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So I'm a hxc autist and I'd like to have the same OS I use on my laptop on my smartphone, but I don't know if that's possible.

Can anything currently on the market run Parabola? Or Arch?

Also, does anyone hear have experience with the Blackberry 10 OS? How RSM approved can this bad boy get?

Anyone know some good wrist rest? Far too many to pick from.

If anyone has recommendations or opinions on mousepads, I'd like to hear them.

Motherfucking chairs. Please list any chairs that aren't stupidly expensive that actually feel comfortable

Interested in buying a Das Keyboard back pack for it's RFID blocking and security features. Can anyone recommend this or any other similar backpacks?

So guys, I have backed myself into a tight spot...

I have an mitx board with the CM elite 110 case. Now the case only gives me 70mm of height (plus a little air flow room) for the heatsink but the mitx layout puts the cpu slot right next to the discrete graphics. I can find plenty of heatsinks that are low enough but they are so wide they hit the gpu.

I need a heatsink(with fan) that's =< 70mm high but ~100mm wide for an AMD 760k (100w TDP) on FM2.

The TDP doesn't bother me too much, the case has good air flow and the CPU will be running stock.

So far I found: which isn't very good quality. It doesn't even utilise copper pipes, just an aluminium block.

noctua NH l9i
Cryorig C7
scythe kozuti

I'm looking to buy a new (USB) headset in the next few days, as my old set is literally falling apart.

I'm already aware that this means I'm spending more than I would be for a set of separate headphones and a microphone of equivalent quality, but in the past I've honestly found it more convenient for my own habits of usage to have a combined headset.

It's not my wish to come and annoy Holla Forums with my plebeian purchasing decisions, but ye wise sages have done me right in the past when it comes to selecting hardware. By this point, I truly trust this board more than any other authority when it comes to where I should be spending my money.

While I'm not on a strict budget, I'm not too comfortable dishing out more than about £40 ($56~) with my income where it currently is. But if somebody has a recommendation for a good headset (with a long life) that costs a bit more than that, I wouldn't necessarily lose sleep.

Wow, that kozuti looks great! Thank you so much!

I’m looking for PLC adapters that have a socket like in this pic (cause for some reason the only room in my house with two wall plugs close from each other is the kitchen). What are the reliable brands?

I'm looking for a cheap HDMI splitter for my TV. The one I bought (a Fosmon 3x1 HDMI Pigtail Switch) has this weird issue where it won't put my Blue Ray/DVD/multimedia device on the screen unless my Wii U is on as well.

Anyone got any good suggestions? I'm all ears here.

Does anyone here have experience with the Openphoenux?

it seems that is a power issue. so to be sure, get one that has a power adapter that comes with it.

So I'm getting a new phone soon, and the way I look at it I have three options

I hear the OS is great, but the company is dying and the app selection is shit. Fortunately for me though, I don't use many apps so I think I'd be phone.

I'm interested in this because it aligns more with the open source FSF side of things, while still having support from Google.

Kind of extremist, but I feel it'd be spending my money in the right sort of way.

Any thoughts?

Me here btw

Much obliged my good user! Thank you!

I'm looking to get a controller to use for emulations as the current ps4 controller I use frequently disconnect/reconnects, any suggestions?

Hey Holla Forums I need some advice about my a computer build. I am brand new to this so I am basically just throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks. Any advice on my current build? This is my first gaming pc that I am building myself, but I do want a fairly powerful system. I don't want to spend more than 1500 dollars though.

Don't go for multiple graphics cards with such small vram. It doesn't stack in dx11 and there's only 1 dx12 game out there. Get a single $350 card, you'll get better performance, and you'll it in every game, not just the ones that have SLI profiles.

Actually I read about a second, a gears of war anthology, but it's garbage because the devs hacked dx12 into an ancient game engine and it's basically unplayable

Fair enough, any other suggestions?


I would check the bluetooth that's on the system first, could be getting bad signal strength.

I'd go with a nexus phone. you can also try out other OSes with multirom manager and their custom recovery.

Case is on the way so assuming my TV will do, all I need is the GPU.

1. I'm on a budget and don't intend to exceed 1080p. 950 or 960?
2. Although I'm getting an optical drive, I won't buy Windows 7 due to having an ISO of that (Enterprise, I think). How easy or hard is it to install it via USB and trick it into being genuine?
3. Is Enterprise immune to the Windows 10 bickering or will I have to block specific updates?

Is it for gaming? if not you need something else.
if yes
study the builds at logical increments
(warning, mediocre shill site, always ask the opinion of anons once you see something you like)

watch some youtube vids on their performance, digital foundry is a good source.
its easy to install, use rufus to put it onto a usb.
genuine, idk, if you dont have the key you need to be a pirate about it.
I doubt enterprise has it, but you never know with microsoft. the shitty updates are only in the recommended section though, so just dont download those without knowing what they are.

Your psu is overkill. You could drop to a 550w psu and put the savings toward upgrading that 970 to a 980 and still have enough spare power to oc the cpu a bit if you're into that.

Holy fuck warm cylinders let me post

When it comes to surge protection what is the best way to protect your electronics? Are power conditioners really better than surge protectors for protecting them and why do power conditions generally have such a lower joule surge suppression rating?

Can you plug a surge protector into a power conditioner or is that just as bad as plugging surge protectors into each other?

What are the best brands for surge protectors and the best brands for for power conditioners?

I live in an area with all kind of weather that fucks with power and it's right around the time of year when it's at it's worse so I need to get some affordable protection on my computer asap.

Would also be nice to get an additional one with coax cable protection for my modem and router.

Based on past generations of GPUs, how much of a price drop can I expect to see when Arctic and Pascal hit the market? AMD looks like their cards will come out first, will Maxwell prices drop along with Volcanic?

What happened to the Greenland 14mm card that AMD was working on?

Greenland is Arctic Islands flagship GPU

Actually looks like both will be coming out in June. Anyway, my pc died 2 weeks ago, debating whether to buy now or no pc for awhile. If I had a working machine this would be a no brainer, but the inability to play video games is getting to me. So I'd like to know how prices changed for Kepler when Maxwell came out.

Lets say I don't downgrade the psu, or only lower it to 750 what would be a graphics card you would recommend?

Will definitely check it out, thanks Holla Forums. I would probably just be twisting in the wind here if not for you

You could run 2 980tis comfortably. Each of them is about 200-225w, cpu about 105w under load, then a handful for your ssd, usb peripherals, odd, hdd if you want it for storing ebin menes.

Unless you are gaming at 4k, or 1440p with high refresh rate, you don't need that much video card power. And again, SLI requires a profile to work right, and you have to reconfigure every time you play a different game.

Above the 980ti and Fury X are cards which aren't really for games, they're made for professional video rendering and 3D modeling stuff. Single GPU setups just don't use that much power, more power means more waste heat. They are designed to use as little energy as possible.

Next generation video cards are coming out in a few months. A $630 Pascal card might be significantly better than the 980ti.

Ok I took your advice and looked into logicalincrements, and here is what I got so far with what I want. Current price is 1200; Less than I feared, but more than I hoped. I have one question though, will I need a sound card? I am looking at all their builds, and it is never mentioned

No, the only reason you'd need a sound card these days is professional audio work.

Also, you really don't need such an overkill HSF.
Seagate (and especially the Barracuda line) are prone to failure, get a Hitachi or WD drive instead.

Also, read this:

You don't need one but even a cheap one will give you betteraudio than on board sound.

Hey Holla Forums, I'm looking into getting a VPN. What are Holla Forums recommended VPNs?

Ok, this is my stuff so far. I have my modified build from logical increments and one that is just copied from the pc primer wiki. I may still get a sound card, but I will see how this works out for me

Woops made a mistake with the team dark cards. Just assume there is only one

My Moto G 2014 just died (battery drained to 0% and the eMMC got corrupted). Is there a good low-cost smartphone that can emulate SID and AY tunes well?

Yes, I'm currently using an old Galaxy Y as a replacement, and it's pretty meh (keyboard and touchscreen really sucks).

ASRock mobos are shit and have serious QC issues. You would be better off going with the ASUS one.

Holla Forums's rec. are outdated. not a single good choice(anymore, I mean) in that build, aside from the ssd. and the r9 nano, if you were building a miniature machine.
You still didn't tell us what you want it to do. like, do you want to play gaymen at 4k resolutions? or 1440? or 1080? cuz if you are not going 4k, the fury might be a bit overkill..

Apologies, I just want a powerful PC. The only game I am likely to play that is recent is dark souls, the thing is though is I also play many games with lots of mods. This includes lots of graphical enhancements and just a lot more npcs and such. I have had problems in the past with slow down due to lots of mods, and I would like to avoid that

While ASUS does tend to have lower failure rates than ASRock (or any other mobo manfuacturer, for that matter), if your ASUS mobo fails, ASUS is known for their horrible RMA process.

what's a website like fiverr where sellers aren't 15 year old indians

I want simple IT gigs done well

Are bare-bone mini computers worth it and if not what are the alternatives?

Also is this a good value for a bare bone mini computers? pc mini

I like the fact that it has its own WiFi and has many usb 3.0 ports but not the fact that it is Intel and that the CPU seems to be a bit out dated. Thanks in advance.

Your build looks fine, honestly.
The R9 Nano/R9 Fury are good cards, but even though the R9 Nano is a full Fiji XT chip (4096 stream processors) the R9 Fury typically outperforms out (although by a very small margin when at stock clocks) because of how undervolted and underclocked the R9 Fury Nano is.

Also, there's no reason at this point in time to get an i7 as most games don't make use of the extra cores/threads, better to save money and just get an i5.

Like the above post said, what resolution on your monitor is pretty key for choosing your graphics card for gaming.

For your first build, it is very easy to go overkill and over budget. Also, prices for gpus should be coming down as we get closer to new hardware being released.

No need to apologize, it's just a little hard to give proper info, especially when you said it was a little more money than you wanted to spend.
anyway, mods might need large Vram, so change to a r9 390/r9 390X. this will be the best choice, unless you were dead set on playing in 4k resolutions.

here is my suggestion, to the best of my knowledge this should be good. it has no case, though, since you didnt select one either.
I even checked the ram, and this should be right, although asus is a bit vague about what model they mean.

Looking to buy a refurbished laptop in Spain, any good place to check?
alredy checked and that helped but it doesn't mention spanish or EU wide "stores".

I mean a site like but for laptops or pcs in general

Yours is definitely cheaper, as for my price range it is between 1000-1500. My concern is not super high resolutions or killer graphics. What I want is the power to be able to render large amounts of npcs in say Morrowind for example. I don't care for enormous particle effects, but when 3 dozen enemies show up and throw a bunch of real tiny ones it adds up. Thanks for the build suggestion to

If you don't mind me asking, how old is your current pc?
also, I stand by my built, if you want to spend more money for better performance, get a 390x and a I7 6700K

Not that old, but it is definitely dated. I have had it for probably 5 years at least, probably more.

I see. so if wasn't top of the line back then, it would make sense you can get vastly better performance just buying middle of the road new stuff.
yeah, i'm confident now the cheaper build i made is the best choice. some changes you could make:
a different HDD, can't smell how much room you need on that.
the cpu cooler: if you want it to be very quiet there might be better coolers.(not for that price though)

Yah it wasn't, which is why I wanted a much better one now. I got really frustrated sometimes because it just didn't have much power.

Alright, I think I am almost ready then. I will wait a day or two to get some more feedback, but this looks like a great build. I may modify it to incorporate a more powerful card with more memory, and probably a bigger power supply if I need it.

Sorry for the late response. Turns out the Windows 7 .iso I have is indeed Enterprise. And I heard of this thing called DAZ that can make Windows genuine after installation. Problem is, I don't see Enterprise in the list of supported versions of Windows 7. Bit of a problem unless I'm willing to snag Professional or Ultimate from elsewhere (then again, I don't see Ultimate on TPB).

Furthermore, my case showed up. I'll most likely get the GTX 950 next month. Don't intend on going higher then 1080p and while the benchmarks on Digital Foundry seem okay, I don't intend on playing anything especially recent or graphically heavy. As in, nothing Digital Foundry featured.

But I'm getting sidetracked. The case I got is a Corsair 200R. Can that Hyper 212 EVO fan fit in there without obstructing anything on the motherboard (like the RAM slots)?

I'm looking for a case that can fit a 390x and still have an optical bay and 1 or 2 hdd bays. Does such a thing exist?

I cannot vouch for this tool(who knows what is actually in it), but as far as I can tell, it is the most reliable there is:

If you dont play new games, the gtx950 is fine for 1080p
the 212 evo fits with about 6 mm to spare, acording to corsair.

If you can wait even more, in about 1-2 months new graphics card will be revealed. that might be worth waiting for.

ofcourse that exists. but it might be hard to find. a quick search gave me the Corsair Carbide 88R and Cooler Master Silencio 352

I'm in the market for a new Government Tracking Device. My upper limit is around $300. OS Updates, Battery Life, and SD Card support are the most important things in a phone for me, respective to order of importance. So far I've been looking at the following, but all of them seem to require compromise:

Galaxy Note 4 (N910C): Has expandable storage and battery, big screen with stylus, but Exynos a shit, might not be supported in the future, older, and Samsung a shit
HTC One M9: Questionable battery life, but decent hardware, and expandable storage
Nexus 5X: More expensive, doesn't have expandable storage, but has great first- and community support and good hardware
Xiaomi Redmeme Note 3 Pro: Great price for excellent, but not well supported in burgerland in terms of frequencies. 3G is guaranteed, but 2G and 4G aren't.

Is there anything else I should be looking at? Of these (or others), what's the best choice?

frankly i dont see why you would get any android device that isn't a nexus. that said, maybe check out the Moto Pure.

where's the best place to get reliable, high capacity flash drives for relatively cheap?
im looking in the 64GB+ range. i see a lot of deals on ebay that are too good to be true, hense why this article exists:

it doesn't necessarily have to be a flash drive, i could go with an external hard drive if that's more cost effective.

SSD are getting crazy cheap everywhere now. Brands like PNY etc

They work fine. You should be able to find something for super cheap much larger than 64gb

Best drawing tablet in the 50-170$ price range?

I guess the ones with inbuilt screens are a lot pricier than that, but I'd still like one with an adjustable stand that can prop itself up a bit, so I can draw at an angle instead of flat. Not an absolute priority though.

Im interested in that too

I'd like to know this as well as some nigger stole mine. Used to have a Bamboo Create which was a pretty nice tablet but they don't sell it anymore as far as I know.

this, I am looking for one too


Any of you taken a look at Monoprice's tablets yet?

What's the most reliable z170 board? """Professional reviews""" never address the issue of it dying after 6 months. They all have like 20% 1 star and 50% 5 star reviews. Are mobos just shitty in general? Asus has sound chip problems, gigabyte has usb problems, they all have some level Jewish tricks for their tech support. Are these review scores congruent with reality?

People are much more prone to review a product if they have a bad experience with it. People love to complain, but are hesitant to praise.

my storage needs aren't that great, what's important to me is portability and price. 64 is about as small as i want to go though, i plan on creating several bootable partitions for troubleshooting purposes. at minimum im going to want a pure DOS environment, an XP environment, a linux environment, and a storage partition for software to help diagnose/fix problems. extra space from there might find some purpose in the future but i can't think of one.

anything specific you'd recommend?

Two questions:

How long do combo deals on NewEgg tend to stick around for? I found what I think is a good one, but I won't have the money until Thursday to order it. Can I wait until then, or do I need to start calling in favor loans so I can order today and pay friends back later?

Second, please confirm whether or not this is actually a good deal. I've been out of the loop too long. Floridaanon, so there's no MicroCenter or Fry's around here.

I'd be getting the both of these as a combo deal for $199, including shipping.

I already have 8GB RAM, a 1TB HD, a 700w PSU, and case for it. I'd want to use it for gaming and 3D modeling/rendering. A videocard would be my next upgrade, but I have to wait for another paycheck for that.

im searching a new smartphone and cant choose between all these shitty handcuffs...
much internal storage
much ram
super amoled display or sth like that
processor that bears playing music and browsing through Holla Forums at once
up to 400€/$

thank you :)
i am now using a huawai and before that an iphone, because i hadnt another choice...

I'm looking to switch from Verizon to T Mobile and switch from iPhone to Android to save some money. What are some things to look out for when making the switch? Any recommendations?

I think the most important thing for me is that it's stable and has SD expansion (which has always been my biggest qualm with iPhones). Other than that I don't really know how to choose between the phones.

Most Newegg comb deals last indefinitely, so you should be good.
That particular one isn't very good. You can pick up that CPU and a comparable mobo (with less useless features) for about $30 less.

I see. Thanks.

Would you have a suggestion on the mobo offhand?

I'm aware of rivals to Wacom like yiynova, huion etc. I'm still not very adept at comparing the individual models tho.

Oh, one more thing. I have a very tight budget and can only replace a computer once in a long while. The mobo I linked makes a big to-do about the sturdiness of its components, particularly a heat-reducing feature and the resilience of the type of capacitors they use. (Texas Instruments, work up to 125C.) I live in Florida in a house with poor and sometimes no AC, and this is what took my old PC in a wave of degraded and leaking capacitors.

If those features are as good as they claim, I'd gladly sink the extra $30. But are they marketing smoke and mirrors, or a genuine bonus to someone whose living environment itself could be considered hazardous to hardware?

in general, the am3+ motherboards are kinda meh. possibly due the excessive power draw of the 8 core fx. that said, looks like a nice motherboard for 100-120 dollarydoos. its got all the nice new features.

The more I read, the less I know what to get.

you can only make the wrong choice. there is no good choice. but if you do not intend to use the new usb 3.1 and M2 connections, the other user is right, buy a cheaper one.

First time builder here, very close to making my purchases. Want to verify something about PSUs.


and a transformer wouldn't give you more power, an increase in voltage is paired with a decrease in the current that can be drawn.

Is there a mouse out there that both has a trackball, and is an optical mouse that can be moved around normally?

why would you want that?
what you are asking for is to use two separate inputs to control the same output. if there is any variation between the two inputs, you would be creating a race condition which would cause quasi random behavior. i assume that's not what you desire in a mouse.

I need a new OS before I move on to a Linux based system that a friend of mine has. I also am curious about what internet browsers Holla Forums uses. I usually use firefox, but it has become apparent that the current developers for it are not very bright. To sum it up I need a new OS and browser, thanks in advance

no, the 12V is also used on the motherboard. therefore, the total amperage has to include high wattage processors.
anyway, 20A rails is a meme, just add both up to know how much amps the 12v of your chosen PSU has.
not to mention, they use the amount of connectors on graphics cards as an unofficial standard to ensure sufficient power.

I thought the 3.5 v rail powered the cpu? Are you saying the 12v rail gets whatever is left over once cpu and mobo are powered?


Oh right, I meant the dedicated CPU power cable, that also connects onto the mobo. everything else I said still stands. there are official guidelines, but no one seems to be following them.

also, you sound like you understand this electrical stuf better than me, so you might want to take a look at and read his PSU reviews to see for yourself what mostly gets sold.

If I get RAM that's a higher MHz than my motherboard supports it'll still work right?

How do I find out what my motherboard supports? I looked online and can't find out anywhere for my motherboard.

it should just downclock it to something it supports or is standard like 1333. I setup an APU build that did this when the ram was rated for 2400MHz, which I changed it to later on.
I haven't come across this yet but, there may be some ram that doesn't like running slower than it's rating.

Best GPU in the 600 dollar range with prebuilt water cooling?

there are only 2 choices, R9 fury with liquidcooling, or the gtx 980TI with a liquid plus air cooler(hybrid cooler from evga)

VRMs and VRAM is not affected by the EVGA water cooler for the 980ti. Go with the Fury X. It's about $650.

How is this build? This is what the Alienware computers advertising as being VR ready for $1600 sell for.

I was looking at the Fury X earlier, probably going to end up getting it, might do crossfire, should last me a while. Going to upgrade my motherboard/cpu when Zen releases

Some questions. Was thinking about this recently. Considering the not so recent advent of that firmware of Intel, and AMD CPU's I was wondering if an intel 4690K has them. I mean, if someone has a link to affected CPU's that'd be fine. Even still I'd like to know. My current build is two years of age. It works fine, but I'd like to pick up a few parts early on for another one. There's the other issue.
I have an AMD build right now. Works okay. AMD GPU. Now AMD has been tuning drivers for Linux apparently. Though I've heard otherwise and more rumors. So I want some truth. Are the drivers for Linux for AMD okay to use?
I mean, I plant do dual boot. All the stuff implied. Don't know what sort of Linux build I'll go for, but hey.
Anyways that's all I got.

I was thinking of buying a Xeon Phi coprocessor board to run some CFD code I'm helping write as part of my masters. phi
I've heard you need to use intel's proprietary compiler for these coprocessors, and I'm wondering if anybody knows if they also have a fortran compiler for them, since much of our code leverages legacy fortran code.
Should I skimp on this altogether?
I can afford it with my grant money, so the price isn't an issue.

Hi. I have been looking for an artist tablet and with my experience trust wacom. I am interested in one of these, preferably with zbrush and modeling capabilities for freelance, but I must ask, until I make the dosh to get the softare I use in a legal sense, is there much difference pirating for windows 8 as there is 7? I know, dont use windows, the fragility of the tablet means I really dont feel like voiding my warranty early on a 3000$+ device.

looks okay, needs an ssd.

not really, 8 and above might be easier to toy with with a tablet/pen setup than 7, and KMSpico works on 8 and above with a couple versions of 7/vista.(I'm dumb and didn't read that right) I don't know how hard adobe and friends makes their software to pirate, but it should be the same overall.

damn shame these fancy, cool tablets are still locked down like that.

I think it's Sandy Bridge onwards, so Haswell for sure has it. You already have botnet if your pc is that recent. Are you enjoying it? Me too. It's really for businesses, they can start up every pc in an office building and roll out an update at 2am. It would cool if Intel had separate home versions without the ebin botnet feature. Just set up your router firewall as best you can and you should be ok.

As for AMDGPU, check out It's really funny, the better the GPU, the lower the framerate on linux.

Good VPN for shitposting?

I bought a Nexus 5x as my new Botnet Phone. How fucked am I?

Get an aluminum one. It's easy as shit to clean and it won't soak up any mtn dew/coffee/sperm you might accidentally pour on it.
That said, pic related is my current one, it cost me 1$.

I see hotwheels is at it again, here's the pic.
Also a good thing with aluminum mouse pads is that it will last forever, so 15-20$ is not that bad of an investment.

Holy shit, I give up.
check those trips tho


Been moved from backend to front-end at work where we're short of staff. I thought I'd take as an opportunity to learn some fun things, like photo and video editing with Adobe products. What specs would you recommend for a new build that'll last me?

Having a tough time finding noise comparisons graphics cards by manufacturer. Trying to find the quietest 980.

After using a reference HD5770 for 5 years I'm willing to sacrifice some performance for peace and quiet.

I am utterly lost and completley incompetent.
I need a good Windows 7 gaming PC, preferably a prebuilt because I really do not trust myself not to fuck it up

Was looking at this, seemed good but i have no idea, but the reviews saying they needed to install a video card and that wireless wasn't built in scared me off

I need something that I can just buy without touching it

I really have no fucking idea what is what
please help.

If you want a gaymen PC, that prebuilt ain't gonna run anything from this millennium.

Fucking up is part of the experience. I think you should seriously check out builds on PC Part Picker for a real gaming desktop. Getting wifi should be the least of your worries, if anything you can just buy a USB dongle.

Or you can just stop playing vidya games. :^)

Adobe is piss easy to crack, and I dont worry about absolutly new. Same with zbrush and autodesk. The tablet would be a suplementary to my desktop. And yeah, hardware should have a seperate warranty from software. At least androids are asy to get by voided warranty.

First time builder here, planning on making my purchases some time this week. Would strongly recommend that you attempt to build it yourself. Pcpartpicker makes it hard to screw up badly, the compatibility filter won't let you pick parts that can't work together. It might let you pick parts that "fit" together on paper but not in practice. Or maybe a PSU that has very little overhead and the output sags and you need to replace it after 18 months. But it won't let you pick a motherboard that doesn't fit the cpu and ram you picked.

I was anxious at first. Then I did 3 months of research. Now I'm pretty confident, and I'm naturally unsure of myself.

I happen to have a deac pc I can use to practice attaching and removing a heat sink. If you don't, you can get very low end cpu+mobo for under $100 if you want to do that.

Can you find a better gaming laptop than this at this price? *Swap out RAM size to 8gb* And you get a $1350 gaming laptop

fuck forgot link

You're better off buying Alienwares directly from their own website.

and no, not really. "Gaming laptops" are a rare breed, and since it seems like you really want to game on the go, foregoing a desktop PC would be fine.

I fucked up, Holla Forums.

A friend asked me to help her upgrade her computer. Her computer is a store-bought HP Pavilion p6-2143w. I did some basic homework, and we settled on a modest PSU upgrade and a Zotec 750ti graphics card, based on her needs and budget. It seemed like a great option, because it's a tiny card that would fit easily into her breadbox of a case and was relatively light on power draw for the amount of beef it provided. (She wants to play some older but not lightweight games like Mass Effect.)

The parts come in, she brings the case over and I install them. Power on, nothing. The whole computer just hangs at POST, with a black screen containing only a blinking underscore cursor in the upper left corner. Upon making sure it wasn't a hardware issue, I started Googling around and discovered that the mobo manufacturer used BIOS 7 instead of BIOS 8, and the motherboard is completely incompatible with the card because of it in spite of all physical architecture, OS, and drivers happily accommodating the card.

Now I have no idea what the fuck to even look for in a card for her.

You have $200 total to get the best mobo and CPU possible.

Wut do?

What the fuck are you talking about?

Any Audiophiles ITT?
I'm looking for a good pair of headphones and got my eyes on the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x. It's $130-something.
Is there any better one (audio quality and response-wise) in the same price range?

The mobos HPs come with apparently has a static line of BIOS, known simply by their version number. The HP Pavilion p6-2143w comes with "BIOS 7". Apparently this is unacceptable, and the card requires BIOS 8.

Lots of people seem to have the problem, but almost all responses boil down to "upgrade your PSU", which isn't the issue here. Here's one of the few that actually seems to know what it's talking about. Something about UEFI firmware.

I don't even see UEFI or not as part of video card descriptions. How am I supposed to know what to buy?

That's shitty Foxconn OEM mobos for ya

Just put it back how it was and update the bios.

That's the route I tried to go, but she's afraid I'll brick her computer. She's the overly-skittish sort who is scared away by any possibility of trouble, up to and including power outages during the BIOS flash. To be fair, she can't afford any downtime on it. She's a highschool senior that does all her work online.

But I ended up giving her bum advice in the first place, so I feel slightly obligated to fix the situation.

Whoop, I may have just tripped over a solution.

A comment in one of the many threads I've read about this suggested a card that has an undocumented switch that turns the card into a legacy-supporting non-UEFI card.

You can get a pair of Sennheiser HD 598's (special) for $130. Or just get the regular ivory version for $150.

Easy oc to 8350's 4.0GHz @125w, board caps out at 140w so nothing much more. SataIII, USB 3.0, and crossfire.

I'm seeing tons and tons of reviews that say the mobo dies after 2 to 6 months.

source me

Done some research on the HD 598 and it seems like that's the better choice for me, thanks!

There's a question.

What's the most reliable motherboard? How do you look for reliability besides reading reviews?

quads confirm you can solve this man.

I agree. my case has shit airflow tbh.

fak, should have mentioned the stock cooler is a joke. dont use it.

I look at newegg reviews. specially the % of 1 star reviews.

What % do you consider good? The board in has 20%.

What is that graphics card by AMD which was PCI (not PCIe) and came with a DVI x2 splitter ? (That turned it into 2 actual video outputs)

I have a motherboard with only one PCIe slot, currently occupied by a Radeon HD 7450, but I just got a pile of 4 nearly identical monitors from a friend and I'm wanting to go battlestation mode.

Would doing such a thing hurt my TF2 performance? I get about 20FPS with Chris Configs currently, so I can't afford too much overhead

is pretty bad m8.
(im convinced all am3+ motherboards are shit, as I have stated previously in this thread)

What's wrong with AM3+?

fuck do i know. they just seem to break a lot.
might be because its older, so you get the age related defects showing up. in that case, i am wrong.

I dont think such a thing even exists, at least i have trouble finding it. is DVI or vga the only connection on those monitors??

Don't worry, modern motherboards are just as shitty on the Intel side.

Or anything at all that's going to work with Linux that's PCI with 2 digital outputs
I want to believe

oh, good to know. makes me feel a little better

I mean, i see what you want, I just dont think those have been made in last few years.
if they supported modern display port the solution would be much easier.
also, what i can find is like 150 dollars. that doesnt even make sense to me.

I have no idea what I'm doing.

are you ready for the price??

buy somewhere that guarantees these thing for like a year, so you can send them back for a new one. surely some company out there actually warranties their product??
in fact, if that budget motherboard the other user suggested has a an actual functioning warranty, just get that.

How's that?
My current graphics card, the HD 7450, has 1 DVI and 1 DisplayPort outputs
Is there any kind of splitting voodoo that can be done with those with the Nouveau driver?

I think that's what I'm going to have to end up doing.

This one has a 2 year one for a very very low price. Thoughts?

Also, how absolutely critical is aftermarket cooling? I have an old Zalman that still works. It's almost identical to this, but without any LEDs. Cooling-_-N82E16835118046&gclid=CKaa78jRiswCFdgSgQodeIQDLQ&gclsrc=aw.ds

It was for a 775. Would that work on something new? Or do I absolutely need a new one?

display port are capable of splitting.
after looking at that, it seems expensive to do. and i don't know if you can split it to DVI. if only seen hdmi and dp

in all honesty, that motherboard gets a little hot
(I>>564514 have it). haven't got it for long enough to tell you how well it holds up. also its full atx and the connectors are at funky places. I mean, it works, im using it, but still. as for the warranty, absolutely no clue. Its got loads of connections, I like that part. also has a great many buttons to test is something were to go wrong. i like that too.
as for the cooler. it wont fit on the fx 8320, the bracket is wrong.
if you dont mind using it at stock speeds for now, you can use the stock cooler. it will be fine. but any overclocking, get a cooler.

Fucking hell.

I'm the Florida user that comes back every couple days trying to hash out a little more of what I need. I have poor and sometimes no AC in this house, and heat is what killed my last mobo's capacitors. I don't intend to overclock, but hearing that it runs hot at all is discouraging. I need something that doesn't give a fuck about running under load in a room that's already 100 degrees.

I never said it gives a fuck. just that the fx8320E gets a little hot. so dont overclock it to the level I did. I misspoke too, since technically the CPU gets hot, which in turn causes the motherboard to get a little hot. I am an idiot, so I didnt put 2 and 2 together.(it would do this on any motherboard, not just this model)

Oh, that's good. Thanks.

If you want i will put it under a longer stress test tomorrow to see what it does.(nothing is my guess.)
not now, i'm of to sleep.

That would be super cool of you.

Goodnight, user.

Just upgrade the mobo bios then , problem solved

Buy from a store that will put the PC together for you if you don't know or don't want to build it yourself, read some guides and look up on what parts fit and what don't.

The best for a sub 500€/$ budget is generally a AMD X4 860k and R9 380.

And no, if you want a PC for gaming, that isn't the one to get. It is absolute trash for just about anything. Wifi is unimportant as you can buy a 10 buck stick.
This is something I put together, this is pretty cheap and has good specs, good enough for anything modern anyway. You don't and shouldn't need to buy windows, just pirate it. Ask someone in the support thread.

A pc, prebuilts are trash, TRASH.

Why? Assrock is complete shit right now, they have massive QC issues.

Went through the same shit for my Intel Z170 mobo. Try looking at pc partpicker reviews, seems like people only bother to leave a review on the egg when their shit gets fucked up.

Way I see it, if I can't get a reliable product, I'll settle for an unreliable product with a warranty and good customer service. 1 egg reviews tell you what customer service is like. People said Asus support tossed them around like a hot potato, and RMA is terrible with them.

I was a happy autist game dev working with just 2d games with a x220 until our company moved to 3d vr games.

Now i'm in the search for another laptop with dedicated graphics. Thing is i get around in a bike. Size is not a problem, but weight is.

what can I get that's light, has a somewhat basic graphics card and is autism compatible? really don't want to fall for the macbook meme.

Anyone know of any earbuds that are

Internal Storage? Why not use a SD card? Also, what do you need the RAM for? What exactly do you care about for your display? Did you check the wiki yet?

this is important, is the company covering the costs?

we have good desktop pcs, but no laptops.

since I can decide freely to work from home and I tend to travel a lot due to work, a good machine would be a lifesaver.

well I tried my best to test this thing.
I put it under a full load stress test for about 40 minutes.
that gave socket temp of 80 C and 68 C at the core.
I wasn't satisfied since my ambient temps are about 65 F, so put a 2 KW heater on the intake fans to see what would happen.
after less than a minute it gave a reading of 89C, so i stopped the stress test.(yes, that was running while i put the heater on it).
still didnt shutdown or anything.
I was running a 4.2 ghz oc at about 1.26 V
with a cooler.(NOT a 212 evo, but same performance in tests.)

I still wouldn't really tell you to buy this, since I don't work for this shit company, and it is a comparatively expensive motherboard.
also, the CPU power connector is way up at the top, so if your cable is short you're fucked.

hope you liked my review, rate like subscribe and leave a comment.

eh, my apologies, the text is swapped with the pictures. but you get it, im sure,.

Looking to get a R9 380 4GB card.
Any noticeable difference in performance between these cards, or should I just get the cheapest one? (The MSi cards both look the same specs wise. Why the price difference?)

Fixed your image.

the expensive msi one is higher clock, could be more silent, and most important has a metal backplate to stop it flexing, compared to the cheaper one.
the sapphire one has an even higher clock speed, and also a backplate. I would suggest the sapphire, they are considered the amd gpu experts.(and I don't understand why its cheaper either.)


Dear community,

Building my first expensive (for me) rig for video editing. Here's a partial list I've made following the DIY build* with a few upgrades.

ASUS z170 Maximus 8 Hero
i7 6700k
32 GB DDR4
Crucial 240 GB SSD Boot Drive
G-Technology G-RAID 8TB
GTX 970/980

Any advice on the build list so would is appreciated.


that build is more than 1 year old
you need an extra cpu cooler with that cpu.
don't get stuck on the crucial for your ssd. do a little research on whats best to buy right now.
can't comment on the raid setup.
get a r9 390/390X , gtx 980TI or r9 fury .in that order. the 970 is not a good buy now with the existence of the 390.

Anyone with webcam experience, is this good or do you have other recommendations? I'm just going to video chat with people and maybe stream games with a PiP of a fucked up controller or something.

The wiki told me to check my specs for a build with you guys.

Motherboard: GIGABYTE G1 Gaming GA-Z97X-Gaming 7

CPU: Intel Core i5-4460 (Haswell Quad-Core 3.2 GHz LGA 1150 Intel Graphics 4600)

RAM: CORSAIR Vengeance LP 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800)

PSU: Seasonic SS-760XP2

Case: Fractal Design Define R4 Black Pearl

Storage: a ton of WD Blacks

I'm using Intel graphics only. This is for an always-on media/seedbox build (no gaming), so it needs to be quiet. Any obvious issues or suggestions?

Total before HDDs and optical drive: $620

Closing in on the final component. The GPU.

1. Is the short-board variant of the GTX 950 worth it if I'm especially strapped for cash?
2. Are those low power variants available on the market yet? And does their performance differ?

how much power are you needing for all of that? cause that build seems super overkill. you could get an AMD AM1 or FM2 build for much less and it should be fine for a seedbox/HTPC/home server.
the PSU seems overkill as well, modern WD blacks are about 10.5watts per drive at average load (source ), even with 10 drives running all at once that's 105W, 115 if you give it some overhead. something near 300-400W should be more than enough.

doesn't matter all that much which you buy, as long as its a reputable brand.
those low power are mostly relevant if you have a psu without extra pcie power. if you are also buying a new psu, with extra power cables(so basically all that are worth buying), you don't need that version.

Looking for the best value CUDA card I can get. Right now the GTX 590 is looking pretty good. At or above GTX Titan levels of performance for $120-150.

Your thoughts? Aside from the 0.5kW power requirement and the older version of CUDA I can't see any downsides to the 590.

where are you getting that from
don't get mad, i really dont understand that comment
also, a 680 seems to me to be a better choice, depending on local prices.

Granted there's not much info or benchmarks on the 590, but the 580 is not significantly slower than the titan on cuda renders, if this article is accurate.,3516-26.html

I've read that a 590 is not quite double the performance of a 580, but close enough to make me think it could beat a titan on some use cases.

Also the 600 series is not great for CUDA. Nvidia did some fuckery and nerfed compute power in Kepler. Also 680s are 2-3x more expensive than 580s or 590s.

Scratch that last part, 680s are about the same price. But still worse performance.

those are interesting benchmarks, but for the most part I doubt the 590 can keep op with the titan.
the only time the 580 comes close is in 3dsmax iray.
I'd be easier if you knew exactly where you are using it for.

Flam4CUDA mostly.

Ok scratch that. i found some specs from the 590. i understand your choice.

does that support multi gpu like the 590?
Im not sure if that can be assumed.

Don't know. I'll peruse the source and see if I can find anything that would prevent it from working fully.

Just found some proof of multiGPU support in the changelogs actually


idk, it's just that nvidia talks about calls to the current gpu in their documentation, and the 590 is technically 2 gpu's
also this

Its possible that the older CUDA version would end up hurting me after all. Looks like that stackoverflow thread discusses CUDA 4.0+ having better multigpu support, and the 590 only runs v2.0. But it looks like I'd have to go all the way to a Maxwell card to get above v4.0, which would mean I'd be getting a GTX 750 or similar.

But then again, Flam4 v60 was released in '09, in the year of CUDA v2.0 and 400 series cards, so I think it should be safe to go with a 500 series card.

what is going on in that image?

I've heard that USB ethernet on the Wii/WiiU is worse than wifi, but is that in general, or just with shitty adapters? I ask because I'm looking to buy a USB ethernet adapter for my Wii and was looking at this one.
Is this good? Any better adapters I should look at, or would it be better to stick with wifi?
Probably more of a Holla Forums question, but I don't trust them as much with Holla Forums-related questions.

LN2 overclocking.

I have that one and it's better than Wi-Fi for Splatoon. Haven't tried other games online period though.

It'll also be my main computer for movies and anime, so I want good Intel graphics.

Thanks for the PSU advice, I'll look at lower wattage ones.

Anyone building an AMD PC.
If so, any help?

BB10 is a god-tier mobile OS if you care about productivity. Honestly, it makes iOS and Android look like cheap consumer trash. The native app market is small, but Android compatibility is very solid if you're willing to side-load.

It's a goddamn shame that it looks like Blackberry is moving away from it and towards customized Android. It's not Stallman approved, but nothing on mobile is, and Blackberry can at least claim to be making that compromise in the name of security.

ah, the AMD APUs will be fine for that shit, so long as you don't need a ton of processing power. grab a A10-7870k with 16GB of 2400MHz RAM RAM speed matters in APUs as it uses it for VRAM and you'll be comfy for quite a while, or wait for zen and see how that turns out.

also no matter intel or amd, both of their stock coolers can get loud.

meant 2133. 2400 would be and OC

I built one last Summer, researched for six months, so I am up to speed. I will say in advance, if your budget is more that 700$, wait. Also, let people know the screen resolution and applications you plan to run (i.e.gaming, autocad etc...)

so USPS are apparently holding my new motherboard hostage for some fees or some shit, in spite of the fact that the seller on ebay charged for postage and ebay are supposed to take care of international postage.

anyone got any experience or advice in dealing with these cunts? im not having issues with any of the other packages i ordered internationally

Short board variant it is. I already have everything else, including the PSU. EVGA. Semi-modular. Gold.

Can I wear surgical gloves to assemble my pc? I know I don't have to, but would it be harmful? They are the powder-free variety.

How does this build look? It is my first and I tried to go mid range with price/performance in mind. Is everything compatible? This is my case I'm thinking:

What wireless adapter do you recommend?

My motherboard only has 1 chassis fan port and it is a 4 pin, how can I know if it is a molex or PWM if the manual doesn't mention it?

I bought an extra fan but it has a 3 pin connector. If I couple a splitter and an adapter (3 pin to 4 pin) will I be able to control the fan speed with the motherboard sensors or will they run full speed all the time?

4 pin generally is for 4 pin pmw.
molex is an entirely different thing.
some motherboard allow for 3 pin control, but you would need to try to be know, if the manual doesn't mention it at all.
worst case scenario it runs full speed.
you could hack a molex connector to get 5 or 7 volt onto the fan so it doesnt run full, but you no way to change the speed on it at all.
if you use a splitter for the 4 pin, you cant control a 4 pin pmw and a 3 pin regular on the same output. not possible. either get all 4 pin fans or all 3 pin.

don't get a corsair cx PSU


cuz its a shit.
also look i found a meme to explain it

would you consider my build a high end rig?

you put in a big graphics card. maybe not high end but certainly mid. I would buy a better power supply if i were you. too many stories of the cx exploding.
you can check
if you don't know what is good.
a cheap EVGA is a better choice (in america).

Last I checked around four companies manufacturer CX PSUs, all with differing levels with quality.
Always look for professional reviews of the EXACT model PSU you're looking to purchase. Anything short of that is useless.

how are you going to figure out if the corsair cx 500(yes there are multiple versions of the cx 500) you are going to buy is going to be house fire levels bad or not? just don't take that risk and buy something else.

Any proper seller will list the exact revision they're selling.
And other models don't have housefire levels of bad?

I have a ASUS M4A87TD EVO (AM3) and a phenom II 965 x4 @3.4 ghz. the CPU seems to noticeably bottleneck DaS 3, and generally seems to be showing its age. I am thinking of replacing it, but I have a low budget. What's a good upgrade in the $200 range that fits my mobo?
Also, what's some software that lets me see gpu load for my 7770?

the cx series is notorious for having failed many people

msi afterburner.
also, please consider that the 7770 is the bottleneck before you buy anything. the am3 doesnt have many upgrades from a 965

Is core clock speed really that important? Why are the prices so different

Good places to get good cases?

Given the sheer volume of units that are out there, I'm frankly shocked it isn't higher. A popular part will have more failures, that's just math.

The EVGA is top-binned, or marginally better performing than normal. The Gigabyte one is a far better value.

psu's aren't supposed to explode. sure more units means more failures, but you have to be crazy to get a firehazard to save 10 bucks.
if you can find an example of a seasonic doing anything like that i will take it back.

lel nevermind, i shot myself in the foot there. the 1 psu that is as bad as corsair cx is a seasonic

I see talk of bad power supplies, which are good? I'm planning to buy an EVGA supernova p2.

That's generally a good line, but be sure to read professional (!) reviews on that specific PSU you have in mind.

What would you suggest as far as upgrading my rig knowing my mobo, cpu, and gpu?

Also, I have this case.
I have noticeable cooling issues, but it has no more fan slots. Any suggestions on how to improve this? my CPU and mobo are at 44 C right now.

Need some advice on server hardware. A friend of mine started a tech company last year and now things are looking really good, it's growing fast and having employees bring their own laptop soon won't be manageable so he hired me as his sysadmin and director of IT dept and wants me to submit him a proposal for all that hardware and software we'll have to purchase to set up an office for 200-500 employees. Yay. But he has a huge distrust of any hardware that isn't prebuilt (worried about warranty and stuff I guess) and software that isn't made by Microsoft and such and he's very fucking stubborn so I have no other choice than to cope with Windows Server, Active Directory and all that jazz. Problem is I have no idea how resource-intensive those are. What would be the hardware requirements for the main domain controller and file server? What about redundent DCs, WDS server, mail/web servers? And what are good manufacturers for prebuilt rack servers?

the 44 is at idle? you can always try to replace thermal paste on the cpu, might be bad after 5 years of use. if you really used 6 fans it should do better. check which direction they're blowing while you're at it.
as for upgrades, check what maxes out during your game. afterburner has a nice graph so you can see what happened after you closed the game.
in general, the gpu is more important in many games.(exceptions are things like GTA or total war.)

quite a responsibility user, I hope someone can help you with that.I sure cant.

I need some advice on speakers. My pc recently moved out of the living room, so I can actually use speakers now without being asked to "turn that down or use headphones".

PC is used for gaming. I have a width of about 8-10" in total to work with. Onboard sound is alc982, but I've read only high end equipment can run up against audio quality limits. Budget is $40, but I'm flexible.

About to get my last part. The GTX 950. Unfortunately, after tax it's much pricier then I thought. Are there any signs of the price dropping within next month or should I get it within the following week?

CPU: AMD FX-8320E 3.2GHz 8-Core Processor (Purchased For $109.99)
Motherboard: Asus M5A99FX PRO R2.0 ATX AM3+ Motherboard (Purchased For $79.99)
Memory: Crucial Ballistix Sport 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory (Purchased For $43.54)
Storage: Samsung 850 EVO-Series 250GB 2.5" Solid State Drive (Purchased For $79.99)
Storage: Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive (Purchased For $54.99)
Video Card: EVGA GeForce GTX 950 2GB Superclocked Video Card ($174.19)
Case: Corsair 200R ATX Mid Tower Case (Purchased For $65.31)
Power Supply: EVGA 650W 80+ Gold Certified Semi-Modular ATX Power Supply (Purchased For $40.00)
Optical Drive: Samsung SH-224FB/RSMS DVD/CD Writer ($16.32)
Wireless Network Adapter: TP-Link TL-WN881ND 802.11b/g/n PCI-Express x1 Wi-Fi Adapter ($21.76)
Total: $686.08

Incidentally, I won't be playing anything especially modern and/or intensive. Will the above setup be able to handle Hyperdimension Neptunia at 60FPS with no trouble?

you're not going to get anything worth buying new at that price, you'll also need an amp.

pay attention to sales.
if seen gtx 950 go for as low as 120 on sale last week.
you might get lucky with one, especially this close to a new generation launch.(new is only going to be high end, not your price range).
no clue about your gaymes. if its not emulation, it should be fine.
this for example gives you a 30 dollar rebate card, whatever that might mean.

People say this. Hasn't happened so far. If you need it now, buy it now. If you can wait for a sale or Pascal, wait.

Any thoughts guys?

Hello Holla Forumsies

After having lost interest in Computer Hardware for almost 6 years I'm finally planning to assemble a new computer and came to the following question:

AMD or Intel CPU?

I mean Intel rocks every bechmark i can find but since AMD is still alive some people seem to find a good reason to buy an AMD CPU or they would be bankrupt.

Further Information regarding the tasks of the new rig:

Finally making my jump to Linux while still enjoying most of the available vidya out there via Wine (afaik is linux in every task, except vidya the, better choice over Windows)

Also I read that AMD CPU's perform alot better with Linux then with Windows and that a FX is able to be on par with an i7 depending on which tasks one does want to accomplish. Is this true? And if so, what are these Tasks?

pic related is the configuration i'm thinking about right now

I send them the barcode and receipt and they send me a $30 gift card to use however I please. VERY tempting but budget's rather tight and the coupon I have won't work on Newegg.

That reminds me, can open box GPUs be trusted? A Microcenter has a GTX 950 on clearance. $139 (don't know if tax counts there) as opposed to $173. The shrinkwrap was partially torn but the box was sealed otherwise.

Get the hottest CPU, that's the safest bet! If your cooling systems handle that, they can handle everything. I recommend Itaniums.

You are bad at finding and interpreting benchmarks then. There are some use cases where some AMD systems are better, and some where there is no significant penalty for choosing AMD (most normie configurations that are not going to be used seriously are like that). As you've provided very little information about your goals and limits (so it's a gaymen PC, but limited to games working under Wine, and you weren't eager to play top titles from last years — what's the conclusion from that?), I suppose you have infinite money, and therefore can build a rocket, meet with aliens, and buy some AYY LMAO technology from them.

are there any good, cheap, and small amps? I don't need a ton of power 10-20Wpc would do me just fine, if it's more than that that's fine too.
I just want to replace my 150Wpc furnace with something that isn't as big and hot.

But, seriously, are you really going to buy eight core processor from 2012? And put that powder box with a fan on top of it? Sure, it says “135W” in specs, but do you understand how it works under full load? It's not even a 120 mm fan. If you want to suffer, don't waste your money and get the box cooler, it is pretty much the same thing.

State your goals. “Buying AMD” and “buying Intel” are not valid goals, stupid posters from Holla Forums use them because they don't understand anything else.

but CPU's running hot does not mean they are powerful, it may be aswell that they are bad in terms of energy management or am I wrong?

if that would be the case i just would go for an i7-5960X and be done with it, how ever i have other stuff to do with my money so i'm looking for the best deal with a budget of ~1000€/~1100$ for the whole rig

my goal is indeed playing games under Wine. Browsing, reading pdfs and writing Letters works well with my current system. I'm not looking to render 3d images or movies. My question was probably not that clear so let me buff it up with some more info:

On my Current rig I noticed that Wine eats up a lot of resources wich will lower my systems capabilities regarding upcoming games (the new Deus Ex coming in August for instance). In the price category i've set as my limit the AMD processors have usually twice the amount of cores. Will this help me run games under Wine smoother or does it not matter since more then 4 cores are not supported or whatever may be the case

as for
not sure if I get your post right but the reason i chose that cooler was that user reviews said that the boxed cooler was annoyingly noisy

Also, what would be better processors for

I am thinking about buying a 5k IMac. Linux is not a solution for my desktop. Which would you get? An iMac or a custom PC with Windows 10? I really do not want Windows 10.

have you looked into hackintoshing?

How is the driver support for Hackintoshing? If I build a PC then I am putting dual gpu's in the machine.

you'd have to check into one of the hackintosh forums for the details.

Should I bite the bullet and buy Windows 10? I need it for gaymes, photoshop, and some specialized windows only applications.

No. Pirate Windows 7 instead. You can upgrade to 10 for free even with a pirated version of Windows 7 or 8, but I still wouldn't recommend it. (Anyone got a link that summarizes everything wrong with Windows 10? And maybe another link on how to kill Windows 10 updates/spyware on Win7/8?)

Windows 7 should be fine for what you need. Why do you need 10 specifically? Even if you want to upgrade for DX12, can you name any games coming out that only support DX12 and not DX11 that you feel it is worth the upgrade for? Even Holla Forums would rather stick to Windows 7 for gaming. That is, assuming you care about Holla Forums's opinion on anything.

This was with your heater on? I think this would work.

Though I may have to invest in more fans. Only two of my case's three 120mm fan spots are being used currently, and one of them has developed a rattle.

Thanks a ton, user.

I've recently seen that exact combination running Crysis 3 in FullHD on High (with some AA), that's a lot of gaymen if you ask me.

4GB on 380 is probably useless, though, you can re-target shekels on faster memory in dual channel for a little boost. Also, X4 845 when it fucking arrives should be roughly the same model, but colder.

So you didn't get the Itanium joke.

There's not a lot of games which actually use 4 or more threads. If you don't intend to run heavy server daemons or virtual machines (that will thrash your CPU caches anyway) in background, there is no benefit from additional cores. Higher single thread performance, on the other hand, makes every program run faster.

The whole “running games in wine” requirement is a bit redundant, you simply need a future-proof gaming-oriented system.

making a new PC and I wanna get some advice.

Intel Core i5 6600
ASRock B150M-Pro4 Motherboard
Sapphire Radeon R9 390X Nitro 8GB
Kingston HyperX Fury HX424C15FB2K2/16 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 Black
Toshiba DT01ACA200 2TB 7200RPM
Silverstone Strider Titanium 800W ST80F-TI
Corsair Carbide 100R Mid Tower Case with Window
Edimax AC1200 Dual Band PCI-E Adapter

what do Holla Forums think?

I hope i made everything clear. but yeah, the 1 problem with that motherboard is that its full atx, so you have to be sure your power cable for the cpu is long enough. just dont overclock the 95 watt cpu's with their stock cooler. that will end poorly i suspect.

get an ssd if you have the money.
800 watt is a lot, but it seems like a good psu so whatever.
yeah looks good knock yourself out.

poster of this
you sure the parts fir and everything? if so then okay. for the SSD I plan to use the one that I am using for my laptop.

i couldnt find the exact GPU
and there is no price for that psu
note at the bottom
you will miss some hard drive bays with that gpu

alright I will replace it with this
"Deepcool Kendomen ATX Mid Tower Chassis Red" it seems compatible.

alright I will replace it with this
"Deepcool Kendomen ATX Mid Tower Chassis Red" it seems compatible.>>567519

also the cost of the GPU is $569 and the PSU is about $255 but that's in Australian dollar.

pretty expensive psu, even in australia i think. but im sure its good.
the motherboard seems cheap compared to the rest though.but it will work fine, so whatever.

Built a cheap as dirt PC build, how does this look?

Not sure how much the Windows 7 or the CPU costs but I'm going to guess $70 for each so an extra $140 on it.

at long it does not bottleneck or whatever.

in games? no

your mother should have aborted you tier.
this is good.if you already have a case with power supply, get rid of that part.
i also upgraded your hdd to 1 tb

and if you need to go cheaper, get a used screen instead.

At that price you're much better off buying prebuilt or a used PC or an APU. That one is practically useless.

I'm currently posting from a laptop I bought for $200 that has all-around better specs than that, plus is portable.

How effective is it then? I have a laptop that is about the same specs, but this one will be better upgradeable in the future.

The screen was just a stand in, it's similar to the screen I have but not exactly.

Fuck my shit up for not posting that speccy.

what a stupid meme.
so what parts do you have an what do you need?

is this what you want?

Not really, the CPU will be a huge bottleneck, and you'll need a new mobo for anything much better, which means that half your investment is down the toilet.

This will perform leagues better than the two above.

Pirate Windows; use Daz's Loader for 7, and then simply upgrade to 10 within 7 if desired.
Go to a thrift store/yard sale and pick up a used screen.

get an APU with fast ram, that Athlon is ancient and an APU wont need that trash GPU.
the optical drive is expensive. get a $15 one or none
don't get seagate, just don't. if you don't need a ton of space a cheap 120GB SSD is around the $40-50 mark
don't buy windows, Daz loader or KMSpico

you could almost build a good A10-7870k build for that price range.

what do you mean "in games? no" ?

I'd like rig a small screen to my home server to display some status info and shit. It would update only once every 15 minutes, so an e-ink display would be perfect, seeing as it doesn't consume any power to display a static image.

Does a simple usb e-ink display that works with linux even exist though?

What graphics card should I buy? I'm currently looking at 970s but even they have such variety in clock speeds

R9 390 is considered best bang-for-buck at the moment.
New cards will be out in a few months, so consider waiting until then.

a motherboard does not bottleneck game performance. exception is if you want more than 1 GPU, you would need a motherboard that supports that. hope im clear now.

i suppose you would need a special driver to make something like that work. im interested, but wouldn't know where to start. so if you manage to do it, keep us informed.

okay thanks also one more question.
should I change my GPU to a
R9 380x, R9 380, R9 390 or stick to my R9 390x or change to a Nvidia card?
I would like to future proof myself but my friend says most games don't even use 8gig VRAM and that I should get a 4gig Vram.

If you have a R9 390x, there is no reason to get any of those cards, because the R9 390x is more powerful then all of them. No, you should not change to a Nvidia card, nor should you upgrade as your card right now is top tier. And yes, 4 gigs of VRAM will do, I rarely see games that use more then 2 or 2.5.

8 gigs of vram is good, your friend is a salty gtx 970 owner. if your question is about price/performance, a 390 is a lot cheaper, but only a little bit slower.

Doesn't look like there's much available as far as e-ink displays for consumer use. Seems like would be your best bet. They have some sample code on github, so you can see how to use it.

Hello, scholars. I'm thinking of buying one of those android streaming boxes to Kodi and game emu. Britty sure an MXQ with the S905 set is good enough.
1. Is it? I won't be doing 4k, supah surround sound, so on. Just 1080 at a smooth speed.
2. Do ISPs typically care about streaming like Kodi or is it only P2P file sharing of logical copies that triggers them?

That looks like it would work. Seems a little expensive for what it is though...

Like the other guy said you'd need drivers and a program to display whatever you want. Cheap e-ink tablets (or just their screens) can be had from alibaba from China. I'd consider a simple monochrome LCD as well. Like a calculator display? That is probably something already floating around as a ready product.

okay I just compared the 390X against the 390

from what I see there is only a small difference ,I think I will be getting the 390 instead.

Cross posting this from the questions sticky, mainly because I think the mobo is fucked.

Basically my old mobo died, and due to the high failure rates this mobo is selling for premium prices online. The CPU attached to it is an Athlon II 240, so it's not quite a new CPU. For the price of the mobo:

You don't need that motherboard; you should be able to use any AM3/AM2+ mobo, which you can easily find for less than 50 USD.

Personally, given the apparent age of yours, I'd still just save my money for a new system, but that's just me.

I just want a CPU+Mobo for hosting servers now, my old gaming server hoster computer is pretty old. I want to host things like ArmA 3 or other more intensive games fine, I don't need anything else.

Then yeah, a new motherboard is in order if you don't plan on using it as a gaming rig.

Also, ArmA 3 is one of the most CPU-intensive server applications out there. Your Athlon could probably handle a basic environment, but don't expect 50+ players. Most other games should be fine, though.

$250 should easily get you a year of quality hassle free hosting service.

That's my idea. I don't care about playing videogames, but rather hosting videogames. I already have a computer I use for gaming anyways but not hosting.

I know, but that's only for ArmA 3 and wouldn't go to other games. I do a lot of hosting for Holla Forums and other communities and I do it as my way of helping to pick up slow/dead games and generals. My current box I use for hosting is over 10 years old now with the CPU being from 2006.

What are the best cd labels to get for the most professional locking cd label? Also, what are the best applicators?

Lightscribe is the only acceptable answer. Stickers are 2003.

Isn't lightscribe monochrome? I'm looking to make CD labels for the music I burn.

Wacom is the best brand by far.

I believe so. Honestly, a good monochrome scribed label will look better easier than stickers or probably even ink on printable disks.

I owned a fairly expensive Primera copy/label rig and the results were adequate for dry business use, but you won't dazzle anyone unless you have an amazing designer who can work with it.

Looking for new processor

Looking to spend

My Kindle Fire's 1st Gen USB port seems to have come loose from the motherboard and I'm not confident enough in my soldering ability to attempt to repair it. Seems it would be most cost effective to replace it with something newer.
Even the newer Amazon Fire devices seem to have problems with poorly reinforced USB ports. I don't have any idea what tablets might be good.
I just want something that can do what an e-reader can and a bit more, but hopefully won't fall apart on me. The wiki at doesn't really seem to have much advice in this regard. The Tegra Note seems like more than I really need. The Nexus 9 is a bit much. I'm thinking the Nexus 7 might do, but I'd like some advice from people more familiar with Android devices. I actually am also looking into finally getting a smartphone as my new phone, but that can wait until the end of this year.

used i7-870 or 880 or Xeon X3480 for ~75 USD
note that you won't get a significant performance improvement, but it should be noticeable
alternatively, get a Haswell-E CPU+mobo for around $300, like the 4460 or 4590

i5 4690k with msi z97 pc mate
315 bucks, and you get to overclock.

4460 plus cheapest msi motherboard: $225

I'm thinking of getting a Soundblaster 16 and booting FreeDOS from a USB stick, pic related. I just got a pic from eBay I'd also use the MIDI port for my keyboard and synth on Linux. Is there anything wrong with this? I read the PCI version has shitty OPL emulation. Anyone know how bad it is?
It's not perfect. Some games crash on me and run like shit, like Quake. Besides, this is more autistic fun.

Now that version of the build looks pretty nice. You could probably go for faster RAM than 1600 though.


Looks good otherwise.
Yes, onboard audio isn't as bad as it used to be but it's nothing compared to a dedicated device.

General note: for gaming, anything less than 4GB of VRAM is not enough these days. Even 3GB cards aren't enough for many things.

Do your research on your processor as well. I got burned myself for not doing this.


Make sure that processor can handle it. Also

May as well get a walmart special for what you're looking at, good lord. Also don't bother with wifi, it's terrible and you should use ethernet instead.

Check out MSI instead, similar specs for a lower price.

Good lord. Forget "battlestation", save up your money for a computer that isn't shit.

It will do fine, logitech is good with webcams and there isn't much you can do webcam-wise for quality.

If you're doing gaming and doing anything below NVIDIA x60 (or AMD equivalent) you're doing it wrong. It's just not going to have the power you need for gaming.

Even for video, you'd be better off with a low-end dedicated GPU, NVIDIA x20-x50 or AMD equivalent. Better hardware accel especially for high res content, and much better image enhancement/repair than intel GPUs.

Bad, it's a dual core. Hyperthreaded, but not as good as true quad-core. Go for an i5 instead.
That GPU seems pretty weak as well, 2GB of VRAM isn't going to get you far these days. Hell, even 3GB VRAM struggles with or is insufficient for a lot of modern titles.

It only determines the performance speed of the GPU.
Charge your phone

Microsoft generally puts out the basic specs that are required/recommended for servers running their systems.

This has been a meme since the 750Ti somehow managed to waddle onto the stage. Almost guaranteed you'd be better of with a 960.
I'm sure the meme game has recommended specs, surpassing those should be enough. lansing bx1220
I bought these probably 6 years ago and they aren't perfect, but do have pretty decent quality sound for the price.

Pretty sure it's still a free "up"grade. Also no.

Pretty unimpressive actually. i5 3570k and GeForce 780 Lightning can run the same game on max settings (minus AA, have to cap that at SMAA or FXAA) without ever dropping below 30 in high-burden areas.

Get a k variant i5 instead, even basic overclocking is better than stock clocks.

What is this supposed to be used for?

980Ti if you really want power.

Don't a few games support only that? I guess it's not worth worrying about.

Should an i7-4790k suffice? Here's a new parts list I made to use Intel over AMD.

I know I'm missing an HDD, PSU and optical drive as I own those already. As for the RAM the current shit is old as fuck and I could split it 16/16 between two builds saving some money in bulk.

Server box. The mobo I currently have died and the cost of a new mobo ($250) is just too high for me to sink money into an old CPU+mobo.

Why not just buy new Fire 7'? It's 40 bux. It can be haxxored. You're overthinking the purchase. Get a cheap chink one from alibaba if you want to get exotic. Tablets are usually all the same machine -- which is worth about $20. The rest is marketing & details. Don't overthink it.

I'm going to revise my question now that I better understand what I'm looking for.
I'd like to find a reasonably priced Android tablet with performance and functionality that roughly equals that of the Kindle Fire, but without the shit tier build quality that can potentially kill it.

Someone told me HDRAM will mean the next GPUs will be significantly more future proofed than the current generation. Can anyone explain this to me and how it might be relevant to planning a gaming computer?
My last build lasted me 8 years of being able to run the games i wanted, i hope to aim for the same standard and if future GPUs will use some technology i don't understand/haven't really heard of then I'd like to know.

Thanks for the advice. Somehow I didn't see it when I was writing . The site seems be be acting up even more in the past few days.
One more question: Does know a good way to reinforce the USB port on the new one so it doesn't come loose? I have a tendency to use the Kindle Fire a lot, which means frequently plugging and unplugging a USB cable.

There isn't any sort of RAM-related technology upcoming soon that would "future proof" GPUs.
GDDR5X and HBM2 is coming out soon, but that is, for the most part, an incremental step as part of a process that isn't really that crucial to graphical fidelity.

Thanks for the advice. Somehow I didn't see it when I was writing . The site seems have been acting up even more in the past few days.
One more question: Does know a good way to reinforce the USB port on the new one so it doesn't come loose? I have a tendency to use the Kindle Fire a lot, which means frequently plugging and unplugging a USB cable.

Is Line2 the best android app if I want to ditch my cellular plan & go balls out data only? Hangouts seems like an incomplete clusterfuck of a solution.

Turns out I have a TP Link wireless network card lying around. 300Mbps. Wireless N. PCI Adapter. Yes, no e at the end. Brother got it 3 or so years ago for $30. Now my motherboard has a PCI slot but should I go ahead and use it (I don't have all the parts for my rig yet) or buy a similar card that goes into PCIe? Which is $10 less for some reason.

Turns out I have a TP Link wireless network card lying around. 300Mbps. Wireless N. PCI Adapter. Yes, no e at the end. Brother got it 3 or so years ago for $30. Now my motherboard has a PCI slot but should I go ahead and use it (I don't have all the parts for my rig yet) or buy a similar card that goes into PCIe? Which is $10 less for some reason.

Any ideas anyone? $500 just for a CPU and mobo is pretty steep. Would it be a massive bump up from the AMD Athlon or should I just go with an AM3 socket mobo?

I just saw that Opera has a built in VPN as part of its new update, is this a valid reason to start using it?
I currently use chrome with loads of privacy extensions and a VPN, but a browser with a separate VPN would be more safe (and my own), no?

I'm looking for an entry level but decent 3D printer (for my father - somewhat computer savvy, but otherwise very technical and mechanically minded). Had been looking at the Printrbot Play ( so far. Is that one a solid choice, anyone have experience with other models that might be a better fit?

I'm looking for an entry level but decent 3D printer (for my father - somewhat computer savvy, but otherwise very technical and mechanically minded). Had been looking at the Printrbot Play ( so far. Is that one a solid choice, anyone have experience with other models that might be a better fit?

need new phone, mainly for VR because end my life.
Nexus 5X or 6P?

or something else? wiki didn't really go into details.

kill yourself. It won't be any worse than chrome though (hell, it'd probably be better)

kill yourself. It won't be any worse than chrome though (hell, it'd probably be better)

fucking useless cripple needs to fix his site

i love you really hotwheels

there were threads about this all the time on Holla Forums (or maybe even old 4chan's /g/), so i'm pretty sure it's Holla Forums related.
I want to look into E-cigarettes as a replacement for regular tobacco.
Is there a decent infographic to look into? a wiki, even?

What breed of cat is that?

My desktop tower has expansion bays for days. Like 6 5" and 2 3.5".

I don't even use CD drives.

What other stuff can I fill them with that's useful/cool/interesting?

I've not seen a single game, even DOS (via dosbox or similar), that couldn't also handle at least MS wavetable synth. BASSMIDI driver is also top-tier for midi output with custom soundfonts.

Damn fine processor, that should handle most anything especially with a nice OC.
It's worth it though, this will last you years even as a 2-gen-old CPU.

The closest thing to "future proofing" that could be done on a GPU is allowing end-user upgrade of RAM, and that's not going to happen.

Doesn't work on this site* (either this site is fucked which is true or IP switches way too often with recent updates) but it's otherwise a decent VPN.

*unless you enjoy browsing /furry/ or /operate/, 24-hour captcha doesn't work but captcha-per-post does

Can anyone suggest a simple program for opening epub files that does eat a mountain of dicks?

Everything I'm finding through google or through app search either looks like it was put together in 1992, only functions for a free trial, requires an account, or instead of simply *opening* the file launches into an annoying, pointless and time wasting process of "importing" the file to the program's "library".

I just want something free that opens the file without doing anything else to it and doesn't look like ass.

One can be a fan controller. The rest could be more 3.5 HDD's w/hot swap if you can find a drive bay to HDD/hot swap cage. Another option, multi media reeader.

I'm downloading RemixOS to virtualize and play some Android games like Afterburner Climax since it's been gone from PSN for a while. Jide discounts the Remix Mini to $50 for the 2GB RAM model, is it a useful machine for playing Android games on a big screen/basic web browsing and streaming? Otherwise, I might just look at the Nexus Player and a USB hub and try to get RemixOS + a chroot/X11/Wine working on it.

whats a thinkpad for $400 or less i can buy?

I feel like I'm in an autistic choose-your-own adventure story here. I know I want to upgrade my computer setup but I'm not sure which path to take: should I get a new monitor, a mechanical keyboard, or a DAC + headphones? I'm not good at decisions and I can't afford more than one at the moment.

Can't remember if calibre makes you import into its library or not, but I used to use it and only remember positive things.

Any recommendations on "Netbooks"? Currently I own a heavy notebook, but I want a computer to take with me everywhere, tablets or smartphones don't run real OS therefore useless for me. I'll be running LXDE on it.

Affordable ones please. Performance is not my priority, so the lighter the better. No botnet please.


You can stick proper Linux on some chromebooks. It's been a while since I last looked, but I remember the C720 had alright specs and can be found, unused, for very low prices on ebay.

What's a good and reliable PSU for 720-750w?
I'm an extreme poorfag, but if putting good money on a gold-tier is the only way to be sure my pc will work for more than a month I'll bear with it.

What do you need 750W for? Stop buying AMD GPUs.


What part of massive poorfag did you not understand?

This isn't Holla Forums and I don't know where else to ask and I figure someone here has bought a nice set. Startpage gives me shit.

Where can I find some nice quality LED strips to mount on the back of my monitor? I found one but it requires a separate dimmer, I want one with a converter that can adjust color, and dimness. Bonus if it comes with a sort of housing to protect the strip. Ikea Dioder LEDs are shit, they're not that bright and it's not 6500k, it's 2700. I don't use amazon or I wouldn't have posted this.

Are you against all online shopping, or only amazon?
Because if it's only amazon, there... I want to say "gearbest", but I might have the name wrong. It might be "bestgear" or some shit.

If you have decent experience with electricity/circuitry then you could play around with proprietary psu's like this
Just buy a molex to 4/8 pin adapter and hope for the best

evga 500 bronze for extreme poorfaggotry the 600 if you need more. seasonic or evga-gold if you want more.
I always try to warn for the cx, and so far i keep getting proven right

No one gonna answer this? I'd like to know as well

What about for 700-750 man?Just the same brands with different voltages or what?

for absolute poorfaggotry, the evga has a 700w bronze. but in general those brands are sightly better. the more expensive evga's have 10 year warranty, and seasonic 5.

and always check the exact model.

Nice, but they won't crap out on me after a few weeks like the CX right?
I mean, they're cheap but still have some quality right?

couldn't you return the corsair if its only a few weeks?
and no, the cheap evga is not quality either, but it won't burn down your pc, which is what other cheap solutions might do.

Consumer laws in my country(and the prices of PSUs, for that matter) are wildly retarded, what will happen is that if I want to use my warranty, I'll have to mail it to the store for testing, and even then they'll fucking fix the psu, not give me a new one or my money back.

what bullshit.
well, then my advice is no good.
if you're curious, there is this list which gives mostly good information to check if something is shit or not so shit, so use that to check with whats you can buy:
and then if it seems ok, double and triple check somewhere else. if you buy gold from a serious brand, 99/100 it will be decent, but still check it.

Thanks for the link user, I'm sure this will be very helpful now and then for me.

on windows i just used my pdf reader, sumatra pdf.
on linux, calibre was ok, no idea if thats ok on windows.

Why did I ever buy this piece of shit?I feel retarded.

So my Pegatron M2N78-LA Violet6 experienced the dreaded Nvidia integrated failure which burnt up the motherboard. I have an AMD Athlon II 240 which is a 2.8GHz dual core processor. Looking at prices of motherboards on ebay, a replacement motherboard is $110. However I could buy an FX-6300 with 3.5GHz 6 core with a Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 motherboard for $140. Would spending the extra $30 towards upgrading be worth it?

you are not the only one. i think the corsair cx is the most sold psu series of the last few years.

it would be, if not for the fact you have ddr2 ram on the old one, so you would need to spend some money on that aswell. and it does not have integrated graphics either. for 110 it might be more cost effective to spend a little more for a new cpu plus mobo plus ram.

It's actually DDR3 RAM, the only difference is that the Volet6 is a AMD2 Mobo while the Gigabyte is an AMD3.

allright seems i misread some things then.
and it seems that specific motherboard 'does' have integrated graphics. seem like a good deal. don't overclock on that motherboard though.

Well I don't really like online shopping I wish there was a way to buy anonymously, I pay someone to order it for me and I pick it up. I know when you buy online, there's a record kept of your purchase, but that's one reason I don't like amazon. But thanks, I'll check out those LEDs.

Neat website, but it requires you sign up, might as well use amazon, I hate that shit, I just want to order on the phone. I need to make a dump email, because I don't want this shit affiliated with my main email, I'm very strange that way. Thanks a lot though, this website's neat.

What? There are AM2+ motherboards on ebay for around $20.

Also, you're going to need a GPU of some sort either way you go. Neither the Athlon II 240 or the FX-6300 has integrated graphics.

Not for this specific motherboard though. These are known to melt down due to shitty Nvidia cooling like mine did and so these ones carry a premium pricetag. Not sure if my case is compatible with any other AM2s though other than the Gigabyte AMD3.

I do have a GPU already I didn't list, an AMD Radeon 4350 HD. Not quite the best GPU but I don't have any need to upgrade it right now.

I'm considering using PIA as a VPN, since that it's the easiest VPN for me to obtain. I wanted to ask Holla Forums before I paid for it if there is a limit to what it should be used for in regards to anything online?

I have a xfx 7990 black edition GPU, what should I upgrade to? I was waiting for the new HBM GPU but have not been in the loop of what's good right now to get for gaming but last time I checked in Dec there was AMD 390X.I have a 2k monitor and will be getting a 4k monitor as a secondary.

Just use Mullvad as your VPN provider. They're trustworthy, imho.

I recommend just saving the money for a nice Antec PSU.

amd has the r9 fury, or the smaller version of that, the r9 nano.
they are good, but hbm limits it to 4gb, so i cannot comment on their 4k performance.

*FURY X, not the regular fury.

Looking for VPNs. Any suggestions?

Is AMD FX-8320 good CPU for it's price? Also, how much RAM do I need? Is 8 GB enough?

I see lots of recommendations for Mullvad around here.

What are you going to use them for? For most uses 8 GB of RAM is enough these days, I can't say for the CPU though.

really depends on what you want to do,
if you enjoy having a nice large thread count ,encoding/decoding videos, compiling stuff nicely, then yes!

however, if you care more about single core performance then nope...

but the 8320 is still a killer in terms of price/performance, plus its one of AMD's last cpu's that doesn't have PSP so you can be assured its spy free :-)

Sorry to rain on your parade but due to the non firmware on the processor (Same with Inttel) you can never be be shure. Linux-Libre really doesn't help with the embedded.
I have desktop with a 8320 with a 290 and a shitty low power A4 1.0Ghz dual core, 4GB single channel and a 5400rpm HDD.

I think he was talking about using libre boot. but what do i know, im just a retard with too much time to shitpost.

That's not a lot of countries though. Any others?

I'm using an 8320 right now, and it's pretty good. I would just spend the few extra bucks on an 8350, though. 8GB is enough for the most part, but if you really like to multi-task with tons of memory-hungry shit, go for 16GB.

While you may not like the fact that the amount of countries is limited, they're very trustworthy and reliable. I think you can let the fact that they don't offer dozens of countries slide.

... is this... actually a NEW 1400x1050 4:3 monitor?
I want to beleive
seems too good to be true for the price

Hey guys

My speakers (pic related) suck ass

I have an OK sound card / DAC—it's an SBLive CT4780 which sounds good if I plug my headphones (MDR-V6) directly into them

But sometimes I don't feel like using headphones OK you got me I actually lose them occasionally ;_;

I'm thinking some kind of studio monitors would be the way to go

Are there any speakers ≤$100 which would be good quality enough to be able to display MP3 V2 artifacts?


I'm upgrading to a third monitor and am looking for a GPU that's
- nvidia (compatibility reasons/don't want to reconfigure drivers)
- newer/higher-performance than an OC'd 560 Ti
- has 3x dual-link dvi and can drive each at 2560x1600 at once
- has a decent (non-reference) cooler

Besides those aspects, I'm looking for something that won't utterly smash the bank; my performance requirements aren't that intensive.

new laptop for gaming etc.
weight isn't a problem. i don't know is there anything i need to mention?

-budget: 1200 usd

Just get a Macbook and install Windows on it for gaming

Apple may make shitty software but their laptops have always been fairly solid I think, the only downside is you'll look like a hipster asshole whenever you take it out in public so you must disguise it as a Thinkpad

apple laptops are right shit, don't even bother.

The nigger wants a gaming laptop m8, its either that or an Alienware, its a matter of picking your poison at this point and between the 2 Macbooks are actually solid hardware

i forgot to add i need to buy a new one. cannot be used

then get the 13-inch Macbook Pro

What e-reader should I get?
I want one with an E-ink screen.


My mic wire bit the dust and my headphones are on their last legs. What can I buy as a microphone/headphone set for $50 that is mint quality?

I'm building a new PC, but can't decide on a CPU. Torn between pics related, and in need of recommendations.

whatever you do, do not buy the 9590.
its an overclocked 8350 that needs 220 watts of power.

Noticed that, but thought it was that high up for a reason ; oh well.

If you are building an entirely new pc, and gaming is the number 1 reason, I'd have to recommend(not without some pain in my heart and mind) the latest intel series, I5 6500 or 6600k. single core performance seems to greatly affect game performance still, and in the end, amd can't beat that.
For anything and everything else, get an 8350 and a nice cooler and overclock it.

Does anyone know of a good tissue engineering supply company?

Gaming is a reason, not the reason. Blender, video encoding, compressing archives all freezes my current shitty setup (i5-2310, motherboard is Intel DH67CL, GPU is Radeon 5450), which is why I desperately need the upgrade. Will look at the 6600k, but I'm more in favor of the fx-8350.

Also, could you look this over? More complete list.


Altec Lansing is top-tier in the quality-per-price field.,n:541966,n:172456,n:11548951011,n:172471,k:altec lansing,p_36:-10000,p_n_feature_three_browse-bin:6208468011,p_89:Altec Lansing&keywords=altec lansing&ie=UTF8&qid=1461892746&rnid=2528832011
This filtered list has all their wired speakers under $100.

CyberAcoustics is a real budget brand, the kind of thing you get if you absolutely need speakers for the lowest cost possible.
But even then you can get as good or better for cheaper.

I think you'd be mostly fine with an x60-tier from either of the 700 or 900 series, maybe x70.,160_&refRID=0NXT0Q7JCHPH4Q53Y8V0
Get the tier lower if you absolutely cannot go a little $10 + shipping beyond $1200.
Specs aren't bad but you have to make a trade-off.

Shit-tier trolling user. Get the fuck out of the help threads.

The choice should be easy user. Like the choice between a fresh high-end burger versus a day-old unrefrigerated mcdonalds grease patty.

Despite that, not too bad.

Hey Holla Forums, what are the best wifi speakers I could get under $70?

What about $50?

fucking retard

The only brackets Nvidia GPUs are good for right now are the GTX 950 and the GTX 980 Ti, and even then all Nvidia GPUs are trash with next-gen APIs like Vulkan and DX12.

Strong build but the 8350 is going to hold you back compared to an i5.
But then again you can't exactly find an i5 of any generation for $150, and with new APIs actually using all 8 cores it's still a good CPU.
Seems like all AMD hardware ages like fucking wine.

you're a fucking idiot if you're considering anything similar to that pic

Come on mate, last thing I need is another house fire. But in all seriousness, I'm biased against Nvidia.

Cheers. So should I go for it, or go for the 6600k? It does add about a hundred bucks to the pricetag.

Reality is the 6600k is a much better buy than anything in the current AMD CPU lineup.
Which is to be expected, they're five years old.
They're definitely more budget-oriented CPUs, and good ones at that - but at your budget you should definitely be looking into an i5 as your primary option.

My budget is not infinite - in fact, I'm already exceeding it by about 150 bucks. But I'll keep it in mind.

You're spending a lot of money that you don't need to be.

Forgot the case fan?
Also, why that particular cooler and power supply?

I want to build a PC that can run pretty much any game out now at high graphics, 1080, at least 30 FPS, for around $600-700. Is this possible? Basically something slightly better or the same as a PS4?

Any builds you guys would suggest? I built a gaming PC when I was a teenager over 10 years ago, and haven't owned a desktop since, due to work/school requiring a laptop, so I'm pretty much new to all of this again.

Cases come with case fans m8, and you don't need Noctuas anyway.

212 series is the eternal performance/dollar champion of CPU coolers, Supernova B2 750w is a high quality unit with a five year warranty for pretty cheap as long as you don't mind mail in rebates.

Used i5-4670k or 4690k, any $80 z97 motherboard besides the MSI PC Mate, and a used 4gb R9 280 or a 290 if you can swing it. If you don't like Intel get the 8320e and a good overclocking motherboard, I don't know AMD motherboards.

I can live with it, thanks. My only bug with the build is the Intel CPU.

Well, I can send you all the gametes you want if you pay for the VR porn & Gatorade.

I more just want to grow neurons in vats.
Surely there's a medical supply house that specializes in tissue growing hardware.

I recall the hard part was keeping the cells alive with the right solution of antibiotics and food in a sealed unit when they fucked with mouse brains.
The hardware (possibly aside from the array) seemed off the shelf.

Yea, I won't lie, I have no solution to the immune system problem.
I'm just looking for a supply catalog that I can browse through to get a feel for what the current state of commercial products are in that area.
Probably a fool's errand, but it's worth a try.

Well I won't lie, I'm no med student. So maybe they can help. (I mostly get bra catalogs in the mail. Purely for research.) I'd suggest digging more into the mouse experiment methods. What was your ultimate objective with buckets O neurons?


If you really want an AMD CPU you're best off buying something cheap and shitty to last you until Zen launches.

Threadly reminder than Zen will have DSP which is very similar to Intel's "Security" features. It may only be on the APU's or it may be on the entire family, not shure.

Looking to buy an external hard drive (or a device of the same function), no idea where to start.

Also, if I buy a used laptop, what are some things I should I look out for? From an NSA sorta standpoint, would it still be secure? For what it's worth, I'm looking into the Chromebook's.

AMD's got a history of hyping up launches and then fucking them up. There's no guarantee that Zen will be up to par.

Come again? Is it similar to Intel's Management Engine?

It's my first time building, so be gentle.

This build specifically has GPU passthroughs in mind, as well as the potential to do some /agdg/ stuff on the side, hence the i7. I've already checked, both the motherboard and the cpu support VT-d. The distro I'm specifically looking to run is Arch Linux if I can figure out how to install/use it, otherwise I'll just use Mint.

Then you're probably better off shoving electrodes in a mouse than neurons in a roomba. You can always put a little case around for aesthetics. Like a reverse mechanical turk. Ish. IDK. It gets philosophically confusing, ya know?

If you can only purchase one, which is more important to NOT get letters from ISP about P2P: a VPN service or a proxy service?

That's a damn near perfect build, user.
She's a beaut.
I'm sure you already know that 16nm Pascal and 14nm Polaris GPUs are coming most likely June though.
So I would say to wait but some people just don't care/have the time to wait which I understand.

No joke, I know absolutely nothing about building PCs and only just found out about Polaris being expected in June just a few hours ago when I was discussing this with my friend who knows what he's talking about.

I'm actually thinking of waiting now, considering that while I could totally afford to drop a thousand bucks on this, it's not exactly the MOST wise financial decision.

If you want to play games on linux get a nvidia card , besides that good list

Nvidia proprietary drivers.... just too good

Isn't nvidia pulling some backdoor bullshit with game devs where they literally make it so that games run shittier on AMD cards which can't utilize certain features of Nvidia cards?

If so, I can't justify buying Nvidia.

Gameworks is some bullshit but AMD's Linux drivers are not good.

Thanks. I wasn't clear on the line. Turns out it's pretty much the same as FCC, I Dream of Jeannie rules.

Those things are running themselves into the graveyard. The cheapest caps I've ever seen are on both boards inside. I've never seen a board w/o bulging or blown caps. Never buy ViewSonic.

Are any brands of hard drive significantly better or worse than others? I need to get another one

Like, is there any thing I need to keep in mind when buying a new hard drive other than how big it is

I was thinking about getting my own roundcube webmail going. Does anyone have a favorite hosting company? I've heard invisihosting is nice but they're not accepting new customers.

I want to get into Anoncoin mining without spending more than $400 on initial hardware costs (other costs like watercooling/electricity don't matter), what should I buy to get the absolute most out of my money? How does this look, will it work fine?

Just get a full atx board , the extra pci slots are worth it if you want to add a second gpu or some special cards , that tower ought to support it but chk to make sure

Looks fine, but as has been said in the thread a billion fucking times if you're looking to get your monies worth wait 'til the new GPUs come out.
In this case, 14nm Radeon Polaris and 16nm Nvidia Pascal.

To put it into perspective, there hasn't been a GPU die shrink for five fucking years - we've been stuck with 28nm shit, performance has stagnated like a mother fucker since then.

Again, I'd recommend waiting but not everyone cares to wait.

Not really. It's a lottery tbh. If it don't fail within the first 3 months then it's good for 5-7 years.

What motherboard would you reccomend, I've seen some with inbuilt I/O shields and really don't want that.

I will wait, I just want to get something ready for when they come out. Will they need new motherboards btw?

Looking for a good pair of earphones for $50USD or less.

Would be nice if they are flat so I can sleep with them on.

What are the best options right now for monitors for a general purpose work PC?

I have my eyes on the ZTE grand x3, Lg Spree, and the Nokia Lumina 640. I have a budget of 50-100 bucks.

Spec wise I'd like to have lots of internal HD space since it seems like offloading things onto the external SD never works and programs automatically get dumped onto your internal space. External SD only seems good for basic file storage rather than running programs.

I'd like something can do a bit of gaming. My current phone- LG L70 isn't bad. It can run psp games but it stuttered a bit with fallout shelter. Probably because that game is an unoptimized piece of shit. Something slightly better than my 1.2 GHz Dual-Core Processor

I actually like the LG spree aesthetically but the internal memory is only 8 gigs (only 3 of which are usable).

any anons here use cricket? if so what phone would you recommend?

Someone confirmed lumina is probably what I wanna go with and my local cricket has a lumina 640 for 50 bucks (along with activation fee and so fourth).

Sorry but why would anybody, let alone from this site, consider a windows phone? Aren't there ads right on the homescreen?

That's why I've had my eyes on the LG Spree. The only reason I got an LG L70 is becaues my old flip LG died. It'd taken lots of punishment. At one point I'd ran over it in the snow (don't ask) and lasted me all through college so I had a respect for that kind of durability.

My lady had told me cricket had a good plan where you get a discount for auto pay so I went with them. As for the L70...I just needed a phone on the very day that the one I had broke. I was on a business trip and I needed a phone bad. I wanted to get another flip phone but the fucking L70 was only 10 or 15 bucks more than their flip phones.

My L70 is decent and I don't need to replace it but...I have disposable funds now and I want a more robust phone.

As far the 640 goes I know nothing about it's operation. I was just going off the tech specs and the price point is what gets me. It's fairly well put together tech wise considering the price. It's only 5 bucks more than my L 70 was when I bought it so that's why I had a bit of interest in it.

Nope no need, GPUs use PCIe slots which come on every motherboard

in-, on- or over-ears?

CPU: i5-4440 3.1 GHz Quad Core
PSU: Corsair CX 700W
RAM: Corsair Vengence 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1600
HDD: Western Digital 3TB and a generic 1TB
SSD: Samsung 850 EVO 250GB

Did I do good?

windows phone user for two years here: don't get a windows phone.

I had to get them for work. was initially excited because Nokia makes great hardware and, at the time, MS was full of hope and change shit. Win 10 will be awesome and I'll never need Linux. Holo Lens will get me laid by my waifu. That sort of thing. I was pumped.

The hardware is nice. If someone wanted a smartphone just as a camcorder I'd recommend a Lumia. The OS is between sad and broken. Mine is currently seizing everytime I try to text. It took a year to get an OTA update last time. The update was broken. MS barely cares about keeping the botnet operational on mobile.

Forget apps. It's like a post apocalyptic free for all where Indians try to make a buck by releasing shitty rip offs of Twitter. Nobody even bothers to stop them. That should tell you how hopeless the app store is.

LG is nice. I'd get the ZTE if I were you. Probably from a Chinese importer. More phone for the money. But key point: don't buy a Windows Phone.

another thing. My lumia is the slipperiest motherfucking phone I've ever known. It seems able to propel itself across perfectly horizontal tables and then down to the goddamn floor.

I got the dosh so now I need the best sounding internal speaker for my rig 💵😎💵

My iphone 4-something I don't know it's like 4 years old now has a cracked screen and it's been a slow piece of shit for years anyway so I'm looking to replace it.

I don't do anything on my phone except browse Holla Forums, text, and take pictures. I don't do games, what should I get? Verizon is my phone provider if that matters. I'd prefer not to get another iphone, I didn't even like this one and only got it because it was cheap floor model.

good or doodoo?
I really have no fucking idea

Alright, im such a poorfag and i have to pick between a Corsair cx750m or a Thermaltake tr-2 700w, which one is less likely to blow in my face?

I want to power a:
Phenom II 955 @3.5
4x4gb ddr3 @1600
Sapphire R9 280x
and about 4 hdds and 6 fans

I'm planning to get a T430. What's a good price for one that has Nvidia and 1600x900 screen? Cheapest I found so far was 379 with a i7.


so are the parts actually good or not

if you're gonna go with a Radeon card, then wait a couple of months until they release their new Polaris models and we get the first reviews.
and if they're shit, the older cards will still drop in price quite a bit.

Unfortunately I need the computer rather soon, so waiting isnt much an option.

Other than possible a price drop in parts in a few months is there anything else wrong with the build?

it's a bit pricey, but the CPU will probably last longer then the rest.

maybe spend the 10 bucks or whatever more and get a BD burner.

also, don't be a fucking retarded idiot dank /techo/ memster and just fucking put windows 10 your PC.
if you care about privacy, you wouldn't use any windows version.
just use spybot anti-beacon or if you're a paranoid baby butt boy.
it blocks communications between microsoft and your PC.

If ur going for a budget choose the amd fx 8320/50 everytime

Looking to downgrade from a smartphone back to dumbphone. All I want to be able to do is call and text, nothing else. I can't find anything that fits the bill, any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks in advance.

I already have the Phenom II and im about to upgrade a HD 5670 for the R9 280x, but my PSU is shit and i have to upgrade that too, the only decent brands i can find where i live are:
Corsair: cx750m
Thermaltake: tr-2 700w
EVGA: 600b

So, which one is less likely to fuck my shit up?

Sounds like you could just get a tablet. maybe even a wifi only tablet w/ messaging app like viber. It's more comfy for Channing.

After Ctrl + F in this thread, I'm looking at a set of Sennheiser HD 598 Over-Ear Headphones.

I'm mainly interested in long life- it boasts "Field-replaceable parts for an extremely long lifespan", but does that mean it's easy to order & attach replacement cushions/cables, or am I still looking at paying some schmuck to "refurbish" them and over-charge me I assume. Still tempted to look into fixing my Bose headphones.

I need the abiliy to take calls and it being roughly the same size of my current phone is also important. I use this phone as a music olayer at work and its a rough environment (metal shop).

Guess I should hve mentioned that in my orignal post.

What's the best web hosting service out there?

Tablets go down to the 7-6 inch range. You should have mentioned other things yeah. Anyway. Get an HTC with the big speakers, Or anything rugged. If you're not concerned with the best camera than you just have to worry about sound and durability against cost, right? IDK what Verizon is offering specifically, but they ought to have the HTC Mate.

Looking for sub-$200 neutral headphones with a detachable cord (better buy a replacement than new headphones after my chair is done eating the cord). What are my options?

should i torrent these books
or do you have a direct download / plz upload to >>>/pdf/

Sennheiser HD558
It's what I use for audio production.
They're open-back (not isolating), but they're comfy as fuck.

btw, just checked the price on amazon and they're 46% off. don't know how long the offer lasts though

I've owned Sennheiser HD 201s and HD 598 and can concur with the decision to buy this product line.

they fit entirely around the ear, not on it. great for extended wearing.

I like openback. Could be bias because I've only had one of each in the same pricerange and with the same signature, but they seem to give a much better soundstage.

open-back headphones let soundwaves leave the shell after they've hit your ears and don't trap them like closed ones do.
this way, everything sounds more open, but it also means you lose the typical hi-fi sound, so your transmelodic hardglitchtech-step probably won't sound as heavy as on your dank Monster Beats headphones.

what technically happens if you cover the open backs?

Sound doesn't even leak out that bad. Wouldn't use open-back on-the-go, but even at high volumes, people in the same room would have trouble hearing any details in e.g. vocals. If it's just for regular listening (videogames or videocall, e.g.), it isn't really possible to hear anything unless someone puts their ear right to the back.

not that much unless you use some actually isolating material.
just tried to cover mine, and sure, you can slightly hear less clearness and it seems like the "ch" sound frequency gets a slight boost, but that might be model-specific.

but if you'd fill up the shell with silicone or whatever, then I'm sure you'd get the typical hi-fi low- and high-boost.

uh... don't which ones you have, but mine are loud as fuck. and even on moderate volume, you can still clearly hear details like speech or whatever.
but as you said, open-back aren't really ideal for on-the-go use.

Does the sony xperia brand win womens approval? I want stereo speakers and a good camera, which these phones usually have.

I had a moto x gen 1 and it had good rear camera quality so a xperia should hold you up

thinking about getting predator 15
to be exact 591-70XR

they're all pretty okay. looks like thermaltake is the shittiest of them but it also has the longest warranty. i'd go with the evga just because i've never had a bad experience with them.


are HD CRTs good or just a meme?

Just started a consumer watchdog channel on youtube. Its really bad quality but I havent yet revealed the hardware I use to make the films. Also Im heavy on upcycling. More for buying used shit. and a laugh or whatever feels you get.

so what's Holla Forums's take on netbooks? been browsing ebay and and seeing this bad boys at $50-100 a pop

i'll define netbook as ~10" screen, atom processor, 1-4gb of ram

They're really shit, and to begin with they're downright unusable with the windows version they come with (which is actually a very stripped-down version of the OS designed specifically for netbooks). Expect waiting several minutes to open e.g. notepad. Switch to lubuntu and it'd take about 10-20s for the same kind of task, much more reasonable but still complete shit.

Not to mention the screen, keyboard and pad are fucking garbage and you're not actually even browsing the web on less than 4GB these days.

A smartphone would be significantly more useful and versatile. Also more powerful, easier to transport, and due to the phone-optimized layout and applications, it's actually decently usable even without hooking up to a monitor, keyboard and mouse.

so then here's my situation: my smartphone broke, i have a nokia running Series 40, and i'd like to sell my current laptop macbook air and buy something super cheap/portable that i can use for gps/web/term/library research, tethering it to the nokia. while a new smartphone would be more versatile, i've realized the only "essentials" missing from the nokia are gps and fullfledged web browsing, both of which i use only on occasion

something in the netbook-chromebook range with gentoo/bspwm seemed appropriate

the fx8370 is still not appropriate for gaming, but it'll do ok, and the fx series is the unofficial Holla Forums processor.

garbagebyte motherboard: if it works its good.

crucial bx200 : DON'T GET THIS IT IS SLOW.

I'm shopping for a vpn to torrent my shemale porn in peace and watch netflix in other countries possibly, it isn't a requirement but more of an upside.

I'm looking at nordvpn for 36$ per year and it seems alright but it is such a low price compared to others I must be missing something. Any thoughts or recommendations?

I've been using NordVPN for about two years now to torrent on university internet. It's been pretty great. They started out with only a few dozen servers, but now they've got fucking hundreds of them. Their Windows client has a process kill-switch too that you can configure to automatically take down your torrent client if you get disconnected.

Very expensive and has absolutely disgusting default OS install, but for those specs it doesn't look too bad.

Kindly keep your autism and faggotry in some other thread, this thread is about helping people and answer questions rather than being a faggot.

They're very bad, satan.
Useful more for "old people" demographic, people who check their email, read the news, maybe do some banking and word processing, and that's it. If that's all you're doing it could be ok, but a real computer will beat it any day.

Bad processor and weak GPU.

Giving the worst advice imaginable is not "helping people", unlike answering their questions.

lol omg why no1 has posted all the 1337 haxx0r books?!

embedded is short video explaining the level of computer knowledge i have, plz post those books yo!11
piratebay and kat are blocked in my country guise xD plz halp

Best brand for network adapters? Im using an Asus n15 and its shit.

Actually I'd like to know this too.

Anyone know of a network adapter that'll work in Trisquel and doesn't cost more than the one from ThinkPenguin?

I wish. Old people without tech knowledge believe they need mainframes to check their AOLses. I would kill to get my parents on botnet chromebooks.

How do I know which parts will fit into a specific PC case?

I'm looking to build a "mini PC", and at the moment I'm thinking of picking the Fractal Design Node 202 case for it. If nobody is there to stop me, I'm just going to pick the best of everything, but I have no idea if it's even possible. I've read something about certain GPUs/fans not fitting into certain cases, but how am I supposed to know?

I'm using this

I've never built a desktop computer before, so I don't know what kind of things I need to know about. I'm not even sure how to determine which power supply I'm supposed to get.

There's also all kinds of things like the soundcard, extra USB slots, firewire ports, and stuff like that which all look physically similar, am I supposed to pick a certain number of whatever I'd prefer, or can I just take all of them?

I guess the TL;DR is: how do I know which options I can pick and whether certain options are incompatible with each other?

ATX = regular tower
MicroATX = smaller tower
MiniATX = tiny tower, mini PCs.

AFAIK the Fractal Design Node 202 is a MiniATX case, so you need a MiniATX motherboard.
For graphics card read up on the Node 202, to see how much space it has to support a graphics card. Then just measure the card you want. Same goes for the CPU cooler.
Use PCPartPicker. It tells you if you're using incompatible parts, and should list the overall voltage of the system. Just get a power supply that can supply that voltage. If your system uses 550W then get a 600W one. Just make sure to get a good power supply, cheap out on that and you will fry your parts.
The case usually has USB and firewire ports, and the motherboard has connectors for them. If you want more get a PCI card with them. It fits in the back like a graphics card. Start with only what you need, then buy more as you need them.

Anything i should know about renting from rentacenter?

Can anyone recommend me a cheap small laptop?

Pcpartpicker started complaining about lack of PCI slots as soon as I added a sound card.

If you're using the same motherboard as the one in that link, it only has one PCI port. It's under Expansion Slots.
Graphics cards go in the PCI port. You can't have a PCI graphics card and sound card in the system. Either get a MiniITX motherboard with 2 slots or see if USB sound cards are worth anything.

Is there any way to avoid network congestion?
Right around 3 PM I enjoy a silky smooth 0.2 Mbps out of the 30 I pay for.
Could a VPN solve this> It sure does suck ass have nigger tier internet service majority of the day.

I'm not on Comcast or some shit. I just have no other ISP options in a rural location. Can satellite service bail me out?
i just want this nightmare to end

I don't get why that pcspecialist thing would allow you to select that. There seems to be a lot of things that all require a PCI-e connection (everything related to sound, network, usb, firewire), but if the GPU uses one then you can't select any of them. And there's no other motherboard that has more.

Also according to pcspecialist, "high end" GPU uses 350W power, but pcpartpicker says GTX 970 is 145W. That's really confusing, or is that really not considered "high end".

How come the case says 2 USB ports, but the motherboard apparently has 12? Where are the connectors supposed to be then?

fuck, I feel like I need to do this with a professional.

For the PCI port you'll either have to get a bigger PC or make do with just a graphics card. ATX can have 4 to 6 easily, but will be much bigger. Most motherboards can do sound already, you only need a sound card if you have a specialist setup.
The 970 is 145W on it's own. I guess pcspecialist counts the other components as well. You have to add up all the component powers to know what kind of power supply you need. Pcpartpicker should have a total wattage thing in the top right, which adds it up for you. Get a power supply with a larger number than that, but not too large. Nothing will go wrong if it's too big, it's just a waste of money. For reference I have a 250W PC and a 300W supply.
The case has 2 USB ports, meaning there's 2 places in the front for USB devices. These connect to points on the motherboard, which make up your mid-board USB ports. The rear USB ports will stick out the back once you've assembled the computer, and they're where the big connectors on the back are.

Watch youtube videos on building computers. That'll help you understand the general process.

Thanks, things already make a lot more sense.

I'm used to struggling with 3-4 USB ports on laptops, so the fact that even a mini PC has 12 was surprising. I also don't remember ever seeing a desktop computer with more than 6 or so.

Fuck, why didn't I think of that before?
gotta do that when I get to work because I've blocked everything google related at home

If you are building a gaming PC with high end part maybe consider going for an ATX case.

Is not advice. >>>Holla Forums

They are for that group, and maybe people with a desk or table in their bathrooms for some shitposting. :^)

These people generally already have a nearly or over decade-old computer they're working on.

Well of course, you're getting a meme-tier tiny case. There are some decent USB external sound cards you could try.

From what I gather you're making a gaming PC. Sorry user, but if you want a relatively small one shell out the extra dosh for a gaming laptop. For a desktop, you need to get a yuge case. Bigger is better.

Any reccomendations for an external enclosure for an internal hard drive? I've used some shitty Rosewill's for a while but they fucked up how they read my drives (leading me to fuck up the partitions) and are general poor pieces of work. I want a good enclosure that will work, keep my disks safe and also support 6 TB disks (I was given one as a gift.)

I've used laptops my whole life because of space and mobility and personal autism related constraints. I'm not going to buy a gigantic bag of bricks for a sound card slot, I'll be happy enough continuing to use external sound cards especially because I'll have the USB space to fit them in, the fact that the GPU requires the same slot was just surprising to me.

I'm buying an "everything" PC because that's what I do. I more or less do everything from art to game dev to VR to audio and livestreaming all of the previous. Laptops have worked fine for me so far, but my main issue has been the lack of input ports for USB/display devices. The fact that it's very hard to replace the keyboard has also become an issue, because the keys are coming off and becoming loose after several years of daily usage.

As long as I can have a computer that's as powerful as my laptop, I'll be happy. But seeing as VR is looming in the tomorrow, I'd prefer as good GPU as I can get, though I'd still rather take a small computer than a powerful one.


you might want a hugbox instead of Holla Forums, try


You might want a shitposting board instead, try >>>Holla Forums

What SSD respects my freedoms? I suppose such a thing doesn't exist, because I just bought a Samsung 850 pro and it won't let me update the firmware because I didn't agree to let them collect my info, what SSD respects my freedom? I suppose all companies do it and nothing is safe. Intel for sure pulls that shit.

Are there good alternatives for ms office and adobe master's collection (using mostly premiere, illustrator and every once in a while photoshop) for linux?

I have install ubuntu like 4 times now, always for like a few months because sooner or later I run into problems like certain software not working on that os.

so I was wonder, ms office exists since ages and seems like a simple piece of software. There surely are good alternatives by now, right? And what about adobe products?

Libreoffice/kingsoft office/google docs and krita, gimp and inkscape.

That stuff is not as fancy as ms and office products. Doing shit in excel and powerpoint is more fun than whatever libre office or open office has. Didn't try krita kingsoft office and google docs yet.

Also, maybe I didn't spend enough time in it, but gimp is a pain in the ass. Inkscape is pretty cool, I used to use it a lot before I switched to AI.

first time building a computer.
Will subbing out a

AMD FX-8320E Vishera 8-Core 3.2GHz


AMD FX-8320 Vishera 8-Core 3.5 GHz (4.0 GHz Turbo) Socket

cause any problems with this build guide im following? Its instock on newegg and only a few bucks more.

build guide is

first time building a PC. Will subbing out a

AMD FX-8320E 3.2GHz 8-Core Processor
AMD FX-8320 Vishera 8-Core 3.5 GHz (4.0 GHz Turbo)

cause problems with the build guide im using?

Alright so I'm leaving my town in about 4 days for a good while and I'm leaving my PC behind and I want a laptop not for gaming but for learning. I figure this would be the best fucking time to learn how to use Linux, all I want to know is what type of laptop should I get? I don't know shit about laptops or linux, I heard getting a chromebook since it's cheap and is good if you can install linux on it but is it actually true?

I'm thinking of going with mint and my budget is about 200 dollaridoos but I desire Holla Forums opinions. Thanks.

Get a refurb Thinkpad T420. I got mine for £150, which is apparently just over $200. They're business computers, so they're made to not fuck up. They've got perfect Linux support, and the keyboard is great too. They're a bit bulky though, so if you're travelling light that might be an issue.
As for chromebooks I have no experience with them, but I've seen a guy here mention the Dell Chromebook 15.

This is a pretty cheap Intel Atom based Tablet, supposedly even 64-bit

It almost seems to good to be true

Do you guys think there's a catch?

Also since its X86_64 it shouldn't be hard to put GNU/Linux on it or even Windows if I really wanted to right?

you should find a different guide because that guy's a fucking idiot

but no the only difference between the 8320 and the 8320e is that the 8320e might overclock a little better

It did then
Near everybody was complaining about the stupid features, how it made everything more complicated...Just sat on it and let it pile up instead of addressing them...
it wasn`t Hotwheels who re-licensed it.
When the problem was pointed out I took a look at the github issue again and it definitely seemed to be that it needed pruned on a cron job or with an event based on how it worked, instead of pruning on every insert, so that's also on Hotwheels and Codemonkey, not just Josh.
Shifting the blame is stupid. Somebody should`ve fixed it...
So what you`re telling it got HIGHER system requirements???
i don`t care about your opinions.


Shifting the blame is stupid. Somebody should`ve fixed it...

whoops wrong thread

Yes there is a massive one. A atom chip can't do anything at all because it is so shit.

Why isn't there a thread for the new NVIDIA card?

980 owners are on suicide watch.

My current main PC is a shitty AMD E1-2100 APU, so I think this tablet may actually be a bit better than what I currently use given moar cores and a slightly higher clock, the only thing turning me away is the Mali GPU in this particular one, mainly because GNU/Linux has barely any OpenGLES support and I'm not really sure Windows has much support either apart from RT

With a tiny case you're going to get shit airflow, and therefore bad cooling and high temps. Terrible choice for gaming, those miniature towers are meant for low energy systems like kiosks and computers that power information-spewing screens in offices and stores. Poor decision.

USB hubs exist. Self-powered ones.

Afraid of big things? Have a tiny room in the basement? Explain this, you aren't making the requirements clear enough for more than getting bantz thrown at you.

Why do you need a firmware update anyway?

Feels good not upgrading your PC for 6 years and still being able to play most stuff at mid-high or better @1080p

Sure, you don't need blazing fast PCI Express or 850Pro drives, bit even a TLC-based ssd like the BX200 will improve performance a lot.

Took a chance and bought pic related "Cheapest >1080p Intel based Tablet on the market"

How much did I fuck up?
Here's a video review I found

Are WD Passports reliable? I'm not really sure of external drives, and I need to recover over 144GB of files from a laptop's internal HDD.

I am looking into buying this:

Alright, this works but I don't understand this whole refurbished difference.

Does it have to be refurb or is it just better?

Try using the dictionary

WD hard drives are pretty reliable.

Feel like i could go cheaper in some places but i don't want to skimp on performance

bottleneck heaven

I was wondering about that. I bumped up to an i7 and got a different cooler

why would you buy a gtx 970

you dumbass, they just anounced a new series.
like yesterday.

Normally I'm not the type to advocate waiting since you can wind up waiting forever but this shit is right around the corner.

Are there any WiFi adapters that work with Libre distros (Trisquel, Parabola, etc.) that are cheaper than the ThinkPenguin one?

And the 1070 blows the 970 out of the water. I'd wait for VRAM tests though in order not to be stuck with 7.5GB

I have a 23.5" vg236. How much can I sell this for? I'm hoping the fact that it's Asus and 120hz will get me at least $200 cad