ARM General

Ayy where my ARM bros at?
ARM PC/Board specs?
ARM Smartphone specs?
What are you running on it?
What ARM SoCs are you looking foreword too?

Useful pages; -Info about Allwinner A10 boards and getting Linux on them -ARM OS bootloader targeting the Pi -Berryboot for Allwinner devices with Android NAND Recommended for beginners on Allwinner devices as it does most initial setup for you!

Other urls found in this thread: ARM-Exploitation-WP.pdf

Snapdragon 410 SoC with ARM cortex-a53 cpu and Adreno 306 graphics, 2GB of RAM
Also Snapdragon 600 SoC with Kriat CPU, Adreno 320 graphics and 2GB of RAM

Allwinner A10 SoC with ARM cortex a-8 cpu and Mali-400MP gpu, 1GB of RAM

Android on smartphone and Fedora 23 ARM on the board with LXDE

Is it possible to run Gentoo on those boards?

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Beaglebone Black: Texas Instruments AM335X SoC with an ARM, Cortex-A8 armv7h core, 512 MiB of RAM, a useless PowerVR GPU.

lowRISC/RISC-V or becoming rich to buy a Novena or a Novena 2 with a 64-bit CPU

is that a rethorical meme question?
of course it's possible.

Snapdragon 801, krait 400 cpu with adreno 330 graphics. 3GB RAM. Runs BB10

Cubietruck: Allwinner A20, 2GB RAM. Runs Armbian, and is used to back up my data and access it with Samba and FTP. It also torrents things.

Olimex Lime 2: Allwinner A20, 1GB RAM
Olimex Lime: Allwinner A10, 512MB RAM
Cubieboard 2: Allwinner A20, 1GB RAM
RasPi B+: Can't remember the specs got it before they went full retard
Odroid C1+: Can't remember the specs

Other ones aren't being used for anything at the moment, but I'm planning on converting one of the Olimex boards to a Kodi box for a friend

When Hardkernel eventually announces the odroid XU5
Olimex Lime A64
Olimex's new metal cases

So these things are totally open, down to the bootloader? No proprietary BIOS / UEFI / management engine that could contain backdoors?

Sign me up as long as pfsense has an ARM option and I can get a board with 2x Intel gigabit nics and 4+ gb of ram.

It depends, Allwinner devices use U-boot, which I believe is open source, although Allwinner has also been known to have violated the GPL in the past, I take this as their ignorance over them doing anything nefarious with their devices

Anyone here got the graphics drivers properly working?

I compiled and installed the sunxi mali drivers, libump, libdri2, and fbturbo drivers from sunxi, as well as loaded the required kernel modules, and x is a lot faster now but not as fast as I'd hoped

There's also the xf86-video-armsoc driver, what the fuck is this one about and how come sunxi doesn't use this one instead of fbturbo?

Most ARM boards are fully open and well documented, just avoid the Pi, Snapdragon, Tegra, and Exynos boards since I don't think they're fully open apart from some chipset drivers, boards like Allwinners are generally well trusted

-Allwinner A20 dual core Cortex-A7 processor, each core typically running at 1GHz and dual-core Mali 400 GPU
-1GB DDR3 RAM memory
-SATA connector with 5V SATA power jack
-Capable of FullHD (1080p) video playback
-HDMI connector
-2 x USB
-1000MBit native Ethernet

I personally only have experience either Allwinners, but basically you need to write the fs tarball to partition 2 of an SD card while partition 1 contains the necessary u-boot files and hardware profile files

If you don't want to find/build your own u-boot, then there is Berryboot which does all the hard parts for you, all you need is for your device to already be running Android, which most allwinners are, since the Berryboot installer runs on Android and writes to the SD card while taking hardware profile files from the Android install, you'll also need root.

After that you have 2 options;
Download a distro from Berryboots OS browser (easiest)

Or make your own berryboot image, which just involves stripping an OS image of its kernel since Berryboot uses its own kernel
More info here;

I was able to successfully do with with an official Fedora ARM image, works like a charm

You faggots better be ready to jump on the RISC-V bandwagon as soon as consumer boards arrive

I have an x86 phone

Is it an Intel Atom or some shitty chinese brand 8086 clone?

I'll be ready to get a RISC-V board as soon as they become low powered and cheap enough, which I don't see happening for a long time

RISC-V seems to target workstations and high-end smartphones, you're missing the point of ARM, and that's that it is cheap, low powered, and ubiquitous

I want to learn ARM assembly. Mostly to fool around with my smartphone. I already know x86 assembly.

What's the recommended toolchain? Any good books on the subject?

Smartphones may be a bit complicated, since most smartphones use proprietary bootloaders, and use a nonstandard ARM implementation, granted, if you get past the bootloader part and work though the SoCs unique instructions for initializing code you can run simple apps maybe

Using a Banana Pro mainly for a torrent/IPFS seedbox because my shitty router can't handle a lot of connections. I also use it for Samba filesharing from my external hard drive. I tried setting up Owncloud but it was not worth the effort.

Samefag here
Trying to get the openGLES test to run but I run into a DRI2 error saying it failed to authenticate

It's also using Mesa

What I tried;
removing /usr/lib/ and creating a symbolic link from /usr/lib/ to

Got initiization error

Tried again but instead of libMali I linked from the sunxi libs

Still init error
Finally just restored link with ldconfig now I don't know what to fucking do, and sometimes gdm just sits at a black screen indefinitely at boot until I force it off, but everything is significantly faster so I'm torn on what to do, I could just roll back to the official fbturbo driver from Fedora repos but this version isn't compiled with libump support so it only half-works really

Why are all Mali drivers such garbage on GNU?

Does anyone have experience with Lima drivers?


posting here too >>549579

J U S T.

Save yourself the trouble and use NetBSD.

I got a BBB on it's way, as well as Cubieboard 2. Prob going to set up a tor relay on the BBB and a seedbox/ipfs/i2p/whatever on the cubieboard

You don't know shit m8

I attempted to get NetBSD going on a A13 -- but there's no A10-series interrupt support. (FreeBSD has got it, though.)

Also, NetBSD has bugger-all support for embedded operations or workflows. Enjoy your ffsv2 on flash.

Call me when it has a modern filesystem. ZFS support work seems to be stalled.

Actually yes? The most popular OS' in history is "linux on embedded/soc/arm"

I swear BSDCucks are retarded sometimes

So the GPUs are useless in these things are useless because nodrivers right?

BTRON/IITRON, actually. SoC Linux still needs another ~2 billion devices to catch up.


You're pretending to be retarded right?

ITRON Isnt used in jack shit anymore, it used to be, but it's been overtaken by Linux-based RTOS' for nearly a decade, this is especially apparent with the fact Android is the most popular OS in history at this point in time, which is a Linux based OS, not to mention Linux in routers, cars and shit too


Oh shit 400 million washing machines just disappeared into thin air.


Gentoo has official ARM support

Not all ARM-- I've got an armv4 box (without thumb, hence no EABI) that's SOOL.


you better keep it cool or it'll overheat and die

An odd thing I've just noticed: that A13 Olimex board is unstable if the DC supply is over 4.9V (and tested it with several of my best regulated wallwarts) ... If I power it from the Vcc of the USB serial adaptor, it gets just 4.75V, and works fine...



Is there an ARM laptop other than Pi-Top, Chromebook, Android? I just want Linux without x86 in a laptop.

The Pi-Top looks neat but they dropped the keyboard in the sequel, I suspect because it sucked. HP has a nice little Android laptop but eh Android. If you get beta access (requires google login) the Pixel C has multitasking capabilities, but they break it just enough for Youtube Red to make sense...


I do that all the time to windows. Have you actually done it with android or chromeos, and recommend the result?

Got a Samsung ARM Chromebook when they first came out, munged a stripped-down Ubuntu onto it, and it's been my traveller laptop ever since.

Based Allwinner

Because Fedora has an official ARM release

BSD doesn't

any router software that comes close to pfSense's features that's compatible with ARM?

Well this looks nice. Any other devices that could make for good routers?

I really want to get an SBC, and been looking at the Olinuxino Lime 2 since it has good connectivity and Olimex seem to be strong proponents for software/hardware freedom.
Would you recommend this board, or are there better options? I require USB, sata, gpio and ethernet as a minimum. I will not buy non-free products.

The company behind the Banana Pi, excluding the original and the pro, are a bunch of morons. They have horrible support for their boards, and I have 3 BPi M2s sitting here doing nothing because of it. The one you're looking at isn't even supported by Armbian, so you can't even get a simple fix from the community. No idea about other router devices though.

The Lime 2 works fine, but the GPIOs are tiny as fuck. Haven't tested using it with SATA because I don't have the adapter.

I'd recommend the Cubieboard 3. It's by Cubietech, who claim that they do open source stuff. I'd like to give you evidence but they've tagged every post in their blog with "open source" so I can't find anything relevant. They've got kernel source and schematics at least.
It's huge and has a fuckton of features, and with an expansion board supports 3.5 inch hard drives. It's also got 2GB RAM. I'm using one as a server and it works great. It's got smaller GPIOs, but not as small as the Lime's.
Also don't get the Cubieboard 4 or 5. They're technically good but Allwinner are shit at making drivers, so the boards have pretty much no support. They haven't added anything substantial anyway, so there's no point getting anything more than a 3.

If you're willing to compromise the Odroid C1+ is pretty good. No SATA, and they don't label it as open source, but it's a better RasPi than the RasPi.


Damn, and it looked like a good board.

wait, who the fuck got...


Are you that motherfucker from /gentoo/? covers a bit of ARM reversing

here's a demo of a bof on a non executable ARM stack ARM-Exploitation-WP.pdf

just rig a USB plug to it, the Orange Pi runs on 5v 2A no? Its not even that hard since its all color coded for you and you're not exactly working with dangerous voltages here, I did this shit when I was fucking 12, if you're too pussy for a solder gun just get some electrical tape

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Anyone managed to install something else than the image files provided by the manufacturer on the Beaglebone Back, these pieces of shit come with more bloat than my desktop PC.
I tried the Void Linux guide for the BBB, but it fails miserably. The D2 user led is stuck in a perpetual heartbeat pattern which indicates that the device is still booting. No SSH access. It's the BBB rev. C if that matters.

I don't have a BBB, but if you can get Android for it, you can always use Android to write Berryboot to another SDCard and either download a Berryboot provided image or create your own Berryboot compatible image

I strongly recommend you pick up an appropriate connector to access the serial console, it'll provide output for pretty much everything including the bootloader.

As for third-party distros, there's a Debian Jessie image somewhere that I think comes with less bloat. FreeBSD and OpenBSD also have installers but I remember those having issues, might be fixed now.


Fedora has official ARM filesystem images and an official ARM Installer to configure it for the BBB
more info about installing:

My main ARM OS besides Android is Fedora since it gets fantastic official support


meh, Gentoo runs on pretty much everything, I remember installing Gentoo on my Wii


Just got an Olimex Micro A20 for cheap, anyone have experience using their UEXT interface? Is there a place I can get UEXT using devices without paying twice the price for shipping and taxes?

What's the benefit of having all of them in one connector?

Bump for freedom


Odroid C2 is handling 90% of the entertainment in my household

I'm running Android because it's easy for the wife and kids to navigate. Commonality with phones definitely helps with the learning curve

I used to have one of those and loved it. Got another laptop though so I sold it to an SJW bitch at work.