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>consolefags talking about 9th gen.jpg

we cant let them get the opposable thumb perk bros...

>>523659597>1,000 years from now>Apes will have jobs and compose 60% of our manual labor forceGod, this world is fucking weird.

>>523659597Id like to see some monkey fuck try and take my job

>>523659679Anon, I...

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>>523659597human bros how do we cope with this?first god gives us mass nerfs then they give our meta to a fucking monkey

>>523659597So what? Should we full cruel and extinct them ?

>>523659808>1,000 years from now>ignoring Africa of today


If you can't beat em, join em

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a curse upon their existencetruly they will have wished to live in ignorance

Funny, I thought they got that patch a while ago?

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>>523661715We join them, and shepherd them down the right path. They will be our children, and we will send them into the stars.

>>523659808>the stone age was 1920

>>523662096be thankful for your what you get monkeyfags i’m still seething over god nerfing my sloth build

>>523662302We did. Notice all the BLM riots going on?

>>523659597This can't be a coincidence that the BLM's riots happened at the same time.

>>523659597So they finally learned the mining technology. How long until they learn pottery?

>didn't rush tech

bipedal design is an overrated meme

my little sister just rerolled monkey and is throwing shit all over the fucking house the learning curve is a fucking flat horizontal line for these fucks

>>523660369g-guys wtfmonkeys are way op, they can hang from a tree with their tail and use 4 guns at once

>>523660369>monkey hands look like human hands>monkey feet look like black people handsHuh

>>523662658quadrupled hooves wrote this post

I'm not seeing the patch notes on the LIFE: THE GAME site what gives?

>Humans become able to communicate with monkeys, but we have to tell them everything twice

>>523663004It's datamined from the PTR

it may be too late nowyoutube.com/watch?v=GhxqIITtTtU

>>523663102Oh right of course

>>523659597this game has sucked since the land update.

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I often think about how much of human civilization is thanks to the fact that we live for quite a long time, and also language; which gives us the ability to pass on knowledge to future generations.Like an octopus is biologically speaking like an alien compared to us, and it only lives for 3-5 years. Yet despite this they're still smart enough to problem solve and can actually imagine how other lifeforms think. For example there was a pet octopus who used to sneak into fishtanks to eat, but it knew that if humans caught it in the fishtank, they would take the fishtank away; so it snuck back into its own tank after it had eaten what it wanted. This level of cognitive ability does not evolve in human children until they're like 3 years old. What would octopuses be like if they could live for as long as us?

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When are they gonna remove evolution from the gameLiterally ruined fucking everything

>>523663265Just play on a fucking private server if you don't like it?

>>523659679what do you think primate means?

>>523663265This, laziest shit ever.>hurrr what if we have game develop itself, DYNAMIC design!!!It was so much more fun when everything was developed by hand, you could feel the soul and effort put into everything.

>>523663265Never, but don't worry since humans are going to wipe themselves out soon enough and it'll be like 1.0 again for millions of years.

>>523663265probably neverfaggots doubled down with the cambrian explosion

>>523659597I'm still upset humans lost their tails.Can you even imagine now much more convenient it would be to have an extra appendage?I'll never forgive the ancient homos

Can’t wait to PVP the little bastards

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>>523663242We're also social creatures and have the physical implements needed for basic tools. An octopus can grab shit with its tentacle but doesn't have the precision of a hand's grip.

>>523663242That's why all eldritch stuff has tentacles

>>523663120play nice with your brothers user

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>born too soon for a Candy and Tiny Kong gf

When is this pre expansion virus event gonna end? Couldn't the devs have kept it isolated to a few places. Really fucking up the trade and exploration.Also it is bullshit that my class is considered essential so I still have to go everywhere and interact with everyone while other dipshits get to stay in their garrisons and get free compensation gold from the devs for not doing anything.

>>523663241Why did he do it bros

>>523663719>still thinking it's an expansion>not realizing it's a nerf to the human class overall

>>523663241>>523663614Why did grandpa have to ruin it? Typical boomers.

>>523663719I heard it's because the servers have gotten so full that the devs had no choice but to get people to leave somehow, and this was the "most exciting and authentic" way to do it. Kinda shitty but at least it's nothing like the older plague events.


>>523663719The devs love their throwback events, the original one lasted two whole years so probably not until 2022.

space dlc when...

>>523663760he was that weird kid who got bullied off the sea

>be me>be Apex Predator >keep on winningHow does it feel knowing you fucks will never stoop to my level

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>>523663242they do live as long as us, they realize how to fake their deaths and hide after 5 years

>>523663876they got too overzealous with the black plague eventthe massive backlash means that we’ll never get a proper virus disaster ever again

>>523663242Language does way more than just communication.It is THE thing that allows us to think.

Why do people call me a nostalgiafag for wanting the objectively better version of the game back?youtube.com/watch?v=6YsNRnZRgg8

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>>523663919good luck, they will have to compete with dogs now


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>>523662398dude do you not know how to count

>>523664107>It is THE thing that allows us to think.No, it's not. Can you not think in anything but words?

>>523659808>3020>Human beings are now the minority in all western societies

When's the divine flood event coming back? It was pretty fun last time


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>>523663242>What would octopuses be like if they could live for as long as us?Play it

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>>523662893>>523661978Haha funny edgy humor lmao laughing out loud so funny hilarious that exuded some charismatic energy haha

>>523663241>>523663614>Could have lived in a chill 3D movement aquatic paradise with smart fish people>Instead I'm a hairless ape who has to attend sensitivity training and also can't go up or down at willI bet he was jewish


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>>523664117>the windows movie maker introkino

>>523664065>the absolute state of (You) in 2020 ADAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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>>523664223I do many things without words, but I wouldn't call anything of that "thought".

>>523664281>believing in server lore that can only be found in one (1) ingame book but hasn't been found in sourcecode yet.

>>523664223Actually you don't think in words even if it seems like you do.

>>523663242We also have a lot of DEX that lets us use tools according to our INT.Some animals do have relatively smart brains and long lifespans, like corvids. But they can't use tools well enough to fully benefit from those.

>>523664117>>523664065haha cool shrimp



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>>523663242Cognitive growth isn't limitless, user. Even we may have a peak our intelligence can't naturally surpass. Ultimately, nature designed us to breed and thrive, not argue about wave-particle duality or the definition of consciousness.theconversation.com/human-intelligence-have-we-reached-the-limit-of-knowledge-124819


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>>523659597>Title implies monkey's have now gone into advance tool use in making objects such as spears and axes>It's just any other monkey video about how the use basic tool uses i.e. bash rocks into nuts for foodI mean, not to undermine primate intelligence but that was just clickbait over shit people of moderate knowledge already knew.

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>some monkey uses a rock to crack open a nut>probably won't even remember that it did that within hours >OMG ITS OVER HUMANBROS

>>523664647>some user posts some stupid shit in a thread>probably won't even remember that it did that within half an hourITS OVER CHIMPBROS

>>523664065>Apex predatorAndrew, aren't you supposed to be dead?

>>523664470>He wasn't there in the 2064BCver Tourist

>>523664479This. The Humans race are essentially just high dex and int builds with almost no other high stats. Charme is RNG so it doesn't really count, but even then the highest stats a human can have in charme is barely near what the cat race median is. Should have gone for the STR build idiot.

>>523664583tha'ts why we have to go full transhumanism with artificial brains and shit.that's the only way to go forward


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>250,000 years>opposable thumb skill still not nerfed when's this shit actually going to be addressed?

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>>523664647>probably won't even remember that it did that within hoursVideo is clickbait as fuck but monkey's do in fact comprehend and remember very basic tool use. Same goes with many birds and Elephants.

>>523664065rip sweet prince....youtube.com/watch?v=6YsNRnZRgg8&ab_channel=scorpiopede

>>523664471Language is essential for higher orders of cognition and planning.


>>523663696>wants aids

Munkeys been using tools as long as humans.

>>523664647The title is misleading, monkeys and apes have been in the stone age for a couple thousand years now. It makes it seem like its a recent event, but it's always been like that for us. Talk to me when stupid monkeys manage to go find iron, build a forge and smith themselves tools and weapons.

>>523664954Elephants Have Entered The Stone Age

>>523662096You could say that the consequences will never be the same.

>>523659597I want a Gorilla as a best friend. We would go to the gym together and play videogames and pick up chicks together.You probably think I'm shitposting, but this crosses my mind on a daily basis.

>>523664973youtube.com/watch?v=_rSNp-Dc2bEsee you later armored cowboys

>>523664839>claims his account survived the server resetUnless you show me a screenshot that you were one of the top tier players at the time that were allowed salvation as the last half of their race, im gonna call you a tryhard

>>523664853>thinking you can manually do what natural selection takes millions of years to dohave fun with your completely distorted and incomprehensible experience of reality when your fundamental pleasure-pain feedback loops are fucked with lmao

>>523665062It doesn't even have to be that extreme.Have monkey's make spears and actively make fire.

>>523659676Fuck this is too much As a consolefag, I kneel.

>>523665225but user...we've always been friends

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>>523665225you know there are humans who enjoy those thing too, right? like it doesn’t have to be a gorilla

>>523665225Get off the computer, Tarzan

>>523659597>get to spawn as human >random chance you get a debuff to your IQ and decision making skills>even bigger chance youll get spawned with a debuff to every stat, especially strengthDamn this class sucks, I got lucky and it still plays like shitShould I reroll as a doggorino? Seems like the devs never nerf them

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>>523664471Language is the most obvious way to demonstrate "higher order" thinking, but it isn't necessary. Language is a fundamentally human evolution and expecting other species to be the same is ludicrous.


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>>523659597>rare mob spawns

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>>523664868Here's your new race bro

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>>523665430>doggorinoOh no user, did you get the redditor trait when rolling? That's basically soft-locking yourself. Better go re-rolling.

>>523659597Damn, so they finally surpassed niggers.

>monkey int stats changed from 10 to 30>black int stats changed from 90 to 70Ohnononononononono

>>523665601Quit posting Star Control II you're making me feel old.


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>>523662398>1920 was a thousand years ago

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>>523665520I think what you mean is grammar, moreso than language.



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>>523665430>spawn with the Autism debuff>can't reroll

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>>523665373Yeah, but if I look you in the eye, I need you to know it's cause I love you bro, not cause I'm challenging you over who gets the females.Kind of don't want to be ripped limb from limb and beaten to a mushy pulp.

>>523665824youtube.com/watch?v=SuaW5IzbnUcprobably the only fun thing Holla Forums did

>>523665752Not even him but dude can you not think in abstract concepts? Do you say every thought you have out loud? You don't need language to be smart. You can think in objects, things and places.

I don't care what anyone says, pic related was the worst update.

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>>523659676Based as fuck

Monkeys wont have time to evolve, we'll ruin the planet before that.And I love the idea, fuck mother nature

so... when are devs gonna put dinosaurs back in?

>>523664583Where is your thank you to Elon Musk for at the very least publicizing and making the idea of a brain implant acceptable. Sucks none of us will be alive for the cool versions!

>>523665752Grammar isn't different from language, it is an intrinsic part of language that develops hand in hand. You don't have to teach a baby grammar at all for it to be able to develop a language's grammar. You should check outen.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_grammar

>>523666002>first iteration has cool design>they hire another concept artist for the new millennium>they fuck up the first design

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>>523665943Sure, for limited application, like solving a particular task.Any kind of extend thinking will require some form of symbolic thought and grammar.

>>523664583brainlet cope

>>523665314And set Brazil on fire again?

>>523665703Not until you replay itsc2.sourceforge.net/downloads.php

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>>523664906If they can't balance it they should just removed it and come back with another concept

>>523665397>like it doesn't have to be a gorillaYou shut your whore mouth. Yes it does.>>523665420You're not my real dad, Kerchak.

>>523666002They never got out of the beta stage. They used too much resources

>>523665968cool server event though

>>523665579holy shit is this realistic?

what a shit game. I'm out

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>>523663549Who actually watches these videos? Genuinely curious. Feels like some weird psychology experiment.

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when the fuck is god gonna release the bugfix for white women?

>>523666417This, I can't believe they still haven't patched out the meditation trick that lets you leave the game early without dying.

>>523659597>humans unlock ability to use voice chat and emotes>entire human meta is now about how well you can use the voice chat and emote system

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>>523665430>Should I reroll as a doggorino? Seems like the devs never nerf themNot if you spawn in the Asian continent

>>523663549I mean I find baby monkeys weird and kinda creepy, but I don't understand the aggressive obsession for them that seems to be popping up frequently on that website. Wouldn't something like wasps give people larger hateboners because of how fucking shitty they are?

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>>523666560Read the comments and you'll find out.It's just third worlders.

>>523659676You're alright

>>523663919>Implying anyone here has a woman

>>523666680There's been a notable upswing in animal cruelty videos to YouTube apparently, and considering these vids can pull in almost a million views a vid from actual favela monkeys YouTube is content to let them stay up.

>>523664583Wow I want my fucking time back for reading that article. The source was using literal pseuds from 1980. I could give a single shit what someone 40 years ago who was WRONG had to say. Hell I'll be wrong about lots of stuff in 40 years that' just how advancement works. People have been saying we hit a cap since the fucking renaissance.

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>>523666637>People dumpstat their CHR to pump INT>Spawn rate for whelplings drops to rock bottom>Whelplings that are actually created lose the int bonusThis respawn mechanic sucks.


>>523666680its because they're the closest thing to infant humans that you can legally upload snuff ofI wish I was kidding

>>523665968that shit was nothing compared to the Tower of Babel nerf

>>523666084>links to wikipedia page>to someone that called out 'language' as the human concept>who has a linguistics degreeThanks man, I'll be sure to put that with the rest of the dumb posts.


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>>523666680i read somewhere that humans (closer to monkey humans , hues) get intense hatred for primates, probably because it's the most direct competiotion humans have faced (ie extiction of neanderthals

>>523659597Nah, monkeys are too overrated and we'll probably make them all go extinct through deforestation long before we'll die. My money is on dolphins or crows as the next sovereign species, hell maybe both.

>>523666560It's weird because there's a LOT of monkey hate videos on youtube. No one really knows where it comes from.

>>523663004Look at the OUTDOORS game site instrad


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>>523666583>he doesn't know

>>523666970>anyone here was even playing that long agopretend to be an oldfag somewhere else

>>523659597We should help them via selective breeding and gene therapy

>>523667045Dolphins?Theyll need to get out of the fucking water and develop hands first.We'll turn them into caned tuna before giving them the chance.And crows are smart, but their brain is still a few steps away from a reptile, there is no room to grow

>>523665373>The Humans have built these incredible civilizations, but rarely come near us because they know they're weak as fuck and that we could beat the piss out of them like it's nothing.Imagine how high your self-esteem would be if another species came up to you and was like "Yeah, nobody fucks with you cause you're the strongest."

>>523660006Have you never heard of affirmative action?

>>523667167Pajeets probably

>>523664583>. Even we may have a peak our intelligence can't naturally surpass. Ultimately, nature designed us to breed and thrive, not argue about wave-particle duality or the definition of consciousness.Then we should engineer a species just for that.



>highly efficient solo hunter>top-tier stealth and DPS>but can ALSO have multiple human pets that do everything for you while you sit on your ass all dayAre cats the most OP class?

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>>523665225You read too much Cromartie

Otters are way ahead of monkeys in this regard. Plus otters are way cuter.

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>>523667817>that one cat who's K/D was so high he wiped out an entire species of birdyeah they're pretty OP

>>523667823no i was the first to reply, everyone else copied me

When are Negros getting updated? Their int stat is too low for this patch.

>>523659808>1000 years from nowmonkey lives matter

there’s no way someone would spend all day discussing the game instead of actually playing it

when the fuck are wasps being nerfed? their fear debuff is too OP

anyone remember the rain buff update? it was fucking bullshit, glad they nerfed it.

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>>523668103>How do we stop all the rioting plaguing our streets.An army of Gorillas would do the trick.

>>523668093They are not being supported anymore.Old model you see. Buy an asian, those units are getting updates

>>523667345No I mean after we go extinct, be it with wars or a pandemic etc. They don't have to become us - that's pretty much impossible unless for aliens - they just need to be the next big thing that rules over the Earth or the whole sea and doesn't give other species the opportunity and resources to further evolve - like the dinosaurs did before.

Still waiting for that lung mod being put into the game by the main devs

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>>523659597Remember Spore and Black and White?

>>523666970>community about to reach modding potential without any help from the dev since he's a lazy faggot that won't fix any bugs>he throws a fit and rolls back the server without players spawning near their correct language regionWhat a cuck lmao


>>523668390But they're the ones doing the rioting.What do gorillas fear? Ropes? Work? Parental responsibility?


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>>523667823im the satania poster and nope


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>>523662438Trying to fit in I see. Don't you have a Zoom class to attend? Run along little edgy-mc-edgester

>>523668506Human dominance is an anomaly. It wasnt supposed to happen. We are not the final step of evolution but a deviation.The ecosystem can not support us because we live outside the system and create our own rules.

>massive CHR debuff as you level up

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>>523669092go back

>>523668927Wait until the next patch when we fully unlock CRISPR-cas9 editing. It's going to break the meta completely

>>523667984I'm surprised humans never managed to domesticate otters. There seems to be so many behavioral similarities to dogs, and the utility of a trained amphibious animal is so useful it's strange to me that it never happened.

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>>523668701Don't compare Gorillas to those hairless Apes.



>>523659597Can't wait for another rebalance patch coming after this shit.

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>>523669310I'm surprised that humans still haven't managed to domesticate bears, just imagine it.

>>523659676I kek'd hard

>>523669574>IT DOESNT MAKE BIOLOGICAL SENSEYes it does. Their cuteness makes you want to protect and provide for them.

When will this CHA meta end?Fuck. Bring back the Balanced meta builds.

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>>523669775"Make a funny face for the picture! Except you, wife my dearest, your face is already funny enough."

>>523669775>kids and family dressed in nice clothingYou dont see that much except for church greetings.


I think it’s safe to say that the hollow earth event they teased a while back is not happening

>>523664365Based retard leftoid.

>>523669673Why did he do it bros

>>523662893what the hell are you talking about

>>523665302Just need someone smart enough to make something smart enough to make something smart enough to make something

>>523664379>chillYou're literally surrounded by predators that can come at you from every angle unless you hug the sea floor. Land was an upgrade for people like you.

>>523669940WTF. Dinobros that was our last chance.....

>>523665225Brain, get off 4chan and kiss your beautiful husband Mala

>>523663241Thanks for everything you faggot fish

>>523664379Can ocean creatures even reach the same level development of humanity without being able to produce fire reliably? Being a water dwelling lifeform seems to filter you from the start.

>>523667823The big cope.

So, monkeys have finally caught up to corvids?