Only 9 Wii U titles are left to be ported to the Switch. Which one is coming next?

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>>523657274Xenoblade chronicles X

>>523657274Nes remix starfox or one of the zeldasProbably one of tbe zeldas.

Why'd you cross out kirby? Just because the game completely relies on touch controls?I bet they're gonna pull off being able to draw lines using a controller even though it's most likely gonna turn out shit.

>>523657274The only ones that viable/have a chance are Xenoblade Chronicles X and the Zelda remasters (which are technically not even wii u games) So we're finally out of wii u ports

>>523657274Only this and Xenoblade X and you can smash your wiiu by throwing it in the garbage can

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>>523657274Yoshi wasnt ported you dingus

>>523657274Switch is such a fucking wasted of a console>new games? Fuck that, let's release the entire last console's library on itLiterally a Port Machine

>>523657274>People keep desperately meming that Wii U ports are bad>I never fell for the Wii U console meme but always wanted to play a bunch of its gamesI literally can't stop winning at this point.Ports I'm hoping for next ->Fatal Frame>Xenoblade Chronicles X>The Zelda gamesAfter that I don't really care, they're the only other ports I care about.I can't even begin to express how happy I am that Mario 3D World is coming to the Switch. I've been waiting for it for fucking centuries.

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>>523657274smash wasnt ported einher you dumb dingus

>>523657274Xenoblade Chronicles X is the last reasonable one to come. Maybe they'll do a Zelda All Stars next year for the 35th anniversary of Zelda but chances are they won't want to step on BotW2's sales so those may just stay on older systems. Everything else is either too dependent on the Wii U structure, redundant with a legitimate sequel more likely if the fad matters, or Fatal Frame.

>>523657703>>523657806>GladiumTonitrua Go fap to trannies

>>523657798>I literally can't stop winning at this point.Well, except for being an avatarfagging virgin, but that’s a lost cause.

>>523657274Isnt that the whole Wii u catalogue?

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>>523657274We're definitely getting an OOTxWWxTP collection in a few months, but likely not the updated versions.

>>523657274Wind Waker and Twilight Princess for Zelda's 35th anniversary next year.

>>523657759The problem is that nobody bought the last console. These are all new games for over 50 million Switch owners. We already live in an area where old games are reissued constantly because new games are garbage. Game journalists even get paid to lie about remasters having “outdated mechanics by today’s standards” despite the fact that games haven’t evolved by much in 20 years. These Wii U games are all safe since they’re fairy recent anyways and Nintendo considers them evergreens. If the Wii U was successful they would probably still be full priced

>>523657274Eagerly awaiting the inevitable Starfox Zero: Deluxe so I can play with unfucked controls, I purposefully avoided everything to do with this so it's fresh when I eventually do play it.

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Gonna enjoy playing all those for free on my Wii U

>>523658104Wouldn't you rather a brand new Star Fox built from the ground up to take advantage of the Switch hardware?

>>523657976>but likely not the updated versionsI would be surprised if OOT 3D made it but they're definitely doing the HD versions of the other two

>>523657828Nah, the Zelda HD ports are absolutely coming. Skyward Sword HD will come out this year and they’ll release the other two next year for the 35th and lead up to BotW2. This leaves Nintendo without a major holiday big release unless they haven’t unveiled it yet. It no doubt was supposed to be BotW2. They need something though. The system is selling out at retail but the new consoles will get a ton of attention so they need to have something

>>523658280Yes but I know it won't happen when they can just resell Zero

>>523657896>t. butthurt wiiUfag or snoy

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>>523657274>35th anniversary of Zelda is next yearI think they might do a WW/TP/SS trilogy pack. also a game and watch version of The Legend of Zelda. I hope they release a new Four Swords Adventures. Oh yeah BotW2.

>>523657274Takahashi pretty much already said that a Xenoblade X port won't happen so the only ones that have any chance left is WWHD and TPHD.

Monolith has said a few times now that it's way too much work to port Xenoblade Chronicles X to Switch off the Wii U, so I would never expect it. Star Fox Zero with real controls or some sort of Zelda collection will be next.

>>523657274why are we counting ports?

>>523657274>Splatoon>Ported to switchRetard alert

>>5236577591. Those games are still Nintendo-exclusive, why does it matter if they were on a previous system?2. The Wii U was a bad console so it’s good that they’re getting a second chance on a much more popular one. Plus most of these ports add new content to it like exclusive characters in MK8D and Bowser’s Fury for 3D World.

you will get the two zelda's and that's it

>>523658764Wasn't Star Fox Zero like the worst sold game in the entire franchise and also critically panned? I don't think they'll port it unless Miyamoto really wants to save his pet project.

>>523657274DEVIL'S THIRD

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>>523659054Everyone hated it because it was a rehash of Star Fox 64 with the single worst control scheme of all time.


>>523658947>1. Those games are still Nintendo-exclusive, why does it matter if they were on a previous system?Why would I want to buy all the same games again? I'm not the target audience of Super Mario 3D All-Stars>2. The Wii U was a bad consoleIn what way?>Plus most of these ports add new content to it like exclusive characters in MK8D and Bowser’s Fury for 3D World.Yeah, extra fuck yous to their supporters and rewards for the people who let their last console die.

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>he thinks Splatoon 1.5 isn't a rehashRetard alert

>>523657274Rainbow Curse, Woolly World, Smash, and Splatoon were not ported.NES Remix 1+2 would be a nice inclusion, especially if they managed to add a third with third party games.

>>523659629>Smash>SplatoonIt doesn't matter, they are the better versions on switch

>>523658076>nobody bought the last consoleThat is not a valid excuse. You cannot claim that 50 million Switch owners weren't at least aware of the games being released for the Wii U, even if they didn't buy them. Nintendo shilled the system for a number of years, and is now betraying those years of marketing.

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>>523659847>now betraying those years of marketing.They spent the entire life of the system fucking up the marketing. What's this "now" nonsense?

>>523659847>and is now betraying those years of marketing.the fuck are you talking about "betraying", the wii u was a dead console almost entirely BECAUSE of nintendo's heinously stupid marketing for the systemit had an extremely bad start with no one knowing what the fuck it was on announcement because they just showed off the gamepad and not the actual console, and then most of their ads were sitcom skits of 10 year olds asking for the gamesphere

>>523657274Wind Wanker HD, Twifag Princess HD and new Skywank Sword HD for the Zelder 35 anniversary, $60, only available for a few months.

>>523660163>and new Skywank Sword HD for the Zelder 35 anniversary,it's still incredibly bizarre to me they didn't do anything but staple some roms togetherit doesn't really hurt me but it is disappointing since I was hoping for a sunshine HD or something

>>523659495Just look at the Switch. It's bulky as hell and needs to be tethered to the console. Not to mention the 3DS was still around. The Switch also gets all the PC ports because Nvidia made it easy to port over games to the console. It's mostly a redditor machine and it succeeded.

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>>523657274Game and Wario will never be on the switch.All that's left is the Zelda games, Xenoblade, and Star Fox is we're lucky.

the zeldas in a collection

>>523657759>imagine a machine to play all nintendo exclusive games you didn't played

>>523660163One can only hope they do this and don't try to release them all solo for $30-40 each or some kind of other release.

Is the really a chance that the Zeldas will be ported? Don't give me hope. I want those and XBX and then I'll be happy

>>523657274Xenoblade X is the only one that matters, but it will never happen.

I'd like a new wario game, just from either seriesProbably land more I guess

>>523660970>Is the really a chance that the Zeldas will be ported? very

>>523657274zelda HD double pack incoming

>>523657274You forgot the GOAT Yoshi game.

>>523660970almost definitely coming for the zelda 35th anniversary

>>523657274>Crossing Out Rainbow CurseI get the idea but Rainbow Curse isn’t a mainline Kirby game

>>523657274>BotW isn't a port since it came out for Switch before the WiiU version>smash 4 is not on switch>splatoon 1 is not on switch>yoshi ww was ported to 3ds, switch has crafted world>kirby wasn't ported

>>523660058>>523660073>b-but the marketing was horrendous!!!Be that as it may, those who paid attention to the marketing at all are the ones getting shit on for doing do.

>>523657759This. All the replies are retarded.

>>523663974I got one for sort of free and I played some games on it, I'd still like games on the switch from it because I don't even know if I have it anymore and also the gamepad was rarely used well, but it was really good in wwhd

>>523657759>ports are not gamesfuck you

Do they have the balls to do paper mario

>>523659495The Wii U was a failure on all accounts, sorry that Nintendo wanted to give those great games a second chance instead of letting them die off on a console almost nobody got.

>>523657274Wii U also had the best version of MH3U, so there's that at least.

>>523665063sorry that Nintendo wanted to resell old games for years, instead of making new games to show off how "great" their new console is

I do kind of hope we get a Zelda collection eventually with OoT/MM/WW/TP. I would also like them to revamp Star Fox Zero and make it play more like the older games. Seriously, the game was fine when it didn't force the motion controls. Xenoblade Chronicles X would be nice but I already own it and I don't think it will be out for awhile after DE just came out this year.

>>523665063i like my wiiu

>>523660163don't forget the limited edition game and watch Zelda featuring 1 and 2 along with the original Zelda Game and Watch.

>>523660970I sure hope so

>>523660970Definitely but they'll be full price and never go on sale like usual

>>523664723He didn't say they weren't games. He said they weren't new games. I think he was right.

"Yeah" this post if you would have no issue with the abundant WiiU ports if Nintendo did not treat these as new releases and sold them at a discount.

>>523657274>wii fit UI'd just call that a prequel to ring fit and cross it off.

>>523657896>being btfo so hard you can only think to poke at the fact they posted a picture with their post

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>>523657798>I literally can't stop winning at this pointOH BOY THIS COMPANY IS LETTING ME PURCHASE THEIR GAMES AWWWW YEAH I'M WINNING AT LIFE!



>>523660970i will have an orgasm if they released Four Swords Adventure online. Give us Tetra's Trackers now that Zelda has VA. no excuses.

the legend of zelda collector's edition duexfeaturing Four Swords Adventure, Minish Cap,TP, WW, SS

hollow knight


>>523657274the zelda's are next year, its their anniversary


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Sucks they made an effort with WW HD to support the gamepad, which will now need to be ripped back out for the Switch version.

>>523657274>star foxgarbage game>wii fit uneeds balance board, not happening>art academyprobably won't happen because docked mode, but some drawing games would be nice>nintendo landoverrated and only good for multiplayer. not happening regardless>fatal frame vI kinda liked it. Would love to see it again with gameplay enhancements. I feel like this could happen>zelda wwhd, tphdmeh doubt they would bother over sshd or something>game and wariohot garbage. not happening>xenoblade chronicles xoverrated, but skells are fucking sweet and the game is super ambitious. could potentially happen

Nobody is forcing you to buy these games a second time. I had a Wii U, and most of these games, and don’t give a fuck if they get ported. I already played them, I don’t need to buy them again, I save money, and people who never played them (the main target audience for these ports) get to enjoy them without wasting money on an abandoned failure of a console. Being finished games, they also take way less effort to work on, making great filler between actual new games. If you feel “betrayed”, you need to stop being obsessed with brands so much.

>>523667251Playing with the Pro Controller and the GamePad being the map was the best thing about them

It’s sort of sad that the Wii U is completely useless now except as a reminder of the VC and Nintendo’s failure

>>523667358snoy fags literally throw their games on the toilet when it's ported

>>523667358its a massive falseflagdo you really think any of these people actually own a wii u?the only people retarded enough to own one are nintendo fanboys like myself. But there is absolutely no reason for me to be upset about some ports when there's plenty other games to play. Wii U only had 3 good games (splatoon, dkctf, bayo2) (maybe sm3dw if playing couch co-op) and theyve all been ported or upgraded for the better on switch

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>>523667358I never know what % of people are serious and which ones are just shitposters.I know there are SOME people who are these mentally diseased, but I hope it's not a large amount of them.

>>523657274>nintendoland>wiifitU>game & warionever ever>art academy>project zerovery unlikely>starfox zero>zelda twilightsomewhat possible>zelda cartoon edition>xeno xvery possible

>Smash 4

>>523658104that already exists. it's called star fox 64

The entire first fucking row wasn’t ported, aside from maybe BOTW.

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>>523667964Star fox 64 3D to be more exact.

>>523658649>I think they might do a WW/TP/SS trilogy packhell no. galaxy 2 wasn't included because it was released last decade. no way they are bundling ss with ww and tp

didnt fatal frame director already express interest in porting maiden of blackwater?

>>523668030BOTW is not a port, it's a double release.

>>523668065You're right, it's more than likely going to be sold standalone

>>523668030but who cares about this games?

>>523668030/v/ is still slave to the delusion that Smash Ultimate, Splatoon 2, Yoshi and Kirby were just ports with minor changes.

imagine if they redid Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks in the Wind Waker toon style rahter birds eye view.

>>523658280No, who the fuck wants new games? I like old games more and will pay to replay them.

Can anyone explain why the switch isn't backwards compatible?

Snoyny mad as fuck lmao

>>523668483Wii U discs don't fit in the Switch.


>>523668483To sell ports.


>>523668407People stopped pretending ultimate was 4.5 when e3 happened, EVERYONE IS HERE completely annihilated that idea.

>>523657759Isn't that strictly because the Switch is NOT powerful? It's basically a much more On The Go Wii U. You know a Wii U that is much more capable to be taken anywhere.If that's the case then it has no potential to be wasted.

My own fault for owning a Wii U and most of the games, but it's annoying when they add content for the Switch version.Means I have to pirate it again for that extra hour of fun.

>>523668921I vividly remember people still desperately holding onto the notion well after Banjo came out.

>>523669354>More than half a year AFTER the game came outI don't think you can call them people at that point, they're just retards.

>>523657274rainbow curse got ported?

>>523668921Ultimate is Smash 4.5 though. Compare the differences between 64, melee, brawl and Wii U. The games are radically different from each other. Wii U to ultimate didn't really change anything up in a major way. Ultimate is basically an upgraded Wii U, I can't recall everything, but functionally the only missing features in Ultimate that were in Wii U are party mode and Trophies. There is basically no reason to ever play Wii U again given Ultimate is Wii U but better,

All I want to say is that Star Fox Zero with standard controls alone is not enough. If Nintendo thinks they can charge full price for this short game they can go kick sand. They need to add more substance and I mean more than even Bowser's Fury or Pikmin 3's extra content. You need to basically reinvent the damn thing especially since Star Fox Guard is nowhere near enough.

>>523670161No they don't retard. Nintendo will port it over 1 to 1 with slightly modified controls and the nintendies will buy that shit up like retards lmao.

>>523658104Don't get your hopes up, they'll pretend that Zero never happened.

>>523657274zeldas or xenoblade

>>523657274I want a farm frame collection and rerelease of 5

>>523667358Strange, last time I checked these Wii U ports were the ONLY substantial new content confirmed to be coming out soon. If they were also pumping out new games it wouldn't be as huge a problem.