At what point is there to much "fanservice" for you in a game?

At what point is there to much "fanservice" for you in a game?

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When it is the only thing the game focuses on. Fanservice works when its a secondary aspect.

>>523655421When there's a retarded outfit designed for horny teens or moment where the focus on huge titties than anyone other than a weeb wouldn't feel embarassed to witness in the presence of others

Never. The only ones who hate it are women that never have gotten sexual attention, "women" (men), and low test males.


>>523655772You wish that was the case. I know how warm a real pussy is, you only know jacking off.

>>523655720"women" (men) are the main consumers of fanservice though.

>>523655989Your humilated penis doesn't count as a pussy.

>>523655421Tits too small

>>523655989You don't really know how warm pussy is if you are cut

>>523655421Post the oppai song.

>>523655720fansevice can refer to more than sexy thing (for example : the fangirls want more Sasuke. Put more Sasuke in Naruto please). We can generalize and say "It's bad when it oversteps the original soul of the product"

>>523655421Only if it's to the level that the devs say fuck the gameplay and try to sell the game solely off of fanservice. So basically Senran Kagura.

>>523655421This dress code should be mandatory for all women 14-30

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>>523655720>projectingWeebs are extremely low-test, lmao

>>523655421When it's the only redeeming thing about a game. I'll glady take all the T&A you can give me but only if there's good (or at least decent) gameplay too.

>>523655584Why embarrassed by titties?

>>523655421>billboard gets removed due to complaintsI thought japan loves coomershit? what the fuck is wrong with them?

>>523656097Neither does your surgically removed balls.>>523656153Not only am I uncircumcised, my foreskin pulls back when I'm hard.

>>523656406>my foreskin pulls back when I'm hard.Yes that is normal. Are you feeling ok?

there's no such thing as too much fanservice, only fanservice that doesn't appeal to me

>>523656451Better than okay knowing your dick is so small you're forced to have phimosis.

>>523656231SK series is right on the line between acceptable and not IMO. They all have similar levels of fan service, but the 3DS games and the Burst remake play just well enough to make them okay. All of the others play worse and fall on the other side of the spectrum. When the only thing you have is fan service it's a waste of time.


>>523655421If you have no dignity, there's no such thing as too much fan service.

>>523655720There is a limit to the fanservice if it clashes with the artstyle and the story. Doom with hDoom on is fun for a bit, but I wouldn't want to play through the entire game with it. Same with Soul Calibur, it has plenty of hot fuckable bitches, but I wouldn't want every character to be a hot fuckable bitch.There's also the problem of outright shitty games using hot bitches to carry themselves because they have nothing else. Think of Senran Kangura which is just a shitty game whose only selling point is that it has bitches with big tits.At the end of the day it comes down to what you value more, gameplay, or your boner.

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>>523656565but i thought you said your foreskin retracted upon erection, that is the opposite of phimosis.


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>>523656332where was that said?

>>523656652Reading must be hard for you, stop thinking about my dick and worry about not cutting off yours.

>>523656565>dick is so small you're forced to have phimosis.You have no idea what you are talking about.

>>523656710>>523656565ESL samefag

>>523656781nah you just need to learn how to use a comma and understand im not gonna respond to baseless claims like you

>>523655421Pantyhose and bikinis? Damn what is that?

>>523656784Hit me with your next buzzword, here I'll help>PHONEPOSTER

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>>523656328Because the devs think slamming some fake bouncy tits in my face is gonna make me jizz or buy a game I just find it eyeball-rolling because it's just there to bait people in buying it, or pandering to people who just buy shitty series because it makes them coom.Also embarassing because why the fuck would I want to look at something like OP's pick when my family or peers are in the room.

>>523656167> say it's catchy

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>>523655421this game didn't have enough tittyfucking

>>523656943Is that an app?

>>523655421You realize that's LITERALLY a porn game, right?It's not fan-service, it's full-blown porn

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>>523657184Isn't that Omega Labyrinth? I wouldn't call that a porn game unless there's content I haven't seen.

>>523657184No shit dude. I mean look at the Opening theme>>523657008It was just a normal question tho

>>523657008Sorry I meant the uncensored oppai song.

>>523655421I respect games that are honest about it, rather than games that try to hide their intentions.

>>523655421I'm all for fanservice, and I often let my dick decide my gaming purchases, but goddamn does that look retarded. Those don't even look like tits, it looks like they literally strapped flesh toned beach balls to themselves. How does this shit turn anyone on? It looks so fucking stupid.

>>523655421they should just make non-canon porn side games/episodes and keep the fanservice to an absolute minimum in the main game/anime.wishful thinking, I know.

>>523657519>and I often let my dick decide my gaming purchasesYou are part of what is wrong with the industry

>>523657423Gotta play the game to see that

>>523655720zoomer consumerist as fuck

>>523657385No retard, that's Chou Ero Appli, a fucking porn game, an eroge, with sex, penis in vagina, you know?

>>523655720holy fuck the seething over this post is hilarious

>>523655421Source on poster?

>>523657385It's not. It's literally a porn game from Milk Factory/

At this

After I coom and until I'm ready to coom again.

>>523657598What's wrong with that?


this is a mobage isn't it.

>>523657784>FLATDamn they really want the cunny community if they advertise their game with that

>>523656610[みるくふぁくとりー] もっと!孕ませ!炎のおっぱい超エロアプリ学園![Milk Factory] Motto! Haramase! Honoo no Oppai Chou Ero Appli Gakuen!


>Only in japaneseAHHHHHHHHH.Is there no way to translate in game shit?

>>523657598its men like him that are saving it from scum like you. If men didn't think with their dicks we wouldn't even have civilization. We would be completely content living in the woods with fuck all, but since women exist and we want to fuck them, we built houses, roads, trains, the computer you're using.

>>523655421Is Milk Factory/SQUEEZ the most based coomer dev?>VNs are straight to the point fats tits in your face >Majority of character designs are blatant rip offs of popular main stream characters that people want to coom to >Every game has a Preggo Harem Ending

>>523655421i think i've grown much more positive to fanservice, for obvious politically motivated reasons. only time i remember going "fuck this noise" was when i tried watching Highschool of the Dead.

>>523655421Not possible.

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>>523658056Yes. There are tools that extract the text in real-time and spit out machine translations on your screen.

>>523658336is this omega labyrinth?

>>523658056If you don't mind, machine translation is passable for nukiges. Something like textractor. If you ask hgg on /jp/ they have a way to use deepl without limits which is probably the best way

>>523657008delicious brown

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>>523655421Japan is based

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>>523657881>what's wrong with supporting shit games because they make me coom>>523658102>this is what weebs actually believeLmao you're literally the opposite of an alpha male

>>523658196did you not see the nipple before posting?

Never the more the better but I like good gameplay with it too.


>>523658541please point out where in my post i claim to be an alpha male?

>>523658541What dictates the game being shit? I see plenty of fap games both good and bad along with other games being good and bad. I think you have a screw loose


>>523658484Yes, it's Omega Labyrinth Life.

>>523658783The part where you believe coomers who jack it to anime titties are the saviours of the human race and that people who buy games using their brains are "scum"

>>523658873The game looks interesting but I don't play games with female only cast, too much yurishit vibes

>>523655720True words, but you didn't have to summon the undesirables. Just look at the fag replies you got.

>>523658817Coomer games are made for people to coom, so they don't bother to make them good. DOAX3 had less content and worse mechanics than 2 did but coomers were fooled into defending it when PlayAsia did a marketing stunt.Then you got shity like Senran Kagura where it's just a lazy musuo game but people eat it up because haha they lose their clothes when you beat them up

>>523658930again, where in my post do you see this? I simply stated that male sexual drive is one of the main forces that civilization was built. Where do I mention coomers saving humanity? Where do I mention people who buy games "using their brains" are scum?Trannies love gaslighting.

>>523659049Undesirables are the people like you

>>523655421That's a porn game, retarded incel. Why do you think it says "PC"?

>>523655421It was good. Drill Tits was surprisingly my favorite. Went in thinking Red Head Anal Ninja would be my favorite or Delicious Brown. Derauea's art is too good even if she does take character designs from established series

>>523656328there are healthy big tits, and there is this fucking abomination


>>523659456Fuck off simp

>>523659082I see your point, I wouldn't bother playing either of those even if they cater to my interests. That doesn't mean that everything that is focused on sexual content is bad. Plenty of VN's have been amazing to me, I enjoy maining characters I find sexy on fighting games, if something has lolis then it will pique my interest. a lot of these things are dictations by my dick. Not every decision you make by dick has to be to a game that is solely for dick.

>>523659268Any translation for this coom? I don't speak ching chong ping pong.

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>>523655582This. It's why I fucking hate everything Compile Heart and IF shit out.

>>523659785Then learn it?

>>523655421tits too small

>>523659785Just use VNR or some other machine translation. It's not the best but at least it gets the job done

>>523659872Be careful of what you wish

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>>523659785just use a machine translating method. story ain't important here

>>523660076Are those supposed to be impressive?

>>523655421ahah lol japn ad poster tiddy ahah japan so wacky lol this totally didn't stop being funny in 2010 lol

>>523660076Tits too small

>>523659785> about me when you coom

>>523660076Look, I like small breasts too but we need to go bigger ITT.

>>523660076Ok that's just stupid. Who gets hard seeing this?

>>523660458Me, and I find those still kinda small

>>523655421>steal designs from well known IP's>touch them up and give them large breasts>last CG shows your harem (+ their mothers in this game's case) pregnant with your kids.This studio is based as fuck.

>>523660504Then post the ones that are big enough for you

>>523655720This, but also this >>523655582

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>>523660076Not even close to big enough.

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>>523659730I was going to try and have a good reply typed out for you, but the fact that you just admitted to being a pedophile makes it not even worth it now.Fuck it, I'll just type my post and then not converse with you anymore:Games focused around fanservice don't focus on the gameplay because they know they don't need it to get sales. It basically creates a really bad culture of people supporting bad games they wouldn't support otherwise. In series where it isn't the focus but still blatantly present it's just an indication of not having faith in the game because they need to bait more people with fanservice to boost sales.

>>523660702Now THOSE are my ideal size, thanks user

>>523660702What's this from?

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>>523660702get these tiny titties out of my face and get me a real woman

>>523655421Reminder Akiba is dead

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>>523659785You can learn it in like 3 months if you specifically grind for nip coom games.Learn it now.

>>523659112>literally can't come up with an argument, better call him a trannyThe cope is real

>>523660702got any hyper ass pics?

>>523661004There's no argument when you put words in someone else's mouth, retard. Take your meds before your hole rots.

>>523655421When I cum, the more tabs I have to close is the measure of whether there is too much or not

>>523660949>Japs complaining about OppaiDamn i totally forgot that the People there see sex as a taboo theme if it isin't behind closed doors or in games

>>523656967Almost every game nowadays is baiting you into buying. How are the bouncy titties different from all the practices used by different GAASes and triple aids that trick people into spending more money?

>> kind of browser game I think.>>523660754You're welcome!>>523660831Sorry user, biggest game related titties I had.>>523661108Sorry not a butt man.

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>>523655421It depends on the focus of the game.So long as it doesn't take from the gameplay?Never, I've enjoyed porn games plenty more than a lot of AAA "serious games" when they have good gameplay.

>>523661320I don't buy triple AAA shit though

>>523661174>literally can't come up with an argument, better call him a trannySeethe

>>523661004>puts words in anons mouth>argues against a non-existent argument>tries to claim victoryGood job tranny retard. Don't you have some ethics committee to ban hot women because you're a disgusting abomination of humanity? Yes, I used the word huMANity, got a problem with that leftie nigger faggot?

>>523661356>biggest game related titties I had.So you have bigger non-gaming ones then?

>>523661709> Mad that MEN created civilizationSeethe.

>>523661356>Sorry not a butt man.Darn...

>>523661805Oh for sure.

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>>523660732This argument started with a person stating he purchases games with his dick. That does mean that he explicitly buys games that focus on fanservice. The interests of that user could be for something minuscule that the creators barely put any thought into. Nice try trying to change the point.Basically what you are saying is "Games with context in them that do not meet my interests are bad because I personally deem them as such". I'll let you in on a secret that everyone but you knows: Every piece of entertainment media that bases itself on fiction and stories rely on material that pleases a viewer, be if it's relatable, sexual, intellectual, etc. I pity you for being so desperate to make sense. Resetera will welcome you with open arms for having such so like minded with them.

>>523661748>literally can't come up with an argument, better call him a trannyEmbarrassing

>>523657784I will never get over>ポルノ

>>523661293It's really just a few politicians and the sjws who got it removed.

>>523661970>western/weeb artDealbreaker.

>>523656565>phimosis means you have a small penisSchizo posting?

>>523662013> Mad they were born with the wrong genitalsEmbarrassing

>>523662000>Resetera will welcome you with open arms for having such so like minded with them.Nice try, but I hate SJWs and that site is full of them, as well as pedo moderators.

>>523661293>Akihabara>JapsAnon I....

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>>523660949>TL Note: Bengoshi means “Attorney”kek

>>523662214>literally can't come up with an argument, better call him a trannyMad

>>523661970More? Bigger?

Somewhere between Senran Kagura 2 and Estival Versus, though lewd fanservice wasn't EV's problem so much as figuratively eating Yumi out and putting the story to a complete halt. In a way, I guess>>523655582is right.

>>523655421I love asia. God damn.

>>523662282Yet you act like an SJW. But late is better than never to change that.

>>523657769only opened the thread for this. thanks

>>523661613Kudos to you then, I guess.

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>>523655421Does the product make money? Until the "fanservice" directly interferes with profit, there is no limit. In fact, it's a selling point. Don't like it? Don't buy it. Thing is, it sells.

>>523656565How embarrassing

>>523662616*JapanNo other place in the world does this.

>>523655720Based incel

>>523661108>only 1 game from japan with ass expansion on par with typical breast expansion focused games>1 western game being developed at a snails paceOnly hope on the horizon is if some sneaks into the next valkyria game, in between all the actually insane /d/ tier content.

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Playing Sakura Wars. Anastasia is a bitch so far.>She wants to tune the piano herself>I suggest she tune the piano>NEGATIVE POINTS>"My time is too valuable to be tuning the piano!"Had to turn off the game and take a break after that. Coomin aint easy.

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>>523655421When it's being used to cover a simply bad product.Tits make my dick hard, not the game I'm playing good and I can get the former elsewhere without said games if they're not good.From time to time they'll annoy me if they also don't match with the character like Perun in XC2 but that doesn't particularly matter. I'd prefer she be in a battle dress and not use her weapon as a stripper pole but I still like the character and the game regardless.

>>523662179Sorry bud.>>523662489Don't think I have anything genuinely bigger but more of the girl I have.

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>>523662657>if you're not a coomer you're an SJWNot how it works son>>523662792Shit doesn't deserve to sell though

>>523663121> Game depicts fictional girls acting like real girls> can't handle itnever gonna make it

>>523656967>Also embarassing because why the fuck would I want to look at something like OP's pick when my family or peers are in the room.I don't know... Why are you retarded and gay?

>>523663096Not much good hyper ass content sadly, at least not with humans. Doesn't help that a lot of tends to have hyper legs and thighs, which I don't like.I got a semi-NSFW hyper ass pic but it's furry


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>>523663342Your parents wish you were never born

>>523663342Anon, I'm sorry, but it seems you have no self-awareness. If you don't see why anyone wouldn't have a problem with it you're probably the kind of person featured in this video:

No such thing as too much fanservice.


>>523663501And that's all.

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>>523663738That's okay user, thank you for sharing.Artist and character?

>>523655421>the entire selling point of the game is girls with huge tits>not 1 (ONE) animated paizuri scene out of the 30 or so scenes they chose to animate instead

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>>523655421Played it. Decent.

>>523663807SaburoX is the artist and no name, he just calls her Tsundere.

>>523657784Whoa this actually looks decent, both porn and gamewise

>>523657784this looks better than river city girls

>>523663962>SaburoX is the artistAh, thought so. He did this one pic with a girl on the beach with the biggest breasts I've ever seen from him.>he just calls her Tsundere.Got it

>>523655421When it's used as a cover for the game being garbage.

>>523663890seriously there just wasnt enough paizuri in general

Fanservice is only good with sluts who don't mind being seen.The whole Kyaaa don't look at me baka! shit is cringy as fuck, its much better when the woman only slightly blushes or don't care at all.

>>523655582ThisThis is why code vein is actually ok, there's not only the thick anime girls to back it up

>>523655421Majority of japanese games with fanservice are shit. The only good one I can think of Nier Tomato.

>>523655421I like being pandered to, but if I wanted to get grabbed by the dick I would play a proper porn game you know.

My approach is this:>If the gameplay wouldn't be fun playing a normally dressed character, the inclusion of fan service does not make the game better because the effort spent on fan service should have been spent making the game itself better.

Post more hyper

There is never too much.

>>523655421God I love Japan. I hope nothing bad ever happens to them.


>>523665274Dial 8.

>>523665301You do?

>>523665274this but unironically

>>523664869Based. This


>>523665840T. >>523663716


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>>523665274I've already found 3 different threads just today where you spammed a variation of this same shit you fucking nigger faggot. Imagine wearing a tranny meme as a badge of honor and making it your life goal to shame heterosexual men on an online imageboard with gaslighting tactics on par with those of the motherfucking Sarkeesian bitch.


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>>523658524titanically based


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>>523655584>horny teensYou mean the primary audience of video games? That thing for teenagers with way too much time on their hands?This shit never made sense to me. "Don't market to people who will buy your games", idiot. Grow a chin.

>>523656565phimosis is based though

>>523657723You can spot resetera and r*ddit posters on Holla Forums by how angry they get from anime and fanservice.

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>>523656967Most people don't live with their parents and most people aren't ashamed of the fact they're attracted to women like you are.

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I hope all these oppai phone games coom to ps4 someday

>>523656565>your dick is so small you're forced to have phimosis

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my question is why did they draw the exact same anime girl like a dozen times with the exact same body and basically the same face

>>523662285have you been there

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>>523667426I saw videos and its full of western tourists, the ones that get pissed at non issues.

>>523667495because if you did go there you'd notice that its mainly japanese people with some gaijin

>>523667417It's easy, 90's animation is dead where everyone had different skull shapes. 80's animation died out where each genre would strive to make a different face.Those artists left/died/retired and now the new artists are picking up the pieces. As they pick up the pieces, they quickly realize that it's much easier for computer-generated software to make skulls and faces of that specific shape, because they're flat. Don't act like this isn't a universal trend in animation everywhere to dumb things down for computers to draw.



>>523667417>>523658524you are blind

>>523657784whos doing the art for thisI swear I've seen it somewhere else

>>523667495>>523667594It’s crawling with gaijin actually. There are still plenty of japs, obviously, but Ikebukuro is becoming a bigger draw for otaku.Having been twice for month-long trips, this is my observation. I’d be happy to be corrected by a native, but given that you don’t see many gaijin around most of Japan, it really stands out how concentrated they are in Akihabara.

>>523668009theres more on the main street than most parts of japan but it really isn't that badif you compared it with somewhere like Shibuya it has way less

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When there's more fanservice than actual game. For example, Senran Kagara should have JUST been an eroge because I've never heard anyone talk about the gameplay in any over them. If your game is just suppose to be about how much bare tit you can shove in a game without getting a CERO Z or ESRB AO, then just show some nipples and release it as a PC eroge.

>>523655421Depends on the type of game you want to make.

>>523667978etrian oddissey

>>523662285For me it’s roppongi

>>523662285>Sister I'll make you expose those huge breasts so everyone can insult you!>Don't resist our rape from the strength you gained from faith>Sister Arma...>Lord...Give me strength to display courage...>Big bro Johnny!> I wonder if her nipples are inversed. Could you please confirm it?>Shut up Charles!

>>523663315not what I said either. You spout nonsense like one. Self reflect once in your life is all your parents would have wished.

>>523655421Wait, I've played this game...

>>523669650Did you translate the text through google?

>>523655421Oh man that CG set always manages to make me cum buckets.