It's time to choose...>fun_allione>de_westwood>aim_porno>fy_pool_day>ze_jurassicpark_a1>deathrun_temple

It's time to choose...>fun_allione>de_westwood>aim_porno>fy_pool_day>ze_jurassicpark_a1>deathrun_temple

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cs_chavo for me

>>523655105votemap de_rats

>>523655105nominate fy_iceworldrockthevote

Who ze_boat_escape?god I miss zombie escape

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>>523655105fy_pool_dayall day everyday


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>>523655105>cs_saunaI also remember one quite big map with a indoor spa.


>>523655836Mount Doom, FF7, Predator; good times, good days.





Logged into a bhop server last night and I was the only one. Feels bad man. Fuck CSGO


>>523658828nah dude skins and stickers were totally worth killing the only fun parts of CS.



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>>523658828are you trolling?CSGO has the best surf and bhop maps and cummunity right now

What does the fy stand for? Funny?

>>523662660for you

>>523655836My man. Zombie escape maps were the shit.

>>523662660Fuck niggers

>>523662660For christianitYDeus Fucking Vult

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>>523655656extremely based and redpilled

>>523655105>server’s playing the Blade blood rave song on loopGod it was fucking kino

>FY_POOL RULES>2. No Runningfucking nobody follows this

>>523658828I reinstalled csgo this week after several years of not playing and the first thing I did was open the server browser and refresh with no ping filter. I saw a little more than a dozen single-digit player count servers. was depressing to see, at least tf2 is keeping the custom server thing going for a while longer.

>>523655836Was that the one where you are on a boat that gets destroyed over time? I remember it being virtually impossible for the humans.

For me it's cs_kino>E os terceiro tão de brincadeira>E eles querem invadir o morrão>Mas eu dou tiro na cabeça, na cintura>Também dou tiro na bunda dos terceiro vacilão

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>>523663723>>523655836Oh fuck me that one was amazing.


this is gmod right?

>>523655105>tfw I actually managed to plant the bomb

>tfw was barely able to experience gmod since i'm zoomer>tfw there probably won't be a partyvan for gmod for another 3 monthsI wish gmod was partyvans saturday game instead of more tf2


How dead is 1.6 nowadays, anyone knows? I checked steam and apparently it got an update not too long ago, so it can't be completely dead, right?

Gmod 8 > 7 fite me

>>523655105>nextmap de_aztec>stopsound

For me it's playing zombie survival mall maps

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>>523664396plenty of russians are playing it

>>523662660fight yard


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>>523664415dumb zoomie who only played 2016+ gmodredpill me on the versions

>>523664618For me? It was Zombie Master.

>>523664618I wish I'd played more.I really miss when everyone and their brother was cranking out multiplayer source mods. They all died in a week but it was always something new. >>523664798FUCKING SPAM SHEES

>tfw you will never again play as a commando on cod modded servers with random people from the internet that you happened to familiarize over time to the point of getting at least slight bit of respect why continue being alive?

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>>523664879More money in learning gamemaker, Unity, Unreal, etc. than making a mod for a 16 year old engine. I don't really blame people, but damn do I miss that shit.


>>523664798By the time I found out Zombie Master existed it was already dead and I couldn't play it.

>>523665246A new version of it is / has been in development, there's usually a full server every now and then on Sundays.


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>>523665463>someone gets the zombie grenade and infects a bunch of people through walls and floors with it

>It's a player throws a failnade episode

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>>523666690It was bs but fun nonetheless

>>523667107It was hilarious whenever they threw the grenade to clear some nest and it also managed to hit someone in a completely different nest in a neighbouring room. Especially if that someone was you and you were the only one in that nest who got hit with it. The massive panic that ensued as you started infecting your former comrades and the survivors running from you right into the hands of the zombies waiting outside was a sight to behold. I want to go back.

>>523655105For me it's deathrun_extreme

>>523664396in latinamerica it's still going strong


Can anyone help me, I'm looking for a jump/kreedz/surf map, I think it had "bigfoot" in its name and if I'm not mistaking it for another map there was some guy singing rock around the clock song, there probably was a dino part and space I think. Must be 1.6 or source.

>>523655105pool day