Why did it become a normie game?

This pisses me off, I'm not trying to gatekeep vidya, but some games just should never be allowed to be consumed by normies, Dark Souls is a hard 3D metroidvania, the first of its kind, who focus of exploration and combat and allows you the freedom of creating your character the way you want with tons of options. Why the hell would normies like it? Those people should be playing shit like call of duty, mario, zelda, the last of us, battlefield etc, but somehow they love Dark Souls, how did it all started? Meh, this is not good because now From Soft will start to cater to those people, we saw Dark Souls's decline with the second game and the third game was not as bad but still tried catering to the normie market with action, cutscenes, more dialogue etc.

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Popularity raised into a certain point and disaster stroke.

Because they weren't making any money catering only to autists

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>>523646658>NORMIES REEEEEEEKill yourself faggot, you haven't even played Demon's Souls.

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because it is le epic super hard game lol prepare to die

from the larger cesspool of shit that is daily steam releases, eventually quality products tend to rise to the top through word of mouth and reviews. that combined with the fact that it's prime twitch-bait means that a lot of people heard about it

>>523646831Well, it's better to stick to your values and sell little, than to sell yourself to fucking normies.

dark souls is not a metroidvania

>>523646658It's all because of the difficulty meme. Dark Souls got popularized as that "difficult game" when it's really not even that bad, and now all the normies want to try it to seem cool. >>523646986This

If you think normies play Dark Souls, you don't know any normies.

>>523646939I played Demon's and Dark, after those it went to shit because normies took it for them

>>523646658>normiefuck off normalfag

>>523647092Post a 3D game harder than dark souls...

>>523647038Not if you’re a businessman, especially a Japanese one

dark souls 1 was never a normie game. it was a slow burn of popularity when more and more people, but still mostly in the gamer crowd, realized how good it was. the most normie thing about it is probably when youtubers played it for funny reactions because of how hard it was, but i dont think this game was ever really played on a mass level

>>523647097Pewdiepie played it in his channel...

>>523646658Ecelebs playing the epic hard game.


>>523647097The souls series as a whole has like 25 million sales. They might drop the games after running into a casual filter but they bought it.


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>>523647038That's only true if they developed the game around the niche crowd. Dark Souls wasn't a game that could only sell 10k copies and be set for the next two sequels like some actual niche games. What you're suggesting is them bleeding themselves dry for no benefit.


>>523647097Normies play Skyrim, Assassin's Creed, and COD/Battlefield.

>>523646658There's nothing like watching a stacey play dark souls and figure it out

>>523646658you think normies play it to completion? they just play until undead parish and then watch sunlightblade on youtube to fit in.

dark souls has a lot of aesthetic appeal. the armor looks amazing.

>>523647743My ex made it all the way to and killed Capra Demon, no help from me. I was genuinely impressed

>>523646658>first of its kindHow so?

>>523647959sounds like a keeper

>>523647839Same with the locations and the dark-but-dreamlike quality they have. Objectively the graphics are nothing special, but the art design is fantastic and memorable

>>523647304Pewdiepie isn't a normie, he's a 4chan gamer goblin like you and me.

>>523648136Yeah haha.........

>>523646658>normiesKill yourself

>>523646658>normie game>Dark SoulsDo you even go outside? Most normies play the first few levels of souls games before quitting. They find them boring.Also go back, faggot.

>>523646986Correct answer.

>>523648139its weird because the best looking locations are the less grimy ones, like anor londo or darkroot garden. sometimes i wonder if the whole game should have been more "beautiful" like this instead of dank undead areas and sewers

>>523648096How not?

>>523648363Nah, a large part of the subconscious appeal of the locations is that you start in more grimy "normal" areas and as you progress you reach more and more fantastical locations.

>>523647676Go back to /r/dankmemes, fucking faggot.

>>523647676The moment you start labeling people as normies, you become a perma virgin

>>523647219not samefag but there you go user

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the only normie i've ever known to have played DaS dropped it pretty fast after complaining it didn't have a navigation marker like Skyrim.

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>>523647959Why did you break up? I would kill for a gf who plays dark souls

>>523648926I'm guessing he went straight to the graveyard and got filtered by the skeletons

>>523648214No, he's not kek, he just use 4chan's slangs that get popularized over time, he even publicly declared he'a not part of the 'alt-right'

>>523649179>having gamer gfIt's not as much of a good idea as you might think

>>523646658At least pick the normie game that ruined it all you fucking moron.

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>>523649286>browsing 4chan and playing vidya makes you alt rightAre you retarded? Pewds is definitely on 4chan and will never admit it for the sake of his channel

Because dark sois is a fucknig overrated normie ass game that even low IQ mongoloids could playSorry soultards, your shitty overrated games are not that special, if you want a real challenging experience you should play ninja gaiden

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>>523649323>getting filtered by das3 Wew

didnt they make this game easier with patches over time? like buffing the soul amounts you get and increasing how strong items are?

>>523649458Ninja gaiden sucks bro

>>523648363Anor Londo, Duke's Archives, Lost Izalith, Ash Lake, The Great Hollow, Painted World of Ariamis were the best maps I've ever seen in a game, especially Duke's Archives.On the other hand, New Londo Ruins, Catacombs, Tomb of Giant, Depths, Blighttown are some of the worst.

>>523647135Agreed, albeit, I think DaS2 was an honest attempt to build off of the good work from DaS1. The control scheme, poor level design and a few other minor issues hampered the game.DaS3 is the game that attracted the casual COD and Fortnite crowd into the franchise. Quick gameplay spamming rolls and mashing R1, just in general very boring gameplay which doesn't have much thought process on how you attack things.

>>523648862That's artificial difficulty, it's only hard because if it's dated gameplay mechanics

>>523649179Having a girlfriend sucks, that's why

>>523649607Lost izalith among the best? Really? That place is the definition of repeated textures and is pretty straightforward. It's obviously unfinished

>>523649607Tomb of Giants was kino. Blighttown was alright.

>>523649292Shut up, it must be perfect, just imagine laying in your bed in a cold sunday afternoon played some vidya with your cute gf on your side then you have sex afterwards

>>523649659>COD and fortnite players flocked to das3I don't think this is a thing that actually happened.

>>523649607>hates catacombs, depths, and new londo>loves lost izalithWhat the fuck am I reading?

>>523648926It would be unnironically better with a map and a navigation marker '-'

>>523649932kill yourself

>>523649406I doubt he is, my man, he does everything he can to stay away from the alt right, publicly condeeming it, he just some some 4chan catchphrases that are popularized and tries to copy south park style of comedy

>>523649607blighttown is one of the best maps in the game. can be a bit annoying with gameplay but its design is awesome

>>523649817I do that tho, me and my wife play sea of thieves all the time. But she's not a gamer girl at all. She's a sweet southern small town girl that played sports.Your gamer chicks are either attentioned starved discord whores or tattooed thots addicted to nicotine. Both will come with some emotional baggage, and both are more likely to leave you or cheat on you.

>>523649514No, on the contrary, before the patches everyone just used magic sword spell+wrath of the gods, you didn't need anything else.

>>523649514Overall the patched version of DaS1 is easier than 1.0, yes. The original version had>insane lock-on by the bomb-throwing giant at the top of sens fortress>the hollow who closed the gate in parish respawned and would close it every time you went through the area>fewer, less convenient bonfire warp locations>dragon asses in Izalith have insane aggro range instead of being completely ignorableBut on the other hand, there was also a lot of broken shit. Elemental infusions were insanely good, even better than softcapping your strength/dex. So there was literally no reason to ever go beyond base stat requirements on weapons. Spells like Iron Flesh were insanely OP and you could easily go through the entire game with that. DWGR allowed ninja flipping under 50% so literally everyone used that and was flipping around in full havels. Burger King great axe had insane speed and stunlocking combo abilities. Crystal ring shield was broken as fuck and could kill basically everything.

>>523649882It never happened. Is just a schizo argument to hate DS3 for being "too easy" because it doesnt try hard to be annoyingly difficult like DS2. >>523649932>a map>for Dark SoulsHow bad can you be at directions and short teem memories. The maps are not that big either and are mostly corridors into big areas and then more corridors.

>>523649713>Ask for harder 3D game>"NOOO THAT DOESN'T COUNT REEEE"Fag

>>523650069He definitely is. He got caught saying nigger one time, of course he's gonna protect his public image to extreme degrees now.

>>523646658>Dark Souls's decline with the second game and the third gameYou my friend are literally autistic. SotFS was the peak of Dark souls, and DaS3 is literally just dark souls 1 with better graphics and faster combat. All three games are godlike and there was never a decline in the series. if you think otherwise you are a fake fan.

>>523649769>>523649890I just like the different aesthetic it presented and the monster designs, it felt like a breath of fresh air after the other maps, it's rare to see volcano/lava areas being made this good even though it's not as good as other parts.

>>523646658Why do you make Dark Souls thread every day fag?

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>>523650341The original dark souls 2 was definitely a decline. It took 3 DLCs, a free update adding a new boss/lore, and a remaster with a totally new enemy layout to make it stand with the rest of the series.

It was always a normie game, its entire marketing scheme was triple dog daring the player to play it, that's how they sold it despite it being absolute trash

>>523650687Hardfiltered by graveyard skellies

>>523649479>everyone who says my game sucks is just bad! It can't possibly be the game is just terrible!How does Miyazaki's cum taste?

>>523649769It's really a shame. I like the "Angor Wat meets Lost City of Atlantis meets Lethal Lava Land" aesthetic that Izalith was trying to go for, but the implementation was so poor. The first part of Izalith that's just a giant flat field of lava with dragon asses standing around and the lava textures causing your eyes to bleed was shit. The second half where it was all cambodian looking and with the overgrown branches everywhere looks cool, but it was so simplistic and monotonous in its design.I also hate the fact that they had the chance to redeem themselves when they included the area in DaS3 as Smouldering Lake but made it even duller and less inspired than before, with the Izalith/Demons Ruins just being some boring straight hallways. At least DaS2 has Sanctum City to do the Lost City theme true justice. Absolute kino.

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>>523647097Dark Souls 3 did legit get actual promo stands in the supermarket like other big releases do. It definitely has come a long way into popularity. I feel its because its a legitimately good series that people want to play. That being said though I don't think most of the casual players who own it actually play it through to the end. They probably go online for the first few weeks and enjoy the chaos and then shelve it once the twinks come along.

>>523650286>How bad can you be at directions and short teem memories. The maps are not that big either and are mostly corridors into big areas and then more corridors.It's not about getting lost, but about seeing where the items are as to not miss anything, how is someone realistically going to discover about that fog wall in anor londo for instance? ._.

>>523650687>normie game>filters every normalfag and ironic gamerOk.

>>523650794I've beaten the game at least 13 times and I have the Dark Soul achievement, also the skellies being significantly harder than other early game content was an accident and Pinwheel was supposed to be one of the first bosses the player fights.

>>523650872>but about seeing where the items are as to not miss anythingJust explore nigga. It's one of the main traits of the games.

>want to have weapon enemy USES>drop rate is 1%>want materials for weapon upgrade>drop rate 0.21%You can't defend this

>>523651084I work man, I have a life, I can't spend 30h backtracking and hitting every wall I see just to get one item, every game like this should have a assassins creed like map where it shows item and secret locations, it would help those who don't want to waste their times and those who are purists like you could just ignore it, couldn't you? It's a win-win situation

>>523650898Normies are inherently competitive, you can get them to do anything as long as you present that thing as a challenge. That's why games with outdated graphics, shit AI, repetitive mechanics, and a shit tier community sells like hotcakes. No game that isn't hard could get away with the shit that Souls gets away with, there's a reason why FROMdrone's only rebuttal to criticism is an appeal to difficulty, the game has nothing else.

>>523650808Just apply yourself a little, user. You can beat it if you try.

>>523651362>>want to have weapon enemy USESChances are that weapon is busted and that's why the drop rate is that low. >>want materials for weapon upgradesYou almost always have enough to upgrade one or two weapons if you explore. There are quite a few merchants selling materials too.


>>523651389Git gud man

>>523651389>Normies are inherently competitiveI guess this inherently makes you a loser?

>>523650984>also the skellies being significantly harder than other early game content was an accident and Pinwheel was supposed to be one of the first bosses the player fights.Source on these? Not disagreeing with you, just curious

>>523651362drop rate is dependent on humanity it's not fixed

>>523650837Ageed, Shulva was truly peak souls level design.DS3 had some really good end levels like the Grand Archives and the Painting DLC but Dreag Heap and Swamp City was a fucking letdown compared to Shulva and Brume Tower.

>>523651389>the game has nothing elseSo you're ignoring the beautiful music, the dark fantasy setting, the lore and backstory of the world and characters, but you're focusing on the difficulty.You're as bad as the normalfags you hate.

>>523651938That's ok cause the DLC areas in 2 are the only good areas in the entire game.

>>523647042first one is

>>523651796>Not disagreeing with you, just disagreeing with you

>>523652139For like... the first 1/3rd of the game.

>>523651796The pinwheel thing isnt that crazy considering how easy he is. Problem is that getting to him was harder than his actual fight so people held him off until they overleveled him.

>>523652154Are you retarded? He's simply asking for a source.

>>523652154Damn nigger you're sensitive as shit. I've just been lurking this thread and I like dark souls trivia, so I was wondering where this info came from

>>523652217You can still warp in some metroidvanias

>>523652316He didn't trust what was said, so he was disagreeing no matter how mich mental gymnastics you make he was disagreeing

>>523652027Nope FOFG, Lost Bastile, Heide, Wharf, Almana, Aerie are top tier as well.

>>523646658>the first of it's kind>this low effort bait gets 100+ replies on nu-Holla Forumstake me back bros

>>523652517Yup, Hollow Knight comes to mind

>>523652517Notice how you said "some" DS1 is more of an old school Zelda.

>>523652661What you're saying is literally mental gymnastics. Projection at its finest. Take your pills.

>>523652661you probably shouldn't be on the internet if you get this mad when someone asks for a source

>>523652780Cause DaS is loaded with puzzles, right? Kill yourself.

>>523652821This is what he was saying indirectly>I don't believe in you therefore I need a source to prove your claims, otherwise I disagree

>>523652920Every enemy encounter is a puzzle. Blow your brains out.

>>523652926In your severely autistic brain, maybe.

>>523652926how do you manage to function in society when you're this much of a fucking baby

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>>523653006What an incredibly stupid thing to say. Combat is not puzzle solving. Dark souls 1 is much, much closer to a metroidvania than any Zelda game. No matter how much that bothers you (for some reason), that's just how it is.

>>523653192Dude, Dark Souls will never be close to Majora's Mask in any aspect.

>>523653192>creator admits that is inspired by Zelda>"NOOOO IS NOT ZELDAA AAAHHHH" Ok man, you do you.

>>523653304Um, yeah thanks for agreeing

>>523646658>Dark Souls is a hard 3D metroidvania, the first of its kind, who focus of explorationHow can i tell you are a retarded zoomer who never heard of Metroid Prime?

>>523653394I'm not agreeing, I'm not the person that you were quoting, I just wanted to throw this truth in your face, you dark souls fanboy

>>523653456>Trannoid PrimeNope.

>>523653456I never played metroid prime, you're right, but how does that invalidate my opinion on Dark Souls? Metroid Prime didn't invent metroidvanias, Super Metroid did

>>523647304PewDiePie used to be a fucking 4channer weeb swedish retard before literally becoming the luckiest guy on internet and becoming the symbol of Let's Plays.

>>523653376I'm doing me just fine, so is your mom. Inspiration doesn't mean shit or can mean anything. The game is closer to a 3D metroidvania than a zelda. Cry about it some more.

>>523653476Yeah, the truth that Dark souls is not much like a zelda game. That's what I've been saying, thanks.

>>523646658this is pathetic, and a probable troll, but From hasn’t changed their approach at all due to their success. Remember when everyone complained Sekiro was too easy, and journalists praised an age of new, more accessible games made by From Software? Yeah, me neither

>>523653684I'm saying majoras mask is much better than your shitty dark souls

>>523646658>hard video game>praise sunsometimes memes just take off in absurd scales. no doubt helped the sales considering the "prepare to die" branding as a pander to the meme. i learned about DaS via just these memes and I am symphatethic to original fans because shit like this really ruins communities.

>>523653589>mom jokesI didn't even READ and I repeat DIDN'T read a SINGLE word after THAT poor attempt at comedy. Consider yourself exiled from this thread and NEVER come back again, or you will SUFFER the CONSEQUENCES.

>>523653749Oh, if that's your point I agree that MM is better. It's a GOAT. Not sure why you're so fussy

>>523653736They did changw their approach with Dark Souls II, watch matthewmatosis's video on it, they made the game with artificial difficulty trying to cater to the normid git gud community, it failed, everyone hated it, then they got back to classic dark souls fomula with dark souls III. Sekiro is a good game, but it's the easier soulsborne

>>523653550>super metroid didlolmetroidvanias typically have some sort of upgrade paths in order to unlock more of the map, no souls game would be categorized as a metroidvania

>>523653837>Filtered by mom jokes>On 4chanNo wonder you don't have the stones to play dark souls

>>523649659DaS2 wasn't even made by the same team. I don't know what this boards autismo obsession with it is.

>>523653550It was the first 3D Metroidvania, and it got it 10/10 right the first time.Dark Souls is not even like Metroidvania you retard. The only similarity is unlocking shortcuts, every tool you will ever need to finish the game you get in the tutorial. You do not unlock new methods of traversal other than fast travel with Lordvessel, neither new tools to interact with environment. Also, the interconnected map in DS was LITERALLY AN ACCIDENT. They never planned it and it just so happened that maps fitted so nicely. You can tell because NO OTHER SOULS GAMES uses interconnected systems to this level.People complain about Dark Souls 2 having illogical landscape placement with buildings in the horizon, but are completely fine with a big ass fucking chapel, bigger than all areas in first game combined, with full skybox, just being under Firelink Shrine. I am of course talking about Kiln of the First Flame. But i digress.Point is that Dark Souls is just an aRPG with focus on exploration. It's not a Metroidvania.

>>523653848Shut the fuck up fanboy

>>523653996Kiln is literally in another dimension. Did you not notice walking through the blinding white light area with the black knight ghosts?

>>523646658>not trying to gatekeepWell you are and it’s the lamest shit gamers can do

>>523653996>Also, the interconnected map in DS was LITERALLY AN ACCIDENT.Source on these? Not disagreeing with you, just curious

>>523653883>watch matthewmatosis’ video on ithow about I form my own fucking opinion since I played the game you retarded zoomer?>they loaded the game with artificial difficulty and everyone hated ityou know nothing about what happened with DS2, it’s horrible development cycle, the downgrades and everything else. what were you, 12 when it released? take your revisionist history and get out of here you don’t know a fucking thing about what you’re talking about

>>523646658Dark Souls 2 was the hardest, largest and best souls game by far. Cope harder. Imagine being so ass hurt because your favorite game is everyone else's favorite game too lmao.

>>523654014Stick to your piss easy adventure games, nintenbro

>>523653951>censoring "balls" with "stones" >deflectingI'm DONE with you.

>>523654128>Labeling yourself as a 'gamer'Get the fuck out of my board

>>523653996How are Nintendo such beasts at nailing the concept the first time?

>>523653996>it was an accident, you can totally tell based on this completely circumstantial evidence I pulled out of my assholetell me where Miyazaki said the interconnected world was ‘an accident’

>>523646658>normie>80% of players never got past the second boss Lmao

>>523654176Show me a dark souls level on the same level of difficulty as darker side in super mario odyssey

>>523654204No you're not, I'm thirsty and your tears are delicious. Tell me more about how fighting enemies in dark souls is akin to pushing blocks and lighting torches in zelda.

>>523646658Fromsoft fell for the memes of their own community. It wasn't supposed to be le epic hard game and its obvious when you realize how easily you can break the original Dark Souls. Now their games are all about acrobatic knight bosses with jump attacks and 10 hit combos.

>>523654247Because then they can capitalize on making the same BING BING WAHOOS for 20 years while barely changing things and selling them for full price years after release.

>>523647038>normiesyou have to go back, you won't get any upvotes here

>>523654327What the fuck you talking about? Just look at steam achievements, 70% got past the first Bell of Awakening and 23% beat the game.

>>523654413Listen here, Paco. They're similar to Zelda games in terms of world exploration and dungeon crawling. And every enemy encounter IS the puzzle.

>>523654376That's just one hidden area though. SMO is so goddamn easy otherwise it's not stimulating at all to play it. I literally feel like a child playing that game, especially considering the cartoon rabbits as bosses.

>>523647304he also played Senran Kagura, does that mean that Senran Kagura is popular now?

>>523654591They're also similar to metroidvanias in terms of exploration and dungeon crawling. That's too vague, bruh. Also combat is not puzzle solving.

>>523654598Some moons need crazy ability to get

>>523650984>game is trash>i beat it 13 timesIs this the true final stage of autism?

>>523654586>using steam achievements as normalfag statistics Normalfags play on console, around 20% of them get past the first boss.

>>523654619It has like 8 or 10 games in that series, you trying to say it's not popular? Every year they release a new one

>>523654767And they're not required. This means that SMO is on average, and for a typical player, a far easier game thank dark souls.

>>523654247nu-Nintendo is devoid of creativity, but back then studios that were working for them did not look at other games but rather had an idea and worked hard at making it work instead of checking "what an AAA game should have" like RPG elements etc.


>>523654867You can make dark souls as easy as you want as well faggot, you just need to grind and look up builds on the internet, when it comes to challenge SMO presents a challenge higher than dark souls

>>523649479>Easiest game in the series filtering anyone

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>>523654741>Also combat is not puzzle solvingIt is in DS just by the way is presented to you.

>>523654902Yeah, these days they just look at Skyrim, minecraft and assassins creed and say >'hum let's make an open world game with crafting and ubisoft towers that reveal every secret about the map'

>>523655010You can also make dark souls as hard as you want. Try a SL1 run, or even just no weapon upgrades. You're not fooling anyone.

>>523655056DS1 is easier than 3. Yes, I said it. Come to me faggots I dare you.

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>>523646658Wow, shut up dude

>>523655379I disagree with your opinion

this thread is so far up it’s own ass it’s unbelievable. people referring to YouTube nobodies to make their point and people debating whether Mario Odyssey or DS is more difficult, at a certain point these arguments aren’t even worth having. the OP is the biggest faggot of all>a bloo-bloo people who get laid played DS, filthy normies don’t touch my treasured game from 10 years ago fucking faggots, every one

>>523655061No it's not. It's not presented like a puzzle at all, like a typical zelda boss would be that requires the dungeon specific weapon to open up some weak spot. In dark souls it's all about timing and properly leveling/equipping your character.

>>523647219BloodborneSekiroNinja Gaiden BlackDevil May Cry higher difficulties

>>523655056DS1 is easiest, because poise stacking is fucking nuts.

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>>523654902Gamecube truly was the peak of Nintendo.

>>523655379I think it depends on which one you play first if you're unfamiliar with the series.

>>523655379No real samurai used a katana that big, they prioritized speed over range, you're an idiot and a shame to people who like japanese culture

>>523655603>DS1>Have to find out from the internet what's the most op strat>DS3>Most op strat is using straight swords

>>523646658People unironically used it as a rite of passage for being a "true gaymer" and lots of people fell for the meme

>I'm not trying to gatekeep but...>I'm not racist but...>I'm not sexist but...

>>523655497So, when in this thread did you get btfo?

>>523655497You saying matthewmatosis, the greatest videogame critic im the business is a nobody? Haha, retard

>>523651378Then don't retard. Just miss out. Its just a fucking game.

>>523655427I disagree with your disagreement.

>>523655639Fuck you, I think I look pretty badass in that pic.

>>523655527>Bloodborne>Sekiro>Ninja Gaiden Black>Devil May Cry higher difficultiesSorry, I don't agree with any of those

>>523655704Mash R1 and nothing else next to a boss in DS3, no matter the weapon you'll die.In DS1 you can just R1 and chug, like that webm.

>>523647038you should blame capitalism then.

>>523647038>it's better to stick to your values and sell little, than to sell yourself to fucking normiesyou must le legitimately autistic, I bet less than 1% of people value their principles over money, get over it

>>523655810Just a fucking game? Where the fuck do you think you are, faggot?

>>523655704>Most op strat is using straight swordsbut its literally not. its dexmaxed lightning buffed sellswords. but only turbo virgins and speedrunners do that.

>>523655837No, you don't, you look like a try hard, every japanese person would cringe if they saw that, show some respect for japanese culture you imbecile

>>523655603it's also easiest because enemies attack so much less, play 2 or 3 and then go back to 1 and you will cruise through, poise or not

>>523655718Fuck that if i could keep you retards out of vidya i would.

>>523655519Just like Zelda. >>523655639Ok, weeb. I'll slash your throat in less than a nanosecond. >>523655745>SpergmatosisStop it, he's bad.

>>523655960>Not luck build with barbed straight sword I love ruining fight clubs this way

>>523655527>Bloodborneyes>Sekiroyes>Ninja Gaiden Blackprobably, i never played that shit>Devil May Cry higher difficultiesno. its literally a button smashing game. dmc being hard is a meme.

>>523655728I’m just passing through and making an observation that nobody in this thread is going to agree with anyone else, and the OP is a faggot. I love DS, and have since I played it on release day, nobody’s opinion is going to change the way I feel about it>>523655745I know you’re kidding, but anyone who actually cares about what people are saying on YouTube is a child incapable of forming their own opinion based on experiences, call it whatever you want

>>523655903Then those 1% are the only people who are worth in this world, your argument that we should accept immorality because almost everyone is immoral holds no value

>>523648096By being delusional user.

>>523656017>room temp IQ

dark souls got popular cause it made console kiddies feel like real pc gamers who evidently made them feel inadequate

>>523650320it took him at least few months from saying nigger to going full damage control mode 'we need to end subscribe to pewdiepie meme' as well as 'I am donating to ADL' and 'black lives matter'Overall he is also quite terrible at video games, he was too dumb to play Skyblock or even fucking LEGO Star WarsHe has walked away from any edginess he had

>>523656175>immorality that just means things you don’t like, what could you possibly say is objectively immoral? absolutely nothing you goddamn charlatan

>>523656197Fahrenheit, Celsius or Kelvin?

>>523653192Dark Souls feels much more like Zelda than Metroid imo. especially with the emphasis on keys. its not like in dark souls you get a lot of powerups that open up new paths

>>523646658When the fats got their port and started bombarding the entire internet with the omg dark souls hardest game ever meme because they kept dying to capra demon.

>>523646658You should probably just move on?

>>523656270this is actually the most braindead take in this entire thread, stunning levels of stupidity here >>523656373

>>523647676Just ignore those cretins.

>>523647534lol'd good shit

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>>523656142I'm not kidding, have you ever watched a matthewmatosis's video? This is not about>Le have your own opinion manHis critiques are all indepth with a lot of knowledge on the mechanics and programming and level design, if you don't know who he is then shut the fuck up

You're all braindead monkeys."Ohh ooh ah ah"That's you.

>>523656331It is objectively immoral to cater to normies instead of following your own convictions which was what I said in my post

>>523656373who’s got the pic of the ‘git gud’ timeline? pretty damning evidence against PC autismos

>>523656425its a shitty boring game. omg he swing at right time and then he roll WOW

>>523655714the sole correct take in the entire thread. the git gud gatekeeping backfired as bamco used that to advertise the game and it worked

>>523656454I’m aware of who he is, but if you play a game and enjoy it, then watch a video from some nobody and decide you didn’t enjoy it, you’re an idiot. I see how much his ‘in-depth’ analysis has helped form your opinion since you haven’t mentioned anything specific at all to back up your opinion. Vidya reviews have always been a joke but I’m glad your generation is gullible enough to think they’re better than that because THEIR people are the credible ones, you’re a goddamn fool

>>523656454His critiques are more autistic than using Hot Wheel cars as action figures. >>523656526Kiss my ass.

>>523656675what has that got to do with anything? even if you don’t like the game the idea that it’s only popular because it lets console players stroke their egos is so fucking stupid you should be ashamed

>>523646658>Dark Souls is hardIt legitimately is not. Summons, upgrading, certain weapons, poise, etc. make the game a fucking cakewalk.>d-don't use that stuff then it's hard!!!Great logic. You can make any game hard with your own retarded house rules, do you even realize this? I mean some of the games you listed that normalfags should be playing are harder than Dark Souls on their hardest difficulty for fucks sake. Kill yourself.

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>>523656858I experienced it first hand with some zoomer buying it for me even though I told him I dont want it. He wanted me to bitch about it being hard or something. You dont see pc players bragging about bullet hells and rythem games being hard like console kiddies do all the time with their cum soft games

>>523656357Your opinion kinda sucks, considering there are no puzzles in dark souls, which is a much bigger component of zelda than simply having keys that unlock doors.

>>523657010oh so your friend is a faggot and you’ve extrapolated that to unite all fans of DS under that umbrella of faggotry. do you realize how stupid you are? take your anecdotal evidence and shove it up your ass

>muh super secret club normies get out REEEEEEEEENeck yourselves losers.

>>523656903The games aren't even particularly difficult if you handicap yourself. The entirety of the souls learning curve is an exploratory process, after that phase is over it's generally very easy. Only really BB, Sekiro, and DS3 try to challenge the player with overly tuned bosses, and even those aren't particularly that bad.Not to fellate DS2 but this is why it's NG+ is such a success. Having new elements added to your world makes for a fresher experience.

>>523656903Western marketers used the "PREPARE TO GET FUCKED IN YOUR ASS" as a selling point. In reality it's just a fun dark fantasy game.

>>523657096no I experienced the faggotry first hand here too

>>523657096Holy shit based, that user got destroyed.

>>523657096Lmao epic owned

>>523657232n-no I didnt dont say that

>>523657284DES to the TROYED.

Give a boss hardet than Kalameet, I'll wait.

>>523657389Troy of SPARTA'D

>>523657481SPARTA'D into submission.

>>523657191why don’t you check on google when the phrase ‘git gud’ rose to prevalence. what’s that? it was the same year that DS PTDE got released for the PC? Wow what a weird coincidence, surely PC players wouldn’t fellate themselves uncontrollably to seem accomplished at something so trivial as beating a video game. heavens no. you ignorant little shit

>>523657649Kek. PCtards where you at?

>>523657092the first two zeldas had virtually no puzzles at all.

>>523657649I dont have to cause I was here the whole time and saw it unfold. Dark souls represents to me the final change of Holla Forums to mainly pc gaming to console kiddies culture


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>>523646658>normieYou are the normie

>>523657092and a big component of metroid is getting powerups that allow you to access new areas, combined with a lot of platforming. how the fuck is it like dark souls at all?

>>523658075This is one of the most incriminating things I've ever seen in my life

>>523657958>>523658075wow, how quickly you just got beat the fuck out was mindblowing, but sure blame the ‘console kids’ who don’t even think about the PC userbase at all. wonder who’s bitter?


>>523658302what are you talking about even in this thread there are zoomies bragging about pc guys complaining about difficulty.

>>523646986this. its popular for the wrong reasons.normies still dont have developed sensibilities or taste if thats what youre worried about faggot op

>>523658075why would "git gud" come about after the petition and not the release?

>>523658590oops i meant "artificial difficulty"

>>523658590why would search terms be used as evidence of what happened on Holla Forums? questions

>>523657909What the fuck you talking about? There were a lot of puzzles in zelda 1

>>523658517what the fuck are you talking about? the guy I was arguing with blamed console players for stroking their ego over the difficulty of DS which is the only reason it was popular. that is patently false and all the graph demonstrates is that the people who were obsessed with the difficulty of the game and whatever menial accolades would come with that were always players on the PC who created ‘git gud’ and ‘artificial difficulty’ as a means of gatekeeping and deflecting criticism. console players just enjoyed the game, like normal human beings. and if you’re that same faggot claiming Holla Forums was always a PC board quit lying about shit you know nothing about, back in 2008 the most obsessed over game on this board? Persona 4, a Sony console exclusive, that PC players greedily slurped up this year after a decade of waiting, funny how little things really change over time isn’t it?

>>523658724because ‘git gud’ originated on Holla Forums, obviously. clearly I’ve been here too long

>>523647534This makes hair in my nose pleased

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>>523646658>metroidvaniaonly sekiro fits this description and pretty much just because you get waterbreathing/puppeteer and have to go back to some earlier areas

The problem with Dark Souls fanboys is they like the games for the wrong reasons.>liking it for the difficulty>liking it for the graphics>liking it just because it's popular>liking it because my favorite streamer played it>liking it because lol praise the sun!! xdThese people are subhuman and misunderstand the true appeal of these games - the dark, brooding, uneasy atmosphere. The naive feeling of exploration in a crumbling world not far past its prime. The nigh-unending oppressive nihilistic aura that encompasses you throughout your journey. The peril around each corner. The brief respites at each bonfire letting you feel safe, if only for a short while. The revelations had from piecing together the fascinating tales found in dialogue and item descriptions. The interpretive vagueness of it all eventually making you question why you are journeying in the first place. Coming to learn the tragic pasts of each enemy. Witnessing the tragic futures of each ally. Knowing that this vicious cycle will only continue, no matter your decisions. And yet, hope remains.

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>>523658826no there werent. the main challenge of zelda 1 was surviving tough enemies. the only "puzzles" were stuff like pushing a block to unlock a door, but it was a very small part of the game.it is very different from post-ALttP Zelda, where dungeons felt less like gauntlets to survive and more like big puzzle contraptions

>>523660182this is absolutely true but people will ignore your post or laugh at it because of the language, better off to use some bullshit meme since lowest common denominator is the only level of discourse that gets any traction on Holla Forums these days

>>523647180>>523647368>>523648273>>523654513>>523658105*tips fedor/a/*

>>523646658shit like this is why dark souls has one of the most annoying fanbases.>nooo I have to feel good about completing this hard game its all I have

>>523660182Based SoulSCHOLAR.

>>523660850It does not even fucking matter to them if you've beaten the game too. Point out a fucking typo and Souls fanboys will say "git gud." I have experienced retards posting "filtered" and "git gud" when I said Dark Souls was too EASY. They are on par in annoyance and blind praise with fucking Nintendo fanboys and that's saying something.

>>523661354git gud

>>523646658it's really just severance: blade of darkness but dumbed down for casualsalso kings field iv and shadow tower abyss were better

>>523660182in other words, you're one of those freaks that plays video games for their storyeekers

>>523660182pls don't bring intelligence into a Holla Forums thread, it scares the autists.

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>>523649659Normie spotted. DS2 wasn't building off of anything from Dark Souls 1. They gave the project to a side team and it just became a King's Field game, as it should. This is how From has always operated. Without a visionary director they just pump out sequels based on old propertiesThe Dark Souls formula did not begin with the souls series. They've had it for decades.

>>523657092Every dark souls is literally full of puzzles. They just aren't giant obvious switch and block puzzles for babbies.

>>523650556>new enemy layout in dark souls 2 sotfs was an improvement.you can't be more wrong.

>>523660182>The brief respites at each bonfire letting you feel safe, if only for a short while.This is the part I miss the most from DaS1 that the sequels fail to live up to. Having bonfire warping from the start ruined this feeling. nothing in the sequels comes close to how it felt to make your way through the depths, then finally making it through upper blighttown to the bonfire in the swamp. You feel a crushing sense of isolation and despair, far as fuck below ground. No merchants or blacksmiths to fall back to. If you want to bail out and go somewhere else, you either have to make it back up through the gauntlet of upper blighttown in reverse, or you just have to suck it up and keep pushing forward. And then after that you get an overwhelming feeling of relief washing over you when you discover the shortcut back up to firelink.The other games fail to capture this feel with how you can always just bail at the bonfire, go back to the hub or to another area to grind, etc

>>523646658>we saw Dark Souls's decline with the second game and the third game was not as badIf you think 3>2 you are normie yourself.

>>523662121horey shet the pretentiousness is too strong

>>523662561Kek, those people are playing dark souls thinking they're having life changing experiences

>>523662121Absolutely. Nothing was more filled with lorn and despair than setting off from Firelink, knowing you were headed somewhere brand new, with no idea when you would see Firelink again

>>523661926SOTFS enemy placement is a mixed bag. Some areas are an improvement while others are straight up fucking bullshit. For example, I liked that they fixed the ridiculous ganksquad of syan knights cockblocking velstadt's door in SOTFS and just replaced it with a dragonrider and a couple knights instead, or the absolute bullshit of vanilla dragon shrine. But then there are other areas that are now completely ruined like Heide's, or parts of the game where the challenge was neutered like the middle section of Drangleic Castle running up toward the lmao2dragonrider.Also I have no clue why they completely neutered Dragon Aerie by having the shortcut opened up from the beginning, meaning you can just bypass the entire area unless you want to dig around for items

>>523646658It was always a normie game.

>>523660182i like dark souls because of how grandiose yet derelict everything iseven the orchestral soundtrack reflects this with its majestic yet somber soundit makes me wonder what all happened for things to go so far south

>>523662778I don't know if SOTFS changed this, but that basement in Drangleic beside the first bonfire, with the 6 sentinels and the statue bros is fucking bullshit. You can have 6 minibosses attacking you at once while 6 or more (strong) regular enemies attack you too. It's a complete fucking cluster fuck. Or you can lure them all out one by one and slowly plink away at them all, taking a shitton of time, only to die to a bad button press on the last one.>lmao get gudgood doesn't excuse bad game design, child

>>523662561shut the fuck up. describing basic elements of a game's atmosphere is not pretentious. christ this board has gone to shit

>>523663693Came back in 12-16 hours. That's when the board is at its peak. I had a spirited, detailed, and polite discussion with a guy about BotW. We both respectfully argued different stances on the same design choices, and we were both able to see each others' points and engage without calling each other faggots. It was really swell.

>>523661354dark souls is not an easy game.its a pretty gard game in fact. What i really hate is that there are people who literally have no life, and play videogames 24/7 and they expect everyone else to be as good as them. I imagine NBA players think basketball is an easy game but you would struggle scoring because you are not used to sports. so try and be more understanding with people who do other things beside playing games.

>>523647038You do get that they are a company and companies want money. It doesn't matter from where or how, they seek money not love from fans.

the atmosphere/world of this game is incredible, almost hypnotizing in a way.

>>523663961Retard, if all they wanted was money they would be releasing a new dark souls every other year.

>>523663693the only emotion I felt in blight town was bored, also annoyed the few times I got sniped by the blow dart fags. if blight town really had some profound effect on you you are seriously a bitch. and I don't mean to say I'm a big tough guy for not getting scared by a video game but seriously blight town is not nearly as atmospheric and brooding as you make it sound

>>523663892every game is hard with that logic you retard. if you are familiar with a controller and are not 80 years old you should be able to master the reaction based combat in a few hours or so

>>523646658It was always a normie game, suited for normie that you are.

>>523663341AFAIK that section is still the same as it was in vanilla. And yeah, it's complete bullshit. Especially since one of the rooms has the trap floor that crumbles underneath you, to yet another area in DS2 that's one-way with no way to get back up besides a bonfire warp. Meaning that all the progress you made from killing the enemies gets undone because you have to warp back to the King's Gate bonfire and do it all over again.It wouldn't be bullshit though if the soul doors reset upon death. The problem is that the doors stay open but the ruin sentinels respawn, meaning that if you happen to die or fall into that one-way pit while doing your best to open the doors and take them out one at a time, you get the pleasure of having to face a ridiculous gank from all directions when you respawn. And the only viable way to deal with everything after all the doors are open is to run up and aggro some of the enemies, retreat back to the bonfire, poke an enemy or two as it back up at the entrance of the room, run back to the bonfire room and wait for them to walk back, rinse and repeat. It's not fun. It's just tedious.

>>523649882>>523650286>>523649659>>COD and fortnite players flocked to das3There is truth to this. By the time of dark souls 3 FROM had built up serious notoriety coming off the hype of bloodborne. Most people had next-gen consoles at this point so everyone from xboxtards to pcniggers were ready to climb aboard the next hype train. They were also giving out dark souls 1 free to xbox live subscribers which made it's memes permeate more on that lower level of gamer culture. 2016 was around the time I first saw people with dark souls merchandise/tattoos out in real life. By then Dark Souls had cemented itself into the 'gamer' subconscious.Dark Souls 3 itself helps streamline new players into easy to grind online covenants. Everything is less obtuse and feels more power fantasy compare to previous games. In pvp the rings are basically like CoD perks, every player has their preferred custom class. Once you get 4-6 phantoms summoned its basically a team death match.

>>523663961not true. there are a lot of companies that simply want financial stability and a good environment to create art. as long as they can pay their employees, the profit is secondary. most well known example for this is probably CDPR. Not surprisingly it's an eastern european company and not an american capitalist wet dream.


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>>523646658>Im not trying to gatekeep vidyaYou should be

>>523660182Eh, I just liked it for builds and invasions.

>>523665236this but also fashion

>>523664163> you should be able to master the reaction based combat in a few hours or soYou dont understand my point don't you. Your low social intelligence stops you from understanding how the average human works, but not everyone is an epic gamer such as yourself. the average person struggles on dark souls. yes. i know it's hard to understand after speedrunning it 100 times but it's true.

>>523665642I have played through the game 1 time. It is not that fucking hard.

>>523664237I have plenty of criticisms of DaS3, but I think making the PVP covenants easily available to anyone in the early game was a straight-up improvement.I'm all for stuff in games being obtuse and I like having secrets to uncover, but PVP covenants are no place for that. The problem with a system like in DaS1 where you only get to unlock PVP after fighting a late-game DPS-check boss is that it guaranteed early game invasions were going to be 99% twinks. If you need to beat 4kids to do invasions, and 4kids are a tough boss at low SL due to being a DPS race, then the only people who are realistically going to be low level invaders are those with powerful upgraded gear. AKA twinks. 100% of low level invaders, at the very least, have the capacity to twink, and the only ones who didn't were simply those who had the self-awareness to purposefully limit themselves and abstain from using their +5 lightning/fire weapons and shit like that. DaS3 PVP is trash and easily the worst in the series, but it certainly has a healthier mix of people invading at lower levels. I just wish weapon level matching was better implemented so that you players wouldn't get cucked out of multiplayer simply by having "mismatched" SL compared to WL

>>523656141you didnt play dmc

>>523646658>who focuses on combat and eh doesn't afraid of anything

>>523651378I never understood this. It's like whining "why can't i run as fast as this athlete who's practicing every fucking day". If you don't have time for it, try something you have time for perhaps?

>>523664787>No argumentsI won.

>>523667238Yeah, because it requires a lot of practice and skill to find a random fog wall, right? Retard

>>523667292Since DeS they have released a clone every two years.

>>523666589i did tho. it's only hard if you go for the style points, otherwise you can spam your best attacks. Or you mean the artificial difficulty modes where you die from one hit? because those are literally just time sink modes for people who have too much free time.

>>523667745Every DS game is way different from its predecessor.

>>523651378the ironic part is 85% of the items you find in this game get locked away and never used, and 85% is being very fucking generous, it's probably closer to 90-95%


>>523668108>No argumentsI accept your concession.

>>523668206I cant argue with someone that moves goalposts.

>>523667745Sekiro and Bloodborne are not clones, they have different mechanics and gameplay. Also ignore the other retard answering you, it's not me, I am >>523664029

>>523668285>I don't have argumentsOkay, man. I won, you lost.

>>523667745You don't know what a clone means, do you. heard it in another thread and thought you gonna look smart parroting it? didn't work retard.


Can anybody recommend a comprehensive and entertaining dark souls 2 playthrough? I've almost beaten DS1 and got to Irithyll in DS3, and I've beaten Bloodborne, but I've never played DS2 nor hardly even seen any footage of it. It's like I've heard all these legends but never witnessed it myself


>>523670537How hard is it to type on youtube 'dark souls 2 playthrough' and look for one that suits your taste?

>>523670978Not hard comrade, just wondered if there were any legendary playthroughs with insightful commentary. Shame EpicNameBro took most of of his stuff down, I bet he had some great DS2 stuff

>>523646658it's a very shallow, mechanically simplistic game that can be completed by any talentless retard if he puts enough effort into itI've seen people beat fromsoft games easily and then struggle on fucking donkey kong country games