If i host a lobby will Holla Forums actually man up and play to kill this stigma about dodging?

If i host a lobby will Holla Forums actually man up and play to kill this stigma about dodging?

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Yall niggas can't be serious

>>523649643How about playing a good fucking fighting game, dumbass?

>>523649643You can't fool me Altaccz, I'm retired.

>>523649643I'm working, but I also refuse to play Slow Fighter VMeet me in Fightcade for 3S or at the very least boot up USFIV

Sorry got rid of PlayStation months ago, would of put a beating in you with Ryu otherwise

>>523650846no idea who that is

>>523650885Dodging again lmao


Holla Forums plays singleplayer PvE games or turn based garbage because they cannot think on the fly lol


>>523649643no but id play some 4

>>523650792like what?

>>523649643Of course Holla Forums only plays kusoge anime trash like gear and under night instead of a real man's fighting game like SFV.Y'all niggas are fucking corny

>>523651008I invited you and you dodged like I knew you would

>>523651463I actually play rev2 but haven't been on in a while

>>523651647I knew broski was a dodger

Granblue is better than SFV.

>>523651893You're sadly mistaken if you think im going to defend SFV. I only picked it up again to play fan for a bit when he drops


Bunch of posers on Holla Forums. Im done

>>523651458Good question, modern fighting games are all a bit shit right now.Tekken is the most similar to past games without casualising itself too much so probably that.

Surely nobody actually still plays sfv

>>523652387Actually a respectable answer. I couldnt agree more. I just wish netplay on console was as good as PC. I havent played in a while because of that.

SFV and MVCI made me quit fighting games, and I am doubtful I will ever play them with as much fervor as I did before.

>>523652614You can play fighting games that aren't made by Capcom

>>523652614I know exactly how you feel dawg. Hopefully kof15 turns out alright. I already know that game riot is working on will be casual trash..

>>523649643I don't understand the "people" who would ever voluntarily play a game with anyone from this, or any, board

>>523649643Damn, I'd join but I just packed away my PS4 yesterday. I don't have the space for more than one console at a time and I'm playing Dino Crisis at the moment. Sorry man. I'd probably get bodied anyway; I'm a Super Silver Karin.



>my man oro is gonna be in ths garbageFeels bad

>>523649643Add me bro KiggerNiller69

>>523654435Good thing you don't play, now we won't ever have to hear your opinion on it again, hopefully.

>>523649643make it

>OP dodginglmao

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>>523652387OP, and to the rest of the anons in this board, I want to let you know that this post right here? This is a huge indicator that you don't play fighting games. I can tell you this fuck doesn't play Tekken, let alone any "modern fighting game".Play what you like, assholes.There's been a decent amount of them released now and there's Fightcade 2. You only need two to tango. You don't need to out yourself as a poser.

>>523651463Okay, I'll ask. What makes Gear and especially UNI kusoge?

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>>523658282No footsies

>>523658710Oh so you don't know what footsies are

>>523658282Weeaboo artstyle and appeal to weebs.


I'm on PC. I'm down.CF is Chronoid

>>523659212We all know Byak is bullshit

>Game is basically free>LITERALLY NO EXCUSE not to play>Still dodging...Okay dudes

>>523659689He's not completely wrong though. Footaies needs an asterisk for UNIEL. GG on the other hand isn't so bad on that but the oki game is pretty over the top compared to other fighters which is what filters alot of new players I imagine.

>>523660089I feel like people only complain about stuff like that if they never really played the game.

>>523660258well yeah, this is Holla Forums after all

>>523660089Look, the dark secret is if a game as universal air options like double jumping and air dashes it cant have footsies.This is a scientific fact.

this shits free on PS+any recommendations for fundamental guides?only played Tekken & DBFZ fighting game wisealso, char recommendation? something that isn't too crazy execution wise

>>523660258Well I've play and have fun with both but I can see why these games filter out Capcom fighting game players (or at least SF). Besides the aforementioned issues (which I consider pluses to make them stand out), system mechanics are harder for non-anime fans to spend the time getting accustomed to.

>>523660531Play guile

>>523660529But there is no air dashing in UNI and only 2-3 characters have a double jump.

>>523660531Vesper arcade on youtube

>>523660531>isn't too crazy execution-wiseDepends on who comes with the base game (pretty sure they didn't hand out free copies of Champion Edition). Ed would be easiest to pick up due to no real inputs required.

Any EU bros up for a few sets? I'll make a lobby if requested.

>>523660860assault comes pretty close to air dash lets be honest here.

So is there a lobby up or not?

>>523661157Not really since it only move in one direction

>>523661324not if youre eltnum. then again that was only a recent change. in any case the application for offensive pressure is pretty similar to in other games with air dash.

>>523661216Just shitposting friend

>>523661456You're right, reverse beat had no right to be in this game. I bet it's a balancing nightmare.

>>523649643I would join but I'm pretty casual when it comes to fightan games and I only started playing SFV when it was free on ps plus, so I'd probably get rekt.

Alright, I set up a lobby. Comment is "Let's hunker down!", password is 2378.Lobby will be up for at least 10 minutes. EU only please.

>>523661456 It's just a forward moving hop. Also using an assault as pressure is a good way to get you killed.

>>523661553Damn. If it means anything, I'd be willing to teach anyone in this thread about fighting games if they're just getting started.

OP's a fag. US West lobby up, 3 rounds, first to 2 wins, 4 slots, comment is Warlord League Networking Event, PW is 6969.

>>523661625sometimes the most fun games are the ones where balance can get thrown out the window and every character has some tricky moves up their sleeve. melty (also FB) is like this too.

>>523661841depends on how you implement it really. you can delay a quick air attack or perform an air special to trick your opponent / get the jump on them. you can also empty assault into throw or ground attack to check and see if they're ready for that too. ive also seen it used at the end of corner combos to side switch or trick the opponent into thinking you won't have your guard up.

>>523652387Why do people stolen valor fighting games dude there are PLENTY of good fighting games and you're a fucking poserFightcade is great and has a decent communityDbfz is fun and fast paced, feels good to play for beginners and is a great place to start if you're new to the genreMortal kombat is very fleshed out with alot of good training options and a good storySf5 is the classic tootsies gameYou can also play melee with rollback netcode online for free And theres all kinds of indies with rollback (fantasy strike, fighting herds, etc etcKys you shitposting retard

>>523661810>still nobody/v/ would rather shitpost about fighting games than actually play them.

>>523662558>Ky's you shitposting retardI agree, Ky players are all shitposting retards.

>>523662642>EU fighting game players on Holla ForumsToo uncommon sadly

>>523662435I actually play my Yuzu/ Hyde with a somewhat heavy focus on using the assault as a combo ender and beginner. It's really fun to play that way and even sometimes leads to people rage quiting.

>>523659212I'll repeat what I said before. You don't know what footsies are.

>20 minutes>not a single matchYou're a disappointment, Holla Forums. I got other shit to do.

>>523663803We playin here nigga >>523661929

>>523663981At least you got some matches going. Enjoy the lobby, bro.

>Turn on SFV for the first time in awhile>have to wait forever for the game to apply to its dumb fucking updates

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>>523661929can't find you

>>523649643> piece of shit fighter 5Eat shit

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>>523664902It's still up. Shouldn't be many with that comment

>>523665372I cant find it

>>523665372DittoIt's just not there broI think you tricked us

I'll trymake sure you set search room parameters to3 RoundsFirst to 2 winsCharacter select OFFthe comment is Let's have some casual fun!Password is 1337

>>523649643If it was tekken or dbfz I definitely would (ps4).Not playing shit fighter

>>523666053Turn char select on

>>523666135that'll take too long

>>523666182What? You can literally change it in the lobby

>>523666487No, i mean the transitions screens to battleGoing to the character screen is a waste of time when you can just use the Battle Settings menu

>>523665798>>523665857Well fug. Closing for now gotta eat. GGs Blackdynamite

>>523666053My God this jittery connection lmao

GG mikeRoss' Forehead

>>523666053yo ggs to both of you. Those connections were rough to play in.

>>523666053still up?

>>523668901Likewise, Im op btw, had to step away earlier.

>>523669052ye get in here.

School Ryu is my favorite

>>523649643Is anyone down to play? I'll host right now send CFN's for me to add

>>523658145>2Fuck off shill

>>523669786Bitch, its got Fightcade 1 in it and its free, the fuck is your high horse on to call mea shill? As if you even know what Fightcade is. Fuck outta here, faggot.

>>523669654we got one more slot >>523666053


>>523670029I'm In, (I think) is it a zeku vs ken?

God I'm so fucking shit but that's what I get for dropping this shitty game.Once I get Rashid' CT2 shit down though, I'm gonna be unbeatable>>523670065Noit's currently Ryu vs Birdie

>>523670142okay im coming keep the spot for me

gg's I was the shifty ryu

>>523670142I can't find the lobby what reigion is it in?

>>523670534US West

gotta bounce, sorry guys. thanks for the matches

>>523670787The birdie?GGs bruh

>>523651463LTG, is that you? Dale what are you doing here?