Realms Deep 2020

Are you ready for more uncreative shooters that all look the same, boomers? Second and last night of this garbage.>Where to don't care if you have a different stream, fuck you.Wanna get drunk? Take a shot every time someone says "boomer" or blonde dreadlocks bitch cusses for no reason.

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>>523658068please be less cringe than yesterday

>>523658068T-15, you fags. Get in here and bump this shit for me.

>>523658158>implyingThey're still gonna have these 20 year olds reminiscing the good old days.At least they have John Romero today, kinda wanna see what he talks about.

Ion Fury 3D teaser.

>>523658068>cussesit's cursing not cussing, you old hag


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They seem to be getting loaded up on Monster already>>523658364I speak 5 languages, English not being native, and may make mistakes once in a while. Even though I believe you're just being a faggot right now.

>>523658457>I speak 5 languageswhich?

I expect Voidpoint DLC, Prodeus showing new content and at least 1 game with modern (as in Doom 3 modern) graphics

>>523658364cussing and cursing are synonyms

>>523658567English, German, Italian, Russian and Portuguese. Not the topic of this thread though bruh.

Blake Stone 2 when?

>>523658619>1 game with modern (as in Doom 3 modern) graphicsHighly doubt it. Would be out of the whole "boomer" meme they're pushing so much.

>>523658673cussing is the pussy american version


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>>523658068>I don't like this>better make an entire thread about it and link it as wellfucking hell, shill better, not harder

System Shock remake is going to be a disaster isn't it

Imagine the smell.

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>>523659058Well that shut me right up.>>523659064>liking videogames>on Holla ForumsWhere the fuck do you think you are bro. Making a thread to discuss an ongoing stream is shilling now, got it.

>>523659000>AmericanOnly in the West coast. East coast says cursing.

>>523658068I'm ready for more bland shooters with the word hell in the name and maybe one good game.

>>523659067No, why would it. Every update the remake looks better and better.

It can't be worse than last evening...

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How much will they censor SiN?

I missed the stinky fat bitch, I want to fuck her armpit.

The chick on the sofa in the background is hot.

>>523659703it all ways can be more cringe

>>523659703oh fuck off

>>523659449it looks pretty shitty. They somehow made the whole game look identical. Just dark blue room simulator. soulless

>>523659762Nothing but big ass tiddies!

>>523659703Remember if it's worse then it 100% this user's fault for jinxing it.

New Commando like game?

>>523659839Nah, looks great.

>>523659703What happened last evening?

New duke?

>>523659768me too and i want to cum on her tummy

>>523659919The edgy WWII game they're showing.

>>523658068what is this boring garbage

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>>523659975maybe for those that havent played the original

>>523659987Zoomers losing their shit at realising realms deep is not aimed at them.

I just bought Ion Fury.What am in for?

I actually worked on this game

>>523660112a game

>>523660104I played the original before you were born, try again.

>>523660112A pretty good retro-FPS.

>>523660107It literally is though.

>>523660112A retroFPS with nice art directoin for once

>>523660112Build engine kino.

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>>523660112good game but fuck the flaying guys

>>523660142good job buddy now fuck off

>commandos likesold

>Commandos Spiritual Successor.Looks cool. Kinda a shame the in-game art-style is realistic instead of the comic book style from those cinematics.

>>523660112Turn off the protag voice lines. It's unplayable with this whore speaking.

>>523660187nice projection zoomie, too bad you already outed yourself with your first post

>>523660253Build Engine is fucking witchcraft held together by satanism. It shouldn't fucking work.

>>523660247It is not. Not enough neon colours, loot boxes and character customisation.

>>523660358Nope, try again.

>>523659058What is this?

>>523660356>Turning of voicesDon't listen to this faggot.

>>523660112A shitty doom clone where you play as a censored woman.


>Shadow Tactics reskin

>>523660142what did you do

>Painting Wehrmacht as didndunuffin soldiers doing their jobs. This game is gonna get controversy'd isn't it?

>>523660356Have sex, please!

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>>523660253soul overload

>>523660393People keep saying this but never expand upon why - can you?

>>523660142cool l like the line of not painting all Germans and some sort of bloodthirsty hun

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>>523660580PR. I'm also the community manager.



>>523660502SJW trash confirmed?


>>523660469>doom cloneretard alert

>Polish Silesian protagonistI like this. This is pretty rare. Normally it's ebin Polish-Jewish.


>>523660631Sector over SectorJetpacksVoxels3d aimingAll in a 2d engine

>>523660627Imagine it, working mirrors, what a novel concept for a 2019 game!

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>based on true events>spouts holohoax bullshitnah, hard bpass

>>523660672So if I see thread on Holla Forums, its probably you?

>>523660502Good, evil... It's the war

>Set in Lithuanian Eastern Europe>British/American accents What did they mean by this?>>523660714Both protagonists seem to hate Bolsheviks. So I don't think that's their intention. Unlike Wolfenshite.

so fucking boring. NEXT.

>>523660835Go back to Holla Forums retard.

When are we going to #cancel 3D realms?

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>>523660714the devs are polish, will probably not show gommunism in good light

>>523660835It spouts "Wermacht didndunuffin" bullshit too. So hard pass for me as well. I don't play games made by Wehraboos.

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>>523660875It's Doug Cockle, AKA Geralt playing the pole

>>523660843No. I'll probably be fired if my bosses find out I lurk 4chan(nel)

>>523660959in 10min or so

>>523660959Can't stop them user.

>>523660997It's still kinda dumb though. I wish they had region-accurate accents. Globalism is destroying cultures.

>>523660959cancel yourself

>>523660875The mere fact that they said "not all wermacht knew about the holocaust" gives me the inclination that they're probably not going to go the "actually, I love the red army now" route. People get REALLY testy when it comes to the whole clean wermacht thing.

>>523660987Watch your back Shlomo. Your time is coming.

>>523660112Good game that needs more variety in 2nd half. Game needs 2 more guns and more fodder enemies. They are using the smg, shotgun, crossbow dudes as fodder for the whole game. It feels like 80% of all enemies are the 3 dudes.


Holla Forums is seething already a good start

i want to cum in her belly button lads

>>523661097Yeah exactly. The devs seem to know what they are doing. They aren't like the Wolfenstein devs who will try to argue that "other side bad our side good". This game will probably give a nice balance of showing both sides of the conflict. I'll add it to my wishlist.

Another very very original, never done before nazi game.

>>523661021Looks really neat user

>John Hackmero

I want to lick the sweat from under that belly flap.

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>>523661137Silence. Kraut.

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I actually worked on this game

>>523659449Does it finally look like the Unity demo again or does it still suffer from generic Unreal syndrome?

>>523658068Man, user. I really hope you're able to find happiness someday. I can certainly say that if you wanna be happy, you should really stop watching this shit, do something else, 'cause this is not making you happy.

>>523661386what did you do

Why do they keep this shit tier ui in prodeus?

Prodeus still needs to fix that goddamn helmet overlay but it is looking a lot better,

>>523661386nicewhat work did you do

Produes looks pretty nice, hyped

Prodeus wont release full game in November? It was announced two years ago.

>>523660987El Atrocidad de Anglo

711 watching now

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>>523661491Thanks, I hope so too.

>>523658274isn't he working on a tactics mafia game? part of me still wishes he didn't totally give up on Blackroom

>>523661564Just early access>>523661505>>523661502ISn't the UI customizable?

>>523661097I get why, though. The wermacht didn't have anything close to clean hands.

>>523661498>>523661530I'm the co founder

What time is the steam sale ending?

>>523661505There's a minimal hud option that removes it, you can also rescale all the hud elements or remove them entirely..

I want to fuck the fat chick

>>523661732You gonna cry about it? Shit your pants?

>>523661779get in line friendo.

Why does this thread not have a SINGLE fucking screenshot or webm of the game? Fucking idiots.

>>523661779Seems like everyone does

>The word Boomer comes from the Doom source port, Boom

>>523661779I want to fuck the hot chick on the sofa

>>523661749noicelooks good

>>523661779Not if you fucking paid me.

>>523661776That does increase my confidence in the game.


>>523661836which game?

>>523660612You can tell this is an anime artist because they completely wrecked the face.

>>523661863Here's a pity (you)

Why do the make the framerate shitty on purpose?

>>523662049They all run at 60+, what are you talking about?

>>523662049Because RETRO DUUUUUUUUUDE!

>>523660828desu there's no reason that doom couldn't do any of this other than the fact that carmack wanted the engine to be simple. and it's true, the doom engine is REALLY stable.

>>523660612Why is she looking like Joosten?

>it takes me two years to design 5 levels please design my game for me!Nu devs are trash

>>523662049You can switch to 3D models. The fake 2D shit is dumb and should be included as a joke, not as a selling point.

>>523662106The animations themselves are what seem to be framey. Looks like shit.

>>523662127Carmack himself is like the king of the warlocks.

I want more Ion Maiden

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>>523662049It's the laggy 3D realms streaming computer.I have most of these games and can confirm they run FAST. Especially Prodeus.I could post screens but don't wanna lose my alpha access

>ion maiden where you dont have to play as a cunt

damn this nigga still talkin

>>523662382>GRRRR WOMEN!

>>523662239I just want the 1.1 patch to hit gog.

>>523662239Ion Fury (Formerly Maiden)

>>523661935You especially.

>>523662507A downloadable patch has been released and should work for GOG. Lurk moar.

I hate his faggot nigger listening face

>It just works

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>>523662620Well shit hit me up with a link user.

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less talk more game

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Should I play Postal 4 or wait until it's done?

I actually worked on this

HROT seemed fun from the demo. The dithering is a bit strong but eh.Also: skimmed milk is crunchy.

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>It's another Quake 2 textures, low poly, boomer shooter but this time with a soviet aesthetic.ok, now this is epic


>> if it works with the GOG version


>>523662867Which Dusk episode is this?

>>523662820based worked-on-every-game user

>>523662462stay mad whiteknight

>>523662782wait until it's donei got it rn and it's okay to play but it runs like shit since it's UE4 and unoptimized as fuck

Shelly is one bad, momba jumba!

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>>523662782>getting a janky version of a series known for being super jank even after 1.0 release.

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>>523662949All of them.

>>523662874>another Quake 2It's a fucking Quake 1 clone faggot.


>>523662874>Quake 2lol get a load of this retard


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>>523663006Actually a Chasm clone.

>>523663006HROT is more Chasm + Quake.

>>523662965you're the mad cunt

>>523662901If i'm not going blind that only goes to 1,02 - it is the 1.1 patch that is needed as that fixes the internal tickrate bullshit.

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just feed more brown shooters guys

I want to be Romero's hair.

Is he seriously making gangster xcom?


>>523663206I didn't try it, but it should be 1.1 and fix the tickrate. Read the readme.

>>523663285Seething zoomie

2020...I'm forgotten

>>523663285HROT is made in HROTdev's own custom pascal-based engine.

>"I FUCKING LOVE DOOOOM!">Every game is QuakeDo zoomers seriously not know the difference?

they dont let romero talk, he seems so meek

>>523663285You forgot your wojak you stupid nigger.

>>523663281No, his wife is (she worked on Jagged Alliance btw)

>>523663442Both are about space marines fighting some monsters in space man

>>523663192>nononono i was YELLING but iim not actually mad, mommy bad man on the internet said i was mad, i love you mommy, i was defending women on the internet like you said to do, please tell me im a good boy

>>523661779>chickcan we not misgender them?

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>>523663470Fred is an attention whore with ego issues. Of course he doesn't like other people but him talking.

>HROT>Set in Czechoslovakia>Made by Czech devs>Set during the 60s when the Soviets were doing weird psychic human experiments in CzechoslovakiaI will now buy your game.

>>523663279We all do

>>523663554it's all so tiresome..

More than happy to see that SiN Reloaded is on KEX instead of some dog shit like FTEQW.

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>>523663429the only game i was hyped for and all we get is a stupid trailerno new gameplay, no nothing

>>523663442even ID gets them confused these days.I'm not really bothered honestly

>>523663554>that pfpwhy do fat people use self similar pfp that don't actually represent how they look?

>>523663584>the game ends with Russian tanks coming and shooting everything

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They could have acidentally swapped the footage for some of these quake clones and nobody would have noticed. There's literally only 3 or 4 of these games worth taking note of.

>>523663554It's funny everytime when a woman has coloured hair their bio always has pronouns, BLM or other retarded shit, it's like they're all robots with the same concepts.

>>523663525But they feel completely different. Doom>Quake

>>523663584More brown.

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since all this talk is boring, let's hear what your favorite FPS weapon is and whyhardmode: no Super Shotguns

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stop talking over John goddamn


>>523663736>1968>Warsaw Pact incoming.

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>>523663841finallywhy are only eastern devs doing cool aestheticsall usa and western euro garbage has dumb colour vomit

>>523663903unreal flack cannon

>>523660112first half is great, second half is a bit boring

>>523663908right? what fucking cunts, let the man talk

>>523663841take the moped for a ride

>>523663554At last she self-aware of her autism...

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>>523663841Is that fucking Vysehrad?Holy fuck. Now I am really buying this game.

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>>523664067yesit has demo on steam and its subbed as that

Why does Fred use a black and white filter, how much of a fag can he be?

>>523663903zoomer take but the lightning gun in doom 2016 was as hilarious as it was scummy to use. >everyone thinks they're playing an FPS>they're actually playing the floor is lava

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>>523663956Brown walls, brown floor, brown water, brown horses.

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>>523664046celebrating your mental illness doesn't make it any better

>>523664332brown bricks

>>523663903TNT bundle from Blood is pretty satisfying.

>>523664262Why did the primary fire on that thing suck so much?

thanks jon "the faggot" ramero, you spoke for too long and now i hate you, someone i once respected, thanks for wasting my time

>>523664332Everything looks brown when you are suffering from extreme radiation

>>523664428Because you were supposed to use the alt fire and point it at the floor/walls

>>523664430Why would you respect him? Did you not hear of Daikatana? Were you not there for the Blackroom fiasco?

>>523664202Done. Downloading right now.

>>523664332It looks like Quake, but even browner.

>>523664430hes awesome, fuck you dicksucker.

>>523664332yes,isnt it great

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let me sniff your blue haired asshole slut

>>523664332Sounds pretty accurate to 1968 Czechoslovakia. The only thing missing is the burning Tanks.


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lol cliffyb


>>523663956confirmed zoomerdevs were doing horrible brown aesthetics for like 5 years in the late 2000s and everyone hated it so much we agreed not to do it again




I actually worked on this

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>>523664761to be fair, they were doing Brown and Bloom, this is Brown and Dithering

>>523664595brown sky, brown afterlife.

Attached: HROT 08_07_2020 19_17_59.jpg (3840x2160, 943.46K)

I didn't work on this.

I played the strife demo like 20 times as a kid, but never the full game.


>>523664821based worked-on-every-game user

>>523663903The sword from Amid Evil is fucking godly. Just perfection.

Im up next, wish me luck- CliffyB

Man kaiser is getting some goddamn mileage from his game engine.


Based kinofabino intro

>Keks engine

kex engine more like sex engine haha me so smart


I worked on this game.

>>523665047now this is based

>>523665095i worked on your mom

>>523664962I worked on this interview

Who asked for this shit?

>>523665095Can confirm. I worked on this user as he worked on this game.

>>523665095i worked on your mums asshole

>tfw 4am wageslave feel

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>>523664962isnt that the dude in the KEK tshirt?

>>523664962Good luck


>>523665095cool man

Hope you enjoyed my interview guys-J.Romero


Didn't they already fucking make Sin playable on modern hardware? Just work on Getting NOFL again or 06 Prey or even fucking Shadowman remastered you fuckers promised a year ago

>>523665317you did okay, john. you did okay.

>>523665317make a new daikatana you old fuck!


>>523665378>NOFL againnever gonna happen because 3 companies hold the license>Shadowman remastered Just play the original with the texture pack

>>523665378Sin gold works iirc.

>>523665378>NOLFLiterally never going to happen.Nobody knows who actually owns the ip and it;s split between three companies i think.

Shadowman has such a fucking great atmosphere.

I wonder how they improved the frame rate like that>Shadowman remasterThe fuck

>>523665431My wife's got me working at her son's gas station 6 days a week.

>>523665378Nolf works perfectly fine.

>>523665378>"or even fucking Shadowman remastered you fuckers promised a year ago">Gets announced a few minutes later after this postOH NONONONONONO

fucking shadow man? dangerously based

Do people really like shadowman? maybe it's because I played the ps1 version but I remember hating it.

>>523665378look at this dood

>>523665681it's alright. not one of my favorites but i like it

Why the fuck have killpixel got nothing new to show for wrath?

>>523665681>Do people really like shadowman?It's one of the best 3d metroidvanias to exist.

uh why is cliff there?

>>523665681The PS1 version of the game is the worst version by a mile. You missed out.

Attached: 1573443056961.jpg (400x400, 70.12K)

It's cuck time

>Cliffy BIrrelevant fuck.

Oh yeah, an interview of a fucking loser...

literally who

These interviews are boring

>cuck B

>Cliffy B is actual shizo

>c-c-c-can i swear?

>>523665730i regret buying wrath so much

>>523665730He told on discord they had no time and it would delay the development. He apologized for the inconveniences.

>im writing a memoiregreat start you big gay

>>523665771he's BACK

>I'm writing my memoirsHow many failures will he be excluding?


Cliffy even looks washed up, god damn.

>>523665557Wasn't that the same case with SS2?

>whining about money

Attached: 1581527125750.jpg (250x242, 9.12K)


why the fuck is guy who said pc gaming sucks even invited

holy shit shut the fuck up with this whining.

>I've had more successes than failuresThe state of Cliffy B

>>523665953read >>523665865

"I have more success than failures"

Attached: pressx.jpg (600x341, 19.65K)

Cliff Bazinga admits he is failure.

>food analogy

>>523665917No, just an insurance company got the rights after the bankruptcy.

>>523666028i enjoy bashing him as much as anyone, but you're delusional if you think that's inaccurate

>>523666028He didn't even want to bring up Radical Heights, he really is ashamed.

Wait, when did Cliff lost his hair?

Can't decide whose more sad between him and Romero.

>Get "fuck you money and get out"Why is this guy here then?

>>523666028Unreal, UT were good though.

>>523666115cliffy is a fucking cunt, romero is a sweetheart

>>523666115Romero was wasted 20 years ago, Bazinga 2-3.

>The year my dad died>The year I lost my nintendo world championshipYeah those two things are roughly equal.

Can someone give me a quick rundown as to why we are constantly shitting in cliffy bs soul?

>I have more success than failuresYeah but your failures were much fucking bigger you moron. What was the quote on Lawbreakers? "We're aiming to be #4" or something pathetic like that?

>>523666115At least Romero still enjoys life than being a hollow shell like Bazinga man

>>523666096I would say after Lawbreakers

>>523666028He made Jazz Jackrabbit, UT and Gear of War.. what the fuck have you ever done?

>>523666289he reacts to it

>>523666115Romero still enjoys games and people who like games, Cliffy is a complete narcissist who keeps threatening to leave the industry, saying how much it sucks and never pulls the trigger.



Attached: sheldon__s_smile.jpg (534x618, 122.69K)

>>523658068yeaaa auuugh these immersive sims and new spins on old formulas are too uncreative please give me more call of duty

>>523663528nigga you have some issues

Jesus Christ what the fuck I'm I watch

Christ, what a bitter cunt Bleszinski is.

>>523666315fucked your mom twice

>>523666356Fuck off, Snob.

>>523666315I'l give you UT, but GoW is shitty cover shooter cancer that ruined half a generation of games. And then he followed it up with fucking Lawbreakers and RADICAL HEIGHTS. He is a one trick pony.

>>523666115Romero looks happy, and even with Daikatana under his belt, he's still one of the grandfathers of not only FPS, but gaming. Cliff's biggest achievement is arguably gears of war, which is a decent third person shooter that will mostly be remembered as the quintessential 7th gen bloom n brown turd. More importantly, Romero knew when to call it a day, while Cliff did some really shady shit with boss key productions.

>>523666412>what the fuck I'm I watch

Attached: patrick.gif (498x346, 730.93K)

>>523666340souinds crueli dotn want to be a part of it

>>523666483>GoW is shitty cover shooter cancer that ruined half a generation of games.No, UE3 ruined it with its brown and grey shit.

>>523666517>Romero knew when to call it a day>"hey guys give me 700,000 dollars because I'm John Fucking Romero and I'm teaming up with Carmack! (not that Carmack)"

>>523666562it is cruel

>>523666115Romero took a step back after his greatest failure, and became a better man for it. Cliff shows up every other week to embarrass himself further.


Attached: why i'm so great.jpg (1024x862, 84.02K)

where da vidya games?

>>523666517Even taking into account Daikatana he's said he doesn't regret making it since creating Ion Storm also led to Deus Ex.>>523666623>People say he should first have a prototype>He agrees and stops the kickstarterSounds good.

>read news: SIN RELOADED COMING TO PC>get really excited because I think its a new SIN game>turns out its a fucking remake

Attached: tony.jpg (400x400, 20.78K)

I'm up next guys, wish me luck- Tim Sweeney

Attached: Tim_sweeney_GDCA_2017.jpg (623x623, 43.85K)

>>523666638maybe the fine people of 4channel should rethink their ways

>>523666706John Romero is developing something?

>>523666723>expecting anything else in the era of remakes

>>523666723*remaster. DIdn't the "reload" thing give you a hint?

>"Can we talk about retro shit now?"Yeah he's bitter

>my career has been driven off envy and insecurityjust stop the interview before this guy kills himself on cam

Attached: 124213.png (1500x1125, 783.67K)

>>523666837No he was running a kickstarter scam.

>>523666796>we're releasing duke nukem forever 2001 exclusive on the epic games store

Attached: 1568147665902.jpg (866x1024, 95.74K)


At least he's honest about his whole career being built on being bitter and jealous.>>523666837Blackroom. He was making it with Adrian Carmack but ended up going nowhere. Don't know if he still has plans to bring that back or not.

Cliffy B's legacy ended with THIS.

Attached: 500768-radical.jpg (3836x2160, 271.19K)

Jesus fucking Christ is Cliff going to fucking shoot himself live? This man is rambling about his life and it sounds so damn pathetic.

Attached: 1599182677849.jpg (505x597, 53.77K)

>>523666931That would make me pirate the game

jesus cliff stop rambling

inb4 Ciff actually does kill himself.It would be the highlight of the show at least

>>523666837Some gangster game

>>523666873>"You guys got the 'DOMINATING' clip ready to go?">"Yeah, why do you ask?">Pulls out a revolver

Jesus Christ how can one man be so boring.

>>523667019oh god did he post a tweet on the wall?its not even framed he just stuck it on

Attached: 1561401390884.gif (161x137, 135.9K)

>How are we going to remaster SIN?>I know, just scale up the textures and add filters

Attached: sin.jpg (1920x1080, 399.56K)

>>523666723hopefully it will let you play at high fps while functioning properly unlike the original, or even the "improved" version they released recently

>>523667118That would restore my respect for Cliffy

What's that shit to the right of Cliff? Is that a tweet? What is he Anthony Burch?

>I could do VB but not Choly shit this guy is dumb

lmao, Cliff is making everyone seethe


Jesus Christ, this sore loser is a fucking bummer. >E-CELEBS ARE MAKING MORE MONEY THAN ME. I'M FUCKING RICH BUT HEY, MY FAMILY'S GOTTA EAT!

Attached: 1587415501867.png (600x639, 517.25K)


>>523666723I just bought sin gold...



based stream mods


What the hell?

Attached: 9ad.jpg (600x587, 44.55K)


hahahaha wtf? Based!

Thank fuck it's over

holy shit

>>523667019how much did he lose in the divorce

Attached: EdeGS4BXkAI7jYA.jpg (828x836, 45.47K)

>>523667169original sin works great already on modern pcs, so what else they can do, lol. the game doesnt technically need a remaster



Attached: DU_4y0tVMAEealq.jpg (1080x1066, 105.02K)

jesus christ theyre meming on him

Attached: 1566935349042.png (543x543, 326.35K)

>That seinfeld themeHoly shit, not even the fucking interviewers can up with this shit and just make fun of this sad motherfucker.

Attached: 94186813_3025621157497298_4698226061798801408_n.jpg (960x863, 81.52K)

that seinfeld midi was legitimately the best part of this interview


holy shit

Attached: 7ebcioq.jpg (489x546, 42.48K)

damn that's brutal

What happened? I can't watch rn.

Lmao they just cut him off and make fun of cliff>fat chick says sarcastically if you want to see more of that



>>523667446cliffy b's interview went on for like 15+ minutes so they played a seinfeld midi and zoomed into fred's face as he started to laugh

how rude man not cool

Attached: 1593755952924.png (1500x1200, 192.12K)


Can't say I expected that.

Attached: b64.png (666x666, 949.45K)

>Speaking of laughable HOLY SHIT BASED


>Speaking of laughableHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAYou cannot make this shit up.

Attached: 1589947747419.jpg (1400x1400, 133.5K)

>>523667446>cliff drones on and on and fucking ON>everyone shitposting about him not shutting up>stream editors agree and cut him off after making a joke about just how fucking long he was ramblingbrutal

Cliff is going to be mad.

I actually have the tiniest shred of pity for the fuck, then I realize who I'm pitying and stop it.

Amid evil with RTX? now that looks sexy.

>>523667446Cliff just kept talking on and on for like 7 minutes, and then it cut to one of the zoomer interviewers and zoomed in while Seinfeld music played, like "can you believe this shit?"

Holy shit Cliffy B destroyed

Is Cliffy going to head out and get a high score tonight?

>>523667383>divorceWhat, when did that happen?


>>523667567please unironically enlighten meI have no idea why everyone shits on that dude


what a time to be alive

>mario 64 dusk levelNINTENDO

ok this stream is fucking based


Damn, Mario 64 looks like that?


If there isn't an option for mario voice clips on that endless level we fucking riot



Cool map.


>>523667618What the fuck some asshat youtuber literally copied my comment.


I actually worked on this

This is already better than yesterday.

Getting XIII vibes from this.

American Grezzo?

Why is 3D realms so based?

>got timed out for telling Cucky B to eat a digtotally worth it

>>523667849Is it fun?

Is Dave Oshry now a gril? :(

Unique aesthetic, I dig it

>>523667917Reminds me of Action Doom 2

Looks better than the XIII remake

I actually worked on her asshole.

>>523667949OG champions.

Fuck yes, Amid Evil expansion


>>523667661>made pc games in the 90's to early 00's>then went to console games (GoW) while shitting on the pc fanbase for being pirates/filthy people>years pass>leaves EPIC>tries to make a new "arena fps" with Lawbreaker>fails hard because people remember his shit also he wasn't good at marketing his game>>last ditch to save his flop is to make a battle royale in mere weeks>that one also flopped hard>leaves the industry because muh gamers are evil people

>I can't believe it's not HexenThey really wear their influences on their sleeves.

>Invented music

>>523668010Is that even still in the works?

>>523667641maybe not i thought he did for some reasonI'm just retarded


>> links directly to the Ultrakill store page

>>523668110>invented Jazz Jackrabbit>For FREE

>>523668110>In the beginning, there was nothing.>Then god said, "Let there be music."

Oh hell yeah more amid evil levels gimme Andrew Hulshult is a fucking GOD


>>523668128i think but they got a ton a bad feedback

What was the title of the commandos like you fags were talking about earlier?>>523668174

>>523668087They have to say what games they're copying otherwise zoomers will think it's just Doom.

>>523668026how'd it smell?

Hopefully Hulshult will come back to New Blood/indie as well as doing Eternal DLC

>>523668227>Implying anyone played Heretic

love Jazz Jackrabbit hate Cliffy Bwhat do?

>>523668247War Mongrels I think.

>>523668172Also Gloomwood with Thiefwithguns

>>523668269The dude spins like a dozen plates at a time.

>>523668227It's a little beyond heretic don't you think?

>>523668293go e621, bro

>>523658364>muh cursesFuck off back to your witches coven eurowizard

>>523668243Huh because the game still looks good and works well last time I played it.

>>523668258Like she'd been eating nothing but eggs.

I worked on this game

>eye cancer the gameno thanks

This looks like ass. Even with my boomer eyes.

What if you had a video game but like, but like... you could shoot BACKWARDS!?

REALLY don't like how this fucking looks visually.

I might actually go blind playing this

>Entire game made of FIREBLUGreat idea

This game looks cool but those graphics give me some virtua boy flashbacks

>>523668481At least they got the name right.

>HellscreenName checks out

>>523668269He is doing the Eternal DLC. This is confirmed.

I have epilepsy I can't play any of these fucking games.

Hylics: the FPSnice

I don't remember void bastards looking this bad.

what doom wad is this?

>>523668537Lol fuck streamers amirite.

>4 shotgun blasts to kill a stationary targetYIKES


This one looked pretty bad.

>why are you cutting my stream off

Attached: IMG_20200906_223744.jpg (1064x571, 133.17K)

>>523668726They both did.


literally who

>>523668738>Dead eyes

>>523668738why did he put a tweet on his wall

>>523668738what is he thinking right now bros


>>523668738When will he stop acting like such a faggot just because of one flop? Holy shit

I guess now that Andrew joined AAA team, Markie will take control of indies

>>523668586that wold be Post Void

>>523668738this shit wasnt live was itI cant believe they tore him a new one

>>523668761Yeah but Hellscreen at least looked competent. The other one looked really bad.

>>523668738What went wrong, bros?Why doesn't he just pick himself up?

>>523668816People put canvas art on walls, how is that different?

>>523668857>this shit wasnt live was it>I cant believe they tore him a new oneNah, all the interviews were pre-recorded well before the show.

>>523668738What were they thinking bringing him on


>>523668857I think it's pre recorded

>>523668857Most interviews had edits and cutaways so I'm pretty sure none are live

>checked out Ion Fury on Steam>not even a free demo availableCome on.

Attached: lol.jpg (1200x675, 83.54K)

>>523668857No, but that makes it even better.They calculated that cut to make sure you understood just how fucking long he rambled about nothing.

>>523668912a tweet is even gayer

>>523668948They still just cut his segment off and played meme music over it, they knew it was shit

>>523669019thepiratebay is your friend


>>523669019Pirate it, but I would say dont because its boring af

>>523668912>hanging a tweet on your wall is the same as hanging arthow sad and pathetic do you have to be to print and mount a tweet on your wall?

>>523669019its the best build engine game, just buy it


>>523669049Imagine being Cliffy. You've already recorder the interview and you're checking it out on Twitch. You see everyone saying how you suck and how boring it is. Then 3DRealms does a cut with a Seinfeld joke. Dude must be fucking fuming.

>>523669061>>523668912It's a tweet from the Goddess Anita herself, thanking him for being a good ally.


Attached: cliffy JUST.jpg (1064x571, 101.39K)

>>523669134How is it boring? The guns are great, it has like the best grenades in any FPS.

>>523669180Not so fast, cowboy

Attached: file.png (259x194, 88.54K)

>>523669165You appreciate what was said in that tweet the same way you appreciate good art.

>>523669134>best modern retro shooter>boringNah.

>>523669019Just pirate it.

Attached: Reformation Plaza - Ion Fury 06_09_2020 20_18_04.jpg (3840x2160, 2.52M)

Damn he's salty

Attached: cliffyb.png (592x94, 12.96K)

>>523669208Night dive was in the chat telling people not to leave

>>523669110>>523669134>>523669180>>523669182Thanks, gonna try it out for free then.


>>523669208Godcan he stop burning bridges

Wheres the cybermage sequel

>>523669269the worst one

>>523669326Post the link.

>>523669234He looks bloated as fuck, probably hitting the booze pretty hard these days.

>>523669234He wishes the man will never grow hair again in his life

>>523669446that's duke3d

>>523668586>user sees a game with dithering once

>>523668857Danes were clearly in different room second later.

new thread?


Attached: 1572941506752.png (1064x571, 782.22K)

>>523669505Duke is the best one without a doubt.

>>523669326>no @>expects anyone to take the baityou tried

>>523669446Absolute shit takeIt's at the very LEAST better than Shadow Warrior

he knows how annoying his rant was bros

Attached: file.png (557x107, 16.31K)

sneed, no kingpin gameplay bruh

>>523669326Is that real? I can't find anything but him bitching about drumpf

>>523669326>what is a joke

>>523669182based gog-games user

NEW THREAD>>523669662

>>523669583of the big 3, duke is the weakest

This one just looks ugly without soul

Why do all these games they're showing look like hot garbage untextured mess like they were made with absolutely no budget behind them? That's not how games in the 90s to early 00s looked like.

>>523669735Best weapons, levels, enemies, etc. Nope, Duke is king.

>>523669128>Dollar store Kelly



Attached: romero after playing quake 2.jpg (407x367, 26.31K)

>>523667386make it function properly at high fps