Morning, Holla Forums. What are you emulating today?

Morning, Holla Forums. What are you emulating today?

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>>523644787Coming for your weekly shotdown huh, Larry?>>523644516Just starting FE:Awakening and can't keep my unit alive on hard. Maybe I shouldn't play hard on my first FE

trails in the sky for psp on my switch

>>523644516I was going to play Sakura Wars 3, but it doesnt load. Is there any config that let's me get past the logos?

>>523644516Silent Hill 3. Feel pretty overwhelmed with how many enemies they throw at you in the beginning compared to previous games, but I hope it will get better.

>>523644516Played a bit of God Hand yesterday and some final fantasy 9 today. pretty comfy.

Tried played Fear Effect. It hasn't aged well. I probably would have liked it when I was a kid, but now it's really janky.

Still going through this but I got sick so I don't really feel like playing right now.

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>>523644516Wtf COVD?

>>523648670CDVD retard

>>523644516I was trying to emulate Forbidden Siren 2 in 4k, but there are constantly black lines during cutscenes which are quite annoying

>>523644516Suikoden 2 with the translation and bug patch. I'm looking forward to it after beating 1 a few weeks ago.

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>>523644516I have ePSXe and I am currently playing Vagrant Story with higher resolution and smoother texture. I did that with Chrono Cross and loved it.

Star Parodier using Mednafen

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>>523644516Replayed pokemon ruby again, using the same team since i first played it, i just swapped swalot with gardevoir just because

>>523650264What are the bugs, and what are the differences? Link to patch? (also link to savefile for PS1 Suikoden 1..pl0x)Is it possible to emulate on a n3DS?

>>523644516Godhand. I thought I didn't like fighting games before this, but apparently I just wasn't playing the right ones, shit's amazing.General PCSX2 question: can you emulate PS1 games on it since the PS2 was backward compatible? Or should you just download a PS1 emulator?

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>>523652305No, just use mednafen/beetle psx hw

>>523652729Ok thanks

>>523651812this is the patch i usedit has a list of all the

>>523652965What are ya playing it on, user?

this bad boy right here

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>>523644516Parasite Eve on Duckstation.

>>523653050i played 1 on retroarcha few weeks back using beetle i thinki had trouble transferring the save so i brought it over epsxe and then back to retroarch and that worked for some reason

>>523644516animal crossing.i'm actually amazed how far yuzu has come in little time.

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>>523644516smegma man leg-ends, too.

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>>523644516Timesplitters: Future Perfect. I spent an hour trying to fix a graphical bug, and now the game runs great.

is there a non-shit PS2 emulator for android yet?

>>523644516Been playing Dynamite Cop! and Winback on the GPD WIN Max. Dunno exactly what happened, but nearly every N64 and Dreamcast game I ever wanted to emulate suddenly works.Winback is way better than I remembered it being

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>>523644516Valkyrie Profile. The dungeons and battles are kind of tedious. But I love the tone and atmosphere. It reminds be a lot of Nier.

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You lads tried Rayman Revolution on it before/recently? If so how is it?

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>>523644516Persona 3 and Rockman X5.

>>523656945Have you ever played Lodoss War on Dreamcast? Do you like Diablo clones? If you do I highly recommend it. It's my favorite Dreamcast game.

>>523657446Never heard of it, but I'll give it a shot! I don't have much experience with the Dreamcast, so it's always a good time trying out new recommendations

is emulating the wii's n64 virtual console games on dolphin better than emulating those games on project 64?

Breath of Fire IV because the pc version won't work. We need a steam remake.

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been playing ultimate ninja 2, it's such a step up from 1, feels way quicker with some better moves1 was actually really boring to replay, the little sagas were very uninteresting

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>>523658139not really you're looking at doubled input lag

>>523644516Raidou Kuzunoha vs The Soulless Army.

>>523644516Kidou Senshi Gundam Gundam vs. Gundam NEXT PLUS

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>>523660382MBON is better

>>523644516Been playing the PS2 Ace Combat games after ages. Feels good. Shame AC4 is still full of some graphical problems unless in software mode, and even then cockpit or outside view has oddly high system load. Need to use Virtual Cockpit.

Mario 64 split screen mod. Most fun co op mario experience I ever played. Who cares about a shitty overpriced switch bundle when better versions of all those games exist on pc lol

>>523660442I don't want a ps4, also>Morning, Holla Forums. What are you EMULATING today?

>>523658139now that we have shit like Glide and Bizhawk, no.

>>523660382bonus nobell "panty" shot

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>>523644516I'll tell you what i'm not doing, running a game perfectly fine on PCSX2 since it's the worst big emulator out there.

>>523644516libretro web player is

>>523644516Demons souls, Dragon god is such a pos "fight", what a waste of a cool looking monster.

>>523660382what shader is being used here?

Hopefully mario party if my brother will want to play it with me

>>523644516Did they fix Valkyrie Profile 2 yet?

>>523662723crt royale xm29plus I changed some of the parameters




>>523662976i don't know

Breath of the Wild on cemu and Metroid Prime 1 with PrimeHack, first time playing both and loving them. How is Yuzu so far?

>tried AC6 with Xenia>Oh shit it works->audio looped, messed up triangle textures everywhereMan, I wish my 360 is still working

I never played THPS 1 before so I emulated the Dreamcast version today. It's interesting to look at where the franchise came from but damn does it feel clunky. A far cry from THPS 3 and beyond.I'll play THPS 2 tomorrow.

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>>523662976can you repeat the question?

Idk probably soulsilver later

>>523663482i this porshe?

Jojo HFTF arcade

>>523644516Replaying shadows of the damned right now, will play sh downpour after that and neverdead

>>523650720I have a PS2 and SATA Drive Adaptor, just need to find a Drive and i'm all good.planning to download Rayman M, 3, Budokai (and Tenkaichi) 3, and Infinite World. any other good game suggestions?

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>>523650720Is that the SD adapter or what?Where can i get it, my old HDD is starting to give issues

>>523664602Is Neverdead worth trying? I've heard nothing but generic complaints since it came out, but I've never asked anyone that actually played it.

>>523665285I don't know, it looks good. Sold/lost my consoles some time ago and now will play some games i missed, like neverdead

>>523663795Did they fix Valkyrie Profile 2 yet?


>>523665285I've played 2-3 hours on my modded ps3 before losing interest. It would be an ok Game but the mechanics which make it unique also get so annoying after a while. During fights you'll constantly lose body parts and will mostly chase your missing arm or leg instead of fighting

This is what I have on rpcs3 right now. Pretty much everything I cared about from the 7th gen.I had to OC my shitty 7 year old cpu 600MHz up to get a constant 30 fps on Asura's Wrath, and here was I hoping to play MGS4. Youtube it is I guess.

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my analogue stick keeps spazzing out in the attack segments of gitaroo man. managed to beat normal difficulty only losing to the mojo king bee but fuck did it suck half the fun out of it. I shouldn't have dropped my xbox one controller like a retard

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one piece grand adventure, thug 2 and gt4 is what I'm been playing.

Just finished Gungrave I've heard it was short but I didn't expect it to be THAT short.I don't know if I wanna play the second one the gameplay didn't grab me or anything.

>>523657182The gameplay is incredibly boring.I beat the game and did the bonus dungeon and i regret it.Once you find out a nice combo you'll never need to change for the whole game and that kills it.You should have been forced to change characters each dungeon or at least each chapter.Also all mages are the same so those are total wastes of sprites.

>>523665147You'll need a network adapter, a 44-pin Male IDE to SD Card adapter, and a 2.5" to 3.5" IDE Hard Drive adapter. There are YouTube tutorials online if you need help setting it up.All parts could be found on Amazon/EBay.

>>523657342RR is good. It feels exactly like original. Some changes to the levels and boss fights, as well as some new powerups to make it fresh. Recommended

>>523644516finished AC5 last week, fucking awesome. I tried Belkan War but it has slowdowns and I didn't feel like tweaking it, maybe at a later date>>523648587what is it?

>>523644516Nothing becuase this emulator is pure hot garbageanyone who thinks this is good, is fucking retarded and their opinion should be disregarded.

I am so fucking pissed off now anons.I've been trying to play Thor God Of Thunder on my R4 for the DSi and for some reason it's the only game that runs badly on it. Every button input freezes for one frame for some reason. And to add insult to injury the game works perfectly fine in menus and in cutscenes.Any DS guys know the reason for that happening?

>>523646567Breh i played FFIX on my PS2 on a crt using popstarter and i regret it

>>523668903Freezes the game for one frame*

SSX3this game is actually super fun

Playing YGO tag force on ppsspp atm and just got a card cut off issue fixed with auto build. plus LCD3x shader makes the game looks better by hiding pixelate texture

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>>523644516Nothing. I finished emulating Yakuza 4 yesterday.

>>523665123Ace Combat 4 and 5SOCOMSH2-4MGS TenchuShinobi God HandDMC 1 and 3 (skip 2)Shadow of the ColossusICOFFX / FFXII

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Persona 3 portable

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>>523668717you're a special kind of faggot aren't you

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>>523644516me and my friend play fight night 2 every so often with parsec. We used to play DBZBT3 but I kick his ass too much so he doesnt wanna play anymore. yes we are black

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I wish every emulator included CRT filters that actually emulate CRT pixels with their color bleedingsimply using black lines looks terrible

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>>523669874PCSX2 still cant emulate Soul Reaver 2. Its literally unplayable.Worthless piece of garbage.

>>523670607I hate it too, and it's devs going "hur hur Vulkan and DX12 will offer no improvements" But it's the only PS2 emulator that can emulate most games. iirc there was at least 1 other PS2 emulator, but it's super early in it's development and games aren't even playable

>>523670607I haven't tested it myself, but this doesn't look literally