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Shovelware time


what the fuck is this

lol what the fuck was that game?

Why do all these games they're showing look like hot garbage untextured mess like they were made with absolutely no budget behind them? That's not how games in the 90s to early 00s looked like

An experiment in how crusty they can make their games look before people catch on

>>523669835>>523669780>>523669760>bulgarian developer

>unfucked nightmare reaper eye rapeFucking FINALLY

is this a doom WAD?

>Animation when you use objects>Zed Time>Post-processingIt's shit

>>523669945This is the unfucked version?

fish lips

was I the only one that cared about this then? I love noir mafia shit, reminds me of the level in TimeSplitters 2

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>>523670018Dick sucking lips

>>523669987How can you confing Doom to look SO bad?

>>523669662kinda looks like cliffy

>>523670036I'm interested but I thought it looked kind of slow

>>523670124that is Cliffy

>>523670124It's him and they destroyed him

>>523670036Reminds me of Action Doom 2Ultra based

>>523670124No shit

>>523670036Looks good yeah...

>>523670036So far the most interesting game showed today, the 2D space game being the second one

My game is up next!

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>>523670036Archer DLC when

>new amid evil contenta blessed day

>> that


>>523669662*Seinfield theme starts playing*

>>523670175>>523670193>>523670210didn't catch the filename lol. I said kinda, he barely looks the same

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I can't believe 3d realms is back.

>>523669662Is Cliffy at 3drealms now?

>>523670242And that wouldn't be the worst thing we've seen this evening...

>>523670417fuck no


>>523670417thankfully not

>>523670401George Broussard really brought the company down.

>>523670017Oh yes. Go look up videos old older builds and it is pure eye

>>523670389>No one:That's correct


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>>523670242>Reverse image seach this>Manchester City

>>5236702372D space game?

>>523670510Nah i'd appreciate it if he went back to gears

>>523670242Tomato way 3 looks awesome.


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>>523670036Artstyle looks better than the XIII remake

>>523670519Is he is more of Cuck than Anthony Burch?


>>5236704013drealms is now a Danish company

>>523670342>>523670363>>523670446>>523670542>>523670597It's a /agdg/ game called Gone


Who gives a fucking single fuck about Rise Of The Triad?!

>>523670656>>523670656Even Cliffy B isn't Anthony Burch.

>>523670694They have nothing to do with Apogee like modern Atari with old.


>>523670656Nope, Cliffy is at least rich as fuck.

Fucking Fabino.

ye, Douk Burger

Civvie in the deathmatch? I expect some hot takes.

>Sucks at Blood

>>523670586gears was never good

>>523670519>then i bought a $5 sandwich, which was also my bus fare, and proceeded our of the store>it was an egg and anchovy sandwich>black guy and his friends see me as i leave>says VERY loudly "eeyyy this nigga eating anchovies" >him and his friends laugh>a pretty girl glances over and starts laughing>hands and back getting sweaty>sandwich slips out of my hands onto the floor>lands in a puddle

>>523670793pretty much

Ho shit, it's the Auschwitz maplook at that jew

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>>523670975I got some serious Grandpa Simpson vibes from his talk.

>>523671005Oh god no, WHY

>>523671005do they have a small fist?

>>523669662I want to see a game inspired by Doom 3


>>523671005I want to give they/them my penis

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>>523671005Eh. As long whatever they call themselves leave me the fuck along and stop putting shit in games that don't matter I don't care

>>523671005they/them will never become an acceptable pronoun for a single person

>>523671080Its called quake 4.

>>523671005>HELP! WORDS!

>>523669662jesus the chick is absolute cringe

It's a weird feeling seeing 3D Realms not only still alive but having a pretty decent comeback.

>>523670575>>523670237What game?