SPELUNKY 2 release date

Spelunky 2 releases on steam 29 sept

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Full release or EA?

Will wait to see if it's good or not first, I have a bad feeling about it. Something about the artstyle. Or maybe I'm just afraid of disappointment because I really love the first one.

>>523654889This might be the game that makes me download Steam.

>>523654991even if it were only a hundreth as good as the first one it would easily be the game of the decade.

>>523655169streets of rage 4 is my game of the year so far I love it, but if anything overtakes it maybe it could be this

I havent seen anything about this game for a while but I'm iffy on it because it looked like a downgrade of the original

>>523654889Why is there an eggplant emoji?

>>523654889So I tried playing the first one but the controls were so unintuitive I gave up after 5 minutesdid I get filtered?

>>523655917There are lots of vegetable emojis

>>523655917>He didn't throw the eggplant at Yama

>>523656019Yes are you fucking retarded? There's literally nothing wrong with the controls and you can remap them too


>>523655875The latest trailer a month ago was a lot better than the first, but it still leaves something to be desired.youtube.com/watch?v=3gc1xuzHIDs

I'm going to take my ps4 out of storage to play this. Spelunky hd is my favorite game. Beat it well over 100 times across all platforms.

>>523655917Oh user..


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>>523654991I'm in the same boat, last I saw of the art style it was very flash gamey. The character also didn't stand out from the background and items like ladders and pots also didn't stand out.


>>523657605even better

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>>523654889Game looks like trash compared to the original. Everything is so flat and featureless

>>523657690like ur mom lmao OWNED

>>523654889>>523657317The things I do for pug.

>>523654889>>523657317The things I do for cunny.

That was one long-ass delay. Been expecting this to come out for years now.

Playing Spelunky and i'm getting my ass ravaged. Give me tips.

>>523657690looks are the only thing that seems to be outdated, everything else looks great

>>523657690Real talk, who cares. All that matters is how many secrets he's stuffed into the thing.If there's no 'take this dickass item all the way to dickhole 7 and sacrifice your testicles when the game timers has a 16 in the seconds column and you will receive an item that will give you access to dickhole 8' and that kind of shit then obviously the game will be boring. But presumably he knows that's what is important.

>>523658156Play as the girl and masturbate to the ryona material

>>523658156Take it slow, always look down before you jump down, find a jetpack, always go to the black market, don't fuck with the boss monsters, off-screening shit with the shotgun is always a good idea except against aliums.

>>523658156Kill the shopkeeper on level 2 every time. Practice until you can kill him without a weapon or bomb til u get gud. Don't sacrifice on the alter until the ice stages to keep the option to get a jetpack as long as possible.

>>523654889I still haven't even played Spelunky 1. It's been on my backlog for a while.

>this much complaining about how the game looks and no discussion of the actual gameplayI get that there isn’t much to talk about yet but come the fuck on guys, really? It doesn’t even look bad either, not quite as defined as before but the newer looking levels are pretty nice looking. Didn’t think I’d see graphicsfags in a Spelunky thread of all places.

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>>523658550Part of the appeal of spelunky hd is the visuals. Upgrading from pixelshit was a good decision.

>>523655917he really really likes cock

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>>523658829>Part of the appeal of spelunky hd is the visualsSpelunky HD's visuals were dog shit.

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>>523658829Yeah but it’s such a minuscule factor as to why Spelunky HD’s good. It would be a great game with or without them, it’s just icing on the cake.

>>523656019Use a gamepad. If you suck with the gamepad, that's on you.

>>523654889>bing bing wahoo but procedurally generated and with forced emphasis on going fast so you make mistakes, die a lot and inflate gameplay timelol nah, I'm good.

>>523659056can't agree with you there I enjoy them a lot

>>523655917Shifting them sweet sugar walls

Definite looks uglier and blander than S-HD.Jungle is pretty trash.

>>523659441>I'm goodapparently not

>>523659441You can win going super slow easily. You're full of shit

I feel like the visuals are made to look kind of like storybook illustrations.

>>523658156Here's a video of me beating it twice in about an hour including a sub 15 min hell run. It's pretty easytwitch.tv/videos/719832583?tt_medium=mobile_web_share&tt_content=vod

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>>523659441>bingbing wahoofaggot zoomer.

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>>523660129thanks, you're good

Honestly this is the kind of game i would expect getting snagged by the EGS

The other guy in the spelunky credits created that piece of shit cartoon basketball game

Not a fan of a 2 week delay on a game like this. I may have to buy the PS4 version too.

>Removed the jump whip trick to kill the shopkeeper>But shopkeeper is also nerfed and not as aggressiveI don't know how to feel. Also post those mains.

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>>523663062Yang is goat. After months of failure, I beat hell and then immediately beat it again on my next try after unlocking him.

>>523660129>Pug over DamselDoes anyone know if there's any Damsel equivalent in 2 or is it just animals? I know she's playable like in the freeware version.

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>>523658414Do it faggot>>523658412Killing the shopkeeper isn't even worth the effort outside of the OG freeware Spelunky

>>523664496Depends on the type of shop. If it's an early bomb shop with lots of crates or an early jetpack it's worth it easily.

>>523664496I always regret not killing the faggot even if it gives me nothing but a shotgun. The hardest part of the game to me is the mines.

>>523664732He's way too fast in the remake compared to the OG. The fact that stun time on him is even shorter there's pretty much no reason where you'd want to piss him off.

>>523665010There's so many ways to cheese the shopkeeper to death as long as you're careful you're good. They tend to get themselves killed on Jungle traps and the Ice abyss often too. Being able to clear out shops and never having to worry about having enough for the Ankh is good too.

>not on Epic firstThat's gonna be a pirate from me

>>523654889Porn up yet?

>>523666109Fuck up pedo

>>523657317Based yellow fever dad.

>>523654889Spelunky has never, ever been good.

>>523669265What's good?

>>523654889Why should anyone care. It's just going to be copied mechanics and design choices from other copycat games with zoomer references.

>>523669659What games? Spelunky is the best roguelite