Would this kill Sony?

Would this kill Sony?

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That's retarded.

>>523662753This idea was tried as OUYA. Ie, simpler games, lower cost, lower graphics, so on. And it completely failed.

>>523662753no, but it would kill the xbox with how much of a loss they would take in addition to the money hole that is gamepass

>>523662753You'll get $199 on Black Friday when Xbox is still losing the race in 2026

>>523662915It was literally an Android box. No shit it failed.

>>523662753That would destroy Sony. The causal buyer doesn't give a shit about exclusives, they want a deal. This has been proven time and time again.

No, sony cultists will buy their blu ray player no matter what.

>>523662915>simpler games, lower cost, lower graphicsrumours said that games in Series S will look the same as in the SeX but won't do 4k, it'll be 1080 or 1440 at most.

>>523663205Those people don't matter. They don't even make up more than 10% of the market. Have you not seen the most played games on PS4? It's not their exclusives. They don't even touch the top 10 most played.

>>523663185so why did the wii u fail? it was the cheapest console in 2013

>>523662753Maybe combined with:>Allow both to run Windows>Get support from as many Jap devs as possible with funding and guaranteed creative freedom>Make each first-party game exclusive to XBOX for 1 month, so there's a reason to get it there, and also to add finishing touches to the PC port.


>>523663529why did the gamecube fail? it was the cheapest console in 2001

>>523663426It was all their marketing. It was horrible. This time around it's different as all of my coworkers know about the PS5 and "SeX"box as they love to call it. They make jokes about the magic ssd and powergap. Honestly if Microsoft has been running a shadow hit campaign on Sony it's been working.

>>523663606It didn't? Are you trying to just keep pushing goal posts?

>>523663408pretty muchbloodborne had like 5% install base 1-2 years after release

>>523662753It would kill xbox, because all games would be made with xbox s in mind.

>>52366381920m units isnt failing? are you pushing goalposts?

>>523662915that's nto what this is though

>>523663886>hurr durr I was only pretending to be retarded

>>523663886>made a profitit failed guys.

>>523663958who are you quoting?

>>523663819Anon, the gamecube did fail, it sold around 20 million units and was absolutely shitstomped by the ps2 and they got beat by the newcomer XBOX

>>523664085Since when is making a profit a failure? Go back to resetera

>>523664042so it didnt fail? is that why nintendo made another gamecube derivative instead of drastically changing their approach to video game design with the wii?

>>523664135It sold less than the fucking n64 which sold less than the SNES which sold less than the NES and got oustold by all its current gen competitors, that's a failure whether you like it or not

>>523663837reports said that it'll have almost the same hardware, just slightly weaker cause it won't run at 4k

>>523662915t. Zoomer outsider who learned about the Ouya from e-celebs

>>523663426The Wii U wasn't comparable to PS4 and Xbox in terms of power, third-party support, or online services. It couldn't be a substitute for those systems. For example, it didn't get GTA V. Activision put Call of Duty: Ghosts on Wii U but then dropped it the next year with Advanced Warfare, which came out on Xbox 360 and PS3 but not Wii U. Nintendo home consoles have struggled since the first PlayStation came out, the sole exception being the Wii, which was a fad, to put it harshly. When the Wii frenzy wore off, Nintendo was back where they had been in the GameCube years, a company whose home consoles attracted only the diehards. Hence the Switch, which represents the thriving Nintendo handheld line absorbing the home console one.

>>523662753this kills xbox

>>523662753This reeks of desperation.

>>523664756the wii was comparable to ps3 and 360 in terms of power, third party support, or online services

>>523662915Ouya failed not because it made a more affordable console. It failed because it had no exclusives, the console itself was an android phone with some software on top of it, the controller was complete trash, and it was completely overpriced for what it was

>>523662753Yeah for me it's the big black box


>>523662915OUYA wasn't backed by a megacorporation with a giant foothold on the industry already

>>523664425>projecting>watching ecelebsyou have to go back

>>523664350You don't know what a failure is. If a product turns a profit it's a success. Sorry it doesn't fit your narrative.

>>523662753Not totally implausible, I don't think. Microsoft's whole game is getting you into their ecosystem so they can get subscription money out of you. That could mean pursuing a low barrier to entry. In order to achieve this they may consider it wise to take a substantial loss. If they price themselves too high, they have no shot. Everybody is locked out. But if they come out with cheap systems, they stand to make a lot of money on the backend. With the original Xbox, in fact, they took a $125 loss on each system. It cost $425 to manufacture and was sold for $300. That just goes to show what's possible.


>>523665417>I know you are but what am IClassic playground rhetoric from the kid barely away from it

>>523665509so the 360 was a failure? they lost money on it because of rrod


>>523665751>I know you are but what am II'm not even >>523662915 , just pointing out when someone obviously outs themselves, clearly worked

>>523666013>I-it's not me

i can't wait to pay 200 bucks to watch youtube!

>>523664971No Ouya failed because when it was announced, it had specs that were already a generation behind flagship Android phones. When it was released, midrange phones were already just as powerful than the ouya.

>>523663606What makes you think the GameCube failed? It was a smash hit.

>>523666760Among nintendies

retards underestimate how expensive the resolution iseven with just half the power of SeX GPU, Series S would still be stronger than necessary to run the same games at the same graphics settings while targeting the same framerate at 1440p, if it's aiming at 4K on SeX.

>>523662753why this should kill sony? i mean, the hardware is cool n shit, but what about the games?

>>523662753It would kill the xbox brand.

>>523667131casual gamer buys games for multiplats

>>523662753Shit, I don’t even care for Xbox and I’d buy one at $200. That’ll never happen.

>>523662753SeX has a retarded name and no exclusives so it's already DoA.

A properly marketed 200 dollar gamepass box would fucking kill. Never going to be that cheap though. I'll be surprised they can match switch price tag (and even then you are competing with switch). Plus their marketing I don't even know wtf is going on.

>>523662753You guys are delusional if you think these consoles will be out in Nov. no word of the series S or prices. No gaymes.

>>523663426wii u was doomed to failonly one controller could be used. all other players had to use a wiimote

>>523662753most people buy consoles for AAA games, not because they're cheap outdated hardware

>>523662753who caresAMD wins either way baabbyy$$$$

>2 months until launch and they still refuse to reveal the pricethey want to avoid backlash as much as possible, huh?

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>>523664219cheapest solution to ibm just expand the cpu

>>523663185That is the exact opposite of the truth.

>>523665780Yes. Not only did it lose money, which is the common definition of failure, but it was also inevitably outsold by every console of that gen, which is apparently your definition of failure. So we are in total agreement that it was a failure.

>>523663725Well you're in the minority buddy because I don't know a single person in real life who would know wtf I'm talking about if I mentioned the "SeX".

>>523667757$599 would actually be cheap as fuck for the specs. Too bad it's a console and we prob won't be able to jailbreak the Xbox X either to run win10.fuck if for some crazy reason we'll be able to jailbreak and run win10 on the XboxX. I'd replace my computer ASAP with that pc console hybrid shit since there's no way anyone can build a better pc with those specs for that price.not gonna happen though. Unlike Nintedo, Microsoft actually has competent security. but what if

>>523667904>but it was also inevitably outsold by every console of that gen, which is apparently your definition of failurethats not my definition of failure, and it only sold ~1m fewer than ps3

>>523667698Just wait for the Switch 2 with the latest Tegra and DLSS support.

>>523667757Microsoft can't announce their price because it's their primary weapon against Sony. Sony will charge as much for the PS5 as it can get away with. If the PS5 is priced too high, then Microsoft will price their consoles low. People unaware of the prices will flock to the store and be suddenly made aware of the price disparity. It's clear that Microsoft is waiting to undercut the opposition. It's the ultimate game of gay chicken.

>>523668168AMD and TSM ganggonna be another +50% by 2023 easily

>>523662753I've already got a mini-fridge, thanks

>>523662753I swear Holla Forums has as much business sense as /biz/

xbox will be cheaper and it will still flop hard, there's nothing to do with it, i'll be shocked if theres an xbox after this one

>>523667757Hype, hype, hype for months, then reveal flaw at the very last second. It's an old trick.

>>523662753>series x $600>ps5 $550>ps5 digital $500>series s $450will never understand why clueless masses tend to be so retardedly optimistic about prices

>>523664359that sucks i just want a discless xbox that can play gamepass games thats also cheap.