*less exciting*

*less exciting*

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Less exciting is code for smaller checks.

>>523642497sick kitchen


>slightly>less excitinglol this cope

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>>523642497This is what consoletards believe

>>523642497>slightlygame journalists continue to be total jokes, what else is new

$1.5k for a gpu alone, pc gaming is a joke

>>523642497>is slightly powerful than ps5sexThis isn't english. Why are you posting your own opinion blog, esl?

>>523642497700$ 3080 + 300$ cpu + 150$ mobo + 150$ ram + 100$ case/fans = 1400$3x more fps than ps5

>>523642497The constant need to compare pc to console is funny. Some of us actually have enough money to buy the 3 consoles every gen plus have a decent pc to game on. I'm sorry that many ppl are poor, I really am


>>523642497>slightly powerful than>will requiresWhy are we getting worked up over screencaps of ESLs now

>"is slightly powerful than Playstation 5[...]">is slightly powerful than>OpinionTake this garbage to reddit.

>>523642767>3x more fps than ps54x the price-100x esclusives

>>523642767"$" goes on the lefthand of the amount.Stay in school, ily.

>>523642772As a corporation you don't keep your job by saying >people on pc will buy a ps5 too if they have enough moneyThe objective is to prevent anyone switching to pc and ideally stealing pc gamers to ps5 for increased sales and therefore a better quarterly. That's why they compare and belittle pc, to try and increase their marketbase, and to dissuade others to move to pc. A lot of us own playstation consoles already as well, like you and I but they're hoping to get people to switch who've always stayed on pc.

Who the fuck stands in the middle of a kitchen holding a gpu and smiling while wearing a leather jacket?

>Bugatti’s Chiron is slightly faster than the Toyota Corolla or a Honda Civic but less exciting and will requires at least $3 million

>>523642757This. It's got to be an obvious clickbait article by a literal who.

>>523642927You sure about that? If we compare all the games that have come out on the pc and pc only since the 70s to the PS5s roster of exclusives, will ps5 win?

>>523642873I reckon we’ll be getting at least half of them with Sony’s new initiative. Not to mention that the best tactics shooters and RTS gamers are only on PC.

>>523642947So you're basically saying capitalism leads to hate? I agree

>>523642927not everyone is murican, kiddo>>5236428732.5-2.75x the price, 3x more fps, learn to math kiddo>>523642950men of culture do

a lamborghini is slightly more powerful than a honda accord

>>523642767>$400 tv>$300 5 years of your own Internet>$600 10 console "games">$500 consolevs>$1500 PC>$0 10000 games including almost all console librarieswhy consolecucks are so bad at basic math?

>>523642950Me. I often do that.

>>523642772Jesus, you must be living in a shithole. Any non poorfag owns at least 5 PCs, 3 of each console, and 50 AAA games bought on release, otherwise, your pretty much living frugally

Here in my garage with my uh, new lamborghini here, which is slightly powerful than a toyota but less exciting and will requires at least one hollywood hills

>>523642873>-100x esclusivessounds like a good thing


>slightly powerful>will requiresIs this the best they can do?


>>523643154Rock on, brother

>>523642753No it's just the only think that can actually be called gaming. Console gaming is more akin to viewing a slideshow of blurry images

>>523642950>he doesn't do all his GPU baking in a leather jacket with a smile on his face

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It's something like 60% more powerful so that's hardly slight

>>523642950Now that you mention it why is everyone starting to wear the Todd Howard jacket?

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>>523642753Yeah because it's literally the best one you can buy.you can buy one that's 1/3rd as powerful and 1/3 the price and it's still better than the last generation of cards. go look at the 3070 specs


>>523642950Based Jensen. Only he can pull off leather jackets effortlessly.

>>523642497>slightlyjournalists are fucking retarded

>>523643096It's USD, retard. Doesn't matter what country you're from.

>>5236433793070 is roughly 55-60% of 3090's performance for 1/3rd of the price.(based on cuda core count and frequency)

>>523643083No, capitalism isn't the dark side, and this isn't star wars. I'm just saying corporations are greedy by design and require constant increases in profit margins.

>>523643451in my country we put currency after the number.also, do you say "dollars seven hundred" or "seven hundred dollars"? retard

>>523642497What the fuck is this butchery of the english language, are they hiring pajeets to do games journalism now?


>>523643535>in my country we put currency after the numberYour country is irrelevant, get fucked

>>523642873He piss 5 is gonna be 600 bux cuck.

He's right though? No one gives a fuck about PC cucks and their endless circlejerking over anti ailiasing and hitting 700 FPS in minecraft.It's all about the games, and boy does Sony have everyone else completely BTFO in that department.

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>>523642497No, seriously guys. Compare the jackets, except for the zippers on the front and the thicker neck thing they're the same jacket just a different color. Why are people copying todds jacket? Is it the developer jacket now?

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>>523642497Isn't 3080 twice as powerful as entire PS5 not just GPU inside, or was that 3090?

3050s will have more power than the consoles, this gen is gonna be a bloodbath

>>5236437013090 most likely. 3080 is certainly a lot more powerful than a PS5 but I'd be reluctant to say twice. 3090 is a VRAM stacked behemoth so it'll probably be looking at 8k resolutions.

>>523643535>in my countryLook, asshole, my flight leaves in one hour. Get me to the airport and step on it. Take the FDR Drive, it's faster. Also, your cab smells like shit.

>>523642497>"Opinion" right at the top left cornerlmao


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>>523643910Holy shit, is this OC?

>>523642497>New console generation>not even released and already deadMan, it's the fucking jacket, isn't it?

>>523642497I thought proper grammar was a basic requirement for journalism. Good grief.

>>523643364That means he is casual and relatable. Not a corporate leader with a stick up his ass and after your money.

>>523642497d-See me after class.

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>>523644078>stick up his assYup. I lol'd so hard when Todd gave that interview like 3 months after FO76 came out and he literally said "well, we always knew this wasn't a Metacritic game"


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>>523643689There probably won't be another Gravity Rush and with the way Sony has been going, any future God of War release might go to PC too. So what's left? Spider-Man?

>>523643535Has nothing to do with your cultural norms, symbols in this context transcend cultural language norms.Good alternate example is the Yen, or "¥", which is placed before the amount, but when written (I.E. Five Dollars, or Five Yen) it also is written after the amount.Doesn't have anything to do with if I'm speaking English or that I'm American. It's Japan's symbol, Japan's currency, I owe it to the language and culture to not presume based on my ignorance, especially for something so simplistic.

>>523642497>Nvidia's RTX 3080 is slightly **MORE** powerful than the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X but less exciting and (remove "will") requires at least two thousand dollar hardware.did an ESL write this blog?

>>523643689Censorship is not games.

>>523644181Too many conjunctions.

>>523642873Who the fuck actually cares about exclusives when you can get a good PC and have objectively the best platform to play multi-platform games on

>>523644415Not that guy, but there can't be too many conjunctions if the sentence isn't a run-on, which that isn't. Hope this helps, grammarlet

>>523642767You ignored like half of the things to make PC gaming actually possible>>523643146Hacking consoles for unlimited games is a thing you retard

>>523644234>>523644379Spider-Man and Bloodborne alone are far superior than ANY game on PC.

>>523643379it's not the best one though, the 3090 exists.

>>523642753The 3080 is around $800, it's the 3090 that's $1800.

>>523644671>this is what snoy faggots actually believe

>>523644225PS5 3-4 times weaker than 3080 lmao

>>523644764PC cope

>>523644573Just the number of commas you put in that sentence alone is completely incorrect. You're not using them properly either. Please go back to school.

>>523642497Why are all console users ESL third world subhumans?

what was the last pc exclusive that heavily took advantage of powerful hardware that isn't vr shit? anyone?

>>523644743And why would the "masterrace" settle for the second best?

>>523643950the global boker face thing has been around for years especially on /int/

>>523644225>wishful thinking

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>>523643661>get fuckedNah, we don't follow the American way.


>>523644832>number of commas>incorrectYou are literally retarded. Next you're gonna tell me that the passive voice is incorrect or some other nonsense

>>523644997more PC cope

>>523644861No space for a 8k monitor ;)

>If I say my opponent is coping I winxD

>>523644743>The 3080 is around $800Its $700.>it's the 3090 that's $1800.Its $1,400

>>523645073Both shit games pandering to trannies and niggers.

>>523644671Spider-Man was fun and is probably the best Spider-Man game to date and I'm saying this as a GC Spider-Man 2 fag. Still, I think Bamham City is pretty comparable and better in most aspects.>BloodborneIs my favourite From game and only Sekiro comes close. Too bad Sony doesn't give a singular shit about it. It didn't even get a Pro treatment and it runs like shit. In terms of Action I can't think of a lot that comes close that's on PC, without going into entirely different genres. If you do, PC has a shitton that easily stand with those two. BG2, DMC3, Caesar 3, Broodwar, amazing versions of FF7/9 and SH2 and 3 through the magic of fan patches, VtM:B... And once you get into well running Emulation, it just becomes more.But I wasn't talking about PS4 anyway. What's coming for PS5?

>>523645161I'm guessing eurofags have to pay those kind of prices because lmao 23% VAT

>>523642497a new gpu means literally nothing for video gamesa new console generation means a lot

>>523642767>Owning a videogame console before a TV>Forgetting that computers need a screen too

>>523645408That article in OP's post is just consolefag coping. They posted how PCs are gonna get blown the fuck out for months then the new GPUs show up

>most games on PS5 will run at 30FPS>And that's okay!What did they mean by this?

>>523642497>Slightly powerfulDoes this rumor rag not have editors?

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>>523645181even more PC cope

>>523645408A new GPU now shows what will be possible with the PS6 though user

>>523645161for the reference/FE versions which there will totally be plenty of and wont sell out. the 3080 will definitely end up being more like 800 for a good aib design

>>523645569gaming "journalists" are scum, nothing new

>>523642660What are they even coping? No game console in history was more powerful than a contemporary home computer. This is what the console is - an unified budget machine.

>>523642497>will requires

>>523642497>is slightly powerfull thanWhy does the opinion of an illiterate matter?

>>523642873>-100x esclusivesEvery RTS. Every Grand Strategy. Every simulator. Most indie games. MOBAs. Competitive first person shooters.

>>523645671the last 3 sony consoles were shilled as supercharged PCs

>>523645569I'm reasonably certain this isn't real at all, and the bad English is OP's bad English.

>>523645671This happens at the start of every new generation. Consoles get hyped up into being super powerful machines that will blow PCs out of the water, then when the reality starts to set in they start coping in a myriad of ways, like dismissing the PC as being "less exciting"

>>523645671They're trying to downplay how much more powerful the 3000 series are (particularly given that you could now offload your entire lighting process to the raytracing cores) in an attempt to make the consoles seem better.Despite the fact that the 3000 series (and likely whatever AMD shows off) will be more exciting from a tech stand point than the consoles which are just catching up to the 2000 series now.The most exciting thing about the PS5 is the 3D audio shit and the most exicitng thing about the SeXbox is the Game Pass

>>523645775I mean what would the difference even be with some esl clickbait site that tries to game google search stuff

>SlightlyReminder that Xbox and Playstation have already gone back on saying the next gen would be 60fps. Meanwhile a 3080 is guaranteeing 144fps at 1440p

>>523642497In what world is a PSU, Mobo, CPU, RAM, SSD and case £2k? Unless you're a retard who buys an i9 I guess?

>>523645849>ConsolesCorrection, Sony consoles. They have most of gaming media under their thumb through their ad support.

>>523642497>OpinionInto the bin it goes

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>>523645984I remember some Xbox articles claiming the same thing back in the day, but it wasn't as often.Ironically the original Xbox WAS more powerful than most PCs for a few months when it came out.

>3080 is slightly powerful than PS5stop reading trash articles written by 3rd worlders

>>523644205>the bad reviews pointing out the massive flaws in my games don't matter, because I don't like themBRAVO TODD

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>>523642627"You didn't buy that mansion, PCtards bought that mansion for you!"

>>523645849It's only sony using that. And sony worshipers. Never seen microsoft, nintendo, sega, atari or any other console producer in history to make a claim that their console is better than the PC or home computers.

>>523645898Well, it deceives people and baits them into replying.

>>523644225>userbenchmark dot comLMAO

>>523645849Literally this. Every generation the consoles are marketed as so powerful, but it's the same shit every time. When the consoles come out they're on par with a mid/high end pc at the time and then end up being outdated before the end of the year. However in this case the PS5 and Xsx are outdated before they even come out. 3080 slams both consoles and Sony's ssd is just modern day blast processing. Coincidentally consoletards don't understand PC hardware so they refuse to believe it until the consoles are out.

>no one pointing out the article is fake and gayI hate you faggots

>>523644225Do we even have concrete data about the PS5 GPU outside of the gorillion TFLOPs (which are probably given in half precision anyway), or is it just guessing at this point?

reddit.com/r/PS5/comments/ikonfe/what_todays_nvidias_presentation_means_for_us/>So, after having watched their presentation a few things seem possible for the new wave of games:>By the end of 2021 PC will have caught up to the PS5 throughput. However, games won’t be able to use mechanics such as the Ratchet and Clank’s portals for a foreseeable future (user adoption will be slow so you can’t design your game with such a drive in mind if you care about the profits)>PS5 ports should be possible with a fast SSD but probably won’t appear sooner that 3-4 years after the game is released for the PS5 (exclusives I mean).>The sheer performance of these GPUs is way ahead of both consoles and they are coming out in a couple of days. The “PC Master Race” will be in ecstatic.>PCs will combine their libraries with the XsX to create a very serious platform. I’m considering adding a PC (to my PS5 and Switch) for the first time since the 90’ because fo that. XsX has just become even less relevant IMO - Its performance will be overshadowed before launch.

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>>523646474Imagine being an indoctrinated consolefag for over 20 years, holy fucking shit.

>>523642497>2020>buying ANOTHER new Holla Forums machineidk i think i woke up recently

>>523646474>people still think the PS5 SSD is specialkekit's just 12 64GB MLC chips linked into one controllercontroller is a bog standard ARM chip with firmware redesigned for kraken

>>523642497Xbox cucks really aren't coping with losing their power crown, are they?

>>523642497>is slightly powerful thanWhy doesnt anyone see this what the fuck how do bloggers fuck that up

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>>523647293Did you read the thread?

>>523647387>implying anyone after 2007 reads threads anymoreI want to go back

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OP article is fake, i can't find it online, so he's a whore for (you) >>523646474>PS5 ports should be possible with a fast SSD but probably won’t appear sooner that 3-4 years after the game is released for the PS5 (exclusives I mean).haha, Samsung will release soon a SSD faster than PS5 ssd, i can' wait to see how they will cöpe

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>>523642497English is my 3rd languare but isn't that tittle missing a 'more'


>>523642497i mean, it's a graphics card not a consumer productof course a sexy car is more exciting than a new exaust or something

>>523647695yes you are correct, it should be "slightly more powerful"

>>523644607>Hacking consoles for unlimited games is a thing6 years after their release.

>>523645342VAT is included in the listed price here, mutt.

>>523647615sony ain't porting ps5 games to pconly decade old games are allowed to become multiplatform

>>523647695It's missing a whole lot of shitt. listened to the Rosetta Stone English edition for like five whole minutes once

>>523646474>ratchet and clanks portalswhat sort of brain rot makes these grugs think that a mechanic in a game is ONLY possible with the EPIC ps5 ssd? did they have a memory hole and forget that portal exists? are they thinking that the ssd is so fast that the step of loading assets into ram is just totally bypassed? how can someone buy into this

>>523642950I have never done that but next time I get a new GPU I will do so, I think I have a leather jacket somewhere

>>523642497the power of the cell>don't believe his lies.jpg

>less excitingFucking what?On my PC i'll be able to use Nvidia Ansel, I can use the instant reply feature to capture quick videos, I can apply filters, all of which a console will NOT be able to do.How the actual fuck is this "less exciting" when the list of features goes even beyond that?

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>>523642497The full fat pc RDNA2 cards will be much more powerful than PS5/Xbox and 5th and these mongs think the 3000 series, which will undoubtedly be even more powerful, are somehow gonna be only slightly more powerful? Friendly reminder to disregard anything "journalists" say, they're hacks.


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>>523647921How seething will you be when I'm playing bloodborne at 1440p 60fps

>>523642497Did a pajeet write this headline?

>>523642873>-100x esclusives-100x of 0 is still 0 ESL-kun.

>>523642497Jesus fucking CHRIST this post has horrible grammar I'm so mad now FUCKING FUCK I'm worried no one will point this out in the thread

>>523648007>what sort of brain rot makes these grugs think that a mechanic in a game is ONLY possible with the EPIC ps5 ssd? Sony brand loyalty. They will literally say anything if it makes Sony look better.

>>523642627>>523644181>>523644415>>523644573>>523644832>>523645060Retard-lets>RTX 3080 more powerful than Playstation 5, Xbox Series X but less exciting, requires $2k hardware

>>523642497jesus that's a lot of spatulas

>>523648584there is no possible way that you can disregard all reality with how computers work. is their mentality "sony hasnt given any true specs so you cant assume its bad! you can only asssume its good!". do these fucks actually believe that there are storage technologies that are better than current enterprise grade solutions in a fucking console

>>523642497>slightly>requires at least $2k hardwareno it doesn't

>>523648007They cannot accept that their brand new hardware that is probably going to cost upwards of 600$, isn't the best there is.They had a similar issue when the PS4's CPU was show to be a tablet tier 8 core cpu.

>>523644832Most of the posts on this website are written in a conversational tone. Fuck off

>>523642497if this is real, holy cope

Just one word breaks the pcfag...exclusives.

>>523646474>games won’t be able to use mechanics such as the Ratchet and Clank’s portals for a foreseeable future (user adoption will be slow so you can’t design your game with such a drive in mind if you care about the profits)what in the absolute fuck does this even mean?

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>>523642873you forgot>has more functions than a bluray player

>>523646264Consolenigger cope.

>>523646464We know that the ps5 devkit ran the ue5 tech demo worse than a laptop with a 2080 max q in it.

>>523649920Keep believing those numbers, Incel fanboy faglord

>>523642497The PS5 is weaker than a 1080ti which will be almost 4 years old by the time the PS5 comes out.The 2080 is around 5% faster than the 1080ti and the 3080 is almost double that.So 2x the performance is not just slightly faster...

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>>523646474>>PS5 ports should be possible with a fast SSD but probably won’t appear sooner that 3-4 years after the game is released for the PS5 (exclusives I mean).What fucking exclusives lmao

>>523650661Not only cope, but also seethe. Amazing. Console are trash, retard.


How do we stop the VAT system from ruining the market?

>>523642497Slightly?The 3080 is almost 3x faster, and while optimization goes a long way there s a point where your hardware is so much faster than even OS and API pulling it down wont matter.The only real problem with 3080 is the low memory, while the 16gb version is coming the 10gb will be a real bottleneck for 4k gaming with how much screen resolution based rasterization is


>>523642767>$150 moboDoubt the new mobo will be that low try $300+ since it has to use a new designed pci slot

I have a 1050. Is it time to move on? Seeing how 3000s are coming out is concerning for the future.

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>>523642497The 3070 is more powerful than the next gen consoles. The 3060 will likely match them

>>523642753The 3080 isn't $1500

>>523644181>having to see the teacher after class for sub-par workafter just one shitty paper? Damn, this must be primary school. Poor bloggers. In college you can get back a failing paper smeared in dog turds and walk out halfway through class.

>>523642497An obvious bait is a bad bait.

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>>523653174Ye, the 3000 series should last entire gen easy, while the ps5 specs didnt seem that impressive on announcement, now they seem dated, even the new AMD cards according to rumors are to be really strong.The problem will be availability, i can already feel the resellers trying to corner the supply.

>>523642497>dat amount of coping What do you expect from the console peasants?

>>523647847>Paying 700 euros for something that is worth 700 dollars>Haha dumbs americans

you can own all of them. i'm getting xbox first, then i'll get a high end pc in like 3 years. maybe a ps5 after that.

reminder that the 3080 runs 4K 150fps and the PS5 can barely hit 1080p 30fps

>will requireSThe writer is an ESL?

>>523645867>consoles which are just catching up to the 2000 series now.Lmao, maybe when the pro versions come out in 4 years, and that's being generous.

>>523645671The ps3/360 hardware were ahead of equivalent PC gpus back then, it took some time before PC could catch up and consoles lost their advantage because they made that generation last for 8 years, they've been behind the curve ever since

>>523642767never ever is ram at 150. i bought 32 gb of ddr4 3200 mhz ram 3 weeks ago

>slightly powerful thangames "journalism"

>>523642767PS5 is 599 dollars

>>523645671OG xbox and 360 were.

It's insulting. There is no other way to describe it. Fuck Nvidia. Chinkoid mother fucker, shove that garbage brick up his ass an fuck off back to mainland.

>>523647841even than it can be a pain in the ass. few games need a later firmware or u can't even play those.

>>523642873want to know how we can tell brown fingers typed this post?

>>523653668>Paying 700 dollars + sales tax + tip>Haha dumb europoors

>>523644181why do you need so many spatula in your kitchen. even if it's staged it over the top. lmao

>Poorfags who can't afford ps5, series x and a rig with a 3090.

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>>523642497ahemNO EXCLUSIVESNO SPIDYNO ELLIEenjoy your multi-plat indies ;^)

>>523653154>since it has to use a new designed >pci slotif you're referring to pci 4 then no it doesn't need it

>>523654080this isn't even close to true. An 8700 blew the fifth gen completely out of the water. For a little more money you could get an 8800GT which was one of the best cards Nvidia ever produced. Redringz and nogaemz also had pathetically small amounts of slow RAM that made them badly outdated even in 2006.

>>523654430How much do you think sales tax is

>>523642497>Is slightly powerful than>Less excitingHey he might be full of shit, but at least he knows how to pander to the esl retard console audience

>>523643689I can play every Snoy exclusive on my PC though thanks to YouTube. Unfortunately running them on YouTube doesn’t fix the muddy console-tier textures, draw distances, texture resolution, frame rates, resolution, or LOD.

>PS5>locked to 60fps in everything>underpowered parts becuase lel shitty cooling>only just got a standard SSD in 20 fucking 20>limited to playing on a controller, no KBM support for fps games >tiny library, nothing interesting on the horizon that isnt getting ports to other plaforms>only backwards compatible with the PS4>already outperformed and outpriced by PC hardware before it even releases Literally the only console worth buying is a switch because its the only handheld on the market right now, who the fuck buys a home console instead of a PC in current year

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>>523642497>is slightly powerful than>will requiresDid they get an ESL intern to write this or something?

>>523642497So is the general rule of thumb that these type of shill articles are for people that are completely technologically retarded and don't do any research?


>>523642767you forgot the $150 PSU and storage, that can be something like $100 if you put a 1TB SSD for instance


>>523643689The absolute state

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>>523642497What website is this lmao

>>523654724>locked to 60fps in everythingHave they actually committed to this or will it be ps4 all over again?

here are your "exclusive" games sonyfags, enjoy. I'm sure PC is jealous

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Ask people what are they buying a PS5 at launch for.I don't know which is worse, being told>the pad is greator Spiderman.

>>523642873yes but more ps5s and exclusives so i can eventually pirate em on pc

>>523654451Staged? It's that guy's very own kitchen. Since he's asian maybe he's got like 9 kids and each one has their own spatula and a spare one? Or it's a flower bouquet of spatulas

>>523655007nah its not even 60fps in everything, some are 4K 30fps. Meanwhile I'm playing every pc game with unlocked framerates at 144Hz

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>>523642497>slightly powerful than>will requiresI wish non Americans would get back their sense of national pride so they could be proud of that instead of their game consoles.

>>523642497 >Rtx 3080 is slightly powerful than ps5Ps5 is about as fast as a stock 2070 and the 3080 is twice as fast as the 2080>Less excitingDamage control to keep console niggers hopeful about their new drm boxes>and will require 2k$ hardwareThe only main requirement is a 750W PSU and those aren't 2k$ expensive

>>523642497is this a joke?a fucking 2080 MAX Q (mobile version) is faster than a ps5/xbone. the desktop 2080 shits on both. that is ignoring 3000 series entirely.

>>523644181What's wrong with the silicone spatulas? I like those.

>>523642497> Slightly KEK.

>>523644607>Hacking consoles for unlimited games is a thing you retardAnd you need a PC to hack a console in the first place and get the games WEW

>>523655151>national prideOnly losers are into that. Imagine thinking you are better than someone because someone else who lived on similar clay as you did something good. Imagine have a child's understanding of the world.

>>523655282>tfw got a modular RM850x for 120 Canadabux on boxing dayand a PSU can be used in future builds.

>>523644726The 3090 is the $1500 card. The 3080 is $700.

>>523654724>>locked to 60fps in everythingYou mean 30fps, right? Since ps5 games are going 4k/30fps route.

>>523655404yea mentioned that after, 60fps 1080p or 30fps 4k, its a joke someone would actually buy this in 2020

>MasskuotzzSeems AMD is hiring kikes now to do damage control

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>>523646474>ratchet and clanks portalsummm no, PC has it for many decades. Look up Prey 1998

the word vomit that these checkmarks put out under guise of """""journalism""""" will never not be funny to me.

>>523643471This is the reason they killed SLI, by the way. It's only supported on the 3090 because they realized their high-end card sales were being cannibalized by people attaching cheap cards together.If the new Radeon cards continue supporting Crossfire, are as strong as 'rumors' suggest, and are priced at a budget, they'll eat future sales of the 3090. Nvidia knows this, which is why they are rushing the high-end cards to the table, while pushing the budget cards back to compete against upcoming Radeon cards.

>>523642497>less excitinglmao they can't even propaganda right

>>523643535If you're gonna be a cunt, just type "400 USD" like a cunt. At least you wouldn't be both stupid and a cunt.

>>523642497>1500 shekels>just to play indie shovelware,console port scraps and getting fucked in the ass by a fat fuck and CCP data minersthe clowns of videogames

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>>523648457Some of us already see that, but most of us here are the ESL mutts. We just get used to see something like that all the time because of too many spics in south. You can't fix stupid. :^)

>>523654742Don't be a bigot!

>>523655551Dual linked GPU setups have always been a poorly supported mess. Frame pacing issues out the ass and you're not getting 2x the VRAM with it either since both cards need to have their own duplicate set of assets to work with.

>>523643694leather jackets simply look cool in general, like really damn cool

>>523643745I need a 75w monster GPU for my secondary PC, hopefully it goes for 150 bucks tops, t

>>523656408for me it's the leather bomber jacket

>>523656383>you're not getting 2x the VRAM with it either since both cards need to have their own duplicate set of assets to work with.This changed with DX12.

>>523649327Ps5 is going to be a shit uhd bluray player because they don't support dolby atmos or dts x

Are there any ryzen processors weaker than the PlayStation 5?

>>523655015>Trash>Ten year old game>Another smash clone attempt?Boring arcade racing sim that has been steadily losing more and more content since GT2>Movie game>Niggerman>Spyro for furries(instead of scalies)>Anal>Failed franchise: reduxConsider me jealous


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>>523648457>>523648309>>523642757>>523644294>HURRR DURRR ESL!!11!shouldn't you fucks be happy there are people around the world willing to understand,learn and speak English even in your cucked countries your own people have problems spelling and talking it srsly kys

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>>523656919A 3700 isn't even close to the weakest processor lol

>>523656595Seems somewhat suspect. It feels like this would be rather limited since the bus of the card connectors would be very very slow compared to the card having it on its local VRAM.

>>523642873When you say exclusives are a selling point after ps4, you out yourself as a legitimate retard.

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>>523654950lol look at this boomer. I have games from this decade to play, thanks.



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>>523653154B550 are already out and there are plenty $150 options

>>523642497holy cope

>>523655282yea the article was supposed to be>slightly stronger than ps5 + xbox put together"

>>523642497>ps5/xsex announced>all developers show their new engines and games>nvidia announced new cards>not a single fuck given by any developerBroken english aside, he’s right.

>>523655397oh you meant "best one to buy" as in best price/performance, my b.

>>523658129And they all look and play like garbageyour loss

>is slightly powerful thanWho writes this shit?

>>523658773PC cope

>>523642497You simply can't beat the revolutionary research that goes into a new console. They will always beat PC for years with all their optimization tricks. Preorder your cell processing 64-bit super SSD Sony™ Playstation™ today!

>>523642497> will requiresThe absolute state of gaming journalists

>>523642873Oh no, I won't be able to play console-exclusive, cinematic, third-person, adventure games.

>>523642497>slightly how do these niggers get away with blatant lies like this

1440p@30fps upscaled to 4k vs actual 4k 144hzI really expected next gen consoles to be atleast 60 this gen, truly fucking pathetic they're sticking with 30. Much rather buy a 3080 for 700€ than trash like PS5 at 500

>>523646474Console shills are actually retarded>instead of a grapple that takes you 5 meters forward, its a PORTAL >NEW TECH NEW TECH NEW TECH

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>>523642753>500k for a lamborghini, cars are a jokethis is you on consoles

>>523655551Nice headcannon but you're completely wrong. SLI died because it wasn't worth NVIDIA's time to write drivers used by .1% of their userbase. SLI's scaling has been bad for several generations now because of this. SLI'd lower tier cards have rarely performed as well as their top-of-the-line counterparts. Customers knew this and thats why hardly anyone other than the dickwavers ever bothered with SLI

>>523642497i dont belive this is a real article.post source

>>523643689nice games as the protagonist walks forward at a snail's pace for 20 minutes while a black woman tells him he's privileged

>>523642753$500k for a house alone. The housing market is a joke.

>>523642497>imagine shilling no-gamesboxes this hardWait a year or 2 and buy a PC or buy used parts and give these movieboxes the finger.


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>>523642497>slightly>coping this hard

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>>523642753Try not being poor.

>>523642927In your shitty country mutt

Pc needs lose again


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>paying 1.5k for a gpu so you can play visual novels, minecraft clones and emulating PS2 gameslol do PC cucks really?