Tfw you go back to old IRC channels to talk to your old friends


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You weren't there, user, so they left.



Good times.

The world went asynchronous. It isn't such a bad thing in the end. It just means that you and your friends... they found a different life, and it isn't sitting in a chat room getting older and older.

Rizon has all the shitposting channels

What about the fact that we thought that things we posted on the internet would always be there? It's not entirely true. There are things that really have been lost that you will never see again. Servers do get deleted. Maybe the NSA has records, but I doubt it.

I found this thread from my childhood.

But everything else is gone :\



I never had any individual internet friends. There are a lot of communities I felt that I belonged to that are gone now.

Oh no

It's funny how after all these years the Pokemon community online is still going strong, I remember in the early days like 40 percent of the internet was Pokemon during its peak, man those were good memories


My first and only love... Jeff Hunter, you broke my fucking heart you faceless bastard.

The internet sure is different



Oh my god I've ran into someone else who remembers that cancerous awful website?

The mfz had a brief comeback in like 2012, but it was pretty fucking bad.

Strangely enough though, MGcomics is still up and all the same sprite authors are there, and their comics haven't improved one bit.


All these dreadful memories are coming back.

goddamn I'm jelly, there were probably only like 25 people in my class of 800 that even knew what an irc was.

I grew up in a country school. There were no clubs allowed and like 10 nerdish people tops. I envy you bro.

I have no bad feels about this. When I look back over 15+ years, almost all the many places I frequented were objectively bad and I was too naive to realize it OR because of slim pickings I was giving bad places free passes for being terrible. Exposure and time have enlightened me. My only wish is that more of those places remaining would die.

Some things are better off dead.

I had the opposite experience on my old forum. Well, back when it was still up, anyway.
>Go full edgelord, pick up my ball and go home, quit responding to the Skype group chat for the forum, quit going on the forum, cut it out of my life

It's dead now, been dead for almost four years. I miss the old days where everyone gave a shit, but it's honestly for the best that it's buried and stays buried.

If they didn't notice you were gone, and never got in touch, they obviously weren't very good friends to begin with.

Although that's a pretty hilarious mistake.

I teared up a bit. The third was a message from one of the mods. Apparently I had complained about the forum's quality shortly before leaving. My post was deleted and I was locked from posting for a week. Joke's on them, I didn't even realize I was muted until over 5 years later.

Everything this user said. I know those damn feels so well.

noooo get out of my head

I just can't fucking stand sycophants. Forums are just breeding grounds for the worst kinds of "tripfag" personalities imaginable, and everybody sucks their dick and accepts their word as infallible at all times These people are like Biodrones except instead of droning for a corporate brand they drone for some random guy on the internet.

I'm too used to anonymous communication where the only thing worth merit is the content of your post and not the popularity of your face.

I hate when forums give people titles after being around for so long. I mean it's not a bad thing if the person isn't an asshole, but online, especially amongst normies, it's all a popularity contest.

I never wanted "internet friends". I always found it weird.

I still feel bad about the people who tried to be my "internet friend" on Steam that I just found annoying.

That's how I feel about usenet.
Holy fuck the interbutts suck now.

Posting in a blogpost thread.

Feels good to know that I once held the coveted status of "important person on the internet", even if that particular community has since devolved into a horrible and eternal passive-aggressive cunt contest.

Fucking narcissist. "Whaaaa whaaa why aren't people talking about me while I'm gone for years"

I don't understand pic related.

Is the joke that a koopa tried to trip Sonic up but then Sonic carried on?


one fucking acknowledgement that i even existed is all i ask.
especially when there are threads like "posters who disappeared ;-;" where almost everyone but you is mentioned.

it's not narcissism to want to be remembered once by people who gave the impression of liking you.


It's mostly these parts I can relate to most:

Especially the last one. Absolutely crippling. I know it's irrational, but I miss not caring about my online footprint. And smaller forums. Everything these days feels to big, global and distant. Even NNTPchan is mostly passer-byes. I don't know how to describe it better, but it's not about attention. More about organization, I think. Like a city as opposed to a small village.

I wonder if #wotc is still up...

That's another thing. I don't feel safe using anything unless it's routed through Tor and doesn't require Javascript. Which means no rizon, for example.

And no regular email either as they all seem to require javascript for their interface these days and hosting your own is not user enough.

That is so fucking unbelievably true it hurts.
Used to be a mine craft forum mod kill me
Rankings went like this
And yeah donator, of course, how else are they gonna make money.
All the fucking kids with mum's credit card payed for donator eventually became mods as soon as I left.
Fucking ridiculous.
Anyway, after a while the amount of people promoted to operator, moderator and super operator was getting incredibly saturated. Moderators would complain that they don't have enough power so they would get power that the operators had. Meanwhile the admin and super ops would add new powers that only they could have. I was a moderator and I brought this up, but seeing as we had more moderators that operators, and even more super operators than operators, nothing was ever done and I was always shouted down.
My best friends were all operators before I banned half the server and myself, they had all left and what was left was a festering circle jerk of self righteous ten year olds and a bunch of apathetic admins.

What's great is that like 6 or so months later I got an unban appeal sent through that was mostly me shitposting heavily. I got unbanned in an 11:10 vote. Most no one wanted me there and I wasn't given back any power. After about 6 months of light shit flinging and arguing with the lefties and commies I got banned again by a Super OP that had a chip on his shoulder.

Fucking hated that place.
Spent four years of my life there though. Lots of laughs and good memories. Wish it didn't have to end but god damn there were some insufferable asshats.

My favorite part is my ban message

Sorry Guest, you are banned from using this forum!
Homophobia, and just way too many chances.
This ban is not set to expire.

Got my forum account deleted and home IP permanently blocked because I was using the word "fag". Also anywhere I go if I log in on that account in auto blocks the IP

You have the bad touch. Time to RAT the mods and use their routers.

You know
That's not half a bad idea
If I could find out their IP that is

Same here,a ND I miss those days. Sometimes I wish I were ignorant again and could just live thinking that Snowden was a traitor and that I was actually free. It would be so easy to let others argue for freedom and democracy while I just sat on my ass in my own little personal prison, waiting on a savior.

I think we all want that, at least to some degree, but let's be honest; if I don't speak, who will speak for me.

Funny how most of the actual commies on the internet are children, trannies, and other mentally ill people.


The community somehow managed to get a lot better over time, not worse.

Sonic gains speed when he rolls


The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.

I miss the home made arts and crafts look amatauror personal websites had

stufff like (don't go there, it's defunct)

but the sense of adventure these style sites give

What I am saying is that old websites has this public "Formal" scrapbook feel going on and I want to see it ahain

What game was it?
Good story, btw

I'm with you there.

This one hurts the most.

They never cared for me in the first place. I was just acknowledged so I would echo back what they wanted to hear.

Oh, please.

Unless the forum was literally about you or you were a celebrity, no one is going to talk about you. Get over yourselves.

We're talking about being part of a small community, fag. That's like saying you can't feel bad if your friends forget you because you aren't a celebrity.


yet they talk about other members who also left.


Solar flare when?

heidi pls, I know you post here and I know you know which game


I had the good sense never to reveal my actual name anywhere, though by having a cell phone account and various company email addresses auto-assigned to me, complete anonymity is nigh unto impossible.

I find it amusing to go back to ancient forums, and find someone necroposting a thread, replying to one of my comments from ten years ago or longer. Responding within the hour is fun.

Apparently about seventeen years ago, according to searches for my usernames and old avatars, I was extremely inpatient with people. Ah well, could be worse.

Didn't it die out because of torrents? Are there actually newsgroups in torrent format?

Make Internet Fun Again



fucking cuckchan faggots ruined that site



That's a supreme feel you've got there.

I fucking hope they moved on.
The good 'ol belt could of prevented this.




like flies on a windshield

Thanks to this thread, I just went back and checked up on It's gone. Goddamnit; I saw my first set of tits there.

Domain is up for sale, though, so I'm offering 150 for it. I guess we'll see how it goes. I feel a need to rebuild the old web.

Kill me.

Post them.

Bring back shrines