>No Final Fantasy XIV threadIt's Kinobringers time. Let's discuss the official game of 4channel...

>No Final Fantasy XIV threadIt's Kinobringers time. Let's discuss the official game of 4channel. And the best game of the last decade. How did Yoshi P and the talented staff at square enix make this amazing game of all time?

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>>523653126We JUST had a 500 post thread. Do you really need another?

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>>523653126Just finished up final steps of faith. HW was fantastic but I am steeling myself for the apparent slog that SB

How will they ever hope to top this?Where do we even go from here?

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>>523653126im glad my boy got such a based dude off of him.

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>>523653530That part was cool, but the whole build up to it sucked massive ass. I hope we're getting weak post expac quests because all their good writers are working on the 6.0 story quests.

What to do next? I got to 80 a week ago, finished 5.3 on thursday, i think, ran nier raids. I am 476 ilvl now. How to gear further? I don't want to buy more crafted gear.

>>523653371The early parts of SB are probably the worst. It drags heavily until you get past Ruby Sea, and hits it's stride once you get to Azim Steppe and keeps a consistent pace from that point on, not great but not awful. It's not as bad as ARR by any stretch of the imagination, and the post-story is much better than the base, so there's that.

Why is leveling jobs after the first so tedious holy shit

>>523653792well that’s good to hear cause post ARR almost broke me

>>523653776Do practice parties for the most recent raid tier and start picking up pieces from them. Farm Memoria Ex for 480 armor, and WoLex for 495 weapon.

>>523653530that's him... mr finalfantasy guys...

>>523653812Just buy a boost if you think it takes too long. It's only two hours of flipping burgers and saves a ton of time.

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>>523653965>Memoria Ex>WoLexAre you seriously expect me to know what that means?

>>523654097>so the final fantasy were the friends we made along the pathwow... thats deep...

>>523653812Eh, it could be worse. It's definitely tiresome that the only real viable grinding options are always gonna be Roulettes and PotD/HoH though. SB/ShB Beast Tribe exp is good too, at least. They really need to up ARR/HW to match since those are extremely worthless to do once you've capped them.

>>523654173I figured you might actually have some brain cells to rub together in order to figure it out on your own by using a search engine like Google, but since you seem to be an actual retard I'll spell it out for you.Memoria Extreme is the extreme trial unlocked after completing the current Relic Weapon quest line. Look up where to start it on google cuz I don't remember.WoLex is Seat of Sacrifice (Extreme) [WoL= Warrior of Light]. Unlock it by speaking to the Minstreling Wanderer in Crystarium. He's close to the entrance.


>>523653126>Playing game pretty much daily and having fun>Wake up one day>In the jail place>Can't contact GM's>Doesn't say what I did>Doesn't say how long im banned for>No messages in my email>Type something in chat and wait 6 hours with no respondeGuess I can't play anymore! Oh well, I was having fun.

>>523656304send a ticket through the in-game support window, that usually gets a quick response

>>523656304sounds like you called someone a nigger and you are just trying to lie to get some pity, get fucked

>>523656304>Doesn't say what I didWELCOME TO FFXIV REPORTS!Enjoy your stay!

You do have your Skybuilders Scrips capped, right? You aren't one of those people that think they'll add a new scrip, right?

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i can't stand doing roulettes anymore

>>523657689makes no sense that they’d add another, so I’m just getting scrips now. People are insane if they think they’d invalidate the current ones this fast

Delete Dancer from the game. The cucks that play it literally couldn't pick the right person to partner with even if the game game told you.

Instead of doing my MSQ i spent most of the day trying to jump on to that goddamned lamp post.Worth it, judging by the number of people who /sulked /cried at me.

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>>523657689>Always release new shitty currencies to force people to start over.>EXCEPT THIS TIME.I will never forgive YoshiP's faggotry.

>>523658884You look like a clown.

>>523656304I heard simply saying that someone is bad at damage dealing is enough to get jailed. I wonder if leaving the party is also jail-time-worthy.

>>523659047>I heard simply saying that someone is bad at damage dealing is enough to get jailednope, the game would have damage meters if that mattered. user probably just sperged out at someone

>>523658884got that lamp post as blu, since someone who actually made the jump rezed me

>>523659134I mean saying in chat that someone is bad at the game, I just generalized to damage dealing.

>>523659031Well I have a clowngirl fetish.

Why did Elidibus have to kill us? Why couldn't he just wait until we died of natural causes and schemed in the shadows until then?

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>>523659965Because in under a year WoL managed to undo pretty much every plan Ascians put in place and was actively getting stronger every passing minute and Scions have figured out a way to permamently kill Ascians. There's no guarantee (You) wouldn't just claw your way into the area they escape to if anything goes wrong given enough time. Lahabrea unironically was right in trying to kill you as soon as possible, he was just not strong enough for the task.

I was thinking of trying it, can I just kill some monsters in the fields and/or do some quests for starter gear and then run dungeons with random people and level to end game? I remember dropping Blade and Soul and Aion because your level was locked, depending on how much you progressed the main quest.

>>523661226Your level isn't locked by MSQ but pretty much all content is.

>>523653371Don't let the people who go "no it's a slog" get to you. Without the downbeats, the upbeats are meaningless. It's why every one of those retards who skipped ARR drops out because they don't have the context for Heavensward.

>>523661470>Without the downbeats, the upbeats are meaningless.Is this the ultimate stormblood cope?

>>523653812Just do your hunting log to 16 and then roulettes or PotD spaz.

>>523661352That's a real shame, thanks for the honest answer.

>>523659047>>523656304Isn't this one of the tactics that Top Chain guy, the WoWsperg who brags about trying to derail XIV threads on reddit, uses? Lying about how easy it is to get banned?

>>523659289If it was I'd have been banned long ago.

>>523653530I mean people were saying this same thing about peaking after Hades being impossible exactly one patch ago before we boarded the kinobus

>>523661589No, it's a basic premise in both literature and music you midwit. Stormblood starts off fairly slow with you meeting and helping the Resistance, and just as you get the feeling of 'gee this is going too well' the raid on Rhalgr's Reach and Zenos Fight 1 happens, leading to Othardkino. If you just want every second of the game to be the plot sucking your dick and nonstop heroic triumphs with no setbacks or buildup, go play something else.

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>>523661589>t. buys skipsThanks for funding my adventure before you inevitably drop out and spam your sour grapes posts about how Eden Savage wasn't worth it.

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>>523654173Google how to unlock Memora Misera EX and Seat of Sacrifice EXRun those for some alright gear, and run Eden's Verse Savage for better gear when you're capable

>>523662184Nice strawman there, shitheel. Though that's only fair, being an intellectually dishonest faggot is the only way you could defend Stormblood.

>>523659047Leaving a party actually is a reportable offense. It's mentioned under the little section about disrupting other players. That joining a duty and leaving early intentionally is seen as trolling and is a punishable behavior if done multiple times.

>>523662365What a fucking pussy. I hate this type of useless healers who can't heal shit yet act like they're some sort of messiah.

>>523654097>I am mankind's first hero!>And his Final Fantasy: Shadowbringers Patch 5.3 Reflections in Crystal!

I'm not the only one that liked Heavensward's story most, right?

>>523659965He's absurdly strong and tech levels are getting to the point where they can't just hide away in the rift for a couple decadesChrist they pulled time travel out of their ass to undo an Ascian win

>see someone trying to corner the marketboard on one specific earlygame item>go out and effortlessly gather/craft a shitzillion of them in HQ>undercut them by just enough that nobody will touch theirs, but high enough that even if they buy all of mine and resell they'll barely make a profit

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>PALadinmore like hey PAL come back when you're a dark knight haha

>>523661470An entire expansion of downbeat is kind of a problemPeople don't rag too hard on Raktika or Ahm Aerang 2 because it ramps up hard afterwardsStormblood doesn't really have that

>>523659965Both these >>523660425 >>523662920Plus he was a primal of salvation and just got infused with a shitload of new faith from the new WoLs he created. He saw you as a threat to salvation and the thoughts that flooded into his head regarding fighting evil made him decide it was time to end you.

>>523663098Well pally can heal himself so you can forget about crappy healers in dungeons.

>>523663098This is a projecting WARcuck btw

How quickly they forget....................

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Wow. This is the power of Final Fantasy XIV cheating.

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>>523664174She's relegated to MNK quests now and that's a good thing.

Looks like Asmon is going to play XIV after all.Glad I don't play on NA servers.

>>52365768910,000/10,000 reporting in.

>>523664287Redpill me

>>523664287>The Perfect Legendof course

>>523653126Is there any fun to be had in this game if I don't particularly care for group content?

>how to level trust members after beating MSQwhats the fucking POINT

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>>523665343You can unlock glamours for them.

>>523653371Stormblood would have been great if it game immediately after ARR. Since it came after HW, the basic way they treated the themes, subject matter and characters feel shallow. This doesn't touch on how sloggy the quests get. Stormblood has the best dungeons up until that point and the best trials so far, I would say. Don't get too worried.

>>523665367they're not customizable so i don't care


>>523653530>We have to go back to dealing with fucking Zenos

>>523662184Getting bodied by Zenos would have worked better if he actually did that. But instead the game just decided I lost after he couldn’t do jack shit to me for a few minutes.

>>523662168I mean I don't think WoL topped Hades. Hades was still better.WoL was still great, though.

>>523659031looks like a priest to me

say what you want but Lyse is by far the hottest piece of ass in the game

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>>523665684>Implying Zenos won't be our ally

>>523666323she was hotter as Yda

name 1 playerbase worse than ffxivhardmode: can't say your mom

>>523653126It'd be nice if I could play. Keep getting filtered by direct X errors, support gave me BS solutions I already tried and now my game time is just ticking down.I might just quit at this point and move on bros.

>>523665640It's the github.com/goatcorp/FFXIVQuickLauncher cheat program

>>523666678yeah this game that works flawlessly for millions of people is broken bro

>>523666553wow and league easilyalso (You)

>>523659965Zenos has already demonstrated that if your Echo is powerful enough, you can body hop after death. It's very possible we simply WON'T die of natural causes. And we just keep on getting exponentially stronger with no shown upper limit.

>>523665684and that's a good thingZenos is great sometimes

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>>523667095Must be, this has been a problem for many people on the forums for years and its still happening at least once or twice per expansion. Wouldn't have this problem on console though I guess.

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What are your hopes for the MNK rework?

With Elidibus being shown as a Warrior of Light primal, I wonder if they're going to do something like us taking his place and starting to mindrape ourselves like Ysayle and him did

>>523667463>That delivery on EU dubThat might have been the only good scene in Yanxia, I have high hopes for this Kaiba-tier autist now that he's not tied to Oda's writting.

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>>523667220Why didn't we body hop in the bad future where the Black Rose killed us?

>>523667882Light is a passive state of aether. Black Rose kills by stilling aether. You can't body hop if your soul is just brought to a standstill.

>>523667882Could be either or both of 2 reasons:1. Our echo isn't all that strong considering it only allows for universal translation and occasional memory reading. So we can't bodyhop after death.2. There were no bodies to hop into since everyone around us was dead. That alone was enough to kill black mask ascians in SMN questline who had that level of Echo know how.

when are they going to uninstance Lakeland for fuck sakes. i'm sick of instance hopping on hunt trains

>>523667513Is it confirmed next patch or something?

>>523667513How I would design the job and how they would are completely different so I just hope its fun and somewhat similar to how it was in stormblood :)


>>523667841Isn't Oda doing 6.0?

>>523668572Nobody fucking knows. Nothing has been announced yet

Anyone else really hate the people that play this game? Every time I do a duty roulette it's always with passive aggressive trannies. Leveling NIN and it's pretty fun.

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>>523667513For them to only have 1 or 2 useless buttons instead of 5.

>>523664174I still love her

>>523669036i just kind of ignore everyone in this game,dont really have any friends though so i guess it's the price i pay

>when he crystallises

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>>523665640>>523664287The best thing about this tool is combining all the retarded 1-2-3 combos in one button

>>523661597>Spend weeks to level with roulette bonuses doing piss easy braindead leveling content>Or use PoTD/HoH and resist the urge to kill yourself from the monotonyTedium.


>>523669757dumb motherfucker

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>>523669773Why would you want that? You'd drop combo from not knowing what step you're on. And wouldn't be able to switch mid combo when needed. And pressing 1-1-1 requires no skill and just dumbs the game down. You're retarded if you use that.

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>>523669975These are the same people that can't even do EX trials without cheating because they're so conditioned to just listen to DBM so it's not like that matters to them.

>>523669975pressing 1-2-3 requires no skill.Just trims down the skill bloat on bars

>>523670078>Why doesn't the game play itself!

>>523670132the game plays exactly the same, you just save 2 spaces on the bar

>>523670078This. I was going to do my rotation perfectly anyway so it really doesn't matter if I automate the whole thing.

>>523670183If it's exactly the same why do you need hacks?>>523670186This is the mindset cheaters have which is retarded. The whole "I'm only cheating a little!" excuse shouldn't be accepted.

>>523669850>>523669943>I couldn't get invested into the story so I'm getting upset when others could>He was always gonna live even though timeline fuckery implied there's the possibility he's just gonna vanish

>>523670295because it saves space and changes nothing otherwise for me or anyone else in the game

When is the bozjan resistance thing coming? I'm not resubbing til then

>>523670345You literally see him drop his soul in before he crystallizes. There was no reason for you to get emotional over it when you knew he wasn't dead.

>>523670186>>523670183Don't bother, it's the same retard in every thread, he probably got banned for being a sperg and is on a crusade now

>>523670372It's still cheating and breaking the EULA. It's like using an aimbot in CS because "I wasn't going to miss my headshot anyway"

>>523670453no, landing headshots does take in fact skill.

>>523663065devilish >:3

>>523670508So does executing your rotation while also adapting to the fight and dodging the bosses attacks. And using a program to automate half of that removes skill

>>523664431>be monk main since 2.2>see job become the car crash it is now>our teacher is so bad that we're the teacher>now locked to LyseActual unironic suffering.

>>523670592Ok. I will try to respect your opinion, but I choose not to care

>>523670751And I'll be here laughing once you get banned and square enix shuts down your cheat program

>>523670627It'll get fixed, Monkbro

>>523670816too bad Square doesn't care and can't even check what you do with your game files

>>523670412About a month.