In twelve days kids will be playing Super Mario 64 for the first time

In twelve days kids will be playing Super Mario 64 for the first time.

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>>523651213and they'll realize how dated it is

what's happening in 12 days?

>>523651213I thought all the manchildren bought out all the copies

No they will be playing fun games like Fall Guys.

>>523651330Kids will be playing Super Mario Sunshine for the firs time.

>>523651490why in 12 days?

how will they know to jump in the paintings?

>It's been 13 years since galaxyAlso their first time playing that, FUCK where did the time go.

>>523651213this kino train never ends

>>523651521Nintendo is shitting out some half assed Switch port.

>>523651213Will there be antialiasing and 16x anisotropic filtering?Plus 4k?

>>52365152135th nintendo anniversary

mario if he

>>523651627I thought that was coming it out in november?

been out of the loop. new mario game is out in 12 days? search engine says February

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>>523651668November is when that Game and Watch thing with SMB and Lost Levels comes out.

>>523651675thats 3d world+the 3d collection is coming in 2 weeks

>>523651750oh okay.glad I preordered a bunch of those, that's where the real money is.

>>523651784oh sick. better save up my neet bux

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>>523651675It's a collection of 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy that releases on the Switch on the 18th.

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>>523651328>they'll realize how dated it isLil' nigga, devs are still copying Mario 64 to this day.

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>>523651829>paying for switch gamesliterally why?don't you own paperclips?

>there are people who are younger than sm64 on this website

>>523651328No, they'll either bounce off the sharp controls or love em.

God I hope Galaxy doesn't have any forced waggle bullshit.

>>523651490hopefully they will realize why it's shit

>>523651330>>523651521Why are you gay?

>>523651953to hack my switch?

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>>523651640good one

>>523651490And they'll realize it's the best of the three games.

This should have been the boxart

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>>523651213You're a retard.

These games are about to have their Ocarina of Time moment, where their universal critical and fan acclaim is brought under scrutiny buy a new generation of gamers. I fully expect a massive wave of criticism across this board and YouTube, forever changing the common narrative.

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>>523652336The absolute peak of Nintendo everyone was flailing around on the floor like babies. But they just perfected 3D gaming instantly.

>>523652132Watch it be switch joy con only

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I can't wait for Holla Forums to be filtered by the manta

>>523651858Show me. Name 20 modern platformers made in the last 5 years that directly copy at least 5 game design traits as Mario 64.

>>523652905Name 20 modern 3d platformers made in the last 5 years in general

This game aged like milk, it's not suitable for a modern audience. Just the fact that you have to replay every level from the start to get a different star is such a stupidly dated concept in a collectathon that makes the whole thing a slog. Banjo-Kazooie fixed this just one year later.

>>523652557With the sole difference that Ocarina of Time 3D had various quality of life upgrades that didn't make the game feel outdated as fuck. This shit is literally a ROM from 24 years ago.

>>523653023You aged like milk.

>>523652132I'm waiting until the game releases to see before I think about buying, only reason I would get this is to finally be able to play Galaxy without waggle shit.

>>523652701it is retard, sunshine doesn't even support gamecube controller lmao


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No one on Holla Forums is unironically buying this, only scalpers are. Even the smoothest of smooth brains know that you can play the objectively superior versions on PC

>>523651749does switch have a gamecube controller? how will this work with joycons?

>>523653167They already showed it had waggle in the trailer retard and Nintendo is anal about custom controls so you can forget that boyo

>>523653023Banjo-Kazooie is a completely different game, you collect a bunch of collectibles instead of just one.

>>5236532981. Yes but Nintendo doesn't care about this compilation it's clearly a very cheap port2. Probably map low pressure to bumpers and high pressure to triggers.

>>523653318The waggle is optional, think gamexplain showed that in one of their videos

>>523651858Just because the game defined a lot of staple concepts that shaped 3D platformers, it doesn't mean it's still enjoyable as a whole game. See Dragon Quest 1.

Is galaxy 1 good? I've never played it

>>523653595yes retard why do you even feel the need to ask this.


>>523653414Just change jiggies with stars and the concept is the same. There's no reason to leave the level after collecting a star: it just kills the exploration feeling. It was probably due to hardware limitations, likely to allow the level to slightly change its configuration when changing star. This was surpassed by levels dynamically changing whenever the collectable is obtained, just like in Odyssey.

Its limited copies, no kids will buy it as the scalpers and obsessed older fanbase will buy it first

>>523653595For Mario fans its great, for normal people it's a 7.5/10 its okay

>>523653875>limited copies>when you can buy it digitally

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>>523653962Normies needs their trannymatic experience.

>>523653975>He doesn't

>>523654245>excited for ports

>>523651328just like your mom

>>523654245You're only proving my point. Yes the download vanishes next year. That doesn't mean limited COPIES it means limited time. There's infinite copies available until that day.I'll just buy it day 1 digital and that's that, no need to hassle with scalpers

>>523654421Kids don't sit around on the edge of their seat for every announcement from Nintendo. By the time they even know this exists it will be gone

>>523654914Are you 74 or something, grampa? kids now a day will instantly hear about anything Nintendo related from their favorite full time clown babysitter (youtuber) of choice. In fact most kids already know about this without it even having released thanks to their babysitters

>>523655072Kids dont watch Nintendo youtuber channels, they watch Fortnite and Fall Guys youtubers

>>523654914How will the kids today aquire such information? Maybe from the daily newspaper or maybe a pidgeon with a letter.

>>523651640better question, will it be fun?

>>523651213I’m not a kid, but I will be playing Sunshine and Galaxy soon. I’m very excited about it.

>>523651213How many children do you think actually play a Switch?

I never understood the boner for Sunshine and Galaxy

>>523653595>Is one of the highest rated video games of all time with a 97% average score on Metacritic good?Moron.

>>523655634and yet no one talks about it and everyone dickrides sunshine and wanting sunshine 2?doubt.png

>> dunno, is it?

>>523653962>7.5/10 its okayWhy is the average review score of Mario Galaxy 9.7/10 based on 73 reviews then? Moron.

>>523655496A lot. Every parent I know got one for their kid.

>>523655781Because game journos have to rate it highly or want to because they're brainwashed

>>523655702because galaxy got its sequel, and even then people want galaxy 3

>>523655702Are you new to Holla Forums, video games, or the internet?Sunshine is by far the worst and least popular 3D mario game, and that is why you hear about it more on here than the others - because of loud contrarians.You live in a delusional fake world because of your lack of critical thinking, research and analysis skills. This kind of thing is why the internet is so dangerous when combined with retards like you. It's why Holla Forums gets so much traction with their insane conspiracies. Super Mario Galaxy is universally considered a perfect video game, and was revolutionary when it came out, like Mario 64 before it. It's by far the highest rated Mario game out of all of them. Grow a brain and learn to disregard historical revisionism.

>>523656287>Sunshine is by far the worst and least popular 3D mario gameLOL

>>523655817Do they actually play shit on it though? All my nieces just play fucking Roblox or Fortnite all the time.

>>523651328Nice bait, man. Here is your (you)

>>523656287Contrarians are as bad as normies because they like everything that's the least popular.

>>523655756>>523655890There was no political or economic agenda among game journalists in 2007, morons. And there isn't one to a significant degree even today. Furthermore, the user score agrees with critics on Mario Galaxy, unlike TLoU2. Not that user scores actually matter since they are even more biased and agenda-driven than critic scores.Stop being demented fucking sheep.

I'm tempted to do a 100% playthrough but I remember the game having some absolutely impossible to find stars.

>>523651213And that's good. Bad business policy / wonky remake or not I'm always in favor of giving kids who care easy access to classic games.

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>>523656341It being the worst is debatable (although every knowledgeable video game player knows that it is and it has the lowest critic AND user reviews) but it being the least popular is a FACT.A game doesn't become good just because you played it as a kid, zoomer.

>>523656287Holy FUCKING based


>>523656568>There was no political or economic agenda among game journalists in 2007, morons. And there isn't one to a significant degree even today. Two words:Jeff.Gerstmann.

>>523651490I will be playing sunshine for the first time

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>There was no political or economic agenda among game journalists in 2007, morons. And there isn't one to a significant degree even today.And the dumbest piece of shit reward goes to oh my god it's you user!

>>523656664ya know, at first I was mad at the look of Awakening's models/art design, but now that I look at them again, it just occurred to me that they are just 3D versions of the old sprites

>>523651213I never owned a wii so i'll be playing galaxy for the first time

>>523651213I think it holds up amazingly well mechanically but its level design leaves a lot to be desired. I have a friend my age, 26, who simply cannot wrap his head around Mario writing the book on movement in a 3D space. He conflates his lack of history with the franchise with it being low quality or overly repetitive overall. Before you shit on zoomers when they start complaining remember that they at least aren’t that dude.

>>523651409Any retard who thinks this will sell out before 2021 deserves to sell their extra copies on ebay at a loss kek

>>523656978Journalists don't have an agenda just because you are too stupid to appreciate video games on a deeper level than just "sword go swish swish!", dumbass.Most of them are simply actual adults being jeered at by manchildren like you. Some of them are biased or really do have an agenda (Polygon, Kotaku) but anyone thinking agendas can budge an average score based on 70+ reviewers is delusional.

>>523657246I'm 30, never owned an N64 so I never grew up playing Mario 64. played it a few years back for the first time. My personal impressions of the game are;Controls like ass even compared to games that came out around the same time. Level design is bad.Spyro 1 is superior.

>>523651213>mario 64 is too hard!kek I can't wait

>>523657548They're adults who know who writes their checks. Believe me, user I'd give TLOU2 and Mayro games 93+ scores too if I was getting paid for it.

>>523657720y cant metroid crawl?

>>523656775This. I even felt like a significant demographic shift happened in Holla Forums when people were saying Sunshine was the best with such unbridled confidence.Like they just glossed over and or just ignored that part of the reason Galaxy was so acclaimed way back in 2007 was that it was "all the good parts of Sunshine like the linear focused levels without FLUDD and none of the bad parts."Sunshine's ambivalent reputation is why the next four 3D Marios were Galaxy-style linear affairs. That's why they avoided going back to open course for fucking 15 years.

>>523657613samefag, 2D Mario > 3D MarioSuper Mario Bros 3 + World will always be the best Mario games

What happened to Jeff, guys?

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>>523657735Reviewers getting paid off by publishers is a delusional conspiracy that only low IQ Holla Forumstard-tier morons believe in.If it was actually real, bad big profile games wouldn't be getting bad reviews from those same "paid off" reviewers. Like Avengers is getting as we speak.It's a mark of serious mental disorder when you are faced with a consensus you disagree with, and instead of understanding that you just have different opinions, you jump straight to unfounded conspiracy theories.

>>523658018He had a baby.

>>523657925/v/ will soon be back to hating Sunshine once the collection comes out and it's no longer just zoomers who were 5 when it came out on Gamecube who are talking about it.Those zoomers make up the majority of people on Holla Forums right now, though. Which is why the board is as shit as it is.

>>523658243No, your employer gets paid off by publishers for ads. You as a good little drone are expected to love the publishers' games if they are the 'right' publishers, like ones plastering ads all over your employer's website. This isn't a conspiracy, it's flatly obvious as observed in the Jeff Gerstmann scandal with Gamespot.

>>523653298Nintendont maps the high pressure and low pressure to different shoulder buttons and it’s totally fine. There was no need for them to be analog. It wasn’t an analog function that changed the water stream pressure depending on how hard you pressed it, it was literally a “digital” on and off function that was only mapped that way because of a lack of buttons

>>523657613>Spyro 1 is superiorSaid nobody ever except for you. Spyro and Crash don’t even belong in the same conversation as 3D Mario. Even the weakest 3D Mario (Sunshine) is infinitely superior to the best Crash or Spyro game. Westerners suck at making 3ad mascot platform games. PlayStation couldn’t have Mario so that’s the closest you could get.

>>523658810Spyro is a 3D collectathon, the same thing Mario 64 is. Crash isn't and isn't comparable in the same way.

>>5236588103D Mario fucking sucks.

>>523651213Kids these days don't play nintendo shit they watch others play and maybe play some fortnite or some other fotm game.

>>5236585071: Cases of corruption, plagiarism etc happen in every industry, and in the case of journalism it's easily uncovered and exposed since journalists are literally trained to do just that. That's why we know of cases like that (and the Zoe Quinn gamergate shit), because they DON'T get away with it.2: Advertising pressure and not wanting to get on a publisher's bad side IS a real thing, and is why a bad game might get a 6/10 instead of a 3/10. The only result of this however is that the scoring scale is skewed towards the higher numbers, and everyone KNOWS it's skewed, so it's pretty much an irrelevant point. 3: No reviewer has ever given a 10/10 to a game they didn't feel deserved it, and no publisher has pulled advertising for NOT getting a 10/10. Accusing a game like Mario Galaxy with a 97% critic score of paid reviews is asinine. There are heaps of Mario games with 80% critic scores or less.4: Furthermore, Nintendo barely advertises their games on review sites in the first place. Most of the ads seen on those are for western AAA games.

>>523652905>name 100 games made in the last 2 weeks or youre wrong faggot

>>523651213Kids these days don't play nintendo. Around 40% of switch users are make up maybe 20-30% of user base and even that is composed of kids whose parents think modern videogames cause violence

...and paying as if it was the first time too lol

>>523651490I'm 25 and had a GameCube and somehow missed Sunshine. looking forward to it

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>>523657613>Controls like ass compared to games that came out around the same timeThis statement is actually insane. I've seen a lot of reasonable criticism of Mario 64, and I can even understand why people would like Spyro or Crash better, but to think that Mario 64 has bad controls is fucking wild to me.


>>523651858>Lil' nigga, Kill yourself

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>>523660764yeah it only has a bad camera, not bad controls

been playing it on an actual N64 since last week, and as I suspected it's not that great of a game as proto-zoomers put it out to be, just like every other N64 gameI've always thought the N64 was an awful console in general that most people only remember fondly because of dumb nostalgia, and every game I play cements this thoughtthank god I was a PChad back when this piece of shit system was considered relevant, which it really wasn't except for hardcore nintenfags, the only reason I got my hands on one is because a friend wanted to trash it when he was moving out some years ago, should have let him do just that in retrospect

>>523661012>>523660764because you are nostalgic to it and can't admit it controls bad

>>523660963This "man" irrespective of his console preferences is too far gone. Human body is a temple and he would disgust our ancestors. How can you let go so bad, I want to talk to this man and help him.

>>523661380>I've always thought the N64 was an awful consoleUh oh now you have done it

>>523651213Have fun guys, i know i did

>>523661380I can honestly say the only N64 games I've enjoyed were Starfox 64 and F-Zero X

>>523651213why would a kid get an old game?

>>523660026>he actually lists 100 games to anons displeasure >"the person who asked"

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In 12 days people will FINALLY realize that the Galaxy games are slow, boring, cumbersome, clunky overrrated trash.If people still have a positive opinion about Galaxy after revisiting it, I'll smell rancid anime girlpits.

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>>523657830Daily reminder that that zoomer eventually beat the game and really enjoyed it.

>>523661738not even trolling>literally nogaems library, and only a few games were decent at best>they all look like shit compared to other games, or even the same title, in other contemporary platforms>incredibly awful controller, forcing most games to play like shit or be awkwardkinda reminds me of the wiiu, just we didn't have a legion of fat neckbeards plaguing yt shitting on it nonstop, usenet/forums/gamefags not really the sameat least they tried to push the hardware side a bit I guess, but even that is arguable

>>523651213I had a nintendo 64 and the pc port of mario 64 was the first time i ever beat it

>>523651328>datedGood luck getting past this level ;_;

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>>523665015>>523661738wrong quote, meant for>>523661380>>523661520

>>523661450>He thinks that's badOh you poor sheltered child

>>523665113had it since launch, still never bothered finishing it

N64 was only good for first party Nintendo games and Rare games. I can't think of anything else off the top of my head that was any good. My PS1 got way more use

>>523665424>implyingcome on user.....

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>>523661450Post face and body with timestamp nerd

The thing about the impact Mario 64 had was that it was the first time you could explore MULTIPLE 3 dimensional worlds that felt like genuine places.I wonder how a generation who grew up knowing nothing but immersive, detailed worlds will like these games.

12 days and I'll be playing Super Mario 64 in 8K with my new RTX 3080 hell yeah bois.

>>523665537>and Rare gamesConker was great as well. So were PD and Goldeneye

YEAH! I beat the slide lads!

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>>523666069My lil sister used to get mad when i picked up the babby penguin and tossed him off the edge of the world

>>523651328This. Odyssey to me feels like Mario 64 done proper.

>>523666379I fucking hated Odyssey. Felt like I was tumbling over moons with no difficulty and when you learn how to do that long hat jump shit the whole thing falls apart and you can break so many puzzles.It felt like they barely even tested it.

>>523666257If anybody knows where I can find that fucking video where the guy is imitating mario and like "I TAKE-A THE BABY, AND THROW HIM OFF THE EDGE-U" and it zooms in and goes red and ends, please i need that video so fucking badly you guys have no idea

>>523651213will it still have the same physics (soul) or will it be changed (soulless)

>>523667283from what little was show it looks nearly 1:1 adaption but maybe they'll throw in a bone & have unlockable characters like the DS version did

>>523665867>Goldeneyethis nostalgia for Golden Eye has to stop. its trashthe only reason people remember it was the multiplayer

>>523668081but it was so much FUN m8

>>523667790i meant parallel universes

>>523668081thisgoldeneye + perfect dark = cope-games for nintenbabs

>>523665151>The Dark Souls of Crash Bandicoot clones

>>523668605even throwing rocks around is fun with friends

>>523668081It was great back then. Of course it's fucking trash now. I'm not talking about now. I'm talking about then. You had to have been there.

>>523657925>Like they just glossed over and or just ignored that part of the reason Galaxy was so acclaimed way back in 2007 was that it was "all the good parts of Sunshine like the linear focused levels The linear focused levels are exactly what's trash about the new games though, you complete fucking brainlet

>>523669321So what was the problem with FLUDD then?I thought it was amazing myself

Y can't Mario 64 roll?

>>523657042Most of the backlash was people feeling like they got hit with a bait and switch during that first trailer when it went from that anime intro to Funko Game Boy Sprites.

>>523652132They're just ports of the Nvidia Shield versions, so waggle shouldn't be required.

>>523651213How will they know that they're supposed to jump into the paintings?

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>playing the soulless version with no soul or magic behind itOnce chance to play SM64 for the first time, and they fail.

>>523651213I still have the Nintendo I still have the NintendoWii U. My son has already played that game.

>>523670595by seeing the tiny shimmering they give off?better question is why did this penguin feel harder to find then it should have?

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>>523651328Dated is a code word for filtered.

>>523670650>no soul or magicOh no they changed 5 pixels of the cap and removed a meme line what a tragedy.......