What's the most pretentious video game that you ever played?

What's the most pretentious video game that you ever played?

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>>523660421should've just lived with his artwhore waifu

I love Aiko

Deus EXImagine believing there's an actual government conspiracy to control every facet of your pathetic life, no one cares

I remember playing what was probably among the first lazy pixel indieshit platformers on some flash game website. It was 5 minutes long and nothing happens except some "deep" text appears across the screen occasionally as you move to the right.

>>523660421This manga legit made me cry. It its way too close to home.

>>523660421>sekiro.Dead serious. Not bait at all.

let this piece of shit manga be a WARNING of what will happen if you let bad shit slide, when you've had enough say STOP and start working towards a brighter mirai

>>523660421Any Nier game or Undercuck.>>523660757Nobody fucking cares retard.

>>523660421Punpun deserved to fucking die, and I hate that he got off scott free.

>>523660421This guy really knows how to write depressing ass love stories.

GRIS maybe, can't think of anything else

>>523660630You aren't actually supposed to take Deus Ex seriously. It just unfortunately attracted an audience of complete and utter retards that do. That doesn't make the game pretentious.

>>523660421Punpun is pretty straightforward. If you think it's trying to be 2deep4u you might just be genuinely retarded in real life.

>>523660421Maybe not the most but the outer worlds struck a cord with me. One of the few games I returned, I still beat it but it wasn't something I wanted to look at in my collection. The whole "Capitalism bad, everything bad" Thing and the pseudo moralistic choices of capitalism BAAAADI was often sympathising with with the corrupt corporation because to most of these people, they were happy being wage slaves. There was no real middle ground it was Communistic dystopia or capitalist dystopia.At least in the capitalist one, you could work your way up. Either way, trash game full of dykes. You couldn't even fuck the robot.

>>523660421>all women are trashIs this what this manga is trying to tell me

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>>523660421Maaan idk, Dongarompa pisses me off sometimes

>>523660421Also YIIK

>>523661321Punpun was just as big, if not bigger, piece of trash.


What was the point of the cult sideplot?

>>523661321To be fair all the male characters are too

>>523660757>>523660890>>523660993I can't be arsed reading it, give me a quick tl;dr

>>523661504Good vibrations

>>523660630>>523661079lurk moar or leave faggot

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>>523661593Shit entry level manga that losers here like.

>>523661593depressed kid grows up into depressed adult

That fucking indie rpg with the shitty graphics, the one with the fat soi protagonistI cannot like this character and he acts like the writing is good

>>523661593Misery porn trash.

>>523660630Yeah bro that government is very nice and benevolent.. anyone else feeling sleepy? *yawn* see ya bros I’m gonna take a nap real quick

>>52366159310/10 manga/v/ is just being contrarian again

>>523660421Metal gear solid 2.

>>523660421Fallout 4


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>>523660421Maybe my ex really was the one and I just let her go

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>>523660630>Imagine believing there's an actual government conspiracy to control every facet of your pathetic life, no one caresSo... do you know what government means?


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>>523661425Took way too long to get here

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>>523660421Kentucky Route Zero by several tiers.

>>523661593Probably one of the best mangas if you like depressing stuff. Lot of heartbreak.

>>523662128You should get drunk and call her up and ask her to take you backWhat could go wrong

>>523661593fuck that, read dead dead demons instead

>>523660421Punpun was great, fuck you.Dead Dead Demon's Dededede Destruction is coming close to what he did with Punpun, what a fucking ride that is so far.

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>>523662128Damn, u really need to talk to someone everyday for the rest of your life instead of going out to every place you want in the world andoes pay a lotta who responded every month or work hard for the things you like? Shit must be horrible to be you

>>523662227>implying LEMONADE wasn't kino and anti pretentious


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>>523662295Boo hoo my life is bad the Mangaka makes me bad things just because his life is shkt I'm so sad so deep oh noRead fucking homunculus you cunt

>>523660421Back in the day, people who liked Assassin's Creed were so into the whole conspiracy Adam and Eve shit. It was peak pretentiousness that made players feel smart for playing their easy af adventure game. Glad that narrative fell apart to show nothing was ever there.

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>>523662070>man mad at cloth

lmao at first I thought it was a story about a bird who lived among humans

To the Moon

>>523662634Homunculus is pure kino, so hard to find a copy though

>>523662634>just because his life is shktAsano seems pretty based desu. Go watch some interviews with him.He also hates commies with a passion, which REALLY shows in DDDDDDDD.

>>523662608Lisa, Pathologic, The Last of Us, Death Stranding, etc are simple as hell, how are they "You just don't get it" core?

>>523660421EASILY The Witness

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>>523662608>Xenogears>pretentiousTrue brainlet opinion.

>>523662608I enjoyed xenogears, stanley parable, limbo and spec ops. They were fun.

>>523660919None of those games pretend to be deep and 2intellectual4u. Only your perception of them because you have some self confidence issues, famm.


Litterally me

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>>523662858If you need to ask, you just don't get it.

>>523662295Only trannies like Asano's works

>>523663021Does that mean your image is pretentious core?

>>523662881Best brainlet filter ever desu

>>523663019He did nothing wrong.

>>523661593Basically, Punpun doesn't pay enough attention to his girlfriend, she fucks her ex raw and he impregnates her and Punpun assumes the child

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>>523661593Depression porn

>>523663091>Brainlet filterThe puzzles were piss easy, and all of them exactly the same.

>>523660630Why is this post glowing?

>>523663060Well, time to chop my dick off then, I guess.

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>>523663091It was the easiest puzzle game of the decade, bro.

>>523660421Undertale or Nier Automata. Also fuck Inio Asano, Punpun was fine but the rest of his work is complete crap.

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>>523662985>Taro fuck>not trying to be intellectual or a cuck>Toby fuck>not trying to be peace loving faggot Fucking retard

>>523663125>ntrThat's a NOPE from me dog.

>>523661997>>523662249Read No Longer Human. Either Furuya's or Ito's versions.

>>523660421Spacechem, the later levels are so hard that barely anyone can get through it without a 150IQ or more, and the ending is locked behind them.

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>>523662985>None of those games pretend to be deep and 2intellectual4uThat's literally where all of their praise comes from. You're not fooling anybody.

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>>523663406Why should I read a manga version of it when there is a book? And a well know and respected book at that.

>>523663125>NTRpicked up

>>523661593Bird dude is a normal kid who gets fucked up as an adult due to the shit he goes through in his childhood and early adulthood.He has a childhood friend who he's in love with, who is also part of a cult. Her mom is complete scum.Bird dude ends up killing her mother and taking her on a cross-country trip to flee from that fact and try to start over, but it ends with her hanging herself in the backyard of an abandoned houseBird dude ends up living a normal life with the other, somewhat more stable people around him.

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>>523663406>No Longer HumanThis. But read the book properly

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the aunt rape part was hot desu

>>523663352>>523663593It gets even better because Punpun's second gf kills herself because she can't handle living with him anymore and he has no other way then to stick to his first gf who was impregnated by another man

>>523662608>planescape torment>2deep4uare you a literal brainlet?

>>523663302Not an argument. Point to specific story elements that support your arguments.Oh wait, you can't. Let me just do my victory dance now that I finished trouncing you in front everyone.

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>>523663536>>523663731Both the book and the manga adaptations are good. I know litfags like to meme it up as if books are always superior, but different mediums have different strengths. Shocking, I know! Also, Furuya's version is a modern-day adaptation which gives it a different flavour.

>>523662654> that narrative fell apartdo what? i only played the first 2 ones

>>523663856Do you know what pretentious means?

>>523663519Nice job outing yourself as a retard. You're literally valuing the opinion of the basedboy audience that worships undertale instead of forming your own opinion by playing them or learning about the games.

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>>523663519>PraiseSo you get your video game opinions catered to you by reddit?

>>523660421Reminder that the author of Punpun is a gay tranny.

>>523664057but there's nothing pretentious about p:t, you dip. It's literally "find a way to die, also you got fucked by a demon without knowing about it". it'ss a good game.

What's the most pretentious anime you've ever watched?Mine's gotta be SAO.

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>>523660630Do you have a single fact to back that up?

>>523660919>Being such a brainlet you think either of these games is 'smart'

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>>523664215Ok, so you've got some grasp of the definition of the word. Now consider this: the image isn't referring to the games themselves. Figure it yourself from there, and also work on your reading comprehension.

Bioshock infinite so far

>>523664169substantiate your claims

>>523660421the xeno series

>>523660757It's funny how it hits home, but you're happy you didn't let things go to shit that badly


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>>523664074>>523664162Keep deflecting. I've played both of these games and they're so vapid in their attempts to appear nuanced.

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>>523660421Xenogears. I still love it though.

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Doest he punpun mangaka draw porn?

Bioshock Infinite for sure.

>>523664319go on then, explain the image for the lessers

>>523664243That one classroom horror anime /a/ watched some years ago. I think it was School Days

>>523664504If you still can't figure it out, you're the kind of brainlet the image talks about.

>>523664457i hope not, for fucks sake

>>523664336look it up

Does Planescape hold up in 2020? Some of these old CRPGS handle like absolute shit and are broken beyond anything.

>>523664623Burden of proof is on the accuser, faggot.

>>523661593It's what every 19 year old reads after their e-gf breaks up with them

>>523660421The Witness or Braid

>>523664243NGE obviously

>>523662608How the fuck is Limbo "pretentious"?


>>523664243Casshern Sins.

>>523664582>>523664319take your yous and begone you mental midget

>>523660421Celeste. No, not because there was a flag in it for two seconds, but because its story is a heap of garbage. Generic "conquering mental illness" indie game story that says nothing and pretends it's deep. Game's fun though.

>>523664683The game is largely reading with an audiovisual experience in the background, why wouldn't it hold up? It's good.

>>523664778Fuck you dude.

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>>523664918Bruh, that's just trannies reading way too much into deadpan Japanese humor.

>>523661321no, the manga is telling you that life is a tragedy.

>>523664918I'm pretty sure most of that is mentally ill trannies reading too much into japanese wordplay

Reminder that Punpun's dad did nothing wrong but still went to prison

>>523660421your template thread

>>523664295I never said they were. The OP is talking about games that are pretentious. Seems like you can't think or put two + two together. But then again that's what browsing this shit site does to your brain.

>>523660421explain the cult right fucking nowdon't dumb it down

>>523664243Not anime but fuck it>Chainsaw ManIt's fucking trash

>>523663406sorry buddy I've only read the Dazai version

Why can't you fuckheads just make the 5,000,000th punpun thread on /a/?


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>>523665262>>523665150>it's ok when based nippon does it

Gone Home. I played it for a laugh after getting it for free and it just felt like the writers had their head up their asses the entire time.

>>523663913>Not an argument.Play the game or fuck off my face meatbag.

>>523660421Persona 3.

>>523662634>homunculusI've read it, pretty mediocre, feels like Yamamoto didn't know what to do with the story

>>523665581No, that's not what I saidwhat I said was mentally ill trannies are misinterpreting a famous person being cheeky with wordscope dial 8 seethe and change diapers

>>523665949>it's ok because he's a based cartoonistlol weebcel trannies

>>523665469Literally just filler

This thread sucks everyone who contributed should kill themselves

>>523665469>that chapter where the cult leader just rambles on live TV for like 20 pages

>>523662634Both homunculus and punpun can be good, you know

>>523664336Okay and?

>>523660421death to schizo reposters

>>523663519Undertale is primarily liked for its jokes, people may not mention it, but thats where the majority of the entertainment is from. The most pretentious things about it are the fans that think its some philosophical delve into why videogame violence can be disturbing. Nier automata is mainly liked for 2bs ass

>>523666203but you also bumped it

>>523665469to underline that the main characters arent important, and that the world needs to be literally saved by other unrelated people. despite this, Punpun's suffering is very important to him and the reader.

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>>523663125they never dated

>>523662207You'd have to be really daft if you thought this game wasn't taking the piss out of itself.Has an entire section mocking pretentious games

>>523666087>Trying to keep saying he is a tranny >Get proved wrong>Still try to say that he is a tranny>Being this fucking obsessed with who is a tranny>Being this obsessed because nothing else in your life has meaningLmao keep saying that he is a tranny or whatever, it doesn't matter in the long run.

>>523666361No, i didnt, neither am i now

>>523660421Probably Pathologic. I've only done the Bachelors route and like 2 days of the Haruspex. I do like pretentious games though even if I am a faggot for it. Any pretentious recommendations?

every single character in punpun is a piece of shitif you can relate to punpun in any way whatsoever, you should reconsider your life

>>523660630Crash BandicootImagine believing there's an actual mutated spinning fox that fights a crazy scientist

Braid when someone explained the ending to me.I mean the concept and game was cool. In fact the reason I'd say its pretentious is the convoluted stuff you need to do to get the "true" ending. I also think Nukes bad is really tired.

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The last of lesbians 2

>>523666792If I had the ability to reconsider my life, then I wouldn't be able to relate to pun pun.I'm already too far deep into this shell.

>>523664280Do you?

>>523661321Well they are.

>>523662608How are TLoU and God of War pretentious? They're pretty straight forward. Also Death Stranding is good for its gameplay.

>>523667068kys.though i doubt your life is anywhere as awful as isyou can still not be a complete piece of shit and utter waste of life unlike him


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>>523662881I can't tolerate one single more minute of the director of this game speaking about all the genious that went into creating it and his phylosophy that his 500-something puzzle game isn't about the puzzles.>>523663091>>523663164>>523663283I mainly stopped at The Mountain on the puzzle that was hurting my eyes with bright flashing lights changing the colors constantly, gave it a week, forgot the rules on some of it (had to do with the right color segregation rules) and uninstalled. Had fun with the game, but its nothing BUT a puzzle game.

>>523666792I remember his uncle being pretty shill aside from being a cuck

>>523665521>>523663963Sorry buddy but you're not impressing anyone.

>>523667617not trying to; I highly recommend you read the original novel if you haven't

>>523666350>Undertale is primarily liked for its jokes, people may not mention it, but thats where the majority of the entertainment is fromWhat you meant to post was "I like Undertale mostly for its jokes".

>>523662608>Death StrandingYep, that's a winner. Others may have interesting story line, gameplay or likable characters or at least be pretentious over some interesting idea.

Journey. Or maybe Dear Esther


>>523667794I'm not saying you should ONLY read the book, I'm saying you shouldn't forego the book in favor of the manga, which is also worth checking out

>>523667734Death Stranding is actually fun though. Anybody playing it for the story is a brainlet. The gameplay and atmosphere are the main draw. Of course, the gameplay isn't to everyone's taste, but being niche doesn't equate to being pretentious.

>>523667564he cheated on his partner and has a knack for abandoning people

>>523660630Nice social points

>>523667991oh yeah that's true. With a minor too

>>523662608GoW is about the struggle of a man becoming a good father. That's a thing you will have to face one day.There really isn't any pretentiousness.

>>523663964ezio trilogy is fine but dont go after 3 or on 3.IDK what is going on in the new AC games

spec ops the line i guessbut i liked it though

>>523663125cuck shit off yourself

>>523660630>Fiction? In games? Nonsense

>>523667991>>523668235>With a minor tooBased uncle, would ask to hook me up sometime

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>>523663125So just the average female then.

>>523661593just a showcase how events spiral but life keeps moving on anyway like most misery tales that aren't epic tragediesthere's no deeper message unless you put it there yourself

>>523662654I played 2 after release and it was kino holy shitI played also brotherhood and revelations after releases and I still remember things from the story, Ezio trilogy was so goodAnd then they released some shit, I played 3, black flag and rogue and all was fucking retarded abomination I forgot immediately, I don't even remember single shit from the story

>>523664243what the hell is pretentious about SAO?I mean yeah its retarded and the writer wrote himself into a corner once he had to give a reason for the admin to lock everyone up. In the end of the day it was just harem power fantasy with an edgy protagonist with no personality so that no-life weebs would get into it.

>>523664243evangelionsword art online

>>523664243I don't think I've ever seen a pretentious work yet. Probably because to recognize something as pretentious means claiming you know full well what the creators intent was which is usually fucking bullshit.

>>523664778Only brainlets who didn't understand themes of Eva think it's pretencious.

>>523668938Was it rape?

>>523660618He eventually did retard


>>523661593A classic manga that will be talked about for decades, but because this was instantly realized everywhere in and outside of 4chan, you have to hate it now. Damn those baka outsiders...

>>523669181Men can't be raped retard


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>>523660421The newest God of War. What a piece of fucking shit.

>>523662528This unironically, people like to shit on YIIK because the MC is a kind of annoying chode but the message of the game is "quit worrying about stupid bullshit and get a job"

>>523669391wait till i rape you

>>523669391A fat girl got me drunk and sucked my dick while I was too out of it to know what was happeningIt was rape

>>523669501I'm sorry bro, I hope you're ok.

>>523668938God how can a scene with a birdman being raped by a clothed cake be hotter than any hentai out there

>>523669278>cuckmanga will be talked about for decadesI guess, everything to normalize the cancerous female behavior.

>>523666414You didn't understand the story if you think Punpun and Sachi doesn't have feelings for each other, Sachi literally saves him in the end, she's the one Punpun chose, not Aiko.

Rape = not consensual you virgins.

>>523669391They can. It's females who can not be raped.

>>523664502>>523664328Also Bioshock infinitegot it for 5 bucks and I'd rather have those 5 dollars back

>>523669391ugly men (You) can't and won't be raped.ive been sexually harassed

>>523669584Cuck this cuck that, that's all you can talk about.

>>523664243Cowbow BebopAll style no substance

>>523669391Men who are fat and have deformed/small dicks won'tThe rest can be

>>523669771When it literally is what the subject is about, yes.

>>523669048You're not a brainlet if you didn't read Schopenhauer through Freud. You're just uneducated

>>523660630Kys glowfaggot.

>>523660421I swear pretentious means nothing nowadays, it's just a buzzword to attack anything unconventional.

>>523670048Stop being a pretentious twat.

>>523669687>Men can't be raped, but females should be rapedFTFY

Dear Esther is pretentious, can't think of anything else

>>523660421Easily Nier Automata

>>523670048very pretentious post bro

>>523670109You know who else has a pretentious twat

>>523670569uuh who?


>>523669910Both of them are trash anyway.

Firewatch, I don't know why it makes me seethe more than any of the other walking sims I've played

>>523662608>actually shitDeath StrandingDrakengard 2 + 3XenogearsLast of UsThe WitnessYIIkesGod of BoreGone HomoLisaLimbo>actually greatStanley ParableSubahibiDrakengard 1 + Nier + Nier AutomataPlanecape TormentSpec Ops The LinePathologicNine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

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