Do ya like grindan game?

Do ya like grindan game?

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grinding a specific legendary in a loot game, grinding to unlock character class in disgaea or grinding to get parts to make gear in MH is my favourite thing.i just love chippin away at something like that and listening to a podcast or something.


>>523652534No, but I do like jerking it to this character

>>523652534Remember when they took out all the grindan and just made a Disgaea VN.Of course you don't, nobody does, it was a stupid question forget I asked it.

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know whats also really tight?ur pusy

>>523653778Had fun with it on my PSP GO, but was too much of a brainlet to finish it properly if I remember correctly.

>>523653834At her age she's probably gone through miles of dick. Then again, with demon magic and everything, her body is probably just as good as when she hit puberty or something.

What's the best capture map before post game in 5?

classic etna > modern etna

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>>523654410I like both. She got a whole bunch of new outfits in the mobile game that make me want to choke her out while fucking her asshole.

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>>523654618Seraphina is pretty coom in the game too.

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>>523654721There are even Beryl outfits

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>>523655191More Seraphina

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>>523654618>ywn fuck etna in the ass while she smugs at you

>>523655296Kimono Rozalin is fuckin kino

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>>523654721Seraphina is such a focus-group abomination of a cunt it doesn't matter how thicc they make her>Okay let's do a best girl poll online, then combine the top 3 obvious results into a single characterInto the trash it goes

>>523655396The card art is hot too

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Something about Disgaea is so addicting. I don't even mind grinding in the games because it's so fun and there's heaps to do.

>>523655575Raspberyl has criminally low amounts of erotica. It's all Etna all the time

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>small, shapeless body>relatively large headIf it looks like a duck

Why do idiots dismiss the canonical age of characters like Etna?

>>523655712Swimsuit etna from the mobile game

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>>523652534I do but I hate redditna Flonne... now that's a woman

>>523656303Swimsuit desco

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>>523653778Is that seriously the cover? That's just art from the other games edited together. How much money did they spend on this thing? 5?

>redditnaWhat am I reading


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>>523654721HOLY FUCK they upgraded her hard

>>523656519Laharl is such a faggot for not putting a demon in her


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>>523654410I missed the original ps2 etna eng voice actor. That was the best etna voice.

>>523656413>>523656519Anything of Fuka? Please dont tell me they ignored my wife

the gacha is fun but 1% for a 5* can fuck off


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>>523656120They only care about how a character looks. Those same people were probably fine fapping to Yoko back in the day.

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>nothing of jennifer, the woman with a phd in every subject


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>>523656724I love her so much bros....

What does Etna's vagina taste like?

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>>523656859is that official art?

>>523656859Flonne's saliva.


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>>523656859Old semen of the thousands that have fucked that dumb whore

>>523657035Sea Angels were top cute. Zombie Maids were a close second.


Should I focus on a proper team or just hyperlevel Killia for story?

>>523658294hyperlevel Usalia

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>>523658383But she sucks plip

>>523658397The mobile game has some great designs, not just the outfits

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>>523655396>tfw you will never be Adell and have this as your wifeWhy even live

>>523658576What the fuck happened to Asagi?

>>523658681The mobile game is called Makai Wars for a reason.>>523658582Yes. There's two versions of this card

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I like Warframe, pretty fun grindan

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>>523658983Those webms I've seen of fat Warframe ass makes me want to get into it


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>>523652640>inbetween is NES

>hyperdrives to page 1heh... nothin personnel...

>>523658576I'm confusedAre Makai Wars and Disgaea RPG two separate games?

>>523656726Yoko is 18

>>523660289yes. MW was outsourced, DRPG was inhouse.


>>523660608So makai wars is dead? Poor asagi..

>>523659086It's pretty fun and unique, I enjoy the lore quite a bit. It's free and the premium currency can be traded for pretty easily so the only thing you've got to lose is time, but boy can you sink a lot of time into it.

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>>523660659no, NIS just wanted more money, so they made their own mobile game soon after MW.

>>523658397this looks awful


Flonne takes Prinny cock every night, and has given birth to hundreds of them.

>>523660657>Sicily omitted from the DRPG cover artLmao

>>523661051in 2000 years she might break Etna's record

>>523656083>If it looks like a duckI fug!

>>523661051Prinnies aren't born. Prinnies are ex-humans. She gives birth to human babies in that case then I assume?

>>523661051prinnies can’t procreate, dood

>>523661051Dumb secondary

>>523661253>>523661301>>523661876Get baited, vassals

>>523654618mobile game? wut?

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>>523662161>say something wrong>people say you're wrong>tell them it was baitCome on user plip

What does "build better relationships" do?

>>523661253>>523661301>>523661876The Prinnies are human souls in Prinny bodies, the bodies have to be made. You're all secondaries, play the first game.

>>523653778A Disgaea VN sounds incredible. Was it at least entertaining?

>>523663175I mean, I said ex-humans because they're in prinny bodies now. I assumed the human soul inside would create ghost semen or something since the soul can influence the prinny body to a certain degree since prinny bodies are blank slates. If a horny enough human soul existed I'm sure a prinny would grow a dick

>>523663175Hey retard the prinnies themselves can't reproduce dood

>>523663679To add to this, the existence of specially mutated prinnies with different physical characteristics like Kurt and Laharls mom proves this is at least plausible.

>>523663212I liked it.

>>523658397Oh wow... Adell is smashing that?

>>523663714How could Flonne have given birth to hundreds of empty Prinny bodies if Prinnies can't reproduce??

>>523664095Good for him. Adell is a stand-up guy.

depends on the gameplayi ain't enjoying disgaea much despite having fun with the retarded dialogs

>>523664236she made them with love, not sex.

>>523656819Best flat

>>523664236But Flonne is too busy fucking me to have sex with prinnies plip>>523664302Play 5

>>523664371i dont like to start games by playing first the 5 of their franchise

>>523664438Disgaea 3,4 and 5 have standalone stories. They might as well take place on opposite sides of the galaxy. In fact, I think they basically do lol

>>523664438You're in luck, Disgaea 5 is a prequel to the first game.

>>523664707if it was called 0 like yakuza , i would have started from there

>>523664707wait huhI'm only on chapter 10 but huh>>523664438The stories are standalone, if you aren't liking the early games just move on to the next one.I used to have autism like you for that, but it doesn't matter.

Fun fact: the lava in the netherworld is made from my autism

>>523664874i rather just finish itits not so shit i don't enjoy anything . just that turn based combat isn't my thingi must be around chapter 10 on the first too

>>523664996>turn based combat isn't my thing>plays disgaeahmmmm

Fwoooh, the female in the rubber body seal is TOTALLY fit!! Serious twitching there

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>>523652534I want Etna to pee in my mouth

>>523665089i tried playing racing games a few times despite never being my thing too , but i don't finish those clearly

>>523664371What the fuck Laharl posts on Holla Forums

>grinded max level dark assembley>level 9 "senators vote aye">got a nay vote on a bill I tried to passFucking what? I thought that meant I had perma-Ayes

>>523664773>name a game 0But then what if you want another prequel? -1 doesn't sounds like a good title.

>>523667710Don't give Kingdom Hearts ideas

>>523667710i'm not a game developer , i dont need to come up with that shit >last time i played i couldn't pass there

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>>523667852>Stellar Graveyardit's brutal but has a really fucking good grinding spot for Winged Slayer users (8-1). If you wanna go metafagging harder well-trained mages/skulls make this a cakewalk.

>>523668226wait shit I'm thinking of Stellar Graveyard 2, SG1 should be a lot easier

>>523668226i didn't got into classes much since i read somewhere you could finish the game with larhal+something else at high level

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>>523668395I used a Star Mage + Skull and a Shinobi + Ronin, maybe someone else too.Can't go all in Magic users though, since low movement and stuff. Shinobi is great for high counter + evade + Mv

>>523668395The generic classes are fun. Plus once you level all the prerequisites, you get the Majin, who is crazy OP.I'd highly recommend you level up a thief if you intend to play past the story, since stealing weapons/equips is the only way to get high tier gear.

>>523668395Anon grinding up your own monster army is part of the fun, and Laharl only runs aren't a good idea for the first time through.

>>523663212>>523656427It was very, very short. Someone tries to kill Laharl, and you (a prinny) manage to find a magic stopwatch that sends you back in time as a phantom. You possess whoever is around at the time to eavesdrop on their conversations, guide them in the right direction, and eventually find the culprit.


>>523668735Disgaea 1 monsters aren't as worthwhile as later games. They are pretty weak since they have no weapon mastery bonus, suck at magic because there's only like 1 INT raising equip (their weapons are all strictly STR based) and they only get latent abilities from 2 onward. So a dragon is only as resistant to fire as his Elemental stat, no natural immunity, etc. Additionally, half their abilities suck and have no real application besides looking cool.Despite all of this, I hyper leveled a succubus and made her into a speed demon who can cross half the map and cast giga-tier elemental spells the rest of the distance. I guess that makes me a hypocrite. They can be made good, it's just not the optimal strat.

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When should you powerlevel units in 5? Killia is pretty overlevelled and everyone else dies

>>523668667i checked the prerequisites for the majin>a bunch of melee characters at 200 levelthat seems too far away

>>523670123If you intend to do all the post-game content, level 200 is nothing.

I like funny bunny :)

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>>523663212It got some interesting system but as whole it's quite short but at least the entire premise provide really good replayability.

>>523669878Oh yeah, and there's ZERO early tier requirements for unlocking high tier monsters in Disgaea 1. All you have to do is find and kill about 30 of the highest tier of that kind of monster and you can instantly use them. No fucking around with all the trash on lower tiers. What that means is you aren't rewarded for sticking with a monster early game.It isn't until Disgaea 2 where they unlock by leveling previous tiers, so you have to work up a ladder, and lots of experience means you are rewarded for the climb.

>>523670336Cunny bunny plip

>>523669902as soon as you figure out how to level efficiently, and forever thereafter. grinding is the name of the game