ITT: Games no one on Holla Forums cares about other than you

ITT: Games no one on Holla Forums cares about other than you.

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>>523656308hit the nail on the head, what even was this game


>>523656384Fucking wild, a game most people forgot about and ended on an awful cliffhanger.I didn't play Dreamfall: Chapters until years after it came out and I'm not too happy with how it ended or anything.I'm glad it got some kind of ending though.

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>>523656836My nigger

Lost Planet

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>>523656308This game was amazing. Really immersive. Too bad about the ending though. Kian was also probably among the best voice acting I've ever seen in a game.Meanwhile, my choice would be image. A visual novel where you can play your usual personality types, but you can also play the role of a shy, indecisive, submissive and scared girl. All other games always put you in some sort of alpha male role. It's too bad Demonheart 2 failed to capture what made the first part so appealing.

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English release a few days ago, no threads anywhere>>523657020>>523657003You are stupid, those games are best sellers

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>>523656308i played this when i came out on was buggy and shit.

>>523656836soon brother soon

>>523657143Dude LP sold like ass, and I genuinely adore the stories of 1 and 3 which seems unpopular as fuck.

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>>523656308>>523656585luv Zoe, played this game before April'sApril's game was too retarded with having to mix ridiculous shit together to the point where you need a guide, still love the setting thoughFirst episode of Dreamfall Chapters was good but they clearly ran out of budget/ lost the thread of the story and the last eps were shitty

>>523657238Wow, just me, you, and 2.8 million other people...So obscure...

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>>523657238My favorite thing is people who call Lost Planet 3 shit without even having played it

>>523657453Dreamfall is the only one worth PLAYING, the other two (TLJ and Chapters) can be watched with nothing lost.

>>523657238Completely forgot there was a third lost planet.

>>523657609true enough, the early Casablanca portions were comfy to look at except for the ghost girl from the RingEuropolis was nice to look at too in Chapters, if only they actually did shit with the game, what was the point of showing all of Zoe's powers in the start if you're only ever going to use it again in the end? missed opportunity

>>523656308I dropped this at that white dream sequence.

>>523656308but i did play it, the first one toothe third one isn't worth playing

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>>523656384A game by a bunch of marxists

>>523659258Had to play it through super fast because once the novelty wears off its super boring. Can't believe that's what the portal devs made.

>>523659942i like the atmosphere. it's really comfy.though it's not kino like portal's atmosphere.

>>523659258It was a good game.I seem to be the only one to ever bring these five games up on this site.ExplodemonSwapperSanitariumMo AstrayJoe Danger Love em all, really do.

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>>523661628i liked sanitarium, though adventure games really get irritating after a while thanks to their retarded logic

>>523656308Metal gear survivePretty cool game, but got ripped apart by kojima drones

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>>523662105Agreed. I really enjoyed Survive and I wish it got the proper post release support it deserved. A solid expansion that added a new map and gameplay mechanics would have done it wonders.

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best racing game of all time ever. fuck a dub edition.>>523656308i didn't get very far into it because my xbox died but i liked what i played and it had a surprisingly great>>523657379remarkably solid squad based game. shame we never got a sequel.

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>>523656308I care about TLJ and Dreamfall!

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>>523656308Adventure games and point and clicks are kind of dead genre for Holla Forums in general. The first two games were really great, chapters not so much.

>>523656308No fucking joke my Grandma got me that game when I was a dumb ass kid and I was so fucking stupid that I didn't even finish. The game did give me one of my first faps, like oh my god her ass and legs were fucking perfect back then.

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>>523663476post em

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>>523657003You're part of a select few that care about the game on Holla Forums>>523657489Lost Planet 3 was extremely disappointing and bordering on shit. Wasn't even a Lost Planet game. The only things Lost Planet did well was some aspects of environment design and the soundtrack

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shill lost planet 1 to me, why should i play it

>>523663785*Only things Lost Planet 3 did well

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>>523663669Im finding more!

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>>523663615GBA port was surprisingly decent

>>523663615you kidding, the prodigal son of newgrounds.Who doesn't care about this hidden gem?

>>523663854Mechs and giant bug killing

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>>523663752Kino Report. Good shit buddy.

>>523663615newgrounds was mkultra

>>523664096Newgrounds was abducting American citizens and subjecting them to LSD based mind control experimentation?

>>523663854I am an absolute Lost Planet shill and i can tell you that it is a mediocre to good third person shooter made memorable because of its environment, the presence of mecha, the grappling hook, and to some extent the creature design.The maps are open corridors where the only goal is to reach the end of it where sometimes a boss fight awaits you. The multiplayer was fun for the somewhat meme-ish aspects of it but for the most part multiplayer is dead

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Many people remember World in Conflict, but not the game that comes before, in some ways it's even better. It was certainly good enough not to be forgotten.

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>>523656308Max Damage is a very good game

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>>523656308youre not alone user i enjoyed that game as well as a kid I remember vividly a scene with some fat fuck connected to some machine, keeping him immortal, and some other scenes but not the story so the game had a visual impact on me at least

>>523664387hahahhahaah anonI installed it like 5 minutes ago and just now decided to check v for a sec and see this nice I like playing it and listening to music

I loved the first game, but the sequel always had a place in my heart.

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>>523663368How is it compared to other games by this company?Genuine Rue and Primordia were kino, but Resonance and that cyberpunk game are shit (except that part with a restaurant serving cloned customer’s meat, I would totally taste myself kek).

I love the atmosphere, and pre-rendered graphics always feel so comfy

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>>523657003>had to unlock all that shit solo in Lost Planet 2 because no one played it online >also GFWL

>>523656308>mfw I remember Chapters existsI fucking hate it. I wish I could just erase Dreamfall's existence as well. Better to just have TLJ standalone. Breaks my heart.

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>>523656308that reminds me,i have the pc version of this but i doubt they let me play with gamepadis gamepad support exclusive to the console versions only?

>>523656308beat this game back in 2006. It was really interesting. I wanted to cum on zoe castillos soles. I played the first longest journey game but got stuck. I never played chapters but have watched videos of it doesnt seem taht great and seems like a such resolution to zoes coma.I loved dreamfall it was a really great game and I didnt realize it wasnt that popular because it was featured heavily on steam

>>523662702I played this on PS2 Classics!

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>>523665795>is gamepad support exclusive to the console versions only?Use steam to configure it.

>>523663854This nigga

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>>523663752Wasn't this game shilled for the longest time here?

>>523656308>What happens when a girl fresh out of high school teams up with SNAPE and GARRETT? It's an adventure game you're NEVER going to forget!

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>>523656308I've been eyeing the third on steam for years, but I've never heard anything about it, and it never goes on sale.

>>523666419She's actually a college dropout, excuse u

>>523666419>read that in his voice.fuck you

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>>523666539I heard they went full sjw so I never bothered with the series.

>>523665991he cute

>>523666662That was in the middle of the Gamergate bullshit, it's not that bad in the actual game

>>523666964Gamergate was right about pretty much everything other than their defending of pointless slutty characters and lolis.

>>523667125Slutty characters and lolis aren't pointless to defend. Their existence alone is proof that censorship isn't all encompassing, and their absence is proof that it is.

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>>523662105>>523662476>me put up fence and poke zombie with stickcool game guys. I'm sure it has a soul in there somewhere.

>>523668820>>523668908Good shit.

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>>523663752This, specifically Raw Danger.

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>>523665051The third one was such a shitshow.

>>523656308They ruined this game in the latest release.


>>523670167iirc it's a cringy social justice game that goes as far as to say Europe was never the white homeland. Somebody will probably post the screencaps you see in those threads.

>>523669194Just like any game that has a way of exploiting the AI. You can do that all the time if you want to be boring.