Why this series wasn't very successful?

Why this series wasn't very successful?

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>>523644976Because they turned a platforming character into an edgelord

>>523644976it was too soulful

Jak 4 when?

Jak and Daxter - Soulfull mystic adventureJak 2 - EDGE

>>523645042>>523645231At least they made it work, unlike this one

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>>523644976honestly they fucked up with jak 2. too edgy AND not good even without edge. jak 3 fixed a lot of problems, jak x was a solid racer/vehicular combat game, and daxter and lost frontier were good portable entries.Though I think it has less to do with overall success, and more to do with naughty dog changing to making crappy movies. Just give the series to someone else. I don't know if sony or ND owns the IP though.

>>523646050they didnt fuck up. they were adapting to trends. cute and bright platformers were going out of style, so they adapted and made a darker more open world game. it was an understandable decision

>>523644976Playing jak 1 and its pretty damn fun. Shame the rest of the series didnt stay like that.The game had a lot of cool world interactivity like a canon on a tour shooting at you and being able to use those shots to open up precurser crates. I hate the zoomer sections thoughx or at least the precursor basin in the blue sage area.

>>523644976It had to chase after the GTA meme.

>>523646137not really, ratchet and clank still survives while jak is dead, and it wasn't as edgy as jak 2. it has far better gameplay and levels than jak 2 as well.I can kind of get shifting more towards being an action/shooter game, but R&C showed how to do this while jak 2 just mashed a crappy GTA game with a barebones shooter. The fact that there's only 4 weapons in the game, one being underpowered and not fun to use, drags the game down even more.

>>523644976Because it’s western-made garbage. You bought it because you only had a PS2 and wanted to play the closest alternative to Mario. Same with Crash. Same with Spyro

>Jak II received a "Platinum Prize" in Japan for sales of over one million units.Yeah it sure did sell bad lol

with the resurgence of 3d platformers, like spyro and crash getting remasted and successful, and new crash, etc, someone should make a new jak and daxter in the style of the first game.

>>523646050>lost frontier>good

>>523646773yes good. I don't listen to what your favorite ecelebs have said in the last few years.

>>523646182i got into the series recently and the first game is probably the best out of all ps2 platformers/collectathons, but locations are sometimes quite confusing, and there's nothing much to do after you beat the game and true ending isn't really that exciting (we still didn't get to see what's behind that door).

>>523646881I played Lost Frontier when it launched for the PSP, and even I knew it was absolute shit.

>>523646918I thought what was behind the door was the time traveling machine?

They should have had Jak go back in time to complete the Mar loopBut nooooooo they had to do trannycharted and tranny of us instead

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>>523647082ok eceleb fag

>>523647184>eceleb fagI don't listen to retards on Youtube.

>>523646716Not even your precious weebs thought it was garbage you retard. Fuck off.

>>523647257sure you don't

>>523645212Never.It's all parkour Indiana Jones now.

>>523646610Jak is only dead because ND decided to do TLOU instead

>>523644976Because only the first one was good

>>523647295Take your meds schizo

>>523647106no, it's something else

>>523646716Jak isn't about jumping on enemies heads, dumbass.

First one is trash. 2 and 3 are better fuck off pussies.

>>523647446go watch some ecelebs zoomer

>>523646050>lost frontier>good entryBait


Say your first line, Jak!

>>523644976It was way too successful in my opinionEvery game was objectively inferior to any Ratchet and Sly gameJak died solely because naughty dog was a shitty developer

>>523644976It did alright, nd just didn't want to continue the series3 was rushed unfortunately, though I heard X and Daxter wasn't bad, lmao at this fag defending lost frontier

>>523649984>I heardah zoomers

>>523649984Daxter was a PSP system seller

>>523646050Admit it, lost frontier was bad.

>>523647339Who says Naughty Dog has to develop it? Let Insomniac have at it I say.

>>523644976It didn't have enough of an identity.


>>523644976Why you can't learn English properly?

>>523651741sry my inglish bad :( im india

>>523644976Let Jak rest in peace, can't imagine what modern Naughty Dog would do to it.

>>523644976By what metric was it not successful? People loved these games

>>523644976The franchise was doing fine until the dissapointing Lost Frontier came out and Naughty Dog decided to drop the series all together because "lack of ideas"Even Spyro and Crash lasted longer than Jak somehow despite being passed around from dev studio to dev studio like they were cumrags.

>>523652407It's not very popular

>>523647515>>523647106Behind the door was Krew's XXXL cock and balls that he had to amputate due to blood pressure issues caused by his obesity.

Didn't get far into Jak 2 after fully completing Jak and Daxter 1 but wow this is awful. I disagree with >>523645518, this game should get more flak for me embarrassingly edgy and tryhard.

>>523650171I played the first 3 Jak games, I never got around to buying a PSP and didn't care for racing games.


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>>5236449762 > 1 > 3 > X >>> Lost Frontier

>>523653686Just emulate the PSP games. Daxter is prettt good, Lost Frontier... is interesting.

>>523644976It's better for something to end good than to get dragged on and become bad.

>>523653686so shut up>>523653558jak 2 is easily the worst jak game

Honestly I don’t know why Ratchet and Clank doesn’t get much discussion on this board. I know this board is very Nintendo centric, but the R&C games have so much character and are brilliantly designed from art to gameplay.

>>523644976terrible decisions in Jak II>take the driving in Jak 1, but instead make the handling worse and force it as a core mechanic>main hub is a chore to navigate>side missions are tedious copy/paste driving missions/orb hunts>environments are dull>some bad checkpoints here and theretl;dr instead of building on Jak 1, they threw the formula under the bus to chase gta

>>523654829Because the R&C games are exclusive to Playstation and most posters here play on PC and Nintendo consoles.

>>523654829People don't care much about PS2 platformers here. Jak, R&C and Sly were all great.

>>523654941yeah the vehicles definitely handled worse, I noticed they fixed it some in 3and yeah the main city was nice and varied but the side missions were pretty lame and exploration in the city wasn't importanthaven forest was really nice

>>523654829i think you got the wrong thread, RaC threads are occasionally being made, but Jak threads are rare.>>523655224this.

>>523653532Mmm....Jak my boy, I have another task for you. Retrieve my XXXL cock and balls from being the 100 power cell door and I'll reward you handsomely with another *heavy breathing* weapon upgrade.

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>>523655276>haven forest was really niceabsolutely. that and the neighboring forest temple were the best parts. also happen to be the levels most like the original game.

>>523655719Only if you brush your teeth, fatso!

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>>523655719was Krew a reference to Mojo?

>make the second entry edgy as fuck compared to the first one.Holy shit did Naughty dog pull a TLOU2 even before a TLOU2?

>>523644976>tfw R* is responsible for ruining more than their own shitis there a worse developer out there?

>>523646881What the fuck are you talking about?It's not a good game. It hot bad reviewa and those who played it including me. Didn't like it.

>>523651164Not the best thing either. Insomiac is all about zoomer jokes now. Both Naughty Dog and Insomiac lost their touch a long time ago.

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I like Jak II.

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>>523644976It didn't really have core audience, Jak 2 and 3 were GTA clones with gameplay from Ratchet and Clank but inferior to both games. They should have kept it like how it was in Jak and Daxter 1.

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Jak 2 is the best game on the franchise

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>>523659575insomniac feels embarrassed by ratchets original characterization and is adamant about polishing any semblance of edge he may still have while also still having gameplay where you still blow shit up making the narrative dissonance worse and worse with each game

>>523653558But apart from Jak's attitude and the Dark Jak power up, its not really tryhard edgy, its got the same level of humor as the first. Its just now set in a cyberpunk dystopia, and the way they mix the dystopian future with ancient civilization mysticism through the 3 games is really cool imo. It makes it unique

>>523647339If you mean Uncharted, I think that's as dead as Jak now too

>>523644976Bros I remember playing this on a visit at an IKEA in their "kids section" a long time ago.Remeber it being comfy as FUCK driving around the desert in the night hunting monstersIs the game actually good?

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>>523654829The series is past its prime and there's no deep story or (non furry)waifus to discuss

>>523660293and you say that.. because of.. what exactly?

This trailer is the epitome of S O U Lyoutu.be/35xZDaGI8cY

>>523660519Not him but Nate's story is over and they've run out of ideas for setpieces(they even used a train again in Lost Legacy)

>>523660152PS2 Ratchet trilogy was peak comfy and soul, i don't like the whole Pixar path they went in later games with orchestrate music, generic characters, tons of explosions, fast gameplay, taking the story too seriously etc.

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The series sold well and had its run. Thank god the original ND team ended it and bailed when they did.

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>>523645128Each game was the result of soulless by-committee trend chasing. What the fuck are you talking about?

>>523659880Lots of people do

People who hate Jak 2 are just mad because they upped the difficulty a bit and some people legitimately struggled to eve finish it.

>mfw i enjoy them all and Jak 1 is my GOATAll 3 are excellent games, you kids just cant handle change even when it works out. The world of Jak 2 links to 1 very well.

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>>523661297The difficulty is only a problem because of shitty checkpoints

Jak II might have been an edgy trendchaser, but it was so fucking fun. I am glad they went with the gun-heavy gameplay, if only to show R&C fanboys how shit their games are in comparison.

>>5236449762 and 3 happened

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>>523661297>beat Jak 2 when it first came out as a kid on both modes>never once found it hard

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>>523661767>year of our lord 2020>people still getting filtered by Jak II

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>>523661772Bait? R&2 and 3 have way better gunplay than Jak does, you can lock onto enemies, you can side-step, you have way more weapons, you can aim in first person, you can level up weapons.

>>523644976The HD collection sold more copies than the Ratchet or Sly ones. New Jak would be a hit.

>>523646716>this is your brain on Nintendo

>>523644976Because it was your generic platformer of the time. They were a dime a dozen back then.

>both franchises started with a simplistic cartoony character going on adventures on some islands>went the time travel route>fourth entry ended with a racing game

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Seriously though when's Uncarted coming out?

>>523660090shit taste

Spryo > Crash > Jak > Ratchet

>>523662065Even R&C 1 has better gunplay than Jak 2 or 3, which is saying a lot because R&C is constantly criticised for having weak gunplay.

>>523662554ratchet > jak > crash > spyroI think you got greater than mixed up with less than

>>523662554I struggle to disagree with this but honestly I flip flop between liking Crash and Spyro on equal level or one over the other.

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>>523662554Ratchet > Spyro > Jak > CrashThe bandicoot is too Bing Bing Wahoo for me.

>>523661996>play through entire mission>die at the very end>sorry you have to replay the entire mission again :)It's just bad game design, case in point

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>>523656925seriously? He's Jaba man

>>523646881I have never watched eceleb garbage and I can tell you TLF is fucking trash.

How many times have insomniac recycled weapons across Spiderman, the Ratchet and Clank games, and Sunset Overdrive?

>>523662065And yet it's way more fun because Jak mixes gunplay with other gameplay aspects while R&C is nothing but gunplay. Jak 2 was also somewhat challenging while R&C can be beaten blindfolded.

>>523662885Spyro has more in common with Mario than Crash does.

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>>523663030Since Tools of Destruction. It's like they're too lazy to come up with new weapons.

>>523662305>tfw no UnKarted instead of 4

>>523651741why can't you*

>>523662897>What'd you put in those boomsticks, Jinx?>Your bad breath!All these years later I still have all their lines burned into my brain, fuck that mission

>>523654829The first 4 games and Crank in Time yeah, everything else is pretty meh

>>523663301>cover your ears>you mean cover your ass!

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>>523663045R&C only stopped being a platformer with 3. 2 and especially 1 emphasise the mix of platforming and shooting well.

>>523660945>tons of explosions, fast gameplayBut that's why Deadlocked is the best game, and the Impossible Challenge in Going Commando is one of the best arena challenges.

>>523654829I gave R&C numerous chances to wow me, but all the ps2 games feel exactly the same and they are easy as fuck to boot. Why do people like them?

>have an interesting lore with the different ecos acting as different forces of nature>dark eco being a mysterious force of power and corruption>introduce the light eco right at the final boss>lots of questions to answer>Jak II>eco now is just electricity, fuel and ammo types>dark eco is relegated to a "werewolf form" and danger "poison puddles" in a few areasAt least what they did with the Darkmakers and the light eco was interesting in 3, too bad the storyline practically ended there.

>>523654829RNC gets more discussion than any of the Big 3 PS2 mascots and still gets new games what the fuck are you smoking?

>>523662897This mission, the Drill Platform shooter, Water Slums and Weapons Factory are the only bullshit missions. Everything else is managable.

>>523647160I just want a non-Naughty Dog developer to be given a Ratchet budget, and told to remake the trilogy. I like 2, but it's got so many "THAT part" moments, mainly involving racing, and it would be great to have those reworked.

>>523663701i thought it was "White" Eco at the end of 1, not Light

>>523663701Dark Eco had been poison puddles in 1 too, that wasn't really new. Er, it was Dark Eco in that tower climb segment, right? It's been almost 20 years now

>>523647339Uncharted is done now too, and I'll honestly be surprised if they keep The Last of Us going either. 2 was divisive at best, and while it had a strong opening, sales dropped of quick, and it's already been given a healthy discount.

>>523662897And years later, you kids would become savescumming filth on PC.Face it, you got filtered plain and simple.

>>523663965Yes there were puddles and silos of the stuff on Misty Island, Spider Cave and the Lost City.

>>523660090How they get the cat to dance like that?!

>>523660268>its got the same level of humor as the first.No. It's got the same humor but not even close to the frequency of it. You can count on a single hand how many times they actually let Daxter make a joke which comprises all the jokes in the game. Every other time is either Jak brooding, someone else telling Jak to do something, or the fat blob man telling Jak stuff. Jak even treats Keira like absolute shit and the dialogue with Daxter is constantly admonishing him or basically treating him like a battered housewife.

>>523663580>Why do people like them?Creative weapons and funny and snappy writing

>>523660945youtube.com/watch?v=WRKBDdk1yP0So good.

I love the entire Jak trilogy. With that being said it'd be nice to see another game more akin to the original. It was pure soul.

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>>523664152Why is it so easy to tell when retards haven't played games on Holla Forums?

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>>523663701I think it makes perfect sense. I remember reading there's 200 years between 1 and 2, it's only natural that in that time technology evolved to use eco as a power source. I'm pretty sure 2 mentions an eco shortage too, probably due to Haven using it in their war efforts, which is why you don't see any vents.

>>523664171Creative weapons have no impact on the gameplay. They all work like normal guns, except they have a funny effect if they hit.

>>523644976Only Jak X had multiplayer so it couldn’t compete with UYA and Deadlocked so the series fell off

>>523664045I beat it and I can still recognize it's not a well designed game, the writing and atmosphere really carried it for me

>>523664401I've 100% all three of them. Where exactly are these jokes that don't come from Daxter? I want to say Jak made some sort of joke with the doctor but even the doctor was terrified of Jak.

>>523664152>Jak treats Keira like shitOnly because she chews him out for working for Krew even when it was his only option and it was via the underground. Even then they don't fight for long.

>>523664603>I've 100% all three of them.Lol. > Where exactly are these jokes that don't come from Daxter?Hes constantly making jokes throughout the entire game under his breath, at others, at his own expense etc youtube.com/watch?v=a3O0Qf7DfcQ/v/ does not play games.

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>>523664498The suck cannon, visibomb gun, taunter, and morpho ray act like normal guns?

>>523664296My dream game was always Jak and Daxter 2. Makes me sad because TLF is legit the closest we'll ever get to it. Had a competent dev made it and it wasn't relegated to a fucking handheld it honestly could've been great.

I feel like Ratchet and Clank stole a lot of its thunder. Doesn't help that 1 was pretty average for a platformer/collection game and 2 and 3 were a bit tedious. They are not bad games per-se, but just felt a bit clunky for what they were.

>>523664689>Even then they don't fight for long.Because the end of the game is pretty soon after they meet. They do make up but it's before the attack on the Metal Head base.>>523664768>Hes constantly making jokes throughout the entire game under his breathLike I said, in a couple scenes you can count on your one hand. I'll concede maybe two hands. Most of the time it's after you return from doing something for Krew, there's one in front of the vat of Dark Eco which turns into Daxter getting depressed unless I'm confusing that with 1 or 3, and then when his future wife comes into play he jokes with her as well I want to say three times at most.

>>523664152>You can count on a single hand how many times they actually let Daxter make a jokeWhen was the last time you actually played the game? 90% of cutscenes have Daxter constantly quipping, flirting, or getting hurt in slapstick

>>523664498They have some impact, though.Sheepinator (or whatever its called) uses no ammo but takes a bit to transform things to sheep.Blitz Cannon is great for close range and dealing with crowds.The Lancer is weak as fuck but it lets you keep distance.Granted, you can beat the entire game with only a handful of weapons, but arenas mixed things up and forced you to get good with all the weapons and know when to use them.The games are basically:>story = platforming>side content = fun shooty challenges

>>523654323Jak 2 has a better world and better missions than Jak 3. No one wants Mad Max. We have Jak X for that. Jak 3 sucks.

>>523665257Jak x came after jak 3 though.

>>523663904I love the difficulty of some of the levels, looking back. The slums mission took so many trial and error iterations for me to realise what to do.

>>523665098Back when the PS3 collection came out. I distinctly remember Daxter barely making jokes being one of my major issues with the game on top of the dramatic shift in tone and world, the horrible driving, the way they made areas far less enjoyable to explore because they had less secrets and objects to find in general, the discount wanted system where you couldn't despawn the cops outside of changing areas, the horrible escort missions, and a shooting system that was already shown by R&C to be a pain in the ass without strafing.Ultimately I don't mind the guns being added because they felt more fun in 3 but it still feels like they should have gone back to the drawing board with them.

>>523665257no one wants grand theft jak. jak 3>>>>jak 2.

>>523665457I didn't ask for a full review you're just flat wrong about the comedy

>>523664768All these cutscenes make me wanna play Jak 2 once more, they're just so smooth and detailed... It's totally one of the best looking games on PS2

>>523665457The new guns in 3 pretty much all had homing properties or otherwise didn't require you to aim very much.To me, that looks like they realised that shooting without strafing was busted.

why didn't ape escape ever have an hd collection?

>>523663904But THOSE parts were great since they gave a sense of accomplishment. Nobody would remember them if they were piss easy like the rest of the game.

>>523665071No you're just a shitty liar or have the memory span of a stoat. Daxters constantly making jokes and puns and quips to play off Jak's more serious demeanor like he did in TPL. Only in TPL Jak was more quiet and focused which still worked because its a buddy game.

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>>523665662I think you can buy them on the PS3 store. It's probably because there'd be more work fixing 1 to be HD

>>523665582Super Jak 64 > Grand Theft Jak > Jak Kart > Mad Jak


>>523665957Please explain. What is it about 3? Is it seriously the driving?

>>523665636the worst part was that only the dark makers were strengthened enough to really warrant the stronger upgrades, they didn't even bring back some of the stronger metal head enemies from 2 and didn't care to add any new strong variants. The new weapons are so strong you really are making yourself fucking weaker when you go dark jak, especially once you get the nuke.And the reflexor shits on EVERYTHING

>>523665957Well at least we agree on 1 and X so whatever

>>523644976They abandoned what most people liked about the first game.

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>>523666035what is what?>>523666101daxter and tlf are better than 2, too

>>5236660353 feels more like 1 cause theres more platforming and with Haven destroyed it doesn't' feel like GTA anymore. The thing is that Jak 3 is much shorter and also has a weaker plot.

>>523666172You're just trying to hurt me now.

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>>523665735>you're just a shitty liarHow in the world could a liar talk about the game in any manner that doesn't immediately fall apart the second they speak? I've listed game mechanics I dislike, I've listed things I dislike about the game, I've listed areas or characters like Keira or the doctor that sends you to the Dark Eco mining skatepark, and so on. I like 3 because it consolidated a lot of things I disliked about 2(Like the whole game) and brought about an overall feeling of return back to TPL even if the Light Eco abilities were far too busted. 2 was an awful game in every respect for me and spat on what TPL had set up to chase trends and suffered because of it.I've got to replay it since apparently I don't remember much then, but I myself recalled Daxter only making quips when you're in Krew cutscenes and around his girl. He also tried joking around when he first found Jak, that I recall.

>>523666172>tlf is better than 2Actually, don't bother. You're retarded.

>>523646881I agree, it wasn't great but it was okay all around. The story didn't make much sense after Jak 3 anyway when they retconned all the precursor and metalhead lore.I had more fun with it than with all the mini games of Jak 2 combined.


>>523666434It's less seething and more in shock of your shit taste

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>>523666561absolutely seething

>>523666618Damn you are retarded

>>523644976Naughty Dog tried to turn the series into a mediocre R&C and GTA clone while forgetting people could just play R&C and GTA instead.

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>>523666685keep making me laugh at your seething

>>523644976identity crisis. didn't know what tone it wanted

>>523664187youtube.com/watch?v=uGkCtW1VbsEDon't care if people didn't like the edge. Playing Deadlocked with a friend on coop was one of the funnest experiences I had.

>>523666732Can you at least explain what you liked about TLF? The setting was nice and I liked the idea of eco returning but both were just handled poorly

>>523645518god, the mid 2000's were the worst

>>523644976Not enough ass.

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>>523646137rackhet and clank didn't adapt to trends, and its way more popular

>>523666129>dat animationMaybe I should replay JakDammit I want a new Jak despite everything ND's done recently

>>523666963>Rackhet and clank didn't adapt to trendsThe entire PS3 trilogy is an attempt to make Ratchet's plot and character more accessible by following what Disney, Dreamworks or Pixar movies were doing at the time.

jak 4 or remakes of the first three games and I will get a ps5 just for that

Who else watched this autist's annoyances with Jak and R&C's pixar marketability reboot?youtube.com/watch?v=WlqwRJHeuuUhttps://youtu.be/3kD_QhYgIA4That R&C reboot is godawful though

Ratchet & Clank is like Borderlands but without the good parts

>>523646050>LF>GoodYou have the worst fucking taste, that shit was the final nail on the coffin that killed the series for how dogshit it was.

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>>523667313only the worst parts (wasteland crystal hunts) are like borderlands

>>523666882AWOOGA! AWOOGA!

>>523667127Yeah and they sucked.

>>523646050Jak 2 was way better than 1.

>>523667313>R*dditlandsNo no no.

>>523666859the eco powers and things like yellow eco vents felt more like a return to form to 1, and added more things to do on foot than 2.the ground levels also felt like more like a return to 1.the sky sections reminded me more of crimson skies which I like a lot. plus customizing planes was fun, and upgrading each component gave it more depthgrappling planes in midair and gathering metal/parts helped breakup sky gameplay too, felt like a nice touchupgrading jak again was a nice way to customize the game how you likeI like pirate settings in general, and airships in generalIt's not 10/10 or anything but it's fun.>>523667447eceleb worshiping zoomer detected

>>523645042Jak's character hardly changed.

>>523667284wtf were insomniac thinking with that reboot

>>523667609If you have bad taste, sure

>>523667839>Our fanbase is getting old and we need new blood... which type of movies do kids like these days?

>>523667668Using weakass insults does nothing.The entire story was a damn mess, the VAs were the worse they’ve ever been, the entire plane sections were an absolute slog to play double by the fact that the psp controls were absolute horseshit, and the on ground platforming was mediocre at best. Literally the weakest game in the series by far,

>>523667943>says the Lost Frontier apologist

>>523646137Devs adhering to trends is kinda dumbThere's a limited number of AAA/AA games per year and fewer still that are good and become popular. Their popularity is dictated by being good.All you gotta do is make a good game, it could be anything as long as it doesn't suck and you have a marketing budget.

>>523668126>story, VAsdon't care, I care about gameplay. none of the jak games have great stories>pspso don't play it on pspplane and ground sections are still far better than in jak 2. I'd rather fly in open air of different areas instead of driving crappy hovercars in a cramped city with guards every 5 feet.

>Series that had an amazing first entry and lackluster sequelsWhat are some other examples of this trope?

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>>523668313says many people ITT alone

>>523663561The problem is that Ratchet PS4 constantly has some flashy lights and other shit on the screen, it's made for kids with ADHD. PS2 Ratchet games are more relaxing but also has these things.

>>523644976HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH holy shit did they really fucking do that?What the fuck compells a dev to turn their Mario-wannabe platformer into this edgy shit?

>>523667839You strip away a character's edge, identity and charm to make him more accessible for the consumers who are starting to buy up games more.

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>>523668437Mass Effect

>>523668363>So don’t play it on pspIrrelevant played it both on Vita And the pspAnd the point still stands, it’s shit and is forgotten for a reason same with the other spinoff titles

>>523668513>>523668112so zoomers actually like characters to be bland and boring? what a cancerous generation.


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>>523668736Judging by the sells of the reboot, yes. The LOVE them.

>>523668705not irrelevant, it's better not on psp. you can't cry about controls when the psp version has limited controls no matter what.forgotten according to who? jak x and daxter are still seen as good games, and are still better than jak 2 which many people agree is crap and took the series in a bad direction.

>>523668513>>523667839>every single cut scene just has them blankly staring at nothing like they have severe autism while they shot-reverse-shot the conversations>with that fucking delay between speakersI couldn't stop laughing at how terrible it all was.

>>523668363oh yeah, to add on this, vehicles all felt the same except some were faster than others, and a couple had weapons. less variety there too. and traversing the same crappy small cramped city over and over got extremely annoying.

>>523668884yeah I watched the part where they talk to the pokitaru resort owner and the expressions and camera placement is a straight downgrade, very fucking staticand it's the best selling r&c too, fucking dammit

>>523646050Jak 2 had way better lore than 3. You just got filtered by the difficulty

>>523666870Poor taste, mid 2000s were the most soulful era in all of pop culture.

>>523669348Jak 2 has nothing better than Jak 3.

>>523669261Rift Apart might end up beating it because it's a launch game and it doesn't look like there's a lot else lined up

>>523644976Because the sequels were garbage.

>>523644976Dogshit sequelsDogshit spinoffs

Honestly, despite whatever people say about Jak 2, it's still enjoyable when you actually play it.

>>523669516>>523669663The first game is easily the worst. It's an unremarkable platformer and impressive tech demo.

So who would be a good pick to make a Jak reboot like 1? Insomniac is doing R&C/Spiderman, Naughty Dog is shit, and Sucker Punch is more focused on realism now with Infamous and Ghost.

>>523669731I disagree.>>523669838Bait.


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>>5236698382 was a dogshit gta clone3 barley fixed 2s problems Jakx is the only descent spinoff the series gotEverything else is shit1 was the only good thing to come out of this series

>>523669881Sucker Punch because they still care about making games fun.Insomniac went Pixar movie route and ND is ND, so both can't be trusted.

>>523644976Because the series was bad. 1 and 2, at least.1 didn't feel very good to control, was very forgettable, same-y the way through, and had a stupid secret ending that didn't actually get any resolution.2 was fucking trash. It controlled like piss, had that stupid wannabe GTA slum overworld with awful side missions, had no worthwhile rewards for said side missions, had a pointless edgelord story, and the entirety of Dark Jak is useless.Didn't play 3 since I hated 2 so much.

>>523669881Michel Ancel

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>>523670004as a fan of GTA III, fuck off

>>523670004>Jakx is the only descent spinoff the series gotLies. Daxter was a solid handheld title, and it even does a good job of being a prequel to 2.

>>523670356>2 even close to GTA 3L o fucking L

>>523667668>>523668363>more things to do on foot than 2.Like what? There's not Jetboard, Dark Jak, Light Jak, you can't even fucking roll. Most of the eco powers are either derivative or Dark and Light Jak powers (The Red Eco Blast and the Time Slow) or situational (Green Eco Crystals) >the ground levels also felt like more like a return to 1.I liked the setting, I'll give you that.>the sky sectionsThe sky sections were fucking awful, shoot at something, if it isn't destroyed U-turn and repeat. R&C2 did it better years prior and even then it wasn't great.>grappling planes in midair and gathering metal/parts helped breakup sky gameplay too, felt like a nice touchSo you like QTEs, makes sense>upgrading jak again was a nice way to customize the game how you likeThere was nothing of any substance in the skill trees, it was always "get more health, get a useless yellow eco blast while punching, more damage on x ability". It's no RPG skill tree or any of that bullshit>StoryThey literally meet that guy at the start, never see him again and he's the final boss. I honestly thought my copy glitched out and I missed some cutscenes. I'm not going to argue your point about whether Jak has good stories but at the very least the previous ones were all consistent>don't play it on PSPI played it on PS2, all the points still stand.Also while I'm on the subject Dark Daxter is without a doubt the series low point, both from a gameplay and plot perspective.

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>6 games>not successful