape every allied soldier in his desthbed for doing this to our race.


The constitution and the declaration of independence are not the same thing, user.

Guy on the left looks like an albino nigger.

Don't blame the soldier user. Patton at least figured out what was up.

Slavery was somewhat about race. Enslaving natives was hard because they were more capable of escape and harder to identify as slaves, whereas Africans weren't aware of the land and very obviously slaves.

Yeah, the Asian kid can totally drink beer and not pass out after a half a can

commonly memed joke about andrew anglin
also all Ohioans look like this

This is april fool's right?

I'm surprised people here took it seriously.

Its not, but this is pretty badly timed I guess. I forgot that it was the day before april fools.

Get acquainted with the Gulag Archipelago, user. It's coming.

This is retarded even by anti-racist standards. If there are literally no differences between the races' genes, why do people have different skin colors?

How many years does it take to study that stuff exactly? Surely as much as "LGBT rights".

This is beyond cuckoldry.

They are saying that they are the same race,different breeds.

Seems reasonable to me.

I don't even have to read them to know it's harmful.


They get it twisted because they only look at certain genes on the x and y chromosomes. I guarantee they could easily find genes to identify people by race if it wasn't such a taboo subject. No wonder america needed nazis to teach them science.

Sounds logical

How do you know there isn't when they purposefully aren't looking for it? Anthropologists can tell someone's race from their skull, I bet geneticists could as well if it weren't so suppressed. Even stating there is a genetic component to IQ will get you scoffed at in most science circles currently.

30 years deep in. Historically about 300 more to go.

Look at all the slides, they lie about early american history, status of slaves the declaration of independence and english law. The fucking lying has got to stop.

Real science has already done it. It's just academia that tries to pretend the genetically and biologically-based race exists.

*that genetically and biologically-based race doesn't exist.

I really dicked that one up.


She was born in New York City, attended Vassar College and graduated in 1909. She entered graduate studies at Columbia University in 1919, where she studied under (((Franz Boas)))).

Gene Weltfish (born Regina Weltfish) (August 7, 1902 – August 2, 1980) was an American anthropologist and historian working at Columbia University from 1928 to 1953. She had studied with (((Franz Boas)))

She is also known for the 1943 pamphlet for the U.S. Army, called The Races of Mankind, which she co-wrote with Ruth Benedict. It was intended to educate military personnel about the cultural differences among the peoples of the world in preparation for their fighting with a variety of allies from other cultures. The authors stated that perceived differences between the races are cultural rather than biological. Among the data used in the text was an IQ study from World War I, which found higher scores among some northern Blacks in the United States forces than among some southern Whites. The pamphlet was not widely circulated within the Army, and by the early 1950s, it was banned as subversive.

Regina Weltfish was one of two daughters; she was born in 1902 into a German Jewish family in New York's Lower East Side. She grew up speaking German as her first language, taught by a German governess hired by her grandfather. Her father, to whom she was very close, died when she was 13. Encouraged by her grandmother, she went to the synagogue daily to say the kaddish for him during the first year after his death, an honor and responsibility traditionally reserved for a son.

This is absolutely the wackiest shit that I have ever read.

The person who wrote this needs to be fired, publicly humiliated, and exiled to India.


Here's a pdf of that paper on sci hub:

No one posted this yet.

Race/breed refers to the same concept. Use any European language as reference. What you basically said is "they are the same race, different races", "they are the same breed, different breeds" or "they are the same breed, different races".
One thing I've realized about English, it is really popular to argue semantics… What a confusing language.

Anyway, this poster explains the difference in a crude but simple manner.
Anglin and Bale have visibly different skull structure in a manner identical to your average 'IQ Bell Curve' inspired skull structure comparison.

state funded indoctrination is as it is
this is a public system that no longer wishes to cultivate intelligently enlightened individuals but to program a servile class of collective consciousness to work for the machine

Where is this?


Then why do we look different and have different cultures?

it's just an illusion. The evil white supremacists brainwashed you.

As someone cleverer tahn myself recently pointed out, no such thing as race, no such thing as genocide.


This teacher is a fucking liar.


6. Which continent has the greatest human genetic diversity?

This shit was already being done in the '40s? For fuck's sake. I thought the '60s were as far back as it went.

Of course.

I guess niggers have physically smaller brains because magic!


Pic related just keeps looking more and more presidential.

Perhaps, but that's only assumed because we're capable of breeding with each other, and the result isn't sterile.

Then there's the neanderthal, and the picture of that.. thing the niggers apparently mixed with to get their features. These would have been even more different.

So that ultimately depends on your definitions.

It's been brought up before that there was a single species of bird that was separated into two different species because one particular decoration on its back was slightly different between the two.

With that being the case, and there being less genetic difference between dog breeds and gorilla species, I would argue instead that each human race is actually its own full species. Interbreeding doesn't mean anything.

Even if, especially that last one was actually true, that still doesn't mean the white british shouldn't try to keep their islands white british.

Even if race was fully a myth - that doesn't inherently mean that, well ok, let's just have everyone else move in and it doesn't matter.

Like I was saying to the last one: "Racism through nationalism - The belief that coming from one nation makes you superior"

Again, even if that were true, it's irrelevant. What matters in that case is that you're either part of the nation or not. Someone who may be better from some other nation shouldn't get a spot, because they're not of the nation. Superior/inferior plays no role here.

Also what the fuck is an 'organizer'

Are you trying to make yourself suicidal?

Jesus christ, this brainwashing is insane

I love this delusion they have that once everyone agrees blacks and whites are the same everything will be perfect and we will live in a Utopia. If we can only lie long enough to pull it off then everyone will believe it and we will save the world.

It's literally the thought pattern of an autist.


>Italian Jew Reich; don't remember his first name teaches race and social justice as an alternative to US history

Probably just another word for student planner / agenda. I've heard it referred to that way.

I like how leftists are so retarded their statements fail even by their own internal logic

No, user, you are the niggers!

Women control all instances of education. Women are retarded. Why are you surprised things got like this?

ok things wrong with this infograph

oh and

I really hope you already prepared your facts to tear them a new anus, OP. I really really really really REALLY fucking do.

There's districts and departments where the rules are a little loser. You can actually talk to kids about how the Indians we conquered WERE actually backwards people who killed eachother for fun, raided our settlements, and in all reality deserved to be conquered. You can disprove the nation of immigrants notion. You can say that slavery harmed free men in the south more because they had to compete against free labor. If you structure your class right you can discuss the 1890s and why unrestricted immigration turned the country into a hellhole, or how positive colonialism was for everybody but the Native Americans.

And that's just all of the narratives you're still allowed to discuss and disprove in America. If you're lucky enough to teach European History, you get to talk about Islam and why it has always been the enemy.

For example, in the class I'm in right now, my biology professor just mentioned that "See, profiling sometimes can be good. If you have african DNA you're more likely to get sickle cell, for example." This hints that race is actually real.

fucking rage.

This is the "we love science, but this objective provable fact is problematic & must be erased from existence through mass indoctrination" crowd who ostracized James Watson. According to these idiots, if you needed a bone marrow transplant the only way to prove you aren't an "ebil raciss" would be to just die, otherwise you'd require a very specific transplant which undeniably proves the reality of race.

Diversity is our strength :^)

If race is just a "social construct" with no biological basis, why is race a factor in bone marrow transplants?






That first screenshot deals with "Lewontin's fallacy".


Lewontin, a self described Marxist, is responsible for popularizing this fallacious argument.

Refutations of Lewontin's view:



This is wrong.

“Thus the answer to the question “How often is a pair of individuals from one population genetically more dissimilar than two individuals chosen from two different populations?” depends on the number of polymorphisms used to define that dissimilarity and the populations being compared. The answer, equation M44 can be read from Figure 2. Given 10 loci, three distinct populations, and the full spectrum of polymorphisms (Figure 2E), the answer is equation M45 ≅ 0.3, or nearly one-third of the time. With 100 loci, the answer is ∼20% of the time and even using 1000 loci, equation M46 ≅ 10%. However, if genetic similarity is measured over many thousands of loci, the answer becomes “never” when individuals are sampled from geographically separated populations.”


Lots of great race realist articles here:


>Are there human races?




>Human genetic variation, Fst and Lewontin's fallacy in pictures


man I had a class at my college last semester (healthcare promotion) that said "race is a social construct and not useful data for health care delivery or research purposes" on one slide and then literally 5 slides later went on in detail about the health conditions that blacks and native americans are more prone to getting.

Human Races are Real: Refuting Eleven Common Arguments against the Existence of Race




See, the 2-repeat allele of the MAOA gene is found in every so called "racial" group, therefore it's meaningless to talk about! :^)

That's just due to white racism. :^)








Shameful. Do you even Imperial Cult?

The fall of Western society can be traced as far back as the 19th century, user.


Lefties, one day say races dont exist then other day praise black for their giant cocks.

Leftists shilling in biology and genetics. Weew..

I think i'm going to be fucking ill. I studied genetics through school and university, and almost none of that shit is even remotely true. How the fuck can this even get approved for use in schools?

I foresee this being like a western Tienanmen square government driven lie where a whole generation of people will believe the opposite of what is actually real.

When will the eagle become a dragon.

muh dik!

The prevalence and proportion of people who have these blood types also varies wildly based on ethnic group.

As with the Holohoax, the Red Cross has no qualms with putting the data out there for anyone who wants to see it.

Under the "Blood Types and Population" header.

let me toast bikewheels

Well, that wasn't intentional.



They ALWAYS do this.
So point it out. "Can we see the evidence?"
>class doesn't trust him for a week or so. It's like they completely forget anything happened afterwards, which makes it easy for me to combat their conditioning if I mess up; they remember what I told them

I cant really see any refutations coming from them. A lot of the links being posted around here are pretty helpful as well.

Maybe i'll post an update on Monday if the thread still exists.

Except of course that per capita the order of slaveholding races in america is as follows:



But yeah, the thing is even with the same exact sources of ancestry, the chances of that "matching" person actually having close enough DNA is still virtually nil.

Especially if, like, one person's eventual English ancestor was really a viking raider, and the other didn't have that. Could be different enough to throw it. I don't know just how close it needs to be.

Yeah it wouldn't be a speculation, and I doubt he's the first one on record.

STEM teacher here. I took a relief class in English a few weeks back and this shit creeps into religious schools too. In English you can teach kids all sorts of shit so long as they're learning English skills in the process. I also know they're teaching the holohoax in the Christian classes.
Honest to God I've had kids, raised on Tumblr tier shit straight up ask me questions like "doesn't it make sense to think of race as subspecies as we do for breeds of dog?". Then another kid will say "you can't talk about that". It's so fucking hard being a red pilled teacher putting on the normie act day after day.

They're trying to consider the two of varying degrees/intensities.
As in species

That level of obsession is the prime reason it must be a hoax. There would be no other reason to hammer it like that.

I imagine they don't teach the Armenian Genocide, or all the White Russians that were purged by the (((Soviets)))?

This is where they get the "Africans are more pure" shit I assume. Despite the fact that they have that other hominid mixed in, and we don't.

But we've found 40k old modern humans now - outside of africa. I have to wonder if even that was propaganda.


Nope and nope. They get them taking pro-life positions on abortion, but then I had the pastor praising Desmond Tutu for his stance against homophobia.

Believe me, where I am is a thousand times better than any public school, but Cultural Marxism has it's tentacles into everything.

Meanwhile they champion Only Black Lives Matter marching in the streets, and at least some of them advocating to kill whitey.

That's really shit.

I assume your instructor also advocates for the abolition of affirmative action and racial preferences in college admissions.


If there's one thing I've learned in my several decades of living in this world: anytime you hear the phrase "The truth about X," expect it to be followed by a bunch of lies about X.

Forgot my face.

I'd have to compile many different sources.

The Jew one can be found in molyneux's vid on the topic. He quotes it as 45-70% of Jews in America had slaves.

It's also why apparently the slave markets were closed on the Saturdays.

In the South it was 6 percent of the total population owned slaves. Under 4% of which were whites, over 2% of which were blacks.

Then you have the Indians, who are still to this day fighting off claims of Indianness by the descendants of their African slaves that they kept with them even through being put on reservations.

Also remember what 'per-capita' means.




Nigga I know what per capita means

We haven't conquered Mars yet. One head will suffice for now.

Well how many non-slave blacks do you think there were? A good deal of them also owned slaves.

They also just so happened to be the more brutal slave owners, but nobody mentions that.


Roughly 25% of free black families in U.S. owned black slaves, which amounted to 8% of all American families with slaves (400,000+)

What exactly are you trying to tell me?

How does 23andme work? They roll the die?

Except the common ancestor that was "African" wasn't even human. So no, we are not all "Africans".




OP is a faggot, because no Sause…

Nigger, that could be a screencap from myliberalfeefees.edu

Once again strawmanning us as if we think an entire specific race chromosome exists, or something that huge and instantly identifiable. Genes differences dont have to be enormous to get wildly different results between organisms. Dogs breeds have very little genetic difference between them (less than humans). Major birth defects can have very little genetic difference.

Fucking what? Traits dont have to be exclusive to one race (which is another strawman), to determine genetic norms within an ethnic community. They are simply more prevalent, due to being selected for in their distinct environment.

Intelligence is something that has evolved rapidly and recently, on an evolutionary timescale. We are talking, in the past 50-100K years. So, is it not unreasonable that people separated for tens of thousands of years during this time, might have genetic differences in behavior, intelligence and psychology? And is it not unreasonable to think that these differences might affect the delicate fabric of modern civilization?

I haven't saved all the images yet. So bump.

Remember kids: race doesn't exist and (((we))) are all the same person, but Black boys fuck better.

No sources, how the fuck is this allowed in a University!!!

That's because individual genes rarely if ever make traits.

Sequences do.

Some math fag do some work.

If there are 30,000 genes of 4 different types how many combinations of genes are there?

It's probably over 9,000.

Without even doing math, it's going to be much larger than that.

Louis-Ferdinand Celine said "L'homme blanc est mort à Stalingrad"

It means "the white man is dead at Stalingrad"

You know, I'm getting really angry at just how much history might as well be nothing in my head.

How they basically just rush through WWI then WWII every year. Total waste of time.

>deny the existence of race

>promote the acceptance of racial diversity

Can someone upload another edit of the picture of the guy with the two red buttons?


Skin color? Skull shape? IQ? Height? Average fat concentration? Genetic diseases?

They are full of shit, unless they imply that every member of the race has to have that trait; ie. blacks are not really blacks because there are whig- I mean albinos…

Why the fuck does it tell us that race doesn't exist, then tell us to "embrace diversity". If race didn't exist, then there would be no diversity to embrace, retard.

Could it be that, hm, you know, that they are lying to promote their anti-white agenda?

Imagine their shock when they'll learn the experts at the FBI are able to identify the race of a skeleton with only a fragment of the skull.

Well it says ALL members of one race which makes the statement technically true while being intentionally misleading.

Because it's shit.

there we go.


Will steal argument for the future.



Feels good to be an American.

Feels good to be white

user I have bad news

Study the genetics of Ireland and Britain. They are similar.

Fuck off.


We are currently speaking a mixture of Germanic, "low" Romance (that followed a more or less natural evolutionary path from Latin), and "high" Romance (directly loaned from Latin or indirectly from Greek), with only a few Celtic words.
Irish Gaelic is almost completely Celtic.

I didn't fucking stutter, I said GENETICS.

Not language.

The language changed because some tiny percent of the population invaded and made the rest speak that instead. They didn't purge everyone.

This is brainwashing, pure and simple

Collect your resources and present a calm and reasoned response that destroys it. You lucky motherfucker id have loved this opportunity in school.

This is painfully accurate and I don't like it, not one bit.

D.A.R.E. programs worked so well that I'm sure a bunch of culty race based fantasy propaganda won't spark a generation of rebellious teens to question what they're being taught as the refugee crisis sinks Europe and later the USA.

Doesn't that just get you expelled or arrested?

That one guy in Britain got arrested for looking at UKIP's website.

We're headed for far worse than that.

You're aware the Bernie people of my generation outnumber the Trump people of my generation, right?






True in every generation past X. Millennials are in an onslaught of cuck; they sit in Marxology 101 all day learning this OP bullshit, then go home and watch kikebook all day. Unless something changes they will all stay nu-male and and coalburners into adulthood.

Matching Trips Checked

Well the increase, it seems like right after I got out of high school, in marxism is just staggering. I was never one of those 'I used to be a liberal', but my ideas have shifted.

For example I always knew there was a liberal-bias in school, but didn't much care because I ignored what they tried to say. I figured I just disagreed in a 'you're wrong, but fine' sort of way. Now they're simply traitors to me.

So some people will make it through anyway, others will eventually have their worldview shattered when some personal thing happens, or maybe they were just into research, and so some will be the 'I used to be a liberal' people.

As much as I did game, I just always read stuff, like wiki article to wiki article.

But that's why I think the muslims are somewhat of a wildcard, because as they kill and maim, some people will start listening.

But yeah, they like having all that right-think training.

I went to school mainly in the 90s and they pushed equality but I don't remember them trying to back it up with fake science. It was always the American-Semetic version of history and "world culture" but this fake science shit is too far. I see my kid's history stuff and of course it is full of lies and bias. They are really pushing the envelope with an english class teaching fake biology.

It's a carefully crafted argument that can easily fool people who aren't educated in the subject, like high school students.

lol liberals BTFO!

Slavery wasn't forced. It was voluntary, or is it that we tricked free black Africans to come to America and instead enslaved them off the boat? I can't even tell whose jewing who anymore.

What I hate most about you faggots is that most of you have this innate tendency to always censor yourself when it comes to cognition about races, to advanced knowledge. While you may digest all this lore put forth in this thread properly. At some point it stops interacting with your brain and you revert back into full on cuck mode almost immediately.

here is an example of logic that you mostly fail to ignore:

A non mentally ill person would label all kinds of different races based on their achievements, and merits and would label the negro as one of the lowest of the lowest on this planet.

But you are not a normal person, are you? You are mentally ill and think that natsoc means that we should ignore a whole continent of riches if favor of feeling good.

This is what it is about, about feeling good, this internal mechanism in your defective minds always tries to make you feel good, because the reality of nigger genocide doesnt make you feel good, it makes you feel like little whiney bitches. Because that is what you are. Every single time a serious thought enters your brain, you go into a watered down swede cuck mode and think "but I have to protect all the black dicks, being a sissy means that they are my masters, black bulls!"

This feeling good, this build in, hardwired egalitarianism is what will kill you. You can bet your ass that if you even got a little bit over it, and managed to kill all the jews, the blacks in your countries would still remain, and you would still be more than happy to lend your wife to them, so you wouldnt be called a nazi.

Seriously though, I give up, you guys are hopeless and dumb cucks. Just how a dog barks, a duck…does duck things. So to you guys are cucking, cucking yourself into death. That just what kind of animal you guys are.

I get how they're trying to ruse our retarded youth, but there's a simply comparison to show the stupidity of this statement.

You might as well say you can't differentiate between a picture of a cake and a carrot, because there's no color range, not even one color that distinguishes all members of group from all members of another group.

ducks go quack you fucking moron

Yes user, well done, you get a sticker. Now go back to sucking a watered down black dick along with your friends.

You fucking spanner. Genes are like code, it's what the combination of codes does that defines the race. A combination of one would mean light skin, a combination of another would mean darker skin and so on. You find commonalities in things like thick lips, low IQ, black skin etc to define a nigger and so on.

Tfw head profile looks just like Armenian but am 0% Armenian

wait, leftards don't even understand normal distribution? top fucking kek

Did someone say blacks are smart and deserve privilege? Maybe I missed something, what board are you reading?

All of them, it is of course hard to verify how many of these people are just dumb, or new to the scene. But I rarely see other people here who actually know the lore, and who arent afraid of calling out for genocide on niggers. Imperialism which used to be common, which allowed us to conquer half of the goddamn planet.

20% of all users here are "centrists", meaning that they are basically leftists and only dabbled into our lore and culture with their pinky toe, still madly in love with niggers

30% of all users here are "right wing", which are most likely still religious and/or egalitarianists, still in love with niggers

20% of all users are some form of users who see through the faggotree of the right, and call themselves alt right, but are still not red pilled and basically still harbor positive feelings for niggers

the rest probably is a bit more diverse, but there are still many normalfags between them, so the nigger loving ratio of this board is probably near 80% if left to their own devices. If pushed by their superiors, by the core users, it would probably go down to 50%.

But the nature of the white man does not permit them to hold these truths for too long, without us, telling them whats right and whats wrong. They revert back to egalitarianism.

Most of these people are therefore very, extremely unreliable. Our political movement cant be build with people who are either too dumb to process race realism properly, or have somekind of innate mental block that removes it from their conscious, subconsciously.

Just do a survey on this site and you will see what I am talking about. I have ranted a shitton on the users here and on their nature and I think that I am mostly right.


I see these religious here and there… weirds me out.

What? Stupidity of niggers is a central topic of discussion here.





They're just saying everyone was always equal. Always had and deserved the same rights, and so on.

What the fuck are you saying?

greek here,
the picture is correct, greeks considered the foreigners barbarians, that doesn't mean they didn't seperate people in races.

I can't recall any fake science, but at the same time, I was paying no attention to race, so even if they said certain things, I wouldn't be able to tell you now.

There was certainly nothing at the level of what this thread is saying, because that would have been to jarring to me at any time.

You may have to find a way to homeschool.

Or even stop paying attention to 'school ratings' because at this point it's probably more of a rating of how marxist they are. Might be better in some rural school and then compensating for not being taught something rather than having to unteach and reteach.

I'm pretty sure I'm younger than you.

The biggest thing that always stuck with me is that one of my teachers talked about how people identified as being of and from their state, and then mocked the everliving hell out of that as a concept. As if it was beyond stupid, and antiquated and how isn't it so much better now that we're all just Americans? Which tells me through the redpill that that's how the Marxists and kikes want it, which tells me we should always do the opposite.

Am I supposed to just assume that those tests are comparable even though it clearly states they are different? Are all tests the same? Only one test, the human test?

Seriously though, this part needs to be cleared up or it discredits the image.

Haha nice shop. Oh god it is a shop, r-right?

You just can't make this shit up.

Fuck off, shill. We're not in the position to colonize Africa again. Let the Chinese try their luck with that place while we fix Europe.

@pic: Then how do we tell who is jewish?


Yeah, it's pretty fucking insane.

Everything is just there for people to notice, but

why arent you being taught about language and literature.

But then again in my English class I do explicitly remember being taught about "To kill a mockingbird" and that was 14 years ago so..

So now theyve dropped the pretext of English and just straight out tell you we are one world, one RACE. Hitler boiled the jews in their own blood whilst vigorously hammering Eva Braun, Hitler was possessed by demons etc etc

fucking genetics in english class..I dont even…

You hit the nig in the head.

b-but "diversity" IS just as important as math! There is nothing wrong or marxist about this goyim…

The Greatest of Allies

This just in…..

Holla Forums takes Africa.

Armed with pistols and meme magic, the rebel natsoc tribe Holla Forums has just conquered all sub-saharan Africa and are memeing their way north through the Sahara toward Libya, where they will no doubt be victorious.


Funny. Because the first blacks in America were liberated from captured Spanish Galleons. Then it was a black man extending the indentured servitude of another black man into lifelong slavery under verdict from a court that set the precedent for slavery in America. and then we all know the story of the Jewish run slave ships that dumped hundreds of thousands of them onto America.

proof this is a legitimate high school study and not some cuck sect of protestantism?

pic related btw

Its funny because dindus are nuffins. You don't get it do you goy? Justify them, let them exist. Great idea goyim, great idea. Lets treat them like equals. You've really got an inspiring way of thinking. I have an idea, lets let them starve! No more food aid. No more foriegn aid whatsoever. None. Not even to isreal. Not to anywhere. LET THEM STARVE!

Most of the nigra slaves were actually bought from other nigra tribes that enslaved them

This is what we mean by White Genocide. I see ignorant lefties kvetching about "what business of yours is it who someone else chooses to fuck?" Because state sponsored anti-racists (read anti-white) multi-cult nonsense is being shoved down the throats of schoolchildren every day.

Yeah, that's what I used to think.

I also used to think it was white people who bought them and put them on slave ships.

Also end immigration.

We could talk about ending immigration just for those people who would go on welfare, but the system would inevitably be jewed somehow.

On Fox they're now talking about how it would be a good idea to make it easier 'for those people who have been trying to get in legally but found the system just too difficult and bureaucratic', because legal should be helped instead, once illegals have been sorted. I don't want them in any case. I don't want any refugees. I would make an exception for white south africans, but they wouldn't allow it.

Given there's billions of people who would likely want in, the only safe and fair way to handle it is to simply announce that immigration has been cancelled. No more turning us into mexico.

Then they also call you racist for only dating your own race. Can't fucking have it both ways.

They also of course apply that 'it isn't your body' logic to your own children.

Sorry, but my own children will be white because I held off marrying anything else. I will do what I should do, because I owe it to them that they be as I am. I owe it to my ancestors that they be as I am. I am not free to just marry some asian, because that's a crime against both sets of people. It's a crime against nature, and they would be less healthy.

So because my children are of my own blood and my duty is my duty, the least they could do is have children who are also white.

It's not okay to be that selfishly hedonistic that whatever mongrel mix is possible is considered just fine.

It's clear that each race even has its own ways of thinking, and they are on the genetic level.

We're outnumbered too much for pistols to do a damn thing. They'd be able to win just by filling fields full of bodies.

All i see it that you've been taught science in English class.

I am not sure, considering the level of bullshit, that that is even legal. Are you sure the administration of the school know about this?

They probably helped write it, the fuck are you on about?

This is one amazing piece of rhetoric. It manages to make the completely trivial "you don't notice what you ignore" sound scientific.


page 21. pre-emptive bump

If you visit someplace like SNPedia, you'll see a breakdown of which populations hold what variations of a SNP. Individual SNPs can affect intelligence:


For example:


Networks of genes likely account for overall intelligence:



longevity bump

l o n g e v i t y b u m p


Of course there is only one race.
Just different species under one umbrella.

Holy shit, and I thought that how "Finns are Mongs" shit was just a meme

You what mate?

how so?
I'm seeing more similarities between the nig skull and yuro skull
gook skull just feels out of place
as if some alien decided to make a crude imitation of a homo sapiens

Also which gene is responsible for eye color since blue and green eyes are only found in Europe (rare exceptions) and same for hair color (blonde and red, again, Europe only)

You could ask how it is forensic DNA is able to identify the race of a person in every single instance except for differentiating between White and Indian red dot

I swear there are other blood types, aren't there? Jewgle isn't showing me what I thought I knew. Maybe I'm remembering wrong


has that not been debunked?

worth a bump

Is there a source on that?


There's a nig down the street who's my twin. Really. A doppleganger.

Well, except for his kinky hair.

And his dark skin. There's that.

He can't say the word, "ask."

He often smells funny, like all the time, I guess.

But other than that, and a few dozen other small things, we're like twins.



Dot indians are just white people with a tan

Says the man with a plan.

I bet a billion shekels that this study asked people to "self identify" their race.

All they need is one mentally ill white woman to self identify as black. then "SEE THERE IS NO DIFRERENCE"

You think this is a joke but I'm sure it's exactly what they did.


longevity bump

Polar bear/ Grizzly is a messed up animal - not optimal for hunting/gathering/surviving in either environment. Since polar and grizzly breeding seasons don't overlap this thing is very rare - and another reason the resulting mutant doesn't succeed well.

page 23. preservation bump.

longevity bump

Here's another one:

No single letter is unique to any word. I guess that means all words are the same despite differences in spelling and meaning.

That's a lie.

Aboriginals have 'ABO' blood.

It wouldn't matter, OP. Most humans will evolve into "synthetic" humans by the end of the century.


Master Race will be perfected with technology while biological humans and race will be history. Hitlers dream will eventually come true, albeit in a different way.

it started long before ww2 user

Orientals are really a hybrid alien-human species made by extraterrestrial greys and reptilians. Explains why they like manga-style characters (bug-eyed greys with wigs), and their dragon-worship mythology (ancient reptilian masters).

hol up hol up

contradicting themselves 3 times in 2 slides is a new level of stupid to sjw's

I think its more accurate to say Finns are a mixture of Scandinavians and a Siberian population that was proto-asian. I don't know what the ancient Siberians looked like but probably not like modern east-asians. There is a picture of the branches of populations that helps you understand this. I will try to find it again.

Here is a very good website that contains most of the arguments for the validity of races as a scientific category and explains the differences in things such as heritable intelligence and behavioral patterns, with proper citations and actual data.


Read up on this and call out your teacher on their bullshit.

1% of DNA is different than a Chimp.
.1% of our DNA is different than an African

While some say:
5% of our DNA is different than a Chimp
.5% of our DNA is different than an African.

1/10% of our DNA essentially seperates us from niggers and 1% of our DNA separates us from Chimps

read it!

That's not a slide from your class.
That image is an old troll you fuck.
Shows how many new people are here.

Just that one sentence had my bullshit alarms going off.

Yup, there's no difference between you and a nigger.

>>>Holla Forums


Fuck off back to SA.

When you distill the shit out of it, brother.

longevity bump

Okay, how about bone density and shape, especially skull shape, is that completely random or is it determined by your genes?

I ask because I already know the answer. Shame some liberals still pretend they're pro science.

page 23.
page 26 = death.

this is our board now. you seriousposters can go back to reddit

page 24 already.
page 26 = death.




I cannot fucking W8 to send my kid to school with a fucking binder full of racial IQ memes

Not one gene but a combination of them…

Black hair black skin and dark brown eyes is clearly going to be the black race…

I'm not sure that's worth actually going through with government schooling, but ok.