>dad walks in

>dad walks in

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my dad knows I'm gay though

>dad walks in>he takes a seat

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>playing P5>mom walks in>Ann is awakening her persona>"She looks like she is cumming"youtu.be/9zBRHvUeToU

>>523662656Based mum

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>>523662656I’d like to awaken your mom’s persona if you catch my drift

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>>523663574She's pretty OK with my weird tastes. She thinks my hot anime girls figures are cute.>>523663978Stop. She is pure.


>>523662054>I walk in on my mom>She's playing Dishonored

>>523664643Stealth or Chaotic?

>>523662656>playing DoA with a bro>both characters are in swimsuits on the beach stage>sister walks in, watches for a second, scoffs and leaves>hear her say "Mom! user and his friend are in here playing a game with half naked girls fighting.">mom replies "well, at least they're not watching half naked men fighting"

>mom walks in

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>>523664743Stealth.Because, to quote her>Death would be a mercy. I aim to show none

>>523664748Mom is based and redpilled

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>>523664836Holy basedmom.

>>523663978Good lad

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>>523664836Holy based mom. Hope she enjoys all the games even though 2 and DotO are garbage.

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>>523662054>teaching cousins how to fuck the strippers in GTA5>Their mom walks in mid explanation on how to fuck them with Michael's hand on a stripper's ass

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>>523665115What was her reaction?

>>523662262in your dreams, weeb

>>523665254Did one of her usual weird look with an odd face, did what she had to do and left.

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>>523665443You're doing a good job, user. Keep going.

The entire Kingdom Hearts series is one long series >dad walks in moments.

>>523662191Then he would probably never walk in in fear of what he might see

>>523665649I'm doing my best, but I probably wont have another chance until the next GTA game comes out, one is fine with Fortnite, while the second one doesn't see why it's fun and prefers narrative games. I'll need to find something that either or both, might enjoy.

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>>523662656>all that UI nonsenseNow I both want to play this even less and see why zoomers love this. It probably tickles their ADHD place to see random shit everywhere in a mess.

>>523665851>Kairi's... Inside me?>It's Riku! They put bugs in him!

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>>523662054Women will never understand

Had only a parent walks in moment, and they didn't even walk in the room, just heard>Child self rented Conker's Bad Fur Day>Scene with the flower and bee happens>My mom screams "what the hell are you watching?" while I can hear my dad laughing

>>523665064What's this reaction image from? I keep seeing it every once in a while

My dad plays jrpgs so whatever

>walks inIt's still so surreal that people got to play games in their room growing up. My parents were adamant about no tv or computer in my room as a kid, couldn't even close the bathroom door unless guests were over.

>>523662054>walk in on dad playing cod>"are you winning dad">the round ends>9 kills 16 deaths

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>>523667239>couldn't even close the bathroom door unless guests were over.damn dude

>>523662054>two naked men so it must be gayIf you the sight of the male body obsesses your mind with thoughts of sex...

>>523662054Oh, this what they were referencing in Yakuza Kiwami when Kiryu tried to order the DVD

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>not positioning your seat and screen like a CEO so that the back of the monitor would be turned towards the room's entrance and you would be also facing it and anyone coming in

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>>523662054i wish i could look at my door and see my dad walking in suddenly, he's been gone for six years now due to prostate cancermiss you dude

>>523667835didnt check his prostate enough and got punished. looks like you got the femboy gene

>sis walks in

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>Playing Bayonetta>Stepdad walks in>"That video game girl has a nice ass">Mom walks in>"She looks like she has a penis"

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>>523662054>watching romantic anime>dad walks in>he sighs, smiles faintly at me>pats me in the back>"son, you should find a girlfiend, you are a good guy, any girl would be lucky to have you">looks at the tv again>sighs again>looks back at me and smiles>walks outI didn't really expect to end up like this Holla Forums


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>>523668019Why is she taking a shower with a bikini on?

>>523667835My condolences user. Cherish the good memories.

>>523668185You've never been to the beach?

>>523667742>the next time your parents barge in you can cum while looking into their eyes

>>523662054Yakuza looks like Dad walks in: The Franchise

>>523668097>romantic animeIf I caught my son watching this, I would punch him in the face. Seriously. Real fucking hard, too.

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>>523668185Because some pervert might sneak into the shower with her

>>523662054>scene related>dad walks in>hfwyoutube.com/watch?v=Ynym4QbJfzw

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>>523668185wash off sweat and sand

>>523668185Gotta be 18 to post here

My dad asked me why I dont like soccer and I told him that im gay. lol


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>>523668097>TFW I intend to never get a GFRomance is dumb.

>>523668097Shit, user. Not sure if real, but I relate either way.

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>>523669513Fox, grapes, etc.

>>523662656>that videoFucking anons were lying to me for years. I though P5 was supposed to suck and it looks cool.

>>523669186my dad aske why im not gay and i said because I soccerboom haha roasted


>>523662656That cringe has a really nice art style.

>>523669925I knew someone would be upset.

>>523668264No, feel free to call me retarded.

>>523662054>Dad walks in >Turns in the doorway>Farts>Then leaves

>>523662054>I'm glad yer winning, son! >*leaves*


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>>523662054>dad walks in>"what movie is this, son?">its not a movie! its a game!>"well it doesnt look like youre playing right now">walk away

>>523670281To wash salt water off. In case they want to sun bath or just laying on the beach after a swim.Salt can really hurt the skin.

>>523670689>ACfag's origin story

>>523669637Where's your god now?

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>>523667613americans are really fucking weird