Outer Wilds planet ranking

1. Giant's DeepThe comfiest atmosphere aside maybe from Timber Hearth, and the best weather period. It's so important that developers made sure that you see it every time you wake up. It's Northern Super-cyclone contains my favorite puzzle in the whole game. If you count the Orbital Probe Cannon as a part of Giant's Deep (and you should), then this planet contains almost as much lore as the Brittle Hollow. Home to Gabbro.2. Brittle HollowOne of the most lore-dense planets along with the Ember Twin, but much more fun to explore. The black hole in its core always keeps you alert. The Hanging City is pure kino.3. Timber HearthThe essence of comfy. Enough said.4. Ember TwinPretty cool and lore heavy, but not my kind of environment. I don't like being kept at a timer, especially the one at the end which I get buried in sand. Loved the High Energy Lab though.5. Dark BrambleAmazing concept, but poorly executed. I just wish it was deeper, in a literal sense, and that there was more to it aside from Feldspar and the Vessel. The anglerfish can go fuck themselves. What do they even feed on?6. Ash TwinThere is nothing except the warp towers and The Ash Twin Project. Both are great, but that's a little too little.7. The InterloperA bitch to land on, but delivers its purpose greatly. Fuck ghost matter.8. AttlerockCompletely useless. No one even lives there.9. Hollows LanternLike Attlerock, but angrier and with even less things to do. .The Quantum MoonOne of the most original concepts in any game I have ever played, executed perfectly. Source of the quantum shit from all over the system, which I adore. Solanum best girl.

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>>523645743>No one even lives there.

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>>523645743>forgetting the sun stationThis shitter didn't even fly there, did he?


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>>523646347Alright then.10. The Sun StationThe symbol of the failure of Nomai. Not only it doesn't work, but the purpose it was created for is ludicrous. Imagine planning to blow up the fucking Sun ansead of building a new Vessel, putting the warp core from the ATP into it and calling for help from other clans, who would no doubt be willing to search for something older than the universe itself. Ilex had it right all along.

Inner Wilds when?

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>>523645743Is this game worth the sheckels?

>you will never brainwash yourself and delete your memory of playing this game so you can experience it for the first time all over againwhy live?

>>523651758There are a lot of people who play it and don't like it, but it's one of the most unique games of the last decade. It's definitely worth it to give it a try. I loved it.

>>523651758Absolutely. It made me rethink what game to consider my all time favorite (it was The Witness previously). The process of figuring out what is going on is not comparable to anything else I have ever played.

>>523646347what is it with all the autists on Holla Forums and their obsession with landing on the sun station with their shipit's too adorable, damn it.

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>>523652859For me, it was because the flight controls were so damn fun, and it was THERE. I think I used autopilot 3 times total when I played, manual flying was just to much fun.

>>523651758closest comparable is Subnautica (but no crafting / progression). If you like the idea of exploring in sometime scary places, and using environmental story telling and ancient notes to solve a space mystery for about 20 hours, this game is for you.

>>523652859There's an achievement for doing it as well

>>523645743>tfw you realize the orbital cannon being pointed in a different direction each time you wake up isn't a bug

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>>523645743Dark Bramble is already pretty stressful, and I think expanding it would make it even more maze-like which would triple the stress. I think they left the right amount of stuff for what the game ended up needing.At first I did think it was going to be a hub-like planet where you would go in and out of the seeds on different planets and pocket-spaces. They could probably build a sequel from the ideas in this place alone

>>523653767>tfw you realize there were over 9.5 million other loops which you don't remember

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>>523652329>>523652668>>523653650Wow! Seems like I'll be keeping this game on my radar. Won't get it yet because I don't want to pay $25 for a 20 hour game. Perhaps I'll wait for a sale.

>>523651914To watch your brother and your best friend play

Reminder that you can fuck around by Entering the black hole at the end of the time loop and then on your next run you can go back in the room and meet yourselfAnd at the end of that loop space and time breaks if you don't enter the black hole again

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>>523654749>enterWait what

I'm so sad about this game, because I want to love it, but I can't because I can't get gud at flying the damn ship. It's a wonderful, beautiful game and the only failure is me.

>>523654167I really appreciate in Dark Bramble On entering the last leg to get to the ship where you have to get real close to the fishies, the game auto orients your ship and speed just right when you enter the zone. So mechanically, its really dead simple. regardless of what shitty angle you came in, you just put the controller down for a bit and you're guaranteed to make it past them every time.

>>523655123Just play with a controller, the ship handles more like a dual stick shooter

>>523655076>he doesn't knowHow else do you think the ATP sends the information back after each loop?

>>523654749I entered it by accident without understanding the implications, and was so confused when I went inside the ATP and saw this random guy, then it finally clicked

>>523655348I already was. I can't land on anything, even with the auto-aim to help.

>>523650918Never, this game took 8+ years to make and the writer has been headhunted by Bethesda

>>523654243That's almost 400 years of living and dying in 22 minute intervals.>>523654167I like to think that all Dark Bramble plants (and there are others, ours must have come from somewhere) are connected through nodes and hollow vines to share nutrients. Imagine if Feldspar crashed into a different vine and ended up in a different star system. The plot possibilities with Dark Bramble are endless.>>523655348Don't listen to him. I played through the whole game with mouse and keyboard and had no complaints.

>>523646347Every time I get too close to the sun I panic.

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>>523645743Giant's Deep is anything but comfy. There's that wandering megatornado that sucks all the atmosphere out of its eye, and then you being panicking because you're starting to float away, but then the tornado passes and you slam back down to the planet with twice the gravity and you die, splattered. Or the seemingly bottomless water that no matter how long you power the thrusters, you never seem to get anywhere, but you see something down there and it creeps you out. Is that a jellyfish? Is it gonna attack? I don't know. No, Giant's Deep is terrifying, not comfy.

>>523656249it's not bottomless, keep playing

>>523652859I landed on it first try after finding out you could, and this was after finding out you could get there another, and even that way I did it by jet packing around the cactuses, like an idiot

>>523656334Keyword seemingly

>>523645743>No one even lives there.

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>>523656334Yeah, but I didn't know that when I first got there.

>>523652859You get an achievement for it and can brag about it with your temporal clone if you go into the ATP warp core at the end of a run

>>523656249>wandering megatornadoIt stays still though, that's why I call it Northern. And sucking out the atmosphere thing is new to me, I thought Giant's Deep had breathable air.

>>523656249>it's a ''tornado shooting your ship into orbit and having no way to reach it'' episode

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>>523656830Well, maybe "sucking out the atmosphere" isn't quite correct, but it does remove the gravity. And what do you mean it doesn't wander? I can stay in the same area and it'll eventually pass over, so it has to move. Unless that's a regular tornado and I didn't even realize.

>>523657053that's a regular tornado that launches you up

>>523655807Really? Isn't the writer the sister of the creator guy, who's thesis project turned into Outer Wilds?

>>523655424FugThis game is crazy

>>523657053The one that's turbo huge and contains the Quantum Tower doesn't move. It's eye is the safest place on the planet.

>>523655147I played it with KB+M and wasn't even aware the ship had slow thrusters, so what you described is literally how I went past the angler fish, just enter and stay afk for like a minute lol

>>523655147>>523657554You can afford a single thrust at the very beginning.It's also MUCH more flavourful than being able to slow-thrust past them.

>>523645743I fucking hated the Giant's Deep as I have a general fear of deep water and didn't want to experiment with that place after I already died at Dark Bramble. Honestly I have a soft spot for the Interloper because that's what I first landed on after dying on the Brittle Hollow and hooked me story wise. The twins are a pretty cool concept though and only don't stand out because they're in a game full of incredible concepts. The Quantum moon is pure kino though because I, and I assume most players, saw it one or two times before knowing what it was and thought I was going crazy. The whole exploration of it was super interesting and incredibly unnerving in ways I never thought a video game could make me feel. It's a shame most players won't even experience it.

>>523646347Despite being told that the Sun is not a planet throughout the game multiple times, you still bring up Sun station in a planet ranking. Bravo.

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>>523645743Shame the ending to this game was such dog shit.Great little walking sim, but, awful way to end a game.

Exploring Brittle Hollow for the first time. Suddenly a blue flash and die.Suspect a super nova and spend an entire cycle watching the Sun slowly grow larger and redder. Absolute kino.

Post yfw the first time a tornado on Giant's Deep tossed the island you were standing on into space

>>523658097It had happened to me on the Moon and I didn't even understand what's going on.I thought some sort of an apparition just appeared near me.I was blessed to be able to play this game 100% unspoiled. I just decided that there's probably a reason Holla Forums is crazy over that one game with an "Overwhelmingly Positive" Steam rating so I jumped straight into it without looking up anything.


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>>523658192I've never been more terrified in a game.


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>>523658091bla-bla-bla, shit taste, bla-bla-bla

>>523658192Post yfw you first fall into the black hole at the center of the Brittle Hollow and understand that you pop out into the white hole you stumbled upon earlier

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>>523658192post yfw you're chilling on Brittle Hollow and suddenly you notice your ship is 30+ kilometers away

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>>523658553>on the quantum tower section looking how the fuck I'm supposed to climb it>whole section falls inside the black hole

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>>523658532I honestly had a big fear of the black hole very far into the game. When I lost my footing jumping around trying to reach the observatory, I felt complete terror looking down while quickly approaching the black hole.


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>Visiting the Ash Twin

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>>523658390Yeah I bought it drunk after reading Holla Forums's praises and knew nothing. it sadly goes onto the large list of games that I wish I could experience for the first time again because it was magical. It's a shame its bizarre release schedule will dampen the affect of it because it's one of the best games I've ever played.

>>523658390Same, so satisfyning.

>>523654243I didn't get this part of the plotIf each loop is the same aside from the information sent back by the statues, then nothing should change between loops except the direction the probe is fired + the actions of anyone hooked up to the ATP. So, how come you only got hooked on the statue after a few million loops? I didn't get the impression the other dude had been through millions of loops before you, so he must have been hooked up "late" too.

>>523658729The game does cosmic horror better than most horror games innately. That fucking moment when you warp to the Ashen Twin core and you're in this weird spinning room before you have any idea what was happening was so fucking spooky.

>>523659095>If each loop is the sameWhy are you assuming this, though?There are conditions for the statue activation and "human input" is essentially required for true randomization of events. "Spacetime Continuum" already implies that "loops" can't be "the same".

>>523659095Not falling to your death from the observatory 9.5million times to correctly role play

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>>523658738What movie?

>>523660000Sunshine. First 2/3rds are pure kino.

>>523659095The statues were made to only activate if the probe found the Eye. So in all the loops before then the statues didn't hook up to you and Gabbo.

>>523658192It wasn't a surprise to me since I was looking right at the tornado as it approached. Took me a moment after seeing the stars to realise what happened. I didn't think I was coming down, so went to explore the weird growing pod that appeared. Then I fell back down. The whole thing was a rollercoaster.>>523659095Fun fact: if you talk to Gabbro on your first loop, the dialog is normal, as in he hasn't died yet. On the second loop, he asks whether you just died too or not. As for the ATP, the quantum immortality is set to only kick in if the coordinates are found or if something goes wrong. You can find out how many loops you played through by going to the Probe Tracking Module and subtracting the number of the probe that found the Eye from the total amount of launches.

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>>523660419I didn't know that about Gabbro. There's a lot of attention to detail in the character dialog trees.

>>523658682lmao that shit scared me as well but then I realized it was necessary to solve the puzzle

>>523645743>Giants deep>comfyare you fucking crazy? Shit's a whirwind of nightmares

>>523660792Did you talk to chert at different points in the loop? He goes from worried, to insane, to accepting of the situation.

>>523648437Are you stupid? They needed way more power than anything but blowing up a sun would put out, and if the plan worked, it would find the eye of the universe instantaneously, and thus the sun station could be shut off before it ever activated.Plus it was meant to be a red herring if you found it early on, it's possible to assume you have to shut down the sun station because it keeps blowing up the sun based on limited information.

Okay guysWhat if we blew up the sun?

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>>523659095What I don't understand is why 22 minutes? There's that one log where a Nomai is wondering if the black hole time discrepancy can allow for a 22 minute gap, but what's the significance of 22 minutes to him?

>>523661485I forget, but maybe that's how long it takes for the probe to reach the eye?

>>523657948> I assume most players, saw it one or two times before knowing what it was and thought I was going crazy. I saw it literally dozens of fucking times, and it annoyed me constantly because I kept flying into it and trying different things to try and land on it. I don't know why people act like it was hard to find, the thing was literally orbiting the starting planet on 90% of my loops.

>>523661485iirc it's because that's the amount of time the black hole shenanigans can send you back with the energy from the sun going supernova, or maybe that's just the theoretical max time possible

>>523658192>flying around planet>crushed by an island falling on mehehe

>>523658532I actually saw the White Hole's glow and space warping and figured out what it was before going to Brittle Hollow. Didn't stop me from being scared shitless when I failed to land properly and plummeted straight into the Black Hole.>>523661084I went to Giant's deep after Brittle Hollow and the Hourglass Twins and immediately fell in love with it after seeing the tornadoes and islands. My thing was megalophobia, not thalassophobia.>>523661485That's how long it takes the Sun to go from normal to boom-boom.

>>523661821>That's how long it takes the Sun to go from normal to boom-boom.Yeah, but why would that Nomai know that?

>>523662057The same way we know that - science.

>>523655807>the writer has been headhunted by Bethesda

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>try to get the deep impact achievement>keep flying full speed into one of the islandsWhy god

>>523659095The statues only activate once the probe finds the eye. There were billions of times it didn't, so the only information sent back was telling the probe not to launch in that direction.

>>523650918>headhunted by bethesda

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>>523655807But the writing in this game is terrible. It's barely serviceable as an info dump, and all the attempts to inject some personality into it are meaningless because nobody cares about blip-blorp and cheezum.You never feel anything for any of the aliens.

>>523655807Looking at the writers twitter/blog, it doesn’t look like they’ve said anything about Bethesda

>Talk to the Astronaut on the Ember Twin>Discover the terrible truth

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>>523655807>the writer has been headhunted by Bethesdabig rage if true

>>523662847well that's just your opinion

Get a load of THIS hornses ass

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>>52366400425 years and he still sucks at video games

>>523664004>...I don't know... I already have enough frustration in my life.lmao this nigga prolly got mad issues irl and he decided to vent by using a fucking steam review

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>>523664004>didn't even make it through the first loophaha what the fuck

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>>523661485Just chiming in>>523661661is correct. They know how 'far' the Eye is, but they don't know where. 22 minutes is the shortest time they could get the probe to the right distance, and even sending something back that short of time is an enormous energy sink. 22 minutes is the minimum they absolutely needed, which is why they were trying to literally explode the sun to get enough power to send info back.The other fun part is that your literal pondscum civilization seems to have outclassed the Nomai gravitation-based acceleration systems by using dumb propellants. They literally overload and explode the orbital cannon to get the probe out there as fast as possible, and you can easily overtake it with your dinky ship.

>>523645743One of my best memories in this game is desperately running away for my life after finding the city inside ember twin and realizing that i was being buried inside, like holy shit is was fucking terrifying looking everywhere and not finding a way out, and finding the way out literal seconds before being buried alive, the relief i felt that moment was incredible, damn it i feel pressure in my chest everytime i remember i can't play this game again, at least i disabled every help from the game and solving the mysteries and putting everything together on my own was magical

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>>523664493>second spoilertop kek

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>>523662847/v/ isn't allowed to call anything pretentious and also like Outer Wilds. I'm glad those fuckers all fucking died, they are in-fucking-sufferable.

>>523664493The mass of the probe is magnitudes bigger than your shitty ship though, and you don't even know if you can return to the solar system after 22 minutes with the ship propellant, for all you know you can fly for 25 minutes


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>>523665132based, hearthians are the true geniuses *flies into the sun*

>>523665476*flies probe into sun*Neat.*immediately flies actual ship into sun*

>>523655807It was obsidian not bethesda. I remember 'from wilds to worlds' or some dumb shit being the headline.

>>523665476>Hey isn't it weird how Nomai live longer?>yeah>Okay here's the plan, we strap this rocket to you and you try not to slam into the sun>Got it.

>>523665476Haha, yes.*teleports into a funky bush*

>>523665132Typical Hearthian propaganda.

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I can't be the only one that spent some loops just going around the probe trying to find anything right??

So if the Nomai were still alive, then they'd only have to fire the probe 'once', right? From their perspective, they'd get the information to the location of the Eye straight away.

>>523664493>The other fun partTo be fair, Nomai were getting a kick out of performing complex calculations so their spaceship design wasn't "flawed" for them..Also, I liked to use a gravity cannon to get out of the solar system when I was finished with a particular loop. It was kinda cool.

>>523666102>Spent several loops trying to catch up to the fucking thing>There is fuckall to be found by examining the probe itself

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If the probe can find the Eye within 22 minutes and you can catch up with it, why can't you fly to the Eye yourself if happen to pick the right direction?

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>>523666212Yep. Fuck the interloper.

>>523666102I spent 1 cycle following the prove, and once cycle flying out of the solar system trying to escape the super nova

>>523666413Because it's a video game. Realistically, you'd need to fly in a random direction for 22 minutes straight a few million times before you found it.

>>523666416>tfw you realize the meaning behind the bodies in the InterloperIt can be animated and it'll make people cry.

Wait a second Nomais were ready to live the same 22 minutes for hundreds of years (though way less in the original text which said the probe was only launched some hundreds of times) totally unconscious of the fact it was that way?I wonder what they prepared for their last 22 minutes of life, must have been a fun time [/spoilers]

>>523666413Maybe its there who knows, now go and fly 22 minutes on a random direction until you find it

>>523666413>can findNot "slam into", user.

>>523666772Technically. But from their perspective they would only see one loop since their personal statue would only send memeories back when the main statues found a match.

>>523666102How do you even get to the probe? It's accelerating really fast and you're on the ground. How do you get to your ship in time and find where it went and catch it?Or are you talking about something else?

>>523666772From their perspective they'd only be reliving it a couple of times, tops, assuming they were chosen. If they weren't, they wouldn't even notice.>>523666848The game actually loads you into a new map for the eye, you can't find it in the real game.

>>523653767I followed the probe once because I thought it'd lead somewhere. It didn't.

>>523666949You can catch up to it with some fast piloting.Easy to loose track of it while you're getting into the ship though.

>>523666949By not being bad. I caught up to it on my first try.

>>523666949If you get a good enough angle you can still see it when entering your ship

>>523666212That was the plan, and then pic related happened.

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>>523667041You're so cool man

Peter Jackson once said he wanted to hypnotize himself so he can watch LOTR for the first time. Maybe I should do the same for this game?

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>>523667124What's the significance of the Interloper? I think I missed something

>>523666413The cannon doesn't fire in the same direction twice.

>>523646347>tfw kept trying and failing to land on the sun station and begin to doubt it's even possible so decide that this would be the only thing I look up in this game>get the warp towers spoiled for me instead

>>523667363It's why everybody's dead, Dave.


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>>523661485If I remember correctly, there was some mention that the amount of time you can go back by teleporting depends on the amount of energy used (hence the high-energy lab on ember twin where they researched this).22 minutes is just what they got from using the energy of the super nova.

>>523667601But why


>>523667787Ghost jizz, man. The only creatures that survived were underwater, because plot reasons.

>>523667787 get inside when it gets close to the sun (pretty funny concept that ice melts right?)

>>523667363The crystal burst you see when you enter it's center is the aftermath of the protective shell failing to contain heavily compressed ghost matter and spreading in throughout the system, killing all non-aquatic life instantly. This is why you see classrooms full of small skeletons at the tables and one larger one at the blackboard.

>>523667848what is that based on? the first time they mention 22 minutes is right after noticing the black hole time travel and they pull that number out of the calculations

>>523664004>Yes I've only played the game for 8 minutes which should say something about the fact that I'm already putting up a review.Yes but not what you think it's saying lol

>>523668045Ohh okay, I totally forgot about that. Thanks user

Interloper is like Bakemonogatari.You start to appreciate it more when you're finished.

>>523668109The '22 minutes' request comes from the team building the orbital cannon. Realizing the energetic implications of the ATP from the HE Physics Lab experiments, they discover that the energy needed grows exponentially. This drives them to get the absolute minimum time needed to have the probe find the Eye in order to minimize the ATP energy need. This leads the cannon team to state they have a crazy idea to make it as fast as they possibly can, and that they are OK sacrificing the cannon (because it just rewinds anyways), but they still need 22 precious minutes. Turns out that's feasible, but only with something on the energetic scale of a supernova.

>>523668471hmm, thought it was the other way around but I guess I may be misremembering.

If the ghost matter kills everyone else how does your species survive?

Brittle Hollow is the obvious GOAT planet

>>523669149Hearthians haven't evolved past the water stage of evolution when the ghost matter exploded. And ghost matter doesn't move through water.

>>523669149 darwin

>>523669149pond scum

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>>523669507my ancestors :)

I like the Dark Bramble is never fully explained. We can see a seed from it on Timber Hearth and Giant's Deep, and we know that what we see as Dark Bramble used to be a full planet and can even find its core inside the Bramble, but we never learn where the Bramble truly comes from. Surely the first seed that created the Bramble came from outside the solar system, but from where exactly and how, we don't know. The implication that the entire solar system and probably every other solar system would become a giant hive of Bramble if the universe weren't ending is terrifying.

>>523665732Obsidian's not very good right now either.


>>523669870>Find its core in dark brambleWhat?

>>523670741The escape pod node contains large chunk of rock that look like shell fragments.

>>523670741In the room with the Nomai grave you can find giant spiraling stone structures which I assume belonged to the original planet. The only proof I have is that the "inside" of the structure is hollow and I'm not sure how things that big could end up in there unless teleported in like the Vessel was.

>>523671018>>523671114Thanks, I will go check it out