Uranium - Holla Forumss non-botnet Chromium fork

I've had this idea for a while and I was wondering if anyone wanted to help or actually knows anything about programming and not just shitposting here

Basically this will be a fork of either Chromium or Iridium that will will attempt to audit the source and remove any botnet (eg - The Google account sign in feature) and for us to add on massively the the settings and options available for customization in order to actually compete with Firefox forks

The first thing is deciding either to fork Chromium or Iridium and then making a gitlab/bitbucket/gitgud or whatever to host it for all of us to edit.

Pic related. My very shitty mockup of a possible logo so you fags don't have to make one. Just try and make a real and improved version of said mockup.

Other urls found in this thread:


It should also be a priority to try and still keep support for extentions and possible make them more secure and add some management options on them to prevent them from taking data they don't need

Holla Forumsnicians have never been dedicated to making things, even if some of us know how.

I don't know much about browsers, but I was hearing some things about how Chromium and other Chrome forks still call home, in other words the botnet is still there.
I'm not sure if it's possible to remove that, or if it is, how difficult it will be.

It's still shit.

I really really like the logo. You should at least get it alpha state, so the logo wount be forgotten.

This is much more ambitious than Iridium, and Iridium actually gets funding.

Why would you fork chromium and not firefox. Chromium is an incredible memory hog.


i think it'd be more fun to make a browser that uses its own stack instead of the Lovecraftian monstrosity from the w3 that is html/js over http

Show us some code first, OP. Most of Holla Forums can't code, and the rest of Holla Forums won't have any interest in coding for someone who can't code.

If you add an option to change the position of Tabs, (Top or Bottom), then I'll seriously consider helping you.

because gecko is fucking garbage.

what's better?

Holla Forums can't code

it will never be as good as Google Chrome. it must suck to be so paranoid that you must settle for inferior software with poor performance and fewer features.

Maybe this time we can pass of logo phase.


This would be a good base. We could use these patches + a fork of iridium.

why not Tc

Great. I can't wait for the first RBMK-1000 addon coming with it.

+1 for the logo. As for the idea, it can't be that simple or someone as just ripping something out or else someone would have already done it? Why parts are even phoning home to begin with? Maybe it can be possible to "ground" the connections to Google, i.e. find the critical functions and tuck them away by making them always return some default value.

// In Chromeint spy_on_user(struct user_data) { /* Some evil Google code */ return success_code; /* 0 on success, error code otherwise */}// In Uranium, groundedint spy_on_user(struct user_data) { return 0; /* Always default to success */}

This would also make it easy to keep up with Google's commits. But again, it can't be this easy. I don't know shit about making browsers, so that's the best I can come up with.

OK, I just tried to see how to download the source of Chromium.
That's it, fuck the internet, fuck browsers, fuck everything, this mess is beyond saving. At this point I have a feeling it would be easier to invent a new internet than fix this mess. What kind of Lovecraftian abomination needs over seven gigabyte of source code to display websites?

If we must, why not Dillo?

To answer you question, you probably won't like this answer, but Gecko.

ITT paedos scared google will rat them out to the FBI

for what purpose do we need another piece of webkit cancer when we have zirconium?

also impolite downboat because browser threads need to be banned or contained in a general. fucking shit mods.


If it was that easy someone would have already done it by now.

I'd expect it waits for its unique hash sent back by the google servers it sends data to as an indication that everything is ok.

Why not just contribute to Fiber, Servo or Icecat instead?

I hope this doesn't crash and burn like the last Holla Forums browser attempt.

I don't don anything illegal, what I wish is to hide my information from being used by advertisers. It's about privacy.

This project has already been tried. Look no further than the dead board:

I tried Chromium, but I could not find anything like Self-Destruction Cookies.


I wouldn't recommend Chromium, but uMatrix works well as a replacement for Self-destructing cookies. Does a lot of other things, too.



We don't need another fucking Chromium fork

If you want to use Chrome, use ungoogled-chromium or Inox.

If you want to be fags, contribute to the (dead) Zirconium fork

I mean, fucking really? A thread like this gets made every few months or so. Fuck you, OP.

It's still miles better than Australis.

I like your idea, OP. Here's something I drafted up in GIMP in about 5 minutes.

OK, you managed to rustle my jimmies.

inox already exists

I know its quite the large task, but thats why I was hoping to get the help and knowledge of people who would actually be interested in such a thing

Iridium still "calls home" to the devs but they claim this is just for the current state of it for bug fixing. Considering a company actually makes it is why I don't trust it. Companies usually only make open source projects when it benefits them and a company has no use for browser for tinfoil hatters

I can program. I mainly made this thread to show the idea just to see the general response

This was one of the options I was hoping could be added. Definitely will be on the list of features if this ever get this off the ground

This seems like a good place to start. The only problem is that it removes a lot of things that I think should be optional to toggle (Like pop-ups in tabs)

Ungoogled-Chromium seems to have a script that breaks anything that points to Googles servers in the source github.com/Eloston/ungoogled-chromium

I can program but telling people who can't asking to contribute would be a waste of time

Looks better than my mockup but I stayed away from the actual colors of the radioactive symbol for a reason

That's not a complete fork and is only patches. Also another goal of this is to add more features/options and not just removing botnet

I hope something turns out of this fork, I might actually use it myself when it is stable enough.

Do you even know what Gecko is?
Of course you don't, we're on Holla Forums

What software license does Chromium and iridium use?

Chromium is released under the BSD license. Same with Iridium iirc.

At first that sounds bad since BSD is a cuck license but that would mean that people like Google could take any code from it and put it into Chrome. However do you think that would mean Google might actually contribute to the source code of the project?

Servo :^)

I did hear about Firefox copying some feature from Chrome. Think a plus is still each tab being it's own process instead of one giant process.

Though since I've changed from Firefox to Iridium, the performance difference makes it unappealing to go back.

Such as? I've had some dissatisfaction with browsers too, but do you have a software specifications document, or some kind?

I imagine a project like this will be a rather significant undertaking.

I can program too, but you do have some sort of managerial or leadership skills to direct a team of programmers right?

Holla Forums - Logos

Honest question: Why not just write a new browser from scratch?

Because trying to fork and heavily edit a browser is already a massive task.
Writing a /decent/ one from scratch is even harder

I have leadership skills but I don't trust those skills will transfer well to project management.
I am willing to let someone with actual project management skills to be over this. Gitgud is what we should use and since you already have one with experience do you want to be over it? Or do you also not have leadership skills? If you trust yourself and are willing to do it create the repo for it. Iridium is what I think we should fork

Its harder
Takes more effort
Community effort trying to do that would be cancerous
Google is a solid browser, it just has muh botnet
Plus itd be cool to see a new chrome fork

Why are google shills trying to suppress this by shitposting?

Over one hundred other projects forked and integrated. It's FLOSS, what could be better :^)

High-res image, enjoy.

another one, to go for you're color scheme.

How about yellow/green like a normal uranium symbol?


Come back when you have proof that you can search and destroy all botnet code and a roadmap for added features. Maybe people will help if you prove that this isn't just another Holla Forums vaporware project.

Correct me if I'm wrong, because I'm honestly curious, but wouldn't you lose all the speed gains from Dillo if you "modernized" it to render everything that a Gecko/Webkit browser could?

Add a menubar and I'm in, I hate that "minimalist all in one menu" nigger-feminist double digit IQ bullshit

Ungoogled-chromium + Inox literally already do this.



Removing negative features is adding features.

Removing negative features is good but I mean adding actual features like customizable tab layout

Here's how i would do this.
We already have a base package here.

github.com/Eloston/ungoogled-chromium | We would need to setup some kind of buildbot that downloads the chromium source, builds it, and then makes it available through a repo. From there we can add our own patches that remove "botnet" aka spyware.

How does this sound?

add a menubar

Alright, We should setup a channel or a github account for feature requests. Menu bar does sound like a good feature for Uranium.


I made a board for it



this will never end

Reading comprehension is not your strong suit

inferior software is the one that serves the botnet


base it off Servo.

Webkit, Blink, Gecko and the Microsoft crap are deprecated

Chromium is based off of Googles own version of webkit

This or /thread

I made a refined logo

isn't iridium specifically made to remove google's botnet?

Why do it again?

Iridium still reports back to its devs. You can turn this off but it would be better to not have that at all. Also again, added features.

Better version from logo thread

Don't you renember what happened to Zohrium. *spelling*

GREAT, but... Maybe just compil Inox for windows if its possible

Can't we focus on QtWebEngine? The renderer is the most important part. I don't need tabs or anything else.

Holla Forums should be renamed /logo/, this shit is rich


needs more arrows

will there be an option to change the background color from white to any fucking thing else

will there be an option for not shit tree style tabs?

Anything feasible to add as a setting will attempt to be added.
Request any other features here >>>/ub/1

wait can't we just take firefox and remove shit like pocket and notifications?

For the curios, this is why Holla Forums will never get things done
1.) Bike-shedding

Fuck there are other ones but I lost the reference to them, but there's a lot of resources on management theory, just get your shit together for fucks sake

Theres already tons of forks of Firefox that remove the botnet. The main purpose of this is for people who simply like Chromium over Firefox forks and/or have Chromium extensions they need

but are there forks for linux that remove the botnet?

Of firefox? There are plenty. GNU Icecat being the most popular

danke user, will give it a try

You can disable Pocket completely in the settings, and I don't know what's wrong with "notifications". Icecat's greatest advantage is privacy-friendly default settings. Not disabling malicious features, but applying all those about:config tweaks people list.

Regular Firefox is pretty easy to de-botnet, because it doesn't have much of it in the first place.

Watch out with Icecat. It doesn't get timely security updates. If you install it, install it through Guix, which does merge security updates as soon as possible. Mainline Icecat is dangerous.

you can dream

What range did you use on that?


Let's use this and stop talking logo. We need to start talking software, what engine are we going to use? Who's setting up the repo? Do we have anyone with experience? Should we actually base it on Chromium? What language should we use? Do we have enough people who know that language?
This is all information that we need to know right now.


Should we base it on Firefox instead? Like said, it's less likely to have botnet if there's no Google involved in the upstream. Besides, Chrome uses too much RAM.

What Javascript engine should we use? Should we write our own from scratch?

picric acid

Best Logo

No. We fork palemoon.

webkit isn't developed by google and gecko sucks.
afaik the chromium project isn't part of google

They call it Uranium because prolonged exposure to it will give you cancer.

what if I have a NBC suit on


I like it.

Hotwheels fix your shit

I vote we use this one; it's very nice.

I vote this for full and

For minimal version

Ok good, can we actually start writing this thing now? Or is this going to end like most other Holla Forums projects because no one wants to take the burden of coding it?

isnt this what brave does already? its totally stripped down and customized and fast, and you can choose to just block everything altogether instead of getting paid to view ads.

But the biggest reason why a Chromium based browser is wanted is for the extension support.

theyre adding it next month i think

From what I get from this thread

Double posting, but what exactly do I mean by "no specifications". Before I work on any sort of project that involves multiple programmers and people working on it, I write a lot of documents and distribute it to them so they know exactly what I'm getting at.

So the programmers know what they should implement using whatever data structures or algorithms. (Instead of some clusterfuck where everyone implements what they think is best, or some random extra before some more important things are done.)

To yourself, your own idea is concise, complete, etc. But to everyone else, no, especially all there is to it is a few paragraphs.

Again. Its not very old. The foundation for the whole thing is still underway and I'm not about to start without it

I'm not telling you it's dead, I'm telling you why supposedly no one's starting to code for it yet.

Do you even have a spec written?

Definitely possible. Just follow the standard Chromium compilation for Windows after you apply the patches.

Just remake firefox 1.5 in Servo.


Please explain so I can finally migrate to Seamonkey.

OP you'd better be prepared to do about all of the coding yourself for the first few weeks. Most of us don't know how to program, and those of us who do clearly don't see this as a serious project. You said on /ub/ that you're willing to work on this project along if nobody will help, and that's just what you're going to have to do in order to show programmers that this is something worth helping. Just bring us Iridium with the spying components removed and I think you'll see a Holla Forums with a lot more faith in this project.

You want to do some good, help port qutebrowser to QtWebEngine.

The shadow is too strong and dark

I decided to attack the logo. Removed the weird angles, made the numbers more regular.

The inner centre is 4/12 of the size, the outer centre is 5/12 of the size, the gradient starts at 1/12th of the size from the top left, and of course the circle segments are each 2/12ths apart and 2/12ths wide.

I did most of it in Inkscape then tweaked the numbers by hand in a text editor. Inkscape doesn't let you precisely edit the positions of gradients and the like.

I've uploaded it as a svg.gz here:
without shadow: gateway.glop.me/ipfs/QmZirByq6MyZH3BhFqvJ3ov66zPSPwVvwbtVqAzXJ7gd5E/logo2.svg.gz
with shadow: gateway.glop.me/ipfs/QmXFHRXcEWht9gwQtzSBZosyhzT8jx4TVKLXgM82GFVYse/logo.svg.gz

I've rendered to PNGs for preview purposes only.

The shadows still look fucking retarded so I've edited them once again. Non-shadowed one is unaffected.


Fuck damnit OP stop fucking around with logos and get some fucking code in there already you nigger.

That's the Holla Forums way

every fucking time. it's probably the same person. every fucking time they suggest that Holla Forums creates a new browser based on chrome that "removes the botnet" and every fucking time they just make a logo, and they dont do anything about it.

I don't know, The dev seems to be determined.
He made a repo and is currently working on importing iridium as a base.

Let's hope he adds new features and not just INOX patches.

Logo Browser


Its empty because gitgud couldn't fork iridium from its options menu when I created the repo so I'm having to manually push it to the repo. I'm currently dealing with a failing PSU so I may have to continue on my laptop

but they made a board the last time too. 😂

new browser: Kramium



At least zirconium had an actual repo.....

At least zirconium had an actual repo.....


Is this the Duke Nukem browser of choice?

Duke Nukem only browses the corpses of his enemies for loot.


did you read the thread

what? no. it took months to debotnet the default firefox about:config to make it stop leaking data like a bucket without a bottom

How about we contribute to qutebrowser instead?

Qutebrowser uses webkit, which is flawed beyond redemption and finds any excuse to crash

It got the funding to switch from webkit to something better, though. (I forgot the name)
So we can just wait until it switches in about a month and work on that.

so, it's just a renamed dwb? just use fucking uzbl.

too bad there's nothing better.

When I tried qutebrowser a year ago it crashed constantly, probably because of a bad Qt version. I've been trying it again for the past few days and it hasn't crashed at all.

It's not renamed dwb, it's rewritten dwb. It uses Qt instead of GTK, it's cross-platform, and it's maintained.

Holy shit the repo actually has shit in it now

I might take a look at that stuff later and see if I could suggest a few tweaks for speed or something.

Update on the current situation >>>/ub/29

Already dead

Its a good idea so its worth the wait

but user it's still bad and dumb because [meme reasons that aren't based in reality]