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too big

>>523653831isnt she the worst girl

>>523653831DAME DANE

>>523653831Would this work in real-life?


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>>523654271>tranny who plays coomer games telling others to dialateLmao

>not a porn gamebummer

>>523654746Only trannys use the word "coomer" and get angry at attractive sexualized virtual women.You will never pass.

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>>523654240This but unironicallyPost more big tiddy brown girls

>>523654882>Coomers are so mad they think men who aren't coomers are tranniesCope

>>523655186so your libido is dead too huhI can relateI guess it happens to all of us past a certaing age

>>523653831>Are you winning user?

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>>523655909>>523655053>>523654282>>523653831Japanese games are so fuckin' embarrassing..

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>>523653831>dad walks in>gee how come you cant get a girl like that in real life?FUCK YOU DAD IT AINT RHAT SIMPLE

>>523656205>>gee how come you cant get a girl like that in real life?Don't talk shit dad, you settled for mom.

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>>523656057I'm a coombrain, and I've tried that nonut thing for 2 months.When I pissed a small jelly like blob, that worried me so much, I coomed hard the next day.I did feel more energetic, physically, emotionally, mentally, but on a week long blackout I realized>meditation>taking a time off from the internet>designate that day as read a book dayalmost has the same effect

>>523653989Would what?

>>523655620>If you don't buy video games to jack it to balloon tits in weeb games you have no libidoDumb coomer>>523656057You know the yes meme is meant to mock the stupidity of the guy saying yes, right?



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>>523657213you're so incredibily angry about other people's libido it only makes us question yours. You need to live and let die bro

>>523657213>balloon titsHow to spot a gay. Just admit you like men.

>>523657213>You know the yes meme is meant to mock the stupidity of the guy saying yes, right?You're thinking of virgin vs chad.Nord Yes was always about giving a firm yes on a controversial position whether or not the controversy was manufactured or the statement was misframed. In >>523656057 they're admitting to be a coom cortex, and requesting more fap material.He's being true to himself despite how repugnant that is.

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>>523659493>180cm yum

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>>523657213>You know the yes meme is meant to mock the stupidity of the guy saying yes, right?Wow what level of revisionism is this

>>523660018The tranny brain does not work like a normal human one.

>>523657573I love it.Can you do it with a view from behind?

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>>523659493>>523659878I'm glad Kubo found work after the whole manga thing didn't pan out.

>>523660823I would be perfectly happy with him just designing characters from now on

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Sega...TL collection...お願い...

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>>523660510Seconding this

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>>523660920Kubo is a fashion designer masquerading as a mangaka. You can't change my mind. Every time Bleach had a double page spread, the fashion was on-point.

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>>523655909Yeah, I'm finna

why is this fucking clown mad at sexy women? who hurt this nigga?

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>>523655909Surprisingly nice butt. I'm proud of Kubo.

>>523655909>Nice taste, son!


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>>523664528look at the size of 'em


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>>523666008Where do I find a 3D woman that looks like this?

>>523666368ah. '99, a fine year for milkers

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This looks so familiar, what game is she from?

>>523666769Looks like some kind of chilled metal

>>523653831PC version when?

is this game haremshit or do you romance characters?

Honestly the cowtits ruin it. They just look disproportionate. Reduce to like 70% and increase hips and she's perfect

>>523667281>They just look disproportionatewe know, it's great


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>>523667460>Odadidn't this fucker do official game art?

>>523656185low T

>>523660823You know he's back right?en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burn_the_Witch_(manga)https://www.shonenjump.com/j/rensai/btw.html

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>>523653919>>523653831Is she worse girl or not? I love her design.

>>523668926Jesus christ the milkers on the right one.


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>>523656185what's it like being a genetically inferior gay freak? such a failed male specimen you dont find women attractive

>>523653831What game?

>>523653919no, the worst girl is unironically sakura.

>>523669603She's fine. Just go for who you like best.

this is never going to release on PC is it?

No story, no character arcs, no personality, only coom

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fishnets girl is better

>>523670565>aren't you forgetting something sei nii-san?>is it a childhood marriage proposal?>NO IT"S NOT YOU'RE STUPIDturns out it's a retarded "I promise to protect you!">>aren't you forgetting something sei nii-san?>¯\_(ツ)_/¯It is a fucking marriage proposal, also.So, what, shit writing or accurate portrayal of women? Place your bets.


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