What's your opinion on mini retro consoles Holla Forums?

What's your opinion on mini retro consoles Holla Forums?

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>>523647679Not really into them but it’s cool to pretend you’re playing on physical hardware and not an emulator I guess

they're stupid and pointless

>>523647679Would be cool if and only if you were capable of buying more digital games to add onto it. Even then, still a complete novelty.

>>523647679Complete fucking trash. Paying for emulators is stupid, and all this shit is is pandering to normalfags for a 30 minute hit of nostalgia before they shelf the things and never use them again.

>>523647679Mega Drive Mini>PC Engine Mini>C64 Microcomputer>SNES classic>NES classic>PlayStation Classic

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>>523648050ThisThe Mega Drive Mini is so good it made me get an actual Mega DriveAnd the PC Engine Mini has a great number of obscure games you wouldn't try otherwise.

>>523647679Let’s pretend that we don’t have access to emulators ourselves. The mini retro consoles remain the only way for Anons to own those retro games, now that Nintendo Online serves as a rental system for those same games.

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>>523648172> it made me get an actual Mega Drivebased, genichads rise up

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They're preset SoCs with emulators that have varying quality when it comes to the UI.They're generally not worth the money unless you see them as collectible since official emulation often times is not as good as community driven emulators.The mega drive and the PC engine ones are probably the best though, they both have very sleek presentation.

People like to shit on the Playstation Classic but this here is actually the most worthless of the bunch>terrible HDMI out>they got the buttons on the arcade wrong making everything ankward to play>the controller which is sold seperately is pretty trashy as wellShould have just followed the trend and made an actual Neogeo AES mini.

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>>523647679It’s only okay when Nintendo does it. The others are trash

>>523648709pretty much anything SNK that banks on nostalgia is guaranteed trash.

Mini consoles are basically the ideal christmas present for that one normalfag you know who used to like videogames when they were little and would appreciate the novelty of playing on a console again for like a week. I bought my sister the NES, SNES and Playstation minis on 3 separate christmases (I probably wouldn't have gotten her the Playstation mini but she pretty much told me she wanted one)

>>523647679I still have my SNES classic from 2018 and now it’s worth almost triple since it’s a PAL version. Nintendofags really will eat anything up. Great novelty system though. Finished Earthbound on it.

The real thing is best. But emulators are better than these things and more convenient. So really, I don't understand their point other than mass production for the mainstream normie shit.

>>523647679A hcked snes mini is pretty damn great, comfy as fuck

>>523648709SNK has been doing mini consoles pretty much every since PSP clone emulator handhelds started being a thing and not a single one has been good in any way. I don't understand what went so wrong with that company over the years.

>>523647679I bought a raspberry pi that came preloaded with like every retro game on every retro console, plus a ton of arcade games. I'm good on these minis

>>523648985>someone asks for a Megadrive Mini for christmas and gets the AtGames version instead of the official SEGA one

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PS1 Classic was a big disappointment and missed opportunity: poor emulation, PAL versions, and missing a lot of the great, bigname PS1 games. No Crash, no Spyro, no Gran Turismo, no Tomb Raider, no Parappa, no MegaMan Legends, no MediEvil, etc. Imagine the SNES Classic without all the Mario, Zelda and Kirby gamesAt the end of the day it's just paying for emulation, something that can be done for free

Apart from the PSone Classic they're great and I happily bought them allLooking forward to the Astro City Cab Mini

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have sexhave sexhave sex

>>523647679I don't own any, not getting the new game and watch

>>523647679I got the SNES one because I love SMW and DKC and I could finally get to have the original Yoshi's Island (fucking stupid that it wasn't on Wii VC) but I've only played three games on it and haven't touched it in ages.Would have been nice if they made it compatible with the internet so they could do an update to add some more games.

I like the SNES Mini because apart from a comfy menu you have the ability to add games from other systems, I only wish the internal storage was better so you wouldn't need to plug in an external storage device

Pretty lame on the whole but incredibly easy to hack, so that's something

>>523647679I have the snes, nes and mega drive. Fite me.

>>523647679Novelty anyone who actually cares about emulation won't need.They might have been worth an enthusiast's time if they didn't just use off the shelf emulators. >>523647885they're stupid easy to hack and add more games to.

>>523648709>tfw bought one of the controllersI would kill a man for a real pad or even just a good reproduction at this point.

>heres your retro arcade bro>thats 200€ plus tip

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>>523651709>that thing uses a free emulator which is stricly not for commercial use>turns out one guy pretended to be the guy in charge of developing the emulator and Capcom paid him to get the okay

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>>523647679I have the snes mini so I don't have any of them but I think it's nice to have an option to play on the real controller.

>>523651857Capcom are the jews of Japan, no news there.

>>523647679I'm waiting for mini-portables to become a thing

>>523647679*spastic edition consoles

>>523648050SNES modded > Genesis> nes modded > PC engine > vanilla SNES and nes > c64 > PS1

They'd be cool if the came with hundreds of games. As they are they're useless

I would probably like them if you could actually put cartridges in them and play off them. They have to make them bigger for that, though.

>>523652180ThisImagine a mini DS

>>523655824The DS is too recent to get that kind of treatment.And "mini" versions of handhelds aren't really that desireable. Most are already perfectly sized.I can see Nintendo do a Gameboy special edition with a good number of games pre-installed.

I got the SNES Classic and it's pretty cool, but I had to get an adapter to use with my 8bitdo controller because the cords are like 4 feet long and I'm no longer a little kind and don't want to sit on the floor. Haven't hacked it yet, but apparently it's pretty easy.

>>523647679on extreme discount theyre fine. just play on real hardware or emulate for free. getting excited for these is retarded because theyre in a middle ground that just appeals to the uninformed nostalgia trip. if all you cared about was playing games there's nothing stopping you already. getting usable controllers for cheap makes sense but most people buy these for decoration

>>523648172Why couldn't they have included the six button controller? Especially if they were including SF:CE.

good for console brainlets who can't into emulators


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I got the PS1 classic for the controllers to play on PCWas like 30 bucks

>>523648709Got it on sale for $30, for that much it's a nice desk ornament.

GBA Mini, roughly the size of the Micro. Same screen as the Micro, but with the original GBA's shape and with wlan multiplayer built in

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got a bunch of the NES and SNES, made good money flipping them all but kept one of each. had fun playing punchout and super punchout. hope they do a N64 one.

>>523647679if it doesn't run real cartridges then i might as well emulate everything on my switch instead

>>523647679Where's the xbox and ps2?

>>523647679It's the only way you can get normies to try old classic games. Emulations requires some computer knowledge. In the age of tablets and smartphones that's too much for the average person.

>>523647679Shameless cash grabs and I'm glad the fad finally died.

>>523663053It only died because there is nothing left to do.You could technically make things like a N64 or Saturn mini but those would require slightly better hardware to emulate the games which would drive the prices to a point where it isn't worth it.

If there wasn't already so many ways to play these games then these would be awesome.

>>523663053it didn't

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>>523647679Just annoyed at how hard they fucking dropped the ball with the Playstation mini

>>523647679Friendly reminder that if you don't own at least 3 of these mini consoles you are NOT a true gamer

>>523647679those genesis controllers tho. are they compatible with any current consoles? they most likely work on pc.

>>523663328that looks like shit. who wants a dedicated mario portable? you can play SMB on any device

>>523665074They work on modern systems and PCTried them on my old PS3 and no issues there. They are standard USB

I wasn't even born yet when all these things were releasedHow fucking old are you people?

>>523665121it also costs $50

>>523647679I like the Genesis one and wanted the turbographix. Looking forward to the Astro City.

I bought them just for my personal collection. Also because I have kids and I want to share vidya moments with them.

A stark example of artificial scarcity. Fuck scalpers, get yourself a console and Everdrive

>>523647679I need a mini 64 to have an opinion

>>523663336at least you can hack it and make it decent.No dualshock tho sucks ass.

Top Tier: PC Engine Mini / Turbografx MiniThis is how you should do a mini console. The presentation here is better than anything else anywhere. There are lots of games be it popular or obscure ones and there is a decent amount of variety between the genre. The only real downside is them only putting one controller into the box.Shit Tier: Playstation Classic MiniHow can we fuck this one up? How about we put in tons of garbage titles nobody gives two shits about and the games that aren't bad all happen to be shitty PAL versions which run like shit. Not to mention that the controllers come without joysticks so thats another issue. The emulation itself is also "acceptable" at best. The only good thing about this are the console itself and the box. They put more effort into the plastic case than anything else.

The SNES mini is excellent once you hack it and hook up an external usb for more game variety. It's unironically better than a pi for SNES because it has far less input delay plus the official controllers are great.Definitely worth the $70 I paid for it.

>>523647679I like the snes one because it's cute and it's very easy to load other games on it.

>>523665931this 100 times over

>>523665931>>523667982Try picking 20 games for a N64 Classic Edition

>>523665931>>523667982never gonna happen

>>523647679Where the fuck is the n64 mini?

>>523668160NES and SNES mini use the same internal hardware.People already tried running N64 titles on it and it doesn't really work. You would have to use better hardware which in turn would make the thing more expensive.Nobody would pay 200 bucks for a N64 mini. Ask again in a few years once shit is more affordable.

>>523648005Some are decent for little emulator boxes you can hook up to the tv and play with the nice controllers

>>523668464Bruh. Just buy a rasperry pi for 30 bucks and 3D print yourself a fake NES case. Thats totally something many would do instead of just grabbing on of those minis off ebay/amazon for 50 bucks

>>523648172M2 did both of those so no wonder they're good, Konami finally did something good with their Hudson Soft IPs and in general after being relegated to gacha and pachinkoshit

>>523649219Read about it, SNK were fucking kings until they went under and got bought out by a succession of shitty companies. They're currently owned by chinks who ironically have somewhat salvaged the company, though the NGM and upcoming MVS X both look like shit

>>523651662You can send the NGM pads in to get fixed with a clicky stick

>>523668084SM64Mario Kart 64Diddy Kong RacingSmash BrosBanjo-KazooieStar Fox 64Sin and PunishmentKirby and the Crystal ShardsOgre Battle 64Paper MarioOcarina of TimeMajora's MaskYoshi's StorySnowboard KidsWave Race 64F-Zero XMario Party 2Mario TennisPokemon SnapPilot Wings 64This was trying to avoid obvious sequels and few 3rd party instances provided if they could get Microsoft's approval for BK. Nintendo would probably go with their own 1080 Snowboarding than try to get Snowboard Kids from Atlus. Also making this was honestly kind of difficult and it made me realize how many fucking racing games the thing had. Guess it was easy multiplayer bait.

>>523650129BasedThat thing looks like an improvement on the NGM in every way, just wish it had a battery. The clicky stick and lightup marquee are nice but the game selection is mostly shit or boring, hope it gets hacked.

>>523668325>Nobody would pay 200 bucks for a N64 mini.lots of people would you don't understand people

>>523654502Funnily the PC Engine one is close in size to the original device so they fucking could have


>>523647679they're a cash grab and a waste of money. just emulate instead or use a flashcart.

>>523669215Not to the point where its worth the effort.You have a base of 1 million people.1 million would buy a console for 100 bucks.200.000 people would buy a console at 200 bucksAt 50 bucks still only 1 million people would buy the console because the price getting lower doesn't magically increase the interest base.Making a mini console too expensive would turn it into something for autist collectors only instead of something you can gift anyone for christmas.


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>>523665121It’s also a watch though


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>>523668084it really depends on if they can get Rare titlesMicrosoft has been pretty chill with Nintendo lately so its possible but still unlikely. But if we could get Rare titles alongside the normal amount of 3rd party support these have had, I would say>Super Mario 64>Zelda: OoT>Zelda: MM>Paper Mario>Super Smash Bros>Mario Kart 64>Mario Golf>Mario Party 2>Yoshi's Story>Pokemon Snap>Kirby and the Crystal Shards>GoldenEye 007>Banjo Kazooie>Perfect Dark>1080 Snowboarding>Wave Race 64>Pilotwings 64>Blase Corps>Bomberman 64>BattleTanx: Global AssaultStuff like Star Wars Rogue Squadron, Snowboard Kids, Gex 64, Glover, and Turok would be super dope but I just don't know how realistic those are

>>523669142>the game selection is mostly shit or boringThis is the most zoomer thing I've ever heard

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is the neo geo one any good?

>>523669215I highly doubt it'd have a price point above 99.99 w/ 1 controller, with additional controllers for sale for 24.99

>>523665121I'm buying it because it's a dedicated Mario 2 portable. Yes I already own the GBA release.

>>523665136Nice, too bad they don't sell the controllers separately. Not sure the retrobit shit is good, even if they are officially licensed.

>>523647679SNES mini is awesome, because you can hack it. Having legit hardware and controllers from nintendo, and being able to put whatever snes games, plus nes games and shit like arcade architectures like cps3 is badass. I play Jojo HFTF and MK2 on that shit.

Is this worth it? I hear the switch version has terrible input lag and these are on sale right now for 50 bucks.

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>>523647679They are only great if you hack them, they are okay otherwise except from PS1 Classic

>>523647679mostly good if not just for the controllers, at full price they are a joke though

Nes OK snes OK ps classic garbage

>>523670804Megadrive and PC Engine Mini are the best of the bunch.I got the Megadrive mini and didn't notice any input lag. The games work just fine and the audio is pretty close to the original mega drive model 1 audio.

>>523671002sweet, im snagging onethanks dawg

>>523647679>What's your opinion on mini retro consoles Holla Forums?They're cute, but essentially glorified merch. Real hardware will win at all actual use cases beyond "time waster at a hotel"

>>523647679Shit garbage for plebians.

>>523647679I love them. I don't play on them but Nintendo shit is always a 100% sure bet to make money on to scalp. It's amazing how much tendies are willing to buy for nintendo products even if it's marked up to 3 times the retail price they still all get sold in a day or 2. Bless Nintendo for making products artificially scarce to make it seem they're super in demand.

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