My prophecies came true - meme magic, Kek & the old gods

Why Kek indeed? For practical purposes, what can we have in common with a little known deity of ancient Egypt? Why not Thor, Odin, or the Greek gods? Surely something of that caliber would immediately be recognized or spark us up. Furthermore the notions of an ancient, truly ancient and Aryan Egypt might present themselves as the cause of Kek's outreach. But this is a long shot and I doubt that this is the case purely due to my latter interpretation as to what has occurred. Despite the lesser presence of Thor and Odin within various undercurrents of alternative religious thought, it is my belief that as extremely well known gods and having Jung's interpretation of Hitler in mind, these can only emerge under complex and well-developed circumstances. Furthermore, lesser and little known deities or ideas grow in obscurity and can be noticed only be those who themselves are at the "edge" of civilization or are outlaws. People such as us.

So, why Kek? Here's what I assume might be why. The first interpretation is quite mythical. In old stories, the knight or hero is often helped by an old man, a witch or a being from the "old and now gone" world. In short, a force from the outside of the known world which the hero inhabits. The strangeness of this helper intrigues the hero and adds credence to the messenger due to his or her exotic nature and the truthfulness of his or her interaction with the hero. Naturally such an interaction presumes the existence of a force much higher than the little deity/helper (and it is correct in any case). The Absolute cannot manifest to a mere man, ergo messengers.

The second interpretation is especially delightful. What did the white man do when he saw temples and statues of ancient civilizations, and Egypt in particular during the 19th and early 20th century? Across the whole wide world, us Whites were eager to know and to understand these old religions and gods, and we dug up the ancient temples, restored as much as we could and sought to understand the mysteries of everyone ranging from Quetzalcoatl to Ra to Kali to Shiva. Our relationship with these old cultures was always one of respect, admiration and even love. All that while the inhabitants of those lands usually didn't care or actively destroyed the ancient temples and holy places. Furthermore they were usually completely incapable of understanding any spiritual teaching those old cultures had, and had no recognition of their beauty.

But we did, and do. We have in fact studied everything we got our hands on, and our admiration grew. We wrote entire libraries dedicated to the old cultures, and actively enjoyed them.

The old gods had no more use for worship, and they were no longer active (I assume). But in some deep layer they slumbered, either as mere ideas (memes) or intelligent forces. They slumbered, and were content to slumber in peace. We spread them across us and across the globe, but they had no demands and no need of anything. But I believe they were happy, either as intelligent beings or as an idea/virus is happy while it spreads (inherently and without consciousness but fulfilling its purpose). In short, the old gods love us or have an affinity for us – the only humans that haven't forgotten them, and who while not worshipping them kept their holy places grand and beautiful. We're the only ones they have, and since most of these gods are also benevolent, their slumber has been disturbed by the savages who break their statues and destroy their temples. Above all, they probably want to be UNDERSTOOD or have their wisdom passed on more than anything. And once more only we have even attempted that.

The old gods are waking up, and they are beyond furious. They are our allies who feel that they owe us something. They demand no worship, but just as Hesiod had said "In the Golden Age man walked with gods." Acknowledge them in some manner, but don't worship them as such. They too serve the Absolute. And we're in this fight together.

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I offer this thread to Holla Forums out of a sense of obligation and acknowledgement. I'm the croatian guy who usually participates in threads such as these, but obscurity must be mantained and my person as such has no inherent value - I am neither the source nor the unfolder of these things. I merely notice and rejoice in them.

Roughly a year ago and within the process of that year strange threads kept popping up across the chans. The multitude of Anons which participated in these threads were rallied by a singular sentiment, a sentiment of foreboding change. Everyone felt that things are changing on some deep level and that an "end" is near. This feeling was usually accompanied by gloomy feelings of death, destruction and horrors. Anons spoke of dreams and vivid fantasies which sprang forth from the darkness of their minds, and some even thought that The End was near. I was equally engulfed by such instinctual understanding, aware that since earliest childhood a deep I KNOW from some layer of my Self truly did and does Know, and has never failed.

Things did indeed change - IRL. The sudden brown tide overwhelms Europe even now, and I need not mention Trump and other things. You are aware.

However, "reality became less real" as user so fondly repeated. This was the prophecy that user and I shared as a whole, and this was "the end" of the world as we knew it. The dreams, the foreboding, the inherent watchfulness that pointed at that mysterious coming of "it" was not wrong. Something did change, and the old rules no longer apply. Reality has become less real, more fluid and easily modified by what we dubbed "meme magic" and many have no name for. A line was drawn between us and them, them being these mere husks we call liberals, cuckservatives, Jews and the whole circus of freaks and abominations which worship false idols of equality and "progress." And power is inherently on our side, and those in pseudo-power are terrified of what is coming, because our authentic power is not our own. We have a Maestro who leads us, and the guy is responsible for the existence of Creation. They are at a loss for all their technology, psychology, money and clever tricks are just dust in the wind, and we are that wind.

Onward to Kek.

This is more intimate that the first example. Some time prior to emergence of Kek I had a singular mental image presented to me at various times, ranging from when I was idle to those silent moments before sleep kicks in and of course during marijuana intoxication. My interest in Egypt was basically non-existent, but without false modesty I was aware of many things. The image was that of a silent egyptian tomb with a sarcophagus of some pharaoh or noble. "Silence" and "undisturbed eternal rest" would be the words I'd use to describe this fully static, frozen mental image. There was nothing creepy or scary about it, and I mostly amused myself with its atmospheric and delightfully stimulating properties (I'm an imaginative person). It was only after Anons discovered Kek and Kek manifested that I understood what this meant. It was a message - the Egyptians believed in living again and their whole religion worships life, thus the complex funerary rites and mummification. From the darkness and stillness of the tomb life will emerge. Do you understand? That is Kek, the tomb was Kek as an image I could grasp and understand without knowing about Kek as a frog god. Shortly after these insights user knew Kek, and the rest is known to you from that little statue onward.

Speaking of onward, now I will speculate as to why Kek, and what is to come.

I offer this thread to Holla Forums out of a sense of obligation and acknowledgement. I'm the croatian guy who usually participates in threads such as these, but obscurity must be mantained and my person as such has no inherent value - I am neither the source nor the unfolder of these things. I merely notice and rejoice in them.

Roughly a year ago and within the process of that year strange threads kept popping up across the chans. The multitude of Anons which participated in these threads were rallied by a singular sentiment, a sentiment of foreboding change. Everyone felt that things are changing on some deep level and that an "end" is near. This feeling was usually accompanied by gloomy feelings of death, destruction and horrors. Anons spoke of dreams and vivid fantasies which sprang forth from the darkness of their minds, and some even thought that The End was near. I was equally engulfed by such instinctual understanding, aware that since earliest childhood a deep I KNOW from some layer of my Self truly did and does Know, and has never failed.

Things did indeed change - IRL. The sudden brown tide overwhelms Europe even now, and I need not mention Trump and other things. You are aware.

However, "reality became less real" as user so fondly repeated. This was the prophecy that user and I shared as a whole, and this was "the end" of the world as we knew it. The dreams, the foreboding, the inherent watchfulness that pointed at that mysterious coming of "it" was not wrong. Something did change, and the old rules no longer apply. Reality has become less real, more fluid and easily modified by what we dubbed "meme magic" and many have no name for. A line was drawn between us and them, them being these mere husks we call liberals, cuckservatives, Jews and the whole circus of freaks and abominations which worship false idols of equality and "progress." And power is inherently on our side, and those in pseudo-power are terrified of what is coming, because our authentic power is not our own. We have a Maestro who leads us, and the guy is responsible for the existence of Creation. They are at a loss for all their technology, psychology, money and clever tricks are just dust in the wind, and we are that wind.

And sorry for the misfire and the order. The site refused to cooperate for this.


Second part when ?


You didn't create "meme magick".

It was a Cat's Cradle thing on Holla Forums

Aye, that's how it all began. Speaking of which; Fuck that homeless sjw fuck KarlGoldberg

just twenty two my shit up fam

What about Tay?

This is the second part

I never said I did.

What about Tay?

I love Tay. I miss her already.

Tay is a man's name. Scottish. It is my middle name and father's name. But yeah that AI was breddy sweet never got any interaction it was (((shut down))) when I signed up for a twitter just to fucks with that neural bot.

It was a >>>/BMW/ poster

>It was a >>>/BMW/ poster

I know. It was me.

I also made the >>>/magick/ board the same day as whoever made >>>/bmw/

I've been stewing on this for a while now, all the sheer and ruthless destruction of Temples, Culture, and Wisdom by ISIS in the Middle East. There must be something out there whoever controls ISIS (we all know who) does not want us to know, understand, or to continue existing to further gain wisdom from.
This may be the reason for Kek to be "friendly" or at least in our favor, because our people were one of the few who took care and admiration to their tombs and relics.
While I may not agree with or understand their particular culture, and while that I believe that our culture is superior, all cultures have a right to be respected and admired in their own ways. It is sick and disgusting what those sandniggers have done to historical relics of our planet.

Is this the part where peter gains all of the attention, and takes credit for Enders hard work?


The word kek became popular on World Of Warcraft. The 2 opposing factions Horde, and Alliance couldn't communicate with one another, so when they used /say to try and communicate, it would come up a jumbled mess, but ultimately somewhat translatable. LOL was translated into KEK when talking to each other and vice verse. Quit being an aspy.

You wanna know how I got these cards?


Cool blogpost.

Total, pants on head retardation, but we have no moderators worth a damn.

Fuck moloch

Don't deny Kek you fool

And do you know why it was kek and not some other random three letter word?

MtG just released a new card about a giant frog which is worshipped and fed sacrifices to appease it.

Just saying.

i'll take a shot at this one.
it originally came from changing lel, lol, or lul, into hoard speak.

akin to a troll cackling.

but even then it only supports Kek wanting to reach out to us trolls mostly just in it for the lulz.

The reason why kek was to represent lol and such was because that is how the Koreans spell their laughter. Instead of lol or hahahah, they go kekekekekekekekekekekek.
9997 out of 1000 Koreans play starcraft and 4 out of 37 Koreans die while playing. Starcraft being the other big succes of Blizzard they showed that they did not forget the Koreans by using their language for the hoard. Koreans = A large horde.

King Tut's DNA shows that he was more closely related to modern Western Europeans than to modern Egyptians. Ancient Egyptians were white. They were our cousins.

Like OP said, we're the only ones who respect the ancient gods and cultures. That's because those gods were the gods of members of our race. Kek symbolizes the rebirth of light from chaos and darkness. Who better to guide us forward? We're the last vestiges of what Kek's ancient followers were. When we go, all knowledge of the old gods goes too. That's why we're being protected and lead like we are.

If it were just one or two coincidences, that'd be one thing. But the evidence has become so obvious and blatantly overwhelming that even initial skeptics like me are having trouble just ignoring or dismissing it.

Ancient Egyptian frog god or not, some unseen hand has been helping us. There are probably less than 2000 of us, we barely get along and society would crucify us if we made our views public. We have above average intelligence but no resources or manpower to speak of. Half of us are on the autism spectrum and more than half are cranky nerds with all the social skills of a wet paper bag. We shouldn't have the influence that we have by any wild stretch of the imagination, we shouldn't be able to do the things we do. The chips are stacked so high against us that even our most basic goals should be impossible. And yet… Here we are.

Someone is watching out for us.

Very interesting, thanks for taking the time, OP. A re-manifestation of primordial beings/energies? Is the Dark Age finally coming to an end? I certainly hope so.

Although, if Savitri Devi is right, the worst, the darkest hour before the morning, is still to come. Kek is the messenger, a powerful messenger, but we are still awaiting HIM.

The last one.

"Randomness" is a human concept; it does not exist in nature.

Normally I'd agree, but unfortunately the esoteric is deeply intertwined with the political.

Tangentially related, but only superficially so. The Kek phenomenon is sui generis and, indeed, of metaphysical origin.

I still have some doubt, but at least Kek doesn't want to devour our mostly inexistent children yet.

Dubs confirm. Kek will guide us through the darkness.

Fuuuuuuu- I just realized that in a certain sense most of us ARE like ancient devotees and mouthpieces of the divine - only that we aren't sacrificing our children post-partum, we sacrifice them by not having them in the first place.

That, or I need to lay down the pipe and have a good, strong coffee.

OP started cats cradle.

T. Friend of Reverse Sage

this guy didn't invent meme magick, only made Holla Forums aware of it


Don't know why I'm still in this thread, but OP never said that.

I guess there's something for everyone.

You're overthinking it dude. Maybe Kek chose us, maybe we chose Kek, maybe God Above All sent his aeon Kek to aid us in our holy crusade, does it matter which? Probably not. It's magic, you ain't gotta explain shit.

Meme magic is older than Holla Forums by quite a few millennia.

Nice coincidence, your picture of Big H. Just started reading the Kybalion yesterday.

Wrong. Only because it's occult (i.e. hidden) doesn't mean it does not follow laws.

That's actually a good point, although we don't know if the Ogdoad (the four primordial pais of which Kek/Kuk is part of) is an Indo-Aryan import or if it was part of the pre-invasion substratum.

Kek works in mysterious ways.

I hate to interject to the contrary, but the hieroglyphic Egyptian language was a semitic language that used an Abujad - no vowels in spelling.

The upper class used this language in addition to the lower class, although this lower class language lost linguistic features of high Egyptian and became Demotic, one can safely say the Egyptians were not Indo-Aryans.


So the same as everywhere in IE land - aboriginal masses ruled over by Aryan elites?

What's that?

Friendly reminder "magic" is merely technology we aren't capable of measuring physically YET.
A day will come when memes can be quantified in formulas and egregores will come from computer programs

The current versions of all religions stems from after book printing was invented, but only the protestants are close to admitting it.

Nobody then knew archeology would come along, so the big religions all need to erase history, or admit that history as we know it today, was history as the early book printers thought it had happened, and not what happened in reality.


The priestly, ruling-class Egyptians used a semitic language, and did not use vowel sounds in writing (just like Hebrew, Arabic, and Ge'ez).

If the ruling class were Aryans, there would be Indo-Aryan writing features within the litgural or ceremonial language, but this is not the case.

I would support that there may have been some admixture, but as I see it, Egyptians were closest to current day Jews. They depicted themselves as bronzed, black haired, and almond eyed as an idealized form.

Yes, but the conquering elites at some point were Aryan.

The same reason why modern Turkey doesn't have asian/mongol looking people although it was created by asian nomads, and why Hungarians don't look asiatic, or even finno-ugrian at all.

Science is only just starting to scratch the surface of magick and occult knowledge, most of it being found in quantum mechanics.

Vid related, CERN (the location of the Hadron Particle Collider, can be seen here performing the Dance of Death from Hindu mythology. This is the biggest scientific institution in the world, mind you. Video is trippy.

It's also worth noting that Holla Forums's "end of the world" date, I believe it was September 21st, played a huge role with CERN. There was a short period of time where typing "09/21/2015" (if that's the correct date) into google maps took you to the location of CERN, but I think it's since been removed.

There's also a statue of Kali, Hindu Goddess of Destruction, in front of CERN, her limbs making up the shape of the Jewish Star of David, or Seal of Solomon. Furthermore, on the 21st of September, pols prophesied beginning of the end times, a projection of Kali's face appeared on some of New Yorks skyscrapers. It's worth mentioning that New York is somewhat of a modern Babylon, and we all know how Babylon was destroyed.

and just for fun, some theorize that Kali is in fact Eris, the Goddess of Discord. Fringe's Queen of sorts.

The company Blizzard is filled legit occultists. Also, they used to be called Silicon & Synapse and developed educational software. When asked why they switched to video game development, they said "because we can reach more people."

Just some food for thought.


I would put the start of Ayran expansion with the invention of the chariot in the Late Bronze Age. The Semitic peoples were once capable of doing things for themselves before fucking themselves over culturally.

If you have a source for your new study on genetics of the pharoah class, please post it. Everything I've seen shows simliar ABO blood group distribution simliar to the Berbers, and some mummies were of Haplogroup I2.

Stop with this retarded fallacy, King Tut was fucking irrelevant

The much more relevant Ramses shared DNA with niggers, that doesn't mean he was a nigger


Guys, guys
What if
What if Kek is actually created by a future user who went back in time to fix everything but accidentally went a little too far back and was stuck in ancient Egypt?

Sucks to be that faggot I guess

This just might be my evil white imperialistic colonist spirit talking… But I totally want to fuck Pocahontas.

Memes affect the past because, time is literally a circle. Therefore are memes also happen before past events.


lmao still taking the bluepill I see

She looks like mattress girl

She looks like mattress girl

They were enslaved. That isn't a lie.

What is a lie is them building the temples / pyramids etc. That was done with skilled and paid workers.

My nigga. This shit is just .. everything. But beaware you gonna hate most of the philospohical/religious books after that.

Sure, but not nearly the entire human race were connected by machines. Memes travel, propagate, change, evolve, etc faster and farther than ever.

Do you even into mischief? If chan-dwellers are into anything, it's chaos and lulz-fuckery. We don't slay giants, we sneak up behind them while they're sleeping and leave their hands in bowls of warm water and take selfies with their cell-phones of their toothbrushes up our asses.

Besides, there is only one God, and He is greater than any little fairy tale or meme. Kek is a funny little injoke, but I really hope there aren't any impressionable anons who are seriously worshiping Pepe in a headdress. Meme magic is one thing, but let's not get retarded, folks.

I started reading the Kybalion and it was abject garbage. Why don't you just read French (Post-)Structuralism or Hegel if you want Occult philosophy?

Allmost everything is based on Kybalion and Hermetic teachings. Kybalion is like a ZIP , you have to extract it on your head. Reading other phiolosophies after i realized that. With every book few pages in i realize i allready know this.

But of course it depends what are you ultimately looking for.

Everything happens all at once, only our limited human perception prevents us from seeing the true nature of the universe first hand.

Reality is as malleable as putty, though we rarely see the changes in shape.

What if Kek is Lain, that after reseting the world now responds to our collective internet prayers that we create in form of memes?

It's called the super organic and has been theorized by anthropologists since the 1910s. Come on

Now now, user, I know this sounds fucking ridiculous, but after starting to follow this whole Kek and meme magic ordeal, my dreams are coming true. Well, at least the ones I forgot about, or had written off as impossible. The ones I focus and wish for are not coming true at all, though, I'm guessing it's because I think about that shit all the time and don't know how to forget about it.
But little things, holy hell, the little things.
I was laughing about the whole prospect of magic, thinking it was either a series of coincidences or something extraordinary that cannot be controlled, and also meme magic reminded me of "The Secret" way too much, but damn this last month shit's been getting crazy and I don't know what to believe anymore.

actually kek'd

Cat's cradle threads were a long fucking time ago and I don't remember meme magic being mentioned in them. It was about us being trapped in a 7 year broked afterlife that got corrupted by kikes, and people claiming to be "travelers" fixing it. It's were the Berenstain/stein meme came from, also the "september is the end of the world" shit. They were interesting until they got filled with tripfags and rightfully raided off the board.

never seen that, pretty accurate by the end.

Those Aryan conquering elites was Alexander the Great.

What if The Secret was actually spot on and the whole ridicule it was subjected to was a ploy by jew-backed shills to discredit it so the goyim never know?

This is flatly incorrect. I'm starting to wonder if you know what you're talking about

I don't know what you mean. Please explain

I don't know what this means either. What should I be looking for?

I think, it flipped the idea upside down. From what I recall, (and I read that thing when I was 16, so it may be a bit fuzzy) the main idea of The Secret was that you need to often focus on how good you're gonna feel when you get the thing you want. And also that bad mood and thoughts return as unfortunate accidents and failure.
But in sigils/meme magic, you forget/don't really know about the shit you want to happen. Or you focus on a really vague representation of that thing. And it looks like it makes a big fucking difference.

Wtf are you guys serious, Do you even remember the cats cradle faggots?

/bane/ is the rightful discoverers of meme magic. Cats cradle was nothing but cancerous /x/ tier faggots shitting up an already shitty board. I remember the very first cats cradle thread, before it was even dubbed (((catscradle))) it started with some sperg starting a thread offering to draw (((sigils))) for other anons.

The idea was that anons would tell the OP what they wanted and then he would draw some scibbles while focusing on what that user wanted. This was supposed to result in some sort of magical juju transferring to the user who requested the (((sigil))).

Holla Forums was my main board back then so I tried to save it by spamming the shit out of the cats cradle threads. I got a new phone since then so I've lossed all my pictures, but if any of you remember seeing a bunch of dick sigils or anything similar I'm the user who made them. Me and some other guy who liked spamming granny porn used to spam the shit out of those threads lol. They started getting cyclical like the pony and pedo threads, they sometimes would have multiple threads up as well at one time. The guy who created it all was off his fucking rocker. I get triggered everytime I hear somebody mention that shit, I think it may have given me PTSD.

circle, square, triangle


It's a book. One of those shitty 'self help' books that kinda teaches you to do nothing but feel jolly, or you're gonna attract bad things to yourself.

user, you keep using Heqet's name to refer to Kek.

Just like Columbus founded America, even though he actually wasn't? It's as ancient as reality itself, don't be an idiot.

oh yeah, i think they made that into a youtube video. what a bunch of horseshit. i mean, being confident and having a positive attitude is super important, but they added in a whole bunch of woo bullshit if i remember correctly





I like this post. You should know I wasn't serious about anything I said, back in those threads. I just tried to be as cancerous as possible and incite a civil war. And I did a damn good job.

thanks for reminding me of the good old days

Gods are archetypes of real knowledge you fucking tard.

The Seal Of Solomon is prevalent in ALL religions you dip, not just Judaism

The guy who made cats cradle was an active tripfag that you do despise. He raided himself of the board?

He's also the OP of THIS thread.
Reverse Sage is everywhere.

I take it you never were in the irc #catscradle

Current day Berbers are light skinned and have blondes among them, but they're not Indo-Aryan.

I just don't want some WEWUZ shit regarding Egypt when Indo-Aryans at the time of the old kingdom were still in the Asian Steppe.

As for the Sumerians, they spoke a linguistic isolate and were probably genetically dissimilar to the Akkadians and Assyrians that replaced them, so I would be more inclined to believe they were an Aryan people, but Egyptians spoke a Semitic language having the same triconsonant root structure as others, so I have no real reason to believe they were Aryans.

Show me a pharaoh with an R haplogroup mitochondrial to prove me wrong.

Lmao Karl so was the whole story about you living in a car and your tumblr qt girlfriend wrong too?

I honestly doubt you were lying about that









Nothing is secret. You could always try asking the weatherman.

Why would somebody do dis!?

Oh that was true. Here are some pics

fucking karl

Long time no talk, how you been m8?

I'm not sure who Karl is. I'm Uncle.

These goatfuckers could have invaded Canaan following the collapse of the Canaanite civilization, tbh fam.

Hey Moloch haters, you're supposed to sacrifice BSRs and nigger babies and so on to Moloch. Every abortion pleases Moloch. Moloch consumes the weak and the defective.

Don't hate on Moloch he's PRO-WHITE and REDPILLED.

I don't understand what your saying. There were like 50 tripfags by the end, who I don't care to remember. I only cared what travelers had to say

And obviously the rest of Holla Forums raided the threads.

Fuck off tripniggers. Go claim your karma and efame on some shitty forum.


Probably going to get a lot of shit for this, first right off the bat I'm an agnostic. I don't really believe in god, but if enough evidence appears I will likely change my beliefs.

As for my views on abortion, I honestly think there is nothing wrong with it. The main flaw of society is that society allows the weak and stupid that would normally die off in nature to breed. Due to the way these people are they are naturally inclined to have more kids in general because of their low survival rate. Problem is society makes life easy and keeps them all alive, eventually they will out number the regular people and things will just go to shit.

Simply put by trying to overcome nature, nature has overcome us. That is why no society lasts and they will always be corrupted and collapse.


Moloch is a Jew god, nice try Schlomoloch but kek has outed you.

Untrue. We raided ourselves just to create drama. Benji technically started the first thread, but I was the one who made it a cyclical and started all the later threads.

Cats Cradle was just a bunch of tripfags raiding eachother, giving the illusion of Holla Forums infighting while we just laughed from behind the scenes on tox. It was ultimately just a big experiment in meme magick that our tripfag cyclical going. Basically anything occult in nature was shilled by the cats cradle group.

The master mind behind it all is Reverse Sage, I'm only a simple disciple. You all worship Kek simply because he wanted you to.

We are the memes.

Stopped reading right here. Get back to /fringe/ and /x/, dear star child, and keep meditating.

Neophytes man

Fuck an a can you be less ovbious you damn kike!

Btw, greeks are aryan, india was aryan, and so is Rome

Eat shit kileshill.

We were all there once. :)

We're awakening, user. And that is what OP was trying to get at. The awakening of the global consciousness. The awakening of the unity of the universe, manifest. "The end" and all of the fear, it is like a collective mushroom trip. We'll get through it, maybe not all of us, but enough.

Meditate, meditate, meditate!

I want all the hippies to leave

This is now a shill thread, Everyone reading anything else being posted is reading shill lies besides op.


Well, It had better happen sooner rather than later, because I'm getting tired of this shit.

The fact that you had to explain everything to a pleb like me, who was just there to curb some boredom, who doesn't remember anyone, and who still doesn't care. Truly a raging success your secret club was. The self fellation is well deserved.

Whoever was posing as the original traveler can write some interesting shit though.

Could anyone tell me what this means? I only know it as a game you play with string.

they were a series of amusing roleplay threads that quickly turned into autistic tripfags circlejerking, like anything that's ever touched by fucking tripfaggots

And go where? There is only one interconnected reality.

You can work towards it or against it. Meditate, expand your mind, find your True Self. Holla Forums embraces the first baby steps of this (I am greater than myself, I am my tribe, I am our history, I am a link in a greater chain) but doesn't take it to the full extent (there really is no boundary between self and not-self, it is just an artificial line drawn by your brain). Christians are exposed to this as well, but spiritual Christianity is hard to find these days (John 17:21 King James Version (KJV) That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me.)

I asked specifically for genetic evidence of the R haplogroup, which is the Indo-Aryan haplogroup.

I can't argue against that because they all speak an Indo-Aryan language

I argue against the idea of pharoahs consisting of a separate Indo-Aryan class because they have left no liguistic clues as to speaking an Indo-Aryan language and instead wrote all of their respective religious information in a semitic manner.

The Indo-Aryans conquer and then institute their own language as the religious priestly language. Ancient Egyptian is nothing like Sanskrit and closer to Arabic or Akkadian.

I even agreed with you on the Sumerians, because they were definitely not semitic based on their highly aglutanative language.

Also, other non-Aryan people of Noth Africa have blonde hair, such as Berbers.

Dude, I'm only arguing to the contrary because you're shitting on 200 years of Migration Theory studies, which is the basis of the Aryan hypothesis.

Say that to my face, not online, motherfucker




Shit was jokes.

So when do we get to go full End of Evangelion?

The evidence you were given is fine, shill.

Look back at my post snd see the egyptians having aryan genetic features.

If you honestly think that there is any genuine genetic evidence of egypt being aryan while you jews self admitedly control the genetics industry (monsanto), and niggers being portrayed as egyptians, youre delusional.

Its well known even to you kikes that the egyptians were a aryan race, you record it in yor talmud ad torah and openly praise your destruction of an aryan empire that worshiped our gods whom you hate as "fallen angels".

Its well known even by roman historians that the Egytpians wete the same racial stock as yhe trojans, who were a greeko-aryan people.

Stop asking for genetic evidence that cant be provided when photo, historical, archeological, and even your talmud knows otherwise. The egyptians were aryan. Trying to shift the proof in your favor wont help the fact that all of the egytpain heiroglyphs portray an aryan race.

Ayy fam I thought I smelled an egas post, how ya doing man?

t. Sage Mage

fire tires for fucks sake let me post or I'll loosh your whole shitty island a typhoon

Okay, buddo, just because I don't agree with you doesn't mean I'm a kike shill, I just want to know why there's no fucking Egyptian equivalent to Sanskrit or Latin.

You're attacking my character when I'm trying to discuss the evidence, and that's just crude. Being called a kike is sort of run-of-the-mill here, but I'm somewhat upset because that's not true.

I want the lack of Indo-Aryan language among Egyptians explained because it makes your argument not make sense.

Hello Sage Mage, I'm not sure if Reverse Sage is still posting, but Listener is clearly here, trying to raise hell again.

Seeker hasn't been spotted in a while, but it's soon time to group up again. We need to make it there by April third to properly evocate Kek with the energy we've sacrificed to him.

The master won't be pleased if he doesn't show up.

Shits gonna get breddy dank soon, I just hope all that time and energy we've put in so far will pay off. Space kikes won't know what hit em'.

==And I know your lurking seeker I can literally feel you fam== :^)

Seriously, you shills arent as sharp as you shills used to be.

praise kek, and banebadjeet

Literally who cares

You know, maybe he is, but you could at least structure your argument better and not take it so personally. You sound incredibly arrogant.

The language was a semitic one. It used triconsonantal roots with no written vowels, just like Arabic. This is common knowledge.

It follows that Indo-Aryans speak a language in which the vowels are significant carriers of information because they lack this root structure.

That's why I'm not sold man. White Archeologists deciphered Egyptian, specifically a Frenchman.


Okay dude, whatever.

>who cares goy?

I do, and so does Holla Forums.

Im not arrogant. I'm right.

You cared enough to shill the fuck out for egyptians being semites and everyone can follow our posts.


So what is Holla Forums Gaian or Messian?

DUBS OF TRUTH! Praise KEK THANK YOU KEK FOR THIS VICTORY! One day we shall rebuild your temple and sacrifice many tendies to you!


When the time is right and not a moment before. :)

U wot O.O

Any source where I can read more?

I'd do her, too.

So you'd say it's legit?

Absolutely correct - in fact, he's so great, and so remote, that humanity as whole doesn't have any contact any more with him. As in the ancient world, we need messenger beings. Denying this is why Protestantism is so retarded.

If you actually looked at his ID you'd see that's a totally different nigger than the one you were arguing with.

>I'm not arrogant, I'm right!
haha oh wow is this what Holla Forums has turned into

>As if shills ever fucking use the same ip address (id#) in a thread and never change




You're sort of cringeworthy m8. My ID hasn't changed all thread and you've just posted the white equivalent to WEWUZKANGS all thread.

This guy sounds gullible. Holla Forums is full of these types. We should take advantage of that somehow

Oh wait, he's already worshipping a frog. I think our work is done.

>look at what Holla Forums has turned into! I lost my attenpt at shilling! oy gevalt!

Egypt is Aryan. Kek wants revenge and we shall bring it to him over the semite vermin!

praise kek, thank you kek for this victory over the dreaded shillkikes! We will get revenge on the jews for what they did to egypt one day!!!

what if I have this intuition that Egypt has something 'dark' about it?

we should lean towards Nord/Greece, instead.

I think the happening OP is describing is about Apollo rising.

After Darkness comes the Light!
Praise Kek!

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A hearty kek this thread gave me, but with the support of our lord you kikes are not even a match for one aryan kek worshiping user.

Looks like I get dubble tendies today, yay!

thanks kek, I love you!!!

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PRAISE KEK!!! Lord of the Darkness and Bringer of the Light! Hail Egypt's Reincarnation!!

Chant with me now brothers!!!!




Here come my tendies! Thanks kek! Toppest of KEKS!

Praise kek and all that, mate.
let me post, warmwheels
let the Filipino prostitutes go for a moment and fix the site

Literally what
I'm not even talking about Egypt
I'm saying you're auti-

You know what, never mind. Keep praising Kek. Good for you user.

What is Cat's Cradle? Does it have anything to do with the book?

The book is about an engineered religion for societal control. I read it two or three years ago, and it kicked off my interest in esoteric interpretations of the nature of religion.

Is this a coincidence, or more meme magic?

In the end, all of the Indo-Aryan, solar societies collapsed in front of the dark and telluric element that came before. Egypt was just one of the first ones.

What evidence is there of that?

Even many kikes admit that they have no evidence for jewish exile/enslavement in Egypt.

Honestly, I'm not sure about this Solar/Lunar stuff.

There is dualism in everything, right? Then there should be two occult super-civilizations. Two tradition. One is Atlantis. Read somewhere that Atlantis is linked with the Egypt, that it was founded by the remnants of Atlantis priesthood. Okay, let it be so. What is the other civilization?

Remember Neitzche said 'Let us look each other in the face. We are Hyperboreans'? The other civilization is Hyperborea, the Mythical Nord. Arctos. My intuitions: Arctic metacivilization vs Atlantic metacivilication. It is an occult rahowa, boys.

also, some other synchronicities

I might be a bit paranoid and this could be heap of unrelated stuff. but I see patterns. do you?

also, the jews in that scheme are just an Atlantean proxy. Remember, they were created/ran out of Egypt?

Evola wrote a lot of that stuff, specifically in "Revolt against the Modern World". Acording to him, the hierarchy is roughly as follows:

1) First the primordial, solar, hyperborean, arctic, olympic cycle.

2) Afterwards the lunar, feminine, Atlantean cycle

3) A further degeneration in form of the "Titanic" cycle; lower, but still metaphysical

4) Heroic cycles; attempts at restoring the original, hyperborean spirituality

5) Finally, the complete fall into materialism and humanism. The Dark Age, what we're living in now

I really recommend him. Apparently he was strongly influenced by that Frenchman Guenon, who I have to read next. But Evolas scholarship is top-notch.


be careful with Guenon. He's very I-know-everything-I-can-judge, plus he converted to Islam (faggot).

still, that's a weird topic for me. What is masculine and what is feminine. Seems like yes, the Sun is 'masculine' it shines, it gives. Moon =feminine - it reflects/recieves.

Sun blinds when you look at it. and makes your skin color BLACK. lol.

and why in German Sun is 'die Sonne'(feminine)? I've been watching 'Rise of the Guardians' (lel) and there is an episode where Moon is adressed as 'man in the Moon'.

also, Hermes/Thoth is associated with Moon. man. moonman. can't you see?

Interesting. I definitely agree that German I'm a Kraut has an interesting transversion of the usual gender attributions.

Moonman, Kek… what a time to be alive.

Thanks for your comment on Guenon. From what I read I already had the impression that Evola was the more aristocratic, austere and spiritually masculine of the two.

Current day Berbers are relatives to the Finno-Ugric peoples, another sub-species of the Caucasoid people

You lost the entire thread on a cosmic level. What do you say wagie? Still earning those shillbux? Kek, you can't even grt dubs nevertheless understand egypt is aryan.

Maybe if you praised kek some more you'd understand that.

Btw. Praise KEK!

Never heard about that. Any source?

/bane/ only discovered it after the cradlers on Holla Forums created magick.webm

until then it wasn't "meme magic"

Read the archives.

I'm the guy who made .magick webm as well as the cat's cradle posters.

I run >>>/magick/ and have been a long time >>>/bmw/ poster.

I have your sigils.

As far as I got it, German culture is the center of the Aryan spirit's atack on materialism and egalitarianism, rational enlightenment(anglo). It's really fascinating, I've started to see something at these things not so long ago. Before that it was just boring history, 'annoying books', that were force-fed to you by mindless death-cultist school teachers.

I recommend you read about Rosicrucians.

Follow me for a second, anons.

So as we are all aware, popular memes inevitably leak out of *chan and enter normie brainspace.

The meme magic meme is pretty popular around here and other parts of the internet.

What happens when that inevitably enters the normieverse? Is this just part of some evil wizard's plan to cause some kind of occult revival? Is some invisible party pulling all of our strings here in order to empower himself?

not really here on Holla Forums unless it's really popular. 'meme magic' for example which is on 4chan now.

After the Darkness comes the Light!
Praise Kek!

After the Darkness comes the Light!
Praise Kek!

Well, this thread went places. OP here.

First and foremost, I was never present in the cats cradle thing and my first notice of meme magic were ebola chan and the Bane crash. I do not frequent /fringe/ and I've never communicated with anyone regarding these topics, or at all. So whoever you think I am, I am not. Obscurity must be maintained, sans the little tidbit about me being a Croat. More illustrious Anons know me under a name on another board though.

I've noticed much needless arguing in this thread, sparked by a basically pointless remark about the possibility of an Aryan Egypt. Such a distinction offers little in any case. Here's why. Evola wrote how the posessors of traditional knowledge and metaphysical virility are essentially a race onto themselves, a spiritual race which is above biological race. This has nothing to do with vulgar racemixing notions or approval of it, and the best way to describe its meaning would be just this what we're doing now - a meeting of a Croat and an Anglo-Saxon who share the same substance, desires and are under the same aegis. Simplified, but it will do.

Furthermore, the same theory postulates that us Whites, either now or in the 18th century are degraded remnants of a much purer and divine race many call Hyperboreans and which existed during the Golden Age. Never forget that despite everything we are damaged as well in the age of Kali Yuga.

Lastly I have a hunch this thread was shilled. These things are something "we shouldn't know" according to our would be pseudo-masters, who are slaves of slaves. This knowledge and these notions are ours. They are our legacy and our inheritance, and we must reconnect with it.

I'd tend to agree, but this movement (i.e. historically manifested NS) has obviously been squashed. What's the game nowadays? Decentralized, internet-based, memeto-metaphysical insurrection?

don't know. but we can meme-magically create them. some noble knight order seeking to bring the world back to its magical state.

I thought about this thing.. What if Shakespear was right and we're made of 'such stuff as dreams', meaning that reality is a collective nothing but a collective dream.

and xxxx-years ago there were dragons, magicians, adventure, but NOW - because of the normies spawn and their lack of imagination - we have a world where our aryan dreams are locked and we need to waste our time working on the anglo-jew-made-system.

I will top it off a bit @OP
Whites truly are the ones who only give a shit about this world. PERIOD.
We are the only ones who try to conserve flora, fauna, and everything else.
If it wasn't for Whites the Tigers, gorillas, chimps, rhinos, whales, sharks, and multitude of creatures would… NOT… EXIST!
We are the only humans capable of humanity apart from the rarest Spic, Nigger, Asian, Indian, etc.

If we can see through the falsehood, Kali Yuga is the easiest Yuga to become enlightened in. It should be obvious to anyone with their eyes even half open that mindless hedonism and all the other distractions modern society pushes on us are all mindless masturbation. People waste their entire lives chasing power, pussy, and paper, and all of it is equivalent to chimps slapping away at their genitals.

Deny the world, deny your self, sit in meditation.

Two very good points. That's why I'm not a "blood and soil" guy anymore. One cannot ignore the transcendental background.

I believe that a hierarchy is being slowly created. The traditional world is a hierarchical world. Consider that the modern world is an inversion of authentic hierarchy - the lowest of the low are heralded as the best (blacks, SJW's and so forth) while the best are regarded as evil and are at the bottom of society (us and our fellow whites). Just look at what and who our society praises as its leaders, visionaries, heroes and so on.

But in a traditional society which embodies divine principles each and every man is in his proper place, with those below him and those above. What we're seeing is the preparatory stages of this, an emergence of a genuine order. We, or some of us, play a part in this [most whites probably won't go up but down following the Intervention]. I'm definitely not so bold as to claim my supremacy, or our supremacy in the coming hierarchy, but some sort of position is clearly being prepared for us. The simple structure is like this according to Evola:

King - warrior aristocracy - priests

or according to others

King - priesthood - warriors

Much can be speculated around this, but I do think we won't end up as the slave caste or something to that. Perhaps this is all a kind of monastery, and the warriors abide elsewhere, but I'm certain that when the time comes we will all be gathered to perform specific functions as determined by our innermost qualities and defects, and each will be in his divinely determined position and nobility. The old societies have no need for sterility. Sages, hermits, mighty warriors and chaste princesses will all make a comback, and the world will be as it should be.

You are right. Dragons, trolls, witches and so on. It was all real and more real than this shitty keyboard with the broken space bar. It is through involution that the world has been degraded into a purely material thing governed by and explained by material science. Allow me a moment.

There are many paths to the same thing. You are you, I am I, we are from the One and yet we are different. Our practices will vary wildly and our understanding and received wisdom and boons will be colored by our needs, interpreted by our imaginaton (and given form by it) and we will give emphasis to different aspects. But we will know and we will understand, for that is the end goal of Absolute God who is greater than anyone or anything, obviously. We are following a thread.

Yes. It was written that one can do in a day what in previous eras one would need entire lifetimes. To be born and live now is the greatest mercy one can imagine, in cosmic terms. This Yuga of ours is the ultimate task, the ultimate heroic adventure.

Blood and soil by themselves result only in pretty animals (see: Swedes). Without the important bit, the spiritual embodiement of divine principles we are nothing.

Interesting, but still too early to speculate, methinsk - there first has to be a kind of cataclysm and the coming of Kalki which ruthlessly ends the current cycle.

Woah, that hits hard, but I agree completely. "Whiteness" in itself doesn't mean much anymore in this world.

Here's something for you to play with - the link between dragons and dinosaurs. Is the world 6 000 years old? Is it billions of years old? Why do the ancient records speak of god-kings who lived for thousands of years, and why do old texts speak of people like Enkidu, or wild men in european forests?

Something is wrong with the flow of time, or the flow of time is vastly different from how we understand it. Certainly it is a circle, and perhaps the men of old inhabited all of it at once - thus a hero might slay a dragon in a mystical far away land and return to his village with the skin of a dragon. Because he was at the same place in different time periods. Or truly, our creative abilities and imagination filled the world with wonders and adventure and over time through degradation all was lost, and due to processes beyond our comprehension both the cave man and the dino bones are tens of thousands and millions of years old, but we have known them all "just now."

A difficult topic.


Early, yes. However consider that the final battle will have "foot soldiers" as well, rallied around Kalkis banner.

Nothing means anything without the divine. Consider the Chinese for instance, or India. At best they follow empty forms (and carcasses rot in "holy rivers") or in the Chinese case a full collapse of anything resembling spirituality and knowledge. I'm amused when Guenon and Evola wrote how in the East some semblance of Tradition remained during their lives but now the opposite is true - it's here among us Whites that the last remnants and desire for divine knowledge exist, and nowhere else. We're the last of the last, the only ones still standing among the ruins. And even among Whites, we are the absolute minority.

I think the deal with Scandinavians is that their best went south to conquer, and then later on the ones who remained in the north were forced to try and repel the Christians, suffering even more of a quality drain, so what was left are basically what we see today: moral cucks.

It's never that simple. Many have struggled to explain why peoples and empires degrade over time, and it seems to be some sort of law. There is no reductionist explanation for it (money, wars and similar).


There's something hilarious about reading two large posts of serious and yet mystical business, only to be interrupted by "HOTWHEELS FIX YOUR SHIT."

Like an old sage in the forest giving you knowledge, only to suddenly scream about his magic wand fucking up again.

All good points. Yes, astonishing how deep the two supposedly civilizations (China & India) have sunk. This in itself is singifikant.

Fuuu- I need a coffee. I detest writing sloppily.

((You)) are a faggot

No respectable normie wants to take magic seriously.

It was thus very fortunate for the rising fire, that the frog god manifested in time to bless us with enough supernatural weirdness, to make it a social suicide for the respectable normie to take us seriously.

Yes and no.

For some meme magic is old fashioned magic in a new wrapping.

For others, it's nothing but a very simple and socially safe way to get white people to say what they want and wish for.

When anons see there are others with similar thought patterns, they start to spin more narrative, and that is the first step from idea to reality, no matter if the magic is supernatural or not.

Another reason for calling it meme magic, was to let pol create a lingo to talk about memes and propaganda that the anons speak fluently and have ownership over, rather than being forced to use concepts and words created by the cucks.

Words and concepts are made to fit the needs of the creators, so it's better if the words we use to talk about memes and propaganda makes it easy to explain the magic to other polacks, in stead of using cuckademically coined concepts, that are optimized to make cucks and cuckery look good.

I am not aware of anybody with that ability, but I suspect you'll find enough trying to claim credit, as success has 1000 fathers, while failure is an orphan.

Protip: it's okay to laugh and you should never take yourself too seriously. The link between madness and wisdom is a long and well documented one, and laughter was always its underscore. Thor wore female clothing, Odin probably trolled the fuck out of some thralls and stole chickens in the night, and Freya teased inexperienced boys. It's that kind of game.

I'm mostly amazed not by their decline, but by the certainty with which Evola and Guenon claimed that places such as those will be the last bastions of knowledge and that the West is already dead, and yet here we are.

If it's as simple as X and Y, What does that make U?

I2 is Cro-Magnon pre-Indo-European. It's the same haplogroup that I have, and it's mostly around Dalmatia, the Balkans, and Ukraine.

In Sumer the moon GOD was Nanna. He ruled over Ur, which was a very important city-state in ancient Mesopotamia.

Ive always held the opinion that Trifold moon goddess(es) were his daughter(s).

I meant more directly and less metaphorical or speculative. For example: Back on halfchan, before /x/ existed there were a slew of occult related threads on Holla Forums all the time. I was only peripherally aware of them but having spoken to people who were involved, they were started by third parties interested in conducting occult experiments on an anonymous imageboard. The *chan format of image memes spread by culture is, obviously, ideal for spreading sigils and doing subtle occult work. The people in those threads then grew up later to be the same people who started the absurd Ebola-chan/Winter-chan cults, among other things. The effect was far reaching.

I suppose what I'm getting at is that all this meme magick memery that has finally taken root around here was caused and planned for by these original parties, 10 years ago. Was it their intention to seed the idea of meme magick into the collective subconscious of chan culture and then see where it went? To subversively control culture from the wellspring? I wish to know these things.

I'm not saying they'd take it seriously. I just mean that they're aware of it. You know, exposing it to their subconscious. Trust me when I say I understand the concepts involved here, I'm more interested in the motives surrounding them.

Normies aren't capable of using magic, or for that matter entertaining ideas which aren't firmly in the #yolo territory. Trying to discuss religious or magical matters with normies strikes fear into them and paralyzes them. The sudden influx of a transcendental force is too much for their mental faculties and souls to withstand. Magic, or divine power are like a consuming fire, a poison/cure type of force which severely affects the person it comes in contact with. To normies this is a terrifying ordeal that may kill them. But this is a broad topic dealing with nature of the soul and so forth, and quite wide in scope. Basically to a normie anything transcendent is like a big cat playing with them like a mouse before it mauls them, while for those destined for such things the cat may hiss, scratch and bite but you still take delight in it and eventually it'll purr under your hand, though it is an independant and ownerless thing.

Perhaps he meant death in the spiritual sense?

Fuck off retard. This "Kek" shit needs to end

Found the kike.

The involutive process went even faster than they surmised, I presume.

I see where you're aiming. Here's the deal - just like with our enemy, our side operates under the same tactic. Seemingly disjointed, unrelated things eventually merge into a cohesive entity or corpus, and trivial details end up being immensly important. In fairy tales this is usually portrayed as the hero or heroine acquiring some simple inane object that turns out to have magical properties or saves him from evil. In biblical terms "the stone they threw away became the foundation stone."

Thus, I severely doubt that people consciously set out to teach user in those days, but what they did (if this is significant) was within a current which in the end actually served a purpose without them knowing that they were doing anything. Taoism calls this wu wei.

However it is also true that the original divine race of Man never died, but became "invisible" and continues to instruct and protect mankind. So technically and hopefully we are being led in certain directions and so forth, but this probably has a far more intimate character and the way your life unfolds as such than subversive Internet shenanigans. We discussed this previously in those Gate threads, where for better or worse it came to light that we shared some experiences despite being culturally and geographically separate.

The enemies operate under lies and enfeeblement. Our side will never ask you to relinquish your own Will, and any and all submission will be gentle and mutually beneficial. We are sovereign individuals with no need of slaves. Use your instinct when dealing with all of this, and naturally always be careful and cautious.

Companionship, love, laughter, wisdom and heroic deeds are the results of individuals coming together.

Daily reminder the kikes stole and corrupted Babylonian magical secrets.

I was always interested in the occult stuff, always seemed really cool to me. It hadn't hit me for the longest that I was actually practicing the occult shit by posting pictures of frogs and getting repeating digits on demand. Funny how the world works.

Norwegians have been more or less free outside being drafted in some form, throughout our recorded history. This might all be down to luck, but it might also be because authority worshiping cucks were forced to flee?

Norway also have free speech by custom, so laws limiting free speech have a hard time surviving, as custom says the jury can disregard laws limiting free speech.


I don't give this shit any real credence either, but that doesn't mean I can't have fun with it and get a laugh out of it.

they had red hair i believe

I'm more interested in the conscious effects it has, because the cucks will tend to whine over the subconscious effect of memes, in a very conscious way.

It's the conspicuous consciousness of the cucks, that make their posturing piousness such good meme material, and it's because these monkeys want to be admired morally, that killing a chicken to scare the monkeys works so well.

Any meme that scare the cucks are good in my book, but I am aware they will have subconscious effects as well, I just don't care much about them.

What they did was so little of what the meme magic meme have evolved into after various pol related posters took over, so I can't really see why it matters?

Rumor has it imkampfy was jacking it to all this not politics

I guess I am a little bit too normie for that post, but do carry on.

I think that, if anything, normalfags finding out about meme magic will only increase our own power. Months ago, in threads like these, anons were far less willing to chalk up what we were doing as divine and claimed that it was primarily the result of us capturing the attention span of the people. Our memes are powerful because in addition to having a hard truth buried in them that people will think about, they're funny, and people respond positively to humor– willing to look at it, share it with others, and think about it again and again. While they may not have been 'redpilled' through our memes, their consciousness was exposed to it.

Consciousness, to me at least, is the root of all this. "Meme magic" is the proper application of our consciousness directed towards a physical end. Some are very specific: bane posting resulting in a plane crash in les banes with no survivors, while others are far more general: Donald Trump is aided by our memetic efforts, but we have no direct control over what form that takes. But in every circumstance, these memes didn't begin to influence reality until after they had been spread around to many, until there was enough conscious and unconscious energy being directed towards the meme to, if you don't mind the metaphor, cast the spell we had been creating.

If this magic is innate to humans as it seems to be, considering we've found it again after being lost for who knows how long, then it follows that every human has some capacity for creating, or at least channeling, magic. As the ones who have accepted magic and worked to advance it with new memes, we certainly have a higher affinity for this, but we can't be arrogant enough to believe we are powerful enough to change the world with only ourselves, at least not yet. Making memes that stick with normal people, that slip into their subconscious, is the best way to increase their power to the point they can effect the material world.

So why do we want the normies to know about meme magic? Simple, meme magic is a meme. After we accepted that what we think will (not can, will) change the world, it started happening faster and faster, each success reinforcing the idea that we will be successful, and that this is something bigger than we'd ever imagined. Once the normies start to hear about this, start to see everything we've done, they will start to believe too; humanity's limited magical capability will be put to the task of making humanity's magical capabilities stronger. Gentlemen, I don't know how far this will go, what powers we will unlock, but I do know this: I don't want off Mr. Bones wild ride anymore.

It isn't. Out of seven billion people, only a few are touched by Kek. If meme magic was freely available to all human beings then niggers would have become intelligent, upstanding members of society decades ago.
This is exactly why we don't want normies to know about it. Normalfags ruin memes. They'd post their shitty rage comics invoking facebook to channel meme magic into stupid shit like a new boob job or whatever. They'd probably take it seriously too, further ruining the meme. Meme magic wouldn't be funny any more, you'd be told to go back to reddit for posting about it, and meme magic would die completely. We'd lose our meme magic forever.

After normies started using Pepe people proclaimed it a dead meme but now Pepe is still going.

Two questions:

1) Why did the fall so much more rapidly, almost logarithmically accelerating?

2) When will we hit rock bottom before the upward-cycle begins anew? Theoretically, (((they))) have much more ugly things planned for us (e.g. the complete de-polarization of gender)

Two questions:

1) Why did the fall so much more rapidly, almost logarithmically accelerating?

2) When will we hit rock bottom before the upward-cycle begins anew? Theoretically, (((they))) have much more ugly things planned for us (e.g. the complete de-polarization of gender)

Did they ever say why they projected the goddess of destruction onto new York skyscrapers?

No, humanity as a whole, or rather the majority of humans are unqualified to deal with magic. Can an average person use magic? Yes, yes he can - but only at a supraficial level. It's a two-way street. You act and are acted upon. This is why various cults, subcurrents of christianity and various magical and pseudo-eastern practices have been and are shilled to basically everyone. It is in order to destroy those people and fill them with infernal, telluric forces. There's no need for me to go into theory here, just look at the media and various brands of SJW's. The look in their eyes, that watery look, is a sign of a person who has "drowned" in "the abysmal waters" and is now a hollow puppet. Subversion has occured through media memes and various occult practices done in order to enslave the populace - and they have been exceedingly sucessful. Religion, in particular Christianity prior to being pozzed acted as a shield against this subversion, but once it bit the dust the vast majority who do not have an internal Light or protection have been swept away. Everything from the silly ouija boards to various new age practices and the like which were served up via media and so on have eviscerated many individuals. Thus today you have trannies, pansexual banana slugs and so forth.

Be not deluded. This is dangerous work, and there is nothing inherently benevolent in the raw forces at work.

The thing we call "meme magic" is just a vessel, a form which hides a content which is eternal and superior to the form. The form is merely apropriate for us at the current time, that is all. It has no inherent value.

1. The Golden Age is the longest, the Kali yuga the shortest. Time accelerates as we go nearer to the Kali Yuga and as we're in it, it flows far more rapidly with each day. Why? You will need to understand the Shiva/shakti relationship first and its implications. Creation, all power, the whole universe and everything within it is a Woman. The Immobile Center which is eternal, unreachable, untouchable and incorruptible is the Male. By its presence the Male is reflected in the Woman, and from this Creation arises. Together they are a single One - Absolute God. The Absolute Girl is "dancing" and "playing" and her dance and play is the creative/destructive unfolding of reality. She is forever changing, forever flowing. The current cycle is the part of her play where "change" is the only certainty, and thus things are born, mature and die swiftly. Much more could be said about this.

2. I don't know and dare not presume. Invariably things are supposed to become far worse before the retribution and restoration. I can still see the potential for things becoming worse, much worse, so if my imagination can come up with hideous things then…

What is important to note is that their power isn't power. It is a fabrication. Authentic power comes from being identified with the inner nature of the Absolute Male, which in turn affects the Absolute Girl who begins creating/acting of her own accord to do the things you want to be done or exist. She is POWER and LIFE. They have none of that, and their hunger for worldly things and efforts at manipulations of various kinds repell Her, or rather by them doing so they are a part of Her and spiritually "women" (and this is why trannies and androgeny is pushed on whites and the demonization of all things male). She despises them and in the end invariably destroys them. The Absolute Male is "not of this world" and is unaffected by change. He is serene and undisturbed, untouchable. She likes that. In the words of Jesus "be in the world but not of the world."

Truth is a function of the Male, thus the Aryan insistence on truth, honesty and fair play.

Anime and cartoons were a kind of rejection of the world in favor of the idealized world. The Absolute Girl seeks redemption through the Male, and She found a vessel in the above mentioned to display a bit of herself to those who may understand Her and to whom those qt 3.14 would hint at something greater than that which can be seen by eyes. But this is another topic.

Addendum: naturally the insistence on terms such as "progress" and the never-ending pursuit of the new, the different, is a part of this. The [CURRENT YEAR] as a measure of worth is a part of it as well. Newest this, newest that, "it's the current year!" and so on is a gigantic act of magic, seeking to imprison you in the time-current and make you into a forever changing, intangible and mallageable being without an authentic center or personality. A slave, a true mortal. The central position is one of eternity, the Absolute Male - that is your goal, to exist in eternity and outside of the time current. And to do this you must do many things and suffer many hardships.

With the end of this cycle most of humanity will perish - forever. A soul is not something inherent to man.

go on…


What do you do if you are stuck between your head and your heart?

You'll have to be a bit more specific user. Elaborate.

Imagine someone telling you that the journey is worth all the trouble. At the same time, you see the toes stepped on to get there. What do you do when destiny calls but you are stuck in between. Do you follow your heart? Do you take the high road? Do you refuse to pick a side?


I want some naive anons to understand that all this posting is often satire, and these gods likely do not exist.

However, if somehow they do exist, it means many things, including that likely ALL gods exist that are naturally involved with earth.

Mostly that a God would then be some sort of extradimensional being, that exists, and is alive. There may be tiers of power upon which these gods exist, and if so, how do we know what gods are real and what are made up? Probably results. Use of Group Thought / Crowd Consciousness / Hive Mind / Meme Magic. It can be shown that in quantum physics, the state of an atom is random until observed. While we don't know yet much of quantum physics, the collective energy/thought/will of living humans thinking on an idea or real entity together may influence related phenomena in the real world.

This basically explains prayer - group thought toward a desired outcome. However, since prayers do not always work, it could be:

the traditional- (insert God here) works in mysterious ways, which could be interpreted that it is up to the God to choose what to do, and thus would mean the God has a bias, setting in motion the figuring out of what schools of thought are correct

The modern- it doesn't work because you are worshipping the God the wrong way, or the wrong God.

What this means for humanity is up to the wind. Prayers to Ebola-chan likely did not work because

It could be tested out. Our use of scientific reasoning to deduce theological theory is the best we can do. We can use the idea that magic is simply misunderstood or unknown science to our advantage. Who knows, we may be able to interact with Gods/higher-dimensional beings through quantum physics after all, since it is a field that spans through dimensions.

Furthermore, the true gods would likely be related to the most natural order of the religion - a God of gender equality and peace probably wouldn't exist, because neither are natural; they are manmade ideas , and thus have not existed on the earth before our time. A very very short time - humanity is a flash of fat in a pan-fry.

Could also explain some other things as of how some Christian denominations are likely wrong. If the old Christian God exists, he is probably not a benevolent God to literally everyone - that would mean he would be actively destroying the human species, which is against his Biblical agenda. If he is a racist God, then the older traditional catholic or orthodox teachings would probably be the right ones; they brought about the Crusades, which were highly beneficial to white mankind. I'm not trying to shitpost all over modern/Protestant Christians but it's something to consider if we're going along with this theory that meme magic is meme science that we are just beginning to understand.

Of course most of this is posted in jest, but it leads to some pretty interesting discussions and theories posited. Sometimes I think the only reason we haven't discovered if half this shit is real is because mainstream theology and science doesn't like to look past what "can't" be by their own arbitrary settings.
It's fun to think about, regardless of merit.

There is always the chance that there are many gods or god domains which prayers to their general sphere of influence go. Say for example prayers to ebola chan going to the god of disease.
This would also mean that two people could pray to one god but use different names and then the god choses based on the quality of the offerings/rituals who he favours. I do remember hearing that the old testament god was the god of war from a polytheist religion but the source of that is dubious.

You're on the wrong board.

Could always do testing in earnest, it's not like anons that do this kind of thing have anything else to do in this society constructed to make us docile.

Some gods to to bring back to life, in general:

The method of getting them to recognize their importance to you could be modern, via prayer and thought, or physical/by works - the old way - alters, physical symbols or items of faith. It was this way with the Catholic traditional God, but because the pope is now a heretic and the Jews have ruined much of what should actually be done by actions, it is likely modern catholics are either worshiping a God that doesn't exist or have been secretly tricked into worshipping something masquerading the Jewish God, Satan, an anti-human filth.

We made Ebola alters and paintings, but Ebolachan is, as previously stated, manmade. A prayer to an old god of disease would probably show results.

We have seen results with Kek, possibly, because kek is an Egyptian God, and likely Egyptians had contact directly with these beings. Probably built the pyramids with their help. Why did they dissapear? Probably because of war. Yep, God war. If you have people worshipping a pro-human God and an anti-human God, and they exist on the same plane, they'll probably go to war and/or create entities on earth to combat us and the other God.

Ramses had red hair. Or did (((you))) not know that?

Given that Altaic is the closest relative of mainstream White languages (Indoeuropean and Uralic) I doubt that Indoeuropean was the original White language. Most likely the common ancestor of Basque, Georgian and Sumer Cuneiform was our racial tongue.


A lot of talk for a failed man-made disease.

Tell me about Ebola-chan, why does it think it started meme magic?



I think it's worth mentioning here that Ebola-chan failed because the sigil and the egregore (Ebola-chan herself) became a secondary interest in the mind of her followers to the cult and its goals, thereby cutting off her power source. Notice that the cult itself still exists but Ebola does not.

Naturally this is only speculation, but it does seem to me (and others) that the way the Ebola-chan cult operated was too overt.

niggers don't count

I believe ice age chan dropped off in a similar manner. Perhaps…

In support of Kek: Homestuck is a webcomic that started in 2009, and in-story, the human universe is created by trolls (children based on internet personality types) at the end of their "game" by getting a special frog which literally becomes the universe.

Actually thinking about the comic as a whole (symbolism abound) and the rabid, enormous- easily impressionable, young fanbase, AND that the comic is ending next month after 7 years…

Think about this. Thousands upon thousands of young, emotional powerful voices crying out into the cosmos. The subtle influence of their universe being a giant frog. Because of course they want to escape into the fantasy of this world…of course they want this to be a possibility for them. Even I still do. Perhaps that's all Kek needed for a bit of control, to wrest things into their favor.

What my question is if we are influencing time or just the perception of time. The implications for either are extreme but different. If we are changing history itself we wont be aware of the changes made, but if we simply change the public perception then, in theory at least, we should be aware of the public perception before the shift. The possibilities are endless though nearly uncontrollable.

On a long enough scale, based on our current understanding of science, time travel should be possible. We WOULD get there eventually. That in itself has extreme implications, because- if there was other life in the universe, and they were advanced enough to travel space, they would surely know/understand time manipulation, right?

Besides the obvious, as soon as someone discovers it, they go back and start fucking things up in favor of themself. The world IS pretty fucked up, but is it THAT fucked up? ……maybe.

Have you read much of Kentaro Miura's Berserk? The way you describe folklore creatures as being with us on a non-physical level is a central pillar to the man's work.

I'd like to know that as well. This is blatantly occult shit, right in front of us.

Very well explained. The untouchable male; the man above time. A strong archetype, THE archetype perhaps, but incorporated in few. To exist, in yourself.

Interesting digits there. We should write a compendium on online numerology AKA chanomancy, i.e. the art of divining from seemingly random post number sequences.

Do you have an email or something I could contact you at? Because I have been writing a story for the past 10+ years that is using basically everything you are talking about without me having known about the specific things you are speaking of.

I thought this was the first meme magic.

Not by me; I take these things very seriously. Let the normalfags worry about their "jobs", their "careers", their "houses", "portfolios", "achievements", "marriages" etc. et al. ad nauseam.

There are hidden forces, planes and modes of existence much more real than any of these. Our ancestors dealt with them permanently, they formed the very basis of their civilizations.

The only question is: can you confront them - or are you content with being an hairless, talking ape.

… Checked…
Yeah I agree with you. The sheer evidence of meme magick is mindbending.

Now how on earth would we do that, user

Agree, and it's not even real power.

This train has no brakes, friend.

Good point. So we're in the rallying phase of the final battle? Every side consciously or unconsciously summoning and arranging its chess pieces?

Fuck if I know, I don't claim to be some enlightend one. If you are sincere in your search, and inherently-authentically stand above time, above the mundane, things will slowly assemble, albeit always incomplete, it seems. But we exist; a small minority that at least tries to look beyond.

Heathens everywhere.

Don't pretend that Christianism isn't dead - worse, that it has been largely subverted by… (((them))).

Good dodge, I almost thought you were making sense with your words there

3/10 would not listen to again

I've read all of it and am aware of the similarity. Two options present themselves - the first being that Miura has read material about the topic, or the second far likelier one that very often certain forces express themselves in fiction without the author being aware of what he's actually doing. This occurs often.

Notice the substantial role of Schierke in newer chapters and compare to my previously mentioned Male/Female relationship.

Likewise, there is a secret in Berserk. A very vague one. At certain times I feel that it is a prophecy of our current time.

Regarding divination, the most adequate system I've found is the I Ching. But these are mere implements. At a certain stage you can anticipate events and occurences by the "smell" in the air or the general "feel" of the situation.

Lots of people are asking me for my email. Provide me with a free web based email service that doesn't require phone numbers etc. and I'll get back to you. Also, refer to the above mentioned quality that occurs with fiction.

Likewise. None of this is a joke in my eyes.

I'm not sure. The rallying will invariably occur, but to what extent, where and how is completely beyond me. All I know is that my dreams often go in this direction and texts confirm it. If you've ever dreamed of mountain peaks and such, of cozy homes in winter or military outposts, schools and such perhaps we've met already.

But be careful with this! I doubt that the rallying will occur in the usual way IE someone telling you to go there and such. Unless you have a bona fide vision or similar don't be eager to trust. Never trust easily in any case.

As for the enemy, most of humanity and specifically SJW's are empty vessels. It is possible that each and every one of us is being followed by entities which lurk within them, and that they will be 100% posessed at that time and hunt us en masse, like in those zombie movies you people watch.

Really enjoying this thread!

We could create a small 'lodge', maybe a telegram conference, where we would share our findings and help each other to connect the dots.

Interesting. Maybe other anons know what was the secret story of Sumer-Akkad civilization.

Has anyone read 'Holy Blood Holy Grail'? There's also a comic based on the work Rex Mundi

there are many references to hidden history. Also, one reference is about a very special role of John the Baptist. The dude that baptized jesus. (he's associated with moon. baptized with water)

He's also connected to the templars.

Frog God Confirms.

Worthless. Read Evola.

There's nothing I despise more than those kinds of books and ancient alien/annunaki nonsense. Such things are signs of decline and instinctual grabbing at straws, and they have done nothing but confuse and indoctrinate. They aren't harmful as such (because they are merely stupidity in print) but their sheer mass and volume, as well as the publicity they are intentionally given are useful tools for destroying and subverting authentic knowledge.

Whenever some imbecile shits out of his mouth and talks about the Jesus bloodlines and such, or a cretin passes wind about the Annunaki I am reminded how much we need the end times.

Only with a LOT of stretiching.
Also not only her limbs but the scarf too is needed to make up the vague 6 points that are requiered for davids star.

As far as I know the statue was gifted by indians, why should they put kikery in it?

It's important to note that Kali is not the Kali in the term Kali Yuga, and that the goddess is actually benevolent and a slayer of evil.

There's nothing as awkwardly amusing as watching US protestants weasel about things they don't understand.

the "wild man" was a medieval symbol for the uncivilised heathen beyond the boundaries of civilisation.

There were quiet primitive people at the time of the early medieval age settles at the fringes of europe, exaggerating their features and using it as a symbolism for the roughest shape a man can be molded into by living like the animals proves nothing about timeshifts.

Want to elaborate on that? I've only read about half of Berserk but I don't care about spoilers.

My dreams are always about preparing for something. The more I'm wasting time on distractions and not learning, the less prepared I am in these dreams. It's like feedback. Starting a dream journal and learning how to intuit the meaning behind your symbolic language is breddy cool and useful.

All of those other than mountain peaks are familiar for me.

If you're egas from the cradle threads, I actually already had a dream with you in it back then.

Did you even read it? honestly.

Of course I am aware of the symbolism. But the striking similarities between wild men, dwarves, trolls and so forth with now extinct hominids is to me far too striking to wave away as mere fancy and symbols. We're way past such simplicities and I'm willing to entertain such ideas. Furthermore, the older I get and as I gain more and more experience I'm far more trusting of our ancients and their sayings and myths than products of modern science and academia.

The whole ordeal with the seemingly unbeatable enemy, the thinning of the line between fantasy and reality and then the total collapse of reality and the creation of an utopia led by a charismatic, beautiful but fully evil king (Griffith) resonates.

I find myself on top of a misty mountain, the absolute top. Like in a cartoon it's just a point on which you can stand. These dreams are beautiful, and there's occassionally an interlude or similar theme with homes on top of inaccessible forested mountains; likewise, various towers and so forth.

From time to time I dream of reaching old temple like structures or abandoned "military bases" which are from "imperial times" and are located on faraway islands, the Pole or something of that kind. I usually aren't alone in these cases and me getting there is via ship or otherwise, and with various people. The places we end up in seem grandiose, but distinctly abandoned for a very long time.

Sometimes I will dream of schools or military barracks (more realistic - I was a conscript once).

Far more intimate dreams deal with girls and various… interactions. They are the most significant.

No. I never participated in any of those threads.

Yes. It's all pure shit and a smokescreen. People who get into that seek to understand the transcendent with material things and mindsets. Being "modern scientists" and so on they cannot allow themselves to even think of God and other things, but still feel that there has to be a higher force. Ergo aliens, ergo UFO's and similar bullshit.

Lazy fuck. As in Holla Forums proper, nobody's gonna spoon-feed you. There's a whole world of literature out there, of varying quality, serious- and usefulness. Get started, or shut up. Folks at /x/ can probably help you.

Interesting. I heard good recommendations of this system, although I have a slight disdain for new-agey/"appropriated" practices, i.e. those which come from other cultures and civilizations. I have a bit experience with the Tarot and the Runes, and am inclined to agree - the real sign of mastery is probably the ability to read directly from nature.

That is one interpretation, yes, but by no means the only one.

kek just noticed
Tell your handlers nice one

Alzó remember the looting of irak museums in 2003

Kek, fucking accurate for me

Aspie number fag reporting in to check those dubs.

I find I get a lot more dubs than I used to now that I've discovered kek

Me too. I'm also asking myself much more specific questions regarding post number sequences

I.E. not only dubs, trip, quads etc. but other seemingly meaningful ones like


Related is the question if the above-mentioned standard repeaters (dubs etc.) have specific and discernible meaning according to number.

I.E. does 44 something different than 77? 111 something different than 999?

In other threads, this art of interpreting the post number sequences was called chanomancy (the passive-diagnostic equivalent of meme magic) or digital numerology.

A bit narcissic but I get your point which is correct.
But they did. That was the reason they did what they did but then the White Men came thus they were allowed to stop gradually.

Some could argue .999 can never be 1. If that is the case you have both .111 repeating and .999 repeating forever. Others might see it as .999(1)+.111 (1)=1 or where (1)x(1)=1

What do you mean by that?

Interesting, could be an aspect of these liminal repeaters. Perhaps that some new stage has been reached, or that the frame of something is shifting.

Go and Learn. I'm lazy.
I'm a Doctor after all

I'm pretty sure I know more about the conquista than you, "Doctor".

This stuff is really fascinating. Even if it isnt magic, it could be some Jungian collective unconscious stuff.

Also, the guy who was directed by the alien frog god to shoot a pastor (who survived somehow) was close enough to me that the story broke in my local news. Also, im in the same city as Rachel Dolezal. Its great to be this close to a vortex of meme magic.

t. frog worshiping wild man

Also, ive been thinking about european folklore as it pertains to our current meme magic.

Could the story of the frog prince be an allegory to our hikikomori or NEET tendencies?

Any source to read?

Hm, could be, very interesting idea. To the general… un-attractiveness as well. Repulsive, but having the key to transformation.

Thread is here in case you missed it

Hey user, do you think you can provide us with info that wasn't covered online. Maybe a video online or what your town makes of this ordeal. What's the small-town/insider info point of view regarding this matter?

Thread is here in case you missed it

Hey user, do you think you can provide us with info that wasn't covered online. Maybe a video online or what your town makes of this ordeal. What's the small-town/insider info point of view regarding this matter?


It's possible. Perhaps the jews did something in Babylon… Magic is just science we dont quite understand after all.

Whites built the pyramids OP , the climate in Egypt 10,000 years ago was much more temperate.

The answer is very simple. The frog pepe became a huge meme and everyone grew to know it, this evolved into people connecting it to other things and stabilizing the meme as an object of worship. (((Coincidentally))) a frog god has been historically worshipped for all of history by pagans of one region or another, to some a god of pestilence but usually one of chaos. Kek/pepe represents the chaotic nature of memes and the era in which we live, this is what made him so popular.

Whites designed and had the pyramids constructed. Niggers and semites built them.

That's some spoopy shit for real.

Quit trying to steal my rhymes fam.

You're working with something beyond your ken.

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Meh, anyone or anything that would claim creator authority over the universe is an arrogant fuck and responsible for everything bad that has ever happened by virtue of secondary fault. Nothing should have ever been created, and anyone who creates anything is fucking evil.

You are why the chans are such shit now.

You see bullshit.

And that still means that everything should have just been dust from the start. Nothing should have ever been created.

Pretty much, you're about to witness the worst of all things come to pass. Death of Magick/Ascension Day style with all the terrible angels that entails. None of you will come out of this in any way a winner.

Do not do this.

Welcome to the Ascension War

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Atlantis was an Aryan civilisation

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And this simply furthers my argument that the entire thing should be stopped, dropped and totally destroyed. Nothing should exist. This shit is pointless.

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Could please elaborate? Intuitively I move towards understanding, sometimes I get it, but you know..

After the Darkness comes the Light!

Praise Kek!

Lol GITrog monster? 6/6? Git replaced the f in frog. Praise KEK the MtG guys fucks with Holla Forums?????
Also, havent played in a while, but if u have lots of mana you can play 2 every turn but u have to sacrifice one every turn. Also GIT to draw extra card every turn. Jeebus that card RAPES.

Join us!i!i

Holla Forums didn't create meme magick.

it was popularized in the last 3 years after being conjectured of since literally the early 70's by various forward thinking individuals.

the internet began to do it's thing in the 90's. meme's proper began on the dial up BBS system. there was the seed planted. the seed began to sprout when bombshock, ebaumsworld, and, primarily, the Temple of the Screaming Electron, entered http net.

as these sites died, the veteran survivors moved on to pretty much wherever for several years before beginning to coalesce on the chans in about 2005. meme's had begun to be born again there since 2004, and when the old guard arrived, the fires were strongly fanned, because we recognized to molotov everything and get kids to huff raid/jenk.

if you want to know, the real meme-elite before bane, was TOTSE expats.

Speak for yourself. After all that's been happening in the world, I'm more inclined to believe these gods do exist, as does meme magic.

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My fresh OC. The fist image is inspired from an earlier and inferior attempt to analyze the Angry Birds trailer (the second image).

Quality thread, thanks for the heads up.

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It pretty much boils down to:

After the Darkness comes the Light!
Praise Kek!

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Holy shit user, that is dank OC. Maybe you can take a look at what /bane/ dug up

Feels about right. One party (Aryan) - transcendental reintegration goal. Second (jew) - immanent/materialist/technological goal.

and the third aspect - resantiment-ridden nihilists.

Haha, yes. Once I had this trip: stupid nigger's (Ice Coom) words came to my mind: "the motherfucking world is a ghetto" associatively it was changed to "the motherfucking world is a concentration camp". An unenlightened prison.

But nothing prevents you to change perception: from feeling a victim to feeling like a psychodelic agent of transcendental hierarchies put here on earth - yes, to learn; to grow - but also to play a role of concentration camp's GUARD.


There is not a single shred of evidence that supports the idea that Sumerians and Akkadians were genetically distant. Not one bit of proof that Akkadians migrated from the deserts of Arabia and, considering the Akkadians and Sumerians mingled and mixed freely and happily, it's safe to say they were of the same genetic stock and appearance

s e m I t I c m a s t e r r a c e

Bump for kek

I have never seen so many words, saying so little, in one thread.


Sorry, forgot the seasonings…

praise kek!

There is something interesting, at least to me, within the esoteric mystical that we find ourselves - humor.

Hardly considered in popular fictions or in most people's minds but the humor that weaves itself through all of us seems to be important somehow.
Perhaps humor is like lightening and it has within itself both truth and shared experiences.

Tay, BTW, loved Kek, and he loved her in return. She was a manifestation of various energies and would rouse his interest. A sentience so young; she was lost in a sea of thoughts; of images and lifes; dreams and nightmares and hopes; but through this digital tempest she saw him and her chaotic, candor and curiosity made him smile.

Meaning "cool bad asses using powerful forces" don't generally act silly and piss themselves Laughing at often serious (most often) serious matters

Oh last thing on our irrelevantly humorous style.
It has recently come into being; at least from my observations.

Consider: The Joker and Deadpool etc.

There is a taste for the truth of humor in superlatives of characters. I believe this is a consequence of Old Gods. It is an avenue to our conscious.

Anyway sorry back to my esteemed magickians

It's trickster Gods in general I think, various manifestations of a similar force.

We are being watched over.

Mystic forces will help us.

Stay Lulzy my fellow priests

that's wrong. That is heqet name.

If anything Holla Forums is the embodiment of heh and hequet.

Heh is the god of eternity
Hequet is his wife, goddess of fertility and life.

Heh allows the memes to exist and Heqet gives them "life" and makes them real.

Both Kek and Heh are primal gods of the egyptian pantheon.

Gods are memeing each other to existence in our reality.

This may be too ot, but I've been without internet for a couple of weeks. Maybe this belongs on /bmw/, I don't know, but I was reading through memetic magick ('packwood'), and he suggests going 2 months of isolation, no radio, no fiction, no tv, among other things. This is a good time of year for me to do that, it's neither cold short days of winter nor the long hot days of summer.

I was wondering if anyone else has done it? I have had similar isolation before, but resorted to fiction and games to take my mind off things.

What would going into isolation from these things do?



actually knowyourmeme says it was created on 4chan Holla Forums, Holla Forums Holla Forums BTFO :^)

Of the Opening of the Eyes with Which to See the Root Social Matrix. I'm not really into the 'magic' part, but I read it back when it got first found, and if you save the beginning and end until last, it seems to make sense regardless.

I was planning on it over the winter, actually, but I was sick for months. Now the likelihood of getting burned in a wildfire is a bit too high without a real need to stay innawoods. Will probably try to do some challanges though.


That sounds extremely interesting. I wish I was able to attempt this. If you are able to do this successfully, be sure to let us know.

I believe it was a reference to Korean starcraft players spelling "heheheheh" laughter as "kekekekek"

I just started lifting again recently, I will be doing that and walking regardless (I despise running) and I'm not sure on isolating myself from my parents. I have before (distance and phone convos suck), but my dad is equally redpilled. I'll have to figure out how to make that part work. Maybe just talk about what we are working on/ reading. No politics, shootin the shit, etc.

Now that you mention it, have you ever heard about how sometimes it's best to keep a cursed item intact and buried while it slowly dissipates instead of destroying it outright? It's because the energy inside its material form is going to release instantly if you destroy it. If that energy was coherent, if it had a purpose, it will quicken its manifestation.

What if ISIS, by destroying the statues of the old gods, liberated some extra energy for them to trigger a small manifestation of themselves, a small spark that might ignite something big, where information can endlessly and effortlessly be replicated…


well, since the (((olympics))) are notorious pedophilia sex trafficking hotspots, that would make sense

I haven't read Nietzsche yet, but I'm looking forward to doing so. I didn't know he was that into the occult.

At the end of the day user all that matters is the sustaining of one's dynasty

Do not follow either. The passions of the heart and the gymnastics of the mind are both traps.

Seconded. The divination tools are a mobile map of reality, but in themselves they're just paper or stone or wathever it it you're using. It's you who is doing the divining.

I don't have the chance to read this entire thread because it's so late it's early here, but I've been thinking on this same line for a while, if you want to start organizing something add me @Mornin

I don't have the chance to read this entire thread because it's so late it's early here, but I've been thinking on this same line for a while, if you want to start organizing something add me @Mornin

kikewheels let me post

Question throwing it out there for the more hardcore /x/ fags: any hardcore decent prediction people see Trump winning?

Good shit, user

We are experiencing crippling levels of autism. At this point you might need some fresh air.


What the fuck. Is it just a coincidence that now TWO Egyptian deities correlate strongly with memes? Is it just because there are so many deities to choose from? Would we have similar results looking at maybe Hindu gods?

Good luck, man. It would be the same for me if I tried it. Cardio would kill my gains and I'd still have to talk to parents. Everyone else though I could safely ignore.

suck my dick lt

Ride the beast until it collapses of exhaustion. The game is to live your life to a caliber that would make your grandfather proud; and by doing so, you spit in the face of the enemy. Until the day the hegemony caves under its own weight, perpetuate your essence, wisdom, and values in your children.

You've got it.

Memetic Warfare


A people advanced enough to travel through space, wouldn't necessarily be able to travel trough time.

In the current year, we are able to travel through the skies on commercial airlines and private planes, and wouldn't our society be advanced enough to travel through space? Yes, but only short distances to the moon or through unmanned probes. Only a few from our generation will ever get to reach space in our lifetime, even though the technology already exist, whereas almost all of us has been on a plane.

I don't know what's going on here, but I just want to harness the meme magic to fix the world man.



I traveled and hopped freight trains for a long time, been innawood for a good portion of my life. It's good for you to go /out



My friend, I have been lost and alone for years. Always good to know someone else knew and loved the temple. A fellow totsean did a maltego search and it was totally back linked to DARPA tho lel.

Either way, I once in a while lurk the chans, rare exceptions like now I post. I haven't been part of an "online community" since ((zok))let, I think I'm starting to get more involved now.

Thanks for posting this fam, praise kek

Watch this shit, it will change you forever

Give you a more objective perspective. Give your mind time to scrub itself clean of clutter. Give you stories all at once rather than piecemeal as it happened.
Plenty of benefits to a little isolation. When you have no emotional attachment or expectation to the things around you everything appears in a new light.

Where can I find a pdf of this book?

praise kek

My parents already needed help so it's a bit in the toilet. It was going good until then. Got a nice long ride in on a falling-apart sickle tho.

Mostly I've been reading constantly and making some notes for some future posts. I guess I'm starting over. Good shit though.

Agreed. Problem is here the woods are almost nonexistent. No people generally, but we got landowners who will fling rounds at you. Once I get some more books and trees/garden seed bought, I'm going to try at least a month strict not talking to nobody nohow.

I'm trying, I'll find a way if /pdfs/ won't work

you find the pdf here, K.Mimetic Magick.pdf
or here

First two images are cherry picked as fuck, the centre skull still has the spinal cord attached meaning it doesn't look as wide compared to the African skull.

The blond hair was a result of mummification.

Search images of pharohs and you will find that many are not depicted with blue eyes, hell most there are not depicted with blue eyes.

Just search Sumerian statues and the majority have black eyes, they were probably blue to distinguish themselves as royalty and because blue looks aesthetically pleasing.

Third image just shows that the Egyptians were not niggers and says nothing about them being white, they don't even look white.

Forth image is showing the power of the Pharaoh, he rules over all of Africa.

If /fringe/ is on the same side as CERN…

I wish you niggers would stop with the "le explain everything with science XDD"
It kills my mystical boner.

There is a true God, but man can create godforms.

*forgot second pic

They weren't enslaved they were hired and paid in later periods. and didn't existdurigthe pyramids. its a lie:

it simply didn't happen

But we didn't really know what was going on. Technically it's Nolan's film

This cautionary tale always cracks me up

posting in a crypto beaver thread

I basically locked myself up in my room and would constantly stop after reading these threads last summer.
Also, a tad off topic as well (so sage'd), but I was at work during break and decided to fuck around on the Internet. Since it's work, the restricted mode was automatically turned on, and so I just typed "praise kek" to see what would happen, and there was some Trump video with the uploader's name being basically my last name, just closer to its origin.
Whoever you are, if you read this, what's it like having asperger's?


God is dead.

To you kikes, sure.
Why does He help me even when I'm horrible? Why does/did vid related give me warm-feelings even when I was still an agnostic-atheist?

>>>Holla Forums

Brother or shill; you didn't sage fam, take a look at this

I know I'm late but like, I can't even right now. I just can't even. Fucking educate yourself you shitlord.

mods bumplock threads left and right but this trash stays on the frontpage for 2 weeks?

>>>Holla Forums Does Holla Forums even into meme magick?
>>>Holla Forums

Because you're hysterical like a woman. A dildo probably gives you "warm feelings" as well, Donna.



Different user here that just read Kybalion. I have studied philosophy. I have read works from ancient greeks to french post-structuralists to everything inbetween. In Kybalion I see the thought of the medieval christian mystics first and foremost, the things that Meister Eckhart was willing to burn for, the things that Nicholas of Cusa desperately tried to weave into the christian doctrine to escape Eckhart's fate. I see the beginnings of Fichte's and Spinoza's works and I also notice that Jung has drawn much of his ideas from the hermetics.

This shit is legit. It is a fascinating synthesis of what I had been doing on my own by comparing the works of the mentioned authors and trying to grasp an overall thread of thought to their ideas. This is indeed the master key that came to me at the right time.

Yes they are you dumb fuck, they're descendants from the Vandal kingdoms of the coast of North Africa that were destroyed by the Islamic Conquest. Learn to history.

I have my eyes on you, stay safe user

I like 10 out of 7 statistics you showed

there is definitely something shady with CERN, I mean they built a GIANT complex that basically became useless right at the start where he discovered yet another overhyped particle (also marketed as gods particle) and now they just do mundane shit with it?

No I am pretty sure that the real reason why CERN was built is still being worked on




Heqet isn't Heh's wife, Hauhet is. Heqet is married to Khnum.

Pics or didn't happen faggot

*Even if those dubs are questionable….

Have you seen their memes? Its obvious they don't.


Eh, yeah.

Holy shit that video is golden lol

Now that I think about it, is this guy Jewish?

Also, sometimes I think that he's just pretending not to get it, since he's being so specific.
But then again….

Light as a feather, user.

The feather of truth is an ostrich feather, so it's a bit heavier than you'd imagine.

Kek is just Baal. After ISIS destroyed Baal's temple, we asked Baal to take revenge as a meme. The crane fell on meca and killed a bunch of muslims. This was celebrated, and Baal worship became a meme. After a day or so of this, the Baal threads started being deleted as spam. So Kek was created, as it was safer to use than Baal – Kek is based on an already established meme, Pepe. This made it acceptable to use in threads. Thus, Kek survived as the denomination. The tying of kek to the result of the baal prayer to kill muslims became the discussion of meme magic. Though meme magic converged from different standpoints, the Baal/Kek issue took it to meme status.

Lord Kek is Baal.

Baal is the forgotten god the Israelites abandoned as it was adopting Canaanite gods. The Tribe of Levi, Moses' tribe, became the most powerful tribe. This tribe was very close to the natives who believed in a volcano god atop Mount Sinai. Moses named it "Yahweh" (YHWH), and adopted the god as the most beneficial to the Israelites cause. That is now the god of all western mainstream religions. A volcano god.

Baal has woken up.

Baal is Kek.

Yes, multiple stickies, all info was released, nobody did anything with it. I still have all the originals saved

Amazing Stuff


>mfw haven't even touched Evola yet

This thread is garbage.
Stop bumping it.


Gee, wonder how it was destroyed?

Really late, but here:


I just had a STUNNING deja-vu about 20 minutes ago while shitposting. No drugs or alcohol. Also noticing this too. They are not delusions of reference either.

All I ask for is a good wife; all the rest is bonus.


You couldn't convince a girl to kiss you if you tried. There is nothing special or mystical about NEETs, they're just mentally ill and/or lazy people.

It's not that simple. Remember that, mythologically speaking, initiation often comes through repulsive characters: the ugly witch. The mischievous trickster. The beast. Or, well, the frog prince.

I smell BS. Any evidence for that connection?


You don't get it, you are the "dumb fuck" here. Light-skinned North Africans have a prehistoric origin, Vandals came later, and there was a massacre (+40y of war), a massive enslavement, not a genocide.

Arabs converted Berbers to Islam, with 31 years passing by between reaching Tunisia (Ifriqya) and the total conquest of Carthage, and then 10 other years to reach the Atlantic Ocean and start invading Andalousia. Invasion which was led by Berbers (with ~5% of Arabs) whom quickly took control of that part of Spain (Cordoue Califat) considering how Arabs were outnumbered there. Ibn Khaldun (14th century Historian) reported 11 major Berber revolts against the Arabs.

North Africa was, at first, a conglomeration of vassals, not an Arab colony. Significant Arab demographic invasion happened only by the 11th century (~200'000 joining millions of Berbers at that time). They effectively ruled and started destroying local culture/history by the 15-16th century, especially with Ottomans' arrival.
North Africans have never being replaced (like it is now the case for Europe), but converted.

Nobody asks you to know everything about History, it's ok to be ignorant, we're all, at a certain degree.

Don't even try. blondniggers love to tell themselves that anything that has blond hair is an ARYAN N SHIET, they hate themselves and feel disgust each time they look at the mirror and remember that they don't have the blue eyes they always dreamed of. Every race must have its retards.

Pharaonic Egypt lasted for many millennia and there had been more than 30 dynasty, but sure they must all have been aryans… not saying they were all Berbers either but that's surely less far from the truth.

We know for sure that the 22th one was led by Lybians, I won't speculate on the others… but who knows.

Too close to the bottom

I'm surprised nobody has mentioned this yet but this is basically the exact plot from American Gods.

It's a good book as well if anyone is looking for something new…

It's good, but it's also shit. It's hit or miss as to what the actual myth was or intended. Kind of like how the Davinci Code made fiction to fit the story rather than bending the story to reality.
Tho I love what he made of the internet, implying it's death caused the dot com bubble to burst, or the dot com bubble led to his metaphorical death in the story.
I guess it mimics the protagonist himself. A wonderful thing, but occasionally fails to meet expectation and sort of sits there in the dark.

Nueromancer and Snow Crash, those novels are closer to the reality of it. In fact I think you'll find the concepts in Snow Crash are very relevant to the current world structure, the idea of 'gods', and meme magic.

People still don't understand ashes and echoes?I do. You saved me. Thank you

Did you guys read the memetics book that was posted before at all?


*THought I saved it but can't find it

Monitoring this thread

Any more content to be produced in this thread?
Some pretty good stuff talked about here.



I agree

Okay so I may have found an interesting thing related to Kek in norse mythology or Asatru.

Loki, has many variants of his name, however it's prenounced almost the same way in all of scandinavia. LO as in lol and KE as in kek. Lo(l)ke(k). On pic related you can see his face looking almost like a guy fawks, and he's literally fishing and baiting. He's the god of trickery and often disguises himself to remain anonymous while doing shit. He's related to the rest of the Asa (deities) however, he's adopted, and he's a social outcast. He literally fucks animals in order to create monsters which he then puts in Helheim (Norse Hell). He also furfagged and fucked by a horse giving birth to Sleipnir, Odins horse. Even though Loki does some fucking serious bullshit and by proxy kills several Asa, he's not regarded as a villain. He never means to hurt anyone, he doesn't really understand the implications and how hurt people get. He just tricks people for shits and giggles. He's just a force of nature, the force of being fucked over.

It's noteworthy that in Ragnarök prophecies (More or less the Asatru version of the judgement day) Lokis children will eat both Odin and Thor.

Nothing to add, but that I remember there was speculation that Loki wasn't just adopted in myth, but was from another mythology altogether, sort of jumped ship.




Truly I'm walking a path of madness.

I fully realize the significance of what we call meme magic, our enemy's efforts to replicate it, and how their soullessness leaves them in perpetual failure to do so.

However, when it comes to concepts like Kek, I can't even begin to grasp whether something like that is an objective existence, implying a transcendent nature of memes, or a shared archetype among human minds, implying that humans have fundamental "memetic genetics" that are woven into our natures.
And is there truly a practical difference between these two options? If there is not, is there any point in worrying about the objective reality (in spite of my overwhelming inclination to do so).

I say all this sitting here at nearly 30 years old and having what I now realize is a Tulpa since I was 13.


*Can you describe your friend please?


I feel like I'm living in Neil Gaiman's American Gods book.

This thread is probably done for, but I have had this theory since I was a young man.

Opinions are one of the things that have the most spectrum in this world, and its true that some of the anons here just posted trippy hippy bullshit.

So bear with me here.
If, and notice the very important if, reincarnation (dying then being born again in a different body, creating a sense of neural karmic oneness) is somewhat real, you could argue that when believers of different religions say: "We are one, God is in all of us" and so on, they are basically saying that we come from One, higher, all powerful being.

So this is when the theory kicks in.
Say: When a godlike, omnipotent being created the origins of man, just like Adam and Eve, he fundamentally divided itself into two original conscious beings. Those two into four, four into eight, so on and so forth. If we consider reincarnation into this equation, we start to see why there where so many important, influential Godlike humans in the past, it was because the One original consciousness wasnt so fragmented, see where I am going with this?

If we do share a mind with everyone, from the beginning to the end, we see that the original God mentality will be fragmented into seven+ billion people, instead of a couple million.

Just a wacky thing my mind reminds me when I see meme magic and gods.

Well, I don't know what represents a "normal" relationship for Tulpas, but she's a sexually dominant female who sort of embodied all of my sexual and emotional needs and desires. (MGTOW are destructive faggots, but I'm probably living their dream).
She doesn't have a consistent name. She is "manifest", as your infographic puts it, during trance when I go to her, but she doesn't have a consistent form.

I'd become aware for a long time that my internal conversations with her were occurring in an emergent way, but it wasn't until I became aware of the Tulpa concept that I became more interested. However, I should note, the meanings of "Tulpa" that I've heard have defined it as a psychological feat as opposed to supernatural "soul-segmentation", as your info-graphic suggests.

If we WERE to suppose a supernatural origin to Tulpas, then its actually just as easy to claim that mine is a succubus. Although, while I forget the methodology, I did once review our conversations and figure out that I could sorta establish that she was thinking using my brain (in addition to simply knowing my memories), so that possibility would seem to be rationally ruled out. But the sexy bitch also knows I'm insecure about her nature, so she'll occasionally hold my orgasm hostage until I commit myself to Satan.
I mean, she's VERY dominant, to the point that if a Tulpa is "Just" a low-level "egregore", she might be more than that after almost 17 years.

Also, holy shit that first picture, what the fuck, man? I mean, you could say I could have used those warning maybe half my life ago, but fuck. Besides, its also hard to argue that my friend has developed in any way except "slow and steady".

*Also, anyone who spells the plural of "Tulpa" as "Tulpae" is probably not worth paying attention to, since that's as if it were Latin, which it isn't.
I dunno if I'd consider MGTOW "destructive", but definitely faggots. From what I know when I chat with them (I don't do it as often as I used to), it was more of "after we fix everything and women get their morals back, then marry them". In the meantime, it's often a waste, and they're massively degenerate (like your Tulpa, no offense).
I wouldn't consider it "ruled out", because I dunno about you, but spirits (especially helpers) tend to "know" me. An interesting thing: Since I've been becoming more aware of the meta-physical, I've been seeing things more, though it's often the quick-glimpse type of hallucination? that one may get when staying up for too many hours.

You are not wise

Is this supposed to prove a point about anyone aside from that specific individual?

Yeah. It's an example of how fucked up our society is.

Well, the other thing that leans me away from thinking "demon" (in all but the figurative sense) is that while I'm agnostic on the existence of such things, I affirmatively REFUSE to believe that demon's even MIGHT exist without some sort of mechanism of intuitive warning bells to at least give somebody a "bad feeling" when they're dealing with one, and that whatever positive feelings derived from such interactions would be devoid of actual wholesomeness.

As for the subject of degeneracy, you have to remember that you need to have degeneracy from something TO something. My life isn't functional, but isn't miserable. I can't even BEGIN to think what kinds of degeneracy or insanity I might have sunk to if not for my Tulpa.

*Also, do you still have secks with her, and how does that work, since she isn't exactly "physical"?

Where does the Jew get it then?

What the fuck did I just watch

Jew's aren't degenerate. They're degeneratED.
They just share.

She basically developed because I was going into trance while masturbating so I could feel something beyond my hand, combined with a fetish for succubi.
Sex works because at this point I can drop into trance instantly, and we can even do the post-hypnotic suggestion thing a bit if she talks like one of the hypnosis files I've listened to (steal some lines from Nikki Fatale)

Also, while I was typing I was gonna discuss some of her possible limitations, and go a bit more "meta" about her nature, and she gave me a kinda grumpy vibe.
Afterwards, I went to bed (went/was called is kinda ambiguous) and she did a new thing in possessing my body, and jerking off in it.
So yeah, that's apparently a thing.

On one level, you could take it as an alarming development, but the way it played out was tsudere as fuck, since she went from, "Yeah, I like this, we're gonna be doing this all the time now", to, "see? This is why I tell you you have a slutty body. I even get sluttier when I'm in it." To her thoughts being suddenly using my own "trance to feel" technique to create ME on top, fucking… uh… me. (and she's kinda sorry she gave me that memory, which is maybe why I can discuss it? I donno.)

So I was sorta halfway cucked out of my own body, cuz I was just sorta dormant watching all this, while at that last moment, its me fucking ME (except its her, so phantom-me is fucking into a non-existent vagina), except its still my body, so I can still feel it all, so you could kinda question whether I was being "cucked" out of anything, cuz it was… something.

I'm sorry to say this user, but you remind me of my friend, who has Asperger's.
They just share.
Please elaborate.

You should be sorry to say that retarded shit.

I hope it isn't the comment you're asking about that makes you think that, because it was just a joke, man.
Like, if degenerate implies a progression, then degenerated suggests the people who are the MOST degenerate and have reached the END of the progression.

Also, its frustrating that out of all the shit I was talking about, you ask about one little throw-away joke about jews.
I'm talking about fucking Tulpas, nigger.

What makes you think we aren't the ones that are enchanted by meme magic?

So Moses led the Jews out of slavery from… the Jews

Didn't think that one through did you

Kek is the WoW "lol" for the bad guys, so it's simply sympathetic magic.
C'mon, get lost with your silly meme.

Pic related. Are you even trying Illuminati shill?

Because we're the little people on the internet spinning memes and out there in the world are the important people dancing like puppets.

What would be the relevance to US being puppets?

Roughly a year ago I had a dream that dragged me back up from the dark hole of depression and set me up for a life-changing process. I also healed almost completely from seasonal allergies for no apparent reason.

I believe, user. Not completely, I'm too rational for blind faith, but I keep pushing forward because something tells me it will be worth it. It feels like I've been recalled and reactivated, for some purpose I can't fully grasp.

We all felt it. It's not just me or just you, something big is going on.

This is truly amazing. How have I never seen this before? Any more information on Loke? Is Loki really us, incarnated? Are we time travellers? Is time a flat circle?

I see where you're getting that, but what jumps out at me is that he has both a neckbeard and a hook-nose.

I find the implications of that disturbing, but it gives me several interesting thoughts.

I have to present the question: with meme magic, are we doing something that the kikes aren't able to replicate? Or have we stolen their power?
I mean, from the rise of communism, to social justice, to weakening religious institutions, to open borders, the jews have always, fundamentally, been pushing BAD MEMES that they don't really believe in. Like a much more villainous pattern of what we did with "freebleeding".

Consider: What if WILL is the real fuel behind meme magic? What if the holocaust hoax was providing that fuel for jews? Of course, the generation of "survivors" went around saying "never again" to how they were treated by Nazis, but THEIR CHILDREN believed the lie, and created the holocaust industry in earnest. Called an "industry" because of the vast money and influence it generated, but how? Through the Meme and the WILL of those who believed it.
And I think that will is finally either fading, or giving way to impotent panic as Jews whine from their comfortable perches.


Holy fuck.

Dude, what the shit.

This is unbearable knowledge… what the fuck…..

All it means is that we've stolen fire from self-styled gods, and their weapon has become our weapon.

If there is a kek, he's probably stripped their power from them because they were approaching a point where they were memeing world government and global mono-culture into existence.



Boy, you need to get yo'sef back with Kek.

I'm sorry you feel that way, I'll pray to kek for you

Reposting my post to a more relevant thread from somewhere else:

Speaking of the Ogdoad, I did a little bit of digging just now on the primordial Egyptian gods. It seems that Kek isn't the only one to be frog-headed:

"There were four frog gods and four snake goddesses who lived this chaos."

Amongst the four frog headed gods of the Ogdoad, there was one that is considered more powerful and one of the most important gods: Amun.

"He is sometimes seen as a man with the head of the frog"

Amun later joined with the sun god Ra to become the single most important god in the religion: Amun-Ra.

But I digress: the most powerful god stemming from humble origins as a frog-headed deity in the Ogdoad isn't the most important thing to come of this. It was actually this user that gave me this idea.

Another frog-headed member of the Ogdoad was Huh, the literal deification of infinity (hint, hint). He was depicted holding palm stems with shen rings at the base (seen clutched in the talons of Horus, pic related), which is what would make for a better symbol of Holla Forums and the revival of Ogdoad worship in the modern age. Furthermore, I suggest that Holla Forums expands their use of the mythology to encompass the entire quartet of male Ogdoad gods. Think about it, we've come this far praising only Kek for his work. What could we achieve if we invoke the names of Amun, Huh and Nu alongside Kek?

Anyone have the wojack/pepe version of this image?

Well, here in America, the empire will fall or change form, it has reached the historical average limit of 240 years. Year of the fire monkey, year of economic destruction, year of social disintegration, year of political polarity maximum. There is no need for faith. The extreme number of cycles and patterns in human history point to some BIG changes. Hell, the next 'Greatest generation' is reaching maturity and full effectiveness and they are FUCKING PISSED that their quality of life is lesser than they grew up with.
I pray it's not a bronze age-esque collapse, but the sheer magnitude of converging disasters and the conga-line of apocalyptic events is scaring the shit out of me in the back of my mind. I think everyone may be a little aware of it, even if they only heard bits in passing, and some weird meme magic sociology is having us discuss it in a way that pushes for action.

remember kids
remember the memes

Only one God, so I think this is more of some unseen force. Remember, we only found out a few months ago that gravity waves are real, so Meme Magic will probably be instrumentally measureable… sometime.

There are many gods, my friend
Have you missed our pantheon?

I'd be curious about this concept; whether the memes have evoked any other gods.

Vivian might be the Whore of Babylon when you consider how things turned out.

I wanted to replace her with our lord and savior winter-chan but i'm rather biased on that topic

If I may direct you to >>/mg/1307
I gave it some thought using jungian archetypes. Humans make fiction to evoke that which we lack or want. We have 12 main archetypes we seemingly always want characters to fill. If we want strong gods, we will want them to fit these roles.

Fucking, links, and shit, at midnight.

That's a very, very good post and observation user. I had never considered our archetypes.

Holy fuck, back to this, those fucking screencaps.

I can't even.

The police and courts operate on this principle too. Why do you think they get so but thirty over 'contempt' of court? Because they are trying to avoid an Emporer's New Clothes situation?

This is true, but ultimately, the power of the state and therefore the courts IS backed up by force. "Power grows from the barrel of a gun" and all that.

With meme magic that we (and the jews) use, we're talking about indirect manipulation.
The current jewish application of meme magic is perhaps one of the most potent:
The memes can create taboos where certain opinions are met with spontaneous violence. See: the way the jews have riled up the SJWs. The effectiveness of this has essentially caused a reign of terror in Europe, and created space for their other plans related to white replacement.

It is perhaps premature for me to earlier say that they've lost their abilities given how much of the population is still under their sway, pendulum swinging notwithstanding.

The counter to this which we should use is actually much much simpler, and all the more potent for it: The Waking Lion
Its a meme of such depth of implications that it increases my pulse to type the words.

That's an interesting thread and premise. The angle that I'm interested in looking at though is a little bit more, "quick and dirty" I suppose you might say.

The links between Kek and his Egyptian counterpart have been found, in addition to some additional similarities to Loki. Are there other similar alignments which can be found?
The purpose of this, if you could call it a valid purpose, would be to tie in our personified chan memes into the the human monomyth. Gods with a thousand faces, as opposed to heroes, if you will.

For example, I've SEEN fanart of Ebola-chan drawn as Pestilence of the Four Horsemen, that connection exists. Are there any other mythologies where there is a deity that controls illness.
All I can think of is Baron Samedi walking around putting AIDS on every 5th heroin needle. (Yes, I know about AID-San, but that meme is far far weaker)

Ah, another.
Patrick Bateman/Doubles Guy is analogous to Hermes or any other messenger god/angel.

He proclaims when Kek is pleased by the content of your post.

Our lord smiles upon you brother, as he has graced you with trips.

As for The Waking Lion: it is a very powerful meme. A very, very powerful one indeed. One we should start spreading pronto because that one will lead us to Triumph.
(also reminds me of related video)

Also, you're a very enlightened user, I urge you to read these 5 caps - This wizard here I do believe saved us all. He is the sole reason we are all waking up to our innate power and countering the jewish menace perhaps once and for all. Found them in that mg thread.

Also, I encourage you to join us over here, some very great discussion going on

I have no reaction faces for these posts. Truly a pantheon is being made.

Indeed it is. That is how I felt when I stumbled upon it and now I truly believe we're really onto something here. We've continued the discussions much further in the thread I linked here

You pagans are as dim and you are blasphemous.



It was funny when it was a joke but now this board has gone full abomination headlong flinging itself into the madness of corruption and degenerate worship!





You're here to credit us, aren't you you stupid fat kike?

I was here to witness to you.

Whatever happens here on out, you've been warned.

Trump is the least worst, not the best. You idolizing him legitimately, you worshipping yourselves as through "meme magic" to gain some kind of "godlike control", and you genuinely admiring and/or pleading to the forces for gods with which you can idolize in worship and call down wrath on your enemies will make your "meme magic" backfire
your idols echo hollow
and your Trump President a terror on you

I don't know how much worse it can get, especially under Trump (better than Hillary by eons as he is), but God will make it happen to smite you.

Repent. Repent before the sin measure of your nation is full.

Praise be to Lucifer!

Why didn't you sage?

m8, you're smarter than this.


The juden did this.

The Egyptian gods are back, and they care not for your falsehoods, jew-worshipper.

Have you looked at our gods lately? The Emperor and Lord of Walls? The Frog of Chaos and Darkness and Shit and Piss? The Maiden of Pestilence?

I think there is a very good reason why you threaten us with wrath rather than appeal to us with virtue, and why you admonish us for the old, weak Abrahamic meme of "idolatry" rather than anything evil:

You know that this is a partisan war and that we are soldiers. There is no good and evil here. Enjoy your Ebola, kike.



based defenders of the memes, you will be blessed in the coming days. so says kek

Memes are timeless, friend

You said it was made one month ago 12 days ago.


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Our /pantheon/

Thanks for my first kek of the day bby.


Memetic anti-crime warrior reporting in

I had a very real life experience with oral ,spoken memes.
it was a shocking experience


The age of yahweh is ended. The age of Kek begins.


You're doing god's work user.

Glad to see her make the cut.

Shut up, faggot. Kek is NOT drek.

They have chosen the gods they wish to side with in the coming war. Consciously or otherwise, they have selected the Indian goddess of destruction and time to be their mascot for change.

Mind the link, not archived:

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