Anyone know if the hiveswap series of video games are worth getting...

Anyone know if the hiveswap series of video games are worth getting? I've got some spare change and they look interesting.

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It's shitty Homestuck fanfiction that retroactively makes all the original characters more SJW friendly.

>>523662414explain further

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It looks like Homestuck, but gayer, and that's saying a lot.

>>523662598If you already know what homestuck is then that should tell you everything you need to know.If you don't already know what homestuck is then you have no reason to play it anyway.

>>523662692that explains nothing

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>>523663312Then you clearly haven't read Homestuck. Why would you be interested in fanfiction of a story you haven't read?

>>523662414>Homestuck fanfictionHussie's not involved with the games anymore?Did he get cucked out of even that?


>>523662315Nothing after Act 4 has been any good.Nothing after Act 5 has been even tolerable.

How do I block homestuck

>>523664132Hussie checked the fuck out

>>523664286Excuse you?

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>>523663438what's not to be invested in?

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>>523664394FineONE thing.

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>>523664286Meme opinion, A5A2 was peak Homestuck

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>>523664132Nigga doesn't fucking care anymore

>>523664132dude's not even involved with homestuck anymore

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>>523664286Close but I'd actually say only the first 2 acts are good. I liked it more when Jade was just some mysterious and strange-acting friend.By pulling back the curtain and introducing her wacky island with robots and shit it demystified her and signaled the beginning of the end. Act 2 ends with the showdown between Dave and Bro, which is peak Homestuck.

>>523664592>A5A2 was peak homestuck>Calls anything else a meme opinionYeah, whatever

>>523664132>It's been almost 10 years since he said this

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>>523664394Caliburn was a flash of brilliance.

>>523665048>Problem Sleuth was a warm-up for HomestuckImagine writing your best work as a warmup for the shit that exposes you as a hack

I want this cowgirl to ride me like a mechanical bull

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Hussie? Andrew Hussie, is that you?Andrew, I can't and won't make this any simpler for you.You failed at life. You failed. When one thinks of what man is capable of, pushing himself to the limits physically, mentally and emotionally to achieve heights of success never before mentioned, your name will not be whispered in the same, reverent fashion that others have.Nobody will remember Andrew Hussie. You aren't even a header or a footer in the career of someone else. You are nobody. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.In short, you are an enormous failure.Andrew, being that you're about 35 years old and your brain has probably hard-wired itself to accept such failures by now and write off such criticism by being "flippant", really suggests that you've passed beyond the proverbial breaking-point. There's no turning back. This is your career, this is what defines you and this is what you'll defend to the end.The abhorrent failure that is MS Paint Comics, Andrew Hussie, that is your legacy.Maybe I'm over-reaching, however. Who knows? People CAN change. Maybe you'll read this, Andrew, and think long and hard about what a wasteful life you've led. Maybe you'll think, "wow. It's incredible just how abysmal and pathetic I really AM!" Maybe you'll lift some weights in the morning. Maybe you'll take a self-help class.Maybe in a couple of years, Andrew, you'll have learned from this failure. I doubt it, though.I genuinely doubt it.Now excuse me, I have to work on Undertale 2. My accountant estimates over sixty million dollars in sales.

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I'm gonna put my autism to use and make a fanventure.What should I do to avoid being shit?

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>>523665612Just make it good lolI'm actually kinda-sorta plotting out a fanventure but I can't draw at all so it'll never get made

>>523662315Not really, Hiveswap is an ok point and clock but Friendsim and Pesterquest will only elicit emotions from people who care about Homestuck. Bad emotions mostly.

>>523665612Stop introducing characters as a way to avoid finishing plotlines

>>523665612>fanventure.Don't base it off garbage like homestuck

>>523662315Just don't fucking bother man, I'm one of the suckers who thought homestuck was good all the way till the end but even with this level of stupidity I still can't swallow anything after the epilogues and the games.GIVE UP, spend your time on better video games and forget this garbage existed.

>> tips

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>>523665962Damn, this is some useful stuff. Thanks, user.>>523665765Unlike with Hussie, most of the cast already has a roadmap from start to finish

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>>523666131The bronzeblood girls are immensely fuckable.

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>>523662315I’d fuck Skylla, Nikhee, Konnyl, Chahut, Folykl, Chixie, Amisia, Barzum, Ardata, and probably the other girls too

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>>523666889They're made for sex, anonus

>>523665048Is Hussie even doing anything anymore? i know he checked out towards the end of HS and then someone else is making HS2 but is he working on something new?

>>523667054based and troll pilled

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What if it was all a Dream?

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>>523667250Folykl’s smelly pussy

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>>523667163Not as far as we know.To be honest, I don't expect he ever will make anything again.

Fantrolls are where it's at.

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>>523662315>Five years in development hell until it released>Three years since then and the sequel isn't out>For a Unity point-and-click with a $2M budgetMight be worth it if you don't mind waiting three years for the sequel, and maybe another five years afterwards if there's a third part planned as a conclusion or something.

>>523667752she'd be cuter if she was a guy user

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>>523668314none of that tentabulge bullshit either

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>>523667353I want to go back bros....

>>523668223are you factoring in the money stolen?

>>523667353>tfw ywn fuck a cute Aradia or Nepeta cosplayer again

Why'd all the Homestuck2 discussion die?

>>523668602Screw the cosplayers, I want the real deal.

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>>523668814It's as close to what we can get as mere mortal, boring real humans.Don't knock it. Any girl willing to paint herself grey is a freak in bed.

>>523669103Sorry, I don't settle for second best.

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>>523669320To each their own.Point is, neither of us will get what we want any time soon

>>523669050>vast errorSo? Where's the story going so far? It feels like the main cast is being pushed apart opening for too many secondary characters, now the story is in hiatus with this turnin guy to be introduced.

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>>523668803From someone who's interested in where it goes, if anywhere, there's not much to talk about.Not enough people actually like what's going on, there's not enough actually going on for there to like, and what little is going on amounts to nothing.Bonus updates are barely related and they're behind a patreon that nobody wants to donate to. It's gone down to a point where we're no longer getting the two updates a month.All the old characters that are returning and that people ACTUALLY want to see are being put through the gutter, sometimes for stupid reasons. Even putting aside the writing quality, that's just bad for a fanbase that now only wants fluff out of these characters, or even just porn.All the new characters honestly have potential but it's potential that people have to dig for instead of having enough actually happen in the comic to go off of. Barely anybody draws the new kids, and nobody draws the kids in the bonus update aside from a few people who absolutely love maybe one or two out of these characters. The meta discussion is a longdistance runaround to nowhere, as there's not enough momentum for it to mean anything. The unstable schedule and lukewarm story means that until the next update gives people a heads-up of what to post to get clout, it's just meandering on other projects or talking about the actual comic.And really, it's less that discussion died but that was there all that much discussion in the first place? It's not like anyone liked the epilogues.And NONE of that touches on the actual people working on the comic or what little of the fanbase is left, pushing people away with controversy or petty arguments.

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>>523669572I know I'll never get what I want. Doesn't mean I should ever give up.

>>523662315>>523662598>>523663312>>523664559>>523664739>>523664983>>523665335>>523665590>>523665665>>523666046>>523666489>>523666889>>523667054Is this undertale?


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>>523669718i'm gonna be honest i have no focken cluesigns point to more secondary characters being not only introduced but created (cough cough snowbound blood cough cough) cuz the author doesn't actually know how to write and lets himself be influenced by (twitter) fansnot even mentioning the bullshit that is tertiary characters (that are actually ocs made by said fans) making cameos left and rightit's gonna take forever until we reach the actual plot (and given what i know you're gonna wish you dropped it sooner (if it ever gets there))

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>>523670302Taz’s phat tiddies

>>523670302Ok but why did you put everything under the spoiler tag?

>>523665032>Has a meme opinion>Calls anything else a meme opinion

>>523670908actually forgot that i put spoilers thereeh

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>>523669050shit her pants


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