How did Tekken go from a niche fighting games series to the #1 normie bait fighting game with the loudest most...

How did Tekken go from a niche fighting games series to the #1 normie bait fighting game with the loudest most obnoxious fanbase of them all?

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>>523668418Too young to remember Tekken 3?

stagnation in fighting games. tekken was the only one doing anything semi interesting.

>>523668418It's easy enough for normies Also walking dead collab

Tekken 7 is a predictable follow-up to a series that's never aimed particularly high, it may please casual gamers for a day or two but the stagnant ongoing series is definitely in the second tier of fighters way below Capcom or NetherRealm Studios games, and it's seriously getting old and tired. The lack of depth and subtlety and the emphasis on the offensive, rather than the defensive, puts this squarely two notches below the best in the genre, the "who-can-get-their-super-move-off-first" gameplay leaves much to be desired from a serious fighting game player. Like the prequels, Tekken 7 is geared towards casual gamers and anyone who's been exposed to more technical, more dynamic fighting games will quickly pass on tekken. Other top fighters, namely Street Fighter, DoA and MK games have advanced impressively in their latest installments; but the relic that is tekken just can't seem to evolve, furthermore many combos can be done simply by hitting 1-button, and the nearly "instant-kill" rage art moves are just laughably broken. Instead of a supplying a proper fighting engine, matches in T7 seem to rely heavily on "who can get their rage move off first". So many elements of the gameplay don't even require any sort of skill. In my book, slow motion over and over again also gets old very quickly. And in the end, it's more of a novelty or gimmick rather than an actual, thought-out fighting game mechanic. But hey, the casual crowd will be pleased!If you want something a little more "button-masher-friendly," tekken might be your cup of tea.... Key word, might.

>>523668418How young are you lolNormies have Eddy Gordo and Paul Phoenix engrained in their heads

>tekken>nichekekit has always been the best selling fighting game series only behind street fighterit's just that it wasn't that popular in the USA until 7not that it matters anyway the american fgc is a joke

Tekken was huge in the Tekken 3-5 period

>>523668418Tekken 3 is like top ten in highest ps1 selling games

well it doesn't look like fortnite for one

Tekken was always one of the biggest fighting games around. Then around 2015-2017 you had the combination of 1: Tekken 7 being actually pretty good and not a t*g game. 2: street fighter 5 scuffed as fuck launch and 3: rise of contrarian pseudo-intellectual youtubers that love shilling tekken because people still think it's the hardest fighting game for some reason.All these combined allowed it to take the spot of #1 fighting game

>>523668662tekken has never done anything interesting, its a barebones game with very few mechanics and what little it does have is stolen from other games, it has casual normie appeal due to it constantly stealing/ripping off other characters/people from pop-culture yet still somehow manages to be bland uninteresting slop.

>>523669021>American FGC is a joke>Europoor mad that he doesn't have a single relevant player besides ProblemXI could list American legends, but all I need to mention is Justin Wong

I'm not an ameriKKKan tranny so shit fighter never existed for me

>>523669235literally no one actually thinks tekken is hard, only people who claim that are low IQ tekkucks trying to lie and getting BTFO

>>523668956I know this is a shitty pasta but>below Capcom or NetherRealm Studios games>DoA and MK games have advanced impressively in their latest installmentsPeak delusion.

>>523669358eu and usa are both a joke

>>523668418It always wasI still remember my surprise when my coworker asked why I was explaining tekken to him

>Tekken>not normalfagbaitWhere do you even live?

>>523669482that's just a copy-pasted bloody roar review with tekken put in place of bloody roar

>>523668418Nah most people still dont know about Tekken if asked, but will instantly recognize street fighter. At least, that is if you're asking zoomers.Still the best fighting game on the market. Still making trannies seethe daily.

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>>523669486New York and California are literally the biggest fighting game hubs outside Tokyo

tekken is a casual button masher

>>523669676No. the biggest fighting hub is your house when Tyrone beats the shit out of your mom

>>523669604that kind of depends on where you livetekken and soul calibur are more popular than sf in europe due to ps1/ps2

>>523669439for people who actually play fighting games its obvious. But these youtube shill channels make some "top 10 hardest fighting games" clickbait youtube videos and zoomers who have never touched a fighting game see it and think "I WANT TO PLAY THIS BECUASE ITS THE HARDEST. ITS LIKE THE DARK SOULS OF FIGHTING GAMES OMFG"

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>>523668418Because Capcom shat the bed

it went all normie sci-fi and normie weebshit

>>523668418>Tekken>nicheThis is what happens to everything eventually. Bullshit becomes the truth when newfags become the majority. Tekken 3 was bigger than SFIII and every other fg.

>still replying to tje /fgg/ tranny threads

>>523669759He was helping her fix the floor, he comes over all the time when something breaks, usually in her bedroom.

Reminder tekken is a casual button masher made for children with no depth or complexity, nothing in the game is difficult and the only people who play such a shit game are those who aren't good enough to play real fighting games.

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>>523669847Pic related

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>>523669759Why are eu cucks obsessed with bbc so much? is that why you keep importing them into your countries to fuck your wives?

>>523668418tekken has always been popular and was even considered revolutionary for its graphics at one point. for me? i just like that it actually has cool fighting styles and martial arts from old kung fu movies and all the dumb shit you can do is satisfying> the loudest most obnoxious fanbase of them allyou mean jive babies? the same people split the fighting game general on /vg/ because they spaz out with their doobers, goobers, and boobers when ever you mention any non capcom game?

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>>523669604>Nah most people still dont know about Tekken if asked, but will instantly recognize street fighterThat's weird.Isn't Tekken like... the second best selling fighting franchise, ABOVE street fighter?Yeah. Just checked. Tekken sold more than Street Fighter despite SF having a huge headstart with 1 and 2

The important thing to remember here is that fighting games are dying. In fact all online games except shooters and a few mmos are dying. Enjoy the future.

>tekken 7 sales - 5 million>Mortal Kombat 11 sales - 15 million

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>>523669849smash w/a 4 on netcode?

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>>523669849I've actually played all of these games.There's no way SFV is a 3 in gameplay. Certainly not above UNIST

>>523670020EXACTLY. Thanks for posting this I couldnt fucking remember the name of this channel but they keep popping up on my feed and every tekken video starts with some wide eyed basedboy saying something like "WHEN PLAYING THE HARDEST FIGHTING GAME"

the best thing is that tekken players barely talk about sfv, the people who mostly shit on sfv are sfv and ex-sf players kekif you ask any sfv community about which is best between t7 and sfv, they'll tell you to play t7

>>523668418it's not smash

>>523670045>and was even considered revolutionary for its graphics at one poinLMAOno, just no, why do you dumb tekkucks constantly try to lie?

>>523670184>normalfag game marketed with rap music and epik gore sells more copies than actual fighting gamewell, this is to be expected after all

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>>523670184MK is pretty cool I just wish the devs weren't so pozzed

>>523669849>tekken 7 same playercount than skullgirls when it has more players than sfvdelusional fgg tranny

its just the best timingSFV shit the bed so hardMvCi are even worse MK11 wasnt out yetanime shits are anime shits nobody carepersonally I think if SC6 came out before Tekken 7 people would play that instead

>>523670227Didn't you hear? Dolphin recently got working rollback netcode.

>>523669849>Not a single game above 3 for gameplay>Mortal Kombat gets itWhat games are good then?

>>523669849you know which number to dial, user

>>523670385SC has always been the weird cousin only the french play it for some reason

Why do anti-Tekken fags always champion SFV? Can't you pick a good game to champion over Tekken like Under Night or KOF or KI?Hell, you can't even champion a good Street Fighter. SFIV is great. SF3S is great. Alpha is great. ST is great. 5 is trash. Why do you do this to yourselves?

>>523670324>tekken>actual fighting gamelmao, no tekken is a childs party masher

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>>523670297Not him but it 100% was revered for its graphics with Tekken 3

>>523670512Still posting without a trip? Well hello again, mashanon

>>523669849Melee's netcode is a 5 because of Dolphin being able to run at lower latency than native CRT + Wii means you can play online at offline latency. Other rollback games either artificially induce latency offline (KI) or simply can't reach offline latency without eliminating the delay buffer (SG)

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yocan i get a new bloody roar game please?

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>>523670559He wasn't alive back then, so he wouldn't know

>>523670498SFV is really great now, it was just garbage for the first 2 seasons

>>523668418Tekken was never niche and you definitely don't play fighting games enough to travel or care


>>523670635God I wish.So tired of current fighting games. They’re all too rigid. Too afraid to piss off the FGC.

>>523670653Nice try, but even with Oro being back, I won't give it another chance. I've already given it like 4

>>523669849I can all but guarantee melee has the most players, and if not, the shortest queue times for finding a match.

>>523668418SF klled itself with sf3. The market was then open to the new king

>>523670559literal underage retard, VF3 came out almost 3 years before tekken 3 and absolutely blew that shit out of the fucking water. take your revisionist history and fuck off you dumb lying faggot

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post your main

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>>523670646i cant tell if your unironically retarded or if this is just what constant seething does to ones brain

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>>523670794They are also all manchildren rapist pedophiles

>>523670916kyofo wo oshiete yaro

>>523670916Lee chad since T4


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>>523669849melee's gameplay is dope

>>523671093based leebro

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>>523670794>>523671145meleefags get outthis is a fighting game thread

>>523671145At a glance, the Tekken games do nothing to distinguish themselves from better-known fighting games. This new game features 38 "different" characters, The vast majority of these characters return from previous Tekkens, and one thing both the old and new characters have in common is their ability to mash out attacks without much skill. Strangely, the designers seem to have run out of move ideas, as all of the "new" Tekken characters reuse moves previously seen in past games. Tekken 7 has the sorts of things you'd expect to see in any uninspired fighting game, simple combos reward button mashing, as each fighter can easily string together punches and kicks for some pretty big damage. Some moves launch opponents into the air, and you may continue to juggle them on their way down with still more attacks. Strings of a half-dozen or more hits are common. But these are par for the course in the genre and are rarely worth the risk when the alternative is to keep churning out quick, easy, damaging combos. The controls are sluggish, and the action, for the most part, is repetative. The average fighting-game player with any level of proficiency should be able to see through this game's limited strategies and moves list relatively quickly.