>performs 15% slower than your 2000$ pc for quarter the price

>performs 15% slower than your 2000$ pc for quarter the price

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>>523656848>has no games

>be me>retard>hardly any life skills>lazy and apathetic >still find a job that can pay me enough money to feel comfortable spending $1500 on a pc in a oligarchical states of America You can do it user

>>523656848who cares when the only exclusives PC has anymore are indie pixelshit that gets ported to other consoles eventually anyway

>>523656848If something is too good to be true then you are the product. They will make up the difference by fucking you with fees like paid online and overpriced games that you can't pirate.

>>523656995what kind of job user?

>>523657040We also got Alyx, the most important game of the last decade. But that doesn't count because you can't afford VR, right?

>>523656848Nah. With a 4700(when it comes out) and 3080. I'll be playing 3440x1440 at 100fps on max settings.PS5 will be playing upscaled 1440p at 30

>>523656848>15% slowerlol you wish

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>>523657040>games with actual graphics targeted on consoles and then ported to PC>indie "retro" lowpoly games first released on PC and then ported to consolewhat did they mean by this?

>>523656848>15% >2000$ consolekeks being delusional as usual

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>>523657136Hahahaha delusional devs are going to release even worse ports now 2080TI even struggling on games because devs are shit and will patch it later

>>523657171soul - soul - soulless

>>523656848>Performs worse than its direct competition>Trying to compare it to PCsFunny.

>>523657062There is literally no platform which can even come close to competing with PC when it comes to competitive first person shooters or strategy gamesAdditionally, no console will ever come even slightly close to PC’s modding capabilities, ease of access to pirated and free software, and general versatility. It’s ironic too, seeing that consoles have the potential to be highly specialized and optimized machines designed specifically to run games, and developers would have standardized hardware to work with. Unfortunately consolefags are retarded, poor niggers who can’t afford for this to become a reality. Consoles could have better specs and still be cheaper than most high end PCs, but nobody would buy them.

>games are $60-70-100>no cheats>no Switch emulationseems like a scam to me...they bait you with a lower price to murder you with game prices and basically no features

>>523657286copecopecope :^)

>>523657319u forgot the quarter the price part

>>523657112>most important game of the last decadeis that why no one is talking about it?

>>523656848You do realize that PCs are actual computers and not just $500 devices to play Super Mario on, yes?

>>523656995I would never feel comfortable spending more than $300 on anything that isn't a necessity

whatever dude hope you enjoy your shitcase


>>523657040Basically the ENTIRE "adult game" industry is exclusively on PC. If you think the best we have is pixelshit tits and Leisure Suit Larry, you're in for a shock. Enjoy your child's toy, though.

>>523657245The fuck are you talking about?Devs are going in on the PC market more and more now.

>>523657419U forgot it's the weakest next-gen device, if you're going for a next-gen console go for XSX.If you're going with pure power go with PC, it's that easy, PS5 offers nothing of value.

>>523657419It's direct competition is also a quarter of the price, and still 20% more powerful.

>>523657834inb4>b-b-b-b-but bloodborneevery fucking time.

>>523657736This, PC will become the standard for every dev in due time.Consoles will become the optional, the Xbox will gain more games for being more akin to PCs.

>>523656848>performs 15% slower than your 2000$ pc for quarter the priceYou mean it performs 15% slower than the SeX which is the same price. The SeX is already better than it, so imagine how much better the 30xx cards will be.

>>523657171go cry now, pay 1500$ extra and still not getting better graphics.

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>>523656848In the end of the day we won't truly know how good these next gen consoles are until they are in the hands of people to put them through their paces. I'm gonna go off on the limb and say that people with a 2080 right now have a much better set-up.I'm gonna wait (I think) for the next set up Nvidia cards after the 3000 series. Those cards will likely completely widen the gap between these consoles by a significant amount.

>>523657112>We also got [shit] Not even trying at this point.

>>523658005lol>still 30 fps after downgrades

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>>523657112I forgot that game existed. I heard the movement was weird.>>523657630Porn video games are cringe as fuck bro. I can't believe you even resorted to using this as an argument

>>523657934Imagine buying a whole machine for like... 4 or 5 games.This is stupid as fuck, better go with a PC with tons of games and power or if you really need a console go with the Xbox or Switch that offer some great stuff.

>>523658202Imagine buying a whole machine without 4 or 5 exclusives lmao


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>>523658193>Porn video games are cringe as fuck bro.I don't give a fuck if you like them or not. I don't like sports and movie games. That doesn't mean Dilation Station no longer counts as a game system. PC has more exclusive games - Of high quality, and every genre - than any console ever available. That's a fact. If you were a PC gamer, you'd know that.

>>523658362That's what I'm saying dude.

>>523657186I lied I work 2 jobs basicallyParalegal full time, freelance writer/editor in my spare time and 15 hours a week as an optician cutting lenses selling glasses and fixing frames


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>>523658424Nice response man really made me reflect and rethink my comment! Very constructive!

>>523657630Yeah but you can play any /h/ game on a $200 walmart laptop. Hell you could probably play them on a fucking chromebook

>>523658362Yep, won't be missed.

>>523658482>Dilation Station Kek>PC has more exclusive games - Of high qualityKEK, Yes pixel indie game #21080 and coombait waifu simulator of the month are QUALITY titles.

>>523658604who the fuck cares what you think? LOLyou don't even have VR, let alone a pc capable of running hla.

>>523656848Might as well wait for the inevitable pro version then.

>>523656848>'hahaha ps5 will destroy pc!'>Nvidia gets more then twice the performance and also gets the magic ssd tech>'Its so expeeensiiiveee'Fuck you. Your future game tech is already peasant tier 2 months before release.

>>523658731You clearly care enough to reply :)

>another generation of games being held back by consoles

>>523658147Runs at 30 due the hardware limitation from 2013.Meanwhile PC cucks paying 3x/4x extra to be able to double the FPS count on games that still does not look as good as a game from a hardware 2013.

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>>523658725>Yes pixel indie game #21080 and coombait waifu simulator of the monthAnd that's how we know you're not a PC gamer. But, hey, I'm sure this year's Madden will be amazing and unique.

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>>523658882>another generation of games where PCoids pretend to be better for spending more money on shit that nobody plays onAnother win for consoleCHADS.


>>523658714>Yeah but you can play any /h/ game on a $200 walmart laptop.This shows how far behind you are in /h/ games. Especially VR.

>>523656848>$400 tv>$300 5 years of your own Internet>$600 10 console "games">$500 console>24fps for another 7 years>shitty movie games>quarter the pricewhy consolecucks are such braindead retards?

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>>523657476Everyone that played it loved it. It's just that nobody wants to drop the money on it.

>>523659027this is a /trash/ tier shitpost m8, apply yourself 3/10 for making me reply

>>523659027Holy fuck i see a console chad roasting really hard, keep it up bro i love seeing them seething and coping!

>>523656848>can only play games sony approves of

>>523659021>no rebuttalsGlad to know that we won yet ANOTHER gen and you can do NOTHING about it.

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>>523658005ya sure

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>>523657040*laughs in strategy games and performance demanding simulators*

The ps4 will run cyberpunk 2077. Can a pc from 2013 do the same? Yeah though so

>>523656848play movies*

>>523659154>needing to pay $2000 and $1000 plus tip just to fapishygddt

You're literally all faggots for arguing about numbers.

>>523659319there's exactly zero OG PS4s operational today. if not the optical reader, the hdmi port fucks up.Source: I work repairing consoles

>>523658869he didn't inquirer your thoughtshe just judged you. had nothing to do with what you thought

>>523659319Yes it will run it at 720p 20-30fps just like the ps4 will

>>523659307>boring genres for basement dwelling nerdsDamn. PCbros!?

>>523659535>I'm too rarted for strategy and simsgotcha, go back to your over the shoulder shooty unique experiences

>>523659515a 1000$ pc you mean hahahaha, we always win always

>>523658593>Voice powered gamesWTF? Like Skyrym for alexa? I'd like to see a more updated char now that we know that Xbox games really mean both PC and console. And probably VR would grow too

>>523659156>$400 tvcuz pc you plug it in your ass and don't need a tv or monitor, right ?>$300 5 years of your own Internet2 free games every month from psn+. = 120 free games in 5 years = 2,5$ each game.>$600 10 console "games"poorfag pirate fag. this is why pc mostly get shitty ports (and still have to pay $60).>$500 console500$ for a single gpu or cpu. (plug the gpu on your tv and ready to go, right ?)>24fps for another 7 yearscope fag>shitty movie gamesthe minority of the games. meanwhile pc: shitty multiplayer games (majority of the games) and shitty console ports.

>spend 3000dollars>play emulated games from 2 generation old consolesPChads just can't stop winning

>>523659457I got mine in 2014 with the release of Watch Dogs and it works perfectly fine.

>>523659973you barely use it then

>>523659593>go back to playing fun gamesOh I will, Richard. >>523659959This CAN'T be real PCaucasians. How are we doing this?

This shit doesn't even run next-gen games, PS5 GPU doesn't support mesh shaders, vrs tier 2 or sampler feedback because it's RDNA1 based

>>523660139thank you for proving my pointalso how poor you need to be that you can't afford 600 bucks

consoles are for retarded tech-illiterate normalfags with zero taste and abilitythey can't even comprehend the fact that "consoles" are just underpowered PC's with locked down os and butchered features so that their tiny brain won't shut down when faced with optionscope & seethe & dial 8 consolecucks

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>>523659304Cry now ?

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>>523660020keep seething, my brother has his still working fine also, hardware malfunction can happen with pcs, i had trouble with 2 year old GPU's too.

>>523660321not seething, just not believing. But hey if it's true I'm happy for you. Just make sure you keep the insides dust-free.

>>523660302Well ya got me

>>523660020Not true at all but sure man keep lying to people.

>>523660220>dude more expensive = betterWhy would I spend more momey in things that I don't need?

>>523656848OH NO NO NO NO NO

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>>523656848>cope falls in like with amdrone cope nowit's only X% worse at certain specific price pointswojack.png

>>523660302>just plaster some shit on the screen, they'll think it looks "epic"jews tricking anons every time

>>523656848Oh you sweet summer child. That thing is going to chug trying to fake 4k.

>>523660636no one needs to game period, that argument doesn't apply


>>523656848>cant emulate 50000 other games

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>>523660648>shittier water>decreased draw distance>more fog to hide lack of textures

>>523660532np bro.go coom now.

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>>523656848>performs 30% worse than my $1000 PC that will last for 8 to 10 years, which I also use for work and internet, has games beyond soistation movie-"""games""" and doesn't make me pay for internet twiceftfy, retard

Every says that every generation but it ends up being a lie. That being said, performance aside I stick to PC in addition to that for:>Having only one device is convenient>Can use all controller types if needed>Can emulate most previous consoles if wanted>Modding which is huge>Being able to tailor settings exactly how you want>Is slowly absorbing all the titles from Playstation/Xbox that matter, and the few it doesn't I can get the annual sub thing if I care enoughHonestly the only relevant console left is Nintendo and thats strictly because they hold their exclusives so dearly. But for how long?

>>523660869>same exact level of funseriously you people need to stop cooming so hard at how much details you see on a dead leaf on the ground

>>523660869300$, the extra bucks you waste on your hardware i waste fucking juicy pussies like your mommys loose twat, while you watch in humiliation

>Can play all new games with old medium build from 2015. Only upgrade my GPU. total cost $1000>CPU still does it's work fine because consoles hold gaming tech back, games run better and look smoother. Basically going to be relevant for 2.5 gens>Can emulate basically anything and use it for productivity.I really don't understand why console only players get so mad and pretend a PC is $30000 minimum. It's silly shitposting.

>>523661054>thinking a pc will last 8-10 yearskek

>>523660648>MUH GRAPHICS PCtards deserve the rope.

>>523661229Only if snoyfags go first.

>muh $99999 PC for 0.2% performance boost over consoleYou can beat a console with a $1000 PC, and even a $2000 PC is more value for your money than a fucking console.>free games>don’t have to pay for onlineThese two simple things make PC cheaper than console in the long run, it can pay for itself within hours of you plugging the damn thing in. You bootlicking consoletards are going to be buying the inevitable PS5 pro that will release in the middle of the generation, so you’re spending as much as you would on a PC anyway.

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>>523656848>$20002700x + mobo = $150rtx 3070 = $ 500ram + nvme + case = $150total: $800, at double the power with tons of free AAA gamesps5: $600psn: $50 / year x 5 years = $250total: $850, outdated at half the power and a fraction of the featureslooks to me like the ps5 is more expensive

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>>5236611952500k came out 9 years ago now and still dumps on consoles

The only thing we need is for monitor to be priced better. tvs absolutely shit on monitors in terms of features and pricing.

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>>523661229Snoyfags keep moving the goal posts everytime>>523658005

>>523661434TVs absolutely shit on monitors>60hzAlright then user, TVs aren't better for games and that's a fact

>>523661409Make an amazon build for that price or gtfo

>runs games at 1440p with drops below 30fps>"Please pay us 500€ and 70€ for new games"

>>523656848Literally built for BWC

>>523661603>MUH RESOLUTION>MUH FPSa game is a game, if you have fun with it you lose nothing

>>523657336Exactly this. We'll go from one thread talking about some fucking consoles dead on arrival amazing hardware to why are consoles so expensive. I wish there was a $1000-$2000 price point console that pushed some limits with it's exclusive hardware but the poorfags would just Der Schrei der Natur

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>>523656848>>performs 15% slower than your 2000$ pc for quarter the pricethis should be in reference to xbox series x. that's the only console which actually looks impressive hardware and feature wise. i think we're in for some interesting comparisons between xbox and pc over the next gen because of the featuresets they have like dedicated ML tech for upscaling, variable rate shading, RT etc. ps5 isn't even close, which is sad because you expect sony to be at least on par with xbox considering sony launched with the better hardware this gen.

>>523661409>3070 build for 800

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>>523657286Shut the fuck up, please

>>523660662>jews tricking anons every time>rtx 2080ti: $1200.>rtx 3070: $500

>>523661780>>MUH RESOLUTION>>MUH FPSThread about performancePoints out performance is badMoves goal postsWhy are all snoy threads like this

>>523661718WHITE POWER!!!!

>>523657630>b-but we can coom

>>523657102>>523657186Not him but I got a labor job at a small business making big ass sheets of material, company kept moving me around to different jobs because I would at least do the minimum without fail. Now I make enough to spend 5k+/year on hardware and shit and still be more than comfortable.

consoleniggers aren't humandeath to all consoleniggers

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>>523661960More like: "jews tricking pc fags every time"

>>523661984>No you can't have fun with videogamesPCasuals everyone. A round of applause for them.


>spends a kajillion dollars on pc>doesn’t even play games, just watches youtube and shitposts

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Nah, my PC isn't a

>>523661409>ram + nvme + case = $150Usually I see 1TB M.2s for the price of all of those combined.

>>523662318Yeah you can't, so what? what we say goes cuck


>>523662486why should it be a 1tb when the ps5 only brings 500gb of free space?

>>523662318Jesus Christ man nobody was talking about fun, the entire thread was about how it performs, if only console game are fun for you , you can emulate older ones and play newer multiplats better than consoles. This freedom of choice is why people prefer pcs

>>523662221>consoleniggersyes sure. pc niggers act just like a nigger that pay $300 for a new Nike shoes.

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>>523662387Not even that. >spend your mommy's monthly check on a PC>go to anonymous internet forum to ramble aboyt how much better than the rest you're instead of playing the 3000 games you have access to in 4K 120 fps

>>523656848Côpë sh itch tranny

>>523656946You know it was total bullshit and it never ran on a laptop, so what's your point now?

>>523656848What an amazing over priced machine you have constructed that mostly plays indie games then.

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>>523662605Console is a very wholesome community relative to PC. PC is full of bitter autists and cheaters (paid online is unironically a good thing, that’s why things like ESEA still exist)

>>523662605>pc niggers act just like a nigger that pay $300 for a new Nike shoes.kek the irony of this consoleniggergo buy your pozzedstation and nigger-man like a good loyal snoy dog you are

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>>523662805Why yes I love to pay for something I could get for free

>>523658482>If you were a PC gamer, you'd know that.I'm not a PC gamer because I have like 40 unplayed games for Switch, PS3, and PS4 I still have to get through, and yet I legitimately cannot think of an exclusive on the PC that's worth playing. Witcher 1 was the last one I played like 3 or 4 months ago and it was shit so I quit. And that game is ancient lmao

>>523656848>15%>it performs 100% slower since it will never be turned on due to have no games on it

>>523662805>Console is a very wholesome communityIndeed.

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>>523661229Every time

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>>523662974say the line

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>>523662805>Console is a very wholesome community15 year olds screaming nigger in voicechat is totally wholesome chungus

>>523662730cope, go play your tranny and lesbian games, we don't want that.

>>523657987Holy fucking gigacope.

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>>523662805The responses you got proves your point, congrats it was easy to prove it.

>>523656848ah yes ps4 is so powerful it runs bloodborne at 25 fps.

>>523662974>>523663171if they're cool with rioters breaking personal property, they should be cool with destroying their warehouses and production lines to make a point, right? Has anyone suggested they do exactly that to "raise awareness?" I'm interested in whatever PR bullshit they spit out in response

>>523656848>15% slowerThere is no such thing as "x times slower" or colder or lighter or cheaper etc.

>>523656946OH NO NO NO NO

the ps5 demo of ratchet had fps drops and that's a generic platformer.AT 30 FPS

>>523662974>tw*tterPCocksuckers really stood THAT low to search for legit arguments.

>>523662583875, actually.

>>523663413>equating people peacefully protesting police violence to opportunist anarchists using any excuse to cause destruction, looting and mayhem

>>523657630I'm watching the RLCS right now which is exclusively on PC and all the competitors are under 25 l0lzoom zoom zoomies, mommy can u buy me a new gaming pc pweaseeeeee

>>523663520cope, seethe and drink bleach consoleniggeryou're good loyal dog your masters love youthey don't

>>523662334still crying ?

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>>523663950Says the guy who cock sucks one of the biggest giants and tyrants in the whole fucking planet.

>>523662730No it wasn't you fucking retard.

>>523663576lol no. its 825gb and they confirmed that it has almost 200gb of space used by the OS and other shit. youre getting 550gb max on your meme ps5 ssd.

>>523656946also:> can only game> shitty UI> shit controls> have to sub to play online> shit storage option(s)> shit expandability> games cost ~30% on release and there are no good key sites or big discounts, anything of that sortthis applies to both consoles desu, not just PS


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>>523656848So that's like what? 2-3 seconds of longer loading time? meh.... i don't care, playstation consoles are usually worth it's price over the years. And I don't feel like upgrading my PC every 2-3 years.

>>523656946bullshit. pro versions are already about as strong as rx 580s, just with shit gpus.

>>523658926>>523663992Fuck I really am gonna buy that game + black empowered female who needs no man beating up the main white protagonist just because.It does not matter what Sony shits out, it will ways be progressive garbage on beautiful graphics.

>>523663613>>523664291furthermore, pic related

Attached: file.png (672x331, 170.14K)

>>523656848>>performs 50% slower

>>523663613>peacefully protestingI knew it, the snoys suck black cock.

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>>523664060Yes it was, recorded on a PS5 and played as a video on a laptop you dumbfucktwitter.com/TimSweeneyEpic/status/1261779320101572609

>not playing games on all platforms I couldn’t imagine having to pick sides. It must suck being poor.

>>523664382The XboneX is stronger than the PS4 Pro, and the XboneX has RX 580 tier internals. The problem, however, is that despite this the XboneX bottlenecks itself and is actually slightly weaker than an RX 470 in practice. The ps4 pro is not better than an Xbone X. So basically everything you said it a lie.


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>>523661534LG OLEDs can actually do 120Hz and support FreeSync as well.

>>523659952>poorfag pirate fag. this is why pc mostly get shitty ports (and still have to pay $60).>complains that PC is so much more expensive than consoles>calls PC users poorfagsI think the poor consolecuck is broken.

>>523664665>believing chinck sellout's damage controlI knew consolefags have sub 90 IQ but come on

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>PCornballs are racist retards that resort to twitter screenshots and politics to justify spending 2000 bucks on a platform controlled by the biggest companies in the worldShame on ALL of you. ConsoleCHADS? We WON before this even started.

>>523664665>>523664665Now post the part where he realizes that the thing is runing at a higher framerate on the laptop then backs down and says "just wait bro". Also the fact that the demo ran at 40 FPS proves it isn't a video, but an actual benchmark being run on different hardware. If it was a just a video fromt he ps5 reveal, explain how it was running at a higher framerate.Fucking idiot.

>>523664831How much do those cost tho

>>523665080post hand

>>523664291Nice, lets go take their products then.

>>523665167he'd have to put away his fishing rod to take the photo

>>523656848>dollar sign AFTER the sumWhat did you do with the Lindbergh Baby?!

>>523665080>>PCornballs are racistYes.Now go back to sucking nigger dick loyal snoy dog.

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>>523665128You can get a 55" for probably around a 1000 bucks during the annual model refresh. I paid 1200 for my C9. They make a 48" now, but I have no idea how much it costs.

>>523665167W-why? You're not thinking about masturbating to it? R-right?

>>523665080I mean he isn't wrong, just look at microsoft and nvidia, they all say the exact same politically correct shit on social media.

>>523656848>15% slower

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>>523664218I though it was 825 LEFT on the drive with the OS installed.

>>523665358So it's not a better option is it? You can definitely buy 144hz monitors for around that price

>>523664418>It does not matter what Sony shits out, it will ways be progressive garbage on beautiful graphics.The whole gaming industry is doing that agressively after around 2015.so shut the fuck up and don't change the subject like a butthurt kid.

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>>523665125n-no w-w-wait you weren’t supposed to point out holes in my narrative! no no NO NO THIS CANT BE HAPPE-

Attached: 2353BEF7-4835-4618-8249-0C79CFD2E5B8.png (1200x1248, 572.05K)

>>523656848god that thing is ugly

>>523656848I love how snoy faggots are getting hate from everyone now.

>>523665528It's better if you want your display to look amazing.

>>52365814730FPS won't hurt my experience.

Attached: ▄█▀ █▬█ █ ▀█▀.jpg (653x595, 60.01K)

god I love the smell of assblasted consolecuckskeep up the good work boys

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>>523657040We get xbox exclusive now too lol.

>>523660962damn,she's packing

>>523665721consolefags have such low standards that even getting fucked by nigger cock while they "play" will not only not hurt their experience but enhance it

>>523656961>has no soul either

>>523656848I got a ps4 recently and i am looking for cheap games on it. Should i go for nu God of war or the remake for 3? Is there a collection on the old games? I played 1 and the psp game and i loved them. I am not feeling too confident in the reboot but if people recommend it i might try it

>>523656848>>523658005>>523658926>>523665080You don't need to buy a new PC every gen>>523657630I recently got in to adult gaming and I literally can not stop cooming. Porn saves the industry once again

>>523666297The reboot is nothing like the old games it's so sad man they changed a hack and slash into a generic third person rpg, I'd recommend going for 3 remastered


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>>523666326>You don't need to buy a new PC every genYup instead of buying a $500 console every 7 years you have to buy a $1500 gpu every 5 years. Sounds awesome

>>523666490I remember something about a god of war collection on the ps3. Is that available on 4 as well? I'm kind of pissed that bloodborne is not on sale. I wanted that as well. Not even mentioning p5 royal and ff VII remake since those came out rather recently

>>523666575If you normalize PC graphics to console graphics (about low to medium settings at 24 - 30 fps) you could keep the same GPU for 10 years. Or buy a used GPU every 5 years.

>>523665448nope. 825gb is the actual drive and their os and services are confirmed to be bloated as fuck.

>>523663921>Watching esports>Calling anyone a zoomer

>>523666807>you could keep the same GPU for 10 yearsYup then your gpu stops getting driver updates and new games mysteriously start breaking and fucking up at random. Amazing cope

>>523666575that's the price of higher refresh rates, resolutions and highest video settingsnot to mention freedom to do whatever the fuck you want, entire library of previous console generations and better input controlsmeanwhile consoletards must be content with 30fps with drops, horrendous upscaling and video settings getting from medium to low to ultra low over the course of console lifespan

>>523666807>Thinking Spider-Man/Ghost of Tsushima/TLOU2 would be at low to medium on a PC

>>523664650Why is middle America so stupid?

>>523656946>PS5 is on par with a desktop GTX 980>On par with a card that is multiple generations obsoleteI thought it was bad but I didn't realize it was that bad>>523663020>I'm not a PC gamer>cannot think of an exclusive on PCWhy would you announce that you're completely ignorant on a topic, and then share your opinion about it anyway?>>523663413Someone already did that, they said something along the lines of:>It's just video games

>>523659156Why does it look like Henry lives in his mom's flat?

>>523667002Why do retards that know nothing chime in with their worthless opinion?


>>523657040>he cares only about the exclusivesI don’t need to worry about temporary exclusives and be conditioned to a single platform, I’m not desperate and I can wait for other games to arrive, also, I don’t have to pay for online

>>523667632>Say a fact>Retard gets buttmad and claims it’s not true even though it isYou are coping


>>523656946That's just sad.

>>523656946Now do the 3090.Not only is PS5

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>>523666807>30 fpsthis isn't 1973. please get the fuck off.

>>523659952>free games every month from psn+>freewhy consolefags are like this


>>523656848PC also grants access to older games through emulation and enables you to have access to internet better as well as to earn money.I love my Xbox One and I respect the PS4 but I am getting a gaming midtower desktop instead of the Xbox Series X or PS5. I am still going to get a Switch though.

>>523657208once these consolekeks get their piss station 5...their suffering beings as the PC race steps over them.

>>523667928>Thanks for beta testing!

>>523657040All Sony exclusives now are trash tranny movie games. I'd rather have indie pixelshit.

>>523661409don't forget that after building your first pc you usually keep other parts like psu, hdd/ssd, ram, case, etc, and end up saving more

>>523668021Don't tell me. Send a strongly worded letter to Sony and MS, I'm sure they will modernize their games.

>>523668460Yet you have no games to play

>>523656946so it's a 2060 then?

>>523668838PC has good games, it’s just that all of the best ones run like shit off a shovel even on old potatoes.

>>523656848> sub 800GB SSD that's just a bunch of 64GB modules attached to a shitty arm processor that will run hot as the sun and will likely brick themselves on top of shitty TBW endurance Enjoy having 3 games installed at a time lol>Laptop tier GPU that's a glorified cut down 5700 that's been underclockedI swear were more powerful than a PC guys we have been saying the same thing every generation since PS2 so it must be true>Welded shut chink shit dual shock controller with built in DRM and microphone that Sony will swear is not sending data back for "quality control"WEW enjoy those QTE cinematic experiences™ and aim assist crutches big boys>16GB of SHARED ram between system and GPUSmh you guys should know this is a horrible idea and in practice never works well at all>8 core AMD cpu that has been down clocked with the extra cores being used solely for streaming and spotify outside powering the DRM infested OS that you have to live withThat laptop power is giving me whiplash guys you should be excited but you're just jealous that PS5 is going to be the ultimate AAA garbage experience where we decide to port everything to PC because we know we can't make enough money on the console alone to keep shareholders from wanting to hang us.

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>>523656848>Buy the official console of the Chinese Communist Party?Traitors who buy the PS5 must be shot in the head without hesitation

After carefully studying this thread and weighing the opinions and evidence I've come to the conclusion that who gives a fuck.

>>523669167>16GB of SHARED ram between system and GPULMAO, my potato quality PC has 8GB for GPU and 16GB for CPU.Unbelievable.

>>523665528There's no monitor in the market below $4k with acceptable HDR(including enough dimming zones, which are a requirement) with Asus MiniLED ProArt series being the cheapest but even then the dimming zones are too big for stuff like your mouse cursor or reticule in dark backgrounds. (OLED) TV's absolutely completely blow all consumer monitors out of the water aside from only 2 factors:>120fps max (come on, only 0.5% of the most autistic PCfags complain about that limit)>lower PPI due to the smallestt 4K OLED right now being 48". Meaning that you can't really use one as a desk "monitor" for being too big and too pixel-y at close distancesNot that OLED would be a good option as a monitor in the first place unless you bother to micromanage or hide all fixed Windows/Browser UI elements.Only once MicroLED comes out at below $2000 will PC monitors begin to compete with current TVs in image quality. That's half a decade from now at the very best. For the near future decent HDR on monitors is impossible (the HDR you see on labels is there for marketing reasons, mostly non-functional compared to real implementations) so TV's will automatically have the leg-up for a good long while.

>>523656848$2000? I'm building a pc right now to outlast this entire console gen for $1300 lol. Why must you people lie to yourselves? Consoles should stay good at being consoles and stop competing with pc like Nintendo does.

>>523668410PC brainlets can't undertand stuff.the point is: spending 3x more and having a powerful hardware for what ? to play csgo, dota or fortnite at 300 fps ? or to try to run a poorly optimized console port game at your "tolerable" pc performance standards?Meanwhile consoleplebs pay way less and still get superb looking games. PC users need to spend $2000 to achiev the same on the console ports or on a poorly made multiplatoform game.

>>52366351660fps option confirmed.

>>523670168You're gonna lose a pay grade with posts like that friend. Put a little more effort in. I know you probably hate your job to some extent but it's pretty easy just posting stuff on the internet for cash.

>>523669856OP is obvious bait but you still prove him right by presenting a cost 3x higher to that of a PS5. Your PC OUGHT to outlast the entire generation (let's be real though, you'll upgrade at least one or two bottlenecks within 7 years)


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>>523670394I think this is cope, what you guys think?

>>523663020>I'm not a PC gamer because I have like 40 unplayed games for Switch, PS3, and PS4 I still have to get through,... dude, I have like 600. LOL @ consoles.

>>523664382lmao my aging 1060 is on par with an x1x and the pro is way beyond both of those

>>523668898No. Read the text in that image again. The PS5 ran the UE5 demo weaker than a 2080 Max Q did (2080 MQ is 2060 tier)The ps5 is weaker than a 2060. Also The UE5 demo was running on a devkit, not a consumer piece of hardware, and devkits always have better internals than retail hardware.

>>523656946what is this retarded shit lol? 1080 is 70% faster than 980, this graph is nonsense

>>523656848>>52365694625% weaker with less than 1% of the library of a PC and requires a subscription to access your own internet

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>>523670168Dunno dude. 30 FPS ain't great compared to pcs 60+

>>523656848M8 this thing is almost on par with just gpu quality in my current pc which is fucking old and has a gtx 1080. A 5 year old card. And even then thats only you, the console can't even compete when It comes to cpu power

>>523670394says the boy that paid 1200$ for a 2080ti and now getting rekt by a 3070 (same performance) costing $499yikes... "PC master race"

>>523656848>850gb storage in 2020YIKES>25% slower then an outdated 2080YIKESfucking poorfag consoles keeping us in last gen for another decade AGAIN


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>>523670962>fucking poorfag consoles keeping us in last gen for another decade AGAINNo blame pirates for that, your kind is the enemy here

>>523661718>>523662014Non white women are objectively disgusting.

>>523670168By "same" you mean blurry 30fps at 1080p right?