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I mean... it was o.k. I guess...?

>>523646476I hate the SOUL memebut you are 100% right

>>523646476>>523646629>implying the worst PS2 game in the series>a shitty third person shooter>losing all of the nuance of the world>with one 'big bad'>is soulZoomers.

>>523646476it was pure kino already because of the splitscreen co-op alone that its predecessors didn't have. only those with a sibling can understand this fact.

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>>523646709kill yourself>>523647542how can I go back to 2005 and play it again for the first time?

>>523647823>kill yourselfImagine thinking this is better than 1, 2, or 3. It's not my fault you're a fucking retard. This was the definition of soulless compared to the other three.

>>523648107nobody said it was better than the other games, just as soulful. it was also a better TPS than 3

>>523648698>soulful>low environment variation>focused heavily on shootingIt was a creatively bankrupt entry into the series, and showed the decline to come.

>>523648829>It was a creatively bankrupt entryNot really. It had great ideas like the robot bodyguards for multitasking.

>>523648829I mean the whacky gun variations was what made an insomniac shooter

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>there's Jak and Ratchet threads atmnever thought visiting Holla Forums today was worth it

idk if mid 2000's edgy is soul or not

>>523649120They’ve been a staple for the last couple years, other than when vidya news blows up the board

>>523649180it is if it's done right

>>523649120Ratchet threads are always worth it.

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>>523649031>he thought copying squad mechanics, a staple of TPS games, is soul>>523649070Nobody is denying wacky guns are fun. But when you put them in the sterile and empty environments of Deadlocked, who the fuck cares. The rest of the game is missing.


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Deadlocked has the best platforming in the series.Look into your heart, you know it to be true. Nothing else in the PS2 games even comes close to those Battledome levels where you have to battle up the tower.

Thank god ripped appart happens after into the nexus and not the reboot

>>523650185Ratchet 1 had the best platforming in my opinion. It had that Spyro feel to it. >>523650546Thank god. Hoping for more original weapons this time around and not the same reused PS3 era ones.

>>523651326the sprinkler reminds me of the miniturrets and that shit was pure soul, also hope the pixelizer returns.

>>523651326>>523650185I played all of them recently. Everything after 2 is downhill, and picks up pace in doing so.>1 is comfy, could do with lock strafe; some design inconsistencies such as sand mouse ports in many early levels>2 gets just about everything right>3 has too little content>deadlock is a content drought gone awry, tried to turn arenas into its own game based off of the soulless TPS trend>ToD tries to be 2, lots of next gen jank>CiT follows the story of Ratchet, and his partner Ratchet, under the leadership of Azimuth whilst Clank does his own shit for 90% of the game>Into the Nexus, now at a stellar 12 frames per second>2016 Reboot, hah, hahahahahaAll 4 one can fuck off.

I don't understand why they keep trying to separate Ratchet and Clank, they keep adding mechanics to the games where you have whole sections where you play without each other for extended periods of time and this game just exemplified that. It would be like a whole game of just Banjo.

>>523651689I've only played the og trilogy but I found 3 not to be too big of a drop from 2 though the levels were way too 1 path.3 also had so few gadgets it was weird

>>523649180I mean, it's not exploding knees, but it's still pretty good.

>>523651995>I don't understand why they keep trying to separate Ratchet and ClankProbably so the gameplay doesn't feel to samey. Which hurts the replayability in the long run, playing Clank levels in Chellenge mode is a snoozefest.

>>523646476Also known as Gladiator.

>>523651689>can't criticize CiT's gameplay so just whines about muh story instead

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>>523651689I played all of them recently too, it's definitely not a purely downward trend>1 is decent, no enemy variety though and the shooting kinda sucks>2 is almost perfect, just needed to have more weapon upgrading>3 has the best story of the original trilogy, but feels kinda sparse content-wise and the re-used multiplayer map sections suck>DL has some of the best gameplay, but level length is a problem and all the vehicle sections suck>ToD is great gameplay-wise but it has the worst enemy variety and Tachyon is a shit villain>QfB was surprisingly enjoyable but it feels more like a DLC for ToD than its own thing>ACiT probably has the best story in the series, but the "mini-planets" get old pretty quick and I didn't really like the Clank puzzles>A4O has a lot of gameplay variety to keep things fresh, but the gameplay itself isn't fun>FFA is short, boringly difficult, and is by far the worst game in the series>ItN was short, but the actual gameplay was top notch and it's probably in my top 3>Remake had great gameplay, but the story is so dumbed down and kid-friendly that it drags the game down with itthey've ditched the remake timeline so I'm hopeful for RA, I hope they listened to the complaints about the remake's story

>>523653635not him but CiT has awful enemy variety and the highest difficulty is still a joke, it also has the worst score in the entire series, yes worse than the remake and nexus, those games at least had some decent tunes

>>523653635I mean if you want gameplay criticism...Hoverboots were kinda cool but felt very on railsEnemy variety wasn't anything amazingThe ship sections were awful, just fucking awful, and felt like shit compared to something like 1 and 2Weapons become obsolete hard and fastThe platforming could be irritatingly tightThe bosses were pretty all around awfulFungoids and zoni were retardedThe key concept, time travel, is used like twice>>523654038I couldn't play QfB. It wouldn't launch on my PS3, kept saying the data was corrupted or some shit, so I gave up. Apparently I didn't miss much.I'd be fonder of Nexus if the plot were better and the game didn't run like absolute dog shit.

>>523654225>it also has the worst score in the entire seriesSpace radio is great fuck you

>>523654675>The bosses were pretty all around awfulThis is every Ratchet game every boss in the series is just a big ammo dump

Angela's titties.

>>523656493...will never be in a R&C game again

>>523656624We got a new lombax though. More titties for us.

>>523656928>has a tail>it's either male>or once again shows insomniac not giving a fuck about their loreThe developer commentary is still a cool watch for the first games.

idk if it had soul. i enjoyed it but definitely not as much as the first 3. but i aged as i played them and now maybe i'd feel differently, and deadlocked would be my favorite because it's more straight to the point.

>>523657356The whole tail thing was them barely giving a fuck about the lore to begin with.

>>523654892yes but it barely counts since it is 100% optional and only listenable during space exploration

I'm still waiting for rpcs3 to run Tools of Destruction and CiT so I can finally play them for the first time. Are they good?

>>5236516892 was pure kino

>>523657634I got through ToD on RPCS3 and it was like pulling teeth. Even if you get the game semi-stable, there's one boss, a hamster in a mech, that tore me down to like 5 fps.ToD and CiT were somewhat disappointing.t. >>523651689(Bought a PS3 because even though I got through ToD on RPCS3, CiT was missing weapon effects and some other stuff; replayed ToD natively on PS3 for good measure too.)

>>523657634both are good but ToD feels like a rushed tech demo that tries too hard to be like the PS2 games and fails, still a fun game

I liked the two commentators a lot

>>523657634ToD's decent, there's almost no enemy variety though and they went hard on motion control gimmicksACiT's a lot better though, enemy variety's still a problem but the worlds are a lot more interesting and the story's actually engaging

lots of shit taste itt nglalso what the actual fuck are people going on with enemy variety, the worst offender for that has got to be 3 but it's not even grating in the slightestalso the usual going commando sucking as per

I've been waiting for one of these threads to ask, does this robot from the RA gameplay look like a giant Cronk to anyone else? I wonder if that's just a reference or if it'll have something to do with the story.

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>>523658409>the worst offender for that has got to be 3no, 3 had much more variety than those 2, granted they recycled enemies from the first game but I prefer that over the same 2 factions in every single fucking planetbefore you say it, the robotic soldiers and thyrranoids weren't in every planet

>>523658409the Tyhrranoids got used a lot, but I feel like they stayed interesting enough to fightthe Cragmites in ToD were the WORST, it took 30 seconds to kill 1 and they're all you fight those last 3 planets

>>523658657I was talking more about the likes of >>523654038, desu I don't even remember CiT's enemies, but yeah now that you mention it ToD was atrocious

>>523658409There were still a few planets with unique enemies in UYA like Florana, Aquatos, and Quark's hideoutCompare that to ToD which has the dinosaurs on Sargasso and...that's it for unique enemiesACiT only has the Valkyries the other 4 enemy types are all constantly reused

>>523659274>don't even remember CiT's enemies4 or 5 types of robots, dropships, 2 or 3 types of agorians, 2 types of valkiries, the mushrooms, the snails, the flying things that spit acid and that's pretty much itI am 100% okay with recycling assets from past games, what they are doing in Rift Apart, if that means much more enemies to fight, CiT really suffered from shit enemy variety even though nobody seems to admit or remember it, maybe they wasted too much time with the groovitron dances who knows

>>523658497I noticed that too, probably just an asset flip to not having to model a big robot from scratch just for 2 seconds, the red light barely lets you see its face thus making the asset flipping less obvious, they also recycled the huge dinosaur from ToD, which also got recycled in Nexus

>>523649120>Jak and RatchetI wanted a crossover game so bad, and then we got Playstation Allstars

>>523661215I feel like there has to be more to it than just asset flipping though, there's plenty of random robot heads they could use instead of the now-dead major character's one

>>523654038>>ItN was short, but the actual gameplay was top notch and it's probably in my top 3An action game with 20 frames per second.. what the fuck

>>523657634ToD is a bit of a let down compared to the late PS2 games, the gameplay just doesn't have that perfect polish and it beats you over the head with its plot pretty hard. It's pretty good still considering it was made by a mostly all new team and had to be done in a new engine on a new console though. The biggest flaw if you asked me is the side characters, they're all annoying and they won't shut the fuck up.CiT is way better. they really nailed the gameplay and while it's still pretty plot heavy it's at least more interesting than ToD.

>>523662412I spent years playing TF2 on the shitty family computer where I was lucky to get 10 fpsafter that frames have never meant much to me

>>523662113we'll find out in a few months but I am more surprised absolutely nobody else noticed the giant Cronk

>>523662883On the plus side, ToD introduced a very fuckable Ratchet.

>>5236464762 > D > 3 > 1 > SAC > SMFight me.

>>523664952I'd swap SM with SAC, but other than that accurate

>>523661215To be fair to the new game the jungle planet looked like Sargasso so it makes sense why the dinosaur would be there

>>523666689they've also said we'll be going back to a lot of old locations, so I'm expecting a bunch of callbacks all throughout the game

>>523651689>whilst Clank does his own shit for 90% of the gameYeah, and the game is better for it. It's the only game where Clank sections are fun

>Nefarious in the RA trailer isn't ours, but is from another dimension where he never got the crackodds of this happening?

>>523670219female Nefarious in another dimension where she is smarter and stronger than him, how much you wanna bet

Deadlocked was the funniest game in the series

>>523646476The only good spinoff in this franchise