>spending 60 bucks to play a SM64 in a poorly coded emulator at 720p when you could be playing a native pc port at...

>spending 60 bucks to play a SM64 in a poorly coded emulator at 720p when you could be playing a native pc port at 5120x1440 at 60fps right now for freePlease don't fall for the scam

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>Poorly coded SM64 emulator

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Tru tho. Why doesn't Nintendo just hire the people behind these projects? They're more than competent enough and other companies like Sega and Valve do it so why not Nintendo? Is it cause of >m-muh legacy ?

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Imagine being retarded enough to buy an ultrawide display over just getting 2 monitors

>dude it costs more and the numbers are bigger that means it's objectively betterCope. Best way to play Mario games are natively on official hardware. Keep seething and coping PC nigger, you will never enjoy the games the way they are meant to be enjoyed

>>523660514>EmulatorMario 64 runs natively on PC now.

>>523660786/thread. Pcfags are allergic to soul though, they'll never understand

>>523660198Buy a monitor with better color reproduction

>>523660198>playing soulless fanmade shite while seething like about people playing official remasters on their comfy convenient dockable handheld.You'll be here in two weeks pretending you're playing the Switch verisons on Yuzo.


>>523660763>Imagine being retarded enough to buy an ultrawide display over just getting 2 monitorsThis. You can play games or watch movies on one monitor while you browse 4chan on the other.

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>>523660514Yes the Switch version is emulated instead of running native.


>>523661757I'm never acknowledging that BBT meme.

>>523660908>>523660786sorry we aren't consooomer faggots like nentendoids

>>523661402>>523660763>bezelsLol. You can use windows power toys to emulate the compartmentalixation of multiple monitors, so dual setups are pretty much straight inferior

Already preordered Super Mario 3D All-Stars®.

>>523660198Have there been any additional enhancements to the PC port? I still have the original version that was posted here the first day it released.


>muh snoy and peeseethesIt's not just a PC port, you can play a widescreen 60fps version on a homebrewed switch/wiiu, and 3DS.

>>523660198>>523660198Why are PC fags so invested in whether Switch owners buy 3D All-Stars? It’s really weird.

>>523664145I have a switch. I just want people to stop supporting bad business so maybe nintendo will improve. The more you support lazy releases the more they'll do it

>>523664145cringe fucking post senpait. Idort

>>523660514Hop you little plumber hop hop hop

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>>523660198>Unnecessary amount of width>no height improvement

>>523660198>Please don't fall for the scamThankfully you can't stop me. :)

>>523665379>unique gamesHas nintendo had any of those this year

>>523665639i was gonna say astral chain but that was last yearXB DE is fairly "unique" but it's a remake

>>523665639Animal CrossingJump Rope ChallengePaper Mario

>>523660786Why is playing on a shitty controller better?

>>523661402You can do the same thing with an ultrawide too, It's called picture in picture and you have so many more options

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>>523661402>being so ADD you can't enjoy one thing at a time and have to have media blasting you in the face you you dont die from dopamine withdrawal

Why would I want to play at 5120x1440 when I could play at 5120x2880?

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>>523660198thats a dumb looking monitor

>>523667890Because it's still only 16:9 and you're stuck at 60hz?

>>523660198I just want to play Sunshine again. SM64 could play on my computer, and I have Galaxy 1&2 already. I lost my Sunshine disc and that is the only one I would want to play.

>>523668303you can also run sunshine on PC

>>523668379Call me back when you can play the superior 3D Mario on your PC.

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>>523660198>pixelated sprites yikers

>>523668650Yuzu and Ryujinx are things, user.

i assumed these games were getting remastered? was i wrong? are these just ports for the switch?that's quite poor if so. £50 for 3 games with an average age of 15 years, with no additional content or improvements? that's poor

>>523668834>720p 10fps with bugs No thanks

>>523668650you can very much play it on pc if you overclock your cpu to like 5ghz

>>523660198we can go wider

>>523661402>spending THAT much time on 4chanlol


>>523660763>gaming on 2 monitors

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>>5236607632 monitors is only good for multitaskingyou need 3 if you want to do games>>523669635 illustrates the problem

>>523660786>natively on official hardware

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>>523669841If you want super wide then you'd want a super wide screen, but I don't see why you'd ever want to do super wide in the first place, it generally looks pretty bad I think, but opinions and whatever

>>523669635I noticed too late that I made the split 1 bezel size wide when it would be 2.

>>523669841>you need 3 if you want to do gamesAnd you people complain about Nintendies being the CONSOOMERS

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>>523669184Let me just drop $2000 on a new PC so I can emulate Odyssey at 15fps

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>>523670035You don't buy a PC to emulate.You buy a good PC that happens to be able to emulate. But for some reason this concept is so strange to people like you.

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>>523670269>A ryzen 3600 with a GTX 1070 isn't a "good" PC

>>523670652Wow. Thank you for missing the point entirely.I'm out before I get stupidities as well. Peace.

>>523670269Just let them consoom like the good little drones they are.


>>523665379>memeful.com>9gagKill yourself


>>523669976okay what do you propose you do about the big plastic bezel down the center of your two-screen setup then

>>523660198it's going to be a perfectly fine handheld version of SM64But yeah, if you plan on playing the game on a TV might as well just emulate it

>>523660646The camera will do weird shit and go through walls in any aspect ratio wider than 4:3 I guarantee it

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>>523661402>facebook>fandoms>all those extensions>Chrome>Mindslip>Windows 10>Crunchyroll>no joke tabsShit screenshot