The last male character you played as is now female, how does his game change?

The last male character you played as is now female, how does his game change?

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>>523662357>doom guyMy boner is larger than usual

>>523662357>Deadly PremonitionAutistic girl detective? Instant waifu

>VRChati'm trans

>mega man in MML2 is now mega woman

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>>523662357Samantha Porter Bitchesthe chick who deliversPlease.

I want this to happen to me

>>523662357>elf earslol wut

>>523662570Suicide soon?

>>523662357kof 13, cave story and smt 3, uhhh..

>>523662357>instead of playing as a big daddy you play as a big sisterBased, I like their crazy agility and spear thing.

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>>523662357Literally fucking nothing because it's an MMO.If we're talking last single player game then it's already been done. Disgaea 1.

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>>523662357>female Cloudnice


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>>523662357Female master chief


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>>523663292I laffedI've only played about half the re games, is this thing just from the sexual tension that never goes anywhere or is there a different reason?


The last game I played was Wind Waker with a mod that turned Link into Zelda

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>>523662357>The last male character you played as is now female, how does his game change?

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I am more than ok with this

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>Death Stranding>tfw carrying capacity reduced by 1/2FUCK

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>MHWI'll just use my free character edit voucher after checking out the female armors

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>MByleth to FBylethNothing really

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Fap and Coom, until it is DONE

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Looks like ness with a skinny penis and huge balls

>>523662357>brother ffxyea, i'm into that.


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>King Bob-Omb - Queen Bob-OmbCuter, I suppose>how does his game change?>Mario KartNot at all.

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>>523662357Inkling boy in mk8 deluxe, literally nothing changed

>>523662357It looks like she has a huge ballsack.

>>523662357thumbnail looks like she has a fat fucking cock


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Goro MajimaOh no

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>>523662357WTF, WHY IS HER BALLSACK SO HUGE????Geniuine question, why is fumio, or humio art getting worse and worse, did he develop alzheimers?

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>>523662494why was it large in the first place wtf

>>523663491Its 4channers being weird, you need a reason?

>>523663802>but your impregnation capacity went up

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>>523662357I legitimately can't remember the last time I played a male character

>>523662357It really wouldn't change that much

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>>523662357Coincidentally I was playing as Lucas in smash so if you have gender bender art of him, there you go.

The beam katana now has a vibrator function.

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>>523662357>Mariooh no

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>>523665114>fem Raiden will never cackle madly while absorbing my electrolytes

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>>523664909>big tittied otaku kills a bunch of people so she can have hot lesbian sex

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>>523664459>He doesn't get hard at the sight of ripping apart demons with your bare hands.

>>523662357>MHWI'm wearing slightly less practical armour.

>>523664459Some people get murder boners. Can't relate to it myself but I've heard of it often enough

>>523662357>the headless from dead cellsI guess I would?

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>>523662357>I was playing Celeste last nightI’m so fucking confused user I don’t know hat to tell you

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>>523663610link pls


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>>523662357My doggo has a woman's voice now.

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>>523662357I want to make Ness and Lucas into mothers

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>The managerProbably some fucked up plot twist dealing with trying to revive Carmen or something

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The thumbnail of OP's picture looks like Ness is pulling his incredibly long foreskin

>>523662494crash exists in q3a though

>>523662357GTAIV That would be dope af


A big plot point of the game wouldn't happen basically, as women can't leave each other pregnant.

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>>523669176the plot point would change to figuring out how they got each other pregnant

>Rodney MullenI guess I'm playing as Elissa Steamer now? It doesn't really change anything.

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>>523662357Whoever the main protagonist of "Gone with the Demon" isNow the already dumb fucking grunts are even dumber.


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>>523668091They look like gummy snacks


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>>523662357The game gets way creepier.

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>>523662357>Batman is now BatgirlDoesn't change at all, it wouldn't ne that popular with boys (because girls are yucky and not cool like Batman), but the coomer audience would boost the sales.

>>523662357>Lightning has no shota to look after>doesn't get teased by Uncle Sazh>yurishit with Vanille>doesn't want to fucking murder SnowGirl Hope would be a terrible idea.

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>fem lu bupretty sure thats a thing already.

>Yaya PandaNothing changes

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