$399.99 + the tip

$399.99 + the tip

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does it come with its own wifi?


>>523656398where is the disc tray? did they forgot to put it?


>>523656554you're blind

>825GBJesus fucking christ they couldn't spring for the full TB? Worst part is that it's going to be even less than that with all the bloat shit they install

>>523656554On the right hand white flap. It's an afterthought, really. Sony's recent investor relations publications say physical media only accounts for 6% of their revenues.

>>523656398>+tipyou can suck my cock instead. enough tip?

>>523656398More like 599 + tax + tip + the full cock while we are at it


>>523656582If PlayStation is the nogamestation, where does that leave the sex box?

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>>523656874Got your tip and full cock right here *unzips dick*

>>523656398>825GB*eats 50%*

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>>523658246games in 3 years station

>>523656763You can cope a little better. So we can get along?

>>523656398399 + 270,plus 70 per game

>>523656660~100gb is supposedly the os

>>523656660It's s full terabyte SSD but the OS takes up like 150GB.

>>523656398>+tipYour point would be better if you said +tax instead.

The only people who are remotely excited for the next gen of consoles at my place of work are 30+ year old incels/faggots and really lonely 20~ year olds who's wife left them. I know it's anecdotal and sound very specific but it's fucking weird. Everyone who seems like a cool guy or makes enough money is buying PC stuff. Is this growing up? 19 btw

>>523658351That's all? Pffff....



>>523659006It's a cycle. Once you start making money you can build the perfect PC, but the older you get the less free time you have to fuck around with it anymore, so consoles become more attractive.

>>523656398Yeah sure I'd buy it at that price. 2021 is PC upgrading year so PS5 comes at the right time.

>>523658626Why would an OS be that cumbersome?


>>523658961>not tipping the cashier/delivery person

>>523658961Tax is just tipping big daddy government.


>censorstationno thanks

>>523659172From what? I have both?>>523659346That makes plenty of sense.

>>523659006>fanfic copeThat's not how it works, Jimmy.

>>523656398699.99 Euros confirmedstay mad

>>523656398I'm kind of expecting it to be $500. I guess it depends on what microsoft prices their console at though.

>>523656398>825GB in the year 2021Meanwhile video games get bigger and bigger by the year. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – 175GB. ...Destiny 2: Shadowkeep – 165GB. ...Red Dead Redemption 2 – 150GB. ...Final Fantasy XV – 148GB. ...Call of Duty: Black Ops III – 113GB. ...Gears of War 4 – 112.3GB. ... All of these games are considered LAST GEN. Upcoming games will demand vastly MORE storage.Sonygroids will defend this.

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>>523659740>No! It's just cope! PS5 is going to be more powe- I mean popular!

>>523656398So riddle me this Sonyfags, when there is a service outage how do I play my games? Because it requires authentication in order to let me play. >sonyretards will defend this


>>523659882Uh just buy the Sony® Super Magic SSD™ addons, goy.

>>523659489I imagine at least 60 GB needed for quick resume feature, same for Xbox SeX.

>>523659882>>523660051there is literally an expansion slot to add a regular NVMe to expand storage.Xbox is the one with propitiatory SSD addons funny enough

>>523660682>Xbox is the one with propitiatory SSD addons funny enoughThey both will have that.Let's be honest though this isn't the first time we had to deal with this bullshit. Take the PS3 which had a 2.5" laptop hard drive in it, but needed an expensive bracket to fit properly. People used old credit cards to wedge it in...lolOr the Xbox 360 which used a weird laptop hard drive dock that fit on the top of the 360. I have no doubt that we will be taking apart these weird nvme expansion slots apart and sticking in a standard nvme drive.

>>523659882That's why you delete them when you're done with them like a big boy who cleans his room

>>523656398Damn she's beautiful .

>>523661562>3/4ths of the US still lives with Datacaps with an average of 600gbThis generation is going to be hilarious if a majority of people go with the digital PS5.

>>523659006I used to care but now that I have a decent PC and the fact graphical generational leaps aren't that big anymore I stopped giving a shit. Most modern sony games are cinematic garbage and everything on Xbox comes out on PC so all I need to have is a Switch so I can play Nintendo games.

>>523656398599.99+tip+59.99 per year for online play. Good deal

>>523661586You're beautiful.

>>523659131You're telling us you want more?

>>523661693>Not already buying digital onlylol nerd you are doing it wrong


I'm still not buying a 9th gen console.

>>523662830>I'm a dumb retard with no reading comprehension

>>523656398>Arctic WhiteThat means available in other colors

>>523656662this is misleading because you're implying that the rest of it all comes from digital game sales, when they have a pretty big ecosystem of media you can get on ps4.

>>523659006No shit? Consoles main audience is normalfags. If you're on PC, there's higher chances that you aren't a normalfag.

>>523663293but i play consoles and im not a normalfag

>>523658626>150gb OShow in the fuck

>>523656554lol sweetie in the future you won't be needing those little annoyances. Finally consoles will have all of the bad of PC with none of the good.

>>523659006>19This is an 18+ site and then after you turn 18 you need to wait 5 more years before posting

>>523663609He doesn't mean the OS takes literally 150GB, just that it reserves that space for normal console operation, whatever system file logging, caching of various nature and shit.

>>523660682>there is literally an expansion slot to add a regular NVMe to expand storage.This is what I still don't understand. Like, is it some kind of propitiatory PS5 cartridge which contains a board that allows you to insert whatever NVMe you want?

>>523663929i'm literally using a single 250gb SSD for my win10 OS drive and it has almost all of that space left.

>>523658527Don't forget $60/year to pay to use the internet you already paid for.

>>523664037Me too. Plus a 1tb hard drive for videos and archived stuff. And another 200gb ssd for steam.

>>523663290I'm not misrepresenting anything, though I should have clarified it's 6% of the game and network services segment of Sony, rather than Sony overall.

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>>523664196Found this gem in another thread, the amount of cope

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>>523659346I don't exactly agree with the reason, but yeah it's a cycle, i find myself constantly weighting the pros and cons of each side and i can definitely see why consoles might be more appealing to some.In the end I always end up confirming PC is best, but more often than not i convince myself consoles aren't that much of a waste of money as i thought before.All of this doesn't take older gen consoles when exclusives were pretty much the norm and the few multiplats were different enough to justify one version or the other.

>>523664037win10 isn't a gaming focused os with support for shit like savestate launching, or whatever other data might be used or cached, though I'm just going off what user said, since there's still no console breakdown there is no proof it's actually 1TB inside, but I doubt there are 7 banks of 128GB modules inside

>>523659006Normal fags don’t care about building a pc. Your post tells me a lot more about you then anything else.

>>523659006>Everyone who seems like a cool guy or makes enough money is buying PC stuffsure thing pc lard


>>523666550>>523666749The absolute cope...

>>523658626that 150gb is used as virtual ram

>>523656398I think that after nvidia's presentation they really need to keep selling their consoles at the 400$ price point (being the physical a little more expensive)

>>523656398That's actually really nice looking, I always keep my boxes and put them on display so I'll look forward to doing the same with the PS5,as much as it makes Holla Forums seeth.

>$499>$599 for proper version with disk drive>storage gets filled up by just three modern AAA games>only games at launch are ports and a shitty bluepoint ps3 remake>american console + tranny pandering (50% of ps purchasers are lgbtq+)>looks fucking retarded in any sensible homes>doesnt even fit in rooms with non butt ugly furniture>all japanese games come censored out of the box>forced installations for games making you wait 10 hours before you can even play>netflix and non video game shit clutters the menus, extreme normie pandering>will be outperformed by pc before it even gets a chance>will get a slim rerelease within a few years with bundled gamesyou have to be mentally ill to even considering buying this or any next gen console at launch

>>523670016Oh ohh ohwww little baby that post really hurt my feelings

>>523670386Thought so

>>523656660It's 12 64GB modules.>>523658626No, it's not.

>>523658246netflix station

>>523658246The dreamcast of xbox, but without games

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>>523670016It's not real. Just a mockup.

>>523670739A shame because it does look nice


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>>523670870True. I also appreciate nice looking packaging.

>>523670967I'll sell you my pre-order for $1000

>>523656398Imma give you my tip retard

>>523670967Did the emails even go through?