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>>523662443>see a person flying>they aren't fallinghow can someone be this bad at such a simple game

What's the worst game and why is it See Saw?

>>523664776because it showed me that the majority of people on this planet is fucking retarded. like nigger, you need to balance these things, don't all jump to one side so that everybody falls of, jesus christ

I'm still fucking seething.

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>>523664776Seesaw is only fun if you are one of the first.

>>523665854is there a way to report people in this game? does it work?

>>523665854How are they doing that?

>>523664776>>523666068I bet you losers would quit if you spawned here right?

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>>523665854>girl skinkys trannoid

>>523664776The worst game is Tip Toe ie being a complete pussy and taking no risks simulator with the dumb symbol match one which is just boring as a close runner up.

>>523666092>>523666186Can't tell if he was hacking or latency issues.

>>523664776See saw is fine. Final Tail grab is pretty bad since you can get grabbed from far away.

>>523664776>>523666068Oh look I came fourth, git gud shitcunts.

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>>523665854Literally just latency, and you fucking up your strategy and jumps, 100 percent your fault you didnt win

>>523666780but I clearly cut him off on my screen and should have won.

>>523666284tip toe is super fun imo

>>523665854stupid retard

>>523662443>mat pat complaining they aren't using a gender neutral name for the game.

They still haven't fixed the login issue where you can't even enter the game lol

>>523664776From a design standpoint, Tiptoe and Perfect Match are awful.I personally hate Fall Ball the most though

>>523666284>play like a pussy then complains its the game's fault he plays like pussyDon't tell me you're also one of those retards who just waddle back and forth on Roll Out and wonder why people are getting eliminated on an "easy" map.

>>523666871it literally shows how he dives, lands and then continues moving, its literally latency issues you fucked up in the end anyways, so its your fault.

>>523666482wow literally who cares unless you're first

>>523667591I fucking know it is latency, I am pissed that it is so fucking bad, I removed 3 fucking tiles and he was still able to land on 3 of them.

>>523667302mat pat should rename himself to rat fag, thoughts?

>>523665854lmao based 400 ping spic outplayed you

>>523666871Like i said, its latency, but you missed your jumps so only you caused your loss.Just wait til you play the tail one and lose it from 20 ft away

>>523662443This game was fun for a week and then all the autistic tryhards ruined it

>>523667681Should've just ran over those tiles instead of slow jumping, you were outskilled

>>523666482No one is saying that it's hard.It just takes way too long to finish because everybody else is too retarded to function so you're just there waiting.I used to like it since it gave me time to post on Holla Forums while I wait, but that shit gets so old and annoying by like the 5th time in a row you get it that it becomes a pain to wait.

>>523667838its a faceless party game, what did you expectat least when you're playing a party game with irl bros, you can smack them in the face with a pillow if they start tryharding

Ngl the game is getting kinda boring now. I have every single set and I have 10 crowns ready for the next one. Season 2 is a whole month away as well.

>>523666248>>523666482>Thinking the problem is that it's difficult and not the fact that it's literally just the same obstacle over and over againEvery other obstacle course in the game has at least some variety, See Saw is just boring from start to finish.

>>523668003Yeah I'd be pissed if my friend didn't gift me it

>hexagon is the most skill based final

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>>523665854There's a tranny skin now? I stopped playing after reaching level 40 like three weeks ago. It's just the same shit over and over with some RNG added to it.

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>>523668875>>523666273>not knowing who Chell isZoomer trash, away with you.

>>523668875It's Chell, dumbassfrom Portal

>>523668875>tranny skinthis is the definition of rent free

>>523669026>>523669057>>523669159Yes. It's still a skin for trannies.

>>523669196>retard double downswhat did i expect

>>523669196Ah so you do know who Chell is? So you played the Portal games? Wait what? That means you played as a girl! what a fucking tranny! kys tranny!!!

>>523669196This. It's (((brown))) too.

>>523668645Fuck that happened to me too once I was mad.

>>523668875why do people obsess about playing as girls or not in a fucking party gamehalf of my friends play peach/toadette/daisy in mario party and no one gives a shitI'm more of a DK/wario guy myself

>>523669057doesnt matter who it is still looks tranny as fuck playing as a bean with girl hair lmao

>>523669290There's a difference between playing a game where you almost never see your character and specifically spending your currency to play as a nigger girl in a game called fall guys.

>>523668875Can't wait for 5-10 years when tranny become synonymous with women because you retards have diluted the term.

>>523669359mental illness

I love Fall Mountain

>>523669436cope, tranny

>>523669290literally a tranny tho, if you are male and play as a female that is exactly what it is

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never seen hackers do this shit before

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>even in Fall Guys, there are self-insertfags

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>people exist that have fewer than 10 winshow do you guys do it? Im at 76 and i barely try anymore

>>523669026>>523669057Who the FUCK played portal THE CAKE IS A LIE XD

Can't believe people are taking the bait

>>523669435why are you this autistic

>>523669809I am eternally cucked at second place by people like you who have the perfect combination of skill and luckI can't remember the last time I spawned in the front for fall mountain or didn't get grabbed by some random fucker on jump showdown or hexagone

>>523669809people who have played less than ten episodes

>>523669809i haven't won once and i have 20 hours in the game, still having lots of fun and that's what matters

>>523669809I have never won, I just cope by calling other skins tranny skins lol

>>523670027fall mountain placement is based on your performance of the previous games. Ive never been in the 2nd row.Hexagone requires a balance of defensive and offensive play, and if you get fucked by people grabbing you then you are playing wrong

>>523670169you could be the greatest player, but you will never win against the PC cheaters

>>523670026why are you a tranny?

>>523667838It's the opposite but okay. Casuals ruined Fall Guys.

>30 man Block Party Good fucking God

>>523670256>fall mountain placement is based on your performance of the previous gamesWhy do you spout bullshit? It is random, I did pic related and spawned at the back. Have spawned in all lines no matter how good my previous rounds were.

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>>523670267winning on pc is more impressive given most people who game on pc are adults and there are cheaterson console your opponents are 50/50 toddlers or nig nogs


>>523670256definitely random

>>523670169embarrassingly cope-pilled

>>523662443haha le funny xd banana men epic upvoted

>>523662443>having this shit installed on your computer

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>>523670256it's literally random why do you lie

>>523668875>animeposter>complaining about trannies???

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>>523664776Why is it so long and tedious? Not that many people even get eliminated. You can fall off like 10 times and still get to the finish line.

>>523670487i guess i randomly have been put in front row every time. in over 50 fall mountains

>>523670761That's not anime, retard.

finally got 10 wins LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOO5 of those are fall mountain because it's the most luck based one and easier for me to beat the better players :^)

>>523670839same disease

I finally got the "squad goals" achievementAlways choking while playing with friends

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Pa unto yiti pa, pa untu yiti pa wooo

>>523670885Wasn't complaining about trannies either, tranny.

I have yet to lose Royal Fumble and I do not move until the last 20 seconds

>>523670979nice job, hacker. feeling satisfied?

>>523670947nice backtrack, trog

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>>523670839NOOOOO, MY 2HUS AREN'T ANIME, HOW CAN YOU JUDGE IT SAME REEEEnice job, retardlord