Truecrypt's original author was an international arms dealer and drug cartel leader


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Hotwheels fix your crap
Hotwheels fix your crap

Probably just a propaganda story to make strong encryption look bad.

Just read it faggot, it's extremely interesting. And if anything, it gives TrueCrypt even more legitimacy. Everyone wondered why the TrueCrypt developers dropped the ball and ran, and now it's obvious that the rest of them eventually found out that LeRoux was in police custody and decided to stop the project before he could be forced to add a backdoor to it.

Well, if there's anyone you would trust with creating your encryption...

Especially if they use it themselves.



The author has a talent for making an interesting story so unnecessarily long it becomes uninteresting.

Could this shit be any more long winded?

his name is literally pot le rused

Thank you OP, now it all makes sense now. And also, holy shit the length some journalists will go... god damn.

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part 2
part 3

i want /g/ to leave

Anything that verbose is going to be 99% bullshit. You've been rused.

It's called long form journalism, you fucking philistines.

I'll read it and TL;DR it for you illiterate faggots I've got nothing better to do anyway.


tl;dr is worse than cancer.

This is seriously awesome in every way

Actually you know what? You guys need to read this. It is reallllllllllllllllllly crazy

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Whoa what the fuck did I just read... Is this serious?!

Nomalfags still can't comprehend anything.
Linus must feel so lonely.

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Holy shit.

So those “hire a killer anonymously” and “bid on someone's death” websites on Tor circa 2009 (before Freedom Hosting and normies) were real? Fuck.

Why the fuck you idiots use shitty programs like truecrypt veracrypt etc. while installing ubuntu it asks you if you want to encrypt your home directory. Or just fucking use another open source cli program. You fucking idiots.

Shit nigga, did not expect that.

Multiple layers of security. Hidden volumes done easy.
Basically, why not?

good article op

That was going on long before Tor was around. Look up Jim Bell and assassination politics.

Quality bait, faggot.


Yea because LUKS = truecrypt/veracrypt roight

That's what I meant. Looks like everyone also thought it was either an old joke or another reason to boost a theoretical discussion, and only mafia and law enforcement seen the truth by being not too smart.

“I don’t think he particularly liked Jews.”

Too bad the money and the fact that he was adopted got to him. Sounds like self-hatred.

He could have been a legitimate multi-billionaire, but instead he is going (has gone?) to federal prison.

The only thing I'm really interested in is how he managed to get the pharmaceutical business set up.

Did he create Alpha-Net by registering these websites under pseudonyms?

Reading part 1, I guess military really is just a massive factory of criminals.

quality article

That's not exactly a fresh idea. Read a couple of memoirs by infantry veterans, returning to normal life is as hard as it is for long term prisoners or drug addicts.

Depends on your definition of the best, I guess. It is certainly notable.

At least prisoners and drug addicts don't get trained in professional pillage and murder.

where is the source of TC?

Skimmed over it, most if it is superfluous bullshit. Poorly written superfluous bullshit.

Author insinuates that Roux was doing hacker shit in the late 80s in SA as a teenager, but South Africa in the 80s and 90s was a complete shitshow disconnected from the internet. Apartheid basically made it impossible for private citizens to communicate with the outside world without the government knowing. International phone lines were expensive as fuck and phone lines were switchboards where operators listened in on calls. In other words, communications were monitored.

South Africa got its first IP address in 1988, and had its first internet connection in 1991. It was between Rhodes University and some fuckhole neckbeard in Portland, Oregon.

Yet the author fucking claims Roux was caught by police in the late 80s for selling pornography online.

I'd still trust plain dmcrypt more.

It could be some form of local-net, maybe. BBS or FIDO or whatever.
Porn was sent on a physical media, by meatspace postal service.

Read the thread on HackerCucker, there are actual South Africans there.

So, basically, you don't understand how people got “online” most of the 80s without having a single bit of IP stack on their computers. You also overestimate the power of authoritarian state and underestimate its stupidity. Even in USSR, there was a team of computer scientists who regularly logged into some European BBS and chat there without being monitored (because they were the only people in the country who understood and used something like that). Also, phreakers and abuse of mostly unprotected communication channels of private companies were well known and well documented in US.

The story is suspicious because we don't have enough information, not because all of that information is made up.

*well documented on the West

he's not wrong tho

Wow super interesting im assuming there will be a part 4? Just finished 3

from what I understand there will be 7 parts, each release on a thursday

for anyone who wants to read the next post, it's out:

Nope, proprietary crypto is actually this corrupt.

Slotting floppies like a boss.

This shit is crazy.

Have only read the Holla Forums part but holy fuck the writing was incredible. This guy went through a lot of shit, I still have the setup 7.1 version of Truecrypt before its was shutdown.

This is just worthy of a novel, can't wait for the next part.


why an archive? it's actually a good story. i thought archives were for sjw clickbait

Not always, they are also for preserving things.

Part 4 is out:

Some of them are run by the FBI and similar institutions. Usually if you try to hire hitmen on the internet, it's a prison sentence you'll get.

We also archive shit if we don't want it to disappear off the internet. It's an archive, remember?


LOL. That's exactly how it's done today: US/UN/“international community”/whatever supplies one clan and that clan cleans the shoreline (physically) from anyone planning to raid ships.

Yes. Also PMCs like Blackwater or whatever name they use this month often pay local warlords to just do nothing when hired to protect an asset.

Also this captcha was wrong WTF.


Fuck off, im using this site for anonymity, I aint no criminal scumbag.


I think it's cool when people can find the time to read about the subjects they enjoy and work at and they make it apart of their daily schedules.
It's a sign of real productivity when you proactively study a topic.
You can do it if you try.

This is the stupidest post in this thread. Confirmed for not knowing shit.

Great article OP. Thanks for sharing.


"Many of Le Roux’s operations seemed utterly quixotic. “I remember he phoned me at one point in a panic, wanting a list of all the farmland in Zimbabwe available,” Lulu told me. That request, it turned out, was part of a scheme to lease land from the Zimbabwean government and then bring back white farmers who had lost the land when it shed colonialism and minority white rule in the early 1980s. To make the deal happen, Le Roux had asked an Israeli named Levi Kugel to find an international lobbyist and former Israeli-intelligence agent named Ari Ben-Menashe, who had close ties to Zimbabwe’s leader, Robert Mugabe. Le Roux subsequently paid Ben-Menashe $12 million to lobby Mugabe. “We want recognition that injustice was done in the past and that the land-reform program corrects that,” Le Roux told the Washington newspaper The Hill, in what appears to be the only media statement he’s ever given."

Is he the other side of the coin from Musk?

Well that's fascinating. Anything you can share on that?

damn, I feel stupid for saying this but I want to become the closest thing possible to Le Roux. Based as fuck

all it takes is the motivation

next post in the series is up:

So where is this guy now? New identity? Can't believe he got away if he was actually financing contract killings.

It says in the third part or so that he became a FBI informant to recive immunity. Not shure if the immunity covers every charge against him.

THIS is why encryption should be banned...and it will be.

Why is the ISIS not into cyberterrorism and hacking to hit the West right in the attention whoring and the computer security nihilism?


Lmao, i read the rest. This guy is boss tier.

Lmao, i read the rest. This guy is boss tier.


Lmao, i read the rest. This guy is boss tier.


Lmao, i read the rest. This guy is boss tier.


Excuse me for the quad post.

part 6 is out

Might as well put all of the current archives into one post to make them easier to find.
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The timelines are quite interesting.

Le Roux was the author of TrueCrypt's predecessor E4M. After the SecurStar controversy, E4M was discontinued in 2000. In October 2002, Le Roux turned up looking for work on "Not long after," Le Roux seems to have started his first business venture.

TrueCrypt appeared at 1.0 in February 2004. In his last appearance on Usenet in June 2004, Le Roux made a post defending TrueCrypt. Also in June 2004, TrueCrypt 2.0 and 2.1 were released by the TrueCrypt Foundation instead of the TrueCrypt Team that had released 1.x.

From 2004 through 2012, there was at least one TrueCrypt release every year.

On February 7, 2012, TrueCrypt 7.1a was released. On September 25, 2012, after setting himself up as extradition-proof in Brazil, Le Roux walked into an obvious trap, seemingly choosing to flip.

By March of 2013, the "next" release of TrueCrypt was overdue. Never before had an entire year passed between releases. On May 28, 2014, the infamous TrueCrypt 7.2 "Not Secure Anymore" was released. Rumors circulated of duress codes hidden in the TrueCrypt 7.2 source.

I suspect that, if Le Roux was in fact funding TrueCrypt development, he simply dropped contact with the TrueCrypt devs when he was arrested. The long gap between 7.1a and 7.2 supports this "dead-man switch" hypothesis. The devs then blew up the project, making the final release as suspicious as they could.

Remember how Le Roux walked into an "obvious" trap? What if the DEA actually walked into Le Roux's trap? Blowing up TrueCrypt like that was a very widely seen signal that required no suspicious behavior or even direct contact to receive. What if that was the "Go" for some insane plot still unfolding? An insane plot that plays out best with Le Roux in jail?

Le Roux seemed like /k/ incarnate at times. Break out the popcorn, boys. This gonna be good.

PS: SecurStar still exists and their home page has quite few security claims that sound like snake oil. I wouldn't trust them or any of their products.

I'll start using Veracrypt when I here someone who uses it went to jail for not giving up their password.

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the final part is out:

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"If your secure communications platform isn’t being used by terrorists and pedophiles, you’re probably doing it wrong."