Any mechabros want a thread?

Any mechabros want a thread?

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>>523650384Sure why notI haven't played many mecha-qualifying games besides ZoE2 and Ace Combat games, but I like mecha a lot.

>>523651539You've got to play the Armored Core series, peak of mecha gaming.

>>523651572What systems are they on? I have heard a bit about those. It's From Software, right?

>>523652276You can emulate them all up until a game called Nexus, at which point you either fiddle with settings or just get a PS2From there get a PS3 and play the games on that except V as its servers are down.Yeah it's Fromsoft, and any discussion with Fromsoft fans will eventually lead to them being sad the series is dead.

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>>523650384Go to Holla Forums- mecha

>>523652508What mecha is this meant to be?>>523652552I fucking wish there was some /vniche/ but the mods are retarded.

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>>523650384I used to watch Zoids in the morning before school. Cool series.

>>523650384a zoids game would be fun

>>523652764The gamecube one is supposed to be pretty good

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>>523652804huh, didnt know there was one. thanks, user.

you think there will be more mecha games next year?

>>523654251Maybe, there's been a few new releases so hopefully that starts a trend

If this thread dies I will use the dark powers of bait to start another one with guaranteed replies

>>523652764The new zoids game looks pretty


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What Zoids anime are subbed?

>>523655537>$60 plus psplus plus tip for shovelware gundamshit

>>523654251While it's not a full Mecha game (Unless you're playing a CAST), I really hope Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis keeps the AIS System from 2Maybe even tweaks it so that we can actually customize/summon them on the field (now that the areas are more open)Flying around in a Mecha fighting a flying Battleship Yamato that's launching fighter planes, lasers and Nukes (that you need to cut in half with your sword before they make contact) while this is playing in the background was a kino experience

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>>523656227NG already looks like it's going for the XBC:X look so you might be able to summon AIS in the field.

>>523656215>shovelwareIt's ok if you're new to the series fren

>>523656227Awesome game, I thought I just hated MMOs before I played this

>>523655537>KatejinaHonestly the biggest bitch Tomino has ever written. Seriously, what the FUCK was her problem?

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>>523656642Every gundam game and show is bottom of the barrel garbage

>>523656397Yeah that's what I was thinking tooWouldn't be surprised it they used a similar Fuel system too, but I wonder what kind of limitation they'll put on it to prevent the field being full of nothing but AIS'Maybe restricted to only certain field boss fights? Limited number of uses/fuel supply a day?

>>523656880Dangerously based

>/m/ is so bad refugees have to come to Holla Forumslol


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>>523657124I don't blame them, /m/ is a fucking hole.

>>523655537Looks like if Virtual On was made today. I saw this as the arcade when I went to Japan but didn't know the controls and don't know how to read enough to learn.

New Gungriffon when?

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>>523650384>no zoids game that plays like titanfall

>>523657124>>523657387What? /m/ is fine. It's just slow. Maybe op just wanted a faster thread with more people.

>>523657564I just want an open world zoids game.

>>523655462at least its not based on that crappy new anime where they ride them like mounts

Why do they ride on top of the zoids instead of in the cockpit now? Wouldn't that be dangerous?

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>>523657565>/m/ is finelol

>>523657565It really isn't though.

>>523657780Can't be any more dangerous than Shotaro running alongside Tetsujin, or hanging off him

>>523657832>>523657908Compared to Holla Forums, anything looks fine. What hang ups do you currently have about /m/?

>>523657415Never. The only good mecha game is High-Macs Sim and it's funny because not even Armored Core can live up to a fan game's gameplay mechanics with the graphics of an old console. I personally like Mechwarriors too but no way they can be as fun as that fan game.

>>523658023>hypocritical mods>inane threads that are allowed to stay up because it's g*ndam>lack of interest in mecha from the users>retarded double standards>have to use generals for toku>can't have more than one thread about a series unless it's g*ndamThe list goes on and on

>>523657780zoids are alive pokemon style

Playing through this kino atm

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>>523658023>Holla Forums is SHIT and i'm going to make it worse with off-topic threads/m/fags everyone.

>>523658098Giga shitpost>>523658174>videogames are offtopic

>>523655537Good shit

>>523658128>hypocritical modsAre everywhere.>lack of interest in mecha from the usersWhy? Because no one posts in your threads and they immediately die?>retarded double standardsSuch as?>have to use generals for tokuI've seen plenty of threads about toku made outside the generals.>wah gundamOh, you're one of those guys.>>523658174I don't make threads, but nice projection.

Please play SD Gundam G Next

>>523658614Be more obviousjannie are you okare you okare you ok jannie

>>523658212Just because you're used to dogshit doesn't mean I'm wrong.

>>523658762>he got filtered by based AC so he's seething

>>523657408They ported the arcade over. Worth picking up if you like virtual on or gundam.

>>523658814>filteredOk baby. They're fun, not as much as that one fan game.

>>523658952So yes, you got filtered.

>>523658695So you got nothing. That's what I thought.

>filtered casuals and janniesJesus fuck

I'm still waiting for an ultra realistic gundam fighting game.Mecha games in general are usually very shallow. The best mecha game is probably armored core and even that game is quite shallow in its physics and calculations. Usually no ragdoll effects and the physics are very unrealistic.

>>523659306Holy shit what a brainlet post

>>523658998Keep saying it.

Mecha games are dead because of the dogshit standards players have.

>>523651572Not that user but which one do I start with? I played ZoE and Daemon x machina before and always was interested in the Series. Just 1 or is there some recommended one for starters.

>>523659662If you want to play them all start at 1Otherwise start at 3>>523659636Retarded post

Did any of you nigs play the customrobo successor?

>>523660093LBX? It was pretty bad

>>523659780You're the retarded one bro.

>>523661327Meant for >>523659636

>>523660158Synaptic drive

>>523658167>chibi shitI'll never get a good gundam game thats not a 2/3d fighter

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>>523661976>mostly negative

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>>523662886>overwhelmingly negative>people say gameplay is great but the graphics is bad and complains about the price tag but no storyThis industry is absolute garbage and why mech games fail; they hate robots

How's Dual Gear?

>>523663227I didn't real every single review, but a lot of the complaints were about the netcode and multiplayer balance. It sounded like the game was fine for single player content at least.

>>523660158What? It was great

>>523663262I only played the demo, but it was super cool.

>>523652847>LoDM will never be in a voiced SRW due to Lulu's voice actor being dead


>>523650384One of the best fights in anime

>>523652591Solverius *something* from Super Robot Taisen K. It was better on Atreem.

>>523656845Newtype powers drove her insane. So...your standard newtype

>>523658023/m/ is dead. it's the same shit every day perpetuated by 10 peopel


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>>523657780As the name implies. They're wild zoids. The zoids most commonly depicted>>523650384 are basically the domesticated version.

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>>523657683But it's a sequel of game that based of that crappy new anime, they just get rid of the kids, adds chaotic century roster and customisation

I want to make a mecha game but need artists, where find

Only played the zone of enders and front mission games, but heard the fromsoftware armored core series is fun.Should I try it, never really cared about darksouls.

>>523650384I wanna get the zoids game thats coming out but it honestly looks like shit

>>523667925Yeah they're awesome

>>523655537I did, preordered it even. Sucks that I'm not a fan of Gundam cause any fanservice in this is lost on me. I wish there was a game exactly like MBON but took an SRW crossover approach and had mechs from Getter Robo, Gaiking, Gurren Lagann, etc. If something like that got announced I'd be beyond excited.

Post your /m/ waifu

>>523668086Vic Viper and it's gigantic cockpit.

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>>523650384Found a used 4 episode DVD of Zoids for 50 bucks at a store yesterdayFuck me why cant they just release a complete series already?

>>523652360>From there get a PS3 and play the games on that except V as its servers are down.What about Verdict Day?

>>523669328Verdict Day still has its servers up and despite what brainlets tell you it's great

>>523667140I kneel

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>>523650384>TFW the only Zoids game coming out is a shitty fighter for the Switch based on Zoids Wild

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>>523658167>soulless licensed anime products from bandai>kinoyou fucking weebs have absolutely no standards

>>523669793>weeb >soulless Go back

Battle tech is on sale, is it good?

>>523657780Wild Zoids are natually occurring in the Zoids world.the ones with Cockpits are manmade

>>523669709Why are all the recent Zoids games Fighters when an open world or Titanfall-esque game with them has so much potential?