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>EDzoom zoom zoom


>>523655269ED is pretty good for gamergate but that's it


>>523655269wait ed is up again?


>>523655495Uhhh this >>523656379 unironically considering a zoomer was born in the 90's he's right but going along with the "zoomers are like 2005 odd onwards" how the fuck is ED zoomer, if anything at this point it's oldfag as fuck...

>>523655495How is it zoomer? If anything it's neoliberal millenial shit. So glad that age of internet is dead and will soon be ashes.

>>523655495zoomers are too pussies and moralfags for something like edto them, even generic flash animations on newgrounds are super edgy

>>523657652Literally millenials have no idea wat ED is...

>>523655495Fucking retard.

>>523657794My bad i was thinking of a different wiki.

>EDCringe writing for le epic Holla Forumstards and children who never grew past that stage.

>>523656379>>523657440>>523657652>>523657687>>523657952The only ones who value ED are underaged zoomoids worshipping the cold ashes of a Web 1.0-era internet subculture which no longer exists, and a smattering of nostalgiafags who don't want what is already dead to be left to rest.No, I don't think that the current internet is superior- it's unironically hell- but at some point you need to adapt and move on and BUILD from the old. Not stagnate and keep trying to bring back the same old jokes and fun exactly as it was 15 years ago.

Who else discovered 4chan through ED?

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>>523658389back to your discord, tranny.

>>523655495We were writing on ED before you were even swimming in your dad’s ballsack.

>>523658375who asked?

>who asked?Twitter-tier retort.Go back.

>>523658502nobody cares about your gay opinion you aids infested faggot

>>523658551Trying too hard. You will never fit in zoomie


>>523658594trying too hard to what?

>>523655269>ED then: Explains the game with dark humor and satire>ED now: Full of buzzwords, parentheses.

>>523658656Lurk more.

The game.

>>523655269Is Encyclopedia Dramatica pretty much dead?

>>523658696is this a bot?

>>523658385I discovered 4chan when the Boxxy shit was happening. People on Holla Forums were calling her the queen of Holla ForumsNow she's a trashy SJW if she didn't an hero yet.

>>523658774Yes.Anyway this thread should be deleted as ED is a relic of our problematic past.We at do not stand for those racist, homophobic and bigoted views.Rationalwiki is the voice of our people.

>>523658385I knew about 4ch since I was 10 from Youtube gif compilations YTPs and the raids, but never decided to come here out of my own volition until a bronyfag friend of mine properly introduced it to me when I was 14, a little after the Last Con in 2013.

>>523655269I am offended

>>523658683B-but they say nigger all the time! That's peak comedy gold right there!

>>523659032>RationalWikiThat place still exists?

>>523655269>all that vintage pornTime to coom

For video games i've always used GameFAQS.Google is gay now and it's always pointing you to (R)eddit nowadays or YouTube videos of faggots talking for 10 minutes before getting to the point.


>>523659032Oh it get

>>523658385Me, internet friend showed me ED in 2009Then I started visiting /int/ in 2010>mfw I've probably been here an entire decade>mfw I am still considered a newfag

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>>523658385ED was my first encounter with R34 and some of my first faps were to their article on it.

>>523659640Nowadays it's people being newfags from the 2016 election calling me a newfag despite being here since 09. I'm probably not using enough memes or buzzwords for their taste.

Someone post the rules of the Internet (Holla Forums) already.

>>523655495>zoom zoom zoomYou sound like a babbling baby. Please stop using this "insult".

Attached: 1598758308060.gif (320x193, 1.79M)>Ctrl f>Put in "Tourneyfag">78 results

>>523659004Goddamn what an awful mess she turned into

I fapped to the images on the offended page to challenge myself when I was 14.I finished successfully as well

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>>523661223Bro you just posted a frog. Us true oldfags that are against everything ED stands for don't appreciate you posting frogs here.

>>523658375Wrong again unless you mean 90's kids. Anyone born 2000-2005 isn't going to give a shit.>>523658385I came here from the Habbo raids.

>>523658375You might be right but what the hell does that have to do with zoomers? Know your demographic.

>>523661209Whta does she look like now?

>>523658774Has been for years now. It's a shrine to 2008-2010 era 4chan and the internet culture of that era. Nowadays the landscape is too different for ED to be relevant

>still wrong

>>523658385Me, and I think I discovered ED by randomly looking up a character I knew from MUGEN(Dopefish)

>>523655269>>523655292>>523655495>>523658454this is the worst goddamn thread i've seen on this shit board in a long fucking time.

>>523658385I discovered 4chan through WoW shitpost forums

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>>523655269>doesn't even have a section on Final Fantasy HouseWhat happened to them

Didn't the founder of nu-ED get busted for CP or something?

Anyone that has played this, is it true?

>>523666549which forums

>>523666841actually, I don't even remember where I heard of the chins first, on the official off topic forums or the off-topic off-topic forums some faggots made when the moderation on the official forums went to shit. That one was called smirks OT

>>523667076wow OT circa 06-08ish was wildthe only offshoot I remember was thetldr and that was trash

>>523655495let me guess you were only *pretending* to be retarded?

ED is soulless, Uncyclopedia is where it's at

>>523667520word, off topic forum these days looks so family friendly, it used to be a slightly less edgy Holla Forums

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I remember drawing Mohammad and posting on that one ED page because mudslimes threw a shit fit over that one south park episode

>>523655495>all the newfags exposed by this postthanks user

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>>523658385Someone in a GW forum linked me to /offended

>>523658385Chanolgy cancer reporting in