This is what gaming used to be about

This is what gaming used to be about.

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>>523663494Why do competitive videogames always attract trannies?

>>523663494>white supremacist symbol

What is it with trannies in competitive settings?

>>523663567Because they can't compete against actual men in any other sports.

>>523663494I saw this uggo in that shitty netflix show that somehow made every episode about the guest's race or sexuality instead if about the games they were supposed to be talking about. He's a hideous tranny that is still obsessively playing space invaders to this day

>>523663643they can compete against women in literally any sport though

>>523663748I don't consider faggot to be women.

how many times are you going to post this



>>523663494At this point, can we even believe "historic" facts? Fat chances shit like that is just pure invention.

>>523663494cute wonder if they have bulge pics

>>523663616The connection is obvious. You need to be mentally ill to do either of them.

>>523663748They can't compete against women in life, however. To be fair, nobody can, it's as if women have a social iddqd activated.

>>523663567One of the only communities that doesn't actively despise them.

Did you know that video game cartridges were invented by a black man?

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>>523663494Does not count if they do it in 2003.

>>523663995He looks like Badland Chugs

all esports are video game tournaments but not all video game tournaments are esportsdisingenuous image tbchgood for her though

>>523663494>White power gestureGet this fucking nazi out of here, it's 2020 now

>>523663858more like Hymenman amirite

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>>523664208tbch i do not care if someone asks me to call them sheit's the xe/xer shit i won't do

>Rebecca HeinemanOh fuck, that was Burger Bill! The person who was involved with the 3DO port of Doom that failed because the guy who was running the studio porting it was a complete dumbass and didn't know how video game development worked.

>>523664441Then you're a huge faggot

>>523663995>[Editor’s Note – 2/21/2015 – We now know that the initial idea for a video game cartridge actually came from two men, Wallace Kirschner and Lawrence Haskel, who worked for Alpex Computer Corporation and licensed the technology to Fairchild.>After Fairchild licensed Alpex’s technology, a team that included Ron Smith, Nick Talesfore, and Jerry Lawson refined the technology and turned it into a practical, commercial product.>So the credit for the first cartridge should technically be shared among these five men — and not by Lawson alone, as many have misinterpreted since I published this interview in 2009.]Total BS. He is just another lying nig stealing someone's work.


>>523664551i just don't care enough to argue my guyhope you have a nice day and your parents are healthy

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>>523663494a simple google search disproves this lmao"The earliest known video game competition took place on 19 October 1972 at Stanford University for the game Spacewar.[10] Stanford students were invited to an "Intergalactic spacewar olympics" whose grand prize was a year's subscription for Rolling Stone, with Bruce Baumgart winning the five-man-free-for-all tournament and Tovar and Robert E. Maas winning the team competition.[11" and the tourney she supposedly won a few years later I could only find one source for which is one of those women empowerment books. So not only is OP lying, we should be skeptical if she's even won anything at all


>>523664646Good, because my statement wasn't open for debate.

>>523663737>history of RPGs episode>2 minutes on final fantasy>only talk about its art design>have the woman behind Kings Quest>never actually mention Kings Quest outside of 10 seconds of footage>10 minutes dedicated to some dude that made a gay freeware RPG in the 90sGod was that awful

>>523664659funnily enough i decided to check the sources for the tourney I posted about and it looks like one of the sources they used is defunct now. So now I don't know who to believe. Not like this matters anyway but I'm too deep man. I'm too deep

>>523664990I didn't mind Heineman in the show bc she genuinely knows her shit, but it felt very on the nose for them to talk about "I played videogames as a woman :^)" when they transitioned years after the factalso going from Ultima to Final Fantasy without even so much as mentioning Dragon Quest was fucking upsetting

>>523663494Trannies win tournys,women don't,trannies aren't women

>>523664990The show is so disappointing. So many things they could talk about, and of course they choose the inclusive option for every episode, which often totally distracts from the topic of the episode. I'm fine for interesting side notes, but don't make them 1/4 of the episode. A gay rpg that gets lost is mildly interesting, but should it take place over talking about other fucking rpg topics? God no. The Sega episode was even worse, should've just called it the fucking story of sports games

for a board that hates trannies you guys sure do talk about them every time they have something remotely to do with gaming

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>>523665193I had no problem there but that RPG episode was one of the worst subject documentaries I have ever seen. They start with adventure games but dont even really go into anything about them besides that they eventually got graphics. Then they talk about Ultima and have Garriott talk which was good but then they do this quick segment with the Final Fantasy art director but dont talk about the games or Japanese role playing games at all and then its just that gay game shit for the rest of the episode.

>>523663567competition is for fags and degenerates, just look at the other sports

Vaginoid cucked again, how many times is this going to happen? Seriously can regular women not get cucked out of an accomplishment by trannies? Are all "women" related accomplishments going to be retroactively given to biological men? Do men truly make the better women?

>>523663909History was always bunk

>>523665604Is it gay to like trannies? Holla Forums doesn't seem to think so

>>523665675The problem is that the episodes try to cover too much ground in one episodeThe fighting game episode is a perfect example because it covers SF2, it's rival Mortal Kombat, which formed the ESRB, and goes into Night Trap, one of the games that also formed the ESRB, and the director's relationship with Hasbro and their failed plans for a VHS product - hey, wasn't this episode about fighting games?

>>523665604you have to hate trannies to be a gamer

>>523664606>lyingDude's long dead. I doubt he cared about credit for a failed console.

>>523663494All this proves is that mental illness has a long history.

>>523663995reminds me of that one guy from the office.

>>523663567it's not just video gameswomen's sports are also dominated by trannies

>>523665982No. He fucking did.In the same interview he bragged about rejecting fucking STEVE WOZNIAK because he thought he was a hack lmao.

>>523663494>a man wins in a male dominated hobbyWhat seems to be the problem? Mental illness shouldn't be a hindrance to enjoying and competing in video games.

>>523666103Huh. That's new.

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>>523663494He was still sane when that happened though and hasn't accomplished much since he went mentally ill.Tranny defenders always do this, since they never do anything worthy after they go crazy, they have to retroactively claim pre-change achievements as tranny achievements, how sad.

>>523665772Dickgirls and trannies are not the same thing. I mean both are pretty gay, but if it's your thing, I don't see much wrong with liking the former.

>>523663567just look at the retard. ive met people like this>fat, ugly, and akward>gave up on normal life long ago>cringe personality, unlikeable>hears about these mentally ill freaks called trannies>becomes one for attentiona natural born loser

>>523665432If you didn't expect this 100% from the moment you knew it was produced by Netflix you're out of touch.

>>523663494Reminder that trannies are just cultists. If people were allowed to live as their true selves, as either tomboys or femboys, they would be healthy and happy. Unfortunately, sometimes they get groomed into thinking they have problems that don't exist and that it can only be "treated" with drugs and bodily mutilation. But in reality, no one is ever happy when they "transition". It's just a meme that ruins lives. The tranny fad needs to die and people need to start accepting and loving themselves for who they really are. Natural traps and tomboys who don't get tricked into taking damaging hormones or getting heinous surgeries are always a million times happier and more attractive than these tranny abominations. If you support or enable trannies in any way, you are not a good person. You are part of the problem. Trannies are an active death cult that recruits through bullying, gaslighting and harassment. They go out of their way to make people feel uncomfortable with their true selves so that they feel more dependent upon the tranny cult and its backhanded encouragement. If you have any love for tomboys or androgynous men, or if you just don't like seeing people get hurt, it's your job to speak out against trannyism and point out the damage it causes. It's not a real sexuality. It's not a real identity. It's not even a real mental illness. It's simply a dangerous fad started by fetishists and enabled by politically obsessed sycophants, and it needs to be stopped before more people ruin their bodies and their lives.


I hate trannies and all that gay shit as much as anyone else with a functional brain but why not ignore them? Giving them attention is what they feed on and that's why this gay shit is now mainstream.That's why everyone should have ignored Anita instead of feeding her.Ever heard of "don't feed the troll"?

>>523665604board is full of closet dicksucking faggots being "ironic"

>>523667780>I hate death cults and all that satanic shit as much as anyone else with a functional brain but why not ignore them?Because they groom and murder children. Trannies are murderers.

>>523667938Traps lovers are a very small minority of posters on Holla Forums and these losers aren't a representation of Holla Forums or even 4chan. "Ironic shitposting is still shitposting"

>>523668210>Traps lovers are a very small minority of posters on Holla Forums and these losers aren't a representation of Holla Forums or even 4chanBased election tourist not even trying to pretend he isn't a newfag anymore.

>>523663494So it was a guy?

>>523665982No user you don't understand. He's black and therefore he can't have done anything worthwhile with his life because it makes our resident Holla Forumsfriends incredibly insecure.

>>523668210What does that have to do with trannies? Traps and trap lovers hate tranny scumbags.

>>523668378I'm using 4chan since 2009 faggot.Don't believe that we were all degenerates looking up cheese pizza and ERP scum on this website.

>>523665896Fighting games?

>>523668468I'd love for blacks to have a list of genuine accomplishments. Unfortunately they tend to lie a lot.

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>>523663643I always find this funny, no bans on transmen in boxing or MMA, they just never compete because they know they'll die.

>>523666103Yeah, him and Carrell must have been separated at birth.

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>>523668620there was that one tranny in women's mma who almost killed his opponent by kneeing her in the face until her nose was in pieces.

>>523663567there's info that came out of England due to a legal case that over half of MtF are literally autistic, so there's your sign

>>523668518Traps are feminine men so yes technically you're a homosexual but it's closer to bisexuality desu.

>>523668983Liking traps is 100% gay.

>>523668378>le part of underground maymay community :^)kys faggot

>>523667780people have an immense need for some form of unity culturallywhen there isn't one everyone will always be at each other's throats, or worse countries will be torn apart and civil wars and genocides happen

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>>523663494Why is she making a white supremacist dog whistle?


>>523668620>>523668785I believe he means FtM in male events.But yes. MtF often do compete and win in female events. Weird how that works.

>>523667093>they get groomed into thinking they have problems that don't existThis is true, but it needs to be noted that these faggots usually do have mental problems, but instead of treating them, they get sold on the idea of becoming a tranny because being a tranny means you get a jolly joker card you can play in response to all kinds of social obligations in today's America. While you were a boring male loser that nobody cared about, as a tranny, you will be welcome in their hugboxes, and you get all the attention in the world. The false popularity and acceptance comes at a steep price, however. While you ARE untouchable in certain aspects, it is really the logic of the emperor's new clothes that is in effect here.

>>523669051Oh yeah they are and these "people" used to ruin battlestation threads i lurked years ago. >>523669378Based Yuri poster

>>523669550They didn't become the 41 % for no reason.Untreated mental illness leads to their demise.

>>523668618This image is fucking retarded. A lot of the entries are things that no sane person would ever actually claim, like that Imhotep invented the stethoscope. And looking closer at it there's dumb shit like saying Alexander Miles invented the elevator when what he actually invented was the automatic elevator door. Or Garrett Morgan inventing the traffic light when what he actually invented was the modern traffic light with three different colored lights. Or Sarah Boone inventing the ironing board when she just invented an improved version to the one that existed at the time. I'm not even going to look into all of the patents that are supposedly just black people taking credit for inventions that already existed but it's safe to assume most of them are probably bullshit too. You're one to talk about people lying when all you faggots do is post dishonest propaganda shit like this all the time. The question is though, are you too retarded to actually fact check this shit or are you aware you're here spreading lies?

>>523668785Meant FtM never see them in boxing or MMA, lmao. Only male dominated sport I see them in is rugby but that shit is super pozzed. Stopped watching last year.

>>523669912>>523669550In a way, becoming a tranny is a form of suicide, just easier. They already hate themselves and believe they will "emerge from the chrysalis" as what they want to be. Instead, they are simply mutilating themselves. The amount of dread and hopelessness that must exist inside the tranny is truly terrifying.

>>523670073we have been living in the irony singularity for years now, you really can't tell what's bait so you can either start posting race bait yourself or just ignore it when others do, there's no high road

>>523663494what the fuck is wrong with americans

>>523663494>1980>pictures are in black and white and so grainy they appear as if 1880.For what purpose.

>>523670073>You're one to talk about people lying when all you faggots do is post dishonest propaganda shit like this all the time.user, you fucking retard of a nigger, that image is a refutation of an older african-american """""achievement list""""". None of what you said is true at all.

>>523663494The real first "competitive esport" event will always and forever be Thresh winning Carmack's Ferrari.

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>>523670073>no sane person would ever actually claimWell, people did claim it. And the image is a refutation of that claim. Your post is low IQ garbage.

>>523663494>(((Heineman)))why are kikes so prone to trannyism?

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>>523664685Quit being a fucking douchebag.

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>>523670252Yeah, true, it is practically suicide. They deliberately sterilize themselves, thus literally destroying part of their human capabilities. While they do feel like they gain something socially, it is seem by every same person as self-harm. It's like selling your soul to the devil for some petty reason and getting fucked over by him. What is really sad about this is that this behavior is glamorized in American (and some western EU) society, advertised as an act of bravery. Children grow up internalizing these values from their idiotic parents and society. The cult expands its list of victims even further by weaving this festering pest into the very fabric of western society.

>>523670341There is a high road and I just took it by proving your propaganda picture was full of shit. You can hide behind irony all you want but the only thing it disguises is if you're being purposefully dishonest or you're just completely retarded or possibly even both. It's one of the above either way. Doesn't exactly put you in a position to call other people liars or try to detract from their accomplishments when, let's face, you have none of your own.

>>523670974you didn't prove anything. you just made yourself look dumb as fuck. also that image isn't propaganda, it's just a list of facts.

>>523663494Trannies >>>>>>>>>> f*males. Much more competent yet still somehow less cancerous.


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>>523663567Escapism because they experience gender dysphoria and don’t want to be part of this world and their ‘wrong’ body. They sink hours upon hours into these minuscule tasks to disconnect from life. It’s literally’ rude, just turn your brain off’ on an existential level.

>>523670893The image doesn't prove that anyone claimed anything. It could have been concocted as an easy target by whatever brainwashed stormfont shill made the thing the first place for all I know. Even if someone did claim it, it would almost definitely be some retarded hotep and they don't exactly fall into the category of "sane person".>>523670614Yeah and yet there's no source for it and the whole image is filled to the brim with lies anyway. Everything is my post was correct. You're free to google it, but you won't because you don't give a shit about the facts. Fucking retarded Holla Forums shills I swear to god.